Progress & Process: Have a Look at New Terminal of Mangalore Airport

March 18, 2008
Pics: Prajwal Ukkuda
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Work on the new Mangalore International Airport terminal at Kenjar village here is fast gaining momentum and the airport is expected to commence operations on schedule. However, the lethargic attitude and laxity shown by the local authorities has been proving a hurdle for the overall development of the airport and its surrounding areas.

Mangalore Airport's new terminal will have this look when the work is completed in December 2008

Plans for the new project were actually put on paper in the year 1988. Now the terminal building is under construction and is expected to complete in December this year. Meanwhile, new plans for Calicut International Airport, the nearest airport to Mangalore, began four years later in 1992, and ironically, Calicut's world-class terminal building already started operating even before the same could happen in Mangalore. However, though Mangalore Airport lagged behind, time has come now to boom to a greater height.

The new airport terminal building under construction at Kenjar is expected to commission its work in March 2009, marking another milestone in the history of Mangalore International Airport. The construction work is going on in full swing, and it is easy to perceive from the speed of work that it is bound to complete in time.

There will be 28 check-in counters, several conveyor belts and inline security checking system.  Five aerobridges (passage between the terminal and aircraft) will also be introduced.

A whole new world of opportunities opened to Mangaloreans with the commencement of the international airport. In the meantime, work was started to construct new taxiway and terminal building. The dynamism and zeal of present airport director M R Vasudeva has taken this airport to splendid heights in a short span of time. It is indeed a matter of great pride especially to a remote village like Kenjar to have a world-class airport in its vicinity.

Though world-class facilities are available at Calicut International Airport, it lacks domestic connection. But the case of Mangalore Airport is different. Unlike Calicut, Mangalore enjoys air connections with Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore. Therefore, Mangalore has a greater potential in terms of air traffic movement, say experts.

Mangalore is the only city in Karnataka to have such a sophisticated and well-equipped airport with international flights. Though it is tempting to pat ourselves on the back, there is still a long way to go. The construction of the concrete road connecting the city with the airport is moving on at snail's pace and the condition of the present road is pathetic to say the least.

'Most of my energy has gone into acquisition of land for the new terminal. It required a lot of patience to negotiate with the owners of these plots, listen to their pleas and arrange for compensation, thereby avoiding conflicts and protests. I am very happy for what I have achieved for the people of Mangalore. This could have been even better, if all the external agencies and
the local citizens had worked together hand in hand.'

'Now I have to concentrate more on completing the construction work of the new terminal before the scheduled time,' says Vasudeva.

Air Cargo Facility:

Meanwhile, all the possibilities of cargo export should be explored in the coming days.  Only perishable goods, printed items and stationeries have been transported from Mangalore Airport to some parts of the country so far. Opportunities are now open at the global level and it is the right time to think about exporting cargo from Mangalore as the present airport at Bajpe will be left idle after the commission of the new airport, if sufficient cargo is not available.

Once the terminal is shifted to the new place, existing terminal will be used exclusively for cargo handling.

Already there are quite a number of leading shipping companies eyeing to set up base in Bajpe surroundings which is definitely a sign of progress. Even Gulf-based freight forward companies are planning to step on to Mangalore soil.

Apart from being used for the movement of cargo, it can be utilized for handling international flights during Haj pilgrimage, Vasudeva said.

There is scope for `Flying Club' as well in the future.
Traffic Growth:

The growth in the air traffic in Mangalore also signifies that there is a bright prospect for development if the opportunities are explored strategically. In the year 2005, a total of 3,700 flights were recorded here and the number is expected to touch 8,600 this year. Meanwhile, the 483-meter-long taxiway constructed at a cost of Rs 3.7 crore is also ready for traffic now.

This has ensured more safety to the aircraft while saving fuel and time owing to the flexibility of operation. Also, 30% of the work related to the new integrated terminal building at an estimated cost Rs 147 crore has been completed and 70% of the work on the construction of apron and three remote parking stands is also over. This terminal will also include check-in counters, conveyor belts and inline security.

Moreover, space has been reserved for taxi parking right in front of the terminal building. The parking lot can accomodate a total of 300 taxis at a time. The basement of the terminal building has been reserved for commercial activities like shopping, cafeteria and flight ticketing while the ground floor has been reserved for airport activities. M R Vasudeva is hopeful of completing the basic structure of the terminal building by May this year and realizing the dream by March 2009.

Nevertheless, major responsibilities come later. Other agencies like state government, private investors, road transport owners and even railway department have to think of ways to explore the opportunities created by the new airport.

Flight to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

Thousands of NRIs who reside in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are demanding direct flight from Mangalore since the commencement of international airport at Bajpe.

The airport is all set to accept any international flight from Kuwait and Saudi Arabian airports. Nor are there any legal hurdles to commission direct flight between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Mangalore. But the ball is in Air India Express' court. It is a million dollar question as to when Air India Express will start direct flights between the three places.

Air India Express' Concern:

Since AI Express is a budget airline, it can fly for maximum 4.5 hrs. The distant between Kuwait - Mangalore and Saudi Arabia Airport - Mangalore would be more than its capacity. Unless new aircraft are acquired, Air India Express cannot start direct flights between these territories.

However, there are possibilities of connecting Kuwait - Abu Dhabi or Kuwait - Muscat - Mangalore. Air India Express is also facing a crisis regarding pilots and quite a few pilots hired by AI Express are foreigners.

According to sources, Jet Airways is trying hard to enter the Kuwait - Mangalore and Dammam - Mangalore sector, but none of the top officials are confirming this news, but say 'Be positive, we will come there soon.'

Perhaps, once Air India - Indian Airline merger process completes this sector will have a clear way for introducing direct flights.

Until then let us cross our fingers and wait for the D-day.

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Comment on this article


    Thu, May 06 2010

    I would like to thank Mr.Vasudeva and concerned authourities to made our dream true and succes.i wish one more we put forward that from manglore the very needy of flights to saudi arabia ,there are number of expatriates from throughout south canara and udupi district are working here ,it will be more conveneint for all of us to reach our homeland directly rather than taking connecting flights and waiting whole day in the airport to the ball is in the air india court and they have to intialise the thing required for start a new routes like saudi and kuwait.any way hope for the best in he future days.

  • Hashim, Kodi,Kundapur

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Its my request to the concerned person to help mangaloore citizen to make their journey very eassy those stayed in Jeddah & Dhammam its takes me only maximun 5 hours to reach my mother land so why i am standing in the air-port so far.Congratulation the concerned authorities who did so hard work to becomes our dream come true.

  • Hashim, Kodi,Kundapur

    Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Its my request to the concerned person to help mangaloore citizen to make their journey very eassy those stayed in Jeddah & Dhammam its takes me only maximun 5 hours to reach my mother land so why i am standing in the air-port so far.Congratulation the concerned authorities who did so hard work to becomes our dream come true.

  • Elias D Souza, Palimar

    Sat, Apr 17 2010

    I am very happy to hear about the progress of Managalore International airport.

    I wish all the best to Mangalore international Airport and Mr. Vasudeva.

  • Abdul Latheef.S, Kowdichar,Dubai

    Thu, Oct 22 2009

    Really if it will happen as per the schedule what Mr.Moily said in Nov/Dec 2009,a joy full momentum will be registered in the history of Mangaluru Wish the project very all the best

  • Sampath kumar, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Jul 06 2008

    Namaskara bari kushi aund enchana kudla daverna dayat balaghada.

  • Wilson Monteiro, Bankal-chikmagalur

    Sat, Jun 28 2008

    We would be more happy if our our govt allows foreign airline to Mangalore intl airport, especially Air Arabia Sharjah based airline to Mangalore.

  • Abdul Rasheed., Dubai

    Fri, Jun 27 2008

    Thanks to daijiworld and Mr.Vasudev. Mangalore International Airport improving fastly. Now toomuch easy for us, return Dubai to Mangalore. Our government should increase flights to gulf countries. Dubai to Mangalore also should increase daily one flight to two flights. I wish all the best to Mangalore International Airport.

  • Fr.Roman Mascarenhas, Karkala/Mizoram

    Wed, May 21 2008

    I am happy to hear about the progress of Mangalore Airport. I waiting for the day when Mangalore will be connected directly to the major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi. Iwish all hte best to Mangalore Airport.

  • Gerald D'Silva, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, May 04 2008

    Kudos to Mr.Vasudev,who is really struggling hard to bring Mangalore in the limelight of aviation,may God bless him.

  • Sadiq Mohd, Manglore

    Fri, May 02 2008

    It's a great news. Hope flights from Saudi Arabia will fly to manglore very soon. I wish to Mangalore Air port become Busiest AirPort in Karnataka State. (Inshallah)

  • hussain m k, bhatkal / dubai

    Wed, Apr 30 2008

    We are requesting our govt to allow foreign airline to Mangalore intl airport, especially Air Arabia Sharjah based airline to Mangalore

  • Halady Amanu Saheb, post Halady. Kundapur

    Sun, Apr 20 2008

    I am working in Jeddah since 14 years. Thousands of Mangaloreans& northen kerala people are working in Jeddah.We were happy when our airport became internatonal.Since two yeras we are waitng to see direct flight to our homeland.But our dream is not fulfilled untiil now?.

    Politicians are giving assurance only.In neighbouring state Kerala, their  government is taking steps for their people.They have daily flights to Calicut .India's main power is manpower.Thousads of people working abroad are sacrificing their lives to buildup economy of nation.

    We are requesting our govt. to atleast fulfill our ambition for a direct flight to homeland. Thanks.

  • vijay dsouza, kundapura. muscat

    Sat, Apr 19 2008

    Thank you daijiworld for our mangalore international airport.and also I congragulate Mr Vasudeva.i hope the project completes on time.


    Thu, Apr 17 2008

    Commendabe Mr. Vasudev ,Mangalore what we saw today is factor changed than the yester years.  We are coming back home

  • Vinay Shetty, Trasi, Udupi

    Mon, Apr 14 2008

    I wish we have more people like Mr. Vasudevan in our country,Keep the good work going.

  • Reizen Jude, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Apr 01 2008

    Great Work done under the Guidance of Mr Vasudev, All credit To him to get Our Mangalore Airport to the Heights and Recognisation It Deserves. "Go Mangalore GO"


    Sun, Mar 30 2008


  • William Lewis, Brahmavar

    Sun, Mar 30 2008

    Lucky gulfies. When can we expect a passenger flight from Mangalore to Singapore?

  • Dr.Ramamurthy M.G., Jayanagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

    Fri, Mar 28 2008

    it is nothing but a very long cherished dream of a dedicated, determined hard working man and his team who wanted to achieve something in life,who have come up in life with great hardship from childhood and do the best for their people with their selfless efforts.long live such people and their efforts

  • mrvasudeva, shimoga

    Fri, Mar 28 2008

    a complete coverage of airport development thanx daijiworld

  • ashok pai, bangalore

    Wed, Mar 26 2008

    Great work Daijiworld! thanx for keeping us in the loop! I just hope other cities around the country take up the initiative and develop good facilities all around the country. We will be happy only when others are happy.

  • Sheikh Mohd Saleem, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 24 2008

    Try to connect Riyadh Mangalore Immediatly

  • liyakath ali, uchila/saudi arabia

    Sat, Mar 22 2008

    good news for mangloreans,i request all authorities to help mr vasudeva to complete his project on time. congrats mr vasudeva.

  • Krip Punja,

    Sat, Mar 22 2008

    Goes to show how one individual can make such a difference. If only we had many Mr. Vasudevas with the courage and determination to take on daunting tasks and have the committment to get the job done, India would have been a different country altogether. Sadly, there are not many like him in public service, the standard attitude being one of apathy and deriliction of duty and above all most are lacking in the capacity to get the job done.

  • greenshade, thumbay

    Fri, Mar 21 2008

    I proud of our Bajpe Airport & Airport Authorities. I request authorities to facilitate Waiting room, Praying Hall for Muslims, 24 Hrs. bus service & honest, sincere customs officers along with fresh build-ups.


    Fri, Mar 21 2008

    No wonder its an important project in the south. we would appreciate that the job is done in a very planned manner for use of long years to come. such as easy landing for flights even for A-380 air bus, automated clean and large rest rooms, big passenger lobby, clear immigration system, easy cargo handling, clear passenger walking pathway and good custom clearance approach and paid huge car parking or multi soreyed car parking with a huge road to the airport can make this project useful to everyone for years to come.

  • Ravindranath Shetty, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Thu, Mar 20 2008

    My request to all Gulf Based Mangalorean organizations recognizes Airport Director Mr. Vasudeva's contribution and recommend for a State Award to him. Instead of inviting politicians and film actors to gulf for felicitating them these organizations should encourage people like Mr. Vasudeva for his good job.

  • R R Bhat, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    Finally something is coming through.I think what I feel is politicians at Karnataka are interested in their own welfare rather than in the development of to name few... railway,airport, highways,metro railway etc etc. They are interested only in increasing thier personal wealth and keeping atleast one influencible political post irrespective of any party in power.

  • khalid, udupi/dammam

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    congratulation and all the best for Mr. Vasudeva for his efforts to speed-up the new terminal construction work. By the delay faced in this process, we can imagine the importance of a stable government in the state. Non availability of government or the care taker government can do less for the development of the state. Thus the people should bring to power the single party, so that all developmental works of the state are completed to provide income for further improvement.

  • shabeer ismail, mangalore/dubai

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    this is very good news for mangaloreans but we request to mangalore airport authroties that we muslims need one small prayer room in the airport.

  • Geethraj, Veeranagar, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    Great relief for Mangaloreans ! Congrats to Mr. Vasudeva for achieving such a difficult task despite of having so many hurdles and politics. Thanks Daijiworld for complete coverage of Mangalore.

  • stephen juliet fernandes, moodbidri / kuwait

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    we are very happy to hear this news.hope our dream will come true.we are waiting since many years,when we can fly directly from kuwait to mangalore? god bless whoever is working on this new terminal of mangalore airport

  • Kevin D,silva, Mangalore/ Sydney

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    Its nice to know tat the mangalore airport is gettin bigger n more direct flights r comin in from gulf,,,,but it would be still better if flights from other countries also strat landing at the mangalore airport, like flights from London, Singapore. This would help a lot to people travelling to different parts of the world other then gulf countries...

  • mahadeva shetty Riyadh/, Chelairu Surthkal

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    Kateeleshwari will bless Mr Vasudeva for his grate achivement on MloreAiport Project.We all mangalore public are proud of him & his team.Daijiworld doing good job by giving update of mangalore happinings.I am eagrely waiting to land in Mangalore Airport directly from Saudi Aribia.All the best.Jai Kudla.Kudla the grate.

  • Dr. Rajashree Devarakonda, Vancouver, Canada

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    It is an amazimg work done by an amazing man with lot of integrity, sincerity, dedication and zeal. We are proud, indeed very proud to have people like M.R. Vasudeva and his team who have done this dream come true. I am sure the work is not over yet and we wish him and his team all the best in following it through.

  • Suchitra Rao, New Jearsey

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    I think all the credit goes to Mr.Vasudev. Let all his dreams come true .

  • Agnes D'souza, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    We appreciate and are thankful to Mr. Vasudeva and his team for bringing Mangalore Airport to International status. Meanwhile we would like to question the Government monopoly of allowing only Air-India Express carrier to land at Mangalore Airport. If they cannot cope up with flying the distance between Kuwait/Riyadh to Mangalore, why aren't other carriers ready to start operations given a chance? Get rid of dirty Politics first and give the intersted carriers landing permission for the benefit of all Mangaloreans in the Gulf area.

  • sitharam poojari, soorinje doha qatar

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    go head.. congrats.. thanks for this fantastic coverage

  • Simon Lasrado, bangalore

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    this is a good news that Mangalore will have international airport soon. But comparing to BANGALORE's new airport,the work in M'lore is progressing faster than B'lore.

  • Captain Stanley Latif Correa, Urwa Stores/Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Thank you Daijiworld for this wonderful article regarding long expected Mangalore International Airport. Because of your beautiful websight we could read everything happening in Mangalore & its surroundings. I fully agree with the comments made by Lancy Moras of Bajjodi presently in Jeddah. My dreams & wishes are similar of him & I don't want to repeat it.

  • stanley machado , shirva/udupi

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    its great news that direct flights are going to start very soon from kuwait to mangalore, but God knows when our dream will become true,thanks to everyone who are working for the new Airport.

  • Santhosh, Mani/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    hatts off Mr.Vasudev...good news M'lore gona be main hub as it has got sea, road and air-route facilities..thnks daiji for nice coverage

  • Hyder Ali, Porkodi

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Masha Allah nallo Bisaya.....

  • Mohd Ismaeel Kulai, Jeddah

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Alf Mabrook! to Mr. Vasudeva. Also good news for Mangaloreans. I wish many more flight start from Jeddah and Riyadh. Thanx and Best wishes to Mr. Vasudeva and his team.

  • Zoharab Parson, Mangalore / Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Its nice to know that MLore is gonna compete with BLore,I feel BLore will be left behind due to more number sea in MLore.......Airport is the biggest challenge for Mangalorians !!!!

  • CV Pinto, Mangalore/Bajpe

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Congrats to Mr Vasudeva and the teammates for this yeomenous task of completing Mangalore Airport to this extent. But the accent now should be for the concretising of the road networking between Bajpe and Mangalore. We would be really in a comfortable scenario then for the ovrall conveniences.

  • Venu, Puttur/Muscat

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Melka & Prajwal,I would like to thank you people on behalf of mangaloreans for updating their dream projects status.we are anxious to see the inaugration day for which we wish a safe and timely completion.Also we wish good health and success to the entire work force in the project.

  • MOHAN H NAIK, Mangaluru

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    I honestly felicitate and support all those involved in this task to build and deliver to public an airport, a dream of decades. Honestly speaking, whenever I pass-through this airport, looking at those new facility, construction, I feel still more stress should have been given as far as quality of works are concerned.

    Looking at those pics showing concrete pour, poorly designed forms, escaping concrete slurry, shows lack of quality control in work execution. Already constructed building finish, such as paint, flooring, tiling, and false ceiling tells that still there is scope for improvement. We are not looking for a luxurious airport such as terminal -1 of DXB, But at least terminal-2, standard is imperative to any international airport, if one wish to justify public money usage. I hope I am not asking for too much.

  • Jagadish, Kundapur

    Wed, Mar 19 2008

    it's very fine to know that in future there will be a direct flight to Saudi arabia and Kuwait...instead of waitng to Air indian Express airways to host for above conecern's better to handover to Private Airways likewise,,,,,KingFisher or else Jet Airways to go ahead with the matter...  so the problems of these conecern matter will be solved only with the private Sector..and they have capacity fo flying of more than 5 orelse 6 hrs....

  • Abdul Sathar, Uchil-Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Mr. Vasudeva is another name for commitment, courage and sincerity. Civil servants like Mr. Sridhar of Delhi Metro, Kiran Bedi are the classic example and such kind of bureaucrats only makes a difference in the polluted environment. I would like urge Mr. Vasudeva, AAI and like-minded people to speed of the air cargo facilities which definitely boost local business and give an opportunity to export our vegetables, flowers and industrial products. This will encourage diminishing farming sector in undivided DK and a chance to get a pie of progress which is evidencing all over India.

  • Lancy Moras, Bajjodi, Now Jeddah Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Well ! I am happy to read this overwhelming news and the photograps really made my dream fulfilled. I am working in Jeddah since 1992 and all these years faced a lot of giant problems in reaching my lovely mother-land Mangalore. Oh God ! please hear my prayer and let all formalities finish in soonest time where I will be able to fly directly to Mangalore hereafter. Hats off to Mr. Vasudeva and his dedicated team to complete such a superb assignment.

  • fuhaid, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    When are the direct flight from Jeddah to Mangalore starting ..? i bet if it was the neighbouring state things would have moved at a faster pace. Hope the concerned authorities make things happen faster.

  • sequeira, Ireland

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    goodnews for all the karnataka and its pepole. one thing you have to keep in mind that never ever fly with Air India because of its service and the situation of the carrier. while on a runway and on air all the parts are falling are never sure you are getting good dont take risk.we find jet airways service is best from our experience of traveling.

  • Prakash, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Its very nice to know the recent developments at Mangalore Airport.Wish many more flights start from abroad to Mangalore.All thanks and best wishes to Mr Vasudeva,eager to see the completion of new mangalore terminal and Mangalore in a whole new dimension of growth

  • Ibrahi Kaleel Ullal, Ullal/Mangalore,(Al.Taif. K.S.A)

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Very Good news for Mangaloreans,I wish to Mangalore Air port become Busiest AirPort in Karnataka State.

  • Shaikh Saoud Yermal, Jeddah KSA, Yermal, Udupi Dist

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Marhaba..! Hundreds of Thousands of Standing Salutes to Mr. Vasudeva and his team. It's really proud to be having him as the Airport Director. If we have such a prominent and dedicated person in every State and Private offices, Insha Allah there is no doubt that India will achieve the target of becoming Super Power within few years.

    The hard work what he and his team had till this day is wonderful, even though the poor support and low speed from the Government authorities he had achieved a lot as he expected. We also should appreciate those local people who supported the developments and welcomed his plans to initiate. I really really thank him and congratulate him on this Beautiful and Amazing new look of the Airport.

    We all Kannadigas in Jeddah, KSA also support our mother land and by forming Karnataka N R I Forum here doing our best efforts to have Direct flights from Jeddah – Mangalore. Insha Allah the time will come soon and our dreams will turn to reality. May God Bless all of us. Jai Hind.. Jai Karnataka..

  • Augustine Daniel D'Souza, Udupi Vasai Virar State of KUWAIT

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Thank you Daijiworld for our Mangalore International Airport, I hope flight should start immediately from KUWAIT, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, QATAR, AND SULTANATE OF OMAN.

  • chetan shetty, mangalore/dubai

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Great news but sad that for any project in our country it takes such a long time and its only on paper that makes us happy.Hope that this work completes on time and make us happy in realistic.

  • jayant salian, suratkal/riyadh

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    wish I will fly RUH-IXE directly before I leave Saudi Arabia

  • Nandakumar, Udupi/Bangalore

    Tue, Mar 18 2008

    Nice Report. I request members of press to carry out similar reports on ongoing road works on Shiradi Ghat section as well B C Road-Surathkal four laning.

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