In the Fast Lane...

September 25, 2013

There was a time when we used to be glued to our television watching long movies in which hero would chase the villain hours together in a car. The scene seemed to be never ending yet we would patiently watch it with lot of interest. Those were the days perhaps when we would wait for the arrival of postman , and celebrate his advent keeping our dogs at bay,  fearing that they might pounce on our important visitor indeed  ‘the  messenger’ who brings news of our loved ones. Those were the days when we played with our friends ‘outside’ our homes, talked with neighbors, laughed ‘heartily’ at the jokes cracked by friends, exchanged postal addresses instead of mobile numbers and ‘social networking IDs’, wrote letter to our friends and loved ones also sending them greeting cards sifting through a bunch of them patiently, and selecting a one which suited aptly to mood and the occasion. That was also a time as one would recall savoring a ‘traditional dish’ at home quite often, which required lengthy process in the kitchen for its preparation.

Call it a change, progress, transformation or ‘evolution’, the phase in which we are moving seems drastically influencing our lives; moreover, our ‘relationships’. Thanks to the latest ‘smart’ gadgets like smart phones, TVs,PCs, notebooks etc. which have intruded our lives and the variety of ‘engaging’ activities which they offer, we have invented weapons to kill boredom. Now we can boost of improved typing speed, good reflexes while playing games and a longer involvement or engagement in an activity (esp. in games and social networking site).

We now have lot of ways and means of contacting our loved ones, relatives and friends. There are several social networking sites, messenger services, telecommunication services with uninterrupted service available at will. We can see them, talk to them, message them, and send them smileys or cards at an instance. Seldom have we felt any hassles in the way of contacting them now and then with the improved network all over. Yet in reality there surfaces a question – are these means have improved our relationships? The past and present are in conflict when we speak of relationships. Why the urge and longing which we had earlier to meet and speak to our friends and loved ones when these means of contacting them were not there has diminished at length in the present?  These means were to improve and enhance our communications; yet we find ‘everyone’ out there available always but we hardly notice their presence. Our communications have moved from occasional hi, hello to nothing. One question goes unanswered:  Are we averse to these very means of communications, or gadgets or people themselves? Or are we moving with the phase in the ‘faster lane’ where we are ‘busy’ and have become ‘choosy’? Whatever it is, the fact is ‘our relations are strained and it’s time to introspect. It might be an exaggeration to say that there may be a time where family members would limit their communication to ‘good morning and good night in the smart phone messengers.

Technological advances are good and the point here is not on lamenting or criticizing on the growth and the advancement and its effect. It is important to note that in many areas it has improved our lives for better. It is just to highlight and stress its reception in our lives and relationships.  It is about how much one can allow these advances to pervade his or her life. It pains to see a group of friends or children on a common vehicle busy on their phones instead of talking and sharing with each other or a chubby lad being busy on the Xbox being oblivion of the other lad of same age residing in the another flat of same building. We also note a  friend complaining about his or her spouse spending long hours on social networking site. Are these gadgets of our choices have led us into the habit of keeping ourselves engaged in the pretext of ‘privacy’ and ‘personal space’?

There is a saying that ‘life is a journey ‘and also another that ‘it is not a race track’. In this era where fast food and ready to cook items are preferred by majority of people undoubtedly everything moves on the fast lane. It’s a test of one’s patience and how much one can stretch.  As referred earlier in the article even the movies have a shorter duration and people just want light hearted content. Majority want fast results and fast delivery like a pizza. The toll is on the’ relationships’.  Has the warmth and depth in a relationship at the present era is relatively less? In a time which swings between ‘hold on’ and ‘move on’ the main element of relationship is missing -‘Patience and persistence’.

We are not far from the people who have given a testimony for lasting relationships, togetherness, and love warmth in the family and friendships. Sharing and communication was the strongest pillar which kept their unity strong. On the fast lane it is important to pause and reflect and to take charge of our lives again. It is time to draw a line how much this advancing technology could actually permeate our lives. Thanks to the rapid evolution; we may destroy our relationships or ourselves in the process just like technologically advanced ‘Krypton’ and ‘Cybertron’ depicted in Superman and Transformers -fictional movies if we do not learn to master and  use the technological growth in a right manner.



By Ajith Peter D'Souza
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Comment on this article

  • Fr. Rohan Menezes, Agrar, st. Anne's friary, mangalore

    Wed, Oct 16 2013

    My dear Ajith, congratulations on your success providing thought provoking readers with inspiring helpful ideas. God bless you. All the best.

  • Roshan, Shirva

    Wed, Oct 16 2013

    Very well written article. Man has become a slave of technology in today's GenEx world. Gen Next is busy on mobile Apps, facebook, twitter etc. but dont find time to go out, play or spend time with family, friends, relatives. We spend money on gadgets and pay huge bills but not on charity or help somebody. Basic communication skills are diminishing even with smart gadgets around. Sadly but is going Hi-tech.

  • Fr.Antony lbo, Surathkal Church

    Mon, Sep 30 2013

    Dear Ajith.Thanks for the well written article.its write time to reflect on this topic specially by the present youth who are addicted to modern gadgets. Relationship is becoming mecahanicle,personal touch is vanishing ,face to face communication seems to be a history.Its a wake up call to all

  • Joshal Sweeda D'souza, Ujire/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Sep 30 2013

    Well written Ajith!! Keep it up.. Keep writing.. :)

  • prakash menezes , siddakatte

    Mon, Sep 30 2013

    very good article...Well written Ajith..Keep writing.......................!

  • Renny Lobo (Rodrigues), Gurpur Kaikamba/ Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Sep 29 2013

    Very well written article Ajith. Keep it up. I wish to rewind the time and go back to my childhood days, I wish and I wish...
    Keep writing, awaiting..

  • Rita, Germany

    Sat, Sep 28 2013

    A good article.You have written my thoughts.Today technic has us complete in the Hand.and we too cant without technic.we dont take notice of the surroundings many a times when a call or "Play" with the technic.and it is still improving faster than we think.probably our Grand children may laugh at us with their improved tec.saying old Generation.Keep up writing informing the older Generation.

  • Nirmala Nazareth, Byndoor. K.S.A

    Fri, Sep 27 2013

    Very nice article Ajith. In this modern competitive and technological world, Family members don't have time for each other but they have time for social networks. You have explained it very nicely. Keep writing.

  • stephan, mulki

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    gud one ajith...

  • Roshan, Dubai/Vamadapadavu

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Well done Ajith...very good article. ..:)


    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Well said ajith.. keep on writing... i wonder how you got d time to write

  • John DSouza, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    We cannot rewind or forward the time, but it moves on its own fixed speed, throughout the ages.
    Being our life is momentary like grass and wind, we spend most of our time in ignorance, sleep and blindness along with happiness, sadness, failures and achievements.


    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    wELL dONE mR. aJITH nICE aRTICLE kEEP iT uP.........

  • Naiem, Uchila

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Nice Article Ajith , reminded me of the good old days !!

  • vivian, dubai

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Todays children not interested having healthy breakfast like Edle, Mutli,Sajjige bajil and all..they love alwyas fast food like noodles, chocos etc..everythng going on a fast lane. Nice article Ajith..

  • Prakash Baretto(ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ ಬರೆಟ&#3277, Kundapura/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Well written Ajith..Keep writing..God Bless u..!!! "ತೆಯ್ಯ ತಕ್ಕ ತೆಯ್ಯ ತಕ್ಕ ...ನಾವು ಕಾಲಕ್ಕೆ ತಕ್ಕಂತೆ ನಡಯಬೇಕು ನಾವು ಕಾಲಕ್ಕೆ ತಕ್ಕಂತೆ ಕುಣಿಯಬೇಕು"

  • james Lobo, Siddakatte, Dubai

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Very good article. Nicely written, keep it up Ajith.

  • Antony Cony, Karkala / Qatar

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Ajith, it is a great write up. You have contemplated well on subject issue, placed beautifully. Congrats. Please allow me to add few more lines matching your views.
    Carl Lewis to Bolt speed has increased. Fast money , fast cars, fast phones etc., have put every once life irreversibly on fast track. Implications of which has serious consequences i.e., on religious, social, economical, cultural etc., fronts. In one word, sad to say ‘relations have suffered’. ‘No Time’ is the daily answer from children to old aged people.
    People have moved from our land to States, Canada, etc., World also has taken many of its subjects yet again on faster lane over thousands have already registered to reside in the Mars. The very essence in which we live in, is aspiring for evolution or for forceful evolution. Does anybody has readymade answers for it ?, Surely No, but simple answer can be, it is an evolutionary psychology of our time to future.
    Going a bit further, our Mother tongue, Konkani is also in the fast track of extinction. I do not want to name that particular leader, but because of that particular leader by whose special efforts and leadership qualities, introduced Konkani in school as an optional language. Along with that our traditional marriages, bride and bridal dress, vovyo, vojem etc., have found its original place in once fast track of Konkani life. This is just an example. However, if every state, each region, village, city, family has such serious, committed leader, fast track life will have to slow down in once life, taking them back to once own traditional values, culture, folkways and family life.

  • Melwin D'souza, Puttur, Kemminje-DUBAI

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Excellent Article Ajith, Keep Writing.God Bless u..!!!

  • Shashi Prabha, Bangalore

    Thu, Sep 26 2013

    Hey Ajith, really enjoyed reading the article! And, I completely second all your thoughts/sentiments that you have shared in this article!!

    Interestingly enough, even in this fast-paced age, I consider myself extremely lucky to receive a card from my bro/bhabhi (based in the UK) in the post for all important occasions such as X'Mas/New Year, B'day etc!! :D

  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Very correct: and now events are forming in a pattern to retreat to that old life style of get together and fellowship. I do remember calling friends more than 35 years back spending a lot of money on telephone calls, but now with unlimited call through cell phone, and less than a cent/minute rate to call India, I call hardly anybody. The current trend-setting is going to be reversed in the nearest future as the wealth is disappearing, so the daily added pleasure march is disappearing before our eyes.

  • John DSouza, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Congratulations Dear Ajith, It is an excellent article reflecting today's true scenario.
    There was a time when the bullock cart was the major (or the only) mode of transport.
    Due to the introduction of vehicle engine, both bull and cart were kept on the wheels, (instead of merely replacing the bull with the vehicle engine) and pulled with the force of fuel, since there were no good roads like today.
    Either it was the only option or a silly mistake by the auto industry. But, unfortunately, we have been following the same primitive concept of slow and steady style of tortoise, since a couple of centuries, by facing severe problems in the surface sector.
    If we follow a simple concept of bullock cart (pull and move, instead carry and move), by applying the modern technology, we can multiply the fuel efficiency and capacities of all levels of vehicles to several times, eliminate the unhealthy pollutions, reduce costs of running and maintenance of vehicles and provide adequate transport facilities to rapidly growing volume of commuters and goods.
    The opportunity is to break a lengthy evolution of surface transport sector and to make a world of difference.
    The option is to have a peaceful society, stable economy and clean environment.
    Being the transportation and communication, a prime twin sector of the economy, how can we enjoy the status of communication on sky high (revolution), by leaving the surface transport in deep valley?

  • Rakesh Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Well written Ajith..Keep writing..

  • Jawar D'Souza, M'lore/Doha

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Very well written Ajit Keep it up.

  • Naveen, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Wonderful article, Nicely written, mirrors the today's scenario. Well done Ajith.

  • philip, dubai

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Very well written, Keep writing Ajith

  • geoffrey, hat hill

    Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Changes don’t come from heaven, they are man made and are inevitable mainly due to ever increasing population and it’s need and greed.

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