Mangalore: Sudhir Ghate – a Rebel with a Cause

July 27, 2008

Success comes in different shapes and sizes but it needs a combination of dreams, aspirations and oodles of hard work to tread the path of success.  That is what  Sudhir P Ghate possesses in abundance that made Magnum Intergrafiks Private Limited, a small town advertising agency ride the wave of success to emerge as one among the top 30 advertising agencies of the country in a short span of 15 years.


Think big and act big seems to be the mantra that guides  Ghate, an entrepreneur and organizer par excellence, who believes in leading from the centre rather than from the front. One can but admire his fortitude in establishing his advertising business with Mangalore as the head office only to spread its tentacles in different parts of the country by setting up 14 branches.

Geographical expansion and adoption of latest software has been the touchstone that played a pivotal role in firmly establishing his company.  His relentless pursuit for excellence saw fruition with his company, starting from a meagre capital of Rs. 10,000, in 1992, setting a target of 100 crores turnover for 2008. But modesty is his virtue when he says “I attribute my success to the unique structure of the organization and to the power of team work and innovation. Our Company is equipped with unique software for branch networking that gives me a clear picture of the organization within a fraction of second wherever I am”.


There is more to the man than just the acumen that makes  Ghate a successful entrepreneur. The turning point of his life was the imposition of emergency that saw a young Ghate taking a plunge into the movement wholeheartedly. He was a rebel with a cause who vehemently opposed the threat to democracy and freedom.  The home atmosphere was conducive as the political exposure he had helped him grasp the finer nuances of politics and the art of organizing and managing people. His father the late Prabhakar Ghate dedicated his life for the cause of anti-communist trade unionism.  He played a quintessential role in changing trade unionism from class struggle to a struggle for productivity based demand.  He was the brain behind setting up Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, the trade union wing of BJP.
Prabhakar Ghate was also the first party candidate of the erstwhile Jana Sangha to contest the first Karnataka state assembly elections from Mangalore in 1956.  

“At a young age I saw my father organize people for various activities including planning election strategy.   He was the anchor person who always led from the centre.  Whatever success I have achieved today is because I have been able to place different types of people in proper places to build a solid team by leading from the centre. It is an attribute which I learnt from my father”, he reveals.

Ghate was dismissed from college for his proactive role in opposing emergency.  He was 1st degree student in Canara College, where his mother Sharada Ghate was the faculty member.  Sudhir was the student leader in charge of young Satyagrahis who was entrusted with the mission of motivating the student community.  His father was already in the scanner for opposing emergency and had gone underground. One can but imagine the turmoil and agony the mother might have undergone when she was faced with stark reality of the son being dismissed from college and father son duo going underground and to the jail in support of the cause they believed in.  

“Despite my father going underground my mother did not dissuade me from participating in anti-emergency movement.  There was nothing but stillness at home considering the sudden turn of events and I took that silence as an approval.  She was like a pillar of strength”, he recalls. 


With censorship ruling the roost young satyagrahis found great thrill in printing uncensored matter through pamphlets/periodicals during this period.  Sudhir still remembers the consequences of circulating it to the police by putting the periodical in a police jeep.  “The police rummaged around every house in Mangalore to trace the printing press that was used for publishing but their Herculean efforts failed miserably.  Emergency had a bitter-sweet impact on me and the thrill, courage, trials and tribulations I experienced during emergency are indelibly etched in my mind.  The experience is bitter but the memories are sweeter”, he says.

But emergency which had left a lasting imprint helped him shape his future in a different way. “Emergency completely obliterated the fear factor within me.  I was not scared to take risks and experiment with innovations, which has been the hallmark of my success”, he confesses. 

After completing graduation through a court order, Sudhir joined Chartered Accountant Ganesh Shenoy in Mangalore.  When Ganesh left for Dubai in 1989, Ghate followed him only to return as he could not live in a place with restricted freedom.  1989 also proved to be a turning point of his career as he went to America and identified four areas with potential for business in the service sector namely credit card services, general insurance, T V Channels and Advertising.  He chose advertising for its low investment and hit the bull’s eye. 


As Chairman of Magnum running the business was not a bed of roses as the company went through a privation between 1996 and 2000.  But the financial crisis and resulting downslide offered more insight into the business by broadening his thinking. That is when he had a chance meeting with former Minister and BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi who told him “in an era of computerization, internet and broadband no power on earth can prevent the wave of globalization. Rather than sinking in this wave try to make use of globalization to your advantage”.  That stuck a chord with him and he felt confident of “riding the wave of globalization”. Bill Gate’s biography “Business @ the Speed of Thought and Friedman’s “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” further boosted his self-belief.  He began networking by concentrating full time in his company and by investing heavily on software.  The company also took a conscious decision to diversify its business activities. The hard work paid of and now the company is raring to go.  


With early exposure in politics Sudhir Ghate had natural inclination towards politics, where his organizational skill once again came to the fore during the 1991 elections.  Congress stalwart Janardhana Poojary was riding on the wave of ‘loan mela’ and was considered a sure winner for the Congress from Mangalore.   The Congress went to the extent of boasting through ads campaign that even if Mr Vajpayee was to contest from Mangalore, Poojary cannot be defeated.  Mr Ghate was the election agent in charge of BJP’s campaign in his capacity as the District General Secretary, who took it as an affront and began working to take the bull by the horn. With BJP having a negligible presence in the state with only 2 MLA’s it was no easy task.   Discontent was brewing among the professionals like bank employees, teachers and the middle class who felt their self dignity was at stake due to Poojary’s enthusiasm to implement his programmes. 

Sensing the wave of discontent  Ghate planned a strategy by rallying the party workers around, set up booth committees and concentrated meeting voters at the booth level.  The final result was that Poojary lost against a political novice, BJP’s Dhananjaya Kumar, for the first time, by a margin of 35,000 votes at a time when Rajiv Gandhi sympathy wave was at its peak.  The credit certainly went to Sudhir Ghate, who, by his organizing skill made possible what was considered to be impossible.


Globe trotting seems to be his hobby and it has broadened his horizons. “I get ideas on a range of topics when I travel”, he reveals. He is also associated with Trichur Heart Hospital and in VRL as Director which along with his business commitments keeps him on the move constantly.

His wife Sumana Ghate is working as an officer in Karnataka Bank.  Daughter Shalmali Ghate, a high school is an accomplished Bharathanatyam dancer and son Pranjal Ghate has been proving his prowess in myriad fields.  Both his children studied in Kannada Medium schools up to 5th standard.  “I wanted my children to mingle with ordinary people and learn the harsh realities of life from an early age.  Moreover there is less homework and thus more time for their creative activities”, he justifies.

He fondly remembers the role played by his friend Vivian Kamath in making him what he is today.  “It was Vivian who goaded me to accompany him to America in 1989 saying it would change my vision.  His prophecy has come true”, he recalls. 

Every human being has certain flaws and Sudhir Ghate is no exception. He reveals that but for his leniency in taking action against erring and incompetent employees Magnum would have achieved more glory.  Having reached a certain level he feels his own limitations have come to the fore and a high level management degree would have given him more insight to take the organization to the next level. 

At 50, he has a wealth of experience and vision that usually comes only with age.  He is adept at recognizing talent and nurturing it and his 200 odd employees vouch for that.  He has given a free hand to his staff and shares an emotional bonding with them which makes him a rarity in today’s society.   

Sudhir is not the one tp rests on his laurels. He is working steadfastly to realize his burning desire of creating India’s first multinational ad agency. He has prepared necessary groundwork for his organization attaining greater heights in the days to come.  Considering his determination and zest to achieve what he aspires for it is just a matter of time before he fulfils his burning desire.     

Florine Roche - Archives:

by Florine Roche - Mangalore
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Comment on this article

  • kishoremkakade, belgaum,mangalore

    Tue, Jun 08 2010

    abhinanadan,nice to see the growth of such a nice man he is also the strong pillar of mangalore marathi mandal mangalore all the best many more achievements to come.


    Sat, Dec 26 2009


  • Vivek Ghate, Indore

    Wed, Oct 07 2009

    Wish you all the best in future.

  • harish madhyastha, udupi

    Tue, Sep 29 2009

    Thanks for the article...Before reading this article, I heard very less about Mr Ghate. Very happy to read his achievement and vision. I wish him great success. Good luck sir

  • Shambhu U Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 01 2009

    Congrats Sudhir you are a man of few words.Always a smiling face man.Whatever the situation he used to handle very politley &resolve. With Lots of Regards Shambhu Umanath Shetty

  • Mrs.Vaishali S.Pai, Mangalore Marathi Mandal,Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 14 2008

    Hardik Abhinandan Sir! Our Best Wishes are always there with you.


    Sun, Oct 19 2008

    I really thank god, for giving me an priviledge to associate with him.Thank you sir,your presence was inspirational throughout my life, thanks indeed

  • Miriam Rego , Dubai

    Sun, Aug 10 2008

    Hi Sudhir, Congratulations on your many achievments. Well done. Best regards,

  • Vivek Joshi, Mala Village(Karkala) / Michigan

    Tue, Aug 05 2008

    I am really glad to see that Mr. Sudhir Ghate is getting the recognition he deserves. I fully agree with this article. If you work for a good cause, there is no doubt that the success will come in the long run. He is another example of that. He has been very generous to share the fruits with the people in need, friends and relatives. I wish him more success. He is a role model for modern youth. His story corroborates that a person can progress by being straightforward and without being corrupt/manipulative etc.

  • Suresh.K, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 04 2008

    Dear Sri.Sudhir, Great to know about you thro' electronic media. While wishing you and your family all the best, I wish to hear more on your future, still brighter stories. With Best Regards, Suresh.K.

  • Sudhir Achar, Kadri Kambla/Sydney, Australia

    Mon, Aug 04 2008

    Dear Sudhir, it was nice to read about your achievements and looking at the pictures, especially of your Dad and Mum, bought back so many good memories of my childhood. Kindest regards to your family especially, your mum.


    Sun, Aug 03 2008

    Congratulations , Mr. Ghate. with your simlicity and humble nature your achievments are inspiration for the new enterprenures. wish you all the success in the years ahead.

  • Edward, Mangalore,Dubai

    Sat, Aug 02 2008

    Sudhir Ghate, an excellent person, dynamic at the same time low profile, intelligent but does not advertise himself. One of the best person I know. Wish You all the very best in whatever you do. Edward

  • Suresh & Samina Nayak,

    Sat, Aug 02 2008

    To call Sudhir a Rebel is a misnomer. He is a man with a cause yes and with inspirational mission. His reserve of energy is astounding and is like an Akshaya Patre. So is his willingness to help all without expecting any rewards, like it is said in the Bhagavad Gita. Sudhir is really an inspiration and a role model for all generations.

    He is blessed with a good family who share his enthusiasm. At Winners Club Toastmasters, he is the driving force for most of our activities. His speeches are well crafted and full of positive inspirational information. May God bless you Sudhir and provide you with more opportunities to create a rainbow for everyone.

  • C D Souza , Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Reading the profile of Mr Ghate strengthened my belief that many a time people play a marginal role behind the scene to make that vital difference.  I also congratulate him for taking a bold stand on SEZ when many politicials shy away from taking a stand. We certainly need people like him in politics. Congratulations Mr Ghate for your firm stand on this burning issue. We want your active involvement in politics.

  • Bola Nagraj, Karkala

    Fri, Aug 01 2008

    Well, I am sure Mr. Ghate must have fought against many odds to set up Magnum, which shows his determination and will power. Though I keep track of developments through the net and the newspapers but somehow the success story of Ghate seems to have escaped me.

    Thanks Mr. Florine for a nice write up. My chest swelled with pride once I went through this article and saw the pictures of the Mr Ghate in Daijiworld. Way to go Mr. Ghate, your achievements will definitely provide the much desired aspirations for many of the young generation people from the Karavali districts to exercise their enterprenuer skills.

    Very infomative and educative article indeed. I still remeber when You had been to Karkala at our factory Mr.Ghate.

  • Ramesh, Mumbai/ Germany

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    Good work Mr Sudhir and Daiji. Person like you should be ministers too to make overall progress of the our Country. God bless your family ! Thanks

  • R.P.Raichur, Hubli

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    Full compliments for the article giving comprehensive insight into the blooming personality of Mr. Sudhir Ghate. As a member of VRL Board, Mr. Ghate's effective contribution for stremlining business processes of the Company is required to be placed on record. I would like to see him as an enterpreneur who would relentlessly try to attain newer heights of achievements. I wish him all the success.

  • Moumita, Bombay

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    Nice piece of article, very informative & inspiring! Our beloved chairman, he is not only an outstanding entrepreneur but also an admirable human being. I consider myself extremely blessed to be among those who have the opportunity to come in contact with him & to work for him.

    He is an ‘experience’ in himself. Well-traveled, exceptionally knowledgeable & as humble as one can be – our chairman is our pride. We magnamites, are all geared up to take Magnum to newer heights, under his guidance & directives. Wish more success & a cheerful happy life for you sir.

  • ISN Prasad, IAS, Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    I would like to complement Daiji World for profiling people like Sudhir Ghate and others. It is well written and brings out various facets of his personality and contribution in a cohesive manner. Sudhir is indeed an asset to Dakshina Kannada District in particular and Karnataka in general. We are all proud of his achievements.

  • Bhandarkar, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    This gentleman keeps his word and I vouch for it. A keen observer with x ray eyes, the man has a penchant for getting good things done and goes to any length to help the deserving. May all your good wishes come true -SIR


    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    Your success story is very inspiring. Congratulations and more power!

  • Ram Patak,M.D.,M.R.C. P.( U.K.), Karkala/Los Angeles,Ca

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    No doubt,hard work,staying focused, strong family support made you successful.Congratulations.

  • Vivian & Barbara Kamath, Mangalore/New York

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    Congratulations Sudhir !!! Very proud of your acheivements. It was nice of you to acknowledge that I played a role in your sucess.I thank you for being there with me in my ups and downs of life.

    Nice to have you as a friend. All credit goes to you for your sincere hard work, your generous qualities of reaching out to anyone in need, doing your best and 'never give up' attitude has shown results. Hats off to you!

    My sincere good wishes are with you for the future too. I am sure you will reach greater heights. With all your qualities, your burning desire of having the first multi national advertising company will materialize.

    Best wishes

  • Shreya S Rao, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 30 2008

    This is an excellent support to an excellent man. He is very helpful to the people who really need help. This article is a very good means of support for people who want to come up in life, in their own way, no shortcuts involved. Only pure Hard work and dedication really count, (with a pint of intelligence, things can get better) nothing else.

  • Gurubaliga, Bantwal/New Delhi

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    What I like in this man is his simplicity. This teetotaller likes to spend night at company quarters co occupied by other employees, whenever he visits a branch, rather than staying in a luxury hotel. This helps him to inspire them and keep in touch with the ground reality.

  • Vivek Ghate, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    Nice to know more about my uncle, Mr. Sudhir Ghate. Wishing you All the Very Best for the up coming Years.

  • Ajit Kamath, Mumbai

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    I have been a selfish beneficiary of the selfless Mr.Sudhir Ghate. In my times of adversity, he has stood like a pillar. He has been with me and my company from the time we were zero to where we are today ( over Rs. 500 Crores).

    As I said at the outset, I don't think I will be able to repay his acts of kindness. As most of the other people have commented, Sudhir Ghate may not need politics , but Politics needs Sudhir Ghate. It is only people like him who can change the cesspool that we have landed in today. I wish him bigger and higher success.

  • Mangesh Pai.B, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    Congratulation , For Your achievement and inspiration for the youth. Good Luck.

  • Satish Pai.B, Pune

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    Congratulation Sir, For Your achievement and inspiration for the youth.

  • navinpai, mlore

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    Great man. I used to go to tution classes at his residence. The name of the tution wing was ACADEMY.Few times had an oppurtunity to interact with him.

  • Narasimha Pai, Gandhinagar

    Tue, Jul 29 2008

    Mr. Ghate has sacrificed a lot for BJP. If not for Mr. Yogesh Bhat,Mr.Ghate would have been our MLA and may be a minister. He would have made us proud Efficient people have no place in politics

  • naresh kini, car street

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    I rate shri Sudhir ghate as Karnataka's ARUN JAITLEY

  • RONALD GOMES, Kadri, Mangalore

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    It was great to know much about Mr.Sudhir Ghate. Equally great of him to remember his friend Mr.Vivian Kamath.May your outstanding achievements be an inspiration to our youth. Wish you the very best & God Bless you.

  • Sharathchandra Dongre, Mangalore/Bosnia&Herzegovina

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Sudhirji, Congratullations for the achievement. Really inspiring buisiness case study.

  • Sunder Latkan, Belgaum, Karnataka / Pune, Maharashtra

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Dear Mr.Florine Roche,, Mangalore I have just finished reading the article and wanted to tell you how much positive vibrations I enjoyed while reading your article, please accept my thanks and sincere congratulations on the success of your recent article on our beloved Chairman – Mr. Sudhir Ghate - A Rebel with a Cause. We see so much of the negative side of life in the media that it is refreshing to have a positive, upbeat researched report on our beloved Chairman – Mr. Sudhir Ghate. I think the report is a great motivator for many entrepreneurs / beginners, who need a little extra push. We take this an opportunity to pass on our vow to our respected Chairman Sir, “I am especially being grateful for the information and advice you have provided, and the thoughts for future development you have shared with us all. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process of growth”. Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity. Dear Mr.Florine Roche, Thanks again for such uplifting coverage.

     Sunder Latkan Pune - Branch Inchage Magnum Intergrafiks Pvt Ltd.

  • Ganesh Nayak.K, Mangalore

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    I am proud to tell that I am his classmate from 6th Std to college and in that days only I recognised his ability and I was very sure that this man will one day or other will prove to the world his might and today after reading the article i really recalled the old school/college days and the days I spent with Mr. Ghate. Long live Mr. Ghate and let the society may get the maximum benefit from you.

  • Nilesh Kamath, Mangalore

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    If starting a Advertising Agency in a small city like Mangalore in the early nineties was courageous then turning it in to one of the best in the country within a short span of time is indeed a Tremendous achievement. Having worked for other companies before joining Magnum, I can say for sure that the treatment and facilities provided to employees here are much better than anywhere else. I am certain that with Sudhir Sir’s zeal and determination to achieve the extraordinary, Magnum will scale to greater heights in the days to come.

  • Manjunatha, Kasaragod/Bengaluru

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Kudos to u Mr. Sudhir Ghate. Very inspiring story. Hat off to u sir. Madhuri Kottari, u r lucky to work with a person like him. Did u study in Gokarnanatheshwara college?If yes please mail me at

  • Srirama Chinchalkar, Mangaore/Mumbai

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    it is really a commendable achievement for a person from a small town playing against all the odds of gigantic ramifications and still work his way up in the big league of advertising agencies. His emotional bonding with the staff and the freedom enjoyed by the 14 branches places him in a different pedestal of enterprenuers who has a definite vision to blossom in the global arena of Advertising.

  • Vidya, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Informative, We are not aware of so many things. Thank You


    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    I can count on Sudhir as one of my best friends for more than a decade. His achievements as a good samaritan,friend, neighbour, employer, parent, son, socio-political worker and as an individual far exceeds the achievements as an enterpreneur which is also reaching dizzing hieghts. Sudhir, keep growing both in personal & turnover index. My good wishes are always there with you.

  • Santhosh Kumar(G&S), Mangalore(Dubai)

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Congratulation Mr.Ghate for your great achievement.

  • rudolph narona, dubai

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Success is with flexibility, Sudhir is a man born with it, he could stay against emergency, later CA, later business.

  • Priya Das, Karkala / Mumbai

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Its great to know about Sudhir Ghate's success story. I had a rare chance to see him on very few occasions when he was very young. It was just after he was dismissed from Canara College as a 1st year degree student during the emergency time. Then gradually he joined another college to continue his education in the evening time but he left there and again I think he managed to join back the Canara College and continued his education there. Even then I could notice that Mr. Sudhir Ghate was having something great in him. Mr. Sudhir Ghate, you deserve every bit of the success and wishing you plenty more in the years ahead.

  • Madhusoodana Bhat, Mangalore

    Mon, Jul 28 2008

    Mr.Sudhir Ghate is soft spoken, very diplomatic and a gentleman to the core. I know him for many years and success has not blurred his sterling qualities. Wish him all the very best in future.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Sudhir Ghate for all his achivements. We wish him best of luck in all his future endeavours. I fully echoe the views of Mr. B. D. Shetty. I too had a chance one time to meet Mr. Ghate at our Toastmasters gathering in Mangalore. How true it is that greatness comes in different shapes and sizes, and Mr. Sudhir Ghate is one of the living models that will bring Mangalore multitudes of success in the years to come.

  • Sudhakar Khare, Mangalore/San Jose, CA

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Have heard a lot about your family. I remember your mother visiting us in Bangalore. Wish you the very Best !


    Sun, Jul 27 2008






  • Krishnakanth Pai, Abu Dhai / UAE

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Before reading this article, I heard a lot about Mr Ghate. Very happy to read his achievement and vision. I wish him great success. I heard he is a great orator too. Good luck sir

  • Kriti M, Chicago

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Great article. Inspiration to today's youth. Thanks daijiworld for focussing on subjects all walks of like without restricting it to any single language, religion or caste. This profile will surely inspire thousands of daijiworld readers worldwide. Great going

  • Madhuri Kottari, Mangalore

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Magnum Intergrafiks has spread its wings and grown. I feel proud to state that not only did I do my final year project work but also started off my carrer at Magnum Intergrafiks. This advertisement company sealed my fate and I learnt a lot from here. I do know Sudhir Ghate personally and he is a thorough gentleman.

  • Suraj, Mangalore Dubai

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Its great to hear Sudhir Ghate's success story. I have known him between 1985 - 1990 and it was he who extended to us a lot of help in setting up our pharmaceutical distribution firm. He provided us with a lot of advice without charging anything. He would prepare proposals for loan facilities with banks and would accompany us for the bank interviews. He was our guiding force during those years.I lost touch with him since 1990, but am glad to hear that he has acheieved so much during the ensuing period. I look forward to meeting him in Mangalore during my next trip. Congrats Sudhir. You deserve every bit of the success and i wish you plenty more in the years ahead.

  • Rina, Dubai, Mangalore

    Sun, Jul 27 2008

    Congratulation, Mr. Sudir, Great achievement and inspiration for the youth.

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