Dolphy Dsouza : Young and Emerging Political Face of DK

Dec 6, 2010
Pics by Dayananda Kukkaje

For every rule there is an exception and it applies to almost all fields,  including the much maligned political field. People generally have an impression that all politicians, veterans or aspiring, are media hungry and try to corner as much space and publicity, just to be in news and in public mind, without doing anything concrete for the welfare of the people or for the development of the society.    But, politics is not as bad as most of us think, despite the despicable and abysmal level to which it has descended in the last few decades,  because  we still find a few people who  don’t quite fit into this generally accepted perception but  go about their work quietly without any trace of vanity.  

Come to accept this.  It is not easy to be in the late 20’s and be a veteran of almost 15 years of political experience and  at the same time be away from the media glare.  It is however, not impossible either.  And this is what makes  the  soft spoken, suave,  young and emerging politician of Dakshina Kannada,  Dolphy Prashanth D Souza,  a rare breed among today’s  politicians.  What is more, he has been able to make his political presence without any political background or a  godfather in politics.

True to his  middle name,   he is a man of quietude, who has no airs about him and believes in serving the people more as a duty than a service.  He does not hanker  for media attention  and  is a quiet achiever.  “I don’t believe in over exposure.  For me that kind of politics does not work”, he asserts.  Despite being in politics for the last 15 years if many people in Dakshina Kannada do not know much about this young politician, it is not their fault.  Dolphy does not subscribe to the idea of advertising  himself in public domain by resorting to cheap publicity. But people in Bantwal know him through the good work he has done. 

It is a feather in the cap of this young and  aspiring politician that very recently he has been  nominated as the member of Central Advisory Committee (CAC) on Limestone and Dolomite Mines Labour Welfare Fund, with its headquarters in Delhi.   He is one among the 3  ruling party political nominees appointed to this committee.  Even that has not made any news because Dolphy has chosen not to tom-tom about it.  “My main aim in life is to serve the people and that is what drew me towards politics during my student days.  Those ideals have not changed with the passage of time and I sincerely want to work for welfare of the people”, he contends.   Keeping a low profile  does not mean Dolphy can be easily dismissed as a political non-entity. 

Known for his organizing capabilities, Dolphy, who hails from Kinnibettu, Bantwal, says “I joined politics at the age of 15”.  Even as try to  sink in this revelation   and accept it as a matter of fact, considering his age,  he says “I was in school NCC and was the first one from SVS College, Bantwal, to represent the country in the Republic Day parade in 1997.  Being in Delhi, I was awakened to a new realization and was enfolded with  a new feeling of doing something for the nation and I dreamt of joining politics then  and there.  I pursued my ambition with a single minded devotion and  able to establish myself with my service to the society”.

Dolphy had come in touch with former Member of Parliament from Udupi Oscar Fernandes in the early 90’s when Oscar came to his college function   and that acquaintance itself proved to be a launching pad for the political career of this young aspiring politician.  He got an opportunity to exhibit his organizing skills in 1992 general elections when Oscar contested as the Congress candidate from Udupi.  Dolphy along with his band of loyal supporters campaigned rigorously to ensure his victory and succeeded.  Opportunity came knocking to him once again in 1996 general elections when he was given the vital responsibility of keeping up to date account of the election expenses of the entire Bantwal  Block Congress.  His discipline, diligence  and leadership qualities came into the fore during this  general election.  Congress leader former MLC and freedom fighter  Manur Vasudeva Kamath noticed all the right qualities in a young Dolphy and brought him into active politics.  

Though Dolphy always preferred to keep a low profile his bubbling energy and perpetual determination did not go unnoticed by those who matter in the Congress and  he was propelled into student politics  when he  was elected as D K District NSUI secretary of the Congress party. As a NCC in 1997 he got an opportunity to represent the college in the Republic Day parade which actually er fuelled his ambition of becoming a politician and there has been no looking back.  Opportunity cam knocking to Dolphy in 1998 when he contested  and won the  Mangalore University senate elections as a NSUI candidate under the leadership of the then  Youth Congress President and now MLA,  U T Khader.  He was the youngest office bearer in the district Congress Committee when he was appointed as the general secretary of the District Congress when Janardhana Poojary was the PCC President.

Dolpy,  is the second child of Charles D Souza and Izabella Lobo of Modankap parish.  His father is an agriculturist and mother Izabella runs a dairy business in Bantwal.  His elder brother works as a lecturer in Vagga.  Dolphy has a post graduate degree in Social Work and has done a PG diploma course in Tourism and Hotel Management.  But his first love has always been politics and he is steadfast in his commitment to serve the society as a politician.   As a young leader Dolphy has served in various capacities in the Congress party - as Youth Congress District Secretary, Karnataka State Youth Congress Vice President and as General Secretary of District Congress.  Though he was an aspirant to the post of Taluk Panchayat member in Bantwal Taluk in 2000,   a senior Congress leader saw him as a future threat to his  own political existence and thwarted his hope by fielding another catholic leader, a political non-entity, just to prevent Dolphy from finding a political base in Bantwal.    He was second time unlucky to be the Congress candidate in 2006 despite avowal support from leaders like Oscar Fernandes and Blasius D Souza.  

Dolphy would have been the Congress candidate from Mangalore constituency during the 2008 assembly elections, but once  again forces which were inimical to him,  ensured he did not get a chance.   Though local Congress leaders supported his candidature luck deserted him once again.  However, Dolphy is undaunted by such missed opportunities and close brush with destiny.  “I am not disappointed by the turn of events.  Contesting elections is not my sole aim and I have found ways and means of serving people without being an elected representative.  Age is still on my side and I believe the good work I have done will always keep me in good stead  ”, he muses.

It is true that Dolphy has wide and contacts and exerts considerable influence with the higher echelons of the ruling party in Delhi. He is primarily responsible for bringing the President of India  Dr Pratibha Devisingh Patil and other national leaders to Mangalore,  for the ongoing first World Konkani Cultural Convention.  He has used his influential  contacts to get lot of financial benefits for Dakshina Kannada District from various schemes of the government.  He has been able to bring funds from MP’s like Sham Benegal, Charles Dias Fanthom, Anil Lad and other MP’s,  which has been used for setting up schools, colleges, community halls, for improving infrastructure and other works of public utility.  He says “various government schemes like NREG has funds  which go unutilized most of the times as elected representatives fail to implement these schemes. In states like Andhra and Tamilnadu MPs have made use of these schemes to bring money for their constituencies for developmental works”. 

If Dolphy gets an opportunity to represent the people he says he will bring huge funds from various  central government schemes for improving infrastructure and for other developmental works. “I know whom to approach for funds and how to get it done at the highest level.  My experience of the last 15 years has given me lot of exposure and insight into the working of the government departments.  I don’t believe in giving false assurances but will try to fulfill the promises I make to the people”.

It is not surprising that Dolphy holds former minister and Congress leader B Janardhana Poojary as his role model in politics. He is highly inspired by Poojary’s sincerity and the simple life he leads despite being in politics for eons.  “Janardhana Poojary is outspoken  but is very down to earth.  He is a great leader, very simple, non-corrupt and a dedicated party worker.  He does not aspire for wealth or other worldly comforts.  When he was offered 2 acres of land in Bangalore when he was a MP, he had refused it.  We cannot get such a leader in Karnataka  Congress.  There is only one Janardhana Poojary and it is difficult to find the likes of him in politics”.   

The organizing capability of Dolphy has been recognized at the national level also and Congress leader Margaret Alva had appointed him as the central observer in Goa for the assembly elections held in 2007. Fransciso Sardina, Chairman of the Estimation Committee had appointed him as the District Returning Officers during the recently held Delhi Pradesh Congress Party’s organizational elections.  Former Minister and MP Oscar Fernandes had recommended his name for the Central Advisory Committee on Limestone and Dolomite Mines Labour Welfare Fund and he has been appointed as a member for a period of three years.

Dolphy has a special interest in watching parliament debates of many countries whenever he finds little time.  He is a bachelor and  occasionally finds it relaxing to watch a movie.   

With such impeccable credentials and with a pervious  mind to work for the betterment of people,  Dolphy Prashanth D Souza has all the traits  of emerging as a future political leader.  But he has  certainly shown enough qualities of being ‘different’ from the present bunch of politicians.  

Dolphy Dsouza can be contacted at : 0091 - 9916292195

by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • Naveen.N.N., Bhandaribettu

    Thu, Jul 14 2011

    Hai Dolphy,

    I have seen this information today itself about you.Fantastic, Young age you have achieved a lot. Best of luck. Do you remember me Your brother was my classmate in Bhandaribettu school (Magga shala).Best of luck once again

    With regards,
    S/O N.S.Nani,
    Bhandaribettu House
    Bantwal(Opposite to Manjunath saphaly"s house)

  • paul rodrigues, air mangalore

    Sat, Jan 08 2011

    well done F Roche dolpy is a nice person I met him personally he is having good helping nature in the society keep it up

  • Sudhir kumar, Qatar

    Tue, Dec 21 2010

    Well Done and Wish you all the best Dolphy. May God Bless you, and grow to be a good leader for India, we support you.

  • Dixsun D'souza, Mangalore/saudi

    Tue, Dec 21 2010

    Congratulations dear dolphy for your achievments. please do carry on such works in the future. You have potency to become our leader. we will look forward for that day. Good luck

  • Fr. Charlie, Mangalore, Chennai

    Mon, Dec 20 2010

    Hi Dolphy, you deserve more than this for your good work among all the communities. Having known you for a short time made me realize the stuff you are. You have a great future. Keep up the morale and you will be successful. We are with you.

  • Fr.J.B.Cratsa, mangalore

    Tue, Dec 14 2010

    Dear Dolphy,
    I wish you all the sucesses and my prayers are with you. Alrealy you have done lot to various communities.

  • Jerry, Loretto/Mumbai

    Sun, Dec 12 2010

    It's indeed a great salute to the persona of this young aspiring lad.Dolphi you deserve the best,for your untiring efforts to the welfare of the community.May your journey on this path may lead you the determined goal.All the best.

  • Deenath Shetty, B C Road / Abudhabi

    Sun, Dec 12 2010

    Congratulations & Best of luck Dolphy...

  • Deshpremi , Mumbai

    Sat, Dec 11 2010

    Dolphy Good come up in Politics do good for the People .Be like Srinivas Mallya,T A Pai or like Veerappa Moily ,Oscar Fernandes But Not Like B Janardhan Poojary .He is Total Failure .He was Just waorking for Billavas ,Muslims .when GSB people came for help he used to say Kankanere mata BJP and he was not helping them .He was also Critic of Other Communities as well .Dont Follow those things .wish you all the best

  • sarita, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 10 2010

    well done dolphy. Do continue the same. You have all the potency to work for the Dakshina Kannada District. good luck

  • rosy,, kasargod

    Fri, Dec 10 2010

    Congratulations dolphy sir, i am happy to see you on the Daijiwold. i heard you are doing very well as a social worker. Good luck

  • D M D' Souza, Bantwal

    Fri, Dec 10 2010

    It's heartening to note, a young man chose to tread a path long forgotten in todays politics & create quiet waves- hope they won't go unnoticed for long.
    Rajiv today would've been proud to have people like Dolphy in his party, while Rahul is not too far behind. Hope Oscar would notice his contribution & pave his way for more responsibilities as well as opportunities for this aspiring lad-so that society would benefit more in near future. Wish you All The Best in all Endeavour.

  • J.J.Noronha, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    Its great to know about a capable emerging political leader in D.K. We are truely in need of such a leader. God bless u Dolphy and keep up the good work. All the best.

  • Shanthi, karkala

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    today karnataka politics need persons like dolphy. it is the need of the hour that Congress must give persons like dolphy to bring the party to its prosparity. All the best

  • Vikki, Goa

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    Congratulations dear dolphy for your achievments. please do carry on such works in the future. You have potency to become our leader. we will look forward for that day. Good luck

  • Lvd, advocate, Udupi

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    I have been observing Mr. Dolphy's silent works for the long time from now. He is having all the capacities to become future renouned leader of our country, provided he gets right opportunities. let us wish him all the succes in his work.

  • Stany, Kundapur

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    congrats Dolphy. Your dedication bear fruit. we are with you in your endeavours. Continue your good work.One day we would like to see in the Centre along with other top leaders.

  • margaret, mangalore

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    Congrats mr. Dolphy. You are really great. carry on your good work.

  • Spenilla, Kundapur

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    congratulations dear Dolphy for your achievments. it is nice to hear about you. god bless you.

  • CGS, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    I am sure that dynamic and dashing Dolphy D'Souza is going to be a
    tall Political leader of rare integrity and sincerity.Our community needs many more leaders
    like Dolphy.All the Best!

  • Avil and Suzan, Allipade, Muscat

    Thu, Dec 09 2010

    Dear Dolphy,we are very glad to hear about you and your valuable contribution to all of us.

    I do remember you as we both studied together in SVS. keep up with your good work and may God bless you.

  • Fr Rudolph,, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 08 2010

    Dear Dolphy, I congratulate you and appreciate you for acheiving so much by your sincere service having a noble desire in your heart. Grow higher and higher.Do good. Never look back.May God bless you.Good luck.

  • ujwal, mangalore

    Wed, Dec 08 2010

    Being known Dolphy for his simplicity,this article comes as a a eyeopener to all those aspiring to be or become future prospects in the feild of politics.Such aspirants should take a cue from Dolphys simple nature of taking Bold action in the Political strides.Wishing Doplhy all the very best in the endeavours he takes.

  • Delphine Pais, Bendore, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 08 2010

    Congratulations!glad to hear about your good work. Wish you good luck and success in life.

  • Manu Bantwal , Angelore, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 08 2010

    I have known Dolphy since childhood. But I never thought that he would reach up to this level with his own efforts, determination and hard work. He had the knowledge to bring funds for works of public utility which is important for a politician. I liked his simplicity and I am overwhelmed by knowing that he is responsible to bring the President of India and many other National leaders to Mangalore by his considerable influence. I strongly believe that you will become an MLA. Good Luck!

  • Louis D'Souza, Udupi/Kuwait

    Wed, Dec 08 2010

    God bless him. We need talented honest God fearing persons in today’s politics. Dolphy has it all. I wish he will emerge as a MLA soon from Mangalore. All the best to Dolphy D’Souza. Thanks to Florine for introducing Dolphy to us.

  • Mahesh , Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Hi Dolphy,
    You are MLA or MP stuff! Why are the politicians not opening their eyes to see your capacities. At this present time of political degradation we need a person like you to lead politically. Keep up your good work. Best of luck our friend!

  • Fr Roque DSa, St Joseph's Seminary, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Dolphy is one of the rare of the rarest personalities from a God-loving family of Bantwal. God has blessed him with qualities of head and heart - He is academically qualified,intelligent,shrewd and wise humane and affectionate. I had the opportunity of relating to him and his family being the Parish Priest of Bantwal. He is bold and confident and can communicate to any politician with ease get things done through any politician of any party on the state or national level. He was directly responsible to get M.P. and M.L.A.funds to many institutions in Bantwal Taluk and many others in the D.K. District. Over and above thousands have benefitted from him especially those who are poor. He is not publicity-crazy and hence his capacities are somewhat unknown to many.So I congratulate and thank Florine Roche for her effort to get into the personality of Dolphy and make him known to the society.
    Good and honest leaders enhance the strength of a political party. I request the political leaders to take Dolphy seriously and support him so that the state and country may benefit from this budding young politician.

  • Anup, mangalore, mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    dear Dolphy,
    I am extremely happy to see you on Really we must proud of you. Your sincereity and hard work gave you reward. You will become one of our political leader in the future. Good luck dolphy

  • Mr. Lozano D' souza, Udupi

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    I am happy that we, mangaloreans have several hidden talents and it is only the opportunities that bring them to the light. It is cent percent true in the case of Mr. Dolphy. I pray that Mr. Dolphy would become our future leader. He has all the capacity to be so. Good luck Dolphy.

  • Pramod Shetty, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Its very nice to see a well qualified person in the political feild. This is what the Indian politics needs. Hope, Dolphy will become a role model in clean politics so that the public realises the value of electing a educated political leaders in future rather than electing those dont even understand the true meaning of politics. Best wishes young man.

  • Melwyn & Saritha, Abu dhabi

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Nice article on a emerging political star, we wish him all the sucess in his political life.

    Melwyn & Saritha
    Abu dhabi

  • Fr Roque D'Souza, Bantwal

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Recently Chaliyab, Dolphy's dad told me: "Our former good PP Fr Noronha had asked him to coax one my boys to be a priest to promote God's service. I replied: 'they will find their way to do, if God wishes."
    Yes, Dolphy has ushered into politics by his own new way, and it is mainly to serve humanity at large. He has been very good at drawing resources from Govt. schemes for worthy projects. Had he not done it, these public funds would have gone to unworthy causes. Bantwal area has received quite a lot of support from him. While we thank him heartily for the same, it is also our duty to support him, when it comes to securing his space in the tough arena of politics. May the good Lord bless him and keep him uncorrupted by the lure of political office and its compulsions. My best to him for a bright future. Fr Roque D'souza.

  • Laveena Monteiro, Bhandari Bettu, Bantwal

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Wish you all the best Dolphy. May God Bless you.

  • dasmond , mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    God Bless Dolphy.May your tribe increase so that the image of Karnataka that has taken such a beating could be restored to its original glory

  • Caroline Alwyn, Bangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Well done Dolphy & I am very proud to have a friend like you. God bless you & may you reach heights.

  • Arun, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 07 2010

    Good introduction to a backbench worker. However, the writer needs to probe Dolpy's vision on social welfare and service, else he will soon meet the same fate as his leaders in the district. Considering the changing dynamics of the electorate, it is necessary to have and project a vision. Just statements and slogans will not get votes. Wish him well and pray that he doesn't get entangled in politics of politics.

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    He could be a better MLA candidate with higher credidibility compared to the one lost few times..


    Mon, Dec 06 2010


  • godwin sequeira, bantwal

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    congratulation dolphy

  • Wilfred DSouza, Ex Prez, NSUI DK District, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Congratulations Dolphy & God Bless You

  • H.S.Fernandes, Bantwal

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Glad to learn the good work done by Mr.Dolphy Prashant. I congratulate the writer and wish Mr. Dolphy a bright political career for the service of humanity.May the Almighty bless him with good health.


    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    i happy that, their a good leader in Indian politics. I am inspired by, i will be the part of the change.move on ..

  • Rudy D' Souza & Family Kuwait, Omzoor/Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Thank you article writer. I had an oppurtunity to meet Mr. Dolphy in Dubai during curtain raising of World Konkanni culture convention. The first impression is the best impression that he has given to me.Till then I didn't know anything about him, but as I was talking to him for few minutes I could realize his capacity, the views shared, the good idealogy, the imaginations, possitive thinking, strength of understanding finally the calmness really appreciable. I am proud of Dolphy Prashanth D' Souza. All the best Mr. Dolhpy. Thank you Daijii for publishing this article

  • susheel d souza, kankanady/mangalore

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Now, all the outrated leaders like poojary, oscar, ramanath rai, vijaykumar shetty, sorake should retire from active politics to give chance to young budding like dolphy . All the best to you dolphy and at the same time beaware of internal politics of CONGRESS.

  • Janardhan Rai Paddambailu, Katukukke, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Dear Dolphy,
    When we were in MSW i noticed your leadership qualities & aggressiveness in all the activities & am very sure u are perfect person to serve the public.
    I wish u all the best & god bless u.

  • Rajesh Sequeira, Cordel, Dubai

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Great article. it is nice to see great young leaders in the future who wants to do some good work to our country all the Best Dolphy


    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Dear Florine Roche, your article on Dolfy Prashant D’souza, is timely and befitting on the occasion of the ongoing first World Konkani Cultural Convention. I had the first hand experience of the organizing and interpersonal skills of this youngman, as we went on extending and ensuring eminent and top leaders to grace the this mega event. In these days our youth is not that forthcoming to join politics, but persons like Sh. Dolfy Prashant D’souza, have really proved that they are asset for Youth Congress in Karnataka.

    The amount of work this young man has done and is capable of doing is beyond doubt. Well connected at the grassroot level as well as at the State and Central level he is always been appreciated for his committed work and his leadership qualities, especially for his organizing capabilities. Among the Christian community every one knows him in the district as he does his social work among different caste/creed/communities in the entire South Cannara Districts. It is high time that our senior and top Congress Leaders from Cannara recognize his personality and would entrust him with better responsibilities. I am a firm believer that he would make an excellent MLA material for the Mangalore seat and would do full justice for that at any given time.

     I only wish our Church leaders as well as Congress Leaders from Cannara region would recognize his talent and do promote him, in the next elections, which seem are nearing as we see the disturbed political scène in our state. Best of Luck Dolfy! Keep up your good work, your day would come soon

  • Ivan Walder, Loretto/Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    I have heard through many parishoners that Mr.Dolphy was instrumental in bringing aid towards many developmental works in and around loretto. On behalf of loretto parishoners i wish him all success and support

  • ozzie, Bantwal / Dubai

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Realy Proud of you dolphy, very clam and soft nature person.Keep up you good work and all the best.

  • elias, bantwal

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    congratulations to DOlphy d`souza for being appointed to CAC on limestone and dolomite labour welfare fund HQ new Delhi.I remember while attending NCC during 1970 at SVS college walking on Field bunds from amtady to bantwal brought back the memories even our batch Mr Janardan Bhat attended the NCC. parade at Delhi.Carry on your activities God bless you.

  • Fr. Francis Assisi, Advocate, Mangalore, padukone

    Mon, Dec 06 2010

    Dear writer of this article, really i must congratulate you for making Mangalorean community people to acknowledge a hidden talent in the person of Mr. Dolphy D' souza. Whenever he used to meet me, i used to ask him- Dolphy why dont people understand your capacity? The simple answer he used give me is- Fr. for everything there is a time. so also my day will come. I suppose Mr. Dolphy's day has come. I know him personally. He is of gentle and soft spoken person. If somebody asks him any favour, he never used to say no to them. It is because, he has an inborn tendency of helping others. He never worked for name and fame, rather he worked for the community.
    I feel, God has rewarded Mr. Dolphy for his service to the community. Now the Christian Political personalities must understand the value of Mr. Dolphy. Without any inhibition i say that Mr. Oscar must open his eyes with regard to Mr. Dolphy and must give him a chance to come up in his political carrier. he is a great help not only to the Christian community but to all irrespective of caste, religion and groups. God bless him. Let us pray and wish him bright future in his political Carrier.

  • Fr. Faustine L. Lobo, Bantwal/Bangalore

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    Dear Ms. Florine, Congratulations for introducing a promising talent from the osil of Bantwal/Mangalore to the world. I know Mr. Dolphy personally and have no doubts in his capacities. He is a very good find for our community. Hence, I would urge one and all to support him and walk that extra mile to promote him in the political arena. He has that soft corner for the poor and the needy, which is a necessary ingredient in a genuine politician. I am sure he will sincerely work for the welfare of the community. He has connections already built up at different levels (District, State and national) and he has tremendous knack to build rapport with persons. When it comes to help others he will not leave any stone unturned. He would not hasitate to trouble any person if it genuinely helps the cause of the poor.
    May I therefore, request one and all to join hands and see that Mr. Dolphy is recognized as the future leader for the Christian community and for the people of Mangalore in general. He has already helped several people and institutions to avail the grant from the Union as well as the State governments. Good luck and bright future to my good friend Dolphy.

  • Donald, Bantwal

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    Good Job. Really a great news for all that Mr Dolphy having a good contact with top level leaders and getting good funds for our society. At the same time, to grow as a good politician a very good contact and relationship with AAM ADMI is very important. Without the good n healthy support from our own people its not possible to face elections and go further. So i think Mr Dolphy should concentrate bit more on building good relationship with AAM ADMI. All the very best.

  • Lancy - Dubai, Bantwal

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    I know Dolphy from my childhood, he is one of the aggressive person i have ever seen. From his school and college days he was taking many initiatives and he was the lead for all the event conducted. He is the inspiration for all our youth.Through his great work and helping hand he became fan of many. Dolphy i am sure you will reach the top of success very soon. Wish you all the best and all success.

  • Chandrashekhar, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    It's all 'contacts' and 'tactics' what matters. Dolphy has it all. He has a long way to go, lot more to do. We shold support him in his political venture."cause Dolphy is young and the face of the youth.
    All the Best.....

  • Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    Florine, Thanks. It was a timely announcement just prior to arrival of President of India that it was who Dolphy who was primarily responsible for bringing The President of India, Dr Pratibha Devisingh Patil and other national leaders to Mangalore, World Konkani Cultural Convention lest somebody else could have stolen Dolphy’s silence and taken away his highest glory of the moment. It was nice to read Dolphy’s acquaintance with O.Fernandes, J. Poojary. However, is there any specific reason to omit the name of V. Moily ?

    Few queries, how is your association with our church leaders ? Next, R. Colaco, star of IFKCA, International Federation of Karnataka Christian Association (IFKCA) whose bold vision and mission to groom / breed our own people to jump in to active politics ! There is another young up-coming, Ivan D’ Souza in the active regional politics. Do you have any good acquaintance with all of them or everybody watch and wait to go by divide and rule principle within our minority. Unity should be our Great Strength and is the need of the hour. Finally, can you please name, if anybody has been defeated by the adversary who are sincerely working for the welfare of the people ? Of course, none of them. So you will also sure to win all the battles that comes on your way irrespective who are waiting to devour and gulp down.

  • fr.santosh, loretto,kuriyal house sornad post

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    i am really proud of you dolphy, i know you well as a student in SVS school bantwal. i am haapy that you are doing wonderful works. i have heard from many people that you help peope to get government funds. may god bless you. may you grow to greater stature in politics. my blessings and prayers are always with you.

  • Ranjith Shetty, Rayee/Jordan

    Sun, Dec 05 2010

    As a person worked for the party at the same time, i want to wish him all the success in his political carier.He is very soft spoken and asset for the congress party in the district.He is a dedicated party worker from the grassroot level.I advice him to get the support from top management of the party to become a succesfull politician.All the best once again.

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