Cancer: Absolute Faith Wins Absolutely

March 12, 2017

Oncologist Prof Justin Stebbing paid tribute to his patient actress Lynda Bellingham when she died from colon cancer in year 2014. He said, "Through her illness she emphasized that cancer care is not just about killing the cancer and giving chemotherapy. It's about treating the whole patient, all of their wishes, psychological, spiritual, emotional as well as physical."

Doctors play an important role in our lives, physically and also spiritually. Prior to administering any medicines especially in critical cases such as cancer we have heard many a time doctors declare that "Our medication can only help but healing comes from God".

A disease called cancer is thought to be the great leveller. Whether someone is Indian or African, Icelander or American, cancer brings untold pain and discomfort when doctor pronounces to patient. "Very sorry to have to tell you this, but you probably have less than a year… ". The aim of this article is to shed some light on what is cancer, its causes, impact of chemotherapy, natural remedies, and above all, restore hope in God too.

Cancer and its Causes

Most legitimate researchers, including Nobel Prize winner, Sir MacFarlane Burnet made known that in the normal body hundreds of potential cancer cells appear every day. These defective, mutated cells are usually destroyed by the normal immune system and never cause a problem. Cancer only gets started when a failing immune system begins to allow abnormal cells to slip by without triggering an attack on them. In the most basic terms, cancer refers to cells that grow out-of-control and invade other tissues. Cells may become cancerous due to the accumulation of defects, or mutations, in their DNA. Certain inherited genetic defects (for example, BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations) and infections can increase the risk of cancer.

Environmental factors like air pollution, asbestos, arsenic, lifestyle choices— eating a poor diet, inactivity, obesity, heavy alcohol use, tobacco use including smoking and exposure to chemicals and toxins are all associated with damage DNA and lead to greater cancer risk.

If fruits and vegetables are not marked organic, they are sprayed. What do you think if commercial pesticides sprayed onto the crops with poison not cling on those plants? And when rains, the poison washes down into the soil, is taken up by the plant and becomes part of the plant. Many a time we warn ourselves and our children that ‘wash the fruit before you eat”. Will it help?

New Eating Styles, New Diseases

As we are aware, a hundred years ago, cancer was virtually unknown in the US. At that time people relied more on whole foods, unrefined and generally in their original form. Suddenly, processed foods, canning industry; pasteurization, chemical additives, bleaching, and other adulterating processes were introduced into mass food production. The idea was to make food last on the shelves as long as possible. The way this was done was by removing the natural enzymes contained in the food, resulting in adulterated de-vitalized non-foods becoming the new standard. Enzymes are what determines a food’s value. As more and more sophisticated methods of removing enzymes from food were discovered, shelf life increased so is Cancer.


It is a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cancer cells in the patients’ body. Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery is most often used to treat cancer, since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Cancer includes leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Cytotoxic means toxic to cells. Cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs disrupt the way cancer cells grow and divide but they also affect normal cells?

Chemotherapy Resistance

During chemotherapy treatment, the most important term comes into realization at critical time is ‘Chemotherapy Resistance’ or in other words, the cancer cells are resisting the effects of the chemotherapy. We must have heard most of the time people saying "cancer chemotherapy failed” signaling end is near. This could be because cells are resisting the drug or a cancer cell may produce hundreds of copies of a particular gene triggering overproduction of protein that renders the anticancer drug ineffective. In certain cases cancer cells may stop taking in the drugs because the protein that transports the drug across the cell wall stops working. Many a time a cancer cells may develop a mechanism that inactivates the drug.Due to many factors, however, no one can claim for sure that success of chemotherapy is not 97% nor its failure is 97%. Chemotherapy results are variant, applicable from one case to another. Through research is underway all the time to investigate ways of reducing or preventing chemotherapy resistance. Let us hope in God for their success.

Cancer Survival Rate in India

Cancer survival rate in India is lowest in the world. There are more than 100 different types of cancer. A massive study of 26 million cancer patients over 15 years has shown that survival rates in the 10 most prevalent types of cancer vary hugely across countries. Survival rates in India are quite low for most types of cancer, less than half of the advanced countries in many types. Michael Coleman, professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and one of the lead authors of the study told TOI that “one reason for the low survival rates in India could be that equitable access to early diagnosis and optimal treatment is not yet available for all people in India.Some of the most advanced medical facilities in the world can be found in Capitals (for example Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai), but they are out of reach of the vast majority of the Indian remote demography," he said.

Is There a Cure for Cancer?

True to the disease, the best answer we can sum up in the words of immediate President of USA, Barak Obama who had said “Despite enormous effort and funding, no one cure has been found yet to eliminate cancer. In 2016, the United States announced a $1 billion investment into creating such a cure, named the “National Cancer Moonshot”. The US invests more in healthcare than any other high-income nation in the world. Still, ‘costly’ diseases continue to rise in prevalence, resulting in a shorter life expectancy.

Natural Curing Substances

Thinking beyond chemotherapy, natural substances have become more effective and popular.Of course, a number of natural anti-cancer substances do exist that have been found to be largely effective in reducing tumor size and most importantly combating the onset of cancer. Perhaps the most amazing anti-cancer substance for our health is high quality turmeric. Turmeric has been found to reduce tumors by an astounding 81% in recent research. On the contrary unlike cancer drugs, turmeric does not come loaded with deadly side effects.

Vitamin D is another essential anti-cancer nutrient. Amazingly, vitamin D is much more effective than pharmaceutical drugs at fighting cancer, and is virtually a free nutrient. Instead of paying a premium price for deadly cancer drugs, vitamin D levels can be significantly improved by soaking up some sunlight. It is important to receive a blood test to ensure we are within the optimal vitamin D level range.

Putting up with Prophesies of Death

An astounding feature of the standard high pressure part of cancer treatment is when the doctor in a godlike fashion delivers judgment that patient has __ years to live. Who can understand the emotions, pain, agony and discomfort of that person and his family when such declarations are pronounced? But God does.

A simple prayer is enough for God to answer us:

"man-manabhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
mam evaishyasisatyamte
pratijanepriyo ’si me" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Eighteen verse 65)

“LORD my God, I cried to you, and you have healed me”. Psalms 30:2.

"Your Lord says: "Call on Me and I will answer your call" (Quran 40:60).

There comes God’s role if someone seeks Absolute Faith Wins Absolutely. I have also two cases with me in Doha-Qatar who were absolutely set free from cancer with ‘zero’ chemotherapy treatment. It is a true testimony. I can’t alter them to suit any occasion or to please science. Faith is a double edged sword, cuts from the both side.

One brother is from Mangaluru another one from Philippines. I heared both their testimonies. Both cases are almost similar. Brother from Mangaluru told to me that in 2013, the doctor diagnosed him with cancer, with one year to live. Although he was emotionally down, he was upbeat in faith. Doctor had told him to start the chemo immediately but instead, with faith in God he started walking towards Fatima Retreat Chapel, Valencia to pray, kneeling down and surrendering at the altar. His prayer was simple in the words of Psalms 103:3 - "Oh God, you who forgives all sins and heals all diseases."

Both brothers fought, that is, like prophet Jacob (in Bible) and Ya'qub (in Quran) wrestling all night through till daybreak, refusing to let go until they received blessings of healing. Because of their total faith in God, reading scriptures, healthy diet…all along, good health was restored, and they were declared cancer-free. The doctor who treated them declared, "It is a miracle. By your faith you have won the battle. It is God’s power. His power is above rules of any medical science. Traces of cancer are not seen. You are totally healed."

Until a complete cure is discovered for cancer, prevention through a healthy lifestyle is the best way to stop the disease. Some ways to help protect ourselves from cancer is include eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, regular exercise, positive thoughts, no stress, abstaining from tobacco, drinking only in moderation, exercising, avoiding sun damage, getting immunizations, and getting regular health screenings and fulfilled social life with regular touch with God through reading scriptures and prayers. There is no other way, for usually doctors also repeat "Our medication can only help but healing comes from God".


By Antony Cony D'Souza
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Comment on this article

  • HENRY MISQUITH, Suratkal/M'lore/Bahrain

    Sat, Mar 18 2017

    @ Cony bab,


    This is a wonderfully written article, However, the focus should be on a CURE.. May God bless you Cony bab & bless us too. Waiting for your another article.


    Sat, Mar 18 2017

    Dear Cony Bab,

    Once again, I would like thank you personally for your valuable write up on cancer and I request you to come out with such valuable articles in the future. And, also I appreciae your note of 'Thank you' for the readers.

    I know your brother, Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Bela-Kasargod very well, who is also a personal friend of mine. When he came to the UAE, he had visited my house and prayed for me and for my family and second time, I met him in the church. I have been in touch with him through email messages.

    Once I thank you and wish you all the best and good luck in your future endeavours.

    God bless you always.

  • Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala/Qatar

    Sat, Mar 18 2017

    I feel indebted to all loyal readers who shared their humble opinion and also for those who shared their inspiring amazing survival stories of courage. Their intention could be of two fold. One, to build our faith if given in such circumstances or sickness . Secondly, to Thank God and giving glory back to God openly and boldly. Thanks to all of you and God Bless dear Victim of Cancer, Dubai, Sach, Mangalore, Olivia Moras, M’lore, Canada and Edward, Udupi-India. Yes, as Edward bab said confession does plays a important role for clenching self and disease. You All have already won the prize. Great. God Bless you.

    When I was a medical representative back in Mangalore so many years ago I do remember doctors told amazing facts on Cancer. “During an average lifetime, the body’s immune system will fight and overpower at least hundred cancers. These abnormal cells are produced as part of our natural cellular repair cycles, yet they are efficiently controlled without our awareness or recourse to with or without medical help. In this respect, we humans are programmed to and indeed are capable of beating cancer ”. Our body has been programmed by God. Realizing this, it has been made easy for us to realize God’s wonders in us to claim that Blessing of Healing by laying our faith in God - Absolute Faith Wins Absolutely.

    It is my privilege to Thank each readers by name starting from my bother priest Fr. Vincent and my Uncle Francis Aranha, Bendur, Bai Meena Barboza, Rony, Queenie bai, Reshma bai, Praveen bab, Colvin, my close friend, CGS Sequeira who encouraged me write this article, Joive, Theresa bai, R. Lewis bab, Edmond bab, Mr. Vivian, Mr.Gibson, Mr.Ahmed, Riana Pinto bai from Qatar, Henry Misquith bab, for his most valid comment, Ms.Lucy Rodrigues, Shuhaib, Felcia bai, Glany bab, Aneeta bai, Anthony Crasta bab, Mr.Peter Allen, Mikshin, Mahesh Boppin, Elizabeth bai, Mr.Vincent D’Sa, Saju and Mr. Mohan.

    Thank you readers for your incredible support.

  • Edward, Udupi -India

    Fri, Mar 17 2017

    In April. Of 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 42.The doctors could give me no hope.
    Doctor told me you should admit in our hospital immediately and we will start chemo and radiation.
    While doing MRI and CT Scan and the and different blood test doctors found cancer spread to my lymp nodes in my groin area.
    As a catholic from the hospital I went directly to the church and surrender all my sickness to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of adoration,
    Also I had a good confession and came home In the evening whole night knelt down in my room with tears thanking and praising God, then when I opened my bible found Hebrews 13:8 it is written that Jesus Christ is same yesterday today and forever. I felt peace in my heart and started continually repeating every healing promises in the bible it is written in 1Peter 2:24 He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right, by his wounds you are healed.
    Believe me or not I had never taken Chemo and radiation, following week I had appointment again doctor told me to do the blood test and MRI
    Doctor surprised there was no found in body, since I am working in Qatar, Indian doctor gave me referral letter to Qatar Oncology department for follow up. After reviewing my all medical reports of India, Qatar doctor said to do all the blood test and pet san they didn’t found any Cancer in my body and give me good medical report. I give Jesus my Lord and Savior all the glory and praise for healing me of 4th stage cancer.


    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    My dear sister, Saju Jaya, Beeri, Thokottu and brother, Francis Aranha, Bendur, Mangalore thank you very much for your love, concern and sympathy towards me.

    I am just sharing my experience to all my dear readers to face the challenges in life and be bold and courageous. Whilst reading the article, it looks so rosy to hear about radiation and chemotherapy but only the personal experience recounts the excruciating pain and throbbing experience one who goes through and it did happen in my case over these years and still going through. After the cancerous attack on me in 2008, again in 2013, I got a pneumonia attack as a result of which I had multiple problems like intestinal, where I would pass stools so many times and in the night getting up to pass urine 5-6 times whereby deprived of sleep and suffered from insomnia. I visited so many doctors and all of them prescribed medicines further damaging my gut. Something what it inspired I do not know; I approached an Ayurvedic doctor in Sharjah and somewhat his medicines set right my intestinal problems. During this time, I went into depression and I was so frightened to go to office, go to church and face people. Now with the confidence, courage and divine power, I have overcome all these problems and trying my best to push myself. Praise the Lord!....

  • Mohan, Dubai

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    I know by fact, Africa countries especially Euthopia, Eritra, Aljiria cancer cases are less due to consuming organic food. Bout in Amecican and European countries cancer rates are more due to consuming processed food. Lets build nature than factories of shelf life.

  • Francis Aranha, Bendur, Mangalore.

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Dearest Victim of Cancer, very sorry to hear your extreme difficulties in the life due to cancer. Please accept deepest sympathies and we pray for you for your complete recovery to lead a normal life soon. May Almighty God Bless you with His Devine mercy and your family to overcome such extreme miseries of life. There will be many more brothers and sisters suffering with similar sickness. God have mercy on them for their speediest recovery.

  • Saju Jaya, Beeri,thokottu

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    @ VICTIM OF CANCER, Dubai, I am very sorry about your suffering. But I am glad by the Grace of God you overcame it.

    About this today's news, infilling chemicals in the Mangoes, let God dam such people from the face of this earth for their selfishness at the cost of Society's innocent people's death.


    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Today's news in 'Daijiworld' that 'Kasargod: Use of chemical - 80 boxes of artificially ripened mangoes seized causing Cancer'.

    Sometimes, I just think, am I one of the victims of cancer for this type of malpractices like adulterated food, chemical infilling or malpractices carried out by gluttonous people to make fast money?

  • Saju Jaya, Beeri,thokottu

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    As said, why in our country ratio of Cancer is increased. One of the prime cause being adulterated food or chemical infilling.

    You read today's news in the Daijiworld here, 'Kasargod: Use of chemical - 80 boxes of artificially ripened mangoes seized causing Cancer'.

    Authority and General Public must act immediately on such health haphazardness.


    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Today's news in 'Daijiworld' that : "Kasargod: Use of chemical - 80 boxes of artificially ripened mangoes seized".
    I have read several of like this. Sometimes, I think, am I a victim of cancer for this type of malpractices?

  • Olivia Moras, Mangalore/Canada

    Thu, Mar 16 2017

    Nicely written article. Good job once again Anthony Cony. Staying positive and believing in the treatment is very imp. Family and friends take a important role in convincing the patient to take courage and stay strong. I have seen my Dad suffering with Cancer. After being diagnosed with cancer my Dad lived for 5 more years. Those were the most precious years of our life. Cony dattu keep writing and be blessed always.


    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    I am 'VICTIM OF CANCER, Dubai, who had shared my personal experience on 12.3.2017, once again would like to share my experience here. I had my cancer, when I was 50 years old and after treatment I survived but with multiple problems; very soon I will be 60 years. Though I have gone through lot of difficulties, I thank the Almighty for giving me this life and keeping me alive. I came back to UAE after the treatment. I could eat only liquid food with lot of pain in the mouth/throat. I fought with diarrhea/nausea/vomiting/nsomnia. It took two months to regain my learning ability. I used to wear nappies fearing that I would pass stools during my travel to workplace. Slowly, I gained confidence, started eating semi solid and then solid foods. My family took ultimate care of me throughout this journey of my difficulties. The effect of radiation is such that still inside the mouth there are lots of wounds. They go right down to the throat thereby finding it difficulty in eating. Also, almost total damage to the teeth. Whenever I visit a dentist, he/she would drill/scale my teeth and further damage to the teeth. Quite recently one doctor opined that some dentist would have from beginning who is specialized in Oncology could have dealt with my problem. Now, it is too late as I have lost almost all teeth because of drilling/scaling. Add to my misery, my gums are also very weak. I have been taking utmost care about myself. After having my food, I religiously floss, brush my teeth, gargle with either salt & Baking Soda or salt & turmeric powder. Do twice oil pulling in order to keep clean my mouth from bacteria. I follow good diet. Eat healthy food. Morning good breakfast with delicacies made out of rice (not bread), millet soup, good fruits, nuts, afternoon-rice, good vegetables, curds mixed with turmeric powder, raisins, dates, banana, using honey etc. All in all, everyday I have been facing life with courage and strength with divine help and inner confidence…

  • sach, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    I would like to share my on going experience here. My father-in-law diagnosed with Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) on January 1, 2017. We got him admitted in a reputed hospital in mangalore. he was in the hospital just for two days.. doctors suggested to get him discharged because there is no hopes of survival at all. Even the chemotherapy will not work on him because it has spread to bones. He has been given a time of three months of life span. We started herbal treatment immediately with all the suggested fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, lemon, aloevera and other spices.. Its exactly two and a half months now that we found his illness and according to allopathy his lifespan will be another 15 days.. Believe me he is come back to normal, attends all the meetings and programs in and around mangalore, visits religious places and does all his daily routines. He looks more healthier than earlier. Faith in God, trust in Ayurvedic doctor (Dattam Ayurdhama Mangalore) and my father-in-law's will power keeping him healthy and active. In another 15 days he has been suggested to under go yet another scan to check the progress. Cancer is not a disease but it is a deficiency of vitamin B17 which can be treated through natural herbs which is available at home. Please check the link in youtube (type cancer is not a disease) and please share this in your group and save people from undergoing painful chemotherapy.

  • Vincent D'sa, Dubai/Shankerpura

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    Listen to any survivor of the fatal diseases or the people who challenged the impossible that general life throws, they talk about the cocktail of strong mental strength, unshakable faith in God and physical activity. Good article and well presented.Good Luck Cony.

  • Elizabeth D'Souza, Mudarangady/Dubai.

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    Thanks for your beautiful and very informative article about Cancer and how it can be cured and also its side effects.. Yes our God is a mighty healer and His promises are true. We have to confess his promises in faith and believe that we are healed and God does the miracles in our lives.. Hope to receive more articles from you in the coming days.. God Bless You...

  • Mahesh Boppin, Mlore, Mumbai

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    To boost the confidence in Chemotherapy will any Cancer Doctor be willing to administer Chemotherapy on him or his family in case they themselves get Cancer Disease ?? Because of deadly effect of Radiation and Chemo drugs perhaps No. Because Chemotherapy kills faster than cancer disease itself.

    LET GOD FORBID THIS DISEASE TO ANYBODY IN THIS WORLD HEREAFTER. This just a point to draw point home to Oncologist who are quick to suggest Chemotherapy to their patience.

  • Mokshin M. A., Mlore/Udupi

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    According to Italian doctor Tulio Simonchini, Cancer is nothing but a Candid fungus which can be eliminated with BACKING SODA. Dr. Simonchini used this method to cure thousands of patients suffering from different types of cancer, and claims that it is 100% effective And for skin Cancer to apply Iodine.

  • Peter Allen, Idaho

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    In numerous cancer studies, Mangosteen has been shown to control inflammation, cell division and growth, programmed cell death and metastasis. Mangosteen xanthones are proven to significantly slow the growth of cancerous colorectal tumors, successfully slow prostate cancer, inhibit growth of skin cancer cells and inhibit growth and spread of human leukemia cells, Dr. Sears says. You can get Mangosteen year round without the Fruit. With Mangosteen Fruit Powder you get a concentrated amount without all the work of processing fresh fruit yourself and it's great in smoothies. Nutrients called Xanthones are most prevalent in the Mangosteen These Xanthones strengthen the cell walls, help fight against loose radicals and prevent infections from taking place. This process in turn enhances the immune system of the body and aids the metabolic activity. Xanthones may also help people maintain flexible joints and keep lungs healthy.

  • Anthony H Crasta, Taccode/Venur/Sydney

    Wed, Mar 15 2017

    Great article Antony on an important disease which affects quite a number of people in the modern times. Well thought out , researched and presented.

    The subject is close to my heart as I lost three of my brothers to cancer, who were only in their 60`s.

    Totally agree with your views expressed in regard to the effectiveness and/or otherwise of the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. In fact, there was a feeling among my family members that the so called chemotherapy and radiation expedited my brothers demise rather than prolonging their life.

    I am of the opinion that one should look for natural remedies as well before resorting to the chemotherapy. Of course, as you rightly said, the divine intervention always helps, and blessed are those people who have great faith in God.

    By the way Antony, I have been reading all your past articles in the Daijiworld which have been quite valueable and informative.

  • aneeta, mangalore

    Tue, Mar 14 2017

    Well written article and informative too.

    Cancer is a sickness became like a cold and fever. We can see One or other member of the family is suffering from this sickness now a days. Oncologists and Medical Pharmaceuticals are making huge money from this disease by prescribing expensive medicines. If insurance pays full amount of treatment then patient is lucky otherwise patient has to spend all his savings to cure this sickness. And Oncologists instead of giving courage to patients, first they are worried about patients finance position. This is what I experienced being a wife of cancer patient. Thinking positive and keeping good faith on Almighty is a big cure for Cancer.

  • Glany Fernandes, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 14 2017

    Very much needed information to the present time, so much came to know after reading your article. Prayer and Courage are great instruments to tackle such ailments while going through in life. As one of Victim expressed and heard the Chemotherapy is might cure you but its effects are devastating. Great Article Sir Antony Cony.

  • Felcia, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 14 2017

    Dear Readers,
    Cancer is nothing else but the deficiency of Vitamin B17.

  • Shuhaib T., Calicut/Doha

    Tue, Mar 14 2017

    Really you are a great writer.
    The way you put and getting into the people with three quotes...Bhagvadh Gita, Bible and Quran..I am spiritually touched... i can not imagine how effectively you have placed unto the emotions; Physiology and Psychology of Cancer disease consoling its patience. I am Blessed by your first and last paragraph praying to the people saying, 'Hold on to God' and you will say "Taste and see, God is Good"

  • Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Andheri

    Tue, Mar 14 2017

    A great article. Thank you so much. Keep writing. God bless you abundantly.


    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    I agree. Many years ago cancer existed, but was not treated and people lived longer. People had no idea what cancer was. Now it seems as soon as they start chemo, they die. Its all about money not health. Very sad world.
    Faith in God definitely makes wonders in our lives.
    Very nice article Cony Bab, keep writing. Stay blessed.

  • Riana Pinto, Mangalore/Qatar

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Well written article..informative one and call to strengthen faith . One who trusts God will never fail . Keep writing

  • Francis Aranha, Bendur, Mangalore.

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Dear Cony, very informative article about cancer. Once born, life has hundreds of reasons for death, either natural, man-made or otherwise. Let us pray to Almighty God to free us from all these dangerous deceases around the world. Amen.

  • Ahmed Muzuu, Udupi

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Topic has been extensively presented. Thus learnt ' chemotherapy resistance'. Chemo having no other choice takes our life so our hardly earnt lifelong money too. Very pathetic. I do not know whether Chemotherapy is huge money earning body. Let me hope in natural medicine, good diet and Prayers. Rest of things left to God.


    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Dear Antony,

    God bless you for bringing this informative article in front of the readers.

    I tried to read your article but nothing goes to my mind as I myself is a victim of cancer i.e. ‘TONGUE CARCINOMA” (Tongue cancer: Malignancy of the tongue; squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue). I just would like to share my experience…..

    It all started in the year 2008, when I was diagnosed with cancer Stage I and advised with treatment like: 31 Radiations and 5 Chemotherapies. The treatment of Radiations and simultaneous Chemotherapy no doubt cured my caner but the side effects of both Radiation as well as Chemotherapy is really devastating… As a result of which, I lost my saliva as well as taste buds for rest of my life. I cannot taste food anymore and make the situation worse, there is no saliva to swallow the food. I will have to rely on plenty of liquid as well as water. Whole day and night I suffer with dry mouth and there is no substitute for this. Due to Radiation, the tongue, inside mouth and throat is filled with ulcers and they come and go very often. Due to Radiation my teeth is very bad; they are brittle and started decaying. Neither, I keep nor extract; such a situation.. There is lot of pain in the mouth. I have to see the dentist very often.

    I have almost gone through all these side effects and still going through..

    Changes in Mood or Thinking
    Dehydration (Lack of Fluids)
    Eating Problems
    Fertility and Sexual Side Effects
    Hair Loss
    Leg Cramps
    Low Blood Counts
    Mouth Problems
    Nausea and Vomiting
    Peripheral Neuropathy
    Shortness of Breath
    Skin Problems
    Sleep Problems
    Stool or Urine Changes

  • Gibson Dsouza, Mangalore / Abudhabi

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Lovely write-up. Yes, Faith restores Hope and that Hope no one can give than our intimacy to our Lord. I am Blessed by your message.

  • Vivian Tauro, Puttur, Doha, Qatar

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Great Dear, Very useful Article, Keep Writing, and God Bless.

  • Edmond Noronha, Kirem-Sharjah

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Good to read you again, at the high noted relevant subject.
    The most touching and we the most forgotten fact as you have put it:
    "Until a complete cure is discovered for cancer, prevention through a healthy lifestyle is the best way to stop the disease".
    I endorse this is the right fight against the killing disease.

  • R. Lewis, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Very good article dear, attractively explained, worthy information to us all, keep writing, God bless..

  • THERESA LOBO, Mukamar,Sharjah - U.A.E.

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Very Good Article. God Bless you Cony Bab Always.

  • Jovie Savious, Mlore/Blore

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Article is very relevant. It boosts once confidence to seek the face of God for healing PRIOR TO Doctor decides that medicine is slowly failing; signalling an end " you have few months survive". Doctor surely helps to their maximum but healing comes from God and Faith HAS TO COME FROM US.

  • C.G.Sequeira, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Very informative article on cancer and its treatment. Medication can only help the patient but healing certainly comes from God. Thanks to Antony Cony for his wonderful write up, which can help thousands of people to have FAITH and fight against the disease.

  • Colvin, Bangalore / Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Amazing article.

  • Praveen A. Fernandes., gangolli/kundapur.

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    very great and awesome article by you dear Brother Antony Cony D'souza.. may almighty Lord bless you, your Family and Friends.. 👍

  • Reshma Lobo, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Mar 13 2017

    Thank you Antony Sir for the valuable information on Cancer. Many people are losing their lives because of this deadly disease Cancer. Faith in God and change in our healthy lifestyle will surely eradicate Cancer.

    Antony Sir, your articles have always been very informative to us. Keep writing and enrich us with useful knowledge on various issues. God bless u..

  • Queenie Saldanha, Mangalore/ Dubai.

    Sun, Mar 12 2017

    Beautiful Article n so real. V well explained. Keep writing. God bless u.

  • Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Bela -Kasargod

    Sun, Mar 12 2017

    Very nice artical. Lord our God is a Mighty Healer. Strong faith and Prayer works wonders in our life.
    Psalm 37; 4 says "Delight yourself in the Love of God and He will grant all your hearts desires ".
    Congrats Cony. God bless you.

  • Ronald Lasrado, Udupi, Mumbai

    Sun, Mar 12 2017

    Interesting. Beautiful expressed.

  • MEENA Barboza, Tanzania/ Shirva

    Sun, Mar 12 2017

    Very well explained..Thank you Cony Bab.

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