Out of Media Bondage

November 5, 2018

It's rushing out every morning, staked with a pile of work always and a hundred and one things to do running across the mind always. We live in an extremely busy era, wherein people have no time for each other but to rush out for work every morning, we have no time for ourselves and people around us but enough time for people living on the screens of our phones. We have no time to sit down and appreciate the beauty of life but enough and more time to waste on social media. Unlike the bygone days we live in an age where humanity, brotherhood, unity, love and gatherings have no more importance. We have become solid and hard and are least bothered of the things going on around us. We just don't have time for anything. Every soul is busy, everyone is rushing and working, nobody is relaxing, and nobody ever does speak about how beautiful life is. We have lost it, lost the beauty of life, lost the beauty of being a family and laughing and smiling round the table, just to be with one another and simply to spend time together.

We have grown extremely hectic, artificial and cold at heart. We have no idea where we are heading to but our life seems to be revolving around the vain things of this generation. We have become slaves to social media and modern technology, so much that we no longer have control over ourselves but are controlled by this Super Power of today's modern technology and vain living. Everywhere you turn, we see people wasting their lives on their phones, people spending too much of valuable time in the company of their modern devices when the nature is demanding attention from them. The birds of the air, the blue sky, the tinge of happy blue on the sky, the lush green pastures dotted with flowers, the milky waters flowing down with great joy and the smell of the morning air are completely forgotten, they are ignored and are no longer worth the description. Why so? It's because people get to see the blue skies, the birds fluttering their wings and the lush green pastures on their smart devices but how far can it lift the spirit. Nothing in the whole wide world can lift your mood as how nature can do it. People enjoy the nature and its beauty on their phones today but feeling the nature and the warmth it provides matters when you let yourself out into its arms and bask under its glow. Feeling and relishing nature is different from enjoying the way it looks on the phone.

People of our generation have become so artificial and lethargic that they don't see the beauty around them but complain about the pressure and stress posed on them. Yes, nature can do it. It can relieve you, it can pull out your deepest worries and throw it into the trash and make you feel all light and good. It can help you realize yourself, make you sensible and open your eyes but all that we have to do is fall into the open arms of nature. It’s high time we take time out of our hectic lives, step out of our rooms and our phones into the glow of life. Looking at the little things of life can change and mould us. It’s high time that we prevent ourselves from being addicted and lost in social media and vain pleasures.

The people, young and old alike have lost themselves in a world they don't belong to. They love this world that appreciates them, gives those likes for their posts and pictures. People of this world are so much addicted to social media that the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bengaluru have come up with an internet de-addiction center called SHUT i.e. Safe and Healthy Use of Technology. The setting up of this institution shows the extent to which we have got addicted to this strange and bizarre pleasure we all have become slaves to. We really have to give up this life of bondage and lead a life that gives you the freedom to be the way you are and not the way the internet expects you to, think the way you want and not the way the people on the internet what your thoughts to be formed.

Look at the birds of the sky,
The lush green pastures,
The flowing rivers and,
Feel the cool breeze that can conquer your heart......

It's time that we give away these vain addictions and give room to brotherhood, humanity, love ,peace and start being alive to the things taking place around us and be a part of this human race and build love, trust and faith in one another and enjoy the little time we have on the Earth.

By Sonia Sali
Sonia Sali is a student of Alva's College, Moodbidri. She is pursuing her under-graduation in English Literature, Journalism and Psychology. She is an avid reader and writes many poems and articles. Besides she is also a blogger and writes for websites. She has written articles for magazines and newspapers.
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Comment on this article

  • A L Mendonca, Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 21 2018

    Well -simply put-the digital world is the new alcohol- the mobile is the Glass u hold in yr hand-be wary of what and how much Gb u drink daily?
    If used for work , study or earning money then ok.,

    If u are on abstinence no issues

    For casual users
    If using-THEN Dose and content monitoring is absolutely necessary if u do not want to be a SLAVE of this new ALCOHOL.

    Does not matter how expensive the GLASS is. It matters how the contents muddle yr Brain into filth /sewer material.

    Good luck to all who try to abstain or resist/ monitor / control by whatever method otherwise be prepared to die a DIGI alcoholic's death

  • Ani Yousuf Shajahan, Trivandrum,Kerala

    Sun, Nov 18 2018

    The writer brings emphasis on a much relevent matter that is troubling the society and her effort is one that should be well appreciated .Along with this ,I would like to bring some matters into the readers attention also
    Often when the issue of addiction regarding technology is discussed in a venue, it is often limited to the youngsters or "our generation" but the truth is even the once that are above 50 or 60 years of age use technology excessively and that too on meaningless endeavours
    Due to this influence of the abuse of technology on the minds of the parents, the children more often follow and there by the addicted parents often ruin the family life and life of their child. They often gift a smart phone and use it as a tool to escape the nagging of the child and use it as a quick way to avoid their responsibilities and thus no attention is given to the child or their needs they are often unappreciated and neglected
    So I hope that each of us can take care in not only educating the youngsters but also on providing required assistance on improving the conditions of the troubled people as a whole and not focus the matter on a generation

  • Prashant Rao, Mangalore/Riyadh

    Thu, Nov 15 2018

    Brilliant articulation of such an important challenge which is sweeping mankind across the globe. Social media is supposedly bringing those far near us but in the bargain we are losing those who are near us. People have become insensitive and seem to express only in social media .

    I love listening to the sound of waves, swaying leaves and chirping birds, make it a point to enjoy it even on the streets whilst walking. Mangalore in a way is still blessed with some green foliage. Advent of smartphones and selfies have made people forget to just sit back and enjoy the magic of nature.

  • Anita Britto, Mangalore/Auckland

    Wed, Nov 14 2018

    Very relevant article in our tech-obsessed world which is held hostage by just about every new gizmo in the market. Enslaved by our cell phone and iPad, we have devolved from Homo Sapiens to “Phono Sapiens”.

    High time we learnt to unplug as this online obsession is creating self-absorbed reclusive zombies who lost their ability to enjoy the sun rise and the moon beams. We are a lot more socially inept than the previous generation as we are we spend a major portion of our time staring into our palm and can not resist the itch to click or swipe, text or tweet.

    Self-induced brain atrophy is the way this digiholic generation appears to be heading and its high time we escaped from Wi-Fi and watched the birds fly

    The impact that the advent of the gadget has had on our lives is terrifying and you have reminded us about that beautifully in this amazing article,Sonali. Hope to read more from you and wish you all the best.

  • madhava kalyani, mangaluru

    Sun, Nov 11 2018

    Beautiful narration. Moreover the article is from a representative of the new generation beneficial to that generation ,if they are serious. Of late in Eurore 1 lack youngsters are unsuscribing from social media monthly (BBC last week business report).


    Fri, Nov 09 2018

    Very nice article and much needed, I hope it reaches to the young minds in the society.

  • Shanthi, Dubai

    Wed, Nov 07 2018

    Appreciate your timely article Sonia! Todays youth and adults are suffering from over data syndrome which destructs everything. Social media is contributing over information which is unnecessary. So we have to cure ourselves and come out from this addiction.


    Wed, Nov 07 2018


  • Alwyn Johnson Quadros, Shirva/Dubai

    Wed, Nov 07 2018

    Thank you. Very good article.

  • abdul, udupi

    Wed, Nov 07 2018

    Agree 100%..No one has time for others as well as self!

    But I thank God for making me born in an era in which there was not even Television!

    Even now I go for morning walks, listen to the chirping of birds (very few birds though near Gandhi park in the city at Ladyhill), smell the fragrance of the early morning breeze.

    Keep writing and soothe souls like me. Cheers

  • Rita, Germany

    Tue, Nov 06 2018

    How true yu are.Just today I was travelling in a tram.Saw a young lady sitting on the road side with a baby beside her in a buggy.Baby was simply stirring around trying to draw the attention of mother who was busy tipping on her mobile for a long time.Thats the daily sights today.we have no time for good things to enjoy of this beutiful world.wasting time sitting like zombis.wish you further all the best .Good article.

  • John B. Monteiro, Bondel Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 05 2018

    Well said Sonali. I hope many young people read this, act on it and regain their sanity.

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