Mangalore - Udupi Gearing up for Monorail?

Jul 23, 2008

Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa proposed a possible introduction of 'Monorail' in Karnataka in the recent budget, creating much anticipation among the people of the state. Udupi and Mangalore are also believed to have been rounded up as the hotspots where Monorail will be introduced. On one hand, if the proposal seems to be another step forward towards development, on the other it has nurtured negative responses as well wherein people have demanded provision of basic facilities first.

Monorail is one of the latest modes of transport. A big hit that it has been in countries like the US, Europe, Japan, Australia and the like, Monorail has emerged as one of the ideal transport facilities. The rail can travel at a pace of 80 Kms per hour. It is a transport system based on a single beam. Monorails are powered by electric motors fed by dual third rails, contact wires or electrified channels attached to or enclosed in their guidance beams. Around 10 to 15 thousand people can travel in monorail per hour (both to and fro) in peak hours. An average monorail can carry about 175 passengers. One of the biggest advantages of monorail transport is the fact that they do not interfere with other modes of transport like vehicles plying on road etc. The passengers can feel at home in air conditioned bogeys and the fact that it is an elevated ride, can almost make you feel like travelling in an airplane. Electronic boards display information at every stop.

Monorail has not yet seen the light of the day in India. Proposals for setting up of Monorail have been made not just in Karnataka, but also in Goa, Chennai, Mumbai, Indore, and the like. But how strong is the possibility of it's implementation in Udupi-Mangalore circles?

Mangalore south MLA Yogish Bhat says "The proprosal has been made. It has to be approved by various departments. We have to first conduct a study in the region, whether it will be succesful in terms of finance, whether people will accept it or not, etc. and only then will we go ahead with the project. This might take some time. But I personally feel, chances of monorail being implemented in the district are more".

If it does, it will be the first in India, a feat that will go down in history as one of the significant achievements of the Karnataka Government.

But most people feel that monorail is far from being a reality in the district. "At the moment, Udupi and Mangalore do not need Monorails. Monorails are required in places that are struggling with extreme traffic problems like Bangalore. Maybe in the future, say ten years from now, Mangalore may require monorails. I don't think it will get much patronage from the people of the district. They will always go for transport that is cheap and quick and our present road transport is good enough" feels Srinivas M, a trader.

"Proposals like monorails, it seems are mere proposals. You may say that Chief Minister has allotted a specific amount in the budget for monorails. But similar sort of funds and project has been proposed for MSEZ also. But we don't know whether MSEZ will be implemented or not. Similarly, this monorail proposal is a mere proposal to please the people of the district" says Abdul Khalique G D, a businessman.

These remarks notwithstanding, people seem to question the ability of the Government to handle various transport issues as well. The Government is thinking of introducing monorail and at the same time road construction work in Mangalore is going on. How will the Government manage these tasks simultaneously?

Nevertheless, monorail, if introduced, will serve people in many a way. However, if it has to be a hit in Mangalore, it has to provide services at reasonable prices and attract a fair bit of population for it to survive. All the best Yeddi!

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Comment on this article

  • monorail, kolkata

    Thu, Nov 04 2010

    all things which are shown here verry interesting and mindblowing....

  • Saiprasad Shetty, Udupi/Mumbai

    Tue, Sep 14 2010

    Satya panapar eere maryare!! Udupi da marga tunda aratha apuji, aite naddapoda atha neendoda!!!!

    K'taka govt & Muncipality should first put basic amenities in place b4 thinking on such grand plans!

  • Reizen jude Pereira, Muscat/Mangalore

    Sat, Jul 26 2008

    First road sari malpule mariyare.. bakka mono rail da Plan malpule???

  • Richie, Dubai

    Sat, Jul 26 2008

    Wonder why people can't dream,if its a dream for our CM so be it, if its true we can cherish it some say imagine! people with lungi in a AC train, no need to imagine my friend next year in DUBAI IT WILL BE A REALITY, We can't underestimate our Mangalore/Udupi travellers, they will be way better off then the Dubai passengers, so Please cheer up for now. and start dreaming.

  • Valerian Pereira, Shirtady/Dubai

    Sat, Jul 26 2008

    I am waiting to get connected from Shirtady to Naravi, a 5km village road to be repaired, asphalted and bus-routed since last 35 years and Mr.Eddy is dreaming about Monorail! It's really a rail!

  • Raja, Udupi/London

    Fri, Jul 25 2008

    I really thank to Mr.Yeddurappa taken a decision to study pre-feasibility on Mono rail. I suggest instead of mono rails, trams in Mangalore or udupi city will give more realistic transport to the district. As I witnessed in London its cheaper, safe and most popular.

  • Justin Tauro, Kinnikambla

    Fri, Jul 25 2008

    Perhaps this is one example of futuristic thinking. I would add one point here. While designing the project, make enough provision for installing solar photovoltaic panels "ALL ALONG THE ROUTE" on top of the rail, so that in future as funds become available the whole route can be run on power from solar cells. Done this way, it will be the first example in the world of a pollutin free, fuel free mass transport system. If our planners have the guts, take up this challenge without succumbing to the opinions of the experts who work within a given, safe, no-risk paradigm.

  • ashok pai, bangalore

    Fri, Jul 25 2008

    We are struggling to see the national highway from BC Road till Kundapur. Its going at a snail's pace! We dont need no stinking monorails. we need normal 4 lane roads connecting Udupi to Mangalore thats world class. Stop mining vehicles plying on them, let mines be transported on trains. and get the centre to start moving on the golden quadrilateral project - the second phase had port connectivity. for some strange reasons the center has developed cold feet in executing that project

  • Walter lobo, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Just imagine a person going in lungi in a high class AC train.

  • John Yeyyadi, Suratkal USA

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Looking at all these comments I have to wonder - when did we become a nation of such negative thinking? Govt at least is planning something and sanctioned a study - and we have all you furiously typing why the project won't work, won't finish etc etc!! Agreed govt does not have a good history when finishing work, but let us not forget that same govt was able to deliver when it came to building Konkan Railway, National Highways, good port. All I am saying is give the study and chance and let experts decide whether monorail it will workout or not!

  • Stan Rodrigues, Farla/Italy

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Before taking up the Monorail project let the government find out a permanent solution to construct pothole free roads.

  • Roshan, moodbirdi/europe

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    yeddi malla malla rail budpey

  • ozzy, dubai

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Nice to be rail like this while ticket prices are hiking by the express buses for dail travellers specially mangalore to udupi vis-versa. but it might the dream it might take 30 years more becasue we are democratic country with tortoise speed of implimentation some how.

  • Merwin, London

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    That is rail from Mr.Yeddi

  • MAX, Managlore

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Why people still believe these day dreamers?

  • Ramesh, Mangalore/Germany

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Mr Chief Minister, just go ahead and try to complete this Monorail project within the term of 5 years. Please don't waste  time and money in doing a feasibility study. I am sure the running cost will be much cheaper than the current private bus services. It can run on Solar powered batteries too. The private bus employees can work in those solar cell battery manufacturing companies. Make us feel proud Yedi !

  • Ruchir agarwal, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Is this a another rail left by our mantris? First let the existing projects which are already running behind schedule finish. Also the mono rail of Bangalore should finish first and then we can see.

  • Gerald Dsouza, Chikmagalur

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Good progress,keep it up.

  • Suraj Dsouza, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    I would like to tell the Chief Minister of Karnataka that you have alot of pending work which you are sitting on try to finish that and then talk about your next project, I would love to see this project in Karnataka but I dont believe it till the other ongoing projects gets completed

  • Rajesh, Bajpe

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    It may take 20 years to complete the project ..I think it will complete by 2030.

  • Anil, Kundapur

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Its good to dream big, but not this big. when the officials are struggling to complete the four lane works, how can the CM declare a monorail proj. May be if we start now, after 30 years there will be a monorail!

  • Devesh Alva, Kottara/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    Sounds Great' Hope we will have one station in Kottara as well

  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Thu, Jul 24 2008

    My Dear MLA's dont publish your dreams in the media. Mangalore - Bangalore guage conversion took more than 10 years!!! Now also it is not running as it should. First of all arrange a fast train to bangalore from mangalore. One thing is true by this proposal some politicians will make money from bus owners lobby. Anyway I enjoyed the monorail in the picture, because I will not be alive to enjoy the monorail ride in reality and that too in Udupi.

  • joseph fernandes, mangalore/qatar

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    It is realy good, let us hope for the best.

  • Sujith , Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Mono Rail ... will be good for Mangalore after 10 years... the plans can be done now ... but first of all the other issues like four lane roads and introduce direct train service from Mangalore to Bangalore ... must be the prority.

  • Ashwin Lewis, Udupi

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Is this train coming in some MLA or Govt officials house for kids to play,,or did u have a visit to Dubai that ministers dreaming after a drink in Dubai, Think practical and improve the existing roads first,, implement the projects passed or on process than dragging for years, there are 1000 people to sit on road for strike if a company or factory coming up,, may be you will find some chelllas of Govt officials to go on strike for this project too if your serious,,

  • vincy, Shamboor/Bangkok

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    We are talking here about Monorail and we also know that hundreds of Buses are operated between Udupi and Mangalore, and the bus owners lobby is so strong which can delay the Railway and the BJP want us to expect MonoRail.not Bad. Why the BJP want to create unemployment for the bus drivers and conductors.Dont assure that they will get jobs in so called Monorail.

    I am 100% sure you will sell these jobs to people from our neighbouring states.People. So don’t try this adventure with people of South Kanara.They voted you not for Monorail, but for developments. So try your luck on NH 48 and railway to Bangalore to Mangalore and get the jobs for people and then talk about this circus company project.

  • Ajay, UK

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    A good project thinking in term of long term interests of the city.The KCCI had been demanding this project for a good number of years now keeping in mind long term interests of the city .There have been many write ups in National papers about the benefits of this project in the past and as recently as few days ago.Unfortunately in our country many of these projects like several others just remain on paper. There was a proposal to build a flyover in Hampankatta in the seventees,eightees,ninetees. Looks like it has been conveniently forgotten.

    I am an optimist but looking at the pace of various projects like the highway four laning ,the KUDCEMP project in Mangalore city,I think this project will just remain on paper for years to come unless we have someone like George Fernandes,or Mr Sreedharan!. Who knows , the govt might change by then and the whole process will start over all again.However being an optimist I hope this project goes the same way as the Konkan railway and the Airport expansion projects ,the two successful projects we have seen in undivided South Kanara over the past 10 years .

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    I understand monorail is a very good transport system and very suitable for Udupi and Mangalore. The roads in Udupi and Mangalore are inadequate for today’s traffic. One has to be proactive and far sighted to achieve this. If they start surveying from today, perhaps the younger generation of today might travel by year 2020. We all know how the work is moving in Karnataka.


    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    First we have finish infrastructure between Mangalore and Udupi.then think about Monorail....

  • abdul kareem, mangalore /Dubai

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    if yedurappa can fulfill this dream prject before theier term is getting overn within next five year, this will be one fo great achivement for their party fo the next elections

  • Sanjith Naik, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    We Indians tend to provide a solution only when a problem arises and not the other way around. I believe that, we need to provide the infrastructure first and then the development will follow. Mangalore will grow in the future, and then, it will be harder to provide a mass transport system (Bangalore is an example). Although I personally feel that a Bus Mass Rapid Transport system (BMRTS) is more practical for our region, a development of the Mono Rail type, keeping in mind the future population growth, is definitely needed for Dakshina Kannada & Udupi. Three cheers to mono rail for the reason that, at least we have started the process of providing a Mass Transport system.

  • vishwa, mangalore/usa

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    The money allocated is 5 Crore. With this only initial survey not even detail survey is possible. But what is govenment trying to do is reserve the land for the same. so that it takes atleast 10 years to plan, build and execute. by that time they will not find it difficult to acquire as they are facing in Bangalore.

  • Ronald, Udyavara/Dubai

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Before we go for mono rails, there are other important aspects such improvement of Road between Managlore & Udupi, connecting Mangalore-Bangalore with proper railway & road network. We may need monorail after 10 years, when the roads become congestive, planning now is a good idea.

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Its too early for Mangalore to have a monorail. However, keeping in mind future growth, it is better to plan now and be prepared. The main priority of the government now should be to have a good highway connecting Mangalore to Bangalore and Mangalore to Goa / Mumbai. I happened to travled by road from Mangalore to Goa last year and i must say that the journey was hell. Vast stretches of the national highway were filled with huge craters and all along the way there were breakdowns of trucks and buses. It is time that these things are looked into first, before embarking on something like a monorail

  • Maria, Manglore/AUH

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    As per Mr.Jerry, we should not underestimate ourselves and our country. Well done Jerry, people like you who are positive thinking are required in Manglore. Even Germany is not the place Dubai, where there are more of greenaries and fresh environment, but still underground trains are running to all the places.

  • Harris Madani, Bajpe, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Nice Picture... some time it'z good to see in the pictures only..

  • Lancy Rebello, Kateel

    Wed, Jul 23 2008


  • royston, valencia/kuwait

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    mono rail...????? this will remain only on papers .. realy don't understand.. when the work gonna start... :) the govt has to think of completing the 4laning wrk of the NH 17 and NH48 .... the govt has to start a direct train from mlore n blore. now its 11 hrs jrny .... n stop overloaded mine trucks entering which create lots of prob to mlore......Monorail a good move... but let the pending issues be done first.. i feel Mr yedi is pressurising himself.. Let Mr minister ... solve the basic prob first ....

  • Ganesh, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    The project should get approved and the execution should not be like the ongoing NH-17 expansion.Good move by the state government, centre should help.

  • A.D'Cunha Shenoy, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    If this project is implemented, I would say its best for Mangaluru and Udupi. Good for pollution caused by autos and the like.


    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    Nothing is impossible. Don't be pessimistic! Did we ever think of Mangalore would become international airport? Looks like Mangalore would become another Dubai – namely monorail, free zones, ports, IT parks so on. Unless infra-structure is improved no companies would like to make investment . We have better resources (technology, expertise, money, labour etc…) than any of the other countries.

    Hence, we should not be questioning the ability to execute and implement the project by our government . If we are unable to handle the job outsource the resource. It’s high time to have trains between Mangalore and Udupi not too many buses on the road. Take the examples of projects handled / ventures carried out by Dubai and most of the projects are successful. We need to move forward to have better infrastructure for our future generation.

  • Charlotte Concessao , Derebail, china

    Wed, Jul 23 2008

    China has a similar facility but they run on specially assigned rail tracks and not on elevated tracks. These are called D-Trains (fast Trains) in China, their speed is about 180 to 200 kms/hour. Seating arrangements are similar to that of an aeroplane but are more comfortable than sitting in an economy class aircraft. The ride is definetly very pleasant as i have travelled in those trains several timeS.

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