Suniel Shetty is Proud of his Mangalorean Identity

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje

Mar 28, 2011

He is a tough guy, both on-screen and off. Clearly proud of his Mangalorean identity, Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty says that his sustenance for two decades in the Hindi film industry in itself is a milestone, as no other actor from South India has achieved this feat.

If one has closely followed his career, this statement coming from the actor is no exaggeration, for he started with two big no-no's for Bollywood success - a late debut and a non-filmy background. But Shetty, now with over 70 films to his credit, is only getting better with age. Entering into a most competitive industry with 'Balwaan' in 1992, he got noticed mainly for his physique. The string of box office success that followed too did not give him the  recognition as an actor, until 'Dhadkan' won him rave reviews and an award. Then on, he proved his detractors wrong with longevity, juggling different genres with equal aplomb.

Sunil Shetty was born to a Tulu speaking Bunt family in Mulki, Mangalore on August 11, 1961. He is married to Mana Shetty and has two children, Ahan and Athiya. Regarded the He-Man of the Bollywood industry, his varied roles in movies such as 'Mohra,' 'Gopi Kishan,' 'Border,' 'Hu Tu Tu,' 'Takkar,' 'Dilwale,' 'Krishna,' 'Red Alert,' 'Kaante,' 'Awara Paagal Deewana,' 'Refugee,' 'LOC – Kargil,' 'Hera Pheri' series, 'Bhai' and 'Main Hoon Na' have endeared him to his fans and critics alike.

Shetty, now the industry’s proverbial ‘anna,' reveals that entry into Bollywood was never planned or intended. He got an offer and decided to give it a try but once he chose it as a career, he fell in love with his work and was committed to it mind and heart. "I have learnt to be more punctual and disciplined, which is very much essential to attain success in any field," he stresses. Shetty adds that his father is and will remain his biggest inspiration.

Every actor I have worked with is talented in his own way, and every movie I have acted has its own prominence in my heart as I have enjoyed every role, says Shetty, which reflects his love for cinema, his work and co-stars.

Speaking about his forthcoming movie ‘Thank You,’ he says it’s a comedy and promises entertainment just as his other comedy blockbuster 'Hera Pheri' did. Women in particular will like the movie, he says with a smile.

Despite climbing the ladder of success, Shetty has high regards for his birth place. He says, "I belong to Mangalore. I have a special attachment towards the city."

No wonder he chose to bring in an element of Tulu in the movie 'Welcome,' by addressing Uday Shetty, a don (played by Nana Patekar), as 'Shettre' and making him say, "Yaan Uday Shetty."

By Veekshitha Arasa
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Comment on this article

  • Shammi Shetty, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Fri, Nov 25 2011

    Suniel Shetty really rocks...!!!
    He is great human being. Would like to meet u once..

  • Nelson Fernandes, Kuwait/Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 06 2011

    Keep in consideration of all the great hits he gave as a main actor or supporting actor how could u forget the movie RAKSHAK tht was one of his all time good performance movie

  • Sadiq, Uppala

    Mon, Apr 04 2011

    Namasakara sunil shetty

  • Sudhir Shetty, Mangalore / Bahrain

    Mon, Apr 04 2011

    What a nice human being, i had interacted with him during his recent visit to bahrain. No words to express, very kind, good in heart. May god bless him and his family. We would love to see more movies from him and wish him all the success in his carrier. Sunil Anna you really really a great person. No doubt in that. We were thrilled to watch in tv, while u were supporting indian team in mohali and mumbai and also in Thank you promo. Thank you Thank u..

  • Lynette Rodrigues, Vamanjoor/Bahrain

    Sat, Apr 02 2011

    Really nice to know the fact of your entry into Bollywood.You are great. Your true love towards your native Mangalore shows that you are a simple person down to earth and ofcourse a super star in hindi film industry.I sallute your father from whom you have got the right inspiration and true support for what you are today being a successful person not only as a hero in hindi films but also a successful business person. I proud of you dear Suneil Shetty. I wish you great successmay all your future dreams come to light & may you have a successful life ahead. Shine forever


    Thu, Mar 31 2011

    Sunil Anna you are proud Mangalorean. i had a opportunity to meet you in bahrain during Bunts Association programme.. Then i spent really golden moments with you @ Udupi restaurant, Salmabad.... Really i like your down to earth nature. Your hardwork and simplicity brought to you to this height. Now you are a succesful businessman and famous bollywood actor. Sunil Anna keep it up... Regards, J.P. Vivian

  • cynthia, Sornad/bantwal/Navi Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 29 2011

    Namaskara Sunil Shettre....keep visiting namma kudla.......

  • diana pinto, Dubai

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    We are very proud to have Suniel Shetty from our place.

  • Kishore Chirodian, kudla / UK

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Nameskara Sunil,
    Proud of his Kudla,i like your moves.ur very good in comedey and action.Eeregu Deveru yeddi malpadu.

  • Umesh Rai, Puttur/Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    I have met numerous stars and famous people in my time but never was there more pleasure in meeting Sunil Shetty than anyone else, even meeting Michael Douglas or Rod Stewart was less eventful and more of an effort than meeting Sunil Shetty. It was simply a pleasure to be in his company.
    (interview by SHAHID MALIK)

  • R.T.SHETTY, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    exatctly mr.shetty.bollywood has dominated by the punjabis,its really great achivement that you have been in the industry since two decades.we are proud of u.

  • Bharath, Subramanya/Manglore

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Hai SUNIL ANNAA!!!!1
    we TULU peoples are really proud of u. You are the brand Ambassador of KUDLA. And u r such a person that every time you visits Manglr, u also keep in touch with temples like Dramastala and Subramanya. Its really great. All the best Shettre.

  • Badrinarayan, Bangalore

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Hi Mr shetty your acting is Very good , marvalous . Am also born on 11th August1959 Born, we both celbarate birth day on same day. Wish you best of luck for your next new movie.

  • Alban D Souza , Udyavara Mumbai Doha Qatar

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    One of the best Action hero of the Bolywood. We like his films also we Mangaloreans are proud of you. Wish many more youngsters like Sunil Shetty come in the Bollywood and shine in the Industry.As an big actor like his sentiments to say about his Mangalorean Identity.

  • Sharath Kumar, Mulki/Dubai

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Hi Sunil Shetty.... I am so proud of you. You are really a man of rich heart. I am also belongs to your birth place Mulki. I request you to start a Shetty Shopping Mall & a Shetty Internationl Hotel at Mulki. Because Mulki is a developing Town of the future. If you start business here no doubt your success will sure by the grace of Goddess Sri Durga Parameshwari, Bappanad. Please go ahead dear Mr. Shetty. Thank you Daijiworld.

  • Fredrick Correa, Nairobi, Kenya

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    What a privilege for all of us Mangloreans to have a person like Suniel Shetty in the Bollywood Industry. Congratulations to his wife Mana Shetty for remaining in the background and allowing her husband to shine. I am sure, she must be praying for his health and success everyday. May God Bless this family and may this wonderful actor continue to entertain us in the years to come.


    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Sunil shetty is great person,my uncle used tell me as he is close to him in hotel business.  Its great sunil shetty represents mangalore.

  • ABDUL, Mangalore/Doha

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    he is very good actor........he has given lots of hit movies. a person down to earth hats off to u......
    'Namaskaara Shettre' and 'Yaan Uday Shetty' this dialogue from movie welcome and 'Enna purse olundu...? this one from movie AAN MEN AT WORK

  • Dinesh C., Sharjah

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Aan... Yes!!! Unforgettable, as I waw that movie while travelling by bus to Mumbai in 2007. "Girija... enna purse olundu?". lol


    Mon, Mar 28 2011


  • avani, mangalore/uae

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Sunil Shetty, is one actor who is very professional in his work. It is evident from the fact that inspite of being in film industry for so many years, that too as a successful hero, so far he is free from any type of contraversies, gossips etc. (Look at other heroes like Salman, Akshay, Saif etc there are always gossips on their personal lives). He is also a successful enterpreneur with same dedication. Hats off to Mr. Sunil Shetty.

  • Chetan.Shetty, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Mr.Suneil keep the good work ,you have been always down to earth person for which we really proud of you.

  • prakash shetty, MANGALORE/DUBAI

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Mr.dinesh wherever we hear tulu words our attention immediately goes there and we will remember that scene forever in our mind.deep nidred ithndla orane nadut lakkandla namma baayird firstg barpina shabda have asked the name of that movie is "AAN" (Men at work).i think so.

  • seema shetty, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Suniel Shetty rocks.....
    n very gud interview Veekshitha....
    Way to go......

  • Vivian, Dubai

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Really he has special attachment towards mangalore. He is almost regular visitor to mangalore comparing to other stars like aishwarya, deepika, shilpa... i think these stars forgot their home town only...SHETRE u r really superb...make us proud to b mangalorean..he contributed many building to mangalore...


    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Hi Suniel, Namaskara
    We love u wherever you are!
    All the best.

  • Santhosh, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 28 2011

    Aan-Men at work

  • Dinesh C., Sharjah / U.A.E.

    Sun, Mar 27 2011

    As we all are, very nice to know that Sunielanna has high regards for his birth place. Recently I happened to revisit 'Welcome' and was frantically yearning for Tulu words, and of course was elated to hear 'Namaskaara Shettre' and 'Yaan Uday Shetty'. Also, in another movie, he asks his on screen wife: 'Enna purse olundu...?' Don't remember which movie. Any hints?

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Title: Suniel Shetty is Proud of his Mangalorean Identity

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