There was a Man Called George

December 28, 2013

At his home lone, distanced and isolated is the Old man resting on an arm chair, listening to the children’s choir. He can dimly hear and hum them by nodding to the tunes. At eighty three, he remains physically fit but his memories have all faded away, he suffers from Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. He can only utter a few words, interpret his mother tongue Konkani, and can barely recognize people. In the last century, the Old man was never the same, our country can only remember him as a firebrand union leader turned fierce politician who gave sleepless nights to the corporate dons and seasoned politicians in his hey days.

 George Fernandes is largely dismissed and forgotten by his allies and enemies. Shooting back, years ago as a union leader and later a politician, Fernandes played a dominant role in workers activism, labour welfare and largely the left wing union movement in India. In the late fifties and throughout sixties, George Fernandes became a household name in Bombay as he was able to galvanize mass worker support and organize radical activism against establishment, creating a rage amongst working youth in the city. Those were the days when Mumbai used to be called as Bombay and Bala Sab Thackeray was still a Political Cartoonist.

During the 1967 general elections, following his commanding success and rising fame, fernandes was roped by samyukta socialist party ( a segment of CPI Marxist). And was braced to contest against seasoned politician SK Patil ( Sadashiv Kanoji Patil) of the congress Party, who had remained glued in South Bombay region for three successive election years. No one had given a chance for the young, inexperienced fernandes, and even Sk Patil himself pinned down any upsets. But Fernandes and his SSP workers canvassed door to door and grabbed grass root level attention. And for everybody’s surprise, the unthinkable happened, SK patil was defeated and routed out, effectively ending his career, and from then on George Fernandes came to be hailed as the ‘George the Giant Killer’.

Fernandes Poltical career started to surge, while he along with Jantha Party supremo Jay Prakash Narayan and other Left wing Leaders, ferociously opposed Indra Gandhis’ Demoractic Dictatorship. The front page headline in the Indian Express once read ‘Indira Gandhi Must Quit’: Quote George Fernandes. At a Very early stage, he foresaw the dangers emanating from Indira Gandhi’s then Autocratic governance, which later lead to India’s first ever State Emergency, where Democracy was murdered.

But Fernandes hiatus shot in the year 1974, while serving as the president of Railwaymen’s Federation. He along with railway working federation merged with taxi drivers in Bombay, held a strike against Indira Gandhi’s government, demanding review of Pay commission, that soon propelled nation wide. The entire country was brought to standstill on a week long strike.

A year later, unable to withstand the pressures from repulsive public, media and opposition parties, Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, imposed the ‘State of Emergency’, where all the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution were suspended. Several reporters, activists and opposition workers were arrested and tortured. Desperate to topple the Autocratic Government, Geroge Fernandes, along with friends in Baroda, plotted to blow up Government offices in the city( during midnight), by smuggling dynamites, ahead of Indira Gandhi’s visit. But the plot failed, and Fernandes was soon captured and put behind bars, for the infamous conspiracy known as the ‘Baroda Dynamite Case’.

That didn’t stop his rage against Indira Gandhi’s government. Headed by Moraji Desai, Janata Party and its allies came to power in the 1977 general elections. George Fernandes was allowed to contest from prison to the little known Muzaffernagar seat in Bihar. Despite not even visiting the constituency, George Fernandes famous photograph standing defiant with hand shackles drew widespread sympathizers, that eventually resulted in his major triumph, with a world record victory margin of 3,00,000 (three lakh) votes.
At a very early age largely due to financial constraints, and being the eldest son fernandes, was sent to the Catholic seminary. There he noticed that, Catholicism had major contradiction in percept and practice. He began to loathe the authoritarian, Hippocratic and exhibitionist lifestyles of priests, And thus decided to quit the seminary and rush to Bombay for livelihood. He was only 19 then, and faced incredibly hardship, spent days and nights doing odd jobs and slept in the pavement, footpaths and ralway stations.

There, He soon came in contact with exploited workers and began to organize them. His proactivism on workers cause gained attention from great socialist leaders like Placid Dmello and Ram Manohar Lohia. By the late fifties Fernandes had won huge admirers among the trade unions.

As soon as Janatha Party rose to power following the 1977 elections, Fernandes was given the Industry portfolio. And once he was granted power, his natural leadership qualities and his undisputed courage to fight for workers withered away, thus ending the chapter of a charismatic union leader. There on Fernandes became a political opportunist and lost his linkage to the common masses and trade union fraternity of the nation. He contested for Bangalore South against Jaffer sheriff in 1984 and lost.

Fernandes was back with a bang, in the late eighties, after Congress Party’s infamous Bofors Scandal. He contested muzaffernagar once again and won. Later, in 1998 when Vajpayee-Advani led NDA rose to power, Fernandes’s Samatha Party joined the coalition, and was awarded the prestigious defense ministry portfolio. In the thick of things, being a vocal opponent of Nuclear Disarmament in the sixties and the seventies, Fernandes made a horrifying U-Turn and endorsed the right wing RSS-BJP decision to conduct five nuclear tests at Pokhran Rajasthan. This further jeopardized the already tense relationship with diabolic Pakistan, which went on to produce a Nuclear Bomb threatening to obliterate India.

George Fernandes may be a forgotten name today, but his legacy stands tall. He created a sense of idealism and desperation among the youth. He was the last of Indian leaders who fought for the cause dear to them. It is also the vigor of Democracy that made a Mangalorean born lad, without any background, to scale up the ladder and rise as a country’s most influential political leader.



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By Chris Emmanuel D'Souza
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Comment on this article

  • sbanary, saudi/Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 13 2014

    I have a great respect to this Sincere Man, George Fernandez.

  • BENNET VAS, Bejai / Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 26 2014

    Mr. George Fernandes, was, is and will be one of our best Trade Union Leaders as well as a very down to earth, capable and honest Politician. His contribution to our District and state can never be matched by any other politician from Mangalore or DK. He could have amassed millions while in the Defense or Railway Ministry, but his frugal lifestyle proves his honesty. His mother was a wonderful lady and brought up all her kids in the true Mangi catholic way, Georgie given his firebrand nature was unable to stomach the double standards of priestly life, and made a mark for himself and changed the lives of thousands by being a layman. The least that can be done to keep his memory aloft is to rename the Bejai New Road after him. The union Government should have taken care of his health issues, but the late entry of his estranged wife created bad blood and sadly even his siblings are not allowed to meet him. I salute you dear Georgie - get well soon !!!


    Wed, Jan 22 2014

    Bejai New road, Mangalore where GeorgeFernandes'ancestoral house is situated, may be the ideal road to be named after him

  • STEVEN D'SOUZA, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

    Mon, Jan 20 2014

    The Greatest Leader The Country Has Ever Seen. The Most Dynamic And Courageous Leader, Popular World Over. India Will Never See Another George Fernandes.

  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Sun, Jan 05 2014

    A royal Salute to dear George.

  • Alban D Souza, Udyavara Mumbai Doha Qatar

    Sun, Jan 05 2014

    We Salute great Man George Fernandes for his role as a Politician. A socialist ideal man who rose suddenly and departed from politics due to illness Though he is a Mangalorean his was a house hold name in Mumbai during the Emergency and later. He is the strong minded iron leader with guts. Nobody can replace George soon. It is sad that such a great politician faded away from public. Whatever his contribution to Indian Government and people is great and can be remembered in the coming years as Railway and Defence Minister and Union leader.

  • Eustace Pinto, Mangalore/Ashoknagar

    Fri, Jan 03 2014

    It will a fitting tribute to George Fernandes to rename Mangalore Intl. airport as George Fernandes International airport. Shiv Sena succeeded in renaming Bombay airport and Victoria Terminus after Chatrapati Shivaji intl. Airport. Then why can't we succeed in renaming Mangalore railway Station and airport after George Fernandes.

  • Adv. H.A. D'Souza, Kolachikambla, Mulki, Dahisar

    Fri, Jan 03 2014

    George is a self made leader. During his tenor as a union leader and politician and minister has done good work as well as bad work. Please see that every sin carries punishment from the God either it is done physically or verbally. This is the case of George. People of Karnataka will remember him for his project of konkan railway for which he is responsible. But the wrong which he is done only remember the affected people. The person how great he may be but he is equal to other people in front of the God. Please remember that King can do no wrong.

  • Brazil Gomes , Bristol UK

    Thu, Jan 02 2014

    What can I say about this man. A gem among us. It is a shame that political parties have forgotten him. Wish George Fernandes was younger and joined the AAP. All parties would have been given a run for their money. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was not so famous at the Ashok Lunch Home near the Bombay Stock Exchange. Being a mangalorean he never forgot his traditional dress of Lungi and a Kurta for a top and a manglorean hotel to have his lunch on a Sunday afternoon. I was having my lunch at this hotel and he was right across on the other table having his lunch on a Sunday afternoon talking to all of us in Tulu and Konkani. A man for the Masses not to be forgotten. A very simple Man forgotten by the people he worked and fought for.

  • moorthy, mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Jan 02 2014

    Naina, Mangalore /USA....It is surprising to see your comment and we always should not curse even our enemies. It will be inhuman behavior to comment bad about somebody who is not well. George Fernandez is a gem of a person.

  • Indian, Mangalore

    Thu, Jan 02 2014


    First of all I am glad you commented on this article. But please don't write some nuisance here. How did you come to know that God punished him for his Orissa probe findings. Did god come in your dreams and told you this ?
    Please show some respect to this elderly person who has served our nation to the best of his abilities.

  • Antony Cony , Karkala/Kulshekar/Qatar

    Wed, Jan 01 2014

    Congrats Chris.
    The article misses nothing, an excellent one.
    Here, I endorse strongly, views of Austin Prabhu
    While naming the streets, do not look at their names
    but rather records of their good works contributed for our Mangalorean society.
    Should the streets be named after George and Wilfy Rebimbus,
    I am sure, none of our Mangalorean will oppose it. Then what are you waiting for ?
    I do not throw this challenge to MLA J.R.Lobo alone but to MP Mr. Kateel and our City admin.

  • Neil Baretto, Mng/Sydney

    Wed, Jan 01 2014

    Fernandez was a fierce social and a labor activist. Chris Dsouza has put it in accurate words, and hasn't failed to criticize Fernandes's U-turns at the fag end of his career.

    Someone mentioned about Australian missionaries an Fernandez did ignore it. But then, when Churches are bombarded and minority Christians are being slaughtered in Pakistan, How many Catholic leaders, Congress politicians and Catholic organizations have gone on protest? I doubt these atrocities were even reported in Konkani weeklies, not even Catholic priests have raised it in their sermons.

  • Naina, Mangalore /USA

    Wed, Jan 01 2014

    I remember when BJP was ruling in the central, he was the minister, during that time 2 innocent children(BOYS)(Australian missionaries) burnt alive along with their father in Orrisa,by one of the communal group. At that time he was assigned to probe the case, under BJP pressure he was told to inform us that it is an international conspiracy. God Almighty watches all these things, now once a powerful person has become what he is now.No BJP ministers are visiting him at least inquiring about him.God is indeed in control.

  • John Tauro, M'lore / Kuwait

    Wed, Jan 01 2014

    Mr. Chris,
    Please note Mr.George Fernandes contested from Muzaffarpur in Bihar and not Muzaffernagar which is in U.P., the city which came in the news recently for communal riots.

  • Robin, Byndoor

    Wed, Jan 01 2014

    "..... Fernandes political career started to surge, while he along with Jantha Party supremo Jay Prakash Narayan and other Left Wing Leaders, ferociously opposed Indra Gandhis’ Demoractic Dictatorship. The front page headline in the Indian Express once read ‘Indira Gandhi Must Quit’: Quote George Fernandes. At a Very early stage, he foresaw the dangers emanating from Indira Gandhi’s then Autocratic governance, which later lead to India’s first ever State Emergency, where Democracy was murdered......"

    New Politicians of Mangalore.... J. R. Lobo, Ivan D'Souza and all of your Parivar.... Please read this article about a great man called George Fernandes. Don't circle around Oscar Fernandes. We require badly another George Fernandes.

    You may say past is past. But unless you know the foundation of your party, how it was built, you may be ditched to pit at any point of time irrespective of your service to the party. Know what happened to Veerendra Patil, a good administrator.

  • Peter, Brahmavar/Sharjah

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    He is from minority community and not from Congress otherwise at least One train in Konkan Railway named after him.

  • Sebastian - dubai, Mangalore/Dubai

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    George Fernandes is a great leader. If I am not mistaken, the Present Konkan Railway was initiated by him.
    We are very proud of him

  • sunil cornelio, qatar

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    Wow, Great article, well written. I still remember for his daring decision on Admiral Vishnu Bagawat. My dad used to attend his rally's in Mumbai and while I was growing up he used to tell me about his fiery speeches. He also travelled in his old fiat car on the first day to his office at the railway ministry without much pomp and show and showed his simplicity. If any one has recorded of his speeches pls upload them on U TUBE, So our younger generation will be motivated . It is the time for a generous philanthropist to come forward and fund a movie on him.

  • Faustine Correia, Shirva/Bahrain

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    Thank you for writing this article. Very courageous,honest leader.Without him no Konkan railway and Fr.muller's medical college.He is the pride of mangaloreans. Sorry to know about his ill health. May Lord grant him good health.


    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    It is wrong to say that Pakistan went on to produce a Nuclear Bomb after Pokhran Nuclear Tests.

    It was already having Nuclear weapons and immediately after Pokhran, Pakistan conducted Nuclear Tests.

  • Alwyn, Canada

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    I feel emotional when I read about dear George Fernandes Who has done great services to every needy person during his leadership. Taxi drivers to rail employees, transportation to defense with full dedication to his beloved India. Today no one beside to him but the Lord Jesus will take care of his health and grant him good health and heal him from pain and sufferings. For his contribution to India as whole and for DK govt should name Mangalore Rail station to his name and Airport name as Geroge Fernandes International Airport which has to be done whne he is alive so that at least he can see that someone recognized his hard work.

  • Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    Mr. J. R. Lobo - MLA from Mangalore - my sincere and humble request to you to name a road in Mangalore as "George Fernandes Road." We do not have to wait for him to leave us forever.

    There was a talk on the naming Kankanady Road as Wilfy Rebimbus Road and so far nothing happened. Hope to see these two names on the roads of Mangalore soon.

  • prakash, mangalore

    Tue, Dec 31 2013

    J.R.Lobo and Oscar must speak to Sonia and give him a nice apartment and medical help for the remainder of his years in this world. George is probably One of the very few ministers who are alive today from morarjis 77 cabinet. He was one of the most powerfully positioned defense ministers in BJP government. He was a minister in the VP Singh government too. Very dynamic and daring guy. When Hegde became CM I still remember he addressed a gathering of hardly 25 People near Mangalore with full swing and enthusiasm.Great man of Mangalore

  • Praveen, Dubai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    There is P. D'mello road in Fort are of Mumbai, named after Placid D'mello, but I don't know any places in India are named after George Fernandes.I really salute the 2 great leaders of Mangalore who become famous in Bombay.

  • Jawahar D'souza, kadri

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    I am proud to read about George Fernandes. The famous Placid D'mellow and George Fernandes were mentored in by my father Albert D'souza at Kohinoor press in the 1940's.That was the only popular secular press in Mangalore against the British. Both the union leaders started publishing when they were young. George Fernandes was indeed a simple good man. He credited his early adulthood interest in the poor and union workers to my father in his autobiography. Then Mangalore were too small for these two big leaders.Bombay was the right place. We can all be proud to have had two of the greatest leaders of India from Mangalore.

  • G.Bhandary, Matti / Kaikamba /Muscat

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    He is only politician brought laurels to our district by his noble work. He struggled for the working class and the downtrodden in one of the illiterate state and emerged as their leader. He created a permanent niche of his existence by making Konkan Railway. He will be remembered always. No figure like him emerged from our district. God give him good health.

  • Rohan, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    George: great man with great guts I really salute him.......
    No one can forget about his contribution in forming the Konkan railway

  • Gerald O F Fernandes, Mangalore/Ireland

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Alphabet 'G 'stands for the word 'Greatest 'and 'Glory'. The name 'George' derived from the same a alphabet. A man blessed with 'guts' and straight forwardness. We the Indians in general, specially from the DK region are very much proud of his credibilities. George saab has a good respect in all political parties of India and known figure to the common man all over India. Being a Railway minister, Minister of Industries,Defence minister, his achievements are vulnerable. Before the Shiv sena existed in Mumbai,George Fernandes was the Shensha of Mumbai. Above all his simplicity and love to the common man is commendable. Whatever he has done towards the Aaam Aadmi to his country, through his good 'deeds' that is the principles of every religion.(help for the poor/needy) Blame game is our political system of our county.It appears due to his sickness we are all crippled without his appearance in politics. He will be remembered in our prayers for his back to normal.WE ADORE YOU SIR!

  • Albert Gonsalves, Mangalore / UAE

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    George Fernandes was the tallest Christian leader every produced by India. There was a cover story on George a few months ago in a prominent magazine which stated that except for Mr. L. K. Advani who visits him frequently, all other politicians have forgotten him. George was a mentor for Nitish Kumar, Bihar CM, but the latter back stabbed him showing his true colours.

  • Vincent Rodrigues, Katapadi/Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    George is a great militant union leader and also a committed fighter. His ill health cost the nation much as he was performed.Hope for his speedy recovery.Thanq.

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, Udupi / Dubai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    "George" is a Great Person ultimately we will never forget his contribution on Konkan Railway. Oscar fernandis should learn His Passion on work and responsibility

  • george dsouza, mangalore, mumbai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    George Fernandes was one of the socialist romantic to have emerged out from the Lohiaite movement. A maverick who tasted his early success from his trade union days in Mumbai and later on to become a die hard Indira opponent which catapulted him to the national scene.I think he is one of the gutsiest, popular and a militant politician to have emerged from India, not to mention Karnataka or Mangalore. He stuck to his simplicity, basic values throughout his active political career except probably during the fag end of his career. He was contradictions personified to his own political ethics and values right from toppling Charan Singh Govt to the joining of BJP led NDA. His hunger for being in the limelight was visible even when his health marred his mental agility which ultimately resulted in the split between him and Nitish Kumar. He deserved far more dignified retirement than what he has been experiencing through various personal issues and political wilderness. In all he is the most colorful political personality the coastal Karnataka has ever produced and probably ever will be. We are thankful to him for the Konkan Railway!

  • Richard I P, Mangalore/U.K.

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Hi Chris,
    I would like to help Mr.George Fernandes, so could you please provide me his contact details at the earliest.

  • maxi, kinnigoly/mumbai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Greatest self made socialist sensation bloomed from scratch on the red soil of D.K.only leader challenged the Nehru dynasty mixed democracy of 1.2 billion.voice of aam admi in Parliament.we all to be proud of.rose against the hypocrisy of nobles at the age of 18.he still kindles the fire in the thoughts of people of self respect.GIANT KILLER GEORGE.

  • RJCN, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Thank you indeed for this write-up on India's No.1 Honest Politician "A Man Called George" - JAI HO.

  • Gloria, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    It is so nice to see positive comments from many as he is truly a great, honest politician. He and his siblings U.Lawrie and Michael were true fighters of this country...

  • prp, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Whatever good you do, if u forget God, you are nothing.

  • moorthy, mangalore/dubai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    Nobody will forget Mr. George Fernandes. He is best of the best politicians in the country and we are proud that he is from D.K.

  • lancer, mudarangadi

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    how can such a active politician become sick so quickly ? he was favorite for jawans and honest officers in the armed forces. i suspect something wrong was done to him like Israel did to yasser arrafat. There were many enemies of George in army top brass, IAS lobby and importantly USA.

  • KRPrabhu, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    My favourite politician and best parliamentarian. He is above politics and a true son of D.K dist.

  • Rajeev Shetty, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    One of the best politician I have seen in my life.

  • Stany D'sa, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Dec 30 2013

    George is lionhearted and a true hero and will be remembered forever. It is sad that he is been isolated, but politics is a dirty game of opportunists. The Konkan Railway always tickles our mind the sweet memories of George and surely Mangalore - Bombay train should be named as 'George Express'. Long live George and his legacy.

  • Rakshak, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 29 2013

    The GREAT GREAT Leader from Mangalore...No one comes same his level...Real hero.

  • roy patrao, mangalore

    Sun, Dec 29 2013

    Mr.George Fernandes helped thousands of poor people during his active life as a politician & also union leader.
    Whether anyone helps at his old age?

  • Anand, Mumbai

    Sun, Dec 29 2013

    In fact GF is the great son of our soil. The Konkan Railway was unveiled due to the efforts of George Fernandes and Madhu Dandavate.

    Nothing is permanent in this world. However, his good deeds as Union Leader, Union minister will be remembered forever.

    I pray almighty for his speedy recovery.

  • Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago

    Sun, Dec 29 2013

    George Fernandes is my hero ho inspired to do a little in this world. I learned a lot from this leader of all and came up with my slogan as District Governor of Mother District of Lionism for the second time - "Nothing is Impossible." God bless him I miss his actions.

  • radesh, vam/dxb

    Sun, Dec 29 2013

    Good article Mr.Chris, may some miracle happen to his & Vajpayee memory

  • Vipin Bangera, Hejamadi/Mumbai

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Dear Mr. Kharge,

    Can you please start a new train service between Mumbai & Mangalore in the name of George Fernades

  • cliffy, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Thanks for this article. I always admired at George Fernandes for his speaking of truth and boldness including the seminary life. Salute to George for Konkan Railways. It is unfortunate that he did not become the CM of Karnataka.

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kwt

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Mr. George Fernandes became a national figure during the railway workers strike in 1974. His record election victory in 1977 by a margin of over 3,34,000 votes, only with the aid of shackled photograph and tape recorded speech, without visiting his constituency gained him worldwide recognition. His 1984 defeat is mainly attributed to the sympathy wave in favour of the Congress following the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. His greatest legacy is the Konkan Railway which will always be remembered by generations to come.

  • roy, patrao

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Konkan Railway is a great boon to all of us which was pending since century.
    re- name Mangalore rly. Station as George Fernandes stn.

  • Edward R. Monteiro, Kulshekar, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    I salute this great leader Mr. George Fernandes. It was only because of him, the Konkan Railway route was built in a short span of time by his dynamic leadership. Believe me, the present day politicians of both the Congress and BJP would not have done this, like his dynamic leadership. See the step motherly treatment the Coastal Karnataka got and gets from the present day politicians. Lesser you say and talk, it is better.
    In the year 1974, when I was working in Mumbai, he was the Union Leader for Railwaymen, and could bring the entire railway network of the country to stand still. Such was the ability of that man and fought against Late PM Mrs Indira Gandhi, who had imposed a State of Internal Emergency in the country. I admire this man. Jai Hind


    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Sachidananda Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai, George Fernandes was the Railway Minister in National Front Government under V.P.Singh, not NDA Government.

  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    We have seen many non-corrupt Political Leaders in our life and Sir George Fernandes stands tall among them. We can’t forget great Fernandes for making 25,000 Railway Temporary Employees as Permanent Employees soon after he became Railway Minister in NDA Rule. Contrarily many people do not know the history of Feku Diggi Singh who terminated 29,000 Municipal Workers in MP when he was CM. Soon after Shri George Fernandez took over as Railway Minister on the 05th December, 1989 he summoned the Railway Board Members and informed them about two major Railway Projects and Mumbai-Mangalore was the one such Project.


    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Aladdin Pais, Mangalore / Mumbai, George Fernandes left the Seminary because in Seminary he noticed that, Catholicism had major contradiction in percept and practice!!!. This was said by George Fernandes himself in a public function at Mumbai in 2003. I am the Eyewitness to that.


    Sat, Dec 28 2013



    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Hi, Honorable George Fernandes is not forgotten. His life and deeds have created history and he is still commanding respect. He is our greatest leader, responsible for the upliftment of the downtrodden. He definitely had some of the best qualities. It is most unfortunate that he is now facing misery in life. When Bharatiya Janata Party formed Union Govt., I had written a letter to Shri Advani to consider to shift George Fernandes to Karnataka to become its Chief Minister. He would have done some miracles for Karnataka State but God has his Will and only his Will prevails. Let us pray at least now that his health improves.

  • Aladdin Pais, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    Hi Chris,
    From what I understand George did not leave the church / seminary for what you have quoted.
    Instead understand he was tickled by the personal development where his mom & dad having separated was requested to intervene & see how he could get them back together viewing the noble priesthood that he was getting into.
    Being the revolting nature that he proved was his main character, understand made him give up the seminary life.
    I might be wrong so kindly check /verify before publishing my views.
    All I want to clarify is that the church not necessarily is the kind you have portrayed as George's experience / viewing.
    Kind Regards
    Aladdin Pais

  • Ramesh S, mangalore

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    ..Gem of politicians..down to earth, a real son of the soil..i cant agree that allies & enemies forgotten him..he is in poor health, moreover there is family dispute going on which confined him in isolation..

  • Gurudath, M'lore/Mumbai

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    How can we forget about his contribution in forming Konkan railway corporation? He ed a very good managing director for that as well.

  • Arun Kumar, Udupi

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    George Fernades did many good jobs for coastal Karnataka. Konkan Railway, Sea Bird Karwar are important among them. Each time I am travelling in Konkan Railway I will say thanks to Mr. Fernades. When compared to another Ferades in Udupi George Fernades stands unique.

  • Elias, Mumbai

    Sat, Dec 28 2013

    When a tree grows birds take shelter on that and when it falls by act of limitation all birds fly away.

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