A Dream Holiday in USA and Canada

September 6, 2011

In March, I casually asked my parents where will be heading for our summer vacation, which we generally go to Mangalore, India, but this year they gave us a big surprise. My joy knew no bounds, when my parents said that we would be having our summer vacation in USA and in Canada. Abruptly, I thought of Disney World in Orlando, Kennedy Space Centre, The White House, The Time Square in New York, CN Tower in Toronto, Niagara Falls and so on. I was thrilled, when my Dad said that we got both the Canadian and USA visas. The next day, my Dad purchased the air tickets for July 1 and I could not wait, I was counting each day.

Finally, July 1 arrived and we flew to Toronto via Heathrow Airport, London. On arrival we were received by my uncles and their families at the Airport. After a day of rest, we visited Ontario Science Centre and watched a Crime Seen Investigation show. Afternoon, we went to Toronto Island Park. Next day we went to downtown Toronto and saw the CN Tower (standing 553.33mtrs. /1815.4ft. tall) and also visited the 'Casa Loma' a castle of Henry Palette built in the early century during World War-I. With the thrill of seeing the places we just forgot our jet lack, though there was a time difference of 8 hrs. On the third day we visited the Royal Ontario Museum which has preserved stuffed endangered species like animals, birds and insects. The fourth day trip was to Toronto Zoo. With excitement a week had passed and we desperately needed a break. After having a couple of days break our second week began with East Canada Tour. Early morning at 6 Hwe left Toronto in a Tour Bus headed to Kingston, which was named the first capital of the Canada on Feb. 15, 1841, by Governor Lord Sydenham.

Our next destination was Ottawa (the present capital of Canada) were we saw Parliament Hill, Rideau Fall (Water Fall), Rideau Hall (Official Residence of Governor General). Then we proceeded to Montreal, Quebec and stayed there in Holiday Inn. Second day we saw Notre Dame Basilica, (The Church's Gothic Revival architecture is among the most dramatic in the world; its interior is grand and colorful its ceiling is colored deep blue and decorated with golden stars and the rest of the sanctuary is a polychrome of blues, azures reds, purples, silver and gold. It is filled with hundreds of intricate wooden intricate wooden carvings and several religious statues).

Thereafter we visited St Joseph's Oratory at Mount Royal (One of the largest Church's in North America). The Oratory is dedicated to Saint Joseph to whom Brother Andre credited all his reported miracles).

We also had an opportunity to glance Olympic Stadium and village (built as the athletes residence for the 1976 Summer Olympics). Afternoon we went to Quebec City where we saw the remarkable historic French architecture. On that night we rested in Quebec City. Next day on return we visited Thousand Islands at Kingston which is also a border of USA and Canada. We enjoyed the cruise on St Lawrence River and we saw the world's shortest bridge between the islands of USA and Canada which is recorded in the gunnies book of world records, and some of the islands which are owned by many Canadian and American rich people. Then we returned to Toronto.

Horseshoe Falls at Niagara

Aerial View of New York from Empire State building

White House, Washington DC

Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Statue of Liberty in New York

Our thirst of seeing the sceneries did not end there. The most awaited wonders of the world were yet to see. A day after taking rest we drove to Niagara Falls. As I walked along the falls, taking pictures of beautiful sceneries which was flooded with tourists. Slowly we made our journey towards maid of the mist which is a boat tour in Niagara Falls. We wore blue rain coats and got into the boat which took us closest to the Horseshoe Falls there I felt that I have really cherished my dream. I have unforgettable memories of Niagara Falls. 
The nature's beauty which we enjoyed in Canada was beyond our imagination. Full of Greenery, Lakes and tourists boating and cruising along the river, different cultural activities taking place in different cities with authentic Canadian food was incomprehensible. Our 15 days in Canada were flown like just fifteen hours. Back in Dubai we have experienced sand with hot weather with few beaches; it was totally a different type of experience for us.

We were exhausted and tired but yet to tour USA which was our next destination. Though physically we were not ready to take up the task mentally we were looking forward for it. Day 1: - Around 4 am I got up on excitement of going to USA, I can say I almost never slept. We went to the Toronto bus terminal and took the bus at 6 am to New York. We passed through immigration in Buffalo at around 8 am.

On our way to New York we crossed the Lake Erie - It is bounded on the north by the Canadian province of Ontario, on the south by the U.S. states of Pennsylvania and New York, Peace bridge - is an international bridge between Canada and the United States, Syracuse - is a city in and the county seat of Onondaga County, New York and Binghampton - is a city in the Southern Tier of New York in the United States.

We reached New York around 6 pm. The first thing we did as we reached New York was we took a night tour of New York City. On the way we passed the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln tunnel, we went to the oldest fish market on the Hudson River in New York and from there we saw the BMW bridges (B-Brooklyn, M-Manhattan, and W-Williamsburg) and sky scrapers. Then, we saw the Headquarters of United Nations, Rockefeller Centre which was built by the Rockefeller family and it is located in the centre of Manhattan. Then we went to Time Square. At the time square the theaters of Broadway and the huge number of animated neon and LED signs have long made them one of the New York's iconic images and the symbol of the intensely urban aspects of Manhattan. The time square is the only neighborhood with zoning ordinances requiring building owners to display illuminated signs and we liked it very much. At night, the Time Square offers a panoramic view from any vantage point. I was told that the Time Square never sleeps. That very same night, we stayed in Hilton hotel in New Jersey.

Day 2:
Morning, we visited the Empire State Building which is a 102 story- landmark in New York. It is also the tallest building in New York and from the observation deck we saw the full view of New York City. Then we went to the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum which is a military and maritime history museum with the collection of museum ships in New York City. The museum showcases the World War II aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, the Submarine USS Growler, a Concorde SST and Lockheed A-12 Supersonic reconnaissance plane etc. First time in my life I got a chance to enter a submarine; what an experience!! After that, we went on a boat cruise on Hudson River and saw the Statue of Liberty which is a gift to the United States from the people of France. It is of a robed female figure representing Libertas the Roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue has become an icon of freedom and of the United States. We halted for lunch at Wall Street. In the evening, we visited Metropolitan Museum of Art. That night, we stayed in Radisson hotel in Philadelphia.
Day 3: Morning, we went to the Liberty Bell which is an iconic symbol of American Revolution located in Philadelphia. Then we saw Benjamin Franklin's statue whose photo appears on the Dollar Bill. For lunch, we stopped at Maryland on our way to Washington DC.

We reached Washington DC in the late afternoon. There, we went to the National Air and Space Museum which holds the largest collection of historic aircrafts and spacecrafts. There one can touch the piece of moon rock which was brought from the moon and the space suit worn by astronauts. We learned the history of Wright brothers and their invention of Aero Plane. Then, we went to the National Art Gallery, the Capitol Hill and the George Washington Memorial which is built to commemorate the first U.S President as we passed the Potomac River. Afterwards we went on a cruise in Delaware River and saw Washington DC. We saw Thomas Jefferson Memorial which is a Presidential memorial in Washington DC that is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson and the Lincoln Memorial which is built to honor the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln. We also saw the White House which is an official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. We stayed in Sleep Inn hotel in Washington DC.

Day 4:
We left the hotel at 8 am for Maryland and on our way we saw the University of Maryland. We headed to Pennsylvania where we visited the Hershey's Chocolate World & watched a 3D documentary giving us a history of Mr. Hershey how he started the factory, how the chocolates were being made and we were also given samples to taste. It is amazing to note how the Hershey provided employment to the whole city. Then, we saw Bucknell University, a University of Art located in the rolling countryside of Central Pennsylvania, in the town of Lewisburg. After lunch we went to the Corning Museum of Glass in New York State and in the factory they showed us how different types of glass are heated, molded and shaped. Then we were on our way to see the night view of Niagara Falls from the American side, we passed through Buffalo, Rainbow Bridge. We stayed in Holiday Inn close to the falls.

Day 5: We headed to the Niagara Falls in the morning and there, we watched a documentary film about miracles, myths and legends about the Niagara Falls. Then we went around the Goat Island on the Niagara River which is located in between American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. North America is famous for Lakes such as Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. After lunch, we left Niagara, halted at Syracuse and were on our way to Boston in Massachusetts. It took us seven hours to reach Boston. We stayed in Quality Inn and Suites in Boston.

Day 6: We got into the bus at 6:15am and we were on our way to Harvard University. Harvard University was founded by John Harvard in 1638. It is one of the world's best and top Universities. We also saw the Harvard Library. Thereafter we went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] which started in 1861. We also saw the Boston Public Library in Massachusetts. We enjoyed boat cruise in Boston and saw the City. Our last leg of the tour of New York was the Quincy Market which is tourist market in Boston where we had our lunch. After lunch we headed back to New York and rested in Best Western Hotel in Newark, New Jersey after a long journey of 6 days.

Day 7: Morning, we headed towards the Newark Airport. We took the Continental flight to Orlando, Florida and we stayed in Quality Inn and Suites. In the evening we went around the City and saw International Market where one can see there world's premium brands outlets.

Day 8: We were excited as we woke up in the morning because our much awaited destination was Disney's Hollywood Studios. As we entered Hollywood Studios, I was overjoyed. We took 'The Great Movie Ride' which travels through classic film scenes and Hollywood movements. Mary Poppin's Magic scary scenes as if they are in reality show. We watched live show of 'The American Idol' which experiences the thrills in reality TV show. 'Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Show' was a 30 minute live show featuring edge of your seat stunts and adventure featuring the big rolling stone coming after the actor robbery in an Arabic Souk (market) and the stunts of the actors, roar of fire. 'Sounds Dangerous' Starring Drew Carey is a wacky audio show in which some movements are really 'wacky' in complete darkness.

'The Star Tours' is a thrilling Star Wars flight simulator. The Muppet Vision 3-D' is a hilarious 3-D film starring the Muppets. 'Lights, Motors, Action' is an extreme stunt show in which we saw how big-time vehicle stunts are done for blockbuster Hollywood Action Films with speeding car and bike racing on the road, on water and on fire balls in a market place. 'Toy Story Midway Mania' in which we join our favorite Toy story characters in a 4-D midway style game, playing adventure. 'Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian' in which we experienced our very own journey into Narnia. 'Voyage of the Little Mermaid' is a real live show with dancers and the little mermaid meeting the prince and becoming human. At 8.30pm, we went to 'The Fantasmic' which is a night time spectacular, one hour show with fountains and special effects, laser shows and fire crackers featuring live Disney characters like Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Disney and many more.

Day 9: We woke up early in the morning and were on our way to Universal Studios. As we entered, I was very excited and couldn't wait to go on the rides. 'Jimmy Neutrons Nicktoons Blast' a daring ride in which we board a rocket and blast off as Jimmy Neutron. 'Shrek 4-D' show in which Donkey and Fiona pick of the DreamWorks that Shrek left off and the effects are great as if a spider is coming close and crawling on you, your seated chair shakes and you can feel the sprinkling of water on you as you watch it!; 'Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket' is a outdoor roller coaster and daring with soaring heights. 'Twister… for the audience to see and to feel the actual effect of a swirling vertex of a most action packed tornado and how it destroys houses, humans, animals and blows them away. 'Revenge of the Mummy' is a ride in which we get plunged into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you face fireballs, scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies coming at you and its effects.

'Disaster' is a harrowing and hilarious trip into the world of disaster. 'Jaws' is a boat ride where an artificial shark attacks the boat when you are riding on it. 'Fear Factor Live' is a live show where the audience is given a chance to perform acrobatics, eat worms in a minute and do something daring. 'Men in Black' - Alien Attack is an amazing ride in which you have to test your alien zapping skills through MIB agent training. 'The Simpsons Ride' is a daring ride in which you smash yourself into Krustyland, go into the water underneath and experience a all new adventure starring the world's favorite animated family with the splash of water on your face. 'Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show' which we discovered the secret techniques used by top make up artists to create amazing special effects from Universal's legacy of horror. 'Terminator II - 3D' is a 3-D movie with a mix of live acting, and special affects. Then we went to watch the night view around the water front with fountains, colorful lights and laser effects in the water. Spectacular indeed!!

Day 10: We got up early in the morning as we were really excited to go to Sea World. We left at 8 am and as we reached there we just could not wait to see the shows and to get on the rides! Our day began with the show 'Blue Horizons' an incredible live dolphin theatrical performance with a spirit of its own, featuring acrobats, dolphins dancing, leaping in the air, splashing water on the audience and soaring birds. 'Clyde and Seamore' another live show who take over pirate island and duo sea lions looking for treasure; you feel the tickle in your bone with their high seas highjinks. The treasure is a mystery till the end which is another big White Sea lion.

'Journey to The Atlantis' is a water coaster ride full of twists, turns and falls and you get wet when you come down from the top to the bottom and your heart gives you a beat. 'Manta' is a ride which combines the best of the sea and the sky and takes you aboard a inspired flying coaster, daring indeed!! 'Kraken' is a ride which is fierce, floorless and one of the fastest steel coasters in Orlando where you are upside down and you go through trees, water and you are completely breathless when it stops. 'Shamu Rocks' a live show performed by large whales featuring their stunts dancing and jumping in the water, splashing water on the audience with their tails. What a splash! Last show was 'Pets Ahoy' a live show performed by cats, rats, dogs, pigs and birds. Dogs are skipping on the jumping rope and cats are walking on the hanging rope from one end to the other! It looked as if Animals are at times smarter than humans.

Day 11: We left early in the morning to Kennedy Space Center. We were curious and just could not wait to get inside Rockets and Space Shuttles. In Kennedy Space Center we sat on a flight simulator where we had practical Shuttle Launch Experience along with the sights, sounds, feelings and excitement of a vertical launch in mankind's most complex vehicle. More than 300 men and women have taken their journey into space and in Kennedy Space Center we too experienced how they felt. We saw the largest rocket, the mighty 'Saturn V', America's lunar transportation. 27 brave men, who secured a top a 363 foot rocket, journeyed to the moon and back, fulfilling the dreams and imagination of people around the world.

We saw a movie which was about the first man to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong. We took a guided tour to the historic launch sites of the early space triumphs of Mercury and Gemini, paving the way to America's journey to the moon. We saw space flight surrounded by actual rockets of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, a 3-D film of space and Astronaut's life in Space. We experienced an exciting day exploring the many wonders of America's Space Program at Kennedy Space Center.

Day 12:
On our last day we visited Epcot Park which is a two fantastic world where you can find fun for everyone around the world, beyond the sea and far into the galaxy. We went on the ride called 'Test Track' where you sit and drive a fast racing car with full speed on a racing track with twists, turns. 'Spaceship Earth' is a geodesic sphere, the 13-minute dark ride, shows guests how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future one step at a time. 'Mission Space' is a motion simulator thrill ride. It simulates what an astronaut might experience aboard a spacecraft on a mission to Mars, from the higher g-force of blastoff to the speculative hypersleep.

'Innoventions' is a ride where it makes you to decide what you want to be like in your future. 'Captain Eo' is a 3-D movie of Michael Jackson and you feel the spiders crawling, water effects on the seats that you are seated, shakes seats as you watch the show. 'Soarin' is a multi-sensory attraction that simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over the Golden State of California. So you really feel like you're flying as you glide. There were also other shows in different pavilions like UK, American Adventure, Mexico, France, Canada etc. We left at 6:30pm and boarded the bus to West Palm Beach City, arrived at 11.00pm and stayed in Stay Inn.

Day 13: This was the day of rest as we relaxed in the hotel and spent our time in the swimming pool. After lunch, we went on a drive to the city and to the beach.

Day 14: We woke up at 5 am and left to the train station to head Miami. After lunch, we took a bus tour in old Miami City where we saw many huge old Indian banyan trees which were planted for shade. Our tour guide showed us some famous buildings, the cemetery where the video of 'Thriller' was shot by Michael Jackson, many villas of millionaires inside the city. We went on a cruise in Atlantic Ocean and saw the city of Miami as well as the villas owned by the celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mark Henry, Shakira, Sylvester Stallion, Ricky Martin, Madonna, and many more actors, singers and other billionaire CEO'S of large Corporations around the shore of the Ocean. In the evening we went to the Miami Beach for a swim and left for our Hotel in West Palm Beach.

Day 15: With heavy heart we left our hotel which was the end of our USA Tour. We boarded flight to Toronto via Atlanta and reached in the evening. I felt 24 hours in a day was too short during these holidays. Thus a much awaited holiday came to an end. I hope I have taken you through this article an imaginary tour of East Coast of North America. It was indeed a very memorable trip to Canada and USA with sweet memories that are unforgettable in my life.

By Herschel Rego
Daughter of Sylvester and Palmira Rego, Herschel is a grade 7 student of Dubai GEM School.
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  • Gration D' Souza, Kulshekar / Muscat

    Wed, Oct 10 2012

    Hi Hershel,
    Very well written, i met your dad during sept 2012, he insisted me to read again, once i read earlier, best of luck, carry on your hobby of writting. May god bless you.

  • Ronald Monteiro & fly., Vamanjoor/Canada.

    Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Very well written Herschel. Great Job! Keep it up!

  • Oswald Fernandes, St. Mary's Dubai

    Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Good coverage, best effort.

  • Balu, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    One thing i hv noticed people who criticises America, quietly go to settle there,get the citizenship or many of his own people living peacefully there. People who are criticizing catholic school at any cost send their kids there. This is called USE AND ABUSE.

  • Melwyn SJ , Maria Bakery Lane, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    Congratulations to Herschel! Sylvester and Palmira Rego have given a good guidance to Herschel to narrate her travel experiences. May your visit new continent enlarge your mind and heart. All is well is Mangalore.
    Take care.

  • Rosemarie, Mangalore,Dubai

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    Hi Herschel,
    Amazing ! Great planner for us when we visit the U.S.

  • Gracile, Santhekatte,Sharjah

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    It would be toooooooooo wonderful if u would have posted all the pics u had captured of the scenaries and etc but not ur pics. pls try to!!!!!!

  • Amul, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    Kya baat hai shetty saab, very well said..:)

  • henly lobo, belvai/dubai

    Sun, Sep 11 2011


  • Maria Franco, Fujairah U.A.E.

    Sat, Sep 10 2011

    Hats off to you on a fabulous article. Awesome writing at such a young age!
    Your talent is God’s precious gift to you. Always keep on writing and never put the pen down.
    May the Lord bless you always!

  • Maria, Moodbidri

    Fri, Sep 09 2011

    my fellow indians,
    if something is nice and appreciable, appreciate it. We Indians know what is india. many of the places in our "Mahan Bharat" tourist are cheated, raped, complained abt food poision, there is no value for money, flight delay so on n on. i just don't understand to whom yr cheating?

  • Deepak shetty, Managlore

    Fri, Sep 09 2011

    Well written,But as we are all aware America is getting Poor and worst among all nations. Just watch news people are sleeping in the tents and cars !Besides I think America is the Place bought much evil into this world,and sorrows for the mankind.I guess Hamara Bharat Mahan hai.I love my country and my people.


    Thu, Sep 08 2011

    Great travelogue, very well written, all the details will be of great help to future travellers.Keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Erica, US

    Thu, Sep 08 2011

    This is a very well written article. Please, keep writing and share more with everyone. I live on the east coast of the US and have been to many of the places you describe and had the oppurtunity to visit. I am very happy that your parents had the oppurtunity to provide you and your family this once in a life time trip. Congratulations - I hope you enjoyed your visit to the US. I look forward to my future visit to India!

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Thu, Sep 08 2011

    HERSCHEL: Now you got more knowledge
    about the U.S. and Canada rather than reading many travel and history books. Also, you could finish more places in two weeks than many Americans who are living
    here from India have not yet finished in 30 years visiting such places.

    Keep on writing,
    because at this age you are
    greatly gifted to write like this.
    Congratulations for a well written

  • Suneetha, Moodbidri/Toronto

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Great Job Herschel!

    Very well written.

    Great Planner for anyone who would like to vist USA or Canada

  • ashenoy, mangloor

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Why dream going to places which are boring and artificial. these are the countries with extremes from weather to finance and evrything in between. Living is costly and no jobs to go for.

  • Shereen, Mangalore-Dubai

    Wed, Sep 07 2011


    Well written and keep writing.

    Shereen, Nihal, Noha & Salameen

  • Diana, M'lore

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Very well written... Great job Herschel! Keep it up!!


    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    hi Herschel great. you have a great talent of writing. Keep it up. God bless you

  • Fr Ronald Cutinha, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Dear Herschel,
    Gone through your beautiful article and photographs. Congratulations to all your family members and relatives.

  • Gerry D'Mello & fly, Bendur / Canada

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Great travel experience and wonderful writing. Great job Herschel! Keep up your writing skills. We are proud of you and your proud parents.

  • Alzira, Mangalore/Melbourne

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Great masterpiece of work and well documented. You have the flair for writing and as your aunt I'm truly proud of you.
    Keep up the good work of writing. You are an inspiration for young authors/writers to tap their unknown talent. God bless you Hershu.

  • DR, Ottaawa, ON

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Congratulations!!!your article made a very interesting read.I have been here 10 years in Canada(5 yrs in Toronto and 5 in Ottawa) and haven't done half as much.

  • Langoolacharya, Belman/USA

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Hey Herschel Rego,

    Very well written article...

    Aftr living in US for more than a decade I can say with confidance you perhaps has seen more historic places than I ever did....

    Keep writing and keeep a diary and Camera with you all the time when you visit places....

    Who knows, some day you might very well become a famous author...

    All the historic places of US are located in eastern corridor of US, which you visited...

    Regards and Best Wishes,


  • Praveen, USA/Mulky

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Nice article about your experince about western countries..USA or Canada is a dream place for visitors, once you start living here..it's kind of boring life, most of people get stuck here for making money, more money...more and more money...goes on and never come back their home contry..that's the reality

  • nidhi, udupi/Dubai

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    very well-written.i feel like going 2 ur place

  • Dylan , Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Good one Herschel. Missed you in M'lore this summer. All the best for all your future endeavours.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    For those who have not been to the North Americas this is a good planner. It gives the idea of touring only the east coast i.e. from Northern Toronto (Canada) to Southern Miami (US). Well written dairy, keep it up.

  • CSS09, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Dear Ms. Rego... Nice Article. You are one among lucky kid to have this opportunity of this trip. Thanks to your Parents. There are lot of other topics available, writing an article on those topics, would surely open the eyes of our youth. Some may tag me as jealous. But i would say i am just trying to be practical. You are a good writer.no doubt. You can do wonder by your words... Thanks in advance.

  • Dianez, Mlore/Muscat

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Very well written Herschel! Too good for your age. You have really kept a good detailed note of what you have seen during your trip. Nicely narrated. Do keep writing. God bless you.

  • Stephen P. D'Souza, Kadri / Melbourne

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Good one, Herschel. You write very well. Keep them coming.

  • Praveen, Surathkal

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Wonderful diary, very well written. Makes us feel we need to travel too.

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