Two Facets - A Tribute to Womankind

March 8, 2014

My Dears....

There are many facets to a woman and it is a known fact. However the most prominent that comes across are those of a 'Mother' and that of a 'Wife'. I have had the pleasure of knowing, hobnobbing with many in their different facets without ever being at 'the receiving end' as they put it. It is just beyond me to even think that a woman could do anything that may be termed as 'harmful'. It is really with a gaping mouth, I read some of the criminal stories which sadly are on the rise now with women in the lead role of a vamp. In any case 'International Women's Day' is here once again and I thought it prudent to share my thoughts on the two important facets which I just alluded to. So here goes the Poem in 2 parts......and a conclusion.

Two Facets - A Tribute to Woman Kind

Maa - The Mother


Day in and Day Out

You take care of me Throughout

Can't envisage life-You Without

Maa - You seem to know even my Thought.....


My Porridge My Lunch My Dinner

My Buttons My Shoelaces My Dresses

My Books My Fees My Exams

My Job Hunting and initial Struggle

A perfect 'Care Taking Model'

Oh! Maa! Can there be any other God or Angel?


Partner - The Wife

You make perfect entry after an Interval

In Perfection and Expectations You do Marvel

I look for my 'Mother' in You....

You for your 'father' in Me.......

So starts the Tussle

After the initial Cosy Cuddle


A different Velvety Touch you give my Life

Soothing Solace after any Strife

Giving real meaning to Partnership

Enabling me to face any Hardship


Then you become a 'Mother' and it'll dawn on you

What's it like to be this way Too

Now caught between the 'Wife' and the 'Mother'

I see His story repeating again.... For Sure


So - They receive They Adapt

To every Condition their reaction Apt

It's for all to support them with Tact

For then only perfectly their roles they Enact.



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By R Bhandarkar
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Comment on this article

  • Reine Furtado, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Apr 23 2014

    I must say pretty impressive. Sometimes all it takes to survive in this world is respect women..Cuz they have held u wen u cudnt walk and dey will hold u wen u cant walk again with age..The WOMAN in every1s life is indeed the most blessed gift from God.. Respect RB

  • geoffrey, hat hill

    Fri, Mar 14 2014

    Your argument Mr. RB, reminds me of what my Sanskrit professor narrated when we came across the Sholka in question. After the translating he added, ‘Unfortunately, today many a man ( MCP ?) expects to see his woman in the role of Dasi and Rambha only, he conveniently has forgotten other virtues of woman’. Btw, Kuthantri longing for Mantri is understandable (just to balance the total Thantras!) but an impotent lusting for Rambha baffles me, logically, he would maintain a safe distance! Thanks for sharing your views Mr. RB.

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Fri, Mar 14 2014

    traditions if somebody like a 'Bhishmaa' sleeps and sings the Lord will listen, if somebody like a true devotee in the innocent 'Dhruva' sits and sings he listens , if his ardent devotee like the blind poet' Surdas' stands and sings he dances , and if somebody like a 'Dasa' in gay abandon sings about him without a care in the world, he showers his full grace.
    The point is the Lord is accessible no doubt, but there needs to be some 'decorum' on our part to meet him too!For starters:Just have a look at the rigors 'Bheeshma' went through in his life!
    Dear M'aam Annie: I have read about your very thoughtful poem on your little one. God bless all your dear ones!For those willing and wanting to learn
    the doors will always be open to the 'Kingdom of Knowing'.
    God bless all ...

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Fri, Mar 14 2014

    Dear Geoffrey:
    The shloka to which you have alluded to describing a perfect wife should be viewed in it's full totality. You say 'mythological times''cause I think you have given up on finding one in the present era! Akin to searching for a needle in a haystack or something like that. Right?
    However, there are prerequisites, Sir,and there are certain unsaid conditions to be fulfilled. The 'husband' has to be competent too, let there be no second thoughts about it. Just to cite one example:
    How can be she be a 'Rambha' if the husband is impotent? And how she can bea 'Manthri' if the husband is a regular 'Ku-thantri'?
    Get my point? It's in
    'interpretations' we falter and it's quite dangerous! A 'perfect couple' therefore has to have many things going for it and together.
    I'll give you another eg:There's a popular Dasa Song in Kannada which
    runs thus:The Lord it says
    Malagi Paramaadaradi Paadalu Kulithu Keluvaa
    Kulithu Paadalu Niluva
    Ninthare Nalivaa
    Nalidare Olivaa
    (Meaning: The Lord sits and listens if you sleep and sing, If You sit and sing-he stands and listens, If you stand ,he'll dance
    and if You dance -his grace -his all yours!)Sulabano Hari-it goes on -meaning the Lord is easily accessible!
    Now if you go by the literal meaning-You have a sumptuous meal,
    roll over in indigestion and Yell the Lord's Name! Is that it?
    You sit idly and your mind filled with mundane thoughts and mumble the Lord's name! Is that it?
    It's certainly not!
    The all knowing tell us as per

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Fri, Mar 14 2014

    So overwhelming has been all your response that I feel like coming over personally and hug you all in delight!
    Laila M'am -for being the first to respond,Dear Santan- for dwelling on the words and finding them perfect, Rita M'am- for all your advice to which I'll try to adhere,
    Dear Stephen -for your assumption,Dear John- for there's always 'something good for life' in your comments,Dear Florine-From whom one has a lot to learn,Sundari
    Dear-For the 'feel' in your comment, which I could relate to,
    Dear Jossie- for your constnat support,Dr Anand and Geeta N Pereira- the perfect couple-for their 'true inference' and support,
    Dear friend Langoola- For always being there,Dear Antony D'Cunha-
    Who never misses out to praise me, Dear Roshan-'Shakesphere'Boss! Even of Daijiworld!That's a classic!Many here in this forum would have 'shook' with laughter at the read! A sincere thank you for your encouragement!, Dear Anita-You are actually 'The Inspiration' and I shall maintain it throughout -Dear Zeena -How can I forget your smile and constant support?
    Antony Cony Sir-So much to learn from you!I would not hesitate to say that I took a leaf from your book to recognize everyone who took time to read my composition.You are a role model for sure. Dearest Juliet Mai- What a journey it has been in daiji for us! Thank you for all the violets.
    Thank you all readers.
    Which brings me to Geoffrey & Annie M'am.I have not missed out. Only that I'll give my 'view point' soon.

  • Annie Dimple Castelino, Mangalore

    Wed, Mar 12 2014

    This was a refreshing read. Every word in your poem made me reflect on my worth and also reminded me of my responsibilities as I play different roles of womanhood. Thank You Bhandarkar Mam for this wonderful poem. Keep publishing your poems often, they are a treat to read

  • juliet mascarenhas, bejai mangalore

    Tue, Mar 11 2014

    Mogal Bhandumaam,
    Roshan Braganza has already conferred the highest award - 'Shakespeare of Daijiworld'.Your Manorama must be finding easy to swallow the words in daily lives. Kayyara Kinhanna Rai perhaps would be breathing in happiness to know that DK has produced better poets.
    Your poems bloom like Violets in the thorny bush.Keep Shining.

  • Antony Cony, Karkala / Qatar

    Tue, Mar 11 2014

    Bhandarkar Sir,
    Very significant, loved it a complete poem.
    Congratulations, for you filled every Women's Heart with Honour, Happiness, Beauty, Respect and Joy.
    Only you could do on this world Happy Women’s Day,unique style

  • zeena, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Excellent poem Bhandarkar sir...:)

  • anita britto, mangalore /Auckland

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Thanks , Mr. Bhandarkar . Such a beautiful tribute which, when summed up says – No relationship in life is complete without a woman in this world – for she plays the loving Mum, the caring sister, the understanding wife & the lovable daughter.
    Lovely meaningful message

  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    @ Bhandarkar mam , another GEM. keep writing and we as readers always expect something special from you. All i can say is SHAKESPHERE of DAIJIWORLD

  • Antony D'Cunha, Permude/Muscat

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Well scripted poem with a meaningful message. They say "Ravi kanadhannu Kavi kandananthe".

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/Washington,DC

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Agree with Sundari, very talented poet our Bhandumaam...


  • Dr.Anand & Geeta N Pereira, Sakleshpur/Mangalore

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Every word has a wonderful and deep meaning. The Author seems to be sending a lovely message across that "Mother and love, differ only in words, but the miracles they work are one and the same ".Keep up the good work.

  • Jossie Mascarenhas, Bajpe / Dubai

    Mon, Mar 10 2014

    Excellent poem.

    Also geoffrey, hat hill's comments and poetry in Sanskrit stand apart and added an extra punch to it.

  • Sundari Ashoknagar, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 09 2014

    Bhandarkar mamu you are a super poet.
    Nice tribute to women's day. The value of a mother or wife is better known to a person who has lost their loved one. Keep writing...I like your writings.

  • florine roche, Mangalore/Kuloor

    Sun, Mar 09 2014

    Nice to c Bhandarkar in the mode of a poet in his ode to women. While the roles of the mother and wife have found a mention, it is time Bhandarkar talks about the li'le girl in his life to complete where he has begun.

  • John Dsouza, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 09 2014

    Thank you Dear R Bhandarkar mam for identifying and honoring the WOman power & position
    Your poetic words are hard like Kavi Muddana’s, which made Manorama impossible to swallow
    Delivering and gifting strong men to mother earth is the uniqueness of weak women’s strength
    Loving & respecting husband is her crown and ornaments and obeying children are her garlands
    She is a beautiful flower in her parent’s garden and beauty and energy to the house of in-laws
    Fills missing or empty space of man’s life being guiding tool and light to infants and growing kids
    While God is the key player, no man is superior and no woman is inferior, being united body
    A couple is a strange vehicle which cannot proceed, produce and achieve without mutual help

  • geoffrey, hat hill

    Sun, Mar 09 2014

    As per Hindu mythology (given in Sanskrit) this is how an ideal wife is supposed to be, which entirely not in alignment with what the writer has described in the ‘second facet’. Perhaps the writer is closer to the reality than to the mythological ideal state.
    'Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri
    Bhojeshu Mata, Shayaneshu Rambha
    Roopeshu lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri
    Satkarma Nari, Kuladharma Patni
    Meaning :
    An ideal wife :
    Works like a servant, Advises like a minister, Feeds like a mother, makes love like a nymph, is as beautiful as Lakshmi, and forgiving like the earth.

  • stephen, bahrain

    Sat, Mar 08 2014

    And I presume you are talking about Eve

  • Rita, Germany

    Sat, Mar 08 2014

    Wow,article passes to the day of woman's day.can't explain better than are a born Poet.Keep up this view till end .All the best.keep up writing in future too.

  • Santan Mascarenhas, Kinnigoli/Mumbai

    Sat, Mar 08 2014

    Mr. Bhandarkar

    Your ode - a tribute to womanhood is simply wonderful. The words you have ed are perfect. As a mother, sister, wife and daughter, I think God has given a greatest gift in her.

  • Laila Pinto, Mangalore

    Sat, Mar 08 2014

    Well written. Hope to see more in the future... Happy Women's Day to all...

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