Konkan in Monsoon - An Experience to Cherish

Jul 10, 2008

Traveling has been my passion and viewing the passing landscape through the windows of the vehicle either bus or train has been my hobby. However, whenever I used to travel by Matsyagandha  to Udupi from Mumbai or back, I used to feel that I was missing the opportunity to view the beautiful green coastal belt on both sides of the railway track especially that of Goa and Karnataka Konkan. The timing of the train has been such that both ways the train would traverse the region during night time.

An unscheduled an unplanned trip to my native village on 29th June 2008 provided me an opportunity to view the Konkan coastal belt through the windows of Matsyagandha. This opportunity was born out of adversity as the train was delayed by over nine hours. Due to some technical hitch between Diva and Panvel stations, the train which was already delayed at Kurla and Thane got further delayed at Diva and began its journey at around ten o’clock in the night. While my co-passengers were cursing their luck and blaming the railway administration for the delay, I remained clam and became optimistic about the opportunity that I would have to view the enchanting Konkan belt, that too during the monsoon.

After the nightlong sleep, I woke up at the Sindhdurg Station. After freshening up  I began to see through the window the passing landscape in all its shapes and green colour. Though I had my digital camera, I was hesitant to take it out and click the pictures as I was a little apprehensive  about its security. After a quick breakfast at Madgaon Station at around 9.30 am, I once again got hold of the window seat and as the train started moving began to peep out to capture the glimpse of Goan and later the Karnataka Konkan landscape.

Green hills and valleys, flowing rivers and streams, rice fields and pastures, coconut groves and houses of different sizes, cattle grazing the lush green grass, farmers ploughing the fields and later women transplanting the rice saplings, all these scenes passed in quick succession.  As the compartment was relatively empty, I could not resist the temptation of taking out my camera and freezing the passing scenes in it.

The rain soaked landscape was so enchanting and eye-catching that I continued clicking pictures right from Karwar up to Barkur. Each passing scene was worth being photographed and frozen in memory. I felt my self fortunate to fulfill my desire of viewing the lush green coastal belt through the windows of Matsyagandha, though I reached my home ten hours late.


If Goa is the ‘paradise of the tourists’ and Kerala is ‘Gods own country’, there is no doubt that the Karnataka Konkan is the ‘Heaven on Earth’, that too during the monsoon season. I just wonder why such a beautiful land has not been developed as a tourist destination. Tourism can be promoted in this land with its natural beauty, having a number of temples and pilgrimage centers of different faiths and a rich historical legacy. Development of tourism in Karnataka Konkan can add to the economic progress of the region and provide employment opportunities to a number of people, especially the youth who are forced to leave their native villages in search of jobs elsewhere. Initiative from the local entrepreneurs and support from the Karnataka Government can definitely convert the Karnataka Konkan into the ‘Heaven on Earth’.

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Comment on this article

  • Irfan, Dubai, Irfan, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 21 2008

    Excellent Photographs. this monsoon I was in Konkan and enjoyed monsoon.

  • Anupama Prabhu, Pune

    Wed, Aug 20 2008

    Excellent piece of article. I myself have been a witness of beauty of Konkan region during the monsoons, and it left me awestruck. I regret not carrying a camera with me to capture some of those priceless moments. Kudos to Eugene D'Souza for revealing the beauty of a place that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

  • Kishore S Dabholkar, Kudal (Andhrle)

    Thu, Jul 31 2008

    If i got good job in Konkan i will stay in my konkan for ever. Because konkan is heart of My Life So Beautiful everywhere

  • Vandana Barkur, Udupi/Barkur

    Sat, Jul 26 2008

    You've posted some amazing pics of our coastal native... hope next time even our train gets delayed and we too get a treat for our eyes :)

  • Ferdie R.Reyes, Philippines

    Thu, Jul 17 2008

    Whew!what a view,brings back memories when I was still young travelling with my parents.Now they have converted them into commercial establishments.thanks for posting it well done.

  • Jithendra.P.V., Doha

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    Dear Eugene, We dont want this paradise on earth to be destroyed by development, I have visited these places several times during monsoons and i can bet that these beautiful konkan stretch in Mangalore, Karwar and Udupi districts are one of the most beautiful and inspiring areas in whole of india, Not only is this area less populated the beauty is unparalleled, The monsoon makes it all the more beautiful.

  • Althaf, Mangalore

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    Its really fantastic, hope its not destroyed for the sake of development

  • Bonny Araujo, Panjim-Goa

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    Sir, thank you so much for the beautiful photos

  • Malcolm Britto, Mangalore/Mississauga

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    Really brings back the memories. Great photographs Dr. Eugene. God bless.


    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    thank you very much sir, i will keep this photos in my library

  • John R. Pereira, Kulshekar, Mangalore/Ghatkopar(W), Mumbai

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    I am impressed with the scenery of the Konkan coast as portrayed in this article by Prof. Eugene D'Souza, just as 45 people who have already commented before me. This is a rare sight which is welcome to soothe our eyes. I have been a regular traveller to Goa and Mangalore both during the day and night.

    If you take Mandovi Express or JanShatabdi Express from Mumbai, you will be able to have breath-taking views of scenery on either side of the railway tracks along the journey. If you have seen the Konkan Railway time-table or their website: www.konkanrailway.com, you will notice, they have mentioned about the tourist destinations nearest to some of the stations between Mumbai/Roha and Mangalore.

    I had the privilege to visit quite a few destinations on the Konkan coast during my travels or special picnics with my family or friends. I will give a few examples. Karnala Bird sanctuary and Fort. I trekked to the Karnala Fort starting from the Bird sanctuary below and was amazed to experience the cool water atop the mountain caves of the Fort. Secondly, I happened to visit Murud-Janjira beach where the Fort is in the sea, if I am not mistaken.

    Similarly, when I visited Malvan beach, I was amazed to see the Sidhudurg Fort in the sea. Yes, in view of the tourism potential of the Konkan Coast Goa upwards,potential tourists are looking forward to the proposed Mopa Airport in North Goa which is yet to take off. My regret is that I failed to record all the beautiful scenery as I failed to carry the pixel box with me.

    As promised, I will certainly carry my picturing machine in future dear Eugenebab. My hearty congrats! to you for making so many people happy with your adventure. Keep it up!

  • Andrew Dominic, Bantakal/Melbourne

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Dear Eugene, Great pictures. I had a similar experience 10 years ago when the train got delayed and I got to see the beautiful coastal line of our beautiful country. The pictures are great ( Can feel the freshness of the beautiful land). Keep up the good work. Cheers Andrew Dominic

  • Naushad, SURATKAL

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Dear Eugene thank you very much for putting these pictures in Daijiworld , I work in KSA where there is no monsoon but looking at these beautifull pics I can imagine the monsoon season ,You are really lucky .I wish you all the best & I feel proud of Karnataka specially Konkan region. You cherish our memories

  • Damian, Bijai, Dubai

    Sun, Jul 13 2008

    Let it remain this way rather than being developed ..Because development comes at a price..it might affect the nature and people

  • Wilson Soares, Kallianpur / Kuwait

    Mon, Jul 14 2008

    Thank you Dr Eugene, The Pictures which are reflected on the Net by you, has took me to my childhood days, konkan is full of natural beauty & I wish it should remain as it is for our future generation. Whenever its time for vacation I choose land transport. It gives me a chance to show my children the rich landscape and the natural beauty blessed by mother nature to konkan region.

  • Kishor Gaikwad, Mumbai

    Sat, Jul 12 2008

    Dear Prof. D'souza, Its too good!!! fun-tax-tic and soothening. sir,u hv been providing not only ample information but also visual treat. U make my day special...got feeling of fulfillment.Thanx for every thing.

  • John, Nueva York

    Sat, Jul 12 2008

    Dear Dr. D'Souza: Have traveled extensively and have seen many "Heaven on Earth" locations turned into "Hell on Earth" due to unimaginable greed by developers. If your beautiful coast must be developed please allow it to be planned properly with the environment and the local population in mind. Thank you.. -John

  • Walter Lobo, Kalavar, Bajpe/Boston,USA

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    So beautiful and unforgetful the native place, I worked in those feilds and enjoyed the mansoons. May be there should be a documentary movie for our Y-generation to enjoy. Well done Eugene. Something to cherish!

  • Laila Pinto, Manipal / Saudi Arabia

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Thank you for looking at the delay in the positive way. Very few people would appreciate it in the way you did. You did give us many wonderful pictures. These remind me of my greatgrandparents', and both my grandparents' homes by the river sides and the fields we had to pass by, while visiting them, when we were young.They are many things we take for granted when we are young and appreciate them as we grow older.


    Fri, Jul 11 2008


  • francis j. saldanha, moodubelle / bahrain

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Dear Dr.Eugine, Congratulations ! and God bless you for the breath taking beautiful pictures " KONKAN IN MONSOON - AN EXPERIENCE TO CHERISH " lovely !!! wonderful article to go with it. Me and my family is very proud of your achievements and Gods special blessings and talent which you have put in to your professional life.I am really ... very glad to read and see " Those " wonderful pictures and articles of relevent subjects on " DAIJIWORLD " . hats off to you, my best regards, francis j. saldanha ( pakku ).

  • Simon Lasrado, Sullia/Bangalore

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Really fentastic photographs.Thank you daijiworld.com and Dr.Eugene for you excelent contribution for desplaying these greenery pictures of Dakshina kannada.You can have similiar picture if go to Agumbe ghat and Horanaadu in Chikmaglur district.

  • Fr.Maxim P Pinto., Paladka/Mangalore.

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dear Dr.Eugene, congrats and God bless you for the beautiful pictures @excellent article !It looks like you'v passed thr 'our fields where i spent twenty years of my lifespan. I really relived those beautiful moments of my early life. I will save these pictures, you may have many more such pics, please publish them in daiji and help thousands of Daiji-reader to praise God the Creator of this wonderful World. I felt very sad while reading the last sentence of your Article-“ Initiative from the local entrepreneurs and support from the Karnataka Government can definitely convert the Karnataka Konkan into the ‘Heaven on Earth’.” As we know, so called ‘Special Economic Zone’ has become a nightmare for this beautiful creation of God.

    This beauty will not last long, for so many people are waiting to do away with their vast unused land and grab a huge sum of money, while many poor and lovers of mother land shed tears in vain, not knowing ‘where to go, what to do, and how to live’. I only hope and pray that our Konkan belt remains like this forever. “Nothing happens without the knowledge of God, and everything happens for our good “, let us accept everything in the light of faith in God. As your optimistic look at the delay of the Train, gave us a wonderful moment with you along with the our beautiful ‘Mother Konkan’. Praise the Lord. With God’s Blessings, maxppinto@hotmail.com

  • R pinto, moodbirdi/europe

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Its great pictures thank you so much Dr.Eugene, really fantastic pictures, good job

  • Celine Nandkumar, Muscat

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Wow, beautiful pictures ! Although born and brought up in Mangalore I did not appreciate the beauty of God's creation those days. And now I long to see these pictures of my own State and feel very proud. Dr Eugene thank you so much for your efforts to bring back my child hood memories. Best wishes

  • SK moolur, udupi

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Fantastic pictures. Recent Industrialization may ruin this beauty soon .God, save these greens "haven"

  • A R U Permude, Permude

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Excellent Dr Eugene D`Souza.!!

  • Fr.Greg D'Souza, Kinnigoly/Allahabad

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Thanks Eugene for taking me around the Konkan Heaven.Being away from my mother land its rare to get these scenes. Keep it up and give us more of these when get a chance. I always take a window seat when I travel either by train or bus...only because I love nature.

  • A.D'Cunha Shenoy, Mangaulru

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Beauty to behold. Where else in the world one can enjoy such a paradise. Paris, London, NewYork, Tokyo and hey UAE no comparison. Those who love this beauty understand the natures bounty and beauty others don't. India haters look at your eye. Can u see slums here? Being born and bread this paradise, after seeing other paradises, like most there is no comparison my folks. Thanks Dr. Eugene its great beauty.

  • Joseph Baretto, Kundapura/Qatar

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Very beautiful pictures. refreshed my memories.I liked very much. Thanks for nice job. All the best.

  • Neves, Goa/Canada

    Fri, Jul 11 2008

    Nostalgia... brings back memories... Beautiful pictures.

  • Bhaskar R Poojary, Neermarga/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Wonderful pictures &excellent article from Dr Eugene D`Souza,thanks for your effort to cherish our memories.

  • Aloysia Pinto, Surathkal/Sudan

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Wow! absolutely fantastic pictures & the narration was even better. Surely a lot of hard work is gone in the presentation. I for one love nature & my best season is monsoon. Mother nature is in her best during monsoon. Thank you Dr. Eugene for sharing your memolries with us.

  • Tracy, Kaikamba / Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Beautiful pictures and well written article. I must save these pictures! I only hope and pray that our Konkan belt remains like this forever. These days cultivation has become too expensive unless you have a reasonable size of land, more over getting some labourers to get the work done has become a nightmare in Mangalore.

    That is the reason we see many paddy fields are left uncultivated and our people have reached to some other countries in search of their daily bread. The only way we can retain our future generation in Karnataka is by developing industries and provide ample of job opportunities to our youth. But still retaining this beautiful greenery will be a question mark

  • Sr.Millicent, Kundapura

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Your photographs were eye catching and soul stiring.The scenes brought back to my mind my native place and its surroundings There are, a lot of things one can meditate upon especially the presence of Divine power in such scenes of Nature. Well done and keep it up. Sr.Millicent A.C

  • Augustine Daniel D'Souza, Udupi/Vasai Virar/State of Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dr. Eugene, thank you for very much for the beautiful photographs of our Mangalore - State of Karnataka

  • Nancy, Belman

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    When I was working in the field and running around those green fields, not knowing the value of greenery and cursing for doing work in the field. When I was small not realised the beauty of my place. But now repent. Really miss those days. Because of "ek gen pot" we have to leave our beautiful place and work in some other place. Thanks Mr Eugene for refreshing the mind and taking me to my childhood.

  • Sharmila Fernandes, Mangalore

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Every day I see this Beautiful Nature & enjoy myself.Cool area with full of greenery around & feel some relaxation & getting peace of mind .In my School days I used to go to the field with my papa & with other workers.Enjoying Like a Bird. But now I feel very sorry to hear that some of the Mangaloreans have to Leave their Shelters,Fields which they(me too)love very Much.

    The hilly places,Fields,Cocunut/Areca nut Gardens etc. have ben acquired by the Govt.in the name of improvement.Factories & IT Co's are coming up but poor people have to suffer. Does the Govt needs the Fertile land to Improve the Country? Thank you Dr.Eugene for the good work.Nice Photos.

  • M.Bailur, Riyadh KSA

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dr. Eugene, Great landscape views of our beautiful and serene coastal Karnataka.DAIJIWORLD can take a clue from this and keep posting such beautiful shots as a regular feature,which seems missing nowadays.Dr. Eugene you refreshed my memories. Thanks for that.

  • Dominic, goa

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Good memmories of konkan. Its sowly becomming a concret jungle.

  • Wolly James, Mangalore/Germany

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dear Dr. Eugine, Thanks for your artical. I think we share the same opinion. I am a Mangalorean residing since 40 years in Germany and Canada. I am a tour operator all my working life and I agree fully with you as Konkan a great beuty.

  • viraj,

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    This is truly a tribute to the lush,green Konkan belt in your own unique way,how many of us have passed through these beautiful plains,admired it and then forgotten but, you have captured them through your magical lens and written so well. thanks, Eugene.

  • Ronald, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Keep it up Dr Eugene D’Souza. Wonderful pictures appreciate your good & hard work. One feels happy to read you articles. May God give you good Health and strength to carry on this good work. Good Luck.

  • Rudolf, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Wonderful photographs.I liked very much such photos. Childhood memories are reflecting...

  • Noel Coutinho, Belloor, Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Thanks Dr. Eugine for your effort to cherish our memories. Its really nice photos and it bring my olden days the same way i was working in paddy fields with my family.

  • Prakash, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Great pictures Dr. Eugene! What a beautiful place the region is! Brought back memories of the villages in and around Mangalore and that yellow house looks like paradise surrounded by greenary! Good job Dr. Eugene...thank you for your efforts!

  • Ankita, Gujarat

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Hey, that's so beautiful, very good job, well done

  • Tanveer, Mangalore/UAE

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    I wish i was in that train. I just cant explain how unlucky I have been in getting a break during monsoons from my work place. Its been 6 years now, I havent got wet in the beautiful rain in Mangalore. The feeling when its just about to rain and its all cloudy and you are somewhere on the top of blue berry hills, is unexplainable.Thanks for the photographs, It really made my day.

  • Faruk A.K (Abu Dhabi), Koornada, Darbe, Puttur

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dr Eugene, this is such an interesting picture I love it! And to says "Friendship is a Green Hill of Dusty Roads”. Keep-up your photogenic spirit. Good Luck and thanks to Daiji.

  • M.P. Rodrigues, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Good job, Dr. Eugene. But I have reservations about tourism now. See the state of Ooty or Goa. Even the Himalayas have been littered! Tourism will indeed bring economic benefit, but will steal the simplicity of the inhabitants.


    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    What a Excellent coverage of photograph, Natural beauty,Like to watch again and again....Well done Eugene.

  • Imran, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Waaaaawh wat a nice beutiful picture......!!!! At present im in UAE for a moment i gone back to my home town by looking at these pic..!!!

  • Carol Q8, Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Wow….once again we got to see the nature’s beauty…. fanastic pics of Konkan Costal area…. Very nice to see our own place filled wrapped with beauty greenary hills, valleys, fog, padi field… green green…. Water water.. everywhere. God job Dr Eugene D’Souza. I get no words to express my feelings about the natur’s beauty. All the best.

  • Jossie Mendonca, Niddodi/Dubai

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Dr. Eugene, Firstly thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us. Like you I have also always rued the fact that the timing of the Matsyagandha is a disadvantage for nature lovers. But now i shall pray that one day when i travel down this route in the monsoon the train delays and i can be in this Heaven on Earth aeilbt for some fleeting moments.......

  • Rosita Lewis, Mangalore-Uppoor/Kuwait

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    I fully support one of the below comments. YES - LET KONKAN REMAIN THIS WAY. Promoting tourisim has changed beautiful Goa to a Paradise for 'criminals' in the guise of tourists.

  • DR.Anand T Pereira, Sakleshpur

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Your pictures translate the hard work that goes into the cultivation of rice. We need to realise that wetlands which form a vital part of our ecosystem, are fast disappearing.Wetlands and paddy fields in and around mangalore have been converted into commercial property.In the coming years, these developments will leave behind a trail of destruction.

  • samreen, hassan/karnatak

    Thu, Jul 10 2008


  • Raymond P. D'souza, Mumbai, Kalina / Dubai.

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    Well done Eugene.

  • Mohammed Aslam, Karnataka, Karwar

    Thu, Jul 10 2008

    WoW' Beautiful. I live in Abu Dhabi, whenever i see picture of karnataka special konkan belt i feel proud of our state.Good job, you cherish our memories.

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