Mangalore: NRI Cell to Aim at Welfare of NRIs - Capt Ganesh Karnik

Jul 13, 2008

Karnataka Chief Minister Mr B S Yedyurappa has recently announced setting up of a NRI Cell headed by Captain Ganesh Karnik, BJP MLC representing Graduates Constituency from Mangalore. 

In a conversation with Daijiworld Capt Karnik delineates what this NRI Cell is all about.  

Excerpts from exclusive interview of Capt Ganesh Karnik by Daijiworld's Florine Roche and Walter Nandalike:


Can you tell us what this NRI Cell is all about?

Karnataka state earlier had a FDI Cell and there was also a Diaspora Cell.  But there were no tangible results.  During the recent elections our party had some interaction with Gujarath Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi who has done a marvelous job in linking NRI‘s with the state government. This new NRI Cell set up by Karnataka Government is going to provide the crucial link between the government and the NRI community.

What is going to be the modus operandi of this Cell?

Basically we want the NRI’s specially NRI Kannadigas and people from the coastal areas of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada, to play a vital role by closely associating themselves in the affairs of the state.  This NRI Cell is going to be the social and political face to interact and built a rapport with the NRI community to involve them in the socio, economic and political affairs of the government. 

 There is a general feeling that the focus of NRI Cell will be mainly on NRI investment….  Is it true?

I am the face of the government. The scope of this organization is going to be definite as the responsibility will be vested in me.  Apart from investment we are going to focus on looking after the welfare of the people who are scattered in different parts of the globe.  We are not going to look at it only from commercial angle.  The main thrust will be on establishing the rapport and the FDI will be inevitable.  I believe in human relations especially with people who are working in small sectors abroad. 

Do you have any plans to have some kind of reservation exclusively for NRI’s in educational institutions?  

I know NRI’s have difficulties in finding admission to various professional colleges.  Reservation is a kind of policy matter and the Supreme Court has fixed the limit.  Since I am a part of a private institution I can understand that private institutions need to financially break-even. I also know that earlier it was NRI’s who had to bear the load in terms of huge fees. I may not be able to say anything about reservation at this juncture but will do whatever possible.  

Do you have any specific plans for NRI’s of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada?  

As I belong to this area I definitely have specific interests in responding to the needs of the people of this coastal area. NRI’s of Karavali area have great affinity to their native place as they don’t forget their habits, culture or moorings. They try to keep in touch with their roots with their motherland and many of them want to involve in the developmental aspects of their native land.  I want to make the best use of this attachment for mutual benefit. Actually I have gone through this kind of situation personally as I had to leave the defense force to save our ancestral property. Or else the property would have been disposed of uprooting me from my native place.   Now the property is saved and it gives an opportunity for our family to have a get together there once a while.  This kind of feelings is seen predominantly among coastal people and the NRI Cell will help in properly canalizing these sentiments. 

Q.  What is going to be your agenda to make this Cell achieve its primary objective?  

We are going to adopt a corporate approach in dealing with issues and we want to work like a team which can be entirely different from the bureaucratic-ridden set up witnessed earlier. Firstly, it is a common knowledge that NRI’s all over the world time and again have been facing problems and we want to cater to their needs and aspirations.  Secondly we have been witnessing a reverse trend with a sizeable chunk of the people from abroad opting to come back to their motherland.  We want to make it comfortable for them once they return and also would like render whatever help we can after they settle here. 

Thirdly we also want to reach to those who want to contribute their mite in terms of investment and participate in the growth and development in varied fields such as education, health care, research and development, technology transfer etc, and provide a proper conduit for their investment.  Lastly bureaucratic set up has always been a hindrance when in comes to such policies and we would like to emphasize on a hassle-free milieu for the proper functioning of this Cell.

How are you going to co-ordinate these activities?

Many organizations like Akhila Karnataka Kannadia Association (AKKA) and individuals are getting in touch with me ever since the news of the creation of NRI Cell is published.  In fact they are looking for some kind of structure to streamline the entire gambit of activities of NRI’s.  Once it happens it is only a matter of time before everything is put in proper perspective. 

What do you expect from the NRI’s to strengthen this Cell? 

First of all I request them to provide me information so that I can build the database and help me to put them into different groups.  For example if a NRI want to contribute towards his native place in terms of adopting a village or sponsoring some meritorious students etc., the Cell can co-ordinate these activities effectively. 

Are you going to create a separate email ID so that NRI’s can contact you?

People can directly approach me and also on my individual email ID (  I am also going to appoint a person exclusively to co-ordinate and communicate with NRI’s so that proper link is established between the NRI’s and the Government. 


What is going to be the success mantra for this NRI Cell?

Apart from knowing what NRI’s can do for us we want to ask them what you want from us.  I will just sit and listen and what is possible and permissible we will do immediately.  What is not possible to implement immediately we will consider and develop step by step.  I need the co-operation so that we can be of some help to our NRI brethren.

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Comment on this article

  • Madhu.S, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 24 2009

    Its very good idea. Goodluck karnik

  • Ron, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 12 2008

    Dear Capt. Ganesh Karnik, It would have been nice, if you would look at your Emails at more regular intervals please, to meet the aspirations of needy Citizens of this State. It makes a lot of difference when citizens needs are met in good time, which makes one feel "a friend in need is a friend indeed". This increases the faith in us, of people in Regional politics. You as a Ex. Capt. perhaps from Army, i thought you would be more practical, vigilant and brisk, and no no nonsense, in Citizens issues. You may not solve everything, but just to demonstrate your good spirit & that you are with people can pay off in long term in your political career. I wish you good luck, with the portfolio entrusted to you by our dear Chief Minister Sri. Yeddi

  • Walter Vaz, Mangalore/Germany

    Tue, Jul 22 2008

    Dear Capt Ganesh, I am really glad that our State govt has come up with this new idea the NRI Cell. I am a Mangalorean living in the western world for over 40 years. A few years back I thought of investing in my home country and put up a small tourist home. But upto this date we were not able to get any govt approval.

    Govt approval is only obtained when one bribes the necessary department. I am not in this favour.The politicians are boasting to promote tourism in Karnataka and on the other side are not even bothored to grant a licence to the existing projects. Allthough our Tourist house in situated on the beach and also having a swimming-pool and a tennis-court. Everything required for the tourists. Dear Capt Ganesh, I would kindly request you to look into this matter. Many thanks. Walter Vaz

  • Shainy Kulal, Mangalore

    Sun, Jul 20 2008

    Being a leader to the team is simple, but working as a leader is the matter to show the achivements on favour of NRI's.

  • Vincy, Shamboor/Bangkok

    Sun, Jul 20 2008

    Do you think the Banking sector will change the view towards NRI for housing or commercial loans.At present the Banking sectors have strange views for NRI who would like to acquire a Veihcle or a immovable property .

  • vincy, Shamboor/Bangkok

    Sun, Jul 20 2008

    Do you think the Banking sector will change the view towards NRI for housing or commercial loans.At present the Banking sectors have strange views for NRI who would like to acquire a Vehicle or a immovable property .

  • mukesh.k., mangalore

    Sun, Jul 20 2008

    This is the right step towards the right direction. I am awaiting for lot more from you towards our growth.

  • Harriet D'Souza, Bajpe/Mangalore

    Fri, Jul 18 2008

    Mr. Karnik, The government has thought of a good job, but first of did you think of the down trodden NRI(Unskilled, what situation they are living here, the basic facilities are not provided to them, the working condtion is hopeless, they are not paid their wages for months and years in some cases.

    No proper documents provided from thier employers harassements etc. Your cell is targetting only on Sponsorhips, investments ...... Please help us in this matters first. NRI's are not investments and sponsorhips. I hope you don't make our Karantaka like Gujarat.NRI budget for communal riots like A R U permude said.

  • Captain Stanley Latif Correa, Urwa Stores/Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

    Fri, Jul 18 2008

    Yes, this project will do something better to the welfare of the NRI community. Government's involvement is necessary for Capt Ganesh Karnik's leadership. Good luck.

  • Darshith Naik, Karkala

    Thu, Jul 17 2008

    I am very happy to know that Karnataka governement is going to set up a NRI Cell under the dynamic leadership of Capt Ganesh Karnik.I personally know Capt Karnik since my college days and has always been a role model for all youths like me.

    We are really confident that you are the Right Person for the Right Post. Dutiful, Determined and ofcourse Diplomatic!! You have a great role to play in helping the NRI fraternity and i am full confident that there cant be any other person better than Karnik sir for this post.He has a very good concepts and ideas. I am sure he will be a great boon to NRIs Cogratulations Karnik sir.

  • Rajesh Sequeira, Kulshekar, Dubai Coordinator Karnataka NRI Forum Dubai

    Tue, Jul 15 2008

    Capt Karnik Is a man with determination. I know capt Karnik personally from my Jet Airways days in Mangalore.  He is a man for the right job. I did have the opportunity to meet him on June 12th where he was discussing the same issues. He has very good concepts and ideas.   I am sure he will be a great boon to NRIs Cogratulations Mr Karnik

  • Archie Menezes, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    United Associations of Karnataka - Kuwait ( UAKK) congratulates Capt. Ganesh Karnik on his appointment as Head of NRI cell. We are sure that Capt. Ganesh will bring a positive change in line with the expectations and aspirations of NRI's Karnataka. We wish him all the best in this new responsibility bestowed on him by the Govt. Of Karnataka.

    Archie Menezes Main - Coordinator UAKK

  • Gurubaliga, Bantwal/NewDelhi

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Capt. Karnik has rendered service with a systematic approach to whatever task he had taken up. I am sure he will have lots of positive initiatives in this venture too. Good Luck to you sir.

  • Elaine Fernandes, dubai

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Congrats Capt Karnik - We are really confident that you are the Right Person for the Right Post. Dutiful, Determined and ofcourse Diplomatic!! You have a great role to play in helping the NRI fraternity. One of the important issues to redress is the role of Property Builders as MOST of them fleece the NRIs of their hard earned money while investing in houses / properties and take them for a ride with their hidden terms and costs. Hope you will see that this too comes under your purview and you can deal with the erring ones in a strict way!!

  • P.B.Pinto, Permude-Mangalooru

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Congratulation Dr.Karnik,we were requesting every Government Of Karnataka at last BJP Government got into action and you are the right choice to lead and produce good result, as Mr.Ganesh mention take some quick action on these suggessions.

    I thank Daijiworld team for giving us the knowelege about NRI cell,Excellent job Walty thank you.

  • Sudarshan Shetty, Dubai

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Dear Sir, Please consider the bad situation of unskilled people, who really support from leader like you. Since I know you for many year (as a mentor, supporter)I have full confidence with you that you will cherish requirement of NRI's from all sectors.


    Sun, Jul 13 2008



    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Do not target NRI's only for investment. At a time when NRI's are looking to admit children in Indian schools please do something for the admission quota. And not to forget the unskilled sector category where insurance plan is set up for family welfare,the same pattern which is followed among the malayalee community.

  • Padmanabha Shenoy, Udupi /Dammam Saudi Arabia

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Dear Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Thank you for the interest you are taking for NRI's. But I would like to ask you did you think anything for poor people who are unable to get education,food and shelter? in India. I dont think NRI's need help at the moment more than these people. So I feel preference to be given to these people to sort out their problems.

    Some of the parts of India they dont even have clean drinking water. moreover there are lot of institutions set by NRI's to help themselves.

  • Moosa Kunhi, Kakkinje/Dammam

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Please do not target NRI's only for investment,Besides this try to solve the problems that NRI's facing abroad.

  • Abdul Sathar Uchil, Uchil-Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    It is an excellent initiative, Kerala Government has started long back. Let us share our common value and contribute to bring some good work to our region where people were divided in the name of some unwanted subject. Good luck Mr. Karnik and thanks to Daijiworld team.

  • A R U Permude, Permude

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Is ther any hidden agenda of NRI Cell ? Is there any (NRI)budget for communal riots as it was in Gujarat.?!

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