Are the Rich to Blame for Poverty?

Nov 27, 2010

A few days ago I was purchasing some vegetables in the market. On my way I happened to meet an old man. He was begging for money. I had another friend with me who gave a coin to the old man. But the old man still urged us to give him something. We refused.

Later we went ahead talking about our business. We had completely forgotten about the old man. After a long time we met the him again. He was expecting some more money from us. My friend told the old man that we had already given him a coin. But he did not go away. He practically fought with us as if he had a right to demand. We were a little surprised and irritated. We left him and went ahead. 
Recently when I was going through the new leader in the editorial the words of St Basil the great struck me as an eye opener.

“The bread that soils in your house belongs to the hungry.
The shoes that are mildewing under your bed belong to those who have none. The cloths stored in your trunk belong to those who are naked.
The money that depreciated in your treasury belongs to the poor.”

I think the money that I had saved bargaining in the market that day belonged to the old man. I realized that the food that I waste just because I feel satiated belongs to the poor. The cloths that are lying in my cupboard unused also belong to the poor. I realized that the poor had the right to demand every thing that I had in excess.

Poor are not poor because it is their fate. Poor are poor because the rich have deprived them of what they have right over. A poor Siddi (Siddi is an African Negro tribe who came to India may be during the time of Portuguese, as slaves. Later they escaped into the forests where they lived until recently) cannot cut a tree in order to build the roof of his house. On the other hand the rich businessmen right under the eyes of authority, breaking all the legal procedures, can cut trees only to make more profit.

The omnipotent God shared His generosity by creating earth and giving it in the hands of humans. Earth was a gift to humans to be shared with his fellow beings. Today if the poor are around us, it is because we have failed to share the gift of God. Poverty is the outcome of human selfishness. It is the human contribution to the world.

Every beggar that comes to our door is a reminder that we have not shared God’s gift enough. A beggar who comes with his humble stretched-out hand to us reveals the truth that he or she has the right to demand.

Austin D'Souza
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Comment on this article

  • Andy, Goa/Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 03 2010

    Good one Austin...well written piece!!!

  • Judith L, Mumbai

    Fri, Dec 03 2010

    All those who are commenting here pls. read the "PLEASE HELP " COLUMN and help the poor,needy and suffering, so that families can survive.

  • James Fernandes, Barkur/USA

    Thu, Dec 02 2010

    Caritas Veritas? (CV-53?)

    Philosophy has never worked on empty stomachs.
    Even Christ fed the people with a loaf and fish, so the common folk could absorb his preaching!

    Laugh baba laugh!

    Army does not work on empty stomachs. They supply Rum on discount!

    “Fools hate the learned
    The poor blame the rich
    The miser riles the giver
    The wicked abhor the virtuous”: says Panchathantra.

  • pradeep, anekal

    Wed, Dec 01 2010

    "One of the deepest forms of poverty a person can experience is isolation. If we look closely at other kinds of poverty, including material forms, we see that they are born from isolation, from not being loved or from difficulties in being able to love. Poverty is often produced by a rejection of God's love, by man's basic and tragic tendency to close in on himself, thinking himself to be self-sufficient or merely an insignificant and ephemeral fact, a “stranger” in a random universe." (CV-53).

  • Traveler, Earth

    Wed, Dec 01 2010

    Article: thought provoking
    Comments: awe-inspiring. Absolutely enjoyed the variety of opinions of people, makes you sit up, think and filter our own thoughts.

  • Rita Lewis, Trasi/Dubai

    Wed, Dec 01 2010

    I completely agree with Mr. Ivan Prakash D'Souza. Most people I have seen are poor because they are lazy and they think it is our duty to help them.

  • James Fernandes, Barkur/USA

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    John 12:8.
    King James Bible:
    "For the poor always ye have with you but me ye have not always."

    It's not easy for the village crabs to get out of the basket. They are not only pulled down but also are pushed down by full moon crabs.

  • Nakul Shetty, mangalore

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    I can appreciate Ray's comments. I can associate my thoughts with yours. I am as rad as can be when it comes to such issues.
    There is no research gone into this article. It looks like a couple of pages from a catechism essay that did not get graded well. Regardless it is worth a comment albeit negative and a nice start for the author.

  • Amoghavarsha.ii, Bangalore

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    did this director of swiss bank suggest to anybody of the 260Lac crore depositors to help india with some of this money?
    Why is he giving this details to media?
    what will happen to directoy if he suggests this?

  • Amoghavarsha.ii, Bangalore

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    This article is not right from the start. If you answer the follwing you will know this article is not right.
    Define Rich and poor correctly?
    How has a person become Rich?
    How is a person poor?
    Are people who became rich Guilty and of what?
    What will become of a Peron who was poor who becomes rich?

  • sahayasj, pune

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    dear austin,
    your article is an amzing life experience... thanks a lot for awakening us on this article... in fact i already a feel a change of my attitude... thanks a lot for your thought provoking article...


    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    Are all the well to do people ready to give away 2.5% of our accumulated wealth to needy every year? If we do, most of the poverty will be eleminated. Islam has this obligation on muslims, still all muslims dont follow it.

  • Joy, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 30 2010

    Dear Austin
    Thanks for your thought provoking article. It is short and sweet. Keep writing many more

  • theo d'silva, kadri/toronto

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    dear austin, i liked your article about wealth, which in other words is theft.
    But, about abborigins of india are not the africans brought by portughese as slaves. they are the actual orginal abborigins of india (dravidians) their hair is same like arians. But, complection is slightly darker, because of hot weather and the spices they ate during those prior millions years.

  • Joseph D'Sa, Mumbai, Kallianpur

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Very thought provoking and soul stirring article questioning the very conscience of charity. It also reminds me of a famous yester year's dialogue of Amitabh Bachhan in one of his films - "it is very difficult to make ten rupees into twenty rupees but very easy to make one lakh into two lakhs".

  • Anthony,

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Austin congrates.You made us feel shame,because we are also part of this unjust structure. You made it clear that there is no poor but only poverty..hope our government will do something for the eradication of poverty soon.

  • Kusuma Kumari Wilchayan , Nellore/Kodyadka

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Teach everyone to fish Dont give them free fish That will only spoil them

  • Praveen, Paris

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Dear Austin,

    A thought provoking article. I wish that each one, paying little more attention to his daily actions, can make the reflection like this. The awareness is the first step a change.

  • Jerome D'Sa, Bethsaida, Moodubella/Dubai

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Dear Austin,
    ur article is short though it arouse the inner being of me and re-think as to what i am doing right? The amounts of comments on ur articles are plenty....this is to say that u touched core of everyone. Keep writing and awaken the slumbered human person.

  • Cyril, Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Austin I am amazed at the response given by the people who have read your article. Wonderful thoughts. It is worth reading.

  • Richie, Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Austin, a very good beginning for your new talent of wrting. Kudos!!!
    When I read your article I remeber what Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”.

  • Clara Lewis, Kemmannu/Dubai

    Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Don't give them fish, teach them fishing.

  • Ivan Prakash D'Souza, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Sun, Nov 28 2010

    Mr. Austin,
    I do not agree with your points.
    Poor / beggars - neglected and lost good oppertunities in the life because their laziness,over greed, ego or bad habits. They never regret for the committed mistakes.
    Study their past.
    Sick and handicapped are exception not even aged.
    sharing or offering anything will never make them rich.
    Only Hitler's policy can be useful to make them rich, ie,
    Half of the bread a day - loaded gun barrel on the head - put them to work whole day.
    Then only they realize what is hard work.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sun, Nov 28 2010

    Mr. Delphine D'Sa: There is some
    truth in your comment.

    But how many people could reach
    the destiny like you did? It is
    a very minute minority.

    Yes, there are a lot of people who
    are lazy, and they don't want to
    work. Recently my friend from
    California told me that out of the
    70 families from one particular
    state in India, only 68 husbands are working because they are not
    interested to do any work which
    will not satisfy their ego and

    While I took two bags full of used
    clothings to the believers of
    the Church in Delhi, and most of them were
    living in slum they were not
    happy in accepting used clothings.
    Indeed, the used clothings were
    not even used for 10 times. See
    the ego of human heart!

    How many Rs. a person can earn
    while working in a home in the
    maga cities of India? What they
    earn through that job is not
    enough to put food on the table.

    Yes, if the government and private
    agencies can loan money to the
    hardworking people through microifinancing, many people can
    be put into self-sufficiency, and
    some of them can be very successful.

    If we can extend an helping hand to
    a few, atleast a few of them can be helped.


    Sun, Nov 28 2010

    Thanks Austin for your beautiful and meaningful article, indeed it is a eye opener to all. I hope and wish this will be inspiration to all the readers too..May god bless you with more articles.

  • Delphine D'Sa, Udupi/Kuwait

    Sun, Nov 28 2010

    I feel the poor should blame themselves. I was poor myself few years ago and only through hard work I have managed to irradicate poverty for myself and my family. Atleast in urban India I feel ppl remain poor due to their laziness, they avoid any work that comes their way. I have observed over the years that some of the poor in urban areas prefer lazing and sleeping instead of earning their income and prefer to beg.There are plenty of jobs in cities and urban areas like house boys/maids/drivers. But one will hardly find anyone willing to do.

  • Louis Fernandes, Belthangadty

    Sun, Nov 28 2010

    Have you ever wondered why rich people seem to get richer easily while those in the poverty cycle seem destined to be stuck there forever? The reason is simple. You need to think and act like a rich person first before you can really be rich. Most rich people did not become wealthy overnight. They faced many setbacks and challenges to get to where they are today. Many poor people only network with other people that are of the same status as them. They do not actively seek out other people who are wealthier. The rich people will do the opposite. They want to network and learn from others who are better and wealthier.

  • John D'Souza, Belman/Bejai

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    The difference is God's plan and wish, but it is our responsibility and obligation to narrow the gap of difference by the grace of God. Let us create opportunities to individuals to be indendependent by using available opportunity and hence to discourage or stop them from begging for alms and favours.
    The opportunity is to generate/save energy instead spending on expensive fuel, so that we can accumulate a huge fund which will help us to utilize for the betterment of our society. High price and exhausting fuel – let us use free and natural gravity power. Health hazardous air pollution and disturbing sound pollution – let us have huge relief from these killing evils. More than 600,000 villages – let us provide each one with basic transport facilities. Huge unemployment – let us create enormous job opportunities. Al together, let us enjoy clean, silent and peaceful environment for good health.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Mr. Nihad, Mangalore: Like the teachings in Quran about Zakat, the Bible is also teaching
    very clearly to look after the needs of the widows, orphans and poor. All Abrahamic religions
    have identical teachings with regard to charity to the poor. Thank you for bringing up that subject.

    But, the problem is that the teachings are totally buried under without any life, and
    we are going in another direction entirely.

    While the leader of my particular denomination visited me in the U.S., he never gave me any lecture
    asking my spiritual life. But, he opened the talk in the direction of projects like an old age home
    for the Church, new vehicles needed for the top hierarchy, starting new teaching institutions, pension fund for the retired clergy etc and the list goes on. Yes, we need all these things, but he
    never mentioned any project for the poor.

    There are hundreds of poor people in our Church, but the Church leader never got a vision to help
    the helpless in giving them a better life through educational funds or other support system.

    Our relationship with God will be directly propotional to the compassion and care towards the
    most helpless people we meet in life. We may not be able to help all, but we can help a few.

    Many people are in the forefront to donate money for building monuments, expensive
    gifts to the top people of the religion to please God. Who cares to please God through serving
    the poor?

  • Abhi, mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Eric and Felix - Yours are the best comment I have seen. It may sound harsh but that is the fact. We do not talk about the middle class who are struggling to keep an identity, culture and self respect. Helping out the poor is an agenda that is brought up by all the politicians and religious organizations as a leveraging instrument.
    We should not bring God and poverty in the same sentence. If we want to strike a spiritual chord then a rich man can also be poor. The concept of a Beggar should be eradicated. We have to rehabilitate them, but ensure that they do a minimum job to earn their keep.

  • Amrit Rodrigues, MLR/BLR

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Austin, you are on the right path to soon done the vestments of priesthood, there are poor in the world because there are rich people, and vice versa, both need the other to call oneself poor or rich. Pick up a book on macro economics and micro economics,read it and understand how the ways of the world determine modern life and how it is a cyclic phenomenon,i am sure you will be able to write more mature articles in the columns of this website, it is easy to blame the rich, remember the rich are the entrepreneurs and the business men who provide lively hood to millions of others, to be communist is easy, but its capitalism that is truly inclusive and not the other way round. Good luck for a wiser article in the future

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Vision & Mission of India should be to strive for the betterment of under privileged sections of the Indian Society, to highlight corruption in Public life and take pro-active steps for elimination of corruption in public life, to spread awareness and ensure Govt. schemes and benefits reach the millions of people in the country.
    In addition, to strive for inclusive growth of all sections of people in the Indian society, to provide avenues for learning life skills in co-ordination and co-operation with Govt. machinery for useful and gainful employment-oriented soft skills at free-of- cost.
    Further, to provide the above training program to the educated unemployed youth hailing from tribal & rural areas and youth coming from under-privileged sections of the Society, poor & needy.
    To provide the above training programs to the educated unemployed youth in urban areas to make them self-supportive and to take up a project especially for the welfare of orphans, urchins, street children to provide training in life skills and make them self-employed.

  • Ronald D'Souza, Mudharangady/Vienna

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    This article contains logic. Sharing a tiny portion of our wealth with the poor does not harm us but helps them enormously.
    It also contributes to the economy as the poor spend their earnings immediately and the money is again in circulation. The money that is hoarded does not work and contribute to economic growth. However a solution can achieved only collectively, by legislation that guarantees wealth distribution. For example higher wages for daily labourers and factory workers. Economically and socially advanced countries like Sweden or Germany have such legislations. It is a pity that the 32 billionaires of India have more wealth than 800 million poor Indians:

  • Felix D'Souza, Kapikad,Mumbai,Abu-Dhabi

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Dear Mr. Austin D'Souza, I dont agree ur points. Just follow those beggers specially in Mumbaia,u say they are poor, and u will see theirs richness and lifestyles, gadgets they owned, u will be surprised and u will never say they are poor. I ask u, why these people are poor or begger. Now-a-days in Mumbai or in Mangalore if u work as a labour u will get anything between Rs 500/ & Rs 1000/.People now-a-days charge for the entire work and most they finish the work in just a day,pocketing Rs 1000/ to 2000/. If these poor or beggers as u say and if they are not lazy and not drunkard, anybody could become rich in just few years. But where there are no male members to earn in a fly, they remain poor. These beggers are lazy and drunkard, push them to communist China and they will learn how to earn and live.

  • Fr Stany D' Souza, Ashakiran, Pumpwell

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Congrats Austin. You awakened the goodness people have already. I am sure some will at least listen to your words


    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    My friend it’s a great article and great way of thinking. I agree with you it’s true god created all human being same not poor or rich, we only divide the people to rich and poor. Hats of you I wish this message will reach lots of people. I request everyone don’t waste food it’s belongs to poor people.

  • Ray, mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    The omnipotent God shared His generosity by creating earth and giving it in the hands of humans. Earth was a gift to humans to be shared with his fellow beings. Today if the poor are around us, it is because we have failed to share the gift of God. Poverty is the outcome of human selfishness. It is the human contribution to the world. - Austin

    I beg to differ here. Who said that the earth was a gift to humans?. If it was a gift then I would say it is a white elephant. We have to fend for food , disease and compete with others for survival. I however do agree that Poverty is an outcome of human economics. A few sitting in some cushy room make rules and laws that push the majority of us to working relentesly for survival and a even bigger number to poverty in order for their coterie to live off of us. Every organization in this world is out there to make use of the economy and man power. If I have some extra money is it better to take a vacation or donate this money?. Should I sock up money for my childs education or pour it to the poor people.? I sincerely feel that this guilt trip should not be imposed upon the individuals. It is the government that has to address these issues as a collective body with is off the people. We as individuals have to be in a position to question the authority and learn about our rights. Haven't we heard about food stock that are rotting in our stock yard and the food scam by the ministers. Howcome we do not drill the fear of god to them. The CM Yedi, had to bring out the seers to hold his chair?. The Catholic Church is the richest body in the world and holds the most realestate in the world and isn't the hard working man told to dump what ever little he has socked in to their coffers and all in the name of god.

    I feel that we have lost our individual identity and work only as a mob. This is why we are controlled by some sangh, church, temple or mosque. You have mentioned the Portuguese along with the Siddi's did they they not bring Vasco Da gama? and a majority of our sur names along with their atrocities?. Are we going to still point to the comman man for this ?

  • Nihad, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Good Article austin. And for your information there is system of Zakat in Islam. Which says to give certain percentage of your income or wealth to the poor and needy. If this is practised perfectly not only by muslims but by everyone then there will not be any poverty in the world. Does anybody care to donate.. everybody is in a race to have more and more money.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Mr. Eric Coelho: Very eye-opening
    details of the black money hidden in the world. Those details of
    the hidden wealth of the rich
    and the rich politicians are perhaps the
    tip of the iceberg. If we dig
    down the wealth in the offshore
    accounts at the Caribbean Island
    nations by the rich, that will be another
    staggering volume to mention.
    What the U.S. has donated to the
    African politicians as foreign aid will be
    billions of dollars in today's
    monetary value, hidden somewhere
    in the world.

    As you have stated in the comment,
    it is not the lack of money, but
    the attitude of the owners of
    wealth which is blocking the
    solution to this dire problem of
    hunger we face today.

    Even though some of the wealthy
    people are giving away their wealth
    for the poor, still a vast majority
    of the wealthy are not happy to
    release even a samll portion of their wealth for the suffering
    people across their mansions.
    It takes a divine operation of
    our mindset, then learn the real
    purpose and utility of wealth.

  • flavian dsouza, chikmagaalur/banaglore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Please do avoid helping beggars on the street.There are increasing in numbers and a menace to the society. We should direct them to trusts/organisations who can provide them help .We should all donate liberally to organsiations doing some good work to help these people

  • Henry Lewis, Sastan/Kuwait

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    poverty has to be rooted out from, the society it is the responciblity of everyone even in the advancement of science human being require to understand there is something lacking which they need to pay attention jesus says love your neighbour as thy self, whatsoever you do to the least of my brother that you do unto me we need to pay attention to the poor people and we receive in hundredfold in heaven good eye opener Austin keep it up

  • Jossie D'Mello SJ, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Congratulations, Austin, for the article “Are the Rich to Blame for Poverty?”. Often, it is our tendency to blame the poor for their plight. Your article invites us to think the other way. The quote from St. Basil the Great is really powerful which pricks our conscience. Greed and consumeristic tendencies always add to the woes of the poor.

  • nagesh nayak, bangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Are the Rich to Blame for Poverty?

    NO. we have to blame political party specially italian congress which ruled our country nearly 60 years.

    scam money & swiss bank money is enough for taxless budget for next 30 years .


    rajadhiraja a.raja 's 1,79,232 crores scam money is enough for housing for all poor, raton for one year .

    sir u made lakhs cwg scam money is enough for another year of ration to ALL POORS .

    We have to blame only italian led congress for the poverty in INDIA.





  • ronald d'almeda, kelmbet,Bola

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    It's true that rich is cause for poverty but there is written some whr that don't give fish,instead you give the way of how earn a fish.if u donate money to poor or beggar they will never change their mind.better to change their life style and bring them to main society.educate,self confidence and employ them.if all of them start to work then no one will die in poverty.please donate to education and self employment for poor people not cash for bread......

  • Antony T. D' Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    ‘Poor’ and ‘Rich’ from whichever perceptive we analysis, be it from either social, economical, ethical, moral, religious, political, Biblical, No answers… Centuries after centuries, yet subject remains more
    wider as Austin D’ Souza puts it in an another fresh notion “it is their right to demand’. After all, rich or poor, it is a matter of an ‘opportunity’ …causes of destiny. However,, I would like to jot it down my previous Philosophical readings a bit of reality, yet painful to compare.

    1. Happy are the “pushers”: for they get on in the world.
    2. Happy are the hard-boiled: for they never let life hurt them.
    3. Happy are they who complain: for they get their own way in the end
    4. Happy are the blase: for they never worry over their sins.
    5. Happy are the slave-drivers: for they get results.
    6. Happy are the knowledgeable men of the world: for they know their way around.
    7. Happy are the trouble-makers: for they make people take notice of them

    1. The poor know they are in urgent need of redemption.
    2. The poor know not only their dependence on God and on powerful people, but also their interdependence with one another.
    3. The poor rest their security not on things but on people.
    4. The poor have no exaggerated sense of their own importance, and no exaggerated need of privacy.
    5. The poor expect little from competition and much from cooperation.
    6. The poor can distinguish between necessities and luxuries.
    7. The poor can wait, because they have acquired a kind of dogged patience born of acknowledged dependence.
    8. The fears of the poor are more realistic and less exaggerated, because they already know that one can survive great suffering and want.
    9. When the poor have the Gospel preached to them, it sounds like good news and not like a threat or a scolding.
    10. The poor can respond to the call of the Gospel with a certain abandonment and uncomplicated totality because they have so little to lose and are ready for anything.

    Finally, who can take the blame ? Man blames God and God blames Man ! Social evil has no end….

  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Sat, Nov 27 2010

    "Indians are poor but India is not a poor country" says one of the swiss bank directors. He says that "280 Lac crores of Indian money is deposited in swiss bank which can be used for taxless budget for 30 years. Can give 60 crores job to all Indians. From every village to delhi 4 lane roads. Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects. Every citizen can get monthly Rs. 3,000 for 50 years. No need of world bank and IMF loan. Think how our money is blocked by rich politicians. I have to say that "We as voters are cheated by politicains with false promises, Our elected leaders Loot the Natural Wealth/Resources of the country and Finally the Elected leaders with all Government Servants rob our Tax Money". Besides the 280 Lac crores stacked in Swiss bank, if we take the illgotten wealth of all the political leaders and the Government servants mark my words, the people in this country can enjoy the 3 essential benefits for life i.e, "Roti, Kapada and Makan". I have seen how political leaders distribute sarees, mobile phones etc etc to the poor when they require essentially food for their body. Will they distribute free rice, sugar, wheat etc, yes they will do which are rotten and fit for animal consumption.

  • John Pinto, Chickmagalur/ Doha

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Very nice article, explaining why so many poor suffer ?, it is right ,we do not share enough with poor. This article is a eye opener to the people who read for others , they are still blind and drive away the poor. Help the poor and you will be blessed by the Almighty.

  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Good thoughts are shared in this article, but all views are not acceptable.
    Shiv Khera rightly quoted 'The rich people should know how the poor people live and the poor people should learn how the rich people work'.
    Begging has become a proffession and easy way of making money for many. There are healthy, Physically fit people who beg and spoil their life and spoil the soiciety in general. While giving away to the needy let us share with the deserving and not with the lazy.

  • Alex, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Dear Kiran,
    Hope you will accept my explanation to your question on Siddi as usually authors of articles do not respond to comments of readers to avoid arguments. We are speaking here about poverty and how we do not allow poor people to live because of greed or profit motive. It may ne a Siddi from Africa or a Banjara from India or Koraga/Mugera (my reference is to their profession of weaving please) from DK. Selfishness is the root of all evil and all relegions advocate against it in some form or other. But unfortunately we have kept the outward rituals alive and forsaken the true meaning of love for our neibour. My love and regards to all your family and friends also to readers of this column.

  • Kiran, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    The article was really good, but i feel that nowadays begging is a big Mafia and only a few people are begging for thier own needs. And i found it surprising how come this Siddi tribe came into this article ?

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Some rich people look at the poor and judge them "that is their fate"
    Yet some other may accuse them "
    they are lazy". Some of the
    beggers were forced to end up in the street because they didn't take
    care of their children and spent everything on selfish pleasures like in drugs and liquor.

    But, the majority of the poor in the street are ended up in that
    fate because there was nobody to
    give them a lift when they were
    left behind at the roadside in
    total helplessness.

    Some beggers may be highly forceful
    to grab from us, because they are
    forced to do so due to their urgent

    If every rich person will make a
    deliberate atttempt to cut down
    some of their unnecessary waste
    of wealth, it can help several
    poor people. Majority of the rich
    people are less sensitive or
    zero sensitive towards the suffering poor. It takes a divine
    heart and eyes to see the pain and
    feel their hunger, does't matter whether we are rich or middle class.

  • rahul rai, Qadri

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    A heart warming article. I wish the politicians of our country can see beyond money and fame.

  • Arwin Rodrix, Madanthyar

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Hello Dear Austin,
    It waz fab goin through ur inspirational article...Congratz 2 u on ur outspokenness...May u come up vd such articlez in the dayz 2 come...May u b flourishin in what u do...God Blezz...

  • Abdul Mohammed, Australia, SA, Adeliade

    Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Hi, AustIn D'Souza your article is awesome. Is short but meaning is very well woven in it. You have a great talent of writing short and meaning full. Hope you continue it and I expect more article from you Thanks may God bless your. You have given depics\ited true story of India

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