The Ironical Eco-warrior

August 28, 2011

“Only when the last tree has been cut down,

Only when the last river has been poisoned

Only when the last fish has been caught

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten”

In these technologically advancing times, the present world has been undergoing drastic changes in various fields. Irrespective of how big or small these fields are, people always find that these days everything is faster, newer and easier. The modern man has been working hard and striving towards progress through these currently occurring changes. But, unfortunately, these changes have been proved to be more of a curse than a blessing as it has ultimately caused global issues like pollution, deforestation etc

For as long as I can remember I have always had a deep passion to save the environment. At home, I always try to find alternative options for the large amount of plastic bags that are accumulating, I’m always complaining about how all offices and shopping malls leave their lights switched on long after hours. I also find that travelling the metro or any other form of public transport is much more eco-friendlier than travelling separately as this only contributes to the world’s ever increasing pollution scenario.

By these examples, I sound like a total environmentalist, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought so too. Until I finally experienced what nature is like. Firsthand.

Whenever I visit India during the summer vacations I’m always welcomed by a heavy shower of rain. Honestly speaking, even though I’m against the entire concept of global warming and the whole world heating up merely due to man’s greed and man’s injudicious use of resources, I’m not exactly a big fan of rain either. I always try to stay as far away from rain as humanly possible. Secondly, my house in India is quite close to the woods so in the morning I’m always faithfully woken up by the shrieks of the peacocks that escape into my garden. I’m fully aware that the peacock is the national bird of India and I, as a proud Indian, should take pride in its majestic beauty and everything but I would really appreciate it if it would stop substituting for my alarm clock and snap me out of my sleep when it is still dreadfully dark outside.

The worms and centipedes in my garden are a different matter altogether. As surprising as it may seem, worms are actually agriculturally vital organisms whose contribution to the environment can be stated as anything but insignificant. They are known to make the soil more fertile and boost plant growth. They also help to increase wheat production by about a 100%. But it is extremely easy to appreciate and gasp in awe at how marvellous worms are when I am stuffed inside an apartment in a big city where I have never actually seen one in the flesh before. But now that I have actually seen them live, I would exchange the sight of its slimy body for the screeching wakeup call of the peacock, in a heartbeat.

But at the end of the day, I guess I can never actually hate the environment all that much. Sure, nature is gross and disgusting and watching only trees and greenery around is anything but entertaining and can even drive you crazy for a while. But I guess that is the fact of the matter. Amidst all these simple and avoidable shortcomings nature continues to be our home. It is nature’s cool air that we breathe, refreshing water that we drink, lush and green trees that we shelter in, fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat and abundant resources that we freely use.

Finally, when all our machines fail, software’s break down and infrastructure crumple to the ground nature will be the only force willing to welcome us back into its loving care. Nature shall continue to be the binding force of all civilisation. Now, after everything it has done for us, it is our turn to help it during its gravest hour. Man’s unsatisfiable need has almost led the environment to its bitter death and now we are the ones who have to pay for our actions. We must join hands with one another and together work towards saving our world, bit by bit, if not for us at least for the sake of our future generation whose words of gratitude shall never be heard.

After all, "a society is defined not only by what it creates but also by what it refuses to destroy."

By Dalia Jane Saldanha
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Comment on this article

  • Aloysius Merlyn Dsouza, Kanajar/Doha

    Sat, Sep 03 2011

    Congratulations!!!!Great article. we are proud of you. Keep writing. Congrats to your proud parents, our kumpar and kumadre.
    All the best

    Uncle Aloysius
    Aunt Merlyn

  • Roshan Braganza, UDYAVARA

    Thu, Sep 01 2011

    Hey Dalia Aunty...Nice article , keep up the good work. Words were very astonishing and inspiring!!

  • Nancy Lobo, Cananda

    Wed, Aug 31 2011

    Congratulations! Beautiful, thoughtprovoking and great article.
    Keep writing and All the best for more. Luv Ya!

  • Florine, Belle/US

    Wed, Aug 31 2011

    Hi Dalia,

    Congratulations on the precise, yet beautifully worded, thoughtful and an inspiring article on the environment. Really amazed at your ingenious young mind. You have great writing skills. Keep up the spirit and I look forward seeing to more articles from you on different issues.

  • Joyce Sequeira, Pamboor/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 30 2011

    Good and instructive article. Hope such kind of environmental articles create awareness to our new generation.
    Keep writing and good luck

  • Jane Aranha, Nanthoor/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 30 2011

    Well done Dalia, Brilliant & Keep going!!! God Bless you.

  • Avil Dalmeida, Moodubelle/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 30 2011

    Congratulations Dalia.Nice article. Keep writing.Keep up the good spirit and good work.All the best.

  • Jasmine Tauro D'souza, Bejai/Kanajar/Dubai

    Mon, Aug 29 2011

    Hi Dalia,
    Nice article on our environment...Really an eye opener...Hope all youngsters give it a serious thought to preserve Mother Nature...Look forward for more articles from u....Good luck and God Bless

  • asheony, mangloor

    Mon, Aug 29 2011

    "when all our machines fail, software’s break down and infrastructure crumple to the ground nature will be the only force willing to welcome us back into its loving care"

    Golden words I should say. But, wait,and even humans depart from this chaos, nature will take them back indeed.

    The whole world, the multi-billion corporations including governments talk about protecting the nature and at the same time keep on destroying it merely for economic waste. This is trechreously hypocritic indeed.

    Today we are so happy that we are living in the modern world, but are we?

    Humanity has polluted our drinking waters, and we are forced to drink bottled water, Our oceans are contamininated and we can not eat that fish anymore, Our natural forests and trees are cut and we are growing small trees in concrete jungles for the natural beauty and fresh air. We want peace of mind from the chaos of modern living and we go away for nature on vacation.

    Yes, we are eco-enimies by every thing we do to in the so called modern world and we put slogans of eco-friendliness.
    What a hypocracy?????

    "If every one lives and behaves conciously, we do not have to worry about protecting nature and the nature will protect us. If we destroy the nature we will be destroying ourselves" Its simple.

    Nature is sacred, its God given and we have no right to destroy it.

    Yours is a wonderful thought but its just a thought until humanity makes it happen.

  • Leena (Barboza) Fernandes, Kanajar/Kuwait

    Mon, Aug 29 2011

    Nice article. Keep up the great job. Keep writing more & more nice/wonderful articles. Wish you good luck for the future accomplishments.

  • olvin quadras, belvai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    congratulations.nice article keep writing.

  • Leontia D'Silva, Karkala / Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dude...!! You're just awesome man...!! <3 )

  • mahima gowda, Bangalore

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    your website has fantastic ranking in worldwide web observer. I am amazed to see so many young writers on this forum. Today, mainly teens are spending time in social networking sites for unproductive issues. But good number of youngsters writing creative articles here. Very good prospect for our country. jai hind

  • arathi Kothwal, Bangalore

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    It's great to see young minds of India using webmedia to create awareness on issues like environments. Very few younsters are interest in such subjects. Appreciate this webportal for giving platform to young writers. This is great hope for united India.

  • Anand, Karkala/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dear Dalia,
    I am not your uncle, still I like the language and the way you presented the artilce in a simple and formidable manner. It reminds me of the days I spent in Bailur during my childhood days. Literally, it made me go back and recollect those moments.

  • Nishan Fernandes, Santhekatte/Kuwait

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Congratulatins Dalia!!!
    Nice Article, Well done..Keep it up.

  • Raviraj Shetty, Balkunje, Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Very nice article, keep writing such wonderful stuffs
    Wishing all the best

  • Reyon & Rishon, uae,dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Your article is giving me courage to do some good things for the environment.

  • geoffrey, hathill

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    In the literary world it is customary (and modest too) to indicate the name of the originator whenever you quote his/her quotation . In this article the last line "a society is defined not only by what it creates but also by what it refuses to destroy" belongs to John Sawhill. This is not to discourage the budding writer, but to inculcate the right attitude.

  • Roshan D'sa, Udupi / Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Nice piece of writing Dalia, Keep up the good work

  • Vijay/Nisha Barboza, Kanajar / Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dear Dalia,
    Good Article, Great thoughts.
    Ur concern for nature well expressed in words, God bless you in your future endevours. Keep Writing !!
    Vijay Uncle, Nisha Aunty, Vian and Nevaan

  • Veronica Alva, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Well written Dalia.Your thoughts about the protection of nature are real praiseworthy.Keep it up.When a young girl like you writes such an alarming article,I think we adults surely take it seriously and contribute to the mother earth as much as we can.Hoping to read more such articles from you in future too.
    May God bless you.Your proud aunt.
    Veronic alva & fly

  • Dave, Mangalore

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Well written Dalia-looking for more.
    In the last sentence, if you interchange-unsatisfiable with insatiable would sound better, though technically both convey the same meaning.
    All the Best, May God Bless You.

  • jessy dsouza, mangalore

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    hi dalia, nice and meaning article...congrates and keep it up. god bless.proud of you too.

  • Irene Quadros , Shirva/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Very well written Dalia,good work,keep it up.

  • Kishore Roshni noronha, Pamboor/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dear Dalia,
    Congratulations,Nice Article.Keep it up

  • Mitha, Udupi

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Good Work Dalia, Amazed that a young child like you can think so maturely, hope our politicians too can think this way and realise that as you said money cannot be exchanged for nature, I think they will try to bribe nature too. But I really hope and pray that we can surely do something about it.

  • Mary Saldanha, Kanajar/Andheri

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Congrats Dalia, I am happy to know that such a young girl like you thinking about environment at this age. Keep the spirit going. Like you, I too as a responsible citizen, doing a bit to save environment from floods, water clogging(referring to floods in mumbai)ie.,seperating wet & dry garbage, plastic as small as chocolate wrapper & appeal to all citizens to do the same in their homes, thus we can be a part of themission "Save the Mother Earth".

  • John Saldanha, Kanajar/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dalia, Well done, congratulations and look forward to more articles.

  • Sunitha DSilva, Karakal/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dear Dalia,

    I appreciate your thoughts... very nice article … and a great job! Keep it up.

  • James Miranda, Elinje/Bahrain

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Dear Dalia,
    Congratulations,Nice Article. The good thing is, you have put it in a simple language.It will definetley encourage young generation to care and preserve the environment. good luck, write more articles on environmental issues.

  • Reshma Cutinho, Bahrain

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Good article. Yougnsters must come openly to creat good awareness on ecological subjects

  • Jagjeet Singh, New Delhi

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Its great to see that young guns of our nation are creating environment awareness through creative writing. All the best

  • geoffrey, hathill

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Much has been said and written about protecting environment but little has been done. When countries have high energy consumption, it is impossible to prevent pollutants from being emitted. US of A for example, make up 4% of world’s population but takes 25% share in planet’s total carbon dioxide release into atmosphere. Developing economies like India and China catching up fast. On the other hand, some developed Scandinavian countries have switched to eco friendly solar, hydroelectric and nuclear power and New Zealand to renewable geothermal energy.
    If countries make an honest effort to make use of their geographical advantage to meet the increasing demands of their energy needs, environmental issues can be alleviated if not annihilated.

  • Benedicta Lobo, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Congrats, nice article, we are proud of you darling, keep writing more & more such articles.
    God bless you,
    Boniface uncle & Benny aunty

  • John DSouza, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Thanks Dalia for your eye opening article about the environment. Actually, we don’t have to wait till the last tree, fish and failure of technology. We can think of some alternatives where air pollution and sound pollution can be reduced. One of them is to reduce the use of costly fuel which is environmental hazardous too.

    Tele-mobile revolution of a decade, Auto-mobile evolution for ages
    A revolutionary thought with a new and simple concept
    Expected five folds of increase in the capacity of existing vehicles
    Minimum use of costly fuel, maximum use of free and natural energy
    Enormous job opportunities with a ray of hope, peace and stability
    Amazing and incredible solutions with multiple benefits

  • Mary Goretti Mendonca, Kanajar/USA

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Congratulations Dalia!
    Very good article on Ironical Eco-warroir. Keep up the good spirit and good work.

  • Lawrence Saldanha, Kanajar/Kuwait

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Dear Dalia,

    First of all, I, as uncle, am proud of you for being an environmentalist with a burning concern for the environmental issues. Few words but concise, nicely put for the cause and more importantly the tiny mind which it is coming from should alert the young, old and the intellectuals to be concerned too. Keep it up and I won't be surprised if I see you as an UN ambassador for Environment one day. Good luck and all the best.
    Uncle Lawrence Saldanha, Kanajar (in Shanghai, China)

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