Montu Lobo : An Auto Driver with an Extraordinary Zeal

Feb 10, 2011

For the last 55 years, Montu Lobo of Valencia parish, who will be completing 75 years in September this year has been working as an auto driver in Mangalore. He got his driving license way back in 1957 and he claims he may be the first or one of the first auto drivers from Mangalore to get a license to drive an auto in the city. But boredom has not sneaked into his life despite the prosaic nature of the work he has been doing all these years. Weariness is something that Montu has not experienced at all, mainly because he has combined social service activities along with his routine work, which he says “have given him happiness and a sense of contentment”.

A simple man with simple needs – that is the essence of Montu’s success in life, which is also the secret behind his good health. He has no great ambitions in life or any grand desires.

He believes in earning his daily bread and the idea of retirement has not cropped up in his mind so far. He goes about his work with a candor typical of him without expecting any favours in return. What is great about this septuagenarian is that with his limited means he has found ways and methods of reaching out to the poor and the needy in his own way. That includes providing water taps to areas which are in need of it, water taps to schools, hospitals, computers to schools, uniforms to needy school children, sandals, clothes and even eatables to orphanages and needy children in Mangalore and even other far off places.

He acts as a liaison between people who are able to donate and the beneficiaries who deserve it. In the last five decades Montu, with active cooperation of other like-minded individuals and institutions, has been instrumental in helping many poor families get government land to build houses in and around Mangalore and thus secure a roof over their head.

Witness to beatification of RFC Mascarenhas

To top it all, Montu is the key witness from Mangalore in the ongoing process of beatification and eventual sainthood to the founder of Bethany congregation, late Monsignor Raymond F C Mascarenhas. Recalling the witness he had given six months back at Bishop’s House, Montu says, "I was in a vast room and they asked me all sorts of cross questions for which I replied in Konkani and it was translated into English. They even asked me why RFC Mascarenhas did not build the cemetery close to the church and I gave them satisfactory answers as I knew the reality. I was grilled for nearly three hours." He is hopeful that Fr Mascarenhas would attain sainthood in the near future.

Montu says that the systematic lifestyle he has followed has helped him maintain good health and also the energy to work with the same delight like before. He is a firm believer in the dictum of 'early to bed and early to rise' which keeps him happy, healthy and agile all through the day. "I sleep by 9 and wake by 3 or 3.30am. By 4 I am off from home and come to Kankanady, wash my auto, sip a cup of coffee at a restaurant near Kankanady and read the newspaper and discuss with a few friends of mine about the goings-on in our country and the world over. By 5 am I am ready to offer my services to the passengers and these days I am back home by 5 pm. After that my time goes for social service activities," says Montu giving an account of his daily itinerary.

The auto services of Montu are available at Kankanady bypass from where he covers distances mostly within the city. He works till 5 pm and after that retreats home to devote time for his social service activities.

Born on September 8, 1936 at Bendoor parish, Montu who studied up to 6th standard started working as an auto driver at a young age of 20 in the “Piaggio” auto that belonged to hotelier Achuta Salian. Montu had learnt driving from one Bhoja, a bike mechanic and graduated to learn driving auto by trial and error. Those days the tiny RTO office was in Jeppu, near the present Ursuline Convent. He was appointed by Salian for a monthly salary of Rs 150 and the entire day’s collection had to be given to the auto owner at the end of the day. “We used to charge 50 paise to the passengers as there was no meter those days. The autos those days had Yankee odometers and the charges were based on the approximate distance covered."

Montu recalls that there were hardly any autos in the roads of Mangalore six decades ago. "I can say there was no traffic at all on the streets. A handful auto drivers were operating from the old bus stand from Hampankatta." Even if we wanted to change the gear wire of the auto it had to be brought from Bangalore. There was one Thimmappa, a good bike mechanic who had his garage in Shedigudda and he used to undertake repairs as and when required. We had to be innovative sometimes and used to keep rubber cork of bottles for clutch pacing,” Montu recalls.

The Inner Call

Even at a young age Montu showed his soft side by helping the poor and the needy especially to the poor who did not have a roof over their head. He did it responding to the inner voice which motivated him to engage in such activities. He has been a Congress worker at the grassroot level and used his contacts to identify government lands and after verifying the same advised people who had no houses, to apply for the government land to build houses. He had taken a young Janardhana Poojary with him to many of these places in those early days, when Poojary was a non-entity.

In Shaktinagar there was a 10 acre plot belonging to one Austin D'Souza, which would have gone to the government as per prevailing land ceiling act. But Montu and his friends succeeded in convincing him that he would be doing a favour to houseless poor people by giving in writing that they were tenants which would enable them to file a declaration as tenants and get the property in their name. Montu and his friends compensated Austin for his generosity and nearly 150 people were able to build houses in the 9 ½ acre plot obtained from him.

Montu did all these even when he was living in a rented house in lower Bendoor. Finally when the then Bishop came forward and offered him land, Montu settled for just 3 cents of land at Valencia, near Jeppu Seminary. From the generous donations received from well wishers and institutions he built a small house in this plot which was inaugurated by Janardhana Poojary, when he was the union minister of state for finance.

After working in a rented auto for 20 years Montu bought his own auto and continued to work with the same fervour and pleasure. He has taken care of his family (wife Eliz and three children) by working as an auto driver. His daughters are married and son is working on his own auto, continuing in the footsteps of his father.

Montu remembers late Fr R F C Mascarenhas, whom he used to meet when he was studying at St Sebastian School in Bendoor as a young boy. He remembers his long beard and recollects that the priest, an epitome of kindness, used to give biscuits from his pocket to young children like Montu. "Fr Mascarenhas used to adore children and I remember we children always wanted to talk to him. I used to feel nice whenever he touched my head to bless me. He had special affinity towards the poor, irrespective of religion, caste or creed and he commanded respect and awe," says Montu reverentially.

For 55 years Montu has served as an auto driver and there has been no single instance of police case or accident. Recognizing his unique feat he was felicitated by the RTO and the district administration in 2008, by the then deputy commissioner Mahesh Rao. The Valencia parish has decided to honour him in a big way on the occasion of completing 75 years.

Montu follows a systematic lifestyle. His food habits are frugal and he never eats out either at weddings or at functions, though he is always ready to provide any help. He follows simple exercise and yoga routine and gobbles up a few cups of light tea which he says has kept him in good health. He intends to continue working as long as he is able to do so. Let us hope Montu continues to carry on with his mission with the same vigour and levity.

You can contact Montu Lobo at 0091-9845851193. 
Jeppu Seminary View, 2nd Cross Road, Near Gerosa School, Mangalore - 575002

Bank Details:

Monthu Lobo
A/C No. 0652101034448
Canara Bank - Valencia Branch
Menezes Building, Fr Mullers Road
Kankanady, Mangalore - 575002. 

IFSC Code: CNRB0000652

by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • vishwakiran, udupi

    Tue, Oct 22 2013

    Dear Monthu Lobo,First of all greetings and prayerful good wishes to you, may God bless you with good health and happiness throughout your life. good luck for the work you are doing to the society in a new way by mandarathi hair oil and by massaging birthi pain relief oil to the needy who has arthritis, injury, joint pain, fracure, muscle pain.

  • krithika, Mangalore

    Thu, Jun 27 2013

    I too got an opportunity to travel in his rickshaw today evening. Very humble person. He showed me all the pictures of him receiving the awards and even blessed me. Congratulations again.

  • shylesh, Payyanur(kerala)

    Wed, Oct 24 2012

    Today I also got oppertunity to travel in his auto... Such humble man...

  • samreen, mangalore

    Fri, May 04 2012

    hello sir i feel really proud  that I  got to sit in ur auto ....You are really a humbl man n m glad i got to sit in ur rick thank u

  • Sr.Sadhana B.S., Jyothi P.U.College, Ajekar

    Thu, Feb 17 2011

    Dear Monthu,
    I appreciate for your living example for the social service. We wish the gracefilled days in your life. You are indeed a great achiever in taking the people safely to their destination. I wish that every good works may blessed by God and have a good days ahead.

  • Sr.Arun B.S., Madeleine Pry.School, Mulki

    Thu, Feb 17 2011

    Dear Monthu,
    I congratulate you for your dedication and love towards the people. I deeply appreciate for your support to the needy. May God reward you in hundredfold with blessings from above and keep always under His care and love. Ma your social services help the present generation.

  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 14 2011

    Great man leading a saintly life.I salute you Montumam.

  • valerian dcruz, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 14 2011

    I selute this man. I will always thrive to teach my children to help needy in every small way. My mom and dad new this great personality. She immidiately recongnised Montu Uncle and told me about him and through the conversation i understood one thing is that he was very helpful and generous always activley involved in social service. I appreciate daijiworld for this inspirational article which inspired so much and i request the authorities to honour him. God bless you.

  • Dolphy Crasta, Valencia/Dubai

    Sun, Feb 13 2011

    Great Personality.. We are proud of you Monthaab.. God Bless!

  • Fr. Thomas Baretto, Navilur/Austria

    Sun, Feb 13 2011

    Daijiworld is rendering a noble servive to humanity by bringing the hidden treasures like Mr.Monthu Lobo into the broad day light.
    Mr. Monthu Lobo! You are the real rich, holy, sincere and happy man. You are great not because of any so called religion, politics or culture. You have shown yourself great through your simplicity and attitude of service to the needy. Your life is a great message for all the fools who raise their ugly heads in the name of religion, caste, political party or culture just to project themselves as heros. You have shown them that they are not heros but big ZEROS. Let your life be an eye opener to all such empty vessels which produce lot of sound, only to make our society still more insecure. Dear Mr. Monthu Lobo! Kindly bless our country and the young fellows who waste their precious life by getting themselves engaged in silly politics or groups of fanatics! Let them be inspired by a life of hard work and service to humanity! Let it be our joy to see people loving to live in truthfulness and letting no room for hypocrysy! I salute you, Mr. Monthu Lobo. You have lived your life like a candle to drive away the darkness in our beloved city - Mangalore. Thank you for your life example. You are our HERO.

  • Fr. Thomas Baretto, Navilur/Austria

    Sun, Feb 13 2011

    Daijiworld is rendering a noble servive to humanity by bringing the hidden treasures like Mr.Monthu Lobo into the broad day light.

    Mr. Monthu Lobo! You are the real rich, holy, sincere and happy man. You are great not because of any so called religion, politics or culture. You have shown yourself great through your simplicity and attitude of service to the needy.

    Your life is a great message for all the fools who raise their ugly heads in the name of religion, caste, political party or culture just to project themselves as heros. You have shown them that they are not heros but big ZEROS. Let your life be an eye opener to all such empty vessels which produce lot of sound, only to make our society still more insecure.

    Dear Mr. Monthu Lobo! Kindly bless our country and the young fellows who waste their precious life by getting themselves engaged in silly politics or groups of fanatics! Let them be inspired by a life of hard work and service to humanity! Let it be our joy to see people loving to live in truthfulness and letting no room for hypocrysy! I salute you, Mr. Monthu Lobo. You have lived your life like a candle to drive away the darkness in our beloved city - Mangalore. Thank you for your life example. You are our HERO.

  • Walter Dsouza, Udupi

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    Salam Tuka Montham. You have been doing excellent job. May God bless you abundantly and keep you happy healthy always.

  • Boniface Lobo, kulsekhar/Bhrain

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    Almighty God Bless MR Montu Lobo and his fly,Good Health & Happines always

  • Philip, Kumta

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    Montu uncle's life story is an excellent example for the youngesters. His life has been blessed by our Savour Jesus, as "He (Jesus) said do not worry about tomorrow, what you will eat, what you will wear as this brings itself many troubles". This verse suits Montu, and there shall many Montu take birth.

    May Almighty God help him to do such thing always and let his action be example for others to follow!

  • nelson, valencia/kuwait

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    The name seems very familiar. I have noted down his auto number and this time around i want to meet him.

  • Jessie Gonsalves, Mumbai/CA

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Reading this article has brought positive energy in us, thank you to this living saint. YOu truly live by example.

  • paul moras , bajjodi - mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    First of all i want to say thanks to bring water pipeline in 1976 from bikkarnakatta to bajjodi to work with janardhana pujari(MLA)in mangalore and i really hates off you that you are a good social worker.. may god bless and gives good health and live long life to you and your work..

    with best regards,
    paul moras

  • Fr Maxim Rosario, Jeppu Seminary

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    Hats off Montham! You are ever ready to help. You are the perfect role model to our people. What I admire in you most is you are ever active and dynamic in the service of others. God bless you dear Montham!

  • gerard towers, bendur,mangalore

    Sat, Feb 12 2011

    hats off to montham u inspire the younger hard and live more....anyways eventhough u r residing at valencia now u have still not forgotten our bendur parish especially Msgr r.f.c.mascarenhas
    who most of bendur parishners have forgotten and not being made  aware of his work and dedication for our parish...we pray to god for u future ......

  • Roney , Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Hi Montam, you are really a great hero. God bless you with good health & smile on your face always. Kindly give his contact details.

  • Vinnie, Rony & Areena D'Souza, Valencia, Dubai

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Dear Monthab,

    It is indeed our pleasure to have you in our neighborhood as a trustworthy resource, available to us at all times.
    May God bless you with prosperity, good health, peace happiness and joy. Regards.

  • mohd haneef, pandeswar

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    really good news we have to learn many things from mr montu uncle... let god bless him and keep him healthy and wealthy.. he is great.

  • Frederick Pinto, Shirva

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    There are so many good auto drivers in our city. They are always helpful and courteous. I remember that three years back at Bangalore a honest auto driver find a bag containing valuables gold worth of Rs. 3 lakh left in his auto. The honest auto driver immediately rushed to the nearby police station and handed over the same. Police commissioner identified the owners and returned the bag. The owner of the bag handed over a cash reward of Rs. 10,000 to auto driver. Also police commissioner appreciated the honest of the auto driver and handed over a cash rewards of Rs. 1000. Montu you are a great man and may God bless you and your family and always keep you in good health.

  • Gerald M. Lobo, Maryhill/ saudi arabia

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    God bless you Mr.Montu Lobo i will pray for you good health & happyness

  • Alwyn, Mangalore - USA

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I use to travel in Mr. Monthu Lobo’s auto many times. He was so humble and never ever asked extra money. Even though if he didn’t had change to give back he use to take less charges and incase when ever I paid more he gave the extra money back. He is amazing and real God fearing person.

    May Lord Jesus Christ Bless you, Keep you Safe, Healthy, and Happy always, Amen..

  • Nazmathnisa Laiz, Surathkal/Abudhabi

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Congratulations.He is perfect in keeping time.

  • JOHN PINTO, Mangalore/Canada

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Congratulations Mr. Lobo. Mangalore needs more kind hearted people like you. God Bless.

  • Len Lewis, Kalpana Road, Mangalore2/USA

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    I remember Mr. Montu during my childhood days and have ridden with him a number of times. Nice to know that he is doing fine. May God Bless him.

  • Elias Mascarenhas, Puttur, Australia.

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Dear Florine

    What a beautiful write up on a common man highlighting his noble qualities. Not long back,you wrote an article on Mangalore Rickshaws/drivers. Let many write ups flow from your pen in these columns.

  • Mabel, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Mr. Monto would have made a very good Mayor of this town, given the chance.

  • Wilson, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    All you Guys who adore him try to send him a little contribution,to make his old age life happier and comfortable.

  • Melwyn Pinto, mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Such lovely and good person ...never got a chance to become a politician.
    People used to make fun of this guy and laugh.i have seen him from my childhood.People never voted him to be a corporator if they would have done this he would have made wonders to mangalore city.

  • Alex. Thomas, Bahrain

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    well done Daiji World for having brought out such a wonderfull article on such a marvellous person.
    We were deeply moved after reading about his day to day life,vision to help others as well as taking care of his family. May God Bless him abundantly and may he be an example to others.

  • Rakesh, Udyavar

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Hatts off to you Montu Bab.You are a true role model to all of us.You seem to got awesome attitudes with in you.We need people like you in our society.I am truely delighted from this article.

  • Ranjith Lobo, Dubai

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Excellent article. All the best to Mr. Lobo. Being such a disciplined person, I fail to understand why his son is continuing same job.

  • loyan mac rodrigues, vamanjoor/sharjah U.A.E

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Montu uncle i dont have words to tell about u i have seen u from my childhood days but till now u r working is a great news. hats off to u montu uncle may god bless u in every needs of ur mission and may god bless u and keep u happy all time.last but least again hats off to u uncle.

  • joy, mangalore/dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    very happy to read this article hats off to this personality he is the most richest man though poor in wealth, the wishes and appreciation for sinceare and pure living what this man has got i dont think any politcian will get. Dear politicians i request u learn from this man though poor in wealth has a lending hand always reaching to give and not take. It is hard to believe that such persons still exist in this modern society. Montham may god bless u with good health i will not say wealth because u are rich in heart may u have all the best for ur future. Daijiworld thank u for this article for making the world know that still honest and sincere people are still around who have not made wealth a priority in life but service and set an example to others and made the society proud.

  • David Rodrigues, Kayyar/Bangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Keep it Up Daijiworld.Lot to learn from Montu.GOD BLESS.

  • Veena Mallya, Lower Bendore/AbuDhabi

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Dear Montu uncle
    when i saw this article i was suprised,You are the same montu uncle who used to stay our opposite house in lower bendore. when we needed you helped us .you are kind person. i also remember Ello bai. that time i was may be 7-8 years old. then you shifted your house. may god give you good health and good wishes to you
    thank you daijiworld
    veena mallya

  • Antony Pereira, Bejai, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 11 2011

    Nice to read the life style & achievements of Mr.Montu Lobo. I know this person and his helping nature. May God bless him abanduntly for the services he rendered to the poor. He should be recognised by the society and rewarded properly at the earliest. I wish him all the very best, good health, peace, joy & happiness in life.

  • Francis, Moodbidri/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Laamb Jiyon Monthu Uncle

  • Mohan H Naik, Mangaluru

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Montu is an icon of inspiration.God bless montu.

  • Felix Machado, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Mr.Monthu is ready to come even at odd time.And he be ready in advance.

  • Andrew L D Cunha, Bejai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Hats off..Sir. You are living a graceful life. Good work Daijiworld.

  • cliferd Rodricks, Valencia, Dubai Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    montham, salam thuka,

  • Jeethan, ashoknagar/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    good job sir....iam realy happy by reading this article.thanks for daijiworld.may god bless you and keep you always happy

  • Vasant Raj, Udupi/Abudhabi

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Great...we should honor seeing this we can learn one thing that a rickshaw driver will remain as rickshaw driver for ever.

  • D'Almeida John Kenedy, Brahmavar - Bahrain

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    We often meet people in our life who are always talking of their wealth, investment & savings. It is hard to believe in this generation we have living saints around us like Mr. Montu. May God bless you with good health & peace.
    Thank you daijiworld & Florine

  • harish shetty, mangalore dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I am re-collecting my memory of 1975 to 1978, he was middle aged rickshaw driver and very interesting human being, he had a extreme positive energcy. without any self benifit he was giving speeches in a very comiical way during the election for congress party, one cannot forget "MONTU PORBULU" I travelled several occassions in his autorickshaw. God bless with goodhealth.

  • Gration D' Souza, Kulshekar / Muscat

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    We know Montham since a long period in kankanady,he is known by every one arround, he has the tru eligibility to be honoured by our society. He is a living example for the social service. We wish the concerned authorities to honour him with their utmost reward at least he may live a pleasent life after sevivng the society for 55years.

  • velyma, Dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I had the chance to travel by his auto with my aunt one day... He himself narrated his life story and all his works to us. To be honest, though i listened to him, could not figure out why he was telling us all of it. We both went back home and re-narrated the entire story to all at home.Today If i could recollect him as a person, its because he contributed his quality time to us. He actually put his auto on the side of a road near the railway station and took us through his life story.Hats off to him....for his good deeds and selfless service both in works and by speech...If he could make a difference in me just in about half an hour ..( i was cursing him then though for "wasting my time" ..But today am happy that I has an opportunity to meet such a wonderful person. Can imagine how many people have felt the difference in their own little way....Hats of to you!!!!!!

  • ahmedbava, mangalore

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    one of the best Auto Driver in mangalore and a strong wrestler

  • Anand Dsilva, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I have seen this man many times in Valencia area and though not met him the way he speaks, kindness and going out of his way to help several people made me feel he is not just an ordinary auto driver but a rickshaw saint.

  • Julie, Mundkur/Doha

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Thanks Daijiworld for publishing this article. Hats off to you Montu Uncle for your good work. May God shower his blessings on you & your family & always keep you in good health.

  • Satish Kunder, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    It is nice to see that Mr. Montu Lobo still doing Social service to the needy.

    I know him as Montu Porbulu and has met him on many occasions in 80's when my late father was active in Social activities as president of South Block Congress Committee.

    I wish him good health and let him be the mirror for younger generation to be involved with social activities.

  • Peter & Anna Mendonca, Karkala / Muscat

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Dear Montu Lobo,Valencia,
    May God Bless you with His abundant graces and let His glory shine through you to all those who travel in your auto.
    It is indeed a great achievement to transport people safely to their destination for 55 long years - Congratulations.
    It is also our privilege to know you as one of the many who met you in your Auto. Thanks to Florine Roche and Daiji.

  • Lloyd D'souza, Dubai/Surathkal

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I Salute this man. May God Bless Him always.


    Thu, Feb 10 2011


  • Anil Fernandes, Mangalore/AbuDhabi

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Dear All
    we should be proud of this person, who has given good services to the Mangalore city, Thank You Montu Lobo, we will pray for you good health wealth & happyness...

  • Abdullah Rehman, Dubai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Great man ... had the privilege to passenger his auto once, I think he needs to take lessons on behavior to many of the other autodrivers in town

  • Greshma Saldanha, kanjurmarg (E), Mumbai

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    I truly am inspired by uncle montu.... Thank you!
    may god always keep you safe and happy..

  • Mark Denis D'souza, Niddodi/Sharjah,U.A.E.

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Dear Monthu Lobo,First of all greetings and prayerful good wishes to you, may God bless you with good health and happiness throughout your life.Secondly dear Florine you are doing great job,Keep it up,wish you good luck on your mission.
    Mark Denis D'souza


    Thu, Feb 10 2011



    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Nice article.....thanks daiji and writer Florine. Namaskar Monthu Saibak. Dev tuka sorv vatani borem korundhi ani bori bolaiki divndhi.

  • Hamid, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 10 2011

    Montu like personnel very rare in our society now a days, purely he is honorable person.

  • Ned D'Cunha, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Feb 09 2011

    God bless Montu. He really needs a standing ovation for his dedicated work & should be honoured adequately. Honourable Minister Janardana Poojary should be invited for any honouring ceremony arranged.


    Wed, Feb 09 2011

    Monto Lobo's personality in the contemparray society is very rare.His diciplined lifestyle made him to remain in his 'DRIVING BUSSINESS'for q quite long period!Lobo saab hats off to you for your service to the society and an model human being to us.God bless you.District Admin need to recognise his service and fecilitate him for his service and contribution to the soceity in general and Managalore in particular.

  • joegonsalves, Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 09 2011

    This is indeed a unique and rare article on an individual. What is good about this account is that it refers to a an individual coming from the underprivileged strata.

    I recall meeting monthu on S.L. Mathias Road a long time ago and I found kind and gentle. I am glad Daijiworld has picked up this man as an example to many other rickshaw drivers.

    Joe Gonsalves


    Wed, Feb 09 2011

    Mr montu's dedication should be
    recognised and rewarded properly

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Title: Montu Lobo : An Auto Driver with an Extraordinary Zeal

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