Anti-Conversion Bill: A Self Goal by Karnataka BJP?

January 11, 2022

We are pained by the irresponsible statements and false allegations made by a few people holding leadership positions in the country ‘in preparations’ for bringing out the anti – conversion act in Karnataka Legislature. Though the Bill is passed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in the last session, it is yet to be introduced in the Legislative Council for passage and presented for approval of the Governor before it becomes an Act for implementation. Even after the passage of the Act, there is a strong possibility that it will be challenged in the Court!

Whatever may the merits or demerits of the Bill in question, it has exposed the lack of understanding and knowledge on the part of the proponents of the Bill about one of the most ancient and integral minority Indian community. In their enthusiasm to garner some perceived political gains, they have agonized a patriotic and peace loving community in the country to the detriment of all concerned by claiming that ‘Christianity was a contribution of British rulers to India’. Without being prejudicial, an earnest attempt is made by me in this article to present some factual data about the Indian Christian Community which may help our general readers to have a proper prospective of the issue:

· Christians in India are more than 100 generations old! It is wrong to say ‘first generation Christians are dangerous than second or third generations’!
· Christians and Pope are praised in Goa which has a Christian population of 3,66,130 and simultaneously ridiculed in Karnataka where the Christian population is nearly 4 times larger – 11,46,647 as per 2011 census!
· St. Thomas the Apostle had come to India in 52 AD and Christian communities had well settled in the South West region of India even much before the arrival of Vedic Aryans in that region.
· There is a reference to Christians of India dating back to 324 A.D in the form of ‘John of Persia & Greater India’ in the list of the delegates to the Christian Council of Nicaea.
· As early as 1329 A.D Pope John the XXII had formed a Roman Catholic Diocese for South Asia ( Greater India) with Quilon (Kollam) as the headquarters and had appointed a Dominican Prior Jordanus Catalani as the first Bishop to look after the spiritual needs of Christians spread over the Indian Subcontinent extending from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka and Burma. 
· In 1671 A.D Pope Clement X appointed an Indian Christian Fr Thomas de Castro (born in Goa 1621 , died in Mangalore 1684) as the first Bishop of South India with headquarters in Mangalore. He built the Milagres Church, Hampankatta, Mangalore in 1680 on a piece of land provided by the Keladi rulers. His grave is found in the Milagres Cemetery Mangalore. His contemporary Goan priest, St Joseph Vaz( 1651-1711) who had worked as Vicar of the neighbouring Rosario church during 1681-84 and in the distant Sri Lanka( 1687-1711) is revered all over Christian world as Apostle of Canara and Sri Lanka!
· By 1780 in Karnataka alone, there were more than 60 Christian parishes or communities with individual churches and parish priests peacefully practicing their religion – 28 in coastal and rest in old Mysore regions. This was much before the establishment of British rule in India!

National Awakening

The first ever Indian to address his country as ‘Mother’ or Motherland (instead of Fatherland) was an Indian Christian poet in English , Henry Louis Vivian Derozio (1809-31), assistant headmaster of Hindu College, Calcutta and founder of ‘Young Bengal Group’.

Inspired by Derozio, a large number of Bengali Christian writers associated with ‘Young Bengal Group' initiated nationalistic writings like Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824 -1873) – the Olympian tennis player Leander Paes is the great great grandson of Dutt from his maternal side , Toru Dutt ( 1856 – 1877) , Rev. Professor Lal Bihari Dey ( 1824 – 1892) , Rev. Krishna Mohan Banerjee (1813 – 1885) and others.

Bombay born Catholic trade union leader and close associate of Lokamaniya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Joseph ‘Kaka’ Baptista (1864 – 1930) advised and assisted Tilak in organizing a non-denominational Hindu festival, ‘Sarwajanik Ganapati Utsav’ in Maharashtra and in popularizing the slogan ‘Swaraj is my birth right’ .Joseph Baptista founded All India Trade Union Congress in 1920 and was elected Mayor of Bombay in 1925. He was also the defence lawyer of Veer Savarkar at Bombay High Court.

Tanjore born Christian and UK / USA educated Chattered Accountant and Economist, Joseph Cornelius Kumarappa (1892 – 1960) was instrumental in evolving Gandhian Economics of Gram Swarajya and assisted Gandhi ji in all his constructive activities.

Kerala born, but Madurai based, Syrian Christian Barrister / Journalist George Joseph (1887 – 1938) played a key role in editing and publishing ‘The Indpendent’ (1921), a journal started by Motilal Nehru and the young India of Mahatma Gandhi (1923). He was imprisoned for leading the Viakom Satyagarha (1924- 25). His wife Susannah Joseph along with Nagammal, wife of E V Ramaswamy led the women’s group at the same Satyagraha.

Tanjore born and an expert in Hindu law, T R A Thamboochetty was the first Roman Catholic to be appointed as the Chief Judge of the Mysore High Court in 1894 by the Maharaja and his son T Thamboochetty built the iconic St Philomena’s Church in Mysore under the patronage of the Maharaja.

Orissa was the first Indian province to be created on linguistic basis as early as 1st April 1936 and the credit for this goes to an Indian Christian, Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das(1848-1934), the founder of ‘Utkal Sammilani’ and President of All India Christian Conference.

Freedom Struggle

· A large number of Christians – a few of them foreign born like Alan Octavia Hume (1829 – 1912) founder of Indian National Congress, Annie Besant (1847-1933) – converted to Theosophy, Dr Counsins converted to Theosophy, Margaret Cousins who founded National School in Mangalore and composed music for Tagore’s poem Jana Gana Mana in 1919 which later became our National Anthem, played a pioneering role in India’s freedom movement.
· Among the Indian Christians who played the major role in Indian Freedom struggle are a few of the following: Dr H C Mukherjee, Joachim Alva, Violet Alva, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Dr John Mathai etc.
· Many Indian Christians also played a prominent role as members of the Constituent Assembly: Dr H C Mukherjee – vice president of the Constituent Assembly, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Dr John Mathai, Fr Jerome D’Souza, Frank Anthony, Annie Mascarene, Pulloli Thomas Chacko, Stanley Henry Prater, R V Thomas, T J M Wilson, Boniface Lakra, and J J M Nichols Roy. But they all declined to have separate reserved seats in Parliament or State Legislatures for Christians!

Independent India

· In successive governments of Independent India from Jawaharlal Nehru to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, many Indian Christians held responsible ministries. To name a few: John Mathai, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Violet Alva, C M Stephen, George Fernandes, Henry Austin, A K Antony, P A Sangma, Oscar Fernandes, N P K Salve, Margaret Alva, P J Kurien, M M Jacob, Edwardo Faleiro, etc.
· In as many as 9 states, a Christian led the government as Chief Minister at different times like Kerala, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Manipur.

In-spite of being only 2.3% by population, Indian Christians who are spread out in various proportions throughout the country are capable of exercising greater political pressure in comparison to Muslims and Sikhs in our federal system. Christians are in absolute majority in the three states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya, almost a majority community in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur and a significantly influential minority in Goa, Kerala and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

· Many Christian civil servants and diplomats have rendered meritorious services to the country. A few examples: Dr Malcom Adiseshaih, P C Alexander, Varghese Kurien, Praxie Fernandes, John Lobo, Julio Ribeiro, F T R Colaco, Peter L Senai, Alfred Gonsalves, Eric Gonsalves, James Lyndoh etc.
· Indian Christians have been the chiefs of staff of all our three armed forces namely General Sunit F Rodrigues – Chief of Army Staff (1990 – 1993), Admiral R L Pereira – Chief of Naval Staff (1979-82), Admiral O S Dawson - Chief of Naval Staff (1982- 1984), Admiral Sushil Kumar Isaac – Chief of Naval Staff (1999 – 2001), Air Chief Marshall Denis Anthony La Fontaine – Chief of Air Staff ( 1985 -1988) and Air Chief Marshall Norman Anil Kumar Browne – Chief of Air Staff ( 2011 – 2013).

Overseas Christians of Indian Origin – Some Examples

Christabel M A Chamarette (born 1948, Hyderabad) was a Green Senator for western Australia from 1992 – 1996.
June D’ Rozario (born 1949, Lucknow) Labour M.L.A of Northern Territory, Australia (1977 – 83).
Samuel Rudolph Insanally (born 1936) former Foreign Minister (2001-2008) of Guyana.
Leo Eric Varadkar (born 1979) Prime Minister of Ireland (2020 – 21).
Joseph Anthony Zuzarte Murumbi (1911-1990) former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Kenya and ‘Africa’s Greatest Private Cultural Collector’. (My full-length article on him will be published soon)
Pio Gama Pinto (1927 – 1965) Freedom Fighter and Member of Parliament of Kenya.
Fitz Remedios S. de Souza (1929- 2020) Member of Parliament and Deputy Speaker of Kenya.
John Aloysius Thivy (1904 – 1959) Founder President of Malayan Indian Congress of Malaysia.
Alfredo J N da Costa (1923 – 1996) Prime Minister of Portugal.
Antonio Luis Santos da Costa (born1961) Prime Minister of Portugal since 26-11-2015.
Joao Rodrigo Reis Carvalho Leao (born 1974) Finance Minister of Portugal.
Alfredo Bruto da Costa (born 1938, Goa) former Minister for Health and Social Welfare of Portugal.
Vivian Balakrishnan (born 1961) Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore.
Ms. Indrani T Rajah (born 1963) Minister in the Prime Minister’s office of Singapore.
Wavel Ramkalawan (born 1959) President of the Republic of Seychelles since October 2020.
Niklaus Samuel ‘Nik’ Gugger (born 1970, Udupi) Member of Swiss National Council since 2017.
Kamla Prasad Bissessar (born 1952) Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tabago (2010–15) and presently Leader of Opposition.
Claude Ajit Moraes (born 1965) Member of the European Parliament for London, UK (1999- 2000)
Nigel Keith A S Vaz (born 1956) Former Minister of State- Europe and Member of Parliament, UK.
Valerie Vaz (born 1954) Member of Parliament, UK since 2010.
Kamala Devi Harris (born 1964), Vice President of the USA since Jan 2021. (My full-length article on her will be published soon)
Nimrita Nikki Haley (born 1972), Former Governor of South Carolina and US Ambassador to UNO.
Piyush ‘Bobby’ Jindal (born 1971) former Governor of Louisiana, USA
Kevin Thomas (born 1984) Member of the New York State Senate, USA since 2019.

Global Dimensions of Indian Church!

If a few scores of foreign born Christian missionaries are found to be working in India at present, in contrast, thousands of Indian Christian priests and nuns are engaged in education, health and social service activities in almost all 200 countries of the world!. Nearly four thousand nuns of Missionaries of Charity of Mother Theresa through a network of 590 missions are actively alleviating human suffering in 123 countries! Hundreds of Indian priests and nuns belonging to various Roman Catholic congregations like the Society of Jesus, Franciscans, Holy Cross, Carmelites, etc, are found running parishes and institutions all over the world.

However, the global extension activities of the indigenous Indian churches of Kerala have no parallel in the whole world! They have succeeded in establishing full pledged Archdioceses and Dioceses with designated Cathedrals in many countries in which they have sizeable number of Indian believers and worshippers in their own unique religious rites like Syro-Malabar, Syro-Malankara, Malankara Orthodox, etc. Given below are some of the details:

Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Mississauga, Canada(Estd 2015), the largest diocese by area in the world catering to the spiritual needs of about 60,000 faithful scattered all over Canada through a network of 16 churches and 42 missions.
St Thomas the Apostle Syro-Malabar Diocese of Melbourne (Estd2014)to look after the spiritual needs of 50,000 Catholics of Australia and Canada.
St Thomas Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago (Estd2001) catering to the spiritual needs of 90,000 faithful through a network of 42 churches and 32 missions spread over 25 States of USA.
Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Great Britain, Preston, UK (Estd 2016) to serve about 38,000 faithful of U.K.
Syro-Malankara Catholic Diocese of US and Canada, Elmont, New York (Estd2010) to look after about 10,000 faithful in 10 US cities and 2 Canadian provinces.
The UK, Europe and Africa Malankara Orthodox Diocese, London (Estd2009) with 41 parishes in 10 countries.
Malankara Orthodox Diocese of North-East America, Muttontown, New York (Estd 2009) with 63 churches spread over in eastern parts of US and Canada.
Malankara Orthodox Diocese of South-West America (Estd 2009), Beasley, Texas.
Malankara Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Church in North America (Estd1993), New Jersey with 40 parishes.
The unique and small Brahmavar Diocese of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church with headquarters in Nantoor, Mangaluru, has an overseas church in Abu Dhabi, named St George Orthodox Cathedral!

The Karnataka based religious congregations like the Apostolic Carmel and Sisters of Little Flower of Bethany have gone global! The AC Sisters have a separate Province in Sri Lanka and run schools and social service centres in Kenya, Italy, Kuwait and Bahrain. The Mangalore based Bethany Sisters have two convents in Tanzania, five in Germany, four in Italy, two in France, two in Mauritania and one in Senegal! The Diocese of Mangalore has adopted the Same Diocese of Tanzania for missionary work and a few Mangalorean priests are working there. Even the lay organization like Bangalore based Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations, Karnataka, has affiliating organisations in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Canada, UK and USA. All these institutions maintain active websites and share information about Indian events on a regular basis through popular video magazines like

Indian priests and nuns are well respected all over the world for their dedicated service and humanity. I have personally observed this during my stay and visits in such diverse countries as Kenya, Uzbekistan, Germany and Indonesia. Mother Theresa’s Sisters are simply called as ‘Indian saints’ by many people in Tashkent. The Social Sciences block of a famous university in the distant Jogjakarta city of Indonesia is named as ‘Mother Theresa Block’. I could not resist the temptation to pose for a photograph (which is reproduced here) in front of that Block during my trip there on January 31, 2017.

The Indian Christian institutions are intimately connected with one another and are in constant interactions with the local communities through various networks. Any harassment and discrimination meted out to the Indian Christian community will result in widespread dis-appointments and unhappiness on a global scale. So when some miscreants desecrate a church or mutilate a statue of Jesus Christ even in a remote Karnataka town, pain and shock is felt across the world! If the aim of the BJP Government is to build honour and prestige for India among the comity of nations, enacting legislations like the present anti-conversion bill will be counter- productive. I hope good sense will prevail and the Karnataka BJP will withdraw/kill the Bill and avoid hitting a self-goal!





By Joe W Lobo, Kulshekar
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Comment on this article

  • Pundalik Prabhu, DK/Canada

    Wed, Jan 19 2022

    I congratulate Joe for his facts and figures-filled article related to Christian community in India. I wish his column with such valuable information would get published in many more papers for all to read and get informed in India. I am not disputing the fact that current ruling BJP party has taken many needed steps in fields of economics and governing compared to previous governments in the national interest. But also is responsible for employing this toxic ideology Hindutva that will bring suspicion, hate and communal division between peoples of India. A majority party can make a law legal but it doesn’t make it moral. Take what happened once in South Africa or Southern States of US where inter marriages were prohibited, coloured people were banned from riding busses sitting next to the Whites. Marrying another person of different faith is strictly personal and state has no business to dictate or say in this matter. The Hindutva ideology of BJP is morally wrong and denies a citizen his or her fundamental rights. A little digging of history of BJP should show anyone that BJP is the political wing of RSS that assassinated Gandhi - apostle of non-violence , peace and brotherhood. RSS itself was formed along the lines of Facist party of Mussolini in 1925. It is shameful that educated (or and less informed) Indians close their eyes to the dangerous ideology of majoritarian parties in Karnataka and the Central govt. We already have seen how Muslims have been subject to harassment and lynching in many places by mobs. Where will it end? Soon it will be Christians, then Sikhs and Jains etc. This toxic ideology has already been turned into a mirror image of that of Talibanis. It can be used to falsely accuse couples of interfaith marriages. I strongly believe that this proposed legislation should be stopped at any cost using only parliamentary and peaceful methods and without violence so that Democracy wouldn’t be destroyed from foes from within. Indian Christians aren’t descendants of outside aliens but Indian - mostly Hindu ancestors. Their contributions to India are many in the fields of education, health, politics, public service and defence service are immense. It must be acknowledged. So I say ‘ May God bless ‘ them and other minorities too in preserving their rights in their motherland. So we all must say NO to this legislation.

  • Elvin S Colaco, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Tue, Jan 18 2022

    BIG OMISSION of the names of Christian sportspersons like Mary Kom, Wilson Jones, Michael Ferreira, Dilip Tirkey, Cedric D Souza, Marcellus Gomes, Viren Rasquinha, Leslie Claudius , the Amrithraj brothers and many more.

  • Elvin S Colaco, Mangalire/Mumbai

    Tue, Jan 18 2022

    A comprehensive exposition of the role of the Christian cimmunity in the freedom struggle, in public service, in nation building and social services - an invaluable document for reference and information.. Needs to be disseminated not only within our community but also among our friends and assiciates of other faiths. Congratulations and thanks to Mr Joe W Lobo. One name was left out, that of J M Lobo Prabhu, MP

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Tue, Jan 18 2022

    Government laws are different than God which are exclusively based on politics and jealousies. God's Laws / Moral Laws are superior and are Just every citizen's have to abide with. God's Laws are for humans goodness, general and universal to attain physical growth, mental peace leads everyone to the spiritual wellbeing. God's freedom is forever. Every human has the right to embrace another's faith provided in the Constitution. The Constitutional freedom rights to humans are based on the Gospel Truth. Refer John 8:36 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." Therefore Government can enact banning humans freedom of Conversion, however before God's Laws everyone (includes the government) must bow to adhere it. Conversion is a natural right of humans which cannot and never come over / prevent it with Government Laws. May God bless every human of this planet earth. Writings of Joe W. Lobo opens the way humans. Well written.

  • Bharath Raj, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 16 2022

    Thanks an eye opener.......

  • PRASANNA, Belgaum

    Sun, Jan 16 2022

    Writers views personal. Govt move is going to scuttle move of anti hindu forces es to convert poor and illiterate people into other religions.

  • Selwyn Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sun, Jan 16 2022

    Well shared information brought out to the public. Hope this information is an eye opener for those who are not aware about so many facts and figures of Christianity in India. Thank you Mr Lobo for your tremendous effort .

  • mohan prabhu, Mangalore/Ottawa, Canada

    Sun, Jan 16 2022

    Congratulations Joe on a very informative and thought-provoking article highlighting the contributions of Christians since the past hundred generations. It is a pity that the political climate of modern days is gravitating towards fundamentalism, orchestrated by Hindutva and sister organizations to whip up hatred by all sorts of tactics. It is also a pity that there is almost no Muslim or a Hindu among the commentators. The battle in the Assembly may be over, but the War is NOT. The ultimate test is the Constitution and the Supreme Court which will decide; having thrown out similar legislation in a few states, it is my expectation that this Karnataka legislation, even if it gets the okay from the legislative council will get the boot.

  • Michael Sequeira, pamboor/Nairobi

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Indian Christians of every walk of life ,religious priests and nuns,lay people,civil servants,politicians,freedom fighters, have contributed immensley to the socio economic development of the nation in the field of education,health care,social justice. This article clearly informs the readers the contribution.Amazed at the contribution of the minority community to the nation . This article need to be widely circulated and would love to see in major publications for awareness to the larger indian nationals. Very informative article .Pray the people who brought the anti conversion bill have a change of heart.

  • Lunkhel Haokip, Bengaluru

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    The contribution to our country by Christians has been forfeited by some leaders. I urge all political leaders, bureaucrats and religious leaders to respect and love Indian minorities as a matual and powerful nation.

  • sushil, mangalore

    Sat, Jan 15 2022

    Anti conversion bill is another scam by the Anti Dalit gang.The minority community which is ruling the country wants to keep the Majority backward class under their fist and keep exploiting them for their own agenda. The day every backward community member becomes highly educated and economically independent and get their social status India will be peacefull and Great.

  • Lita dsila, Kulshekar Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Excellent article Joe and very informative too.

  • Charles Dsouza, Dubai

    Fri, Jan 14 2022

    Extremely well researched article. Thank you for the efforts. As Christians we should start compiling the work done my various denominations and present it in various forums. We have to fine tune our PR machinery and ensure the masses are aware of the contribution to the Indian state.

  • Reynold Sequeira, Bombay, now Canada.

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    An excellent article. Very informative, very detailed, very well researched. Most of us have only surface knowledge of the facts. This article truly educates us.

  • Adrian Sequeira, BARKUR

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Excellent collection of information which for the first time came to know. Thank you Joe for your article.

  • Arun A Dsouza, Bangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    A very thought provoking, in depth and well researched article. Presently parent like me is at pain trying to convince my teen child that all are not against Christians in my state of Karnataka. If there is sense of concern and to some extent anxiety then its not far fetched considering some off the cuff utterances by some political personalities. Its just very puzzling to understand how a miniscule minority can be a threat to the ancient and well established religion. In spite of hundreds of years of Muslim and Christian rule could not increase the percentage beyond 20% then why this fear mongering?. If indeed there is forced conversion then there is a law, but using a pretext to provide so called fringe elements to masquerade as guardian of a religion is opening a pandoras box, which will engulf the whole country for many years to come. We don’t need any external forces to thwart our development socially and economically. But then our community too have certain responsibilities. If we are to say there are no evangelists who have utmost disdain towards others beliefs then we are mistaken or living in a world of self denial. Now then a question arises in me as to why the Established churches such as Catholic and some of the known Protestant declare that these new evangelical groups mushrooming in and around many towns and cities have nothing to do with us. The message has not been well articulated by our religious caretakers and has given the mischief mongers a chance to club us all as one block irrespective of established denominations or otherwise. The need of the hour is instead of pleading with the political establishment , it would be worthwhile to open a channel with the majority religions dharma gurus who are well respected and even governments tale note off. Possibly I believe this is already happening and if so will benefit the society and the community. Or else we will be clubbed along with some of our neighboring countries who are known as intolerant towards others beliefs and being reduced in stature among nations in the world.

  • Henry J. Pinto, Karkala/Mangalore

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Congratulations dear Joe. Your well researched articles have always been well written and informative. They are eye openers. Even you had written an article in the first published directory of Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations, Karnatama Bangalore, published on 15.08.2001 under the heading INDIAN CHRISTIANS AND NATIONAL LEADERSHIP.". I suggest that you publish a book in this line which will enlighten many and posterity will be grateful to you. Wish you all the best.0515 Thank uou and Hod bless

  • Celine Mathias, Mangalore.

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Thank you Joe for the absolute factual and the whole statistics compiled and made it accessible to the Christian community. All said and done it is unfair on the part of the BJP Legislative Community to pass a Bill on "anti conversion". On the contrary it is the Christian community that has supported the Non Christians. Be it in educational, career, job opportunities, relief from catastrophe or famine, family disputes or financial assistance The Christian community has been an anchor for the backward and marginalized people in various different ways. Most of our Non christians have enjoyed the lucrative education imparted to every Non Christian student any and every where through out the whole of India, through Christian schools and Colleges. Why was there no question on Anti Conversion Bill then. When we as human beings belong to one fraternal family. Where is the question of "conversion". Let our motto be "Live and let live". Nobody is superior than another. What is all this Conversion Bill fuss about. It must be stopped totally and allow human beings to enjoy their faith. The way they want.

  • LUCY PERIS, Kaikamba / Bahrain

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Very informative and very well written. Congratulations!!!

  • Clifford Sequeira, Kottara / Mangalore

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Congratulations dear Joe. Well researched and enlightening article. Worth reading and very informative.

  • Mangalorean, Mangalore

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    I just saw his name. Sorry for my message earlier.

  • JF Soans, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Thu, Jan 13 2022

    Excellent article with relevant information about people who contributed to the development of our nation in all fields especially in education health and community service. Religious conversions inspired them into sacrificing their time, energy and resources to the service of their fellow beings and the nation as a whole. These very people are now being targetted by people who have no commitment of any sort to the nation they belong to. They divert the attention of innocent and poor people with distorted ideas to gain political mileage.

  • Joe Lobo, Kulshekar, Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Dear Ben,, Indian,Mark, Gabriel, Maria, Mangalurian, David, Louis, Vishnu, Ranjan, Norbert and John Monteiro-Sir for your comments and suggestions. Your quick response and goodwill have made my day. Of course, because of space constrains, I had to omit many names and even events. I have a long list of civil servants, justices, educationists, journalists authors, sports persons, etc. among Indian Christians which I could not use.So also events like starting of the first Sanskrit school for low caste people and implementing the concept of "a school for every parish" by St.Kuriakose Chavara , should have been mentioned. I specially welcome the various suggestions made by Monteiro-Sir, veteran journalist and pioneering researcher on corruption in India! If I remember correct, I had read his book on corruption in 1969 when I was an undergraduate student! In response to the various suggestions made, I want to work out a scheme to publish a pictorial reference book on "Christianity in India". Your suggestions regarding this project are earnestly solicited.

  • Manohar, Udupi

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Many facts and figures..This article should be part of NEP in a broader sense..........fekus try to erase and ignore these contributions.

  • Norbert, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Excellently researched article. Ofcourse many prominent names are missing, yet well documented . Congratulations

  • Ranjan, Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Why you’ve not included names of non catholics who have studied in Christian institutions .. Benefited greatly by the secular way of teaching No focus on religion in schools Colleges etc etc high quality education.. no bias .. caste .. creed .. financial standing .. Equally treated .. This is an aberration and all should not fall into a trap .. The ethos of this country is acceptance ..of .. All religions Many paths but ultimate goal ....supreme divine power ..

  • vishnu bhat, bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    mindless and communal BJP - what else did one expect from that party? this harping on Hindutva will destroy this nation and BJP can take full credit for this.

  • John Monteiro, Bondel, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Thanks and congratulations to Joe Lobo who has done well to project Indian Christian community’s involvement in, and contribution to, India with well-researched facts presented in crisp language. His article deserves to be widely disseminated and read. Perhaps it can be reprinted in diocesan periodicals like Rakhno and The Examiner. It can also be reproduced in parish bulletins or put up on their notice boards by downloading and taking print-outs. Also, all-India bishops’ body can reprint and mail it to newspapers and legislators at Central and State levels. It can also be uploaded on church websites. Since the article is comprehensive and pretty long, those wishing to act on the above suggestions may delete some last paras on “foreign” forays, etc.

  • LOUIS VAS & Fly., Kadri kaibattal/kulshekar

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Congratulations Joe, very informative.Thanks.

  • Bengaluru, Kulshekar/Bengaluru

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    M.Saldanha, M,lore/Bangalore, I don't know if Mr Joe W Lobo is going to print the article. I guess he cannot mention all names of prominent Christian people, who have held top positions and contributed in various fields as one cannot mention everything as it will become too lengthy. That way, one can say among the top civil servants Karnataka had JC Lynn, Cecil Noronha as well as J Alexander as former Chief Secretaries. Alexander became a minister too. There were many DGPs in the State. As we know, Indian media must be grateful to Christians as India's first English newspaper was started by a Christian Hikki and the first Kannada newspaper was published by a Christian Herman Mogling, and there were many Christians who contributed a lot Konkani and Kannada literature too. Among the politicians, apart from George Fernandes and the Alva family, there is Octavia Albuquerque, Addy Saldanha, PF Rodrigues, Blasius M D'Souza, Winnie Fernandes (all Mangaloreans), T John etc. The list is endless.

  • David Pais, Mangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    conversion issue is a golden egg laying hen for da brhasta jumla paapies.

  • M.Saldanha, M,lore/Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Excellent, well researched and enlightening article. In case of a reprint, kindly consider adding : Dr Kurien of AMUL and Air Marshall Malcolm Wollen PVSM, VrC (alumni of Bishop Cotton's Blore) Chairman of HAL 1984/88.

  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Interesting article. I would have liked to see the list of the attendees at the "Christian Council of Nicaea". As for "Greater India", it had nothing to do with the south of India. There was the region of Sind (now Pakistan), then Hind (later called "India" which covered the areas of today's Punjab/Gujarat/and the regions to their east), and the Deccan. Mallus have never understood this breakdown. BTW, when Jordanus Catalani arrived, there were no Catholics in India. Sounds like you are quoting Mallu "history".

  • Maria Baptist, Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Congratulations Joe! Very well explained and narrated these are the truthful facts. God bless you

  • John Vas, Kulshekar

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    WELL COMPILED ARTICLE giving all historically information which we were not aware. Hope after reading this article those who are ignorant about Christians start recognizing the contribution and work done by many Christians in India. This will make every Christians to do something valuable to their State/country without waiting for any particular recognition. We really appreciate Joe Lobo's informative writeup in this matter.

  • Gabriel Vaz, Kulshekar/Bengaluru

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    A v.ery informative article with lot of valuable information and data, which may not be known to most people. All of us, especially Christians, must read to understand the legacy, caliber and key figures from among our own community. I sjuppose Mr Lobo has not gone into the merits and demerits of the Anti-Conversion Bill or why it is harmful to all Christians - irrespective of whether anybody carries out religious conversion - as it would make the article too lengthy and might be a subject for separate article. Still, all of us Christians, whether we are deeply involved in religious matters and matters of faith or not, is that anybody can trouble any of us Christians merely by filing a complaint with police saying so and so is practicing or carrying out conversion even if it is true or false, and the onus of proof is on the accused and not the accuser and it is a non-bailable offence. Police will register a complaint and arrest before carrying out investigation. This is very dangerous and needs to be opposed, condemned. It is a lesson for those among us who have become politically aligned with BJP as the policies and ideologies are totally not in tune with the constitutional norms or secular character. There are/were several Christians among the judiciary, which fact has not been mentioned. Justice Michael Saladanha (Retd) and Justice John D'Cunha, who is still serving as a High Court judge, and there were some judges in the Supreme Court also from the Christian community. While names of Christians in the Cabinets of different Prime Ministers has been mentioned, one notable omission is the name of KJ Alphonse, who was a minister in the cabinet of present PM Modi. There may be many more persons in different fields including Roger Binny, the cricketer!

  • Mark D Souza, Neerude/Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Well written article with facts . Hope this will awaken the minds of those who merely rely on what they hear rather than what they should know. Well done Joe. May the good sense prevail on those who are responsible to bring this law into force.

  • Indian, Bangalore

    Wed, Jan 12 2022

    Wonderful article, worth reading. Highly informative. A migraine dose for bhakts!

  • Ben D'Souza Prabhu, Mangalore, Bombay Bandra now in Canada

    Tue, Jan 11 2022

    Our very dear friend, Joe W Lobo, you have done a Wonderful Job in providing the clear truth n facts of our Historical details in your quite lengthy article which, I had the privilege of going through to its full length and am quite impressed by your methodical enumeration. Thank you very much for your concerted efforts of bring in the minute details. You are really Great and has done a stupenduous job in this Controversial subject ; as a matter of fact, displaying your candid truth and knowlege. THANK YOU DEAR SIR FOR YOUR VERY DETERMINED PAINSTAKING EFFORTS !!!

  • Ben D'Souza Prabhu, Mangalore, Bombay Bandra now in Canada

    Tue, Jan 11 2022

    A well written Narrative my dear friend, Mr Joe W Lobo ! I really Congratulate you ! These contraversies with false narratives are created to divert the minds of our learned persons who know the facts and truth in our History ! Thank you very much for your very efforts and labours. Our Graceful Lord will Bless you for your this Honest Truth ! HOW GREAT IS YOUR NAME LORD !!!

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