Time to Remember the Unknown Time


My Loving Tributes to Fr Thomas, Fr Ronnie, and Prakash Chandra Ajila

Sep 20, 2015

Death is an integral part of life and no life can overrun it. Life is received from the womb of mother earth and it ends in the tomb of mother earth. Life and death run parallel to each other, it's a unique personal journey, and no one is aware of its beginning or its end. Before life began, we never existed in this world nor will we after death. Each life is a spiritual being that comes from above and goes back to its home after death. World is just its temporary home. What a mystery of God !

Like a fish jumping out of the sea and back into the water, our lives arise out of that great ocean of existence and returns into it. It is not in our capacity to ever understand why we are sent to this world and after sometime why we are taken back to Him. However, the Supreme Being, who we call God, Jesus, Eshwar, Allah has spoken through his various prophets and holy books over the years about the purpose of our life and death. Almost every one of us believe in our Prophets and Holy Books perhaps with some exceptions, who we call atheists, but they too are children of God. God knows them and has been dealing with them since time immemorial and will take care of them in future too. Word of the Lord can’t go void. For it is written, "EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW TO ME, AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL GIVE PRAISE TO GOD."

Every day on earth, almost 180,000 people die. In another 95 years or so, everyone who's alive today will be gone. Journey of death we carry along with us every day but none of us knows its hour and time. Every moment one has to keep his luggage packed. Nobody knows when death will call. The warrant of death is like the arrest warrant. One cannot think of appealing against it. No matter what is happening, we have to quickly leave off and go. So, if we are ready beforehand, there will not be much difficulty in leaving. It can happen at any time, to anybody. Are we ready ? This question may surprise many for a moment. But sooner or later, we have to face death as a reality.

Most of the people face death with gloom, fearing what happens before and after death. Is there an afterlife? How can I prepare for death and what's the point of it all? Although in every human being there is a deepest point of worry about death, people usually are not bothered about these questions until the end when death can no longer be ignored. By this time they might be caught by surprises and be unprepared for the situation at hand; a perfectly natural and beautiful stage of colorful life can be overshadowed with fear and confusion.

As I said, every man has thoughts that linger deep inside his inner consciousness that upon death, he will cease to exist entirely; no more feel love and hate, no more enjoy yummy food or its chummy pleasure, no pain or sufferings, nil factor covers his property, his happiness, his bank balance nor can he experience his unique family bond and warmth anymore. As a family they were one entity and by death they become two separate entities, with no more relationship or hope to reunite. How scary and sarcastic is death for he who worked day and night and all of a sudden he's gone forever without a trace, but his loved ones will forget him gradually (perhaps with some exceptions) and continue to live without him.

Upon death, atoms are decomposed, or, if the body is cremated, scatter hither and thither on the pyre. He will cease to exist and with his pending hopes, dreams, goals and things left undone are irrevocably erased completely just as decay begins. This way, rich or poor, black or white, sinful or skilful, kings or scientists, all will leave behind their wealth, race, knowledge and unite in a common ground, 6" deep pit; justifying that no one is greater than other ! Further, there's no more remorse, anger, no fighting, jealousy, hatred or feeling of alienation of that sort suffered during their lifetime in some form or other. It is an end of everything. Therefore, life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. ~Mark Twain

Most of us are frightened of dying because we don't know what it means to die nor has anybody trained us to die. As long as we are frightened of life we shall be frightened of our death too. A man who is not frightened of life is not frightened of death too, because at some point he has mastered his fear by his closeness to God, by following God-fearing exemplary life. Yes, we must die first to find out actually what takes place when we die. This isn't a joke. We must die - not physically but psychologically, inwardly, die to the things we have cherished and to the things we are bitter about. If we are dead to our pleasure, the smallest or the greatest, naturally, without any enforcement or argument, then we will know what it means to die - ‘A good man has nothing to fear, either in life or in death’.

People tend to die as they lived, says Maggie Callanan, a hospice nurse who's the author of Final Gifts, who has witnessed more than 2,000 deaths. "Nice people get even nicer, manipulators manipulate, funny people die funny," she explains. "We all have ways of navigating through life, and when dying those tendencies are intensified by ten.

Naturally, every one of us has unexplained fears within us about our death. One of my Hospice friend says that one of the best ways to heal our fear of death is to spend time with the dying. If you don't have a friend or a family member who is dying, you can train as a volunteer with Hospice and assist with a dying patient for several hours a week. It's enough simply to be with them, respond to their needs, listen to their experiences and observe your own reactions. Prayer and communication with our God, Eshwar, Allah, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, according to our belief or spiritual practice puts us at ease while we depart for afterlife. Also reading Holy Books and meditation, hearing and listening to divine words serve the purpose of dying peacefully.

Most importantly, our spiritual path takes to us our afterlife. Every child of God walks in the spiritual path, a great deal of purification naturally takes place during his earthly life, by accepting responsibility for his actions and exchanging forgiveness with others. At times they might fail but to err is human. However, prior to our departure to heavenly adobe, we must all take responsibility for our past actions, and forgive others without any prior conditions. If you've hurt someone, even in the distant past, apologize to that person and try to make amends in whatever way is appropriate. This may take time, but keep trying, as it takes us to a closer spiritual path of afterlife. Forgiveness does not mean we have to accept bad or inappropriate behavior. The person's behavior may be wrong, but we can still forgive that person. Forgiveness is a form of compassion which arises from the understanding that basically, we're all essentially the same. The easiest way to walk into spiritual life is to lead a life of simplicity and honesty, trying not to harm others. It is good to cultivate love, humility, kindness and generosity in our dealings with others. Love is the underlying current that runs through the entire cosmic creation and it is the most direct path on to our spiritual path.

God gave each one of us life with its vital organs. Why should we allow them to decay soon after our death ? It would be the right choice if we donate our vital organs so that God-given free gift of life may continue to live with others even if we die. This is also a spiritual path which takes us closer to our afterlife - any amount of good acts with little bit of sacrifices will assure our spiritual gift of afterlife.

I have always respected the works of the Late Wilfy Rebimbus, who composed and sang hundredsof songs about Christian Love, Christian Giving, Christian Forgiveness in context of one's life and death as an offering of instructions given to the people, anointed by God. His heart-rending songs prayers were:

1. Char Desanso Sounsor
2. Monshachem Jevan Lan Ek Poin
3. Monsha ye Althodi

Only God knows and holds the appointed time for a person to die. However, for those with a personal relationship with God, I believe He does prepare (and give us peace) for it. Recently three of my known friends died, who were closer to God by their faith and action. I pay my loving tribute to them and also to my Idol Wilfy Rebimbus. .

Fr Thomas D'Souza

Parish priest of Mukka Church, Fr Thomas D'Souza passed away on July 8. He was 60. He knew nothing about the fateful day. A day before was fully occupied in Prayer and Service - Retreat. Early the next morning he breathed his last due to cardiac arrest. I knew him personally; he led his entire life God-fearing, in the service of mankind for over 33 years. He loved every child of God irrespective of caste and creed.

Fr Ronnie Prabhu

The one who people used to call 'Smiling Father', he had once told me that his source of vocation was that while young he felt in him that he was the pampered child of God. This was a terrific sentence about his relationship with God. What a strange calling, and he lived upto his calling till his death. He passed away due to brief illness at St Philomena Hospital at the age of 75 on August 18.

One of Fr Ronnie Prabhu's favourite projects was inter-religious dialogue, for which he worked tirelessly in an effort to bring unity among the children of One God for the glory of God. Fr Ronnie had mastered his Life unto Death so much that prior to his death, he shared his fearless smile with all the onlookers gathered near his bed; a confident smile offered back to God saying "Abba Father it is finished; your purpose I have fulfilled in this life".

Prakash Chandra Ajila

A dedicated, selfless leader, warm-hearted gentleman from Karnataka expatriate community was Prakash Chandra Ajila, the president of Bunts Qatar, who passed away due to cardiac arrest on August 28. He was 55.

It is very hard to believe that our gentleman, ever smiling Ajila is no more with us. He was the past president of Tulu Koota Qatar, and an active member of Karnataka Sangha Qatar, living in Qatar for the last 25 years with his family. He was a kind, loving family man. Because of his warm and tender-heartedness, children used to be drawn towards him as a fatherly figure in seeking his guidance and advice. This is one of the characters of a man who is down-to-earth.

Ajila was very popular among the expats due to his humble and helping nature. He had been in the forefront of social and community activities. He was employed with Hamad Medical Corporation and had helped the expatriate community especially with their healthcare needs. He was senior MRI technologist at Rumailah Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation and was awarded Star Of Excellence Award on World Radiology Day.

A single call, irrespective of the time of call, and one could find him for one's needs. Ajila was a gentle, honest, committed community leader. He knew the purpose of life as once he had told me "nankyethaapunduaath help malpuni, Devernanenapu deed". He rendered his selfless yeoman’s service till the last moment. It is really painful to lose such a great leader among our Mangalurean or Karnataka community.

Eternal Rest Grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Finally, a casual question to the readers:

"Do you believe that people come to know when they are going to die before they die?"


Antony D'Souza Archives:



By Antony Cony, Karkala/Qatar
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Comment on this article

  • Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / Mangalure

    Sun, Sep 27 2015

    Mogall W. Paisam, Vivian, Joseph ani Dr. Richard Dev Bore Korum thumkha sorvank devoting some of your precious time on this article.

    Thanks to Mr. Singh for your personal views.

    Dev Bore Korum Reshma baye. Your one of sentence, 'If we have not done any good during our lifetime at least before we die we can pledge or inform our loved ones to donate our organs' might strike a great chord with the people.

  • Reshma Lobo, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sat, Sep 26 2015

    One more awesome article Antony Sir..Befitting tribute to Fr. Thomas, Fr. Rony Prabhu and Prakash.May their souls rest in peace. Death is unpredictable.. It can come anytime, anywhere. We just need to be prepared. We also have the fear to die cause we will not see our loved ones again..If we have not done any good during our lifetime at least before we die we can pledge or inform our loved ones to donate our organs..To your Question Anthony Sir, I don't believe that people will come to know that they are dying sometimes they are not prepared and sudden will be the call.

  • Dr. Richard G. Mathias, Bangalure/Australia

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    'TIME TO REMEMBER THE UNKNOWN TIME' A Stupendous Title, gauging time.

    Good insight is delivered. May their soul rest in peace.

  • Premchandra R. Singh, Udupi/Punjab

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Thanks for the amazing information Mr. Tauro. In our region, on the contrary, people sell their organs due to poverty exchange for lifetime sickness.

  • Joseph E. George Colvin, Mangalure

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Remembering and offering Prayers to the departed souls is a Great Service. Well done Sir your article is very informative to the living and also you have paid great tribute to all three. through this beautiful write up.

  • vivian M. tauro, Bangalore/ Qatar

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Dear Mr. D Souza, You have written a well thought provoking article. Please allow me to add the following. I am sure, perhaps you had no space to write this in your write-up.

    Motivation Factors for Donors: In Qatar Donors Are Heroes.

    There are numerous donation accords for the live donors

    1. The organ donors and their families are awarded the Medal of Honor by the Highest authorities of the State of Qatar.
    2. Living donors (kidney or part of the liver) are offered the following:

    * Medical insurance for life
    * compensation for the any health problems, should they occur
    * Life insurance
    * Priority to receive a kidney transplant if they experience renal failure in the future
    * Discounted flight tickets with Qatar Airways
    * All organ donation expenses are covered, including hospital expense, transpiration, residence, mobile phone communication etc.,
    * compensation will be paid to the living donor for the loss of earnings during the period of organ donation.

    Deceased Donors' families are given the following:

    *Families of deceased donors will be honored the Medals of Honor ceremony
    *Families of deceased donors will be provided with social care and support, according to the social state assessment,
    *The body of deceased donor will be transferred free of charge to the country of origin, if they are expatriate
    *The family of deceased donor, if they are expatriates, will be offered a free flight ticket to the accompany the body from Qatar to the country of origin.

  • William Pais, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 25 2015

    Good reflection on death for the living.

  • Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / Mangalure

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    A writer can’t be a writer in the true sense without the acknowledgements their appreciations, criticism and suggestions.
    From this perceptive I thank beginning from Eddi Sequiram, an reputed artist, dramatic, singer, writer above all a kind hearted humble friend. I always honour and cherish his memories since olden golden Wilfy Rebimbus days.

    Annere, Samad Kolnad, an instrumentation lecturer from Vitla, Mast Thanks.

    My long time friends Arun and Ronalad Lasrado.

    Thanks to Guru Nayak thank you for your views on the question that I raised.

    I thank Deepak Shetty, ex-KSQ President, a genius workolic leader. Robert, Thanks for your opinion.

    Thanks to Sam, World, for your various biblical references which are a must to draw point back home. Despite his busy schedule over the globe was kind enough to few words of encouragement.

    Thanks to Dr. Edmond, a renowned writer, orator of international caliber.

    Abram Johnson Thanks for gospel sharing, Roshal, for your gospel sharing,

    C.G.Sequeira, my jovial friend, a brilliant writer many witty books under his belt. Dev Bore Korum, CGSama.

  • Antony Cony D Souza, Mangalure

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    I Thank John D Souza, a proven scientist, researcher and an inventor of special bicycle, 8 seater in Qatar and Mangalure, with concept of only clean environment. If anyone has queries please may contact him, implementidea50@yahoo.in

    Edmond Noronha, a through gentlemen, best friend and a student of Philosophy like me, sharing common views.

    My ardent friend, Ravi Shetty, President, Tulu Koota, Qatar, a man for all seasons owning multiple ‘A’ grade of companies in Doha employing over hundred staff from Mangalore. I learnt a lot from this true gentleman what it means to be a humble person and I Thank Mrs. Ravi too for her help in various ways to self and my brother priest, Fr. Vincent.

  • Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / Mangalure

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    First of all I sincerely Thank Daiji Walter Nandalike’s team with Resident Editor Miss Anisa, Praveen Tauro and others for their encouragement for all writers in this special column. I also Thank all other readers who went unnoticed. Hoping to meet you very soon. Best Regards, Antony Cony.

    I do thank my honest friend, an expert, who holds much of philosophical, political and religious views only with the aim of to build a harmonious society as one brethren. I respect that man called ISMAIL K PERINJE, PERINJE

    Thanks to Lavina, Praveen Fernandes, Rajender, Paul, Balkunje, Florine, Cyntia, Reena G, Ramesh Baliga. All you made reading inspiring.


    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    Author,Mr Antony Coney,one of the respected and learned friend of mine in F.Book narrated every thing about life and death.Perhaps every matured individual thought about what Mr Coney narrated.If we not frightened of life, certainly not frightened of death too(Mr Coney) which I fully agree.We don't know what is life after death.If we did good deed in this world definitely we will have good thing after death.Some time my mind is roaming to the next world as Mr Coney explained and we don't when death will strike us.It is a good article for civilized society and if we remember death always then we will be more humble and respectful to others.OUR ULTIMATE DESTINATION IS DEATH AND EVERYBODY/EVERYTHING WILL TASTE DEATH IN THIS WORLD

  • John DSouza, Mangaluru/Qatar

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    Human life is of a moment like of beautiful grass and blowing wind and it is a game of relay being the world is the performance ground for generations after generations. The conspirate, corrupt and culprit minds create conflicts and wars and the hearts of love and patience make and maintain peace. It is a severe and bitter tug of war among the children of God, with evil and good on either sides. The almighty creator watches and controls the funny game. Being humans are the vessels of mud only have to praise and thank the potter by having no right to question him.God is the boss and we are the dolls to act as per his direction and grace.

  • sam, world

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    @Reena G. Coutinho, Bangalure
    “But one thing i agree that if we save one or many life's surely God will save our soul too for the good deeds done in Jesus Name.”
    - What seems good to mans eyes, may not be good in God’s eyes. Read John 12:1-8.
    - Faith and Works are necessary. Read James 2:14-26.

  • Ramesh B. Baliga, Mangalure

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    Death takes out everything from us. without discrimination of status, religion, caste or creed but only humanity will prevail as I read each of their story. May their Souls Rest in Peace.

  • Reena G. Coutinho, Bangalure

    Thu, Sep 24 2015

    You have spoken about donating vital organs after death by saying that it is a spiritual path touching afterlife. How far true it is I do not know. But one thing i agree that if we save one or many life's surely God will save our soul too for the good deeds done in Jesus Name. God Bless you for the enlightenment.

  • Cynthia M. Felix , Mundkur/Dubai

    Wed, Sep 23 2015

    I am Blessed by this article for its specific details on life and death. I take this opportunity to pay my tributes to Fr. D Souza, Fr. Prabhu SJ and Prakash Chandra.

  • florine, mumbai

    Wed, Sep 23 2015

    This is really an article with definite thoughts to be appreciated on life and death. Thanks to Anthony Cony

  • sam, world

    Wed, Sep 23 2015

    @Roshal Roy, mumbai/Doha
    - Do you believe in Our Lords words, the teachings of the Church Fathers or Mother Teresa?
    - For your edification, I suggest you read James 2:14-26 and Galatians 1

  • sam, world

    Wed, Sep 23 2015

    Abrham Johnson , Udupi, Doha
    “God is One. We are all His creations or children of One God. Whoever ever has belief in One God and does His Will, will enter Heaven.”
    - Can you explain why did Our Lord say in John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me” ?
    - Can anyone and everyone enter Heaven? How will you answer Our Lord?

  • paul dsouza, balakunje

    Tue, Sep 22 2015


  • Rajender Damodhar , Surathkal, Doha

    Tue, Sep 22 2015

    Fitting Tributes are paid to all three. Devoting much of this column. Thanks Antony.

    Out of three I know only Ajila personally who was a compassionate and kind hearted person. He often found much happiness in giving than receiving as a leader and President of Bunts Qatar, Ex-President of Tulu Koota Qatar and ardent cooperator of Karnataka Sangha Qatar (KSQ) and Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC) May his soul rest in peace.

  • Praveen A. Fernandes, Gangolli/Kundapur

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    awesome and wonderful article about "TIME TO REMEMBER THE UNKNOWN TIME" by you dear Antony Cony.. really beautiful tribute to those people.. may their souls rest in peace.. almighty lord grant them eternal rest, amen.. :'(
    you are one of the great writer.. may god bless you more and more all in your life.. :)
    now my answer for your question is-: no one will know about their deaths.. only our almighty lord knows about this.. he is our creator and good shepherd.. thanx dear brother.. all the best to you.. :)

  • Lavina Mathias, M'lore

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Dear Antony, good article.Reminding us our journey of life on earth.

    Keep it up

  • Vanitha , Bangaluru

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Your question is interesting…“ DO YOU BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE COME TO KNOW WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO DIE BEFORE THEY DIE ?” My interest grew. Out of my over inquisitive I asked the same to one of our hospice. She said “ nobody comes to know its exact hour and time. But as the case gets worser they get their inner sign that they might die very soon. And as his or her vital signs gets poorer we invite Priests for the final Prayers. However, after offering final prayers too many got improved and survived for many many years. Secondly, I think so, whoever takes away their own life(suicide) surely come to know their hour and time of death. Even then many survived suicidal bid

  • Ravi Shetty, Doha,Qatar

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Wonderful effort by the author and our friend Mr.Anthony to pay rich tribute to three noble souls who have made positive impact on the society with their significant contribution and genuine humanitarian service.
    Our friend Ajileres sudden untimely demise has left all of us in Qatar speechless in sorrow.Every moment we sense his presence ,we can not believe that he is no more .Every occasion will never be the same with out him.Every sweet memory spent with him ,will be treasured for ever.Since the inception of Tulukoota Qatar ,as one of the founder members he has volunteered selfless services in various capacities. He lead Tulukoota Qatar as the President. He was also leading Bunts Qatar as the current President. He has also rendered services as Editor in Chief of Tulukoota Qatar annual souvenir "Nirel" as well as Bunts Qatar annual souvenir "Gari"for many editions. His services were never space and time specific as being employed with Hamad Medical Corporation he has always guided the these associations and the community members for the timely medical assistance.
    His wonderful and pleasant association,his friendly words of appreciation and motivation will be remembered fondly for ever. My colleagues in ATS too always had a very special affection and regards to him,the sweet memories of which will always remain in our heart .
    We pray Almighty to rest all the three souls with heavenly abode and give enough strength to their families to bear this great loss and pain

  • Edmond Noronha, Kirem - Sharjah

    Mon, Sep 21 2015


    The author has rightly said: No one teaches us how to die except the circumstances that bring us closer to death. These circumstances/situations could be his own or of his fellow humans. This only can limit our fears of death.

    Coming to the ‘Trios’ whom the author has paid tribute, Fr. Ronnie Prabhu a ever smiling, humble and noble character, with whom I had the privilege of spending a few months at St. Aloysius during my post graduate studies and interacting everyday, now I realize why Fr. Ronnie Prabhu was always in smile and admired by all – He was a pampered child of God.

    There are two more, whom I, in my limited source of knowledge never heard of. May be Antony had different reasons to portray them into this Article.

    Finally, the author asks our opinion on ‘whether people come to know that they are going to breath last before they ACTUALLY DEPART’?
    I opine: Certainly, we do come to know that we are going to depart this world one day or the other, but not certain of the day and the time, that’s why we set our alarm for next day….!

  • Edmond Noronha, Kirem - Sharjah

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Here is a befitting tribute to the trios as picked up by Antony D’souza.
    As usual in his write-ups in Daiji for quite some time now, Antony tries to put forward his thoughts straight, though it is on Papal revitalization, Modi’s visit to U.S.A., recalling yester year personalities like, Victor Rodriquese, Wilfy Rebimbus, and even, Bp. Patrick, not overlooking the current much talked issues like ‘Ghar Vapasi’, Life Satisfaction and others.

    The more touched amongst is the one that Antony is currently dealing (TIME TO REMEMBER THE UNKNOWN) with the Life after death well presenting the philosophy of “We human are a temporary & material entity, which do not last more than its wanted it to be here” by the Supreme Power. This world is just a transit place, some live and some exist. “Aatma reaches to the Paramatma after the death, purifying in this world and purgatory, the malices, sins or scares it has. In other words as the author says Like a fish jumping out of the sea and back into the water, our lives arise out of that great ocean of existence and returns into it. And, he further states Its not with in our capacity to know why we are put into water (world) or why we are coming out of the water (taken back). A great point to make: “Ours’ is only a temporary un finished agenda”.

    Even after knowing this, we human are scary of the death, which is a sure and certain to come,may be tomorrow or day-after or may be even a few days later.

  • John DSouza, Mangaluru/Qatar

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Congratulations Dear Antony Cony baab, for your lovely tribute and excellent write-up about time. No one knows the time of death though all know that the death is certain, at uncertain and unknown time. Humans are the living idols breathed by almighty, which grow and move from one grave to other. The only option is to live as if this is the last moment of my life, with the hope to live for 100 years by the grace of Almighty. It is essential to be ready to die at every moment since the life is not owned, bought or rented property for a certain or specific time, being it is merely and purely a divine gift to perform an allotted assignment. As more talk leads to lie more, long life accumulates more deeds. A living poor is richer than the dead rich. Time cannot be forwarded, reversed or stopped. A little time spent in the examination hall influences the whole future life, similarly the life is a test to enjoy or suffer the eternal life. One’s lifetime experience cannot be transferred automatically to a kid. Donating a single eye during lifetime is much more valuable than donating both eyes after death. Time plays a prominent role as the life time of individual (short or long) is like a momentary slide of a lengthy film role, it appears for a while and disappears forever. Let us live our priceless life to be remembered by the future generations, as we had once lived on this great and wonderful earth planet.

  • Roshal Roy, mumbai/Doha

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    @ Sam, world.... Have you heard a quote from Mother Theresa, “2 Helping Hands are better than 1000 Praying Lips”.
    To quote like this Mother Theresa must have felt how people offer fail to deliver despite their Faith in God and
    round the clock Prayers.

    Mother Theresa never said helping hands belonged to which religion nor Praying Lips of which religion. But she gave a firm message to the World Religion. Gods also wishes the same from All Religions and not from a particular Religion where we belong.

    By Faith we Pray to God and by same Faith we must also help the needy Children of One God as pointed by Abraham Johnson, Udupi. Religion is not a bar on this matter.

    Prayer without Action will make noise unto the ears of the Lord. Therefore, Faith and Action will take someone to Heaven and not Faith in God alone. Do you know that God's adversary also has faith in God but he never lives as God Desires ?.

  • C.G.Sequeira, Valencia,Mangaluru

    Mon, Sep 21 2015

    Antony Cony has given a beautiful philosophical touch to his thought provoking article.Well written.Thanks to Antony Cony!

  • Abrham Johnson , Udupi, Doha

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Dear Sam, as you understand in Mt. 7: 21, Not everyone who calls out to me, 'Lord! Lord!' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter”.

    God is One. We are all His creations or children of One God. Whoever ever has belief in One God and does His Will, will enter Heaven. God knows no religion but a humanity lover, who really walks over the barrier of religion and serves the mankind to prevail love, peace and harmony in the society surely this pleases God than anyone else who says ‘Lord.. Lord and lives, dies for himself.

    Mt. 25:40 "The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'

    Therefore, let us judge not for religion belongs only to the World while judgment belongs to God.


    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Anthony mentions in very many ways that death is a certain destination of a human journey. He has beautifully pointed out the way in which the 3 people lived and also calls upon all of us to understand our purpose on this earth. profound, engaging and packed with insights.

  • sam, world

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    “any amount of good acts with little bit of sacrifices will assure our spiritual gift of afterlife”
    “for those with a personal relationship with God, I believe He does prepare (and give us peace) for it”
    - “But without faith it is impossible to please God” Hebrews 11:6
    - “For even as the body without the spirit is dead so also faith without works is dead” - James 2:26
    - Good works with the right faith is pleasing to God.
    - Man has been given the grace to determine which path to pursue. Our Lord and Our Lady will guide, but there will always be those who refuse to accept and follow the Faith. e.g. Pharaoh, Caiaphas, etc.
    - Man cannot claim ignorance about faith and works in front of God

  • Robert C. Savio , Bangaluru

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Your words, "fear is natural for we are not trained how to die' caught my eyes. Great write-up Sir.

  • Deepak shetty, Qatar

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Antony, very well written, thought provoking article.

  • Guru M. Nayak, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Your question at the end of end of write-up "Do you believe that people come to know when they are going to die before they die?". Let me answer it....

    Surely, Vedas define the time before death. A dying person can predict his demise, if controls his inner-self and love for materialistic life.

  • Ronald Lasrado, Kundapura/Qatar

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    A beautiful article, feet firm on ground about life and afterlife. Good Tributes. May them enjoy the Eternal Life as they believed and lived their entire life for it.

  • Arun, Bangalore

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Thanks to the people who have given their life to do what they really want to do. It's time to donate to the needy even at the very last breath. Very interesting article uncle.

  • SamadKolnad, Vitla

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    Antony...a very good article reminding everybody their journey, the life on earth is temporary every individual soul will taste the death. So many generation came before us they also left don’t know how many more generation to come they will also leave one day…every living thing will die one another day. Every generation has been gifted with talents. Rich, sophistication, Power and ability has been part of the living thing. But nobody has carried anything with them only deeds belongs them were gone with every individual.
    Time to think, time to understand and time to act…may Allah bless all souls and guide them to the right path..

  • Eddie Sequeira, Bendore-Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 20 2015

    A beautiful tribute befitting the three wonderful people who made a difference.... may Almighty rest their noble souls in peace.

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