Unity and love diminished...

Oct 9, 2016

God made earth, he made all plants and animals. The oceans, the seas and all they behold, the tiny butterflies that wiggle in the sky or the eagles that soar higher and higher into the multitude of the infinite skies. So complex was his idea of mankind that it took him entire 6 days to implement all that he wanted. Six days inspite of being GOD. He created man & woman and gave them the ability that he excercised, of forming a new individual. He loved them, gave them all that needed, no shame, no right, no wrong, only abundant privileges of what nature had to offer. Alas, an apple ruined it all. Kamaal R Khan * taunt in the name of humanity * existed even in the time of Adam and Eve, just that he existed in the form of a serpent then.

“An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away” that quote was definitely not true in their case.That perhaps was again according to the plan.God made no distinction when he made amazing human beings. The only distinction he made was based on their gender. He made them using the same dust, just a few change in parts here and there. He loved them both. The other distinctions he made were land & water, between day & night and between giving us all that we have or not.

Look at where we are today. Bloodshed has become quite a routine. People fight their spines out to flatter their creator.Do you actually think he wanted all this ? He did not want blood spouting out of his creation just for him, would a father ever want his children to kill each other just to prove who is a better child ?

Black, white, Red Indians, nomads, casteism, religions have made the society weaker . HOLD ON ! , before you jump onto conclusions, we all believe in God, we praise him , thank him. To all the atheists out there, keep reading, the pointer is quickly going to shift out of religion. Chill ! All of us believe in our creator, worship him, and it is right, he deserves the praise, what we often forget is that all religions have a central message, the central pillar, LOVE . Be it a homely on Sunday in a church, or the bells in the temples, or Jumma Prayers in a mosque, all that we hear in these sounds is the divinity, the sense of brotherhood. Taking examples, many temples in India, feed people irrespective of where they belong, what they do, how they look, what skin they are wrapped in or what language they speak. The language of hunger and love is what unites these people. BhajrangiBhaijaan, he goes all the way to another nation just to save a child, irrespective of what others thought, and believed. What made him do this, if he would’ve thought of the distinctions that the society has imposed today, that little girl would forever remain in a foster house.

I am a Christian, and I and many of us believe in Jesus,and that GOD sent his only son, in the image of human beings so that he could live with them, spread the message of love and service to humanity, yet he was crucified. Many of you might not agree with this, that is your personal choice, like I do not have a problem professing my faith here or anywhere. Leave everything apart, just focus on the words Love & Service. I exemplify those words for a reason, close your eyes for a moment, bring to mind whoever you believe in, whatever religion you practice, all the scriptures that you have ever read, and all that you have ever learnt in they years you have, wasn’t living in peace and solidarity a teaching ? I doubt bloodshed would be a teaching anywhere.

We see random men, catching hold of life-ending toys, getting into schools, train stations, hospitals and playing around with them with a motive to ruin the face of mankind. Every bullet in the bosy of these souls would be a bullet in the heart of the god they do it for.

When are we going to to understand that there is more to mankind, than fights over religion, caste, colour. Why is that a poor person is taken away the right from entering into McDonalds ? Why is it that a certain group of people get facilities whereas the deserving people don’t ? I often look at these children playing in gardens, all you can see is their playfulness and cheer. They do not believe in the funda of characterization. When are we going to understand that- when we know that we area creation of God, we are also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are God’s creations too.

Okay, cutting things short, we being the youth can definitely bring a change. Its time to breakthrough the barriers of the stereotypical society and live in unity. Spread the word, share the message of humanity and peace. You only live once, make it worth the effort .

Rahul Dsouza - archives:

Rahul D Souza
Rahul D Souza, 4th Year B.E, SJEC Mangaluru
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Comment on this article

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Sat, Oct 15 2016


    Why are you apologizing for hurting sentiments? And to who? If any sentiments being that may be hurt by your article then those can be of an Atheist. And i really dont care about my sentiments being hurt.

    Another advice that i will give is that you dont have to respect others views or opinions if views and opinions are not worthy of respect. you have respect people. There is a difference in both which you have to understand.

  • Rahul D Souza, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 13 2016

    I respect all your opinions and views, it was your point of view. What i wrote up there was mine. I agree with a few points and don't with a few.
    Thank you for broadening my thinking over the topic and i aplogise for any sentiments that were hurt.

  • Vinod, Manipal

    Thu, Oct 13 2016


    Humans are not savage by nature. I believe there is a section of humans who are savage.. who want power and dominance by hook or crook.
    If all humans were savage by nature all would kill each other in very short time.
    I agree co-existing is not easy . Tell me how many couples dont fight??? There will always be reasons to argue as each one is differently wired.
    Agree to disagree is not easy either.
    Now on the concept of religion I believe there will be religions and places of worship forever.
    I say this because its human tendency to fear the unknown...pray for the unknown to keep them safe.
    Faith in God gives a sense of grace to live happily. So if people are finding peace in that why not.
    Compassion faith love cannot be taught... it can only be acquired by witnessing people and situations..

  • Thomas M., Alangar-Moodbidri/Kuwait

    Thu, Oct 13 2016

    Nice Article from Rahul.First of all in his writing he gave utmost importance to Love than religion which is Universal everybody demands. Present world ruining and poisoning of human minds and systematically killing of Humanity is going on and this great task is most profitably done by these Television Serials which shows how to ruin family life most of the cases. The different kind of Faces and the characters like Fake Love, Revenge, Fake Trustworthiness etc. etc. looks disgusting. One can easily predict what type of future generation we are giving to this world. Still Time is not barred, repent for sins and live a Noble life.

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 13 2016


    Humans are savage by nature. Humans will kill each other over resources. Its plain and simple survival of the fittest rule. Many may think that we are all humans and we need to co-exist peacefully, but in reality its not possible.

    Now coming back to religion, religions are not meant to be co-existing with each other. It has never happened and never will. If any one disagrees with me please point out a historical time when religions co-existed for a prolonged period of time. Religions are remnants of our tribalistic past. They have no place in the future of humanity. Do you think that 10000 years from now, people will build places of worship and pray to god? I think no. and thats why i think, we should shun those beliefs and aid in the progress of humanity.

  • Vinod, Manipal

    Thu, Oct 13 2016

    Zeitgeist rightly said There cannot be peace and unity until religions exist.
    If there was one God world would probably be a little better place.
    The bloodshed due to religion would stop.
    But thats only half battle fought.
    Dont we know of numerous cases where there is bloodshed within the same family for property.
    So good and evil are complementary. Its all relative.
    I always wonder what is stronger faith in God or human feeling of brotherhood.

  • sam, world

    Thu, Oct 13 2016

    Dear Rahul,
    While you are young and have idealistic views that sound nice, they are faulty. Please read “The Syllabus of Errors” by Pope Pius IX.

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 12 2016

    “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
    ― Steven Weinberg

  • H A D Souza, Damoh

    Wed, Oct 12 2016

    What atheist done for humanity they only confuse. It is the Christians who worked for better world.

  • Zeitgeist, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 10 2016

    There cannot be peace and unity until religions exist.

  • Sanny, mangalore

    Sun, Oct 09 2016

    Nice one....

  • Reshma Dsouza , Sharjah UAE

    Sun, Oct 09 2016


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