Anna Fast: Wrong Means to a Right End?

August 24, 2011

India having 125 crore of population is the largest democracy in the world and the second largest population. It’s quite common in India to be unconstitutional, undemocratic, self-centered and least bothered of common good. Looking back at the history, it is also common in India to rebel, to protest and to seek for change. India is yet again on move; on move against corruption. India is on move to build a clean and a just society.

Recently we celebrated the 65th Independence of India. It was under English regime there emerged a leader like Gandhi, who mobilized the nation through his Ahimsa and Satyagraha. Gandhi, definitely taking the nation with him, succeeded in freeing the tri-colours to fly-high. Gandhi was a person of noble values, spiritual vibrance and above all a man who constantly self introspected or critiqued his going abouts.

Sixty-five years down the lane and it’s a much different scenario today. Among the several other social evils, corruption takes the top priority in this country. It’s spread all around, everywhere and in everyone. Possibly every Indian today, is corrupt, either as subject or as an object. In today’s context we can’t think of getting any of our works done without bribing the concerned authorities. We are forced to. I believe, that the psyche of the common Indian is fed up to say, ‘ Enough is enough.’. It’s time to do something different.

Looking back at the history again, Indians, have in themselves, the mob mentality. May it be the freedom struggle or the communal violence happening around every other day. Given the psyche of Indians we wait for a leader and are ready to put everything behind them.

Today, Anna is turning is turning out to be the voice of people. The broken and torn spirits under corrupt structures of the society are coming out in protest under the name of Anna. Isn’t this an miracle in itself to see thousands of people, marching against corruption forgetting their caste, creed and colour. Anna definitely deserves credit for uniting India for a cause; for the renewal of the society.

Though I am an admirer of Anna for his entire struggle against corruption, I will not support him for the way he is moving ahead. Arundathi Roy, in one of her recent articles said, “ While his means are Gandhian, his demands are not”. Reading through the demands of Lokpal andJan Lokpal, it indeed looks totally right to support Anna, at the first sight. It’s true that Anna with his team is trying to build a corruption free society beginning at the top and at the powerful level. The problem crops in a the practicalities of this bill!

Amidst the vast sea of population in India, we may be able to find 11 members with clean chit for Lokpal, but will we be able to find thousands of staff with a clean chit and totally committed to the country? Giving total authority to the hands of Jan Lokpal, will possibly, sooner or later lead us to another movement to ban this Jan Lokpal. Like many others, I do have the basic question of, ‘Who chose this team Anna ? or citizen against corruption? Who gave them the powers to blackmail the parliament, which is chosen by the people?

It was indeed sad to hear Kiran Bedi saying, ‘ India is Anna; Anna is India’. We the common people of India are neither interested in another emergency nor in dictatorship. In my opinion, it’s an arrogant move from the part of Anna, saying, ‘Either pass the bill by 30th of August or leave(Quit)’. I believe, giving total powers to Jan Lokpal, will definitely be a threat to democracy in the country.

It is also the time in India where several political parties are trying to use this opportunity to pull down the government. On his speech at Ramleela Maidan, on 20th August, Anna spoke of an ‘Andolan’, if the bill is not passed by the 30th of August. My question is that, what is alternative Anna has if the government quits tomorrow? Reports do tell us that at least 60% of those who are part of Anna’s rally do not know the difference between Lokpal and Jan-Lokpal. The point here is that people are fed up with corruption and are looking for a change.

India has a long way to go in renewing the society of corruption. Gandhi’s dream of wiping every tear from every eye, still stands. Let us know for sure that, ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Bharath Maathaa Ki Jai’ are not the answers for everything. To change, to re-build and to renew India, we need an India and Indians who are thinking. Anna definitely deserves respect for uniting India for a cause. India is on move again. Like many other common people of this country, I too wish, let this move help us to build a renewed and corruption free nation, which we can offer to the generations to come.

By Rayan Joel Lobo
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Comment on this article


    Sat, Aug 27 2011


  • Williams, VN,Trivandrum

    Fri, Aug 26 2011

    Hope Indian polity will set right the wrong and move a step closer to the right end.

  • Avidhan, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 26 2011

    Thanks Rayan! for the bold and honest article we need more of you who can rationalize between what is right and wrong, there never been millions Socrates, Plato’s, Gandhi’s were born, in the same fashion there were not millions of Adolf Hitler’s, Stalin, Mussolini were born but later were supported by millions, getting the support of millions for a cause does not automatically make it right, correct or good for the general population or humanity, as commented by few sensible person most of us Indians are corrupt, please go through this link which was mentioned by outgoing commissioner of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Mr. Pratyush Sinha, and also reminds us once again the prophetic words of Sir. Winston Church Hill "Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. All Indian leaders will be of low calibre and men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight among themselves for power and will be lost in political squabbles" Sir Winston made this statement in the House of Commons just before the independence! >>>>

  • Avidhan, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 26 2011

    And why we Indians still have pseudo pride and herd mentality when it comes to rationally analyze our present political/economical situations, WE are the cause of corruption and breakdown in moral/civic/social/emotional and humanitarian values in the Indian society, we need to introspect ourselves and bring about the change individually instead of trying to gain political mileage at every opportunity.
    The change can only bought about by raising the present and future generations in extremely high moral educational standard which should be the part of curriculum up to the professional levels and recognition and awards bestowed to every deserving person! Similarly all the media should be scrutinized for finest moral upholder themes, doing right (not good) should be rewarded abundantly!
    Let us all wake up and stop this madness of doing ‘good’ and feeling ‘good’, but let us start doing it Right!

  • Sudharsan Shetty, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa in short i would say Anna is not favouring any political party. The lok pal bill is for everyone corrupt politicians irrespective of all the political parties.

  • Helen, Mumbai

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    Thanks Rayan for your bold article, at a time where mass hysteria is running in favor of Anna team. Would we be able to find enough people with clean chits to represent the States as per the Jan Lokpal Bill. Very difficult to weed out this germ called corruption from the world in this century.

  • ramaprasad, mysore

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    dear sir,

    where you get statistics, because nobody knows atleast swiss bank account holder people told that swiss bank (indian money ) is rs.11,456 Lac Crores- where you get sir pl. send

  • ram mundra, Indore

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    In my opinion, it’s an arrogant move from the part of Anna, saying, ‘Either pass the bill by 30th of August or leave(Quit)’. I believe, giving total powers to Jan Lokpal, will definitely be a threat to democracy in the country.

    Dear Rayan,
    Perhaps u do not know that Governments are always deaf and dumb. They listen only when we speak like this. Anna have given enough time to the Govt.,but arrogant ministers did not care. 16 August was announced by Anna much before.Again, when Govt. released Anna, even than it did not talk about total solution.Govt. was busy in searching a place where Anna can continue his agiation. So, it is evident that Govt. was not interested for the total solution. On day 10th, Govt. called a all Party meeting.But for what? When congress is divided,what Govt. wants to listen from opposition? Did, it noi hear Arun Jaitely in Rajya Sabha. In my opinion Govt. is wasting time so that a sick Soniya can come to India.She will finally agree upon Jan Lokpal and will became again an Idol for sacrifice. An operated Soniya will get SAHANUBHUTI and become GOD MOTHER of INDIA.

  • NAGESH KAMATH, Car street

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    Brave article, Rayan.

    You have dared to speak the truth many are afraid of.
    Who is Anna Hazare to take the constitutional democracy for Ransom.

    How can he blackmail the Parliament to pass the legislation.

    Thanks for having the guts to speak up the truth.

  • Xavier, Mangalore/mangalore

    Thu, Aug 25 2011

    Dear friend Mr.Ravi kadri,
    Ruling party i.e Congress is niether delaying nor ignoring the movement.It's a system and procedures in democratic country.At the same time I strongly believe Anna is not protesting in professional or civilized way.This practice is out dated!.

  • Ravi Kadri, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Dear Jossey, Answer to your question "why Annaji is targeting Congress is dead simple rather it only require common sense.
    1. If you don’t know, please be informed that the Congress is the ruling party in India.
    2. The Congress led government is against adopting any strong lokpal bill because if adopted the majority of their leaders may end up in prison.
    3. Current Congress led government is deliberately, strategically ignoring Annaji’s anti corruption movement (not anti government).
    4. If you watch Indian TV, you might have noticed that while Annaji was on fast for 202 hours, present government was busy having Iftar party in Prime Minister's house, that too in between the meeting with Anna's team. Time should have best spent on discussion on very important national issue instead of having Iftar Party.
    5. Congress was deliberately keeping quiet for 7 days and on 8th day of Anna’s fasting, after doctors warned PM that Anna’s condition is deteriorating, the government started acting as if they are taking some initiative whereas actually they are playing a game.

  • ruchi, udupi

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Very nice and throught provoking article, regarding Kiran Bedis agenda, it is more a revenge then an agitation, the way Anna is going it will only destabilize India, he could have taken better ways calling on school children in the street who dont even know what is lokpal, and getting people together and sitting for a fast, and the rest have party time with drinks, beer etc, I am talking about Ramlila, we have 544 elected memebers, fight with them or throw them out, corruption does not belong to any party , so all can get together, even the lawyers who have been in the streets, are very much corrupt, if every Indian who is behind Anna in his own right swears to stop corruption, the solution will come out with ease, Now Anna is trying to be a hero, Yes I have great respect for him, but he should learn the spirt of negotiation, with the whole country corrupt, from the street cleaner to the PM's office it will take time to change

  • Ajay, UK

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Thought provoking article. Infact I have been putting forward similar arguements in response to various mails I get in support of anna. It is good that we have a developed an awareness aginst corruption which has hit every walk of life in our society. This starts right from the autorikshaw driver who fleeces you at the railway station to business men ,hoarders and politicians from all political parties and even the common man who bribes to get his work done. Is Anna going to solve all these by fasting?The PM was willing to be included in the Lokpal bill but it is the MP's belonging to all parties including BJP who were opposed to it.
    Anna seems to suspect everyone including the judiciary.If that is the case who is going to police the Lokpal?Does he have an answer to that. By fasting and dictating terms he is going against the constitution . India is a democratic country or for that matter a pseudodemocracy if one wishes to call it that way. The MP's are elected by the people and the parliament is supreme . Undermining the authority of the parliament is not a good way forward.Corruption in India hits the common man badly unlike in the West where day to day life is unfected by corruption.

  • Don, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Though the Lokpal bill seeks to root out corruption it could eventually end up as another corrupt organization for the following:

    1. How to deal with corrupt officers appointed by Lokpal legislation and who will appoint those “honest” people to enforce checks against the Government and Judiciary? We need police, to police the police of a corrupt system.
    2.The system has become corrupt because both the private and public sectors employees are under-employed and to make ends meet take bribes and most Indians DO NOT pay their fare share they owe and for reasons they bribe to get what they want, thereby encouraging corruption.
    Hence, the Lokpal legislation bill should include:
    a.A taxation system that works, and every Indian MUST pay their fare share of Taxes, Duties and Levies.
    b. Minimum wages for a decent living must be enforced.
    c.Lokpal legislation MUST clear all candidates standing for Municipal, Provincial & Federal elections. Members of the Rajya Sabha should also be cleared before being appointed. Hence, pre-screening should be done at all times.
    c.Citizens and the Press should report unscrupulous, criminal candidates and that individual should be tried and removed, instead of Lokpal legislation sacking the whole government.
    All Indians, especially businessmen should not take or give black money. All should pay their fare share of taxes and take a vow not to give or take black money.
    d. Taking or giving a bribes is punishable offence.
    Jai Hind

  • Harish, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Mr R Mallar has a very strong point.I want to clarify even further.
    So many people over here are complaining why anna dint do that y he dint protest about some other cause also, well use your commonsense people anna cant go protesting about every small thing,may be you could be the one to protest against such acts.and please dont bring respectable Anna into BJP and question anna for their corrupt system.Anna is fighting for the cause which in turn will hopefully help eradicating corruption and even solve problems you are facing in your state

    And to the thought that the people involved in lokpal might themselves be corrupt over the time,we should know that people of lokpal even if corrupt do not handle any money or government welfare projects unlike politicians and they could only benefit from whatever bribe the corrupt people might have to offer.So it is easier to make sure their monetary activities are transparent and i am sure that they will be for such a written law itself for their high transparency level.

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Dear citizens of India, when the country has been totally immersed in corruption resulting in moral collapse, let us appreciate the fact that still there is scope and hope for change with truly dedicated activists like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal, Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan and all other like-minded persons. It's high time that we should join hands, extend our co-operation and support this great cause with the ultimate aim of cleansing the country from evils of corruption, injustice and atrocities on the weaker sections of society.

  • Natasha,

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    @ vijander, Himachal Kullu- The govt that is in reign was "Of the people" and "By the people". There is no other way for them to get there. If the Lok pal and Jan pal has to be created to govern the govt then who will govern them? This is going to become a never ending cycle of people trying to govern each other's actions and sensibilities. While I respect anna's cause, it is nothing short of coersion. There are better ways to get around it.

  • Lancy D'Souza, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Thought provoking article.Congratulations Mr.Lobo. There are many provisions in the Jan Lokpal Bill which are against the "seperation of powers" of the judiciary, utive and legislature enshrined in the constitution. Anna has sent a wrong message to the people by saying that corruption would be eradicated totally from the country if Jan Lokpal bill is passed. This is not so.

    Let the people who have expressed their views here swear that they have neither given or taken bribe in their life. How many young people/students have asked their parents whether they have filed their income tax returns honestly, not accepted bribes in dischage of their duties, and the luxury they are enjoying is from their hard earned money or ill gotten money. Agitation against corruption starts from our homes and not on the streets under media glare.

  • Chris, Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    This is the most foolish comment that has been circulating for a while now, just to mislead people. Very sad.

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Thanks for replying. Both BJP and Congress are Corrupt. Congress leaders are already in TIHAR.
    What is stopping Anna and BJP from putting Yeddy and Reddy in TIHAR?

  • vijander, Himachal Kullu

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Your saying:I believe, giving total powers to Jan Lokpal, will definitely be a threat to democracy in the country.

    I dont see it in any ways. Rather it will be complete the meaning of democracy which says govt by the people for the people. This will ensure that they are always for the people not themselves... So please dont put anything you wish think before you speak...Its pretty obivious to see that everyone has right to think an choose so if thats the way you think i cannot change it but might be if you look other way around it will definately show you better side picture..

  • J D' Souza, Mumbai

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    This could have been nice if written under "Anna's wrong means to a better cause"


    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Abdul Hameed, Krishnapura/Dubai

    If Anna becomes MP under the banner of BJP or any other party, he can not fight the corruption as freely as he is doing now.

    Every citizen has the right to fight for a Bill and Anna is representing the goal of the people for a corruption free India.

    If you are a real Indian and know how to pass the bill, then why it did not happen for the last 64 years.

    By showing disrespect to a sincere person Anna, you are showing your true colour.

  • George, Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Mr.Ryan J. Lobo, you say "wrong means to a right end" !!??!! If you were/are so sure of yourself, you should have suggested to Anna your better alternative or started this movement yourself - I dont think you have the guts to do that. Secondly we have our learned friend - Jossy Saldanha - saying "why is he targetting his favourite party - the Congress" - its basic common sence Mr. Jossy - to see that he's only targetting" "CORRUPTION" -

    This Monster was created by the Congress and allowed to be carried on by all the other parties formed thereafter for their own benefit. Now if you get the list of amounts of black money in Swiss Banks - the maximum is of (1)Congress Party (2) BJP, then followed by the unending list of political parties allowed to be created by our Congress - that too for their own benefit. Please remember "Democracy without proper governance, is worse than Dictatorship" that's what the Congress is all about. Its time there is a total revolution in India and all these crooks who are swindling India are brought to justice quickly and publicly shot as in China.

  • saleem, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    What Mr. Anna fighting against corruption is a good cause. But it has only limited scope ( only against corruption). What about atrocity of civic servent against poor people ? we saw several communal riots in India. Till now the culprits are not brought under the grip of the law. There is often threat to the human rights , where is the strong law to protect them ? Please Mr. Anna Consider all these things and fight against all social evils.

  • Abdul , mangalore/dubai

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Anna does not have a single person who fought with him for the cause of RTI in Maharastra!
    Watch this video which exposes Anna on you tube "Anna Hazare-The Real Story"
    No amount of bills will eradicate corruption in India until and unless we Indians change our mindset and do not bribe!

  • R Mallar, Kasaragod/ Dubai

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    The title of article should have been "Right Means to a Wrong End" if the author questions the Jan Lokpal Bill.
    "Right Means" becasue
    1. There are no hartals/ bunds throwing the country off the gear
    2. There is no violence
    3. Anna is exercising his democratic right. He is fasting but not forcing any body to fast. Infact he has discouraged others from fasting.
    4. People participate voluntarily not because thugs from party cadres force you to down the shutter.

    "Wrong End" is again questionable
    1. When Gandhiji was protesting against British, did we have proper alternatives? We never lived as one India before. We got the opportunity, we managed to pull on.
    2. Yes there will be abuse of Lokpal office. Then there is abuses galore of Police, vigilance, CBI and what not? Not going for the Lokpal just because there could be abuses does not make any sense.
    3. Did you hear about certain Santosh Hegde or TN Sheshan before they assumed their offices and brought about a change in the system? Some people raise to the occassion when given an opportunity.

    As we have witnessed from April, Government was in no mood to discuss any bill, other than their own faulty bill. What option do you have to bring the Govt to negotiation table. If you don't agree with Anna's method, suggest other method.

  • Arun D, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    dearest rayan lobo, what anna is doing is the only choice we have if it means righ or wrong. as far as ur opinion is concerned just roll ur article and push it in holes available.

  • Sudharsan Shetty, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa your political knowledge is very poor. If you say that Karnataka is most corrupt state then i would say that you have not been to any other place. Also for your kind information anna is attacking only corrupt people not in support of any political party. The kangress supporters like you cannot digest the true face of so called your secular party kangress coming out. If your kangress is a party of saints let them take steps in implementing lok pal bill so that all the corrupt politicians get effected by that.


    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    During the freedom struggle also this type of people called the freedom fighters as mad people.

    Anna is leading a peaceful revolution. If the writer call this mammoth peaceful movement as a wrong mean, then which is the right mean to change this corrupt system.

    What is the contribution of people like Aurudhati Roy and Shobha Dey to the society except writing some articles and winning awards.

    The slogans ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jai Hind’, ‘Bharath Maathaa Ki Jai’ have inspired thousands to fight against injustice.

    The article lacks maturity and proper understanding.

  • RAHUL, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    @Jossey Saldhana, wait saldhana let the bill be passed... all the corruption will be investigated ok & he is not targeting CONGRESS, he is targeting the central government... the ruling party CONGRESS ok

  • Clitus Dsouza, Bantwal

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Whether the protest is actually fighting against corruption or fighting to eliminate central govt?Annas Bill is in front of standing committee & even opposition party is not showing any interest to impose what actually they want to do?

  • Nel, Thottam/Kuwait

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    I admire Mr. Annaji for his fight for the noble cause, wearing Gandhi cap One will not become Anna. One way or other we all are corrupt.
    My experience : I had been to a Govt. office to get an Imp. document. I had to stand in a queue, there were 50 people ahead of me. One govt office peon was running up and down without looking at anybody, One person in the q called him and asked for a favor to get the work done and he himself offered the peon Rs 200/- to get the job done. and within 10 min. his job is done. people who were in hurry got the job done by paying bribe to peon. after waiting in the Q for an hour I also decided to bribe the peon and got the work done.
    Implementing jan lokpal bill will not serve the purpose each and every citizen of India has to extend their sincere support to implement this bill.

  • Kumar, Hejmadi

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Anna Hazare says bring back the Black Money. Do u know what will happen if Rs. 11,456 Lac Crores comes back.

    1 ) India Financially No.1

    2 ) Each district will get 60000 crores.1 & 1 village will get 100 Crores

    3 ) No need to pay taxes for next 20 yrs.

    4 ) Petrol 25 Rs,19,Diesel 15 Rs,Milk Rs.

    5 ) No need to pay electricity bill.

    6 ) Indian borders will become more stronger than the China Wall.

    7 ) 1500 Oxford like Universitis can be opened.

    8 ) 28,000 kms Rubber road (like in Paris) can be made.

    9 ) 2,000 hospitals (with all facilities) all medicine Free.

    10 ) 95 crore people will have their own house.Support Anna Hazare Noble Cause for we INDIANS.

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai / Mapusa

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    We all agree with Anna and few have rightly labeled him GANDHI – 2.
    I have one question. Why is he attacking only Congress?
    Karnataka is the most corrupt state in India which also has the largest scam – Rs. 155 billion Mining scam.
    Why is he quite? His own Lokayukta has implicated Reddy and Yeddy. Why are they not in TIHAR?
    I am not convinced with Anna’s HONESTY.

  • Leslie Fernandes, Ferar Dubai

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Ryan has written a article at the wrong moment.It is indeed nobody has given him power to start this andolan.If Gandhiji and like minded patriotics did not start their struggle against British we would not enjoy the Freedom.If you are in his position what means would you apply to go the right end? I feel Annaji has taken the right path as he has always done to uplift the poor and downtroden.I know one of the villages where rainfall was scarce due to Annaji's effort it is exporting vegetables and fruits .I request Daijiworld to give a strong stand and make this struggle a successful one.We all Indians give a strong stand to Annaji. Corruption is the part of the society,how do we deal it is left to the individual.Let us make a constructive effort to fight corruption and support Annaji in is effort.

  • JRAO,

    Wed, Aug 24 2011


  • Kumar, Hejmadi

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Mr.Felix, I highly appreciates your views. We all people of India, everyday in our life fall into the prey of corruption. We should all support for this noble cause taken up by Anna. This will defeinetely benifit all COMMON MAN of INDIA, our kids and youngsters of India. I am really surprised by the comments of people WHY THEY CONSIDER THIS MOVEMENT AS POLITICAL????? PLEASE stop such POLITICAL COMMENTS that CONGRESS, BJP, ETC. ETC.

  • JRAO,

    Wed, Aug 24 2011



    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    All Indians Around the world,
    If u support the Anna Hazzare then you just have to distribute the GANDHI CAPS to everybody those who support ANNA.... And you have to wear that cap Wherever you go... That shows to Government that you are with ANNA HAZARE'S hunger strike. So it increases the presure on Goverenment and they implement this JAN LOKPAL BILL... and if you are outside India then it symbolise you with ANNA.... So lets start distribute the CAPS and to wear.......

  • Gavin, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Well I do believe in Anna’s Ideology but not his methods this time .
    No matter what bill is passed it must be us who must be willing to stop corruption from our side .The Real problem is in us .How many of us would be willing to pay a fine of say RS 500 when the same thing can be done by Rs 100 .
    Corruption like Violence is hardwired into Humans . We should go ahead and discuss the bill on a civil level and even if it takes time like even a year its ok . India is a country of variables so any straight forward bill wouldn’t do and we must understand as democracy even criticism of Anna is to be heard and he is not the only voice for the people .
    Also this is for the youth around in India (me being one of them). You study & work to get a job say Rs 40,000 per month in ur 30’s at the least .Are you willing to take up a MP ‘s job of Rs 20,000 ? If not don’t you think that is hypocritical of you to point finger at them, Likewise on the cop


    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Mr. Abdul Hameed, Krishnapur,
    Anna doing fasting for good cause. Whole India supporting. Specially youth, and professionals. And dont say "we Indians" we are with him, exept u.

  • Alwyn, Mangalore - USA

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    We all must understand that when there is competition there will be corruption. Let me tell one thing when there is an opening of government job many factors will influence like cast, education,Political influence, and capacity of your bribe. Every one want a job, get an admission to a better school or college and so on….. Now what will happen if a person didn’t get in first attempt? That person will try some how to achieve his goal by any mean. Corruption will go only if we decide and if there is one type of education [Central Board], no reservation in jobs and should be totally on bases of qualification. If any political party or members are involved in any sort of influence or corruption, they should be banned to contest in election for minimum 10 years. All political parties should be banned who is contesting in the name of religion. Every citizen must vote and it must be mandatory for all citizen. We must our prime minister and ministers as we the MP or MLA. Are we ready for this?
    Very good view and I do agree.

  • Nithin, Mangalore/Oman

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Abdul Hameed, Krishnapura/Dubai your comment "we Indians know how to Pass the Bills in Parliament". We Indians are supporting Anna to pass the bill (Lok Pal) in Parliament. It is not just Anna, the majority of Indian's are supporting so that together we can become supreme.

  • nagesh nayak, bangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    hey, Abdul Hameed, Krishnapura/Dubai,







  • Antony T. D Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Thanks Rayan for your bold article, at a time where mass hysteria is running in favor of Anna team. It is true that too many critics of Anna Hazare’s anti-graft movement had been taking potshots at the huge turnout saying the protesters were merely feeding hysteria and do not know the nitty-gritty of what they were supporting and to whom they are opposing.

    In fact, it is true that, if it wasn’t for corruption, India could be a superpower. Anna’s intention to fight against corruption is definitely right but its means are obviously wrong ! In its own course, what is the guarantee that Anna team will not run into bribery corruption mode, failing to monitor soon after Anna’s demise ?
    Kiran Bedi worked in the police department all her life and over the years corruption increased. How could she condone the rampant corruption in police all the years? Having another department like lokpal will add to our administrative costs and troubles as your enemies can complain against you as well by just dialing 101. Also there will be so many complaints and Lokpal will get flooded like our police and courts. The inaction will drag on and justice will be dispersed based on money or political power and same song cold be sung ‘corruption’
    It is a dangerous predicament that Govt. surrenders a small group of people who intend to govern the nation but in place, who were not elected by the people. Therefore, Roy’s warning to be noted that “While Anna’s means maybe Gandhian, his demands are certainly not “ Rayan’s affirmations are also correct ‘Wrong Means to a Right End. I totally agree with both of them.

  • shiva, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Until the time every citizen decides not to accept or give a bribe corruption will go on, no matter whether Lokpal or Jan Jokpal becomes a law !

  • Navin, Mangalore / Qatar

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Very good article and right perspective.

  • Victor Tauro Permude, Bnagalore

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    This article right now is odd and aimed at weakening the movement. I request Daijiworld to take a stand on Annaji's movement, like some of our national TV channels, and publish articles accordingly or desist from publishing any analytical articles that may alter the spirit of readers.
    One cannot take words uttered by individuals and Arundathi Roy, with due respect to her mediation on operation on Maoists, is not an authority to either assess or guide Annaji who is father of this and many more movements and right now we do not have a person who has demonstrated or lived a life to this extent.

    Aruna Roy though she worked with Annaji now has claims that her draft is much balanced and all inclusive, is also in a bit of revengeful mood as her name did not figure in important times. Annaji's team is fine and no one can doubt Kejriwal's, Bhushan's or Bedi's integrity and dedication.
    Kiran Bedi uttered the words to enthuse the people and nothing wrong if someone becomes Annaji if not Gandhiji.

    We need a strong Anti Corruption Act. We cannot have an Act of 25 pages and over the years people ask courts to define the sections and finally get a book of 2500 pages in 50 years.

    All Bills are drafted carefully by the governemnt leaving all dangerous in the air and it is Indian Citizen who goes to court and set right the Acts. Is it not ridiculous?

  • Amin Bhoja, Patte/Riyadh

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    I believe it is people's power,it is Annaji and group who started to bargain with government.It is do and die case,Yes in a democratic country i believe it is a genuine case,you are fighting for a good cause which is connected each and everyone.I myself salute to Annaji and group for this movement.

  • Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg Germany

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    The Hindu is just reporting:

    "In a major breakthrough to end the impasse on the Lokpal Bill, the government seems willing to concede Team Anna's demands for including the Prime Minister within the ambit of the Lokpal, widening the ion process, allowing the Lokpal to cover Members of Parliament subject to Article 105 of the Constitution, and on making the Lokpal, rather than the CBI, the sole agency to investigate corruption. On including the judiciary, Team Anna seems ready to settle for the speedy tabling of a separate law."

    I am sure Anna applied a wonderful tool, he is on an indefinite fast, fasting is non violent and was used by GANDHI to free India.
    Anna has ideals and a vision and when one read The Hindu or other papers the news are convincing. The Government of India is willing to accept Anna´s demands and to pass the bill and to implement it.

    Sometimes is it important that charismatic persons like Anna emerge and lead masses.
    Anna objective is wonderful and convincing. Even India´s elite must give in.
    Anna has been fighting legally and peacefully for an India without corruption.
    His own personal life is free of corruption, he leads a simmple life.
    Anna is a true Gandhian.
    It will take time to eradicate corruption but young Indians will experience a new and shining India within one or two decades.
    A nation with chances for all even for the poorest of the poor.

  • Violet, Mumbai/Abudhabi

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Mr Abdul Hameed,I totally and strongly agree with you,Mr Anna and Kiran Bedi actully have no work want to bring India on a stand still,and bring our economy down by India Band and all sorts of fasting to show who??????????We all r fed up with this,Why our people dont understand this????? They r making name and frame by doing this the innocent JANATHA is suffering."PEOPLE OF INDIA JAGO"We r the loosers,why BJP supporting they r full of corruption,LOOK at Yeddurappa,and all the BJP Gang,no words!!!!!!!!I really dont understand that WHY involve school's and college's If u ask any student for this solgan for sure they dont know and do they know nothing What is LOKPAL,JAN-LOKPAL,PLS Indian people wake up and find out "first" when Mr Anna did the fast were r his first group why he abandon them for sure Mr Anna dont have words....What did Mr Anna do when people of India suffering from floods and famine were MR ANNA AND KIRAN BEDI.........Mr Annan Kiran dont put demands choose the right path to get your things down,pls dont blcak mail people and Indian government!!! BARATH MATHA KI JAI HO....

  • D.PRASAD, Udupi

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    The elected representatives are elected by the people. That means after being elected they cannot do as they wish. In democracy every one citizen has a right. If a elected representative involved in curruption and join hand with anti social elements , then the people of India has right to ask the Govt. to bring strict law against culprits. Most of the people commenting here do not know what is democracy. They simply politisise the issue. Everyone should understand why Anna has mobilised the entire citizen of this country for a good cause. Blaming Anna is very easy but Anna's hunger strike for the goodwill of this country is great. Hay Abdul hameed,Dubai & Ajith,Mangalore first understand what is meant by democracy and then comment. ok...

  • dinesh, delhi

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Hey Abdul,
    To change a system you need not be part of it. and what Anna ji is doing is deplomatic way of doing things,
    People support is with him, he is not alone. people want him to move forward, "Anna ji age badho hum tumhare saath hai"

    what  you know how to make laws, in govt's lokpal, if the proof will not be found for a complain, complainent would go for 2 yrs jail atleast. And you know current level of curruption, people will delibrately remove the proof and the innocent people would be in jail because of govt lokpal bill.
    do you want to change the laws and curruption?? if yes, then why dont you fight election????

  • sudheer, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    If you guys cant do something about corruption, then please dont stop paying bribes..

    If you are against annas movement, Please start your own movement and produce your own draft of the Lokpal bill to the parliment.

    Who the hell is Arundathi Roy?
    The author of a sex book she has written on her life? What as a citizen has she done for the country?

    Makes me wonder with such attitude of people, Will we ever have a corrupt free country! I know its a democracy.. But that's only on paper.

  • Prashant, Meerut

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    “ While his means are Gandhian, his demands are not”. Tell me that either Gandhi ji was against any kind of strong law or in complete favor of corruption. Either you or she should suggest that what is the gandhian way to curb this corruption. To write an article like you and she is very much comfortable affair rather to give a solution or to work on that.

    Your views are full of pessimism and indicating the fact that no agency or organization is honest in the whole country. After independence we have faced 40 big scams till now but nobody was punished that shows complete failure of our system. And all the politician and bureaucrats are enjoying this failed and sick system by shielding supremacy of parliament. After independence our leader starts losing their credibility among common man and it damage of credibility was that much that no face remain left which could talk about corruption and raise the issue of same.

    For an example Rajiv Gandhi talk about corruption but he himself was dragged in to this mud of corruption. Now common man are seeing a honest face in Anna and expecting that something will happen.This is the answer of that fact that 60% of people don’t know the difference b/w lokpal and janlokpal. Now I want to ask you a question and expect an answer from you too “ that how many person whosoever vote for a particular candidate in election and make him/her win completely read the manifesto or minimum common program of the party to which that candidate belongs?”

  • Felix, Udupi

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    It is our birth right to point finger at someone who is trying to tie a bell to a cat. No one know the pain and hassles faced on a day to day basis while Liaoning with Govt. offices.
    This is the time to teach our politicians how to pass a bill which will protect its citizens... Do we have the right to ask our elected MP’s or MLA’s to ask “What you did for us?...”
    Once elected they are elected to grab the wealth of the national for their generations to come and not for me and you….

    Wande Matharam… If I can’t do anything, ,let me at least support the movement for a noble cause.

  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    group of 5 self styled leaders of civil society cannot win against the game plan of elected representatives.Anna s campaign lacks legitimacy.Government can agree to something now and amend it later.

  • Abdul Hameed, Krishnapura/Dubai

    Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Mr.Annaji, pls contest for M.P.election under the banner of BJP, dont use these dramas,we Indian knows how to Pass the Bills in Parliment, dont be so silly, insisting that u r the supreme.

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