A Dive into Self - The Sacred Unknown Arena

Aug 25, 2020

In the busy hustle bustle of life, everyone is racing to reach to a point where things get easier and happier. A student aims at scoring a certain percentage; a job seeker desperately wanting to get a job; a job holder waiting for holidays, break, promotion, hike or job change; a full-time employee looking for retirement, a parent waiting for the infant to grow and so on. Ultimately all aiming at a point to be relieved and relaxed from all the worries and stress. Why does it always seem at that point our lives are going to get better, simpler and easier? Why is it so innate to appreciate things that we do not possess, drive and motivate us to get that and yet not satiate the urge or happiness we had thought we would derive in achieving it?

The motivation to be better than we are springs from a lot many factors, viz. what we see around, what we have been told, what we have experienced, etc. Contradictorily, we have many proverbs hovering around that say it is wrong to be greedy or desire more, live the present moment, find happiness in all that you have etc. etc. What we know is neither of that gives the satisfaction or happiness we are all chasing after. Then what?

Narrowing it to the least, our wants and desires are influenced by two factors; the outer and the inner self. To give the simplest definition of the outer is everything not attached to our individual self. Our family, homes, neighbourhood, friends, etc. and all what we see around and come across is what influences our wants and desires from the outer self. On the other hand, what springs from within and the desire to achieve them, purely unbiased externally is from the inner self. Wanting and desiring to be better, to have more, to possess more is sometimes we are made feel guilty about. Paradoxically, we are encouraged to acquire them in all what is being told to us in the teachings or learning to attain happiness and satisfaction. This is a major conflict in every individual of what exactly to want and not want to reach the goal of happiness and satisfaction. The outer self need less emphasis as it is obvious, but the dive into inner self and its essence is simple yet complex.

As the title suggests – the inner self as a sacred arena, it is all about the sacredness of oneself. First of all it is very essential to consider oneself sacred despite any external influence in our thoughts. Our body and mind is a sacred being in itself which has an invisible and indivisible power. The walk of life is two dimensional; every distance we cover externally it is necessary to dive into self internally. Giving an example from the external self, we step out of our homes for various purposes but ultimately there is undefinable bliss when we get back home, as the common saying goes – ‘home is where the heart is’.

There is nothing wrong in wanting more, desiring more, hoping to be better than yesterday. It is nothing but a journey on the external self. But what is important is equally travelling back home – to the inner self. So the question here is how do we travel into the inner self? Every motivation, desire, aims, ambitions, wants, needs are guided by our outer self. Each time we desire or want, we must be able to reason it why do I want it? What would it cost? How would it impact me positively and negatively? What is the need of the things I want? What are the ways and means to achieve it? Does my path of achieving it cause any harm to anyone? Etc., etc.

Now reasoning all these, one would feel is a lot more time consuming and we have got better things to do in life than sit and reason all these. There is no need to take time out of the scheduled life and sit and contemplate on self but rather let the thoughts go simultaneously hand in hand. Initially, it might be a conscious effort and a little difficult but gradually, once we have mastered the art it will guide us instantly. Nature itself has taught us in every cycle that we have to restructure in order to function normally. From day and night, to rains and blooms, to changes in seasons, nature constantly restructures itself to function normally. In the long run, the best example is the pandemic we are all undergoing – accumulation would lead to a greater and even more painful restructuring process and we cannot escape. The faith and belief to whichever spirituality we hold on to, is the best guide to travel back home – to our inner self. If we have travelled too far outside, we would have to take the same amount of time travelling within, but it is essential we don’t escape because there is no escape. It takes courage to accept the choices we have made and the choices we have to make. The present makes the past and future, in reality there is no present, so the happiness which we seek in the future and the mistakes we seek to mend of the past is now. The sacred arena – our inner self is empty without us being there and none can fill the place.




By Sharmila Dhan
Sharmila Dhan has done her MSW from St Joseph's College, Bengaluru with specialization in Medical and Psychiatry. She loves travelling and reading books and spending time in solitude. She believes in making the world a better place with the smallest contribution she makes.
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Comment on this article

  • Avinash Hemrom, Raipur

    Sun, Sep 20 2020

    The present makes the no past and future, in reality there is no present, so the happiness which we seek in the future and the mistakes we seek to mend of the past is now. The sacred arena – our inner self is empty without us being there and none can fill the place.

    What a deep meaningful line..
    Whole article is awesome,. hats off to you Miss Sharmila..

  • John, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 28 2020

    Simple inner self check and remedy,
    Your Soul shouldn't rest in the mind but in the heart! If Not possible, surrender it to love to make it possible.

  • Shrinkal vajandar, Mumbai

    Thu, Aug 27 2020

    Splended Article, so truly beautifully narrated and written it's never to late adopt good deeds. And find find the inner peace and happinesses.

    Sharmila dhan , aspect more such article from you.

  • Kaihrii Athia, Manipur

    Thu, Aug 27 2020

    The article is a solid one quite inspiring worth reading diving to inner self
    We are wondering outside without knowing what is within self. I like the piece written there is no wrong in wanting more and more, desiring more and more .Simple article yet describe in such a way it leads to understanding self. A good refection of our self. Thank you looking forward more article .

  • Vincent Dsa, Dubai/Manipal

    Thu, Aug 27 2020

    It is not that our conscious should wake up only when we encounter a problem or have a disease like cancer or on the death bed to understand the meaning of inner self, life and impending death. By that time we will be too far to make a U –Turn to reach back home. Technically speaking there is no present tense only past and future. Our past can guide us to a peaceful future if we make a conscious effort.

    Well written Sharmila. Kindly make an effort to be quite regular over here.

  • Edward Sangma, Meghalaya

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Sharmila mate damn proud of you for this newly updated article 'so short yet sweet', lemme called it as "worth nutshell"💯👌👏. This article of yours if vary much inciteful & instigating thought. Words fitting & absoluteness. My striking point or take away from it "It takes courage to accept the choices we have made and the choices we have to make. "💯👌👏👏. Keep writing more mate.

  • Elizabeth Tigga, Assam

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    The Article : A Dive into Self - The Sacred Unknown Arena
    Very beautiful and informative article. Well done and move ahead in life.

  • Noorain, Bengaluru

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Well said maam! Beautifully written. .

  • Gilbert Menezes, Moodubelle / Melbourne

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Thank you, Sharmila for an inspiring article. To dive into the self we need to understand every one of us unique and if we perform to our capabilities and the talents that we have been bestowed upon we all will be having what each one of us requires in this world to live in joy and happiness! We are born into this world to be happy in all circumstances and to have all that requires as per our inbuilt skills!

  • Xavier K, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    The four walls of my room were suffocating me as I was almost bedridden with my backache for last six months. Desperately wanting to travel to some distant place or a hill station, I planned for my vacation. Thanks a lot Sharmila for your exceptionally well written article, it inspired me with an amazing insight: 'travel back home, to my inner self'.

  • ABHILASH, Mysore

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Great read😃

  • Elroy, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Amazing words!!! Beautiful written

  • Joylen Minz, Bangaluru

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    This is just perfect.....!

  • Roshan Pinto, Hubli, Karnataka

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Very nice thought to ponder. Life giving. Want more of your post's to read,ma'am. All the best for your endeavours.

  • Abhijeet Minz, BENGALURU

    Wed, Aug 26 2020

    Insightful, good work keep it up

  • John, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Simple inner self check,
    Your Soul shouldn't rest in the mind but in the heart!

  • Lavanya, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Sharmila, awesome work. I appreciate your effort to get in touch with your own self. It's not that easy and many can do that. The first step of knowing yourself is the gate way to enlightenment and wisdom. You've been a wonderful person as a student, as a sports player, as a staff and in various capacities you've given your best always. I've seen you as a strong and courageous person. 'Bold and beautiful', let that outward expression come from inward. As you've begun your journey in exploring yourself, may the Holy Spirit lead you into all The Truth to set you free so that you enjoy boundless freedom. Wishing you the choicest blessings of heaven and earth dear Sharmila.

  • Bibitha George, BENGALURU

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Very Ture. Well done Sharmila. 👍

    Keep writing🤘🤩

  • Sushil Kumar Pattnaik, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Wow! Beautifully penned down Sharmila.

    Our desires and needs are endless. Our desires and needs which we already have defined now will change over a period of time. Then again the rat race starts to achieve these fictional and non tangible desires in a loop which never ends. We define our priorities to satisfy others and in this process we lose ourself. We ignore the "I" within us and become soulless. The "I" which is me, the "I" which I should think of.

    Eagerly waiting for your next article. Lots of love.

  • Sotrosing Engti, Sarihajan, Assam

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    The need to be introspective about the "self" and value the "self" is very well penned down... Worth reading!!! I am sharing it 😊

  • Longbir Augustine, New Delhi

    Tue, Aug 25 2020


  • Rajkumar Reddy, Assam Karbi Anglong

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Sharmila, congratulations for MSW.
    Really very impressive.
    Its a fact that we really want and desire to travel the whole World but we fail to travel within ourselves.
    Worth reading article. Hope to read more and more...
    Good job with lots of love and best wishes.
    Rajkumar Reddy
    Your Senior in School

  • Joshwa, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020


  • H J Gadiyar, Padubidri/Morgantown, WV(USA)

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Thanks for your excellent article.
    I enjoyed the whole article.
    Particularly impressed by your statement : " .........but it is essential we don’t escape because there is no escape"

  • Prakruthi, Bengaluru

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Nicely written 😊

  • Viola, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Simple & on point. Nicely written buddy.. keep writing ☺️🤘

  • Subarna Dhan, Assam

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    You have put it down so well. We often fail to realise ourselves. It's an eye opener. Keep writing my dear sister. Proud of you 👍

  • Athul Rathnakar, Kerala

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Simple and thought provoking. Looking forward to many more such articles. Race ahead!!

  • Nancy Nichola, Jharkhand

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Very approaching article about self happiness. keep on writing.

  • Praveen Kiro, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Amazingly portrayed Sharmila👍. It is worth reading and realizing things.
    Glimpse showed by you... it's the truth.
    Life is not a problem, but a reality to be experienced

  • Raymond, Jharkhand

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    It's really a piece of golden stone which you have brought out from your corner stone of your heart and minnds,thoughts and imaginationsof yours which will encourage all the youth to boost their lives towards their goals. It's obviously going to motivate everyone. I personally liked your article. Please continue to inspire us through your brighter imaginations.

  • Elvis Mang'unyi, Nairobi

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Profound, it's true happiness starts from within

  • Neslin, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Great job.

  • George, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Lovely article

  • John, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Rightly narrated and written! Although we have travelled miles and miles but have mostly forgotten to travel within ie: from our minds to our hearts which is less than a foot away!

    We will have to make 'heartly' choices instead of 'mindly' choices to lead a happy contented peaceful life. Otherwise need to suffer from shrunk mind and a darker heart due to wrong choices. In simple terms suffer from continuous guilt thoughts and heartaches due to hurts they cause to self and others.

    So to avoid inner emptiness knowing following is very much needed,

    Is Love coming from mind or heart ?? What about peace, joy, self control, faith, humility, gentleness, forgiveness...??

    Is Lust coming from heart or mind ?? What about hatred, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, pride, greed, unforgiveness ...??

    Always hear, action and live from heart and not from mind to lead a happy, peaceful life and avoid darkness or emptiness.

    Also fill your sacred inner self, that is heart with Love, as holy scripture says in
    1 John 4:8 But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

    Again whatever wrongfull past, surrendering it to Love or seeking help of God to take care of it and over the time to overcome that darkness or emptiness is a wise choice to keep one's inner self (heart) sacred, of light, love and happiness!

  • Prasoon, Bengaluru

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job. Couldn’t be write much better!
    Keep it up!!!

  • Riston saldanha, Manglore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Nice read.

  • Leo, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Nice read!🤩

  • Sapriio, Bengaluru

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    True, a good self reflection. Life is all balancing the good and evil or the good deeds and bad DEEDS. Balancing is hard but giving a practice or pushing it forward will definitely change it for good, at the end of the Day.
    Sometimes in our life it is unavoidable of the bad action, because of our greed and ego, but it's never too late, to return it. Once we realize it, we need to give it back with a good deeds to the environment, just do it, just do the good deed in return.

  • Vimal, Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    Sharmila. This is so good. Worth reading this one.

  • Royston dsouza, Katipalla

    Tue, Aug 25 2020

    I need to dive deep inside myself to explore what I am capable of , and what I can do,and achieve , reading this article made me Add some more fuel to my thoughts ,
    Niece article

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