Technology Vs Human

August 27, 2011

Eid Al Fitr is fast approaching and nobody cares to prepare to send kindhearted and caring messages through Eid cards to their family members, relatives and friends well before hand, so as to reach them on the occasion of auspicious Eid.

We cannot, because the modern technology has taken over the previously believed long-lasting custom of sending Eid cards. Sending the messages through email or SMS is just a click away, notwithstanding whether it enfolds the actual human touch.

The Eid cards used to be available in great quantities with book sellers, at general stores, and even at push carts. The business of selling Eid cards has now become obsolete.

 I remember clearly, during my childhood, my father used to take me to market exclusively for the selection of Eid cards. He was so particular to make me select the cards for each relative; grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, friends and on and on. He used to help me select the printed matter of each card accordingly. The cards used to contain the appropriate messages for the respective addressees. My father used to help me write a line or two, with my own handwriting, in addition to the printed matter, so that to express and convey a personal touch of real feeling. Eid cards used to be full of life and emotion. I have seen tears in the eyes of my grandparents and parents after reading Eid cards.

In old days, Eid cards from family members and friends were the much-awaited events. We used to wait to hear the voice or the “knock” of the postman.

Now-a-days, the voice of the postman or his “Knock” are no longer there, instead we hear a message or notification tune. When we open the inbox, we encounter with plain lifeless Eid Mubarak message and wonder whether it was sent to us in particular or was sent by marking “all” in one “go”.

Agreed, modern technology in various means is a blessing in disguise; however, in one way or other, it is taking out the true “life” from us.


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By Faheem Jawaid
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Comment on this article

  • Philip D'Souza, Kumta

    Sat, Sep 03 2011

    Eid Mumbaraq to all the readers! Mr. Faheem you have rightly reminded us about the old custom and it is true when we receive greetings for the occasions like Eid, Christmas, Dewali we do feel great happiness. Some people do not know the exact meaning of greeting cards and those people did not know they would say it is a western style, there is not only in this world wester countries existing but other too. Mr. Faheem if you have such articles bring to our knowldege and rememberances.

  • Syed Abdul Baqi, Hyderabad - Cochin

    Fri, Sep 02 2011

    Today's life is becoming more mechanical. It seems there is no place for delicate personal feelings left in our lives. Faheem Jawaid has highlighted such missing-feelings on the right occasion. My Salaams to you Faheem Jawaid. Daijiworld please do continue posting such close to heart articles for us.

  • Santosh Kumar, India

    Fri, Sep 02 2011

    What derogatory and irrelevant statement you found in my comment! Instead of defending, you are alleging daijiworld.

  • Mansour Liaqat, Ahmedabad - Riyadh

    Wed, Aug 31 2011


  • Imtiaz Aslam, New Delhi

    Wed, Aug 31 2011

    What a wonderful piece of feeling, which this period of modern technology devoid of. There is no denying the fact that modern technology has given us fast and convenient life, but this resulted in the loss of real feelings in our relationships. Superb article Faheem Jawaid. Million thanks to Daijiworld for covering such naive and untouched areas of life.

  • Mohamad Saifuddin, warangal

    Tue, Aug 30 2011

    Yes we are loosing the personnal touch and the attagement in this new TECH world. To be frank I still have the GREETING CARDS send by my sister when I was in S.A AND she is no more but her penhand writing still I enjoy and even her childen, thay barow those cards from me and feel there mother's writing even today. CAN THOSE FEELINGS PROVIDE TODAY'S HITECH MASSAGES.NAVER. Faheem we should keep sending IDD Cards may be those wonderful IDD massages only will be left out after we passaway.

  • RAFEEQ AHMED, Kolkata : Doha/Qatar

    Tue, Aug 30 2011


  • Santosh Kumar, India

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    Sending, receiving Greeting cards is western culture adopted by Islam.
    I have Leaflets circulated by Islamic Dawa centers that the Muslims should not greet non-Muslims for non-Muslims festivals.

  • paul dsouza, balakunje

    Sun, Aug 28 2011

    i wish all my muslim comunity (in advance)a very HAPPY EID & PROSPORUS DAYS AHEAD. EID MUBARAK & GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Juwairiya muzaffer, Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh.

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    assalam wa alaikum uncle..good uncle i dont agree wid u totally coz if 2day pple r nt sndng d eid cards n r sending emails or msgs den it is truly n compltly der fault coz BIRTHDAYS N ANNIVERSARY'S r also wished thru msgs n mails bt den pple meet in personnel greet n give away d bday in diz modern wrld of science n technology wen bday crds anniversary cards tchrs day crds get well soon crds r given den eid crds can also b given bt den idz juz v pple who take it LIGHT n opt for d easy n most cmfrtble way to make our life simplier n eaiser n less stressed!! wat u tld z absolutely ryt dat 2day drz no xchngng of eid crds bt tchnology iznt rspnsble 4 it!! ALHUMDULILLAH tchnology has helpd human a lot n on d same hand made human LAZZZZY a LOT !! more love n gratiude can b shown thru cards,dats ryt coz it will b a memory dat can cherished later on bt a phnecall full of love can also compansate d absence of eid cards!! hope u too agree wid me uncle :)

  • Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg Germany

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    First of all I wish all Muslims who read Daijiworld a very Happy Eid.

    Eid is a time to fast, to pray, to read the Holy Quaran, to reflect and to see the needy and poor and to help them.

    EID gives opportunities to change something in life.

    It is a precious and wonderful time.

    Dear Faheem gone are the old days and nobody cares to prepare to send kindhearted and caring messages through Eid cards to their family members, relatives and friends well before hand, so as to reach them on the occasion of auspicious Eid.

    Technology and the internet have changed values and habits but was is wrong with it that the modern technology has taken over the previously believed long-lasting custom of sending Eid cards.

    It is not important if one receives a handwritten Eid card or sent by the internet.

    Friendships, relationships, trust, dignity, mutual understanding, respect and tolerance share with each other and to rely on.. that counts.

    Nowadays we hear a message or notification tune.

    But one sees by receiving an Eid card that others think of him/her, that is important.

    The old times will never come back but EID will be celebrated forever.
    That knowledge is wonderful for Muslims all over the world.

    I remember I received my last handwritten Easter or Christmas card 10 years ago.
    Since then I hear a notification tune.
    And I know friends think of me.

    Best regards

    Kurt Waschnig Oldenburg Germany

  • Nikhat Khan, Patna - Chennai

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    In this insensitive world of materialism a sensitive article like this is certainly a blessing in disguise. Natural and very delicate feelings have been addressed out of true concern.
    Keep it up Faheem Jawaid!


    Sat, Aug 27 2011




  • Syed Talha Hussain, Hyderabad

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    This article echoes the feelings of all the people who value their social relationships. Technology has changed the way we maintain relationships. There is a huge amount of difference in a "Poke" on facebook and meeting your friend in person and poking/making a physical contact with him/her. The importance of relationships will be imbibed in a child by their parents and in this article, Mr. Faheem Jawaid has put forth that fact in a excellent way. For all the people commenting here, how many of you had actually thought to send a personalised hand written letter to thank Mr. Jawaid? Even though, you intend to do that, but then again, another thought comes up- when you can utilise the technology, why don't we go ahead and use it and appreciate the writer in the form of "e-comments"? A point to ponder for all of us - including me.

  • Mohammed Faisal , New Delhi - Westminster

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Really a heart touching article. I sometimes feel I am totally devoid of such delicate feelings. I promise, on this Eid I will call my mother and will talk to her for atleast half an hour.

  • Intekhab Raheem, Jeddah

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Very well-written Faheem Jawaid! After all you are a poet! The true heart-felt "things" have become passe now. Is technology killing the essence of true relationships? It seems to me YES.

  • Harinath, Warangal

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Dear Faheem Bhai,I feel this article was wrote through your true heart. I appreciate your article ,as it has taken me to great memories of my life.Because your father trained you, you have that feel,even it might with others also who really felt it! who have respected their parents. As per the Prevailing circumstances, parents are not cared, how can we expect to respect their Views and actions! .As you rightly said,SMS or Mails or even Face Books are not containing real feel and heart touching .The other way Real feel is been hijacked by the so called Modern Technology. Now The Real Army i.e., new generation, young technocrats should take initiation to bring back the original life style backed by New Technology.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    "Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage change that is inevitable." William Pollard
    The advantages of replacing paper-based practices with digital ones are numerous, and will be increasing as the electronic substitutes of paper become more advanced and more refined.
    One of the few most important benefits is it become environment friendly and live greener: The use of paperless technologies benefits the environment by reducing the need for paper, by curbing commuting and by decreasing the need to maintain office spaces. Those three reductions alone can greatly shrink fuel consumption and emissions. A decreased use of paper will furthermore save trees and reduce the waste products created by paper production and the disposal of used paper.
    I extend my Eid-ul Fitr greetings to all my daijiworld readers.

  • KGShenoy, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    very true.Thanks Faheem for the Article.If we are lucky we meet our close relatives while crossing road,in a super market or at Fish market.Most of the time we are very busy and assure each other to catch up later.But definitely we have enough time to communicate or visit close relations or friends if we urgently in need of any financial assistance or when a face saving situation arises."Sankata bandaga Venkataramana"Then do you think people will be eager to spend time or take the trouble to search around to buy appropriate greeting cards?I always enjoyed recieving and sending greeting cards.Greeting sent through e-mail or SMS lacks the real charm.

  • Shahid Ali, Mumbai : New Delhi

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Life is changing dramatically. Yes. Change is the law of life. Faheem Jawaid has assessed this situation in a very sensitive manner and made us realize that, that "tender human touch" is somehow missing in our relationships. Thanks Daijiworld for publishing such articles.

  • Elaine Joseph, Mysore

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    The article is superb. Change in any means is acceptable, but at the cost of losing "humane" is a matter of concern. Keep it up Faheem Jawaid!

  • geoffrey, hathill

    Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Greeting each other during festivities is just one aspect of celebration and mode of this activity keeps changing -just like any other activity-with the passage of time . Just think of the time before paper was invented or postal service came into existence, people still used to celebrtae festivals. All said and done, it's but natural to feel nostalgia for a bygone age.

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