Teacher's Day Special: Meet Dr A Lourdusamy

September 5, 2011

Years ago, when I first entered the portals of St Aloysius College, one of the things I was curious about was to know Dr A Lourdusamy, of whom my brother, his former student, had constantly sung praises. Over the next five years, I came to know why the English department of the college was the most loved place in the campus, and why Dr Lourdusamy its most loved teacher.

For those blessed souls who have had the privilege of being his student, Dr Lourdusamy needs no introduction. Take my word, you will not find a teacher like him anywhere in the world. His classes take you beyond the subject, and by the end of the hour, you will be familiar with not just the topic at hand, but everything else related to it, from history to current affairs to tens of literary citings. Personally, it has always amazed me the way he remembers so many things - they just seem to pop out of nowhere, testifying his immense wealth of knowledge.

In between he will test you on your knowledge, so it's advisable to be prepared for a 'Stupeeed!' accompanied with a friendly smile or a 'Beautiful!' if you are lucky enough to answer right. To be in St Aloysius College and not know Sir is quite impossible, whether he takes classes for you or not. He is, as they say, friend, philosopher and guide to every student.

And when I say 'wealth of knowledge' I really mean it. With more than 30 years of teaching experience and a long list of honours, publications, paper presentations, seminars and professional responsibilities to his credit, Dr Lourdusamy is a treasure trove of achievements. Besides being a vice-principal of St Aloysius College, he was the Steering Committee Chairman of NAAC, St Aloysius College, president of St Aloysius College Staff Association, member of the Board of Studies and Examination (UG), St Agnes College (Autonomous) and of Roshni Nilaya, member of the managing Council, Milagres Pre-University College, and subject expert of MA English programme at St Agnes College. In 2009, he was member of a panel discussion in the orientation programme for the Teachers of Singapore. 

This apart, he was awarded the PhD on 'C D Narasimhaiah’s Contribution to Modern Indian Literary Criticism: An Assessment' by  the Department of English and Foreign Languages, Gandhigram Rural University, Tamil Nadu in 2007. He has been a MPhil and PhD guide for students of several universities, Rayalaseema State University, Andra Pradesh and Gandhigram Rural University, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu among them.

Under his baton, National Seminar on Literature has been a regular annual event at St Aloysius College, an intellectually rich event that witnesses a conglemeration of the best minds in literature from across the country, where new ideas on literature emerge and where even students get an opportunity to present their viewpoints.

He was also instrumental in bringing MA English programme to St Aloysius College, to which I am personally thankful to him. A dreamchild of his, the MA programme is perhaps the best feather in his cap.

But more than anything, it is the camaraderie that Sir shares with his students that really sets him apart. If you enter St Aloysius as his student, you will leave the college as his friend, and stay so for the rest of your life. Even if you were to meet him years later, he would still remember you, and talk like a long-lost friend. With him you can share a laugh, share a problem, share anything. He is, what I can say, a student's teacher.

And now, having contributed so much to the college and to the field of education, Dr Arputhem Lourdusamy is on the verge of retirement. "The idea of retiring has not sunk in yet. I have about six months more, so I have not thought of it so far, and cannot think of it either," he says.

In a humble tone he adds, "I did not achieve anything great. Whatever I did was my duty; you are expected to do justice to your profession, and it's all part of my job."

"My interaction with students keeps me going. They relate to me, and this happens every day." No doubt, students have always been the centre of Dr Lourdusamy's life, that's what makes him special.

To conclude in a quintessential Dr Lourdusamy style, "Good Sir!"

By Anisa Fathima
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Comment on this article

  • Shreya Mitra, Mumbai

    Mon, Aug 13 2012

    Prof. Lourdusamy is not only a great teacher,but a great mentor indeed.I had the privilege of working with him during my brief stint at St.Aloysius College, Mangalore.He is a wonderful human being who was always open ans aproachable and helped newbies find their niche in the department.
    It was a rare privilege to have worked with you. Thank You Sir!

  • Teacher's Day Special: Meet Dr A Lourdusamy, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 13 2012

    I had the privilege of having both Mr. Lourdusamy and Ms. Padma Kamath. Add Mr. Sunney, Mr. Subrahmanya, Ms.Zita Lobo and with my mentor Mr. R. Victor at the helm, it was a dream English faculty in the late 80s.

  • Denis Giles, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

    Wed, Sep 14 2011

    Running short of words to express about Lourduswamy Sir. I was his student from 1996-99. I still remember Stupeeeed and Beautiful :) Sir has been a friend philosopher and guide for me. Within no time after joining St. Aloysius, he caught my pulse. He knew my emotional moments and held my hand when i was lost. The best part, he is still in touch with me even after so many years of me leaving St. Aloysius, Mangalore (the best times of my life). Hats off to you sir! You can never retire. Anisa Fathima you have done a great job!

  • Joseph dsouza, mangalore

    Sat, Sep 10 2011

    The students that we were in 1980/81 batch preuniversity at st aloysius gave Lourdswamy a terrible time during the english classes but he wouldnt be intimidated. He had this ever smiling face never to lose his temper.a great soft character.

  • Prem Colaço, Sakleshpur/Muscat

    Sat, Sep 10 2011

    Dear Sir,

    I was one of your student at St Aloysius PUC in 1989-90 batch.
    Your`s was the class which i never missed.

    You have created the wave of English vocabulary and diction to most Aloysian's .
    Not to forget your One Liner jokes !!
    You are great !

  • Dr Ajith D' Souza, Surathkal/ Kallianpur

    Fri, Sep 09 2011

    good moments reminded by the author, although he has not taught me yet being a student of MSW at Aloysius I used to often meet him, he used to inspire trough humor, A great man who made a difference in many.

  • Dr. Zita Lobo, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Sep 09 2011

    It is so heartening to hear from a student even after so many years. it is the ultimate teacher's gift one can get. god bless you.

  • Ruchir Agarwal, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 09 2011

    Sirs was one class which students never used to bunk.I was his student between 1980 to 1985.All the classes were filled with fun and laughter .I wud give anythig to get back into his class

  • F D'souza, Mangalore/Saudi Arabia

    Thu, Sep 08 2011

    Dear Sir,
    Happy Teachers Day. I am your Student in the year 1986 to 88 PUC (PCMB II Batch). I was a student of Madam Zeeta Lobo in my degree (Bsc). Madam how r u? Where r u now? When reading your comments I remebered my college days. Wish you all the Best.Thanks.

  • Anand Menezes, Mangalore/Singapore

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Sir.Dr Lourdusamy,
    Cannot imagine you retiring, what will happen to the next gen. :) You will always be my teacher #1. God Bless.


    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Thanks Anisha for a lovely write up on a Teacher who is loved the most. He deserves this recognition for just being who he is. I had the privilage of being his student from 1984-89.He is My NSS Officer form 1986-88. He also stayed near my House Simon Line, I used to visit almost every day & that time he was Learning Kannada. whenever we give the wrong words of Kannada, he used to laugh & said " ENNEDA".

    Whenever I met an Aloysian now, we would never end our discussion without having spoken about Dr. Loudswamy, and all have something beautiful to say about him. Dear Sir, thanks for touching the hearts and not merely the brains of so many students and we will always pray for you and fondly remember you...

  • Noel Coutinho, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    Happy Teacher's day Sir.
    You are Great. I was not your student but one week NSS camps i enjoyed with you. You are really freindly teacher. I miss those days. 1988-1994

  • Nithesh, Mangalore/Muscat

    Wed, Sep 07 2011

    well i was with NSS and was student for you sir(Out standing student). Nice to see a article on you and wish you a very happy teachers day . Miss those student life in St.Aloysius

  • Thufail , Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Hi madam, happy teachers' day. I was one of your students at St Aloysius during 88-89. As you rightly said you broke into the male fortress of English department, but more importantly came as a fresh breeze of air for the students who were fed up with "old faces".

  • Dominic Dsouza, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    I do agree with Shaheer , Asif. I used to enjoy SIR'S class room the maximum. Though i was completely from Kannada medium when i first attended HIS english major lecture,it was so enjoying though i did not understand a single word except STUPEEED. Reason was the way SIR used to take class. That attmosphere in the class room made me to feel comfortable at St. Aloysius college. I realy thank almighty for giving him as my TEACHER. Thank you SIR !. Very often i do remmber my college days and in that specialy the days with you , i do share every moment , every joke of your class with my wife. It wont be wrong if i say you are one of the better than best teacher. I have lots to share about you ,but this comment box not enough too. Miss you SIR.

    Batch Year : 2001-2004.

  • pearl, mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    good article ani.wht to tell abt sir he is simply the best.i try to imitate u a lot sir but i cannot.i miss those days and u r classes.

  • Prakash, Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Nice to see my sir after a long time (1989-90 puc batch) Never in my life I have come across a teacher so friendly, always smiling and very humorous. he was a friend to me than a teacher. still remember those days. He always called me "quality" because he loved me more than any other students. Nice to see you sir...

  • pof clement dsouza, mangalore

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    it was nice to know about sir lourdswamy
    iwish to share one incidence when in 1984 it was my bday , befor gonig tom supper he came to my room , in the hostel , he said yennada to day dnt go for supper , after the supper of the hostel boys was over he took me to costas ...... then u know so humble , he treated me , besides this he is wonderful human & teacher god bless u sir

  • Pradeep Anthony, pune

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    thanks Anisa for expressing your mind. I had the privilege of meeting Mr Lourdusamy after 6 years last summer. The moment I wished him he gazed at me with his 'copyright' smile and called me by name..our conversation resumed as if we had met each other just the previous day... thank u Sir.........wishing you the enriching moments and fulfilment in the days to come.

  • asif, katipalla

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    i saw two comments from Joel and shaheer i hope this guys are from 2002-03 batch . i was a student of journalism and it was a boring class for me.i miss u guys

  • Rajashekar Bollur, Mangalore/Dublin Ireland/Gold Coast Australia

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I was your student in PUC&BSC(1980-85).This article reminded me  the college days &Your so friendly to each student.I wish you a very happy teachers day &also good health and happiness.

  • Asif, Katipalla

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Its nice to C my sir Dr A Lourdusamy he was my teacher for English Major ..i always love to attend his class

  • Saleem Baji, Mangalore / Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Hello Sir, happy Teachers Day. Frist of all thank you very much Anisa Fathma for a great article on Dr. Lourdusamy. I was his student for almost 2 years as I was kicked out of another (English) batch of Mr. Subramanya and was lucky to be in Dr. Lourdusamy & Mr. RJ Macido's english batch! Wow, it was truly enjoyable to be in the class with these 2 teaqchers! I have had real good time. I still remember a instance when Dr. Lourdusamy asked me a question and said if you dont answer you have leave the class. And before he could ask the question, I was almsot out of the class and that was the last time and after which he never asked any question to me!

    Dear Sir, very sorry for what I had done at that time but you are still in my heart. Great teacher and great personality. Long live Dr. Lourdusamy, all the very best.


    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Dr Lourdusamy is a wonderful person who taught the batch of 1981 English as his entry into St Aloysius College was synonimous like mine. I met him few years back and had the pleasure of having a cup of coffee with him near the State Bank of India Bunder Branch. Happy Teachers Day.

  • Dr. Zita Lobo, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    We were the privileged few when the century old 'men only' St. Aloysius opened to women faculty and students. Professors Victor, Sunney tharappen, Subramanya, Macedo, Padma, Ratan and I were a perfect team in the department. It took a long time for me to wean out of St. Aloysius ambiance.
    It is unbelievable that Dr. Lourdusamy would be retiring soon. Happy teachers Day sir!

  • Padma Kamath Baliga, Mlore/Blore

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    I was Lourdusamy's colleague for 3 wonderful years and still recollect his wonderful warmth and the amazing rapport he shared with students and colleagues... He is a great human being and an asset to the teaching profession... one who believes that teachers have to genuinely care for the students... May God bless him!!

  • Sandeep, Mangalore/US

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Thanks Anisa Fathima for writing beautifully about Lourduswamy. We had another English teacher and we never liked him during those days.Then came Lourduswamy as our English teacher and It was his first year to St.Aloysius. He touched us all with his fantastic teaching skills and simplicity. God bless you Sir and wish you long happy life.

  • Ronald pereira, lucknow

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    happy teachers day dear sir.

  • Lavina dsouza, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Dear sir,

    I was the student of BBM.Iam glad to say that I am your student, and my husband Peter Dsouza (BA) too your student. When we recall our student life in St. Aloysius includes about you. Wish you happy teacher's day!

  • shaheer zain, mangalore/dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Hats off to u sir ,no doubt what Fathima said about you sir .you are the best among the best .  I am lucky ,infact we are lucky to be your students sir,god bless you sir

    with best regards
    mohammed shaheer

  • Donald, Padil - Dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Hi sir, You were the best & still u remain one of my most Favorite teachers.Every single word written in this article about u is true. Happy Teachers Day to u. (1995-96 Batch)

  • Renita, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    I was his student, and I must say his was the only class that we used to keep awake always because his lectures were just filled with fun.

  • rick, dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    First of hats off to the writer, very touching article very well written, bit unlucky though I missed the bus by just one year, as I passed out of this Great Insitution, walked this Great teacher and again another bad luck my daughter just joined Aloyisus and he is going to retire, I guess we need lot of luck, to the writer you have put out a very good write up that shows how good he was wish you too good luck and hope to see many more articles. God Bless

  • Fr. Joseph D' Souza OP, Madanthyar/Switzerland

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Thanks Anisha for a lovely write up on a Teacher who is loved the most. He deserves this recognition for just being who he is. I had the privilage of being his student from 1986-88. And after that whenever I met an Aloysian, we would never end our discussion without having spoken about Dr. Loudswamy, and all have something beautiful to say about him. Dear Sir, thanks for touching the hearts and not merely the brains of so many students and we will always pray for you and fondly remember you...

  • CA Nitin J Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Was truly a Great personality.I was not his student but more of a friend since he used to stay in the hostel and i was in 2nd year Bcom i suppose in 1980, when he joined college.The very fact that a student has written about you on teacher's day speaks volumes about you.Keep up the good work.

  • subramanyam bhat, kasaragod

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    I wasn't his student but hostel mate. As rightly told in this article, we were having an open discussion after dinner almost on a daily basis. His smile is simply adorable.

  • Vijay, Mlore/Dubai

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    A deserving tribute to a wonderful teacher, i had the privelege to be in his classrooom for 3 memorable years in SAC. His command over kannada was very good too. I must say he was a all-rounder, his sense of humor and the way he conducted his classes as anisa has rightly put was a CLASS ACT!. Best wishes to your sir, Be blessed and healthy always. Its been 18 years since i left college, i wish i could still attend your classes. take care... & THANK YOU.

  • Shawn Pinto, Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    Dear Sir,

    Nice to read an article on you. remembered the college days n the funny you. Thanks Sir for the knowledge you gave us.

  • Joel, Mangalore/bangalore

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I was one of your student... one day you caught me when I was drawing your cartoon in the class room, and you showed that picture to everyone and you told ‘next time when you draw don’t forget to draw the hair’   Those were the best days of my life.. Wish you a very Happy Teachers Day..

  • Jyokshath DSouza, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    Dear Sir,

    I was your student in 2nd yr BCOM (2006) at St Aloysius. We all used to enjoy your class...really missing those awesome days...WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!!you rock alwaz!!!all the very best....

    Thank you,
    Jyokshath D'Souza

  • Rao, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    Good Article, Took me back to those nice memories when i was a student. He is really a Charismatic and Friendly Teacher. A role model for the teaching fraternity. My high regards to you Sir, Dr Lourdusamy. I wish you good health and happiness.

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