The Human Puzzle

June 23, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged humanity and is continuing to wreck human life. The daily news has become nauseating, frightening and even repelling. The fear that this virus may invade me, my family, and my near and dear ones is a daily worry; it looks like the virus is just standing to ingress my house and plague my people. Really, we are petered out of listening, reading the daily messages that come on social media, of social distance, sanitization, masks…. The Lockdown! My goodness, has generated its own fears and trembles. The everyday rush for the day to day needs, the fear of being spotted, even beaten by the cops, the tension of vehicles being seized, the stress that we may not get the necessary provisions for the family, are the new items in the family menu. Moreover, the pressure is mounting with a minor cold, slight fever, mild headache which in the yester times were considered to be routine illnesses; these have become today monsters of a possible separation, quarantine and why not a gradual death. Hélas, we are all tired of this, tired of sitting inside, tired of hearing the daily narratives of Covid tragedies, tired of looking for vaccines; the human psyche is fractured, broken.

In the face of such an untold human pain and vicissitude, man is witnessing two sides of human reality which really puzzles, disturbs and even rocks my very being. The silver line side of humanity in the process of this pandemic is manifested in the goodness and absolute bountifulness of human beings. The Covid panorama has brought out some of the best aspects of humanness; humanity. It is ostensible in the people who risk their lives so as to save the life of the other. Look at those doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff who work incessantly in the hospitals and attend to the needs of the sick, knowing very well that they could be contaminated any time and thereby lose their lives. I can only admire them. It is so painful to learn that so many doctors, nurses, have lost their lives; I just salute them and pray for their families. Look at those people who have taken the risk and gone out to pick up Covid patients, drive them to the hospital, bring food, wash clothes, and bury the dead… Moreover, how can we forget those ordinary human beings who sit in the market places in sun and rain and bring necessary groceries for us…? Look at those police and other personnel in-charge of law and order, standing whole day on the roads. The list does not stop here; there are scores of men and women doing yeomen service, some seen and heard and many unseen, silently doing wonderful, generous and stupendous human service sacrificing their time, wealth, health, family, leisure…. These human beings are the saints of our times. They deserve the highest titles and honours a nation, a church/temple/mosque can give. They are the real heroes, of humanity. If humanity is rich, civilized, humane, it is thanks to these women and men, for the sacrifice and indomitable courage they have displayed. No words, no poems, no rewards match their sacrifice. These humans make us feel happy, proud, joyful and exuberate beams of hope.

But alas, the flip side of the human story is dastardly monstrous. The pandemic time has been a time for some Lucifers to rise from their slumber. The pandemic has brought to light, very sadly, the venomous wickedness and filthiness of man. There have been people, during this time, who have engaged in making maximum profits and trade on human tragedy. People unruffled at the sight of the death of the poor, marginalized, weak, helpless and tried to suck money and benefits. People who have pushed out persons infected with this virus, treated them as dung heaps, refused even to give them their last dignity of a decent human burial. People who have declined to talk, interact, give a consoling phone call to people affected including members of the family. This side of human story is shocking, heinous and flabbergasting.

Thus we humans, you and me, are enface of an existential puzzle: Why is it that human being on the one hand is so good, noble minded, ready for any sacrifice, ready to die for others, ready to go to any extent to save the life of the others and in the same vein on the other side, man is so cruel, devilish, self-absorbed and even nasty. This puzzle requires a serious reflection, an introspection and a rigorous audit on the humanity of humans. The Covid-19 saga is an invitation to tilt humanity from its wickedness towards blessedness; from selfishness to sacredness, from darkness to brightness. To put it in the words of Rabindranath Tagore: “Man’s abiding happiness is not in getting anything but in giving himself up to what is greater than himself, to ideas which are larger than his individual life, the idea of his country, of humanity, of God.”





By Fr Joseph Martis
Fr Joseph Martis is the former rector of St Joseph's Seminary. He is currently professor and HoD of Philosophy department.
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Comment on this article

  • A. LOURDUSAMY, mangalore/attavar

    Fri, Jun 25 2021

    It takes only a philosopher like Rev. Dr Martis to critically analyse the present pandemic with a spiritual aspect. Indeed this predicament has put humanity in a piquant situation to realise and reflect the very purpose of life and the need to live a balanced peaceful life. We understand that neither money nor comfort ensures a healthy living. Remember the words of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:16 " Do you not know that you are the Temple of God, and that The Spirit of God dwells within you?"Take care of yourself and others.

  • Joe GONSALVES, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 24 2021

    Father Joseph Martis has indeed taken a lot of trouble in warning the public with regard to the prevailing Pandemic. He has taken the opportunity to guide the people From the data provided it appears that the human story is dastardly monstrous. It appears that The pandemic time has been a time for some unscrupulous people to enrich themselves. The pandemic has brought to light, very sadly, the venomous wickedness of people who have taken the opportunity to enrich themselves. It has been reported that some unscrupulous people have taken full advantage of the situation to suit their purpose. This is the time to reach out to the needy but some people have put their consciences to rest and have taken full opportunities of the situation to suit their purpose. As stated by The writer this side of human story is shocking, heinous and flabbergasting. Hope the situation will change

  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 24 2021

    Time is a healer and time will tell... Lets all connect with our creator and make a honest inventory of our life and how we can improve ourselves. Nothing has changed for the God fearing honest people... Life goes on at the same pace. They still continue to do the small things for others and live o pious life...

  • Mcqueen Mendonca, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 24 2021

    Very well written article dear Reverend Fr. Martis. This pandemic has brought out the best, and the worst out of humanity. As you have mentioned. Hoping and praying for better times ahead, and restoration of sanity God Almighty bless you dear Father with health and grace

  • John, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 24 2021

    Instead of humans getting puzzled, Elites have found a way out, the God gene VMAT2 in humans. In the name of trying to remove fanaticism remove spirituality or goodness from everyone by vaccines through a staged pandemic. Following year 2005 video presentation on God gene removal project...

  • John, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 23 2021

    This is an eye opener article by Mike Adams at on how globalists using viruses, vaccine generated strains, to decimate much population, following few excerpts, for more refer link, ... "The end goal, as globalists like Bill Gates openly support, is the elimination of billions of human beings living today. Ideally, globalists seek to reduce the world population to about 500 million people, which is roughly a 94% reduction in the current human population."... Thus, people won’t be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups). The next strain to be released via the vaccines will be COVID-21, and the COVID-21 strain could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe.... Ref:

  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 23 2021

    This is no puzzle... It's pretty straight simple. Man is supposed to find his creator and have a inter personal understanding of their relation. But man is confused and gets tangled in the web of this world called social engagement and relationships which take him away from his primary goal of finding, understanding and being with his creator. Man has not understood that he has come alone and will go alone but for his creator who he never tries to seek himself.

  • John, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 23 2021

    Correct. Also, Man can be an angel or can become evil as a devil. Otherside of this virus pandemic is, First of all using this virus Globalist elites or masons making billions of dollors in their sustainable vaccine business, in the name of restoring public health and through online businesses using technology or pushing new way of doing business for their new world order also bankrupting many other businesses to make more money through these forced shutdowns and through their online business giants. For these Globalist elites or masons, as written in their Georgia Guide stones ideal population of the world is 500 million. So using viruses, war, vaccines they are trying to reduce population through this communist chinese weapon grade virus and it's strains to sustain their businesses or process. Bible clearly warns in Hosea 4:6, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. There are many past and recent divine messages regarding same but these communists, who have infiltrated in seminaries and in the church, (to bring it down in the name of modernizing it) delaying approval of these messages or rubbish them. For many clergy, obedience of religious authority comes before obedience of truth or God and these commies and masons are using much of it. These things are forewarned in Gospels of Matthew ch 24, Mark ch 13, Luke Ch 21. And in Book of Revelation Ch 13:16-18 mention about mark of the beast or coming Vaccine passport or barcode or nano particle chip within vaccines (pfizer's high tech mRNA vaccines) or Luciferase quantum dot technology based vaccines (moderna) basically to check the status of vaccines, same time enslaving humanity or making them communist controllable robots, (Transhumanism) using nano technology AI, 5G advanced surveilance technology. But God intervenes soon to bring 1000 years of peace within a decade or little more time as it is written in Book of Revelation ch 20,21 and 22 also as per many past and present Divine messages.

  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jun 23 2021

    If everyone gets free food, clothing and lodging, as some in the cloth do, I suppose the world will be a very peaceful place. And quite lazy too. No more a puzzle.

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