How I defeated diabetes and obesity with lifestyle change, diet

April 26, 2017

(Author's note: I have never undergone any course in medical or food systems. None of the matter contained in this articles are either complete or perfect. This article does not aim at giving any advice on medical or food system to anyone. Before taking any decision about food systems or issues relating to health, getting advice from trained and specialist doctors is very much needed. My personal experiences on how I got rid of diabetes and obesity have only been narrated herebelow)

As per the figures of World Health Organization, about a hundred million from our country and 422 million in the world as a whole are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is considered to be at border stage (Pre diabetes) if fasting blood glucose count is at the level of 100 or more, and three-month average blood glucose is between 5.7 and 6.4 percent (HPLC-D10). This condition is also known are pre-diabetes. In succeeding months, when blood glucose level slowly moves northward and fasting blood glucose level reaches FBG 110, or if the three month average blood glucose level crosses HbA1c: 6.5 (HPLC-D10) percent, a person is identified as a diabetic. When diabetics fail to keep their blood glucose level under control, several other illnesses become acute and their lives turn tragic. Even after medicines are consumed, diabetes grows with passage of time, and quantum of medicines and expenses tend to mount.

Diabetes - What is it?

As per the information I have gathered from various sources, there are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 2 diabetes can be tackled and reversed through changes in food system or without the need to consume medicines. But type 1 diabetes can be controlled with minimum medication. To find out how this is possible, we need to first realize the basic reasons which give rise to diabetes. This is necessary because a needle needs to be searched by throwing light on that particular spot. We will not be able to find it out if we search for it at another place where light is available.

People whose pancreatic juice produces too little or zero percent insulin can be said to be suffering from type 1 diabetes. Those whose pancreas produces juice containing insulin in excessive quantities can be said to suffer from type 2 diabetes. In the case of people suffering from type 2 diabetes where insulin gets produced more than the body's requirement, fat gets accumulated in the body and obesity occurs. Because, insulin transports glucose till the receptor cells which accept glucose and then also works to pool the same in the form of fat. Reason for production of insulin in high quantities is insulin resistance. Depending on the intensity of insulin resistance in a person, some amount of the glucose gets transformed into energy. The fat so accumulated remains in the body permanently like fixed deposit made in a bank. This fat is not easily available to the body in the form of energy. Therefore, a diabetic frequently experiences hunger, and complications too keep growing with it.

Basic cause of diabetes: The basic reason for excessive production of insulin is carbohydrates. Whenever we consume very less or no carbohydrates, glucose in the blood plummets and the quantum of insulin also drops down. The bodily fat, instead of getting accumulated in the body, gets converted into energy. In other words, fat melts down. As a result, without hard work, weight goes down. The carbohydrates which get converted into glucose are not the essential nutrients for our body. Our body needs only a small amount of glucose for its functioning. If we do not consume any carbohydrate, the body produces the glucose that is essential for the it through a process called gluconeogenesis.

This is the scientific truth. It therefore is very clear that carbohydrate is the basic reason for diabetes and obesity. The more we consume carbohydrates, the more insulin resistance we tend to get. It goes on to mean that the body of a diabetic is intolerant to carbohydrates. What is the use of eating what the body does not tolerate? Moreover, excessive insulin in the body gives rise to various other problems.

Cabohydrates which get converted into glucose in the body are found in high quantities in products like Coca Cola, Mirinda, Sprite and such other soft drinks, rice, wheat, millet, finger millet, toor dal, black gram, green gram, potato, sugarcane, jaggery, sugar, honey, fruits etc. There is no need to worry that you will have to suffer from hunger by avoiding these items. Let us study what we can consume instead of carbohydrates.

Theories: Our cars can run both on petrol and gas, but some technical changes will have to be made in the car to make them run on gas. Running the car on gas is a better proposition as compared to using petrol as fuel because of better pollution control. In the same way, the body of human beings too can use two kinds of fuel. (But our bodies need not be adjusted to changes like car as god has created man in such a way that he is compatible to both kinds of fuel). One of these fuels is glucose, while the other is ketone. Ketone can be said to be a better fuel as compared to glucose. In fact, glucose can perhaps be compared to coal that was being used in the past to run trains rather than petrol. There is a reason for reaching this conclusion. When I was on 'Ketosis' (when my body was using ketone instead of glucose to produce energy), the feeling of alertness, mental clarity and endless energy etc I was experiencing cannot be described in words.

Carbohydrates are one among the macro nutrients. Second one happens to be protein and the third one is fat. As already stated, carbohydrates are not the essential nutrients for our body. Protein and fat however, are essential nutrients. Protein is essential for the growth of muscles and it also supports growth of bones. The fatty acids that are very much necessary for the growth of the body contained in fat are not produced by our body. Therefore, and also for some other bodily functioning, fat is an essential nutrient. When we consume fat, the fat that has got accumulated in the body either gets digested or melts down. It never increases. This means people do not become fat on account of eating them. Instead, fat in the body is lost and the people become thin. Fat gets accumulated in the body when we consume carbohydrates in excessive quantities. There is an adage which says that one has to jump into the pit to measure its depth. Likewise, those who have doubt about this statement should find out the truth by consuming it themselves.

Food changes I made

For breakfast, I use 250 ml thick coconut milk and 250 ml full fat yogurt. Even if we skip lunch, we do not feel hungry till evening. For lunch, I consume 100 grams of meat (without removing fat) or 100 grams fish (with fat) or three whole eggs, apart from a quarter kilo of different kinds of vegetables containing minimum carbohydrates. For dinner, I use 40 grams of walnuts, 30 grams almonds, and 30 grams of peanuts (total 100 grams) nuts besides a quarter kilo of different vegetables containing minimum quantity of carbohydrates. For cooking, I use butter, ghee and virgin coconut oil based on the need. Therefore, the food I consume remains very tasty. Along with the food I consume thrice a day, I use fruits having less carbohydrates as well as butter fruit. Although there are several other food items which I can eat, I have not found the necessity to eat them. This 'low carb high fat' food system is known as LCHF diet.

In LCHF diet, depending on the individual requirements, carbohydrates can be consumed between 100 and 120 grams per day. If the same diet contains less than 20 grams of carbohydrates, it is known as Keto diet. The quantum of proteins one can consume also depends on the individual persons and their weights. For weight of each kilo, one to one and half grams of protein is ideal. If a person weighs 50 kg, he can consume 50 to 75 grams of protein per day. For body builders, more protetin might be required. If protein is consumed in excess, it also results in increase in blood glucose level. At the same time, glucose level never escalates if more fat is consumed. Some people add a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and a couple of tablespoons of butter to hot coffee. This is called bullet proof coffee. This is very popular. As per LCHF diet system, there are two kinds of fats, healthy fats, and unhealthy fats. Virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, butter extracted from cow's milk, ghee, fat from meat etc are known as healthy fats. Fats obtained from corn, soyabean, canola, sunflower etc are said to be unhealthy.

I got rid of obesity

Following this lifestyle and diet system has benefitted me a lot. My weight has come down from 73 kg to 51 kg during the last two years. Diabetes has disappeared. My FBG was 116 in the past. Now it oscillate between 60 and 70. PPMG used to be as high as 180 mg. Now it stays within 100. HbA1c has come down from 6.9 percent to 4.87 percent. (When on Ketosis, my FBG had plummeted to 52 mg). I get sound sleep at night and I remain active all through the day. My recent total cholesterol count stands at 277, triglycerides TG 48, HDL 124, LDL 143. Blood pressure is between 110/70 and 130/90. Kidney and liver function tests results are normal. Psoriasis which used to bother me for a month, disappear for a week and then reappeared, which I was suffering from since the last five years, has totally disappeared. Bronchial asthma which I was suffering from sine the last 30 years, and because of which I used to constantly suffer from sneezes and cough, stuffed nose and tight lungs, itching in the body etc have made an exit. I keep thanking the Almighty who has graced me with such a good health.

The total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels of people following LCHF and Keto diet tend to be normal. Triglycerides level goes down steeply as if slipping down the slippery rock. HDL goes up. Total cholesterol and LDL of 38 percent of these people remains higher than normal. Among a small percentage of people, two percent to be exact, total cholesterol and LDL levels go up because of genetic reasons. After my misconceptions about cholesterol were addressed through arguments in favour and against, my worries over having choleterol level that is higher than normal have been driven away.

LCHF and Keto diets are not new inventions. There is literature dating back to seven to eight decades about usage of this diet system for controlling diabetes and epilepsy. All over the world some allopathic physicians have been successfully making use of this dietary system successfully to treat their patients. There is no difference between this diet system used in the past and LCHF and Keto systems that are currently in vogue. In spite of being aware about this dietary system that has been scientifically proven and successfully used in the past, there is a question as to why this system is not being practiced on a large scale to address conditions like diabetes, obesity and some other ailments that have taken epidemic proportions. Leading health institutes who provide guidance on health-related tissues to those providing medical services all over the globe would be doing a service to humanity if they come out with a suitable reply for this question. Because, health problems, travails, loss and sufferings the people go through are unintended and result of misguidance. Without the cooperation and recognition of these health institutes too LCHF diet system is being widely used all over the world by people, and I happen to be one among them.

Those who are desirous of following the LCHF diet system and get rid of or regulate diabetes and obesity without the use of medicines can get free advice ad guidance in Those who would like to get additional information from me directly may contact cell phone number 8277033042.


By Zuze Pernal
'Zuze Pernal' is the pen name of Joseph Mendonca. Son of Rita and the late Baptist Mendonca, belonging to Koraje ward of Pernal, he studied in Pernal church school and St Mary's School, Shirva till 10th. He went to Mumbai seeking work and later to Dubai. On his return, he studied engineering and became self employed in Mumbai but returned to hometown in due course. He has served as the secretary of Pernal church parish council and as office bearer of several organizations.
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Comment on this article

  • click here,

    Wed, Oct 25 2017

    Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of the challenges. It was really informative. Your site is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!|

  • Ann,Mangalore/Abudhabi, U.A.E

    Tue, May 02 2017

    Good article and well presented Mr Zuze Pernal. Eye opener to all. But
    I would like to suggest something to younger generation.Being nurse, and doing research work on obesity and overweight, In my present working Hospital in U.A.E many Indians and other nationalities come with chest pain and Obesity in age group of 25 and above.
    The main concern being Smoking, eating inappropriate easily available food,lack of exercise and lack of time for self.This leads to Cardiovascular Disease at early again and life span of Individual also decreases.Let this article also be a eye opener for younger generation too to prevent occurrence of Diabetes Mellites and Hypertension. Modification of lifestyle is very much necessary with sedentary work.

  • Rob Stan, Udupi / US

    Sun, Apr 30 2017


    I am not sure but steroid might be the reason why the skin & fat of chicken is thrown away unlike the country chicken. Also high fat might be good for diabetes, but not so good for other diseases & physical fitness. Here I'm not sure if they eat non-steroid, country fed cow/chicken meat & milk, but people are fit even when they are at their 90's & drive the car. In my opinion building immunity is more essential & also avoiding carbohydrates & doing physical activity. For me it's difficult to avoid rice, wheat, dal etc., and I would better go for gym & burn calories than avoid eating them.

  • Rudolf, Man/Mum

    Sun, Apr 30 2017

    Dear Rob Stan,

    IMHO, the meat which u eat should be from country bred chicken n not steroid pumped/artificially fed, so also milk that r purely grazed on natural grass!

  • Rob Stan, Udupi / US

    Sun, Apr 30 2017

    Very informative article. I read it twice. Some of the information explained in the article was new to me like eating fat is good & essential for the body. Even though I agree with this I don't like to eat too much fat which forms like a white layer. Rather I would prefer the fat which comes with milk, ice-cream etc., which is why I go for full cream milk. We throw away most of the fat from chicken, mutton and pork ( pork which we get here has less fat compared to India). Here we need to eat a lot of protein to stay healthy and for day to day activity. The chicken which we get here is almost 3-4 times the size which we normally see in India and we finish that in 2 days (4 people). I do almost 1 1/2 hours of gym on most of the days and this keeps my body & mind healthy. Also we eat food which is less spicy.

  • dLife member, India

    Fri, Apr 28 2017

    @Janet, Mangalore/Dubai,

    You may please visit and register on for free guidance.

  • Zuze Pernal, Pernal

    Fri, Apr 28 2017

    Thanks for your comments, Janet, Mangalore/Dubai

    I cannot give dietary/medical advise on individual basis for legal reasons. But I can educate (a group of) people by explaining how I got rid of diabetes and obesity.

    Sthree Sanghatan of Kinnigoli has booked my talk on 11th June 2017. If you were in Mangalore you could attend.

    On my Facebook account, (ID: Zuze Pernal) you can find more info on myself and my work on educating people on defeating diabetes and obesity.

    If you need more clarification, you may WhatsApp me on 8277033042.

  • Janet, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    I am having type 2 diabetic. On insulin n medicine. I have high BP also my weight is 74 n I am 157 cm tall can u tell me how to get rid of sugar

  • T. Colin Campbell, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Congratulations to Mr Zuze and this informative website for publishing this piece.
    I tend to agree with Dean Ornish that a vegan plant-based diet is no good.
    In fact, saturated fats are the best fats and the vegan diet misses out on it by recommending terrible plant-based oils such as soya, sunflower, kardi etc.
    By avoiding a vegan diet and combining an LCHF diet with fasting, one can be healthy.

  • Zuze Pernal, Pernal

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    At the onset of type2 diabetes in which your pancreas produces more insuline than required due insuline resistance. Insuline resistance is caused due to high insuline in the body. Presence of high insuline in the body is in response to high blood sugar in the body due to the consumption of excessive carbohydrates.

    At the advanced stage of type2 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce enough insuline due to dying beta cells that have been overworking to produce insuline in the pancreas.

  • Zuze Pernal, Pernal

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Thank you for your query, Raja Panda, Bangalore.

    1. Because it will help reduce the sugar levels for a
    while, but will cause more harm than good in the
    long run.

    2. Yes.

    High insulin's in the body causes insuline resistance. This means, some of the body cells do not recognize insuline - the carrier of glucose, hence can't receive glucose to burn as energy. Primarily, high glucose in the body causes high insuline (response) in the body.

  • Dean Ornish, India

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Well, compared to the VEGAN crap that is peddled by PETA and PCRM this is a great way to manage diabetes and obesity. Great pc Zuze Pernal and kudos to publishers for publishing this. A Big Boo to Neal Barnard for talking nonsense against LCHF and he should learn things from Zuze Pernal.

    If all diabetics went on LCHF diet, Diabetes drug industry sales will fall by a minimum of 50%.
    LCHF rocks :)

  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mum/Man

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Dear Edmund,

    Our pancreas makes a hormone called insulin. It's what lets your cells turn glucose from the food you eat into energy. People with type 2 diabetes make insulin, but their cells don't use it as well as they should. Doctors call this "insulin resistance."
    At first, the pancreas makes more insulin to try to get glucose into the cells. But eventually it can't keep up, and the sugar builds up in your blood instead.

  • Raja Panda, Bangalore

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    I have a doubt based on this part of the article.

    "Those whose pancreas produces juice containing insulin in excessive quantities can be said to suffer from type 2 diabetes. In the case of people suffering from type 2 diabetes where insulin gets produced more than the body's requirement, fat gets accumulated in the body and obesity occurs. Because, insulin transports glucose till the receptor cells which accept glucose and then also works to pool the same in the form of fat. Reason for production of insulin in high quantities is insulin resistance. Depending on the intensity of insulin resistance in a person, some amount of the glucose gets transformed into energy. The fat so accumulated remains in the body permanently like fixed deposit made in a bank. This fat is not easily available to the body in the form of energy. Therefore, a diabetic frequently experiences hunger, and complications too keep growing with it."

    1. For type 2, even with excess insulin secretion, why do the people still have to take external insulin ? What necessitates that ?

    2. "Depending on the intensity of insulin resistance in a person, some amount of the glucose gets transformed into energy. " - Does this mean, the more the insulin resistance, less of glucose is converted to energy and more of it converts to fat ? How do we define the condition of insulin resistance ? why it happens ?

  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Thank you Mr Mendonca for a great article.

    You have proven to a great extent what some personal research and determination can achieve for one's health.

    I also liked the views expressed by you about the 'mainstream medical specialists'.

    There are several diabetics in my extended family, requiring constant medication and care. This prompted me to do a bit of my own research, and arrive at a few conclusions.

    I went about identifying the various contributory factors. One of them, I am convinced, is rice.

    Our people eat a lot of rice. It was OK to eat rice when people did manual work in the fields. But as many of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle, I felt that rice has to go from my diet.

    So, I consume rice once every few three months or so (in the last 5-6 years). Otherwise no rice at all!

    So far I do not have any diabetic problem.

  • Edmund, Mangalore

    Thu, Apr 27 2017

    Very nice article. However, I wanted to seek clarification if I misunderstood Type 2 Diabetes. The article states that excess of insulin production is the problem. From what I have understood is that Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which your pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or your body does not properly use the insulin it makes. As a result, glucose (sugar) builds up in your blood instead of being used for energy. It may be worthwhile clarifying this: is it one, or the other or is it a combination of both. Thank you for your effort in educating about diabetes.

  • Ronald Pinto, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    A very good article indeed!!
    Really appreciate you have adapted a very good life style and got rid of diabetes.

    2 questions!!
    1. What is the dietary cost of an individual per day as per your explanation?
    2. Can this cost be justifiable for a person who is from middle class? I'm not undermining here rather trying to understand.

    Though I have not cured of diabetes but have control over it. Never proven till today who has cured of it, because its not a disease its a deficiency.

    In simple terms my plate contains 75% of fibrous food, eat in small quantity and very frequently say 2-3 hours. Walk minimum 30 minutes a day!! Its just you have to give a break to your lifestyle !!

    Though I can not question you!! But very good collection and hard work!!

  • Raja Panda, Bangalore

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Hi Everyone,

    I know Zuze from DLife forum. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and it was an eye opener in many areas of knowledge.

    My father too is a pre-diabetic and we are regular rice eaters like many other Indians. Born out of personal need, I have been working on a new innovative product, an electric rice cooker, which cooks in Indian Traditional way by removing the extra starch and there by reducing excess carb consumption. We have applied for international patents for the same.
    I have no business background and I am looking for early backers to bring the product to India market. Please visit our site ( )and back us and help to spread the word.

    If you have questions, you can either put them in the blog on the site or on our "ASK US" page. We will be very happy to respond to them.


  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Frazer Town,Bangaluru

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Quite educative article explaining the disease in a simple way

  • Santosh, Pune

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Very nice write up Zuze Pernal.

    With LCHF one can keep most of the life style diseases at bay and keep doctors away :)

    Keep spreading the word.

  • Zuze Pernal, Pernal

    Wed, Apr 26 2017


    Well said, thank you.

    Diabetes, Obesity and Lipophobia are the gifts to the masses from "Mainstream Medical Establishment" because we trust them and keep them next to god.

    I strongly believe that, Diabetes and obesity can easily be eradicated from the world. But this is not in the best interests of the Mainstream Medical Establishment, the Drug Companies and Food Processing Industries. Becase, when Diabetes and Obesity are gone, many more deceases will also disappear.

    It is simply a matter of choice. We can choose to be diabetic/obese or not to be diabetic/obese.

  • Ruben Pinto, Mangalore/Australia

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Zuze, Dev borem kokon tuka.


    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Dear Zuze,

    You have snatched my two basic hardcore views that animal fats, meat protein, n unprocessed coconut oil r great for the body, but the real culprits r eccess carbs especially from processed foods n refined oils r the main culprits here! IN FACT IT HAS BEEN RECENTLY PROVEN THAT DIETARY FAT HAS NO DIRECT CORRELATION WITH HIGH CHOLESTEROL LEVELS! AS U SAY MAINTAINING OF HEALTHY GUT MICROBIOTA !!

    The natural way is the only way.
    Treat the cause of an illness, not the symptom.
    Look to the spine for illnesses.
    Throw away your drugs and heal the people with food.
    Most illnesses can be prevented by eating natural foods.
    A healthy colon is essential.
    Do not administer dangerous and harmful drugs.
    Do no harm to your patients.
    Do not perform surgery for money.
    The word "protein" means most important.

    Because present medical doctors receive no nutritional training, theu dont understand that when a meat-eater ingests protein, and, as the protein is digested, it goes into the liver, and the liver converts it into amino acid. The body takes those amino acids and converts them into natural glucose to feed the brain; the body has a wonderful system of checks and balances.

    It is constantly converting one thing into another. That's why you don't have to eat carbohydrates for your brain to function. There are several low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets on the market today. This is not a new, revolutionary idea; it was stolen from history and marketed as new. This is the way The American Plains Indian, The Rocky Mountain Men, The Primitive Eskimo, and the Massai ate.

    Dear Zuze u have proven, r a living example that modern medicine has swerved away from the real facts n instilled deadly fears in the minds of people regarding ANIMAL fats, cholesterol, etc.!!


    Great work! Cheers n All the best!!

  • Vincent Praveen Castelino, Pernal/Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    A very "Informative article" by Zuze Pernal (Mr. Joseph Mendonca).

    Hope many of our daijiworld readers will benefit and spread the awareness of a silent killer called..."Diabetes"

    Keep... continuing your good work... Mr. Joseph M.

    Stay Blessed.

  • Pravin, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Thank you so for perosnal experience on reversing DM, hope all the people can learn and adopt lchf.


    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Very useful information. and well explained. Keep it up good work

  • JOEL KANH, Mangalore/Mumbai/Munich

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    A good article by Mr Mendonca.

    A low-carb diet is a complete diet as compared to other fad diets like Vegan or Plant-based or the McDougall Potato diet.

    On a Vegan diet, I used to have a paunch, which has now disappeared after switching to a low carb healthy protein high fat diet.

  • Asp, India

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Excellent article by Zuze Pernal and thanks to Daijiworld for publishing this gem of a piece.

    All diabetics in our country can benefit by adopting a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.
    Moreover, by driving down insulin resistance, there is the extra benefit of weight loss without any additional effort.

  • daphne, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Please read

  • Prasad, Hyderabad

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Nice and informative article sir. Please keep posting the developments in the matter. Thanks

  • Pamy, Shirva

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Very Informative and a tasty diet plan which can be easily adopted for use. This is very inspirational too.

  • Shashikant Iyengar, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Good experience shared
    I am sure many diabetics can get the benefit of this diet followed by you
    I also see benefit for obese individuals wanting to lose weight without being on a caloric restriction diet.
    Keep sharing more information on this

  • Hrishikesh, Pune

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    This is very inspirational. Keep it up !

  • Ramgopal, Hyderabad

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Very useful information reg causes and cure of diabetics

  • jagdish, Mumbai, UAE

    Wed, Apr 26 2017

    Thanks a lot to Mr. Joseph Mendonca & Daiji for publishing it. Very useful people must read this....

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