“This Too Shall Pass …” The Power of Quotes

February 1, 2019

”This too shall pass...” Phrase of just four words may have given resurrection to millions of people across the globe. Such is the power of phrases and quotes. When we open any social site, we can find a lot of phrases like this with beautiful pictures beside it that suddenly grab our attention. Within a few moments we can witness thousands of sharing reaching millions in a short time like a wild fire. That is the only good thing most of us do with it, next moments we are back to our daily routine of sadness stress pain and a lot of negative emotions.

Quotes are nothing but words of wisdom born out of rich life experience .When we read they are just a few words; when we put into practice it can be a weapon that can revolutionize our life.

We generally read and share those quotes that touch our situation and impact our life directly. The beauty lies when we apply it in our daily life. Application needs certain programming of the mind. Programming may be done by setting a particular quote as a daily reminder until we get deserving change that need to be changed. This may be done by various ways, primarily by magnifying and printing on a paper and putting it across somewhere that grabs our attention very often. Calendars printed with meaningful quotes serves as a great reminder. Decorative English letters which may be easily replaceable and rearranged at any given time also may be used for the purpose. Set and decorate your children’s room with suitable quotations and phrases, keeping in mind their age, studies and their future goal, would play as a great
motivator. Also, if you have deviated person at home, an appropriate quote which serves as a reminder is of great help to him to get into main stream. Displaying on PC/Laptop screen also serves as a reminder as well.

The reason why we think implementation is difficult is, we focus more on what we suppose to lose since it is visible to us. At the same time we are incapable to visualize exactly what we are going to gain with the new habit. The vacuum existing in between these two possibilities creates confusion and anxiety in us leading to resistance against the change. To avoid the confusion, the best way is to go and implement without any second thought. Once we are sure about what we receive, welcoming change will become a routine for us and such people are going to achieve a greater height in their life.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”; “If someone can do it, anyone can do it”; “We have within us all the resources we ever need”; “Success has a structured process”; “If the plan doesn't work change the plan, not the goal”; “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it”. - Tailor made quotes for inspiring the students. Success has a structured process; well described in a simple way to say that there is no shortcut to achieve success. Most importantly everyone is born with the tools to achieve the success but very few of us identify our actual potential and use it. Anyone can repeat the success that someone else has achieved. On that philosophy the 100 meter sprint record was consistently broken by one another beside many other records in various sports and milestones in life. This thought applies to every walk in life provided we are determined to achieve it.“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom”. Knowledge Hope and Beliefare the three weapons for enlightening the dark side in us, just as we face toward Sun( toward light)we don’t see our shadow, those live with hope trust and knowledge never carry the burden of life with them.

“You can always go faster than you think you can.” - CEO of the Hewlett Packard said this. This is the message to those have limiting thoughts and aim .It is a common human tendency to restrict within the boundaries of what actually we were told to do. We don’t take much interest to go one step beyond what is told to us and see what lies there. Incidentally this is one of the main drawbacks why we lack achievements in life which leads to depression in late adulthood. Many of us will never identify our actual potential and settle for less than we actually meant and created for. This is a big loss.

“There is solution to every problem”; “Always remember that the future comes one day at a time”. “Behind every behavior is an unconscious positive intention”. These quotes best explain the possible choices for a depressed person. A few of us develop anxiety and surrender taking self-destructive steps like suicide. Those have anxiety should realize that “We are not the prisoners of a predetermined future”; neither are we the finished product of the past. We can change any of our circumstances. Just take action to “Change your life and your life will change” because many of our depression and setbacks in life is the direct result of inaction. Blame has to go to the inaction rather situation. Suicide seems to be an easy way out rather talking and taking action. All material conditions, whether good or bad, are transient. “This too shall pass...”is a very short sentence is considered as the legend phrase. This proverb has the ability to make the happy person sad and the sad person happy because of the realization that both the 'best and worst of times' will soon pass. But it is not the purpose of the phrase; its real purpose is to enlightening of the fact that nothing is permanent which influence us to live in present. It removes the unrealistic attachment from a particular situation.

The legendary great scientist Stephen Hawking said “However bad life may seem, where there is life there is hope”. He himself was one of the finest examples of what he said. Never be in despair for the simple reason that life and disparity never coexists. He believed in it and the life he lived is going to influence many generations.

When we look at the world outside we witness a lot of discomfort everywhere. As everyone knows the one of the basic reason is our attachment to electronic gadgets cutting off from emotional bonding with humans. The overflowing of unessential knowledge is too large; we switch from one topic to another just glancing over it, totally ignoring the right knowledge. This crashing down of the habit of quality reading is the basic reason why we are less stable today including emotional control over self. Here is few quotes explains the importance of reading “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”; “There is no substitute for books in the life of a child”;“When you learn to read you will be born again…and you will never be quite so alone again”; “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a
door opens to allow in more light” “We read to know we are not alone”. The year 2016 was declared as year of reading in UAE which explains the importance of reading and why such a necessity arise where a country itself had to dedicate a year as a reminder about this very important habit. (In the picture you may see the book shelf kept in Dubai beach).

Let us teach our children to ‘Face the Book’, not the Facebook. It may not be improper if I say that present day evil culture is borne out by the vacuum created by the absence of quality reading among the people.

We have a common tendency to brand science as against God and scientific community as atheist. This is a wrong perception which is totally false. Instead we can say that the scientists are the best messengers of God .Almighty chose them to lead through the window of science and technology through their vision imagination and sacrifice. The immense sacrifice they make to invent new things is something that ordinary people can’t do. Here are a few quotes by legendary scientists that explain their vision of God and faith in him. Sir Isaac Newton said, “There is enough awesomeness in the thumb to prove there is a God.”The genius Albert Einstein said “God do not play dice…..” he was referring to the laws of physics in a beautiful way, which systematically govern the awesome creation of God, the Universe. He always regretted the letter he signed recommending USA president Roosevelt that atom bombs be made.

The below said, master of all quotes, came from the experience of holocaust survivor Viktor Franklin Germany. His extreme sufferings at the concentration camp he penned down in the famous book,’ Man’s Search For Meaning’; “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”. What he meant is also described in a beautiful quote on attitude, explaining the value of attitude in life “Our attitude determines our altitude”.

Who do not want happiness? It is best explained by Mahatma Gandhi in his famous quote “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” “Religion is an insult to human dignity, with or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things that takes religion”. American Nobel prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg said this. We may not know under what circumstances an American scientists has to say this, but this phrase explains our hypocrisy well. Almost all the people follow one or other religion which supposed to lead us toward divinity. If we look around, the physical environment (human suffering) remained the same over the years and centuries. It is shocking at times why an unrealistic thing like religion is so important in spite of this bitter reality. There are plenty of deprived people within a community itself. It is obvious what we are doing in the name of religion. Religion is not only an insult to the human dignity but to the creator as well. Role of religion has been reduced to just a social security, a group insurance.

We often talk and curious about after life, strive for better life, and feel afraid of death. Here is a meaningful quote by James Altucher explaining that “Ask at the end of the day who did I help today, instead of wondering about life after death. That gives you a better life. Nothing will give you a better death”.

Let me end this article with a beautiful message through a famous quote “The truth behind any success story is the initiative when we are weigh under the burden of challenges”; “The actions we make today, become our biography tomorrow”.

My personal favorite quote is “Impossible Is Often Untried”.

By Vincent D’Sa
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  • James Fernandes, Barkur/Chicago

    Wed, Feb 13 2019

    Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
    Francis of Assisi.

  • Asha, Scarborough

    Mon, Feb 11 2019

    Great article. So may powerful quotes with deep meanings. “Our attitude determines our altitude” - so true. I really loved reading it.

  • Maddy, Global Citizen

    Thu, Feb 07 2019

    Good article.
    My personal favourite is " Virginity is like a bubble; one prick and it's gone."

  • Priyanka Dsouza, Pangla/ Muscat

    Tue, Feb 05 2019

    What a lovely motivating article uncle Vincy !!!!
    Keep writing more....

  • Sushmitha Rodrigues, Udupi

    Sun, Feb 03 2019

    Dear Vincy really very beautiful article. Very motivating. Thanks. Keep writing.

  • Shalini Saldanha, Mangalore

    Sun, Feb 03 2019

    Very good article...

  • Richard, Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 03 2019

    Nice article Vincent, I hv got a habit of collecting quotes from various news papers and other sources, hv got quite a collection. hv saved your article on my desktop. Thanks once again..

  • Lorna, Thottam/miraroad

    Sun, Feb 03 2019

    Very good article Vincent , keep it up.

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