Dubai: Oliver Machado - A self-taught artist par excellence

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Dubai, Feb 25: Painting is silent poetry, said Plutarch. Silent indeed and yet expressive, emotive and moving, paintings don't just grace walls but add to the beauty of their surroundings. Thought provoking too in many ways, paintings emulate life and in some cases transcend the fine line between reality and imagination. This perhaps forms the essence of the works of art created by Mangalorean artist Oliver Machado, who is based in Dubai.

The use of vibrant strokes and kaleidoscopic hues to capture Mother Nature's versatility on canvas are the hallmark of Oliver Machado's work. Oliver lives the belief that painting helps a person enjoy life to its lees and that it is a hobby that enriches the soul of anyone who takes it up with passion.

Born in 1960 to Indian Air Force officer (the late) Salvadore Machado from Karkala and Benedicta nee Martis of Malpe, Oliver spent his primary schooling years in convent schools in Gorakhpur and Kanpur. With his entire family supporting his artistic bent of mind, Oliver molded himself into an artist of excellence. He is a self-taught artist who dedicated endless hours to drawing, painting and learning more about his chosen art form.

His family settled down in Udupi in 1973 and Oliver went to high school and college in Mangalore and Udupi. A science graduate from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) college Udupi, Oliver has lived and worked in Dubai since 1986. During this time he has been associated with numerous art exhibitions that were happening, alongside the exhibitions that he was a part of as a sales manager of the Yamaha Musical Instruments. These frequent run-ins with art in its myriad forms further attracted him to the art form of painting.

Oliver fueled his ardor for painting by learning and implementing various invaluable nuggets that he gathered while attending these various art exhibitions. He employs a combination of bold stroked, soul-stirring light and attention to intricate details in order to breathe life into a painting.

Oliver's creative senses were not restricted to the brush and canvas alone. He had his own band named "Stone Age" and they expertly belted out melodies for many an important event. They were even called to perform at weddings, wherein along with singing Oliver played the keyboard too.

His advice to budding artists - Pay specific attention to light before dipping their brush in paint because light helps bring forth the colours in an image. Make wise use of colour in order to make a painting more appealing. He staunchly recommends the use of good quality Gesso to prime a canvas prior to painting and also suggests the use of Titanium white instead of plain white color. While Phtalo Green and Phtalo Blue need to used sparingly and very carefully, Oliver also advises the blending of black with another color rather than using it on its own.

Married and father of three children, Oliver continues to hone his creative skills with unbridled passion even today. His elder brother Dr Norman Machado is a renowned surgeon and professor based in Muscat, while his younger brother Oswald Machado is an engineer and businessman based in Dubai. "Both my brothers have been very supportive and have encouraged my talent as an artist," says Oliver.

Those interested in owning a work of art by Oliver Machado may contact him by email:



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Comment on this article

  • Lancy Madtha, Dubai, UAE.

    Wed, Apr 23 2014

    Oliver a dear friend, I am extremely happy to read this article and view paintings.

    In the recent past lost contact with Oliver. Meghna, you and DW have done justice in getting to know about Oliver, writing an article, publishing along with some of his amazing paintings. One of the best talents in Mangalorean community I have ever met over 23 years ago in Sharjah. His desire is to attend most of the community gatherings/Musical evenings/Celebrations. One of the good community supporter. Wishing him further success and perfect health.

    Lancy Madtha
    Integrated Freight & Logistics Group Companies,
    Dubai, Jebel Ali & Abu Dhabi,
    United Arab Emirates.

  • susan rasquinha, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 22 2014

    hi Oliver beautiful paintings.most affectionate cousin of mine wishing you all the best

  • fr wiliam martis, malpe

    Tue, Mar 04 2014

    hi oliver this postman came late. some body from Australia told me about your paintings. keep it up oliver we r proud of u. god bless you father uncle wiliam

  • Nancy Martis, Malpe/Melbourne

    Sun, Mar 02 2014

    Congrats, Oliver my cousin, very soft spoken, apart from all this he and all the three brothers are good actors though not a profession they do in as a hobby, the elder brother and younger are still are very good at acting, the elder brother had it in him as a child cheers god bless

  • Rohan Martis, Mangalore

    Sun, Mar 02 2014

    Dear Oliver, We are proud of you,your paintings are excellent and hope you come to with many more paintings for us to see.
    Love to all in the family,
    Rohan, Archana & Riya

  • Ashwin & Nishel Martis, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Fri, Feb 28 2014

    Dear Oliver,

    Your paintings are truly amazing , we all cousins are proud of your achievements and talents in the field of art and music.

    Wishing you all the best , and really happy that we have an recognized artist in our Konkani community.

    Love to you, Doreen & Kids

    Ashwin & Nishel

  • vijay andrade, udupi

    Fri, Feb 28 2014

    WOW What a creative painting Keep it up Oliver

  • Deepak kamath, Manglore

    Thu, Feb 27 2014

    Fantastic masterpiece Oliver ,keep up the creative genius in bringing substance to the Paintings which we call as out of box skills

  • ARCHIBALD QUADROS, Kundapur/Bangalore

    Thu, Feb 27 2014

    Hi Oliver, I knew you were a talented cousin brother of mine from the time we played and grew together as children. However, your real 'you' was so far hidden within the family is now coming out in the open for everyone to see. For a moment I was dazed off and then quick to spring back to reconfirm that you have the magic brush in your hand. God Bless you. Keep that magic brush moving on the canvas to create more wonderful masterpieces in the series.

    Why not think of a classic scenic sunset sight of Halealve/Kodi beach (Kundapur) where we used to swim during school holidays. You are not too far off from Leonardo - my brother.

  • enesbee, managalore/US

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Absolutely marvelous painting.
    This is worth celebrating one of our own.

  • Alan and Veela, Mangalore/Oman

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Great paintings Oliver. Keep it up and good luck to you !!

  • Prakash, Baikady

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Great work as well as great man too.

  • Ronny Machado, Udyavara.

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Wonderful Paintings, 'Daiji'.All the best.

    Ronny Machado.

  • Paul D Souza, Bondel/Sharjah

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Very nice Art.Wishing you all the best in future.

  • Oliver Machado, Udupi - Sharjah

    Wed, Feb 26 2014

    Would like to Thank each and every one of you for your great support and kind words of encouragement.
    My sincere gratitude to the Daijiworld team,especially Mr. Walter D'souza for publishing my Art work and giving me this opportunity to showcase my paintings to the world.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/ Bangalore

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Oliver, in my opinion you are a perfectionist in fine arts. What made you to hide this talent for so long? Perhaps you would have underrated your hidden talent, you don’t have to anymore. Congratulations, may God Bless you abundantly.

  • Wilson Santhosh, Udupi,Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Oliver....I knew that you are a great artist when it comes to music & now with a paint brush..Wow.I still remember the songs (Mariola & Venus) you use to sing with the band stone age.

  • CarolFurtado, (Brahmagiri)Udupi/Bahrain

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Awesome collection Oliver! It is one of the best I have ever seen.Keep up the good work! .
    Regards from Carol.

  • Vivian Rodrigues, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Congratulations Oliver! Wonderful stuff. Remember the Mangala sessions?

  • Kevin Mascarenhas, Mangalore/Sydney

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Congratulation! Oliver its times to display them at exhibitions and more importantly hope this exposure will see more paintings of yours on the walls of Daiji readers...All the best Kevin

  • Mansoor Ahmed, Kaup Pakirnakatte

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Nice Painting.keep it up sir...........

  • Ozzie, Ludy, Tanya & Jaden Machado, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Awesome collection Oliver! Through your paintings we are privileged to see the beautiful details in nature that we often overlook. Hope You will have an exhibition of your paintings & creative art soon. It will be a wider platform for truly appreciating your talent. Here’s wishing you higher accolades….
    P.S. The article is missing one very important point..... Doreen's unstinting support for your creative work

  • nishel, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Art is just a magic, your paintings are so awesome. Well done Mr. Machado. Hats off to you for your talent. Wish u well in the future.

  • Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Beal- Karkala

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Congratulations Oliver. God Bless you

  • wilson samuel, mlore/dxb

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Hi oliver,
    Great work,
    Dubai is going all out in a big way for artists and art lovers , you should exhibit and get the best out of this. Many exhibitions are being held at the Dubai international art center . Opportunity for exposure
    all the best

  • vivian, Dubai/Omzoor/Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Awesome paintings. I have bcom fan of urs Oliver. hatz off.

  • Ancelet & Nisha D'Sa, Mangalore/ Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Truly impressive Oliver. Your collection of paintings is really great.Wish you all the very best!

  • Veena, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Nice painting.All the best

  • R.Bhandarkar, M'lore

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Had heard of 'Brush With Fame'...This must be it!This must be it!!!!

  • Ganesh Rai, Coorg, UAE

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Excellent creativity, Congratulations. Wish you all the best.

  • VIVEK, Udupi

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Nice paintings with live colors.


    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Amazing works of art.

    Really superb. I love paintings, and these paintings are amazing..

    Congrats Oliver, keep up the good work, Good luck!!

  • satish shetty, karkala

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    It's very good to know that he is from the same village as i belongs., and what a painting its just awesome., can't have a word to describe it., very good just keep going on your good work., congrats and may god bless u with lots of success

  • Anand, karkala

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Only Painters soul can give paintings life of its own. It looks even better on walls. Kudos to your art Mr. Machado.... Keep going...

  • Wilfred Tauro, Madanthyar,Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    Congratulations, and nice to see your paintings with good dark colors which gives a natural look. Daijiworld thanks for intro of Mr.Oliver and love to see beautiful pics.

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte , Udupi / Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    WOW what a painting!!!
    Hats-off Oliver Machado great talent. Keep it up.

  • Shiva Avadani, Manipal/Dubai

    Tue, Feb 25 2014

    One of the best I have ever seen. Keep it up sir.

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