Can the World Wipe Out ISIS?

March 27, 2015

As the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) continue to exterminate civilians in the streets of Iraq and Syria, the international community seems to be only gluing to their television sets with remorse, but taking no assertive measures to counter this heinous death cult. Attracted by the large claims of a Caliphate being established, thousands of young men and women from around the world, have joined the Terror regime. It’s a bitter truth that during the dark ages in Europe, the Arab world was flourishing. Sadly, the cradles of ancient and medieval civilizations, rich in culture, with splendid architectures and scores of museums with rare antics and monuments are at the mercy of ghouls with modern weapons. The cult of ISIS is on a pillage spree, with complete irrationality, looting and ransacking museums and Ancient artifacts, with an aim to pulverize Iraq’s history.

For the last few months, the ISIS has been carrying out rampage in the streets of Iraq’s ancient city of Mosul. They have slaughtered religious and ethnic minorities of the region mostly Christians, Yazzidis, Mandeans, Druze, Alawaites and Muslim minorities like Shias. People have been killed indiscriminately, as the death cult is exerting its authority in the region with its own whims and desires. They have flouted all laws of human civilization, they abuse and assail ordinary people, they steal, pelf, loot, plunder their property and carry out unimaginable human crimes ranging from amputation of prisoners, crucifixion in public places, selling Yezzidi and Christian women in the sex market to burning hostages to death and decapitating. Several western journalists and aid workers have been mercilessly tortured and beheaded and the footages of their execution have been posted online as a means of creating fear and propaganda.

Yezzidis, Mandeans and the Christians form the indigenous population of Iraq. They were the original inhabitants of the region, before the Arab invaders had arrived. The minorities have been persecuted throughout history, and till date according to some reports the Yezzidi community had over fifty genocides carried on them by Islamic Extremists. The ISIS has gone a step ahead, and almost wiped out the community from the face of the earth.

Christianity was brought to Iraq in the first century by Apostle Thomas and his pupils Aggagi and Mari. This makes Christianity in Iraq older than some of the European, Asia and Latin American countries. The Chaldean Catholics, Assyrians and Jacobites (Syrian Orthodox) form the three prominent sects. There are no official statistics on Christian population, but in 1950, Christians numbered upto 10% population of Iraq, but by 2010 according CIA Factbook data there were less than 1% living in Iraq. Most of them fled to neighboring Syria, Jordan and Lebanon where religious minorities are relatively safe. They were petrified largely due to threats posed by Al Qaeda and other Islamic terror outfits, who exploded churches and gunned down thousands of minorities post America-led invasion in 2003.

Recently, after the capture of major Iraqi cities like Mosul by the ISIS, Christians have been forced to convert or forced to flee the place. Many of them have been massacred, women have been raped and taken as sex slaves and the places of worship have been plundered and destroyed. The Orthodox Church Bishop of Mosul has declared on television that for the first time in the history of Mosul, there are no Christian inhabitants living. In February this year, twenty one Coptic Christian men dwelling at the border of Egypt and Libya, had been taken hostage by the ISIS and been beheaded, signaling a direct threat to the centuries old Coptic church of Egypt.

The Iraqi government and its military is incapable of staging a counter-offence on heavily armed ISIS. The ISIS is the wealthiest terror group in the history of mankind, with funds emanating from oil rich gulf monarchies. The death cult stands unassailable with the possessionof sophisticated assault and defense artillery, supplied by the NATO to fight the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s regime. Horrendously, it is spreading its wings across the Arab world like wildfire, and has designs to invade Iran in the near future.

The Obama administration and its European and Sunni-Arab allies have now come to a point of repentance and shame, for the grave blunder of arming and financing the Syrian rebels, eventually turning them into a Frankenstein. This is great opportunity for the United States to reach out towards Iran, the Kurdish Peshmarga fighters and possibly the old foe Bashar Al Assad himself to seek strategic assistance in the ultimate battle to annihilate the ISIS cult. It’s indispensable decision for the world community to take some proactive and pragmatic measures on the table sooner than before the great history and civilization gets decimated forever.


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By Chris Emmanuel D'Souza
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Comment on this article

  • majid, MANGALORE

    Fri, Apr 03 2015

    don't worry IS is created by US and will be destroyed by US when its purpose is achieved, huge army of saddam Hussein was defeated in no time by US and IS are only a handful of people.

  • jeetendra hegde, mumbai

    Thu, Apr 02 2015

    Who wants..let them flourish more to teach oil rich arabs...


    Wed, Apr 01 2015

    When ever I read the collapse of countries in the Arab world, I always wonder how India withstood the terrorism for the last 1000 years.

    What the terrorists could achieve in the Arab world in a span of 10-20 years, they could not achieve the 10% of the same in India for the last 1000 years.

    This is because, India stands on Vedic philosophy and not dependent on the whims and fancies of any individuals.

    Yes, the world can wipe out ISIS.
    But, the world should be united against bigger threat.

    Take the example of harassing small people like Sriram Yadapadiththaya or supporting cow slaughter in India.

    These are only some examples of weaknesses on which groups spend their time and energy, and lose their focus on bigger issues threatening their survival.

    India stands on strong Vedic principles which can withstand any kind of threat and these principles have perculated into the blood of even common man for thousands of India.

    Vedic scholars did not harass their critics, but convinced them through dialogues.

    Such righteousness has made India going strong for thousands of years while other civilisations have collapsed.

    Due to the blessings of Rishis, strong leaders like Shivaji and Modi are born again and again in this land to thwart the designs of terrorists like ISIS and take India on the path of development.

    The world should take the example of India for wiping out ISIS and other terrorists.

    I thank Mother India and Sanathana Dharma for our alround progress.

  • jeetendra hegde, mumbai

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    Today or tomarrow ISIS has to vanish...don't worry...

  • pradeep , karkala

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    ISIS has already started making the occupied communities swear loyalty to their leadership—or else. Although ISIS is now the “Islamic caliphate,” its men will show no interest in ruling municipalities or restoring water, power, and sewage. After a few months of dealing with the day-to-day corruption and spitefulness of Iraq’s byzantine internal politics, they will start to lose their battle edge, but not their ruthlessness. What ISIS commanders will do is enjoy their newfound power. They will exact an extremely painful level of control over the Sunni population that will make them regret the very moment they fooled themselves into believing Maliki was worse than Saddam, and that ISIS could relieve the pressure of political indecision.

  • pradeep , karkala

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    ISIS has metamorphosed into what both bin Laden and al-Zarqawi wanted AQI to be—an uncontrolled group of itinerant knights and full of what the Pakistanis call “Jusbah E Jihad,” the “intoxication of jihad,” ready to establish a Taliban-like country in the heart of the Middle East and branch out to take Lebanon, Palestine, and take on Israel.
    What will happen and what is happening inside the ISIS caliphate is simple. Opposition will mean death. Will the Sunni tire of this again and revolt? We only need to recall that when AQI started killing the Sunni leadership of Anbar and other govern orates, the Sunni community revolted and came over to the Awakening. There is no coming over to the Americans or the Shiites now. The Iraqi Sunni has opened Pandora’s box.

  • pradeep , karkala

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    ISIS’s course of action is enforcement of religious and political purity. It is conducting an ethnic cleansing of the northern cities of anyone who does not embrace its neo-Salafist ideology. Anyone with a history of collaboration with the Shiites, the Iraqi government, or who worked for the Americans will swear loyalty by blood oath or die. Merchants doing commerce with the Turks, Iranians, Assyriacs, or Kurds, and religious groups such as Christians, Shebaks, Yazidis, Yarsani, and perhaps even the Sufi Muslims or other Iraqis, and who seek to hide ISIS’s cut of their income, may be ruled an infidel or apostate and killed. That means even the tribal leaders. After some mea- sure of purity is attained, they would start to hunt the ex-Ba’athists in their midst. Since most Iraqi ex-Ba’athist insurgent groups worked with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and headquartered their command in Damascus, they will be fair game. After the ex-Ba’athists are terminated, the time will come for anyone who participated in the Awakening. No Iraqi Sunni Muslim, unless they swear their undying loyalty to ISIS, will pass the purity test for the new caliphate. Anyone from the newly occupied caliphate will be welcome to start at the bottom and show their dedication to the cause by driving a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device into an enemy target. Those who stick their heads up might have them literally cut off.

  • pradeep , karkala

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    Unless ISIS is engaged militarily, its lines of communication and resupply cut off, and its most loyal fighters killed off, it will grow into a mortal threat far beyond the borders of Iraq and Syria. In Iraq, ISIS may eventually make the Iraqi-Syrian nether region look like Phnom Penh after Pol Pot’s Year Zero. There won’t be a general genocide, but the impure leaders and past collaborators will have to be culled. The entire concept of Jihadist Hijra (emigration away from the impure, including abandoning all past family ties) is to create a community that is white and unblemished, where al-Wala wal Bara (swearing loyalty to God and rejecting un-Islamic things, such as Coca-Cola, Persian tea,or discussions of the World Cup) is the way life, where the only person one can trust is another jihadist. ISIS will want everyone to reject the Iraqi traditions and old ways, all old ways, and to stay away from anyone or anything they cannot completely dominate. This is the cult of al-Qaedaism.

  • pradeep , karkala

    Tue, Mar 31 2015

    The strategic vision of ISIS is to make the caliphate reflect a “Sunni crescent”—from Jerusalem to Baghdad and eventually to Mecca and Medina. It is a strategic game playing out that may take another decade or two. Its shock-and-awe campaigns worked because of their inherent terror shock value (TSV), and its social media campaign scared every one. So it will be forced to scare the entire globe to achieve its goals and limit actions taken against it as it incrementally crawls toward a cultic victory. I fear ISIS will have no intention of going back to being a small insurgent group. It will attempt to consolidate captured terrain. It will offer the Sunni a chance to rule under it at the technocrat level, but that’s when the pogroms will start, as they already have!
    In the end, the Islamic caliphate will attempt and fail at creating a popular Iraqi-Syrian nation out of stolen governorates. But unless confronted quickly and forcefully, it may become an isolated jihadistan from which there will be no end of terror.

  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Sun, Mar 29 2015

    ..there is lack of will to defeat ISIS & there is hidden agenda..its impossible to think a terror organisation (with its foot soldiers who are in just thousands) capturing 1/3 of a country & threatening neighbors..there is great game plan of influential ME countries..these countries reluctant to eliminate ISIS since it is targeting a particular sect & indirectly hitting a opponent group of countries..but sadly in the battle of these two, in between Yazidi,Christians paying heavy price..US & west not ready to drag into this mess since they are already stressed out by wars..they even not interfered directly in Syria since its not just a terror war its a sectarian war..its now happening with YEMEN also..

  • Ravishankar, Ankola

    Fri, Mar 27 2015

    The hardline ideology which created ISIS has to be dealt with because the same is creating sectarian violance. Soudhi arabia and their friends attacking shia houthis but not ISIS because indirectly they are supporting ISIS ideology. Aarab world should learn that liberal islam is the solution for coexistance of various sects and races.

  • Don, Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 27 2015

    Western governments had launched air strikes against IS with very limited gains, but in fact IS has been expanding with leaders of militant groups in Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Yemen and Afghanistan etc. owing their allegiance to Abu Baker Al Baghdadi the Caliph of IS. The reality is IS is growing at a very fast rate and tens of thousands of people from all over the world from all walks of life have been moving to the Islamic State.

    The problem is the Ideology, whereas an overwhelming majority of writers & commentators focussing on people. When a country says it is Monarchy, Socialist or Democratic then we all know what they stand for, but when they say it is an Islamic state we need to go to several books of Islam i.e the Quran, The Sunnah, The Hadith & the Biography of the Prophet to have answers to ALL your questions.

    The easiest way to dismiss the problem is to say that the Islamic state has nothing to do with Islam. But can you imagine Abu Baker Al Baghdadi a staunch salafist holding a PhD in Islamic studies misunderstanding Islam? If Al Baghdadi and his thousands of followers misunderstood Islam, then tens of highly learned people should have dialogued and cleared the misunderstandings (if any) dismantle the Islamic state and end its brutalities. But we have not seen anything close, and sadly the war is now expanding to Yemen with air strikes from a Saudi led coalition.

    Hence deal the ideology (not people) and a solution will be found - Guaranteed.

  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Fri, Mar 27 2015

    The ISIS is a exaggerated subject due to over slandering by western media. Its the puppet of US now getting stronger and organised , so out of control . Their massacre of humans and torture has no limits but its not the only issue and humans right violation. US has vested interests in middle east region and does mass killings , be it drones or cruise missiles. This happens under the excuse of targeting terrorists but more of innocent specially children killed in millions . They only ( under alliance ) instigated Yemen , Iraq and Syria conflict but failed miserably with Crimea issue against Russia

    ISIS encourages and attracts youths because of its unadulterated ideology , but since violence is part of it , its some actions are not acceptable in a civilised world. But they are against western imperialism and feminism , which will be the biggest threats in this century. . The ILLUMINATI funded Western media and their interests which are spreading feminist culture is challenged by eastern forces ,and ISIS is one of them.

  • Manohar Veigas, Udupi

    Fri, Mar 27 2015

    It is the silence of Iran & Saudi Arabia that has made ISIS stronger. If Iran & Saudi get together and co-operate with the rest arab countries like Jordan & Egypt, the days of the ISIS can be numbered.

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