Let Women Lead the World

September 3, 2011

The conscience of the society is never absent but always sleeping. Each individual in the society is responsible for putting it to sleep, and thus, has the responsibility of awakening it.

The English reading world took several years to come to terms with the fact that the seeds of creativity can grow into tall trees even in women. It is the same with many cultures and traditions across the globe. Many women were driven to take shelter under male pen names to reach out to the reading world. Sadly even to today the classics like “Adam Bede”, “The Mill on the Floss” and so on reminds us of George Eliot but not of‘Mary Ann Evans’ which is her real name. Somehow one finds it hard to associate such great works with a woman author.

The deep embedded belief, that 'creativity is specially designed for man, because he was created first and a woman shares only part of his ribs' has caused all the trouble. It is no wonder that Kathryn Bigelow walking away with the best director and the best movie awards at the Oscar for her breathtaking “Hurt Locker”, was hurting to many across the world who are not used to looking at reality through a woman’s eye. It was not easy for the first woman ever to win an Oscar for direction and for best film. She who in fact was contesting against her ex-husband Mr Popular, James Cameron and his much-hyped ‘Avatar’, to achieve that feat. When a section of people were joyous that the curse placed on women directors was finally broken, the majority of the world was highly skeptic about the whole decision making process itself.

Despite women proving their worth, given a chance in every sphere, still a genuine acceptance of them and their work remains a far hope. Be it music, movie, art, economics and politics, the touch of woman is evidently absent, and that is a sad part of the story.

Equality between male and female has remained the talk of centuries and continues to do so without much effect, because of the fetish attitude of the society regarding women. Women are placed in a golden cage, which is nevertheless a cage but many tend to place the ‘gold’ above the ‘cage’ and say ‘things are actually fine’, when it is not. Gandhiji was not ignorant when he said “our country is truly free, only when a lady is able to walk freely and without fear, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari at midnight.” He had seen the vulnerability of women from close quarters and understood the need for setting them free and treating them equally.  The fact that every three minute a crime is reported against a woman in India, very well holds mirror to the injustice heaved upon them from the various sections of society. Police reports actually account for the rise in violence against women in recent years.

What do the growing literacy rates, developed conscience of the society stand for, If not to tackle and remove unhealthy social practices? It is very evident from the recent instances of violence on women that men who are educated and highly influential are no lesser in carrying out such atrocities in the society. I dare say the hatred or the desire to impose violence against women lies deep within the man who has learnt to believe in his superiority over a woman.

Getting women into mainstream society is the need of the hour. This should enable gaining a free access to every sphere of life be it movie, art, dance, politics and so on. It can be made possible, only by heeding to humanitarianism and undermining differences based on sex, gender and class. We often fail to remember that it is inclusion and not exclusion that is the key to success.

No country or culture can actually claim to have treated a woman equally giving her all the freedom to stand on her legs and think on her own, be it ‘civilized’ or ‘uncivilized’. The highly developed and sophisticated country like America is yet to trust a woman to lead her.TheGreat Britain is yet to find another woman to lead her after Margret Thatcher. No one has ever dreamt of seeing a woman president in China given the present situation. India might take few more years, in fact decades, to give a green signal to the women’s bill and implement it in the parliament. The social conditions of women in Indian villages form a voluminous book of tragedy. The fact that the child marriages and sati system continue to survive against  Constitutional rights, speak for the vulnerability of women on Indian soil. The fight to bring women to the main stream society is worth and never without a benefit.

I don’t think I would be wrong if I say that the world is in conflict today because of its incompleteness and the lack of love and affection that a woman alone can offer. It is not even difficult to suggest that the monstrous world wars would have remained a distant dream, if women were to be part of the policy making and diplomatic process. We have lost much by not letting the world taste and be shaped by the philosophy that a woman could have offered. We have reached the brim of everything, be it global warming, de-forestation, inflation, food crisis, political instability and corruption. It is high time that we let women be our co-partners and co-producers. It takes only a rainbow and a moon light to teach us that everything in nature functions in co-operation and collaboration. Why not human beings?

I strongly believe that we Indians, who have given a special place for women in our culture and tradition, have a greater role in winning back the same at the national and international level. Women are ill-treated in refugee centers, calamity hit areas and above all in their own families. It is really sad to know when a natural calamity hits, it leaves the women twice affected, one by its effects the other by giving them to the hands of people thus making them vulnerable. Women working as housewives are not considered as labourers. They do not receive the respect and freedom that a working man receives. Even to today, the wage of a woman is far less compared to that of a man. The list is endless but you and I can make a difference. Restoring a dignity of a woman is twice beneficial - it helps the who one gives and one who receives.

By Jerrin Chandan, Bangalore
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Comment on this article

  • ashenoy, mangloor

    Tue, Sep 06 2011

    Contrary to the article views,perspectively, if one clearly and demographically thinks more than 90% the economy of the world is driven by women from cosmetics to clothing to household items and goods. They are the majority decision makers for the most part, albeit, should I say, mostly out of the board rooms. They run the important and oldest institution "the family".

    There is clear evidence that when they occupy high profiled offices they can sternly control and manage those positions including the iron fist rule. Eg, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher. Women can also be corrupt like men like Mayavati, Jaya, off the chart.

    The women's liberation movement no longer is relevant. Discrimination against women and men although exists in the society to some extent this gender based inequality will prevail.

    Women can be better than men and at the same time women can be worst than men as well.

    Ability and not gender bias or weaker sex attitude should drive the world in every aspect, be it be politics, business or sheer economics.

  • Sunil Furtado, Barkur/ Muscat

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    It was in early 19th century, Mary Ann Evans used a Male name as her Pen name. We now live in a modern world and recognition of Women writers is no longer a issue as more than 15 of them have won Noble prize for Literature and some to the likes of J K Rowling, Enid Blyton have amassed great name, fame & fortune. That would not have been possible if there was any discrimination against them. Further, you yourself have written about Kathryn Bigelow’s winning the Oscars just recently, if so, what more “lack of genuine acceptance” you are talking about?
    Your article laments about lack of Woman Head of State in US, Britain etc. Mind you these are the countries where women enjoy the maximum freedom compared to countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, which had Women Presidents/ Prime Ministers. It clearly implies that solution does not lie in putting a woman on an important chair. By the way, have you heard of Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton? They were/ are very much part of policy making and diplomatic process – Has that stopped wars being fought? Appreciation, special place, equality, recognition etc cannot be given on a platter by anybody, it has to be earned.
    I am sure you are a good writer. But to be the best one, avoid such run-of-the-mill articles, written without homework, only to fill space. Otherwise, they only end up making mockery of an important issue like emancipation of women and a man’s role in it.

  • sapna, manglaore

    Mon, Sep 05 2011

    ofcourse if men become hijdas and slaves of woman then women will rule the world or else no chance of this dream......

  • mustafa, ksa

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    Very true dear Maurice, Mangalore/Saudi..
    I believe that both male and female attributes (in part biologically determined) should be valued because sometimes the male way is needed and other times the female way is needed.
    I don' t think women are capable to rule the world due to the common nature they persist .
    In general life is not fair to women comparing to men if she enters into this field.... They have to give up kids for a career, by and large. and if they have kids, they must do more than their share of the household chores. Also, even in this era of liberation they have a fine line to walk, and still cannot come across as “too aggressive”. That's the nature .. we have to accept it.

  • Koni Prakash Naik, Kundapur, Muscat

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    I fully agree with Mr. Maurice' views. We are in the 21st century and women have been given all that they deserve in the modern society. The proof is that there are thousands of women already in top positions all over the world, be it political, commercial, social or cultural, depending on their ability to reach such positions. ABILITY is the key world here.

    If we talk about atrocities or ill-treatment, it exists in all genders, but some are highlighted and some are just tolerated. The fight / jealousy between women is much deep rooted than in men for centuries.

  • Avidhan, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    I second the opinion expressed by Maurice, fight is never between a man and woman, it is always between women themselves! whereas men will always treat a capable woman with respect for that we have examples Mrs.Indra Ghandhi, Mrs Sonia Ghandhi, Mrs. Bhutto ,Mrs.Zia, Mrs. Bandaranaike and Mrs.Kumaratunga, this are supposed to be in South Asian 'Conservative' society !

  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    MAURICE: Your second paragraph
    is a straight question to be answered by all. It is very pathetic to see the treatment of
    daughters when compared to sons
    in the families! Why some parents
    are discriminating their daughters
    while they share the family wealth?
    At first, eradicate the discrimination of the daughters and sisters at home, before we start talking about the issue at a national level.

  • Maurice, Mangalore/Saudi

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    The article might sound a great thought, but, in reality it does not. That is totally wrong thinking that, if if if if, women given a chance, they would do better than man etc. The "ifs" have no specific result, so, only one can imagine and dream by saying these "ifs". Men and women can be treated as equal for a humanity sake. If you see the history, there lot of queens who ruled the world and vanished, they have not done some miralcles.

    Also, if you we see the present women politicians, like, Jayalalitha, Mayaavati are the most corrupt leaders. India Gandhi was a great leader, but due to her policies, she had to die for the wrong things she did. We should start the equality of women and man from our home itself before expecting it from public. We treat our daughters, sisters with great respect by keeping a high hope, however, the same way, we always find problems with the women who married to our brothers. The truth is that, the fight is always with mother in law to daughter in law, which means women versus women. Instead of looking gender based leaders to lead the world, let us look for the capable persons who have accomplished their life with hard work and leadership capabilities.

  • Prema B.S., mangalore

    Sun, Sep 04 2011

    Good article .
    thanks for thinking about women.
    let every women deeply think on her role in this world.
    She also can be a strong instrument to change this world.
    i wish that each woman open her eye
    including me to make this dream come true .

  • Lavita D'souza, Mangalore / UAE

    Sat, Sep 03 2011

    Nice article Jerrin ....keep writing ....Good Luck !!

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sat, Sep 03 2011

    Good article touching a deeply
    sleeping subject. Probably the
    religious misinterpretation might have played a
    key role in the subjugation of
    women down through the centuries.
    God has not discriminated the women in creating inferior to men
    in anything, but a vast majority of the men have a ready-made mind that they are superior to women
    in everything. Even though there are solid laws in many of the
    western and developed countries that the women are not disciminated in any manner, still some underlying discriminatory
    tricks are practiced. It is too
    terrible to watch, how women are
    being mistreated in some countries.
    However, now more women are coming forward to exercise their God-given freedom, brain and ablilities which is a very positive
    and commendable forward march of the times.

  • geoffrey, hathill

    Sat, Sep 03 2011

    Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Maggie Thatcher, have held very powerful positions. But like their male counterparts they too have had their rises and falls, achievements and failures. Had there been anything so conspicuous or so exclusively outstanding in the manner they functioned, it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the mankind and consequently by now major part of the planet would have been ruled by petticoat governments.
    Agreed, in blue collar employment market there’s difference in wages in some countries, but when it comes to white collar jobs there’s no gender discrimination in wages at work. In fact women are entitled to more income tax rebate in India.

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