Gender Bias: Why Should Girls have All the Fun?

March 12, 2016

Last year has undoubtedly been the peak year in the rise of feminism. From Beyonce speaking out against gender inequality to the release of He Named Me Malala, women's rights have been at the forefront of current affairs.

It has been ingrained so much in us, that in our daily lives, every word in a novel, every film that we watch, even peer comments are criticized from a 'feministic’ perspective. And there at the edge of the 'cliff' we have tiny questions that arise: Why should only girls wear dresses? Why is it that while it’s perfectly OK to address girls as "beta," boys can never be called “beti?" Why is it that boys in dresses seem unusual and transgender-ish? (Wait. Is that even a term?) Why should girls have all the fun?!

More often than not, we end up thinking that girls aren’t allowed to dress up the way they wish to. What about the 'boys' out there my dear Feminazis?! They barely have enough collections in H&M, leave alone in Louis Vuitton. Unlike your anarkalis, sarees, skirts, dresses, kurtis, multiple sandals, and what not – boys just have blazers, suits, shirts, pants, and shoes. How pathetic is that? No wonder boys have a weird fetish for bindis, hair bands, bangles, ear studs, and rubber bands.

'A woman can do anything a man can!' - say a few Feminazis of late. Read that statement again. Is it really so? Hell no! A man cannot get pregnant, menstruate, or lactate! You don't see men whining about that, do you? The government doesn't 'fund' men to impregnate themselves so that they can 'enjoy' the miracle of life.

It's not only little boys who are constrained to sterotypes – but also men who have chosen to be male nurses, fashion designers, secretaries, receptionists, child care workers, cosmetologists, stay-at-home dads, and primary school teachers; these are often ridiculed for their choice of career. For instance : a stay-at-home mom is treated with respect, a stay-at-home dad is often the butt of jokes. He is looked down on, like a burden upon the family.

Have you ever wondered dear reader, as to where do men go when they are harassed? We all have heard of Women's Cell. But Men's Cell seems to be a rare phenomenon. They exist for the sake of it.

According to Indian Penal Code (IPC) 498A - "Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty - Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine. "

The Law is so much in favour of the "ruling-gender" today, that false accusations against innocent men are ignored. A case study In Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) revealed 282 harassment complaints in a period of 6 months. It's time for women to be fair. By fair I mean - Judgement and Sensibility to acknowledge and accept the need for existence of both men and women in par. Fair and Lovely has given us enough share of the 'other' fair I believe.

It's a fact proven right. Women always get away with the benefit of doubt whenever a domestic violence case is reported. Once again it's a question of rarity - when men get the chance to counter back. But sadly our 'beloved' Indian Judiciary system doesn't offer that option so easily. (Do you see why it's rare?)

And then you have the never-ending court cases (thanks to judiciary system again) and a blot on your social status. Well - even men have to live with the burden of guilt. For something that they haven't done. It's not ALWAYS 'rape' that brings the victim to shame!

The question is – Why is there such discrimination? On the brink of rapid development, if we as a nation think that the war of feminism is over, well I guess we all need to sit back, take a moment, and think it all over. Again. Gender inequality still exists – and it restricts both men and women. Letting go of it will lead to achievement of true equality.



By Sharon Vas
Sharon is originally from Mangaluru. She has done her schooling in Fujairah, UAE. At present, she is pursing Bachelor of Communication Studies in Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru.
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Comment on this article

  • Agnello DSouza, Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 17 2016

    Thanks for your thoughts Sharon. When a woman can have a masculine side to her and be appreciated and a man have a feminine side to him and be appreciated then we can say we have truly arrived at gender equality.
    That I could change the nappies of my children. Or I can cook yummy treats for them on weekends - Both feminine side of mine, I am proud of.

  • Edward, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Thu, Mar 17 2016

    Hi Sharon,
    Very well written.

  • Ovinna Saldanha, Fujairah

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    Very good Article Sharon. Very honestly you have expressed your thoughts.
    Good Job!!! Keep it up.

  • Vijeth Kumar, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    Well said Sharon. appreciate your thought.

  • Wilfy, Kinnigoly/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    Dear Sharon, Beautiful article as beautiful you are. It's true and I have experienced it. No punishment for false cases, but the innocent men are already getting punished in the process itself. Women who know all the facts and just want to delay the process are supported by the so called "efficient" lawyers those who know the lope holes of the judiciary. The family of the girl is the dictator behind this menace and they think 100 lies can make one truth. India needs a strong mens rights group and whoever does false case has to be punished heavily. We saw this in sandalwood actor Darshan's episode recently. there are many more such cases. Hats off Sharon. Keep Writing. Stay Blessed.

  • fr mathew vas, angelore

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    congratulations sharon,well written,happy to see you in social media,do continue the good work. proud of you

  • Roshan braganza, Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 15 2016

    @Sharon vaz , A well written and thought provoking article . Men were victims since ages , be it misandry , gynocentrism or false patriarchy . Present trend has too much men hatred and law/ police / courts / society works like a MAFIA , be it false rape cases , dv or 498 a , alimony , custodial right . The gender neutrality concept with every IPC is needed under constitution article 19 , which opposes any gender based privileges . Women privileges and reservation in education / jobs is wrong just like caste / religious reservation , and works against / insults the merit of person.

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Dear Sharon Vas,
    The Phrase "Ladies and Gentlemen". (I am sure Ladies first).
    In the Buses first four seats to Women. ( I hope Ladies first).

    I favor equal rights to both men and women. We have to give more importance to women because of their sincerity, sensitivity and weakness of their body.
    However you cannot complain why women only have to deliver baby. Let men deliver baby which is naturally impossible.
    Similarly and generally women cannot physically fight with men and win because Ladies are sensitive and physically week.

    This is the reason what Lydia Lobo tells women are feared to go out alone even today in this 21st century.


    If we go and look at religious side:

    I hope you will not ask why Jesus didn't pick-up women as apostles and why only men.

    Answer: After picking men only the worldly people accused Jesus of having affairs.

    Suppose Jesus was choosing both men and women even then the worldly people would have called him womanizer.

    More or less the Article is good. Keep writing.

  • Jennifer, Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Wow its a beautiful article with real facts. Congratulations Ms Sharon.

  • R.Bhandarkar, Mangaluru

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Sharon Vas.....
    Girls not only have all the fun and the last laugh. So it seems....but naaaaa..You know ..Why..naa?
    1. There is nothing 'as tender' as girl's heart....
    2. There is nobody 'as receptive'as a female...
    Read what I have written again...'Nowhere does a wife comes in'...Excuse me..........and yes
    It is only a man who is capable of hurting and sometimes even guilty of moulding a girl into a 'hard nut'.... So that's it...
    By the way did I pick 'a mock grin' on Sharon's face here just like she might have had when she wrote..'A man cannot get pregnant, menstruate or lactate'?
    Hmmmmmmmm..So much for a contra view!!!
    My gut feeling is always right and this girl is pretty naughty...straight out of an Enid Blyton's book...fond of playing pranks and all that...

  • Nancy Rodrigues, Mangaloree/ Fujairah

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Congrats Sharon. Nice article and well said.

  • Lydia, Belle

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    Sharon, Very good article but I see most of the comments only from male.

    Even today woman has no courage to go out freely alone Why????????

  • fredrick gonsalves, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 14 2016

    nicely written, this year on maundy Thursday holy father as invited the priest to wash the feet of ladies.the culture is changing.year of mercy

  • Albert D'Souza, San Francisco/Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Men are raised differently. It is very difficult for men to talk about abuse from his wife.

  • sam, world

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Feminism is contrary to the Teaching of the Church. The role model for men is St. Joseph and role model for women is the Blessed Mother Mary. Most of societal evils would vanish if men and women followed the example of the Holy Family. As regards gender inequality, it will always be, because Men and Women were created differently by God for different roles. Whenever Men and Women challenge those roles divinely instituted by God, and the Church fails to instruct, the society crumbles and becomes degenerate. Watch and Pray and follow the example of the Holy Family.

  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, UDUPI/NEW YORK,USA.

    Sun, Mar 13 2016

    Thanks Sharon for your fantastic article. You don't have to worry feminism. After all it is man made. Nowadays, you see men dressing like women and men dressing like women. That has been a style not only in India but all over the world. It has become an beti beta controversy in this modern age. Your mind blowing article will bring some light to many who are going through this.God bless and hope you will write many more in your near future.

  • Fr. Archie, ocd, Goa

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Dear Sharon,
    Wow, what a positive approach! I am proud of you. No doubt, you have made an impact in the social media. I look forward to read your articles regularly. Kudos!

  • Johan Sequeira, Surathkal

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Kudos Sharon on taking a balanced stand in your article. I hope youu do google Deepika Narayan Bharadwaj and Barkha Trehan to understand there are more balanced woman like you who have taken up the baton for gender equality.

  • tom Cat, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Sharon seeing things in a positive way.A nice write up.

  • Sunil Noronha, Siddakatte / Dubai

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Hi Sharon,
    Nice Article.. Well done. Keep writing.. God Bless you!!

  • Lancy Dantis, Paladka/ Fujairah

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Congratulation Sharon, Good article, Keep it up, God bless you

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'lore /Mumbai/

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Very well written Sharon, in a very simple language, keep writing. Nice read well done, God bless you.

  • Pramod, Kundapura

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Thank you very much for being so honest!!

  • Reshma Lobo, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Beautiful Article on Feminism..We need such articles at this hour when so much injustice is happening in the country on women.. Gender inequality still exists..Well done Sharon..We are proud of you.You have made the Vas family proud.. Keep writing.. God bless u!!!

  • Nelly joshi , Siddaktte/Ajman

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Congratulations Sharon. God bless u.keep it up. We r really proud of you.all the best.

  • cyprian fernandes, dubai

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Hi, Sharon keep it up,god bless you

  • Uncle Romy, Lower Bendur/Qatar

    Sat, Mar 12 2016

    Hi Sharon,
    Congratulations on getting your article published.Precious few have a courage to write articles in social media and You have written an excellent article. Keep it up re beta.

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