Music Album at 83 : Octogenarian’s Blossoming Talent

Pics by Savitha B R
Feb 21, 2011

There are people who are old and there are those who feel old and worthless even before they approach the twilight of life.   History is not replete with many examples where octogenarians have  given a new twist to their lives or done something extraordinary at a time when many others  have called it quits.  However, there are certainly exceptions to this rule and Sr Millicent Pinto of Ursuline Franciscan Sisters (UFS) is one such exception.  At 83, she looks her age physically and her memory is certainly not as sharp as it  used to be.    But age has not withered her perseverance and  profound resolve to believe in herself and in  her unique talent, which she terms as god’s gift.  Her twinkling eyes bear a testimony to her child-like enthusiasm as she all set to release the CD of Konkani hymns written and composed by her,  on February 27, 2011, in Mangalore.  The release function will be held at Valencia Parish and  Valencia parish priest Fr Bonaventure Nazareth will release the CD.  

The CD comprising 13 hymns with reflections in between written by her,  give  an insight into the spiritual aspects of human beings emphasizing that the life we lead in this world is only temporary and that we need to prepare for death well in advance.  She recorded the songs and gave it to  Simon J Pais, Bajal and sangeet  guru Joel Pereira, who gave the final touch and  helped in the music part of the CD.  “This CD is to help people especially, the sick and the old, to prepare them spiritually, to help them collect enough treasures at the fag end of their  worldly journey”, Sr Millicent states.  The songs sung in chorus by multiple singers were recorded at Sandesha Digital Studio, Mangalore.  Fr Norbert Fernandes guided her in the lyrics part and Fr Clifford has lent voice for the  reflections.

What prompted her to get into writing and  composing songs at old  age, which is often considered as a period of integrity and despair and people prefer to lead a sedate life?   “I was inspired by prayers.  For me it is life’s mission as in my prayer I was enlightened to do something for the society especially for the younger generation.  I feel god has given me a special gift of composing and tuning hymns  and when I was at the Divine Call Centre songs/hymns just came to me one after another”, she recounts.   The excitement is very much palpable in her  voice as she is coordinating with all those who are involved in bringing out the CD in time for release on February 27.  

Despite her advancing years Sr Millicent is  full of enthusiasm and vitality  that belie her age as she talks passionately about the second CD she is bringing out..  For Sr Millicent’s  life took a turn in  2009 after  her superior Sr Aurea of Holy Rosary Convent, Jeppu, where Sr Millicent presently stays, suggested  her to conduct prayer services for funeral ceremonies, to keep her engaged considering her old age.   Sr Millicent took cue from that suggestion and  came out with Konkani songs which could be used for people who are aged, sick or during the funeral services.  The songs turned out to be  exceptional and then the idea of providing a larger audience to the songs germinated,  which  finally paved the way for bringing out the CD. 

“My first CD contained songs which were in my mind  and songs which I used to sing during my stint  of six years at the Divine Call  Centre, (the charismatic Retreat Centre)  in Mulky”, she says. 

“With the moral support of  our superior I wrote down the songs and fixed tunes which eventually made the way for my first CD “Muje Thayin  Jiye” (live within me) mid 2009”, she says exuberantly explaining her debut as  song writer and composer at the age of 81.  Bringing out CD involves money and she sought financial support of her brother and his family,  Gerald and Patricia Pinto, Doha Qatar, who willingly came forward to provide the necessary financial assistance  and the CD became a reality and so did her dream.  “Muje Thayin Jeye” contained 11 Konkani Charismatic songs written and composed by Sr Millicent and harmonization was provided by Fr Walter Albuquerque SJ & Simon Pais, Bajal.   As there was no commercial motive in releasing the CD, it was distributed free of cost to churches and catholic institutions  where it could be used. 

Having made her debut as lyricist  and composer at the ripe age of 81, there was no stopping Sr Millicent,  who went about with her new found passion with added zeal and vigor. Greatly emboldened by the positive  response of her first CD she began to prepare doggedly with a new found eagerness and the result is her second CD of 13 hyms titled “Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven”  based  on the four last things (Nimanyo chaar vostu, morn zadthi, yemkond and sarg).  From last July onward Sr Millicent has been working ceaselessly to put together her hymns and work on the script on reflection.  Listening to the hymns one is sure to be overwhelmed by the smooth melody  and piousness it evokes and it  instantly strikes a chord  as it is cathartic. 

Talking about the passion with which Sr Millicent  was involved in this task Sr Aurea, Superior of  Holy Rosary Convent says “I really admire  her promptitude  and  the perseverance with which she went about the task in preparing to bring out the CD, as if that was the only goal she aspired.  That kind of intensity at this age is praiseworthy and  she has been an inspiration to me personally and to the entire community”.  Her oeuvre may look simple  for ordinary people but considering her age it is a monumental achievement, something that has no parallel.  

Sr Millicent who belong to Bondel parish,  has served in Bolar, Fajir, Heerabail, Honsur convent, Mysore, Jogfalls, Bhatkal, Thernamakki in North Kanara and many more places  in various capacities.  She has also served as the superior of Ursuline novitiate.  About 10 years back she was treated for Ulcer Colitis and survived despite everyone giving up hopes and after her active retirement she is put up at Holy Rosary Convent.  She was sent to Divine Call Centre on request where she worked from 2004 to 2009 conducting intersession prayers and counseling.   It was at the Divine Call Centre that she was inspired by prayer and hymns started coming into her mind effortlessly.  She has also played a crucial role in collecting donations for the divine centre by using her contacts.  But the developments of past two years at the Divine Call Centre were too shocking for her and the Holy Rosary Convent thought it fit to bring her back to help her recover fast.  Her recovery was astounding for her age and the results are there for everyone to see,  in the form of two CDs  within a span of 1 ½  years. 

Sr Millicent is grateful to her brother Gerald Pinto and his wife Petricia Pinto for rendering financial assistance to bring out the CD’s.  She also recalls with gratitude the help and good work done by  Simon Pais, Bajal and Joel Pereira   apart from the moral support she got fro her own organization. 

Life is meaningful in its own way but we have to only discover its worthiness, just as Sr Millicent has done.  Her achievement is sure to inspire generations to come. 

by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • Srs.santa maria maddalena, Italy

    Fri, Feb 25 2011

    Dear sr. Millicent hearty congratulations for the good aritical about your CD .realy it is a inspiration to all.thanks for the cd and all the best for your new task.Thanks to Sr. Aurea for your encoureagement and support.

  • Alwyn, Mangalore - USA

    Thu, Feb 24 2011

    Job 38:7 tells us that during the creation of the world, "the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy." Revelation 5:11-13 s, “Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels . . . They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. In a loud voice they sang: ‘Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!’ Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing: ‘To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!’” Luke 2:13-14 informs us, "Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests.'"

    God LOVES Hymns and he will be happy when we sing and we can see in many occasions in Holy Bible. Dear Rev. Sr. you are blessed and God too happy with your achievement. May Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ, Holy Mother, and Holy Spirit bless, guide, and guard you always, Amen.

  • Melwin Colaco and family, Mulki/Bangalore

    Thu, Feb 24 2011

    Our heartiest congratulations to you dearest aunty on your second CD of devotional hymns. We are happy and proud of your achievement. May God bless you with good and healthy life.

  • Fr J. B. Saldanha, Bantwal

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Dear Sr Millicent,
    Your love for the Lord and zeal to spread His Word of Peace and Love deserves laud applause from the people of good will. May the Lord keep you safe in your mission. Great job sister. Be strong always and enjoy good health as you serve your Master and His community.

  • Nancy Menezes, Milagres,Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Mother Millicent, Congratulations, You deserve this honour, Word of God proved. It says ~ Kalthyank tho oir ubartha`

  • Threza Danthi, Shankerpura / Muscat

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Dear Sr. Mai,
    Hearty Congratulations on the successful release of your new Album.

    Meet you soon,
    Love and Regards,
    Danthi Fly..

  • Priya D'Souza, Perampalli-Ireland

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Dear Sr.Millicent
    I really appreciate and congratulate on your success.God Bless you and may He enable you to do many more things.You are a living inspiration to many young and old.Bravo!Keep on with your work!

  • sunitha ufs, Hubli

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Congratulations Dear Sr.Millicent on releasing your IInd C.D. of devotional Songs. You are an inspiration for all of us youngsters to live fruitful lives making use of every little talent for the glory of the Lord. May God grant you good health and a long life.

  • Sr. Irene Pais, Mysore

    Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Dearest Sr. Millicent,
    Congratulations. You are an inspiration to us. We are proud of you. May God be praised for your gift of life to your family, Church and especially to us Ursuline Franciscan Sisters.

  • Sr.Hilda Albuquerque, Nympha Sadan

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Dear Sr.Millicent,
    Congratulations and good wishes. Your zeal for the Kingdom is an inspiration for all of us. At this age you have achieved something great. Keep it up.

  • Sr.Hilda Albuquerque, Nympha Sadan

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Dear Sr.Millicent,
    Congratulations and good wishes. Your zeal for the Kingdom is an inspiration for all of us. At this age you have achieved something great. Keep it up.

  • Agnes Concessao, Padavinangady,Bondel/Vakola, Mumbai

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Mulki devik ulo retir mandirant sister mai mun nav vadli ani attha dhon cassette uggadn Konkani loka modey parzarlli dekun tuka muja kutma sangatha mogaan ullasaache turre betaita ani somia devak kalzacha gunda yetao hazar hoglaap ani arga dita

    Sadans mogachi bain
    Agnes Concessao & Family.

  • Joe, Bangalore/USA

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Congratulation! Sister Millicent !

  • Concepta Fernandes, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Congratulations and best wishes to Sr. Millicent for the wonderful task. I have known her and experienced her large hearted hospitality since my college days in Mangalore.I wish her good health and many more productive years.

  • Lancy Fernandes, Jeppu/ Mundgod

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    GReat going sister.

    may God give you his grace for ur special mission and dreams even at this age.

    I am proud to have your encouargement and guidance whenever i meet you.

  • Sunil D'souza, Mangalore/Qatar

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Congratulations and best wishes to
    Sr.Millicent on releasing her second CD of devotional songs.

  • Sr. Clara Furtado, BANGALORE

    Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Dear Sr. Millicent, Hearty Congratulations & showers of Blessings! My heart is overflowing with joy as I read in the daijiworld. Its really wonderful to know that you have produced one more CD of 11 hymns! Praise the Lord. Zeal for the Lord has enabled you to do this and the support of your loving Brother & Sister-in-law, the Superior & Sisters of Holy Rosary Convent and all those who were the instrument to bring out your hard work of spreading God's love to the world. May God Bless you Sister and keep you ever young, healthy & cheerful. Keep it up!!

  • Ligoury Fernandes & Fly, Jeppu, Manglaore

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Congratulations sister for bringing out another CD. You are the real inspiration and source for our SVP confernence. May God give you good health to work in His vineyard. Ligoury Fernandes & Fly, Jeppu

  • Fr. Gregory Pinto, SVD, Bondel/Rome

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Sr. Millicent,
    Your commitment and zeal for the mission of the Lord is an inspiration for us all. May you have many more energetic years to come.

  • prakash lobo, kolpedabail/dubai

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    CONGRATULATIONS Sister and all the best...and thanks to Ursuline Franciscan Sisters for supporting her.. GOD BLESS YOU all

  • Priya Das, Karkala / Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    While congratulating and wishing best of health to Sr Millicent Pinto of Ursuline Franciscan Sisters (UFS), I want to congratulate and the very best to Ms. Florine Roche in particular and in general for giving such an excellent knowledgeable piece of articles to all to know the great things of certain special people ...

  • Priya Das, Karkala / Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    While congratulating and wishing best of health to Sr Millicent Pinto of Ursuline Franciscan Sisters (UFS), I want to congratulate and the very best to Ms. Florine Roche in particular and in general for giving such an excellent knowledgeable piece of articles to all to know the great things of certain special people ...

  • Fr Maxim Rosario, Jeppu Seminary

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    We must appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm of Sr Millicent. Here is the answer for what the elderly persons can do. She is sincere in her hard work. Great inspiration to all of us. Long live dear Sister.

  • Kala Nicholas, Mysore

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    My Dear Sr.Millicent hearty congratulations for the excellent contributions you render to the community. I am very much pleased with your cheerful smile on your face and your zeal and active participation in giving your service to the needy. I admire your spirit filled courage, deep inspiration to spread the goodnews of the Lord. You are young in spirit. You are an best example to the youth of today to motivate their hidden talents. Let your message spread all over to the hearts of the people. I appreciate and admire your grace filled generosity to bring out the CD’s. God bless you sister always and I wish you to bring forth many more CD's.

  • Jyothi, Udupi/Doha

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Praise and Thanking God for the release of your CD. Congratulation Sister Mai. Very happy to see you in news. May God bless you abundantly with good health, peace and happiness.

  • CGS Valencia, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Congratulations and best wishes to
    Sr.Millicent on releasing her second CD of devotional songs.May
    God bless her and keep her fit for the next CD!I wonder whether Sr.Millicent is 83 or 38!!!Hip Hip Hurray!!

  • Naveen, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Dear Sister,
    Keep up the good work you are a great inspiration to all of us.

  • Melwin D'souza /Q8, M'lor/Milagres

    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Congratulation Sister MAI.your realy inspiration our old is Gold. In very well sist milicent last 15years.your Great Sister I have your bothe CD"S very nice. God you almighty Bless.


    Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Congratulation! Sister Millicent. God Bless you for the wonderful music you are giving to the konkani folks at this young age [83]. You are an inspiration to those who are young and they feel old. I have your previous CD and God willing I should be able to get your new CD also. Praise God and may the Almighty bless you in all your undertaking. Keep me & my family in your prayers.

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