Meet Drs Furtado : A ‘Couple‘ of Medical Profession

October 18, 2010

Hazel and Harold were batch mates  while studying medicine in Mysore Medical College  in Mysore and ever since they have pursued their lives together  as a couple sharing similar traits, tastes and a passion of serving the sick as medical practitioners of repute.  ‘Drs Furtado’ as Dr Hazel and Dr Harold  are generally known in Mangalore, are never tired of their first love of reaching out to the sick who come in search of them from Mangalore and other parts of the coastal district.  This shy, soft -spoken couple who are in their  late  60’s are wary about public glare and are just happy going about their work  which gives them utmost happiness and fulfillment  and that is why they have not thought about retiring as yet.  .

“We are not tired and that is why  the thought of retiring has not  come to come to our mind though we have slowed down the pace  of the work in the recent past”, says Dr Hezel Furtado, well known  Obstetrician and Gynecologist , speaking on behalf of both.   Dr Herold Walter Furtado got specialized in General Surgery and Urology and FRCS from  Edinburgh  in 1972.  Dr Hezel got her RCOG and MRCOG from Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynecology, London. In recognition of her long service in the medical field Dr Hezel was elected  as a fellow of Royal College a few year back.   The couple had worked in United Kingdom for eight years and ever since their return to India in 1975 they have been active in their chosen field of service working for hospitals and in their own private clinic.  While Herold was attached to Fr Muller Hospital and worked there for 30 years Hezel  worked for KMC Mangalore and retired as Professor after rendering 30 years of diligent service. 

Though retired from hospitals they have not yet called it a day and are active freelancing for various hospitals and attend to patients in their private clinic.  “We enjoy our profession and that is what keeps us going.  The patients usually want to be treated by a particular doctor and our regular patients who depend on us for treatment also keep us motivated to  go on.  It also keeps us busy”,  Harold states.  The couple plan to continue with their work for another 2 to 3 years and then take a sabbatical to  lead a normal life spending more time with children and  grand children and also by devoting more time to their hobbies.  Hezel likes to dabble in the kitchen as she is fond of experimenting with her culinary skills  while Harold has a penchant for gardening, reading and he loves listening to western classical music.   The couple say they have  lived life fully,  enjoyed travelling widely and now would like to be lead a languid life taking things with ease and with a playful  levity.  

Hazel says she has cut down drastically on deliveries in the last few years as it is too taxing at this age.  The couple have  slowly begun to lead a normal life by taking things little easier than before though they go to the clinic every day and attend to patients for few specific hours during the day.  “We cannot sit at home idle as patients  call and come asking for us and it gives us tremendous satisfaction to be at their  service”, the couple contend. 

Dr Hazel  who belonged to Bejai, comes from a family of doctors and was naturally inclined towards taking medicine as a profession.   Her two brothers and brother-in-law were doctors.  Her uncle Dr Henry D Souza was a famous Obstetrician  and general practitioner of Mangalore. Her father late J M Sequeira was the district sessions judge of Mangalore.   Harold is basically from Mulky but had his pre-medical education at St Aloysius  High School and College,  where he was a boarder.  His father, also an Aloysian had joined the army those days without  informing his parents and had returned after the completion of 1st world war He was  keen his son joins medicine and Harold did not disappoint him.

“We were in the same batch and were thrown together for many practical classes during our medical course.  The fact that we were both Catholics and from Mangalore is what brought us together initially and we got along well” says Dr Harold reminiscing their initial days of coming to know each other.  They were engaged in Mangalore in 1967 before they left for England  and got married in 1968 in England.  “We got our employment voucher for London and had to leave within a month and there was no option but to get engaged here and go in a jiffy”,  Hezel recounts.

The Furtado family’s  rendezvous  with the medical field continues as both their sons are doctors.  Elder son Dr Sunil Furtado is a MCH in Neuro-surgery and is working for Sri Sathya Sai Hospital in Bangalore.  He is married to Dr Shireen, Dermatologist, working for St Johns Hospital in Bangalore.  Younger son Arul Furtado is specialized in Super Speciality Cardio Thoracic  Surgery  and is associated with Jayadeva Hospital, Bangalore.  He is married to Dr Jonita who is studying her MD Medicine at Fr Muller Medical College.  

With the entire family associated with medical field one is tend to believe the family lacks the dosage of anything else other than medical field.  “It is not so.  Once we are home we are normal like other people and we never discuss patients at home.  That is the unwritten rule”, Dr Hezel adds.

No doubt the medical field has undergone humungous changes ever since they specialized in their respective fields decades back.  But the Furtado’s keep abreast of the changes by reading and  interacting with their counterparts and when the need arises to go for latest techniques in dealing with a challenging problems,  they assign it to people who are well versed  and trained in handling such particular problems that call for  the application of advanced technology and treatment process.  

What does the couple has to say about the general  scenario in the medical field?  The couple lament the  large scale commercialization of the medical field wherein they feel  fear is put into the minds of the patients initially when they approach the doctors and that often leads to unnecessary and unwanted surgeries or treatments  which can be easily avoided.  The Furtados feel that the younger generation should be a bit  conservative in their outlook and approach in the management of illnesses.  For  example if a gall bladder stones or symptomatic fibroids are detected accidentally during ultrasound and if they are not actually causing any discomfort to the person in question, there is no need to go for a surgery. 

Dr Hazel’s advice to all women is to go for a thorough gynecological check up to avoid any major complications and follow this schedule once in two years. 

Age or decades of service  in the field has not withered  their passion  for the profession and they  still persist with what they have been doing all these years – that of attending to patients who come to them with faith. To  win over  and retain the faith of so many people  even after so many years and  that too with drastic changes, advancement and specialization in the medical field, is a great achievement indeed.

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by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • Dr. Shankaranarayan, Mangaluru/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Jan 14 2018

    I am proud to say that I have worked under him as a Resident Doctor in Father Mullers Hospital. He is very a good surgeon and dedicated to the Profession. A very kind person and a perfect Gentleman. May God give him a long healthy life to continue Medical service to mankind.

  • Dr thippe gowda, banglore

    Fri, Mar 29 2013

    i am very happy to see your excellent service to humanity. congradulations

  • Ranjith Lobo, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Dear Dr. and Drs Furtado,

    Your dedication and commitment to your patients and towards the society in large is exlempary.

    God bless you.

    Best regards

  • stella lobo, Bantwal/ Dubai

    Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Dear Dr. furtado, so nice to see you, still i remember evening rounds in post op ward in FMCI, YOU ARE THE BEST !!! GOD BLESS.

  • Enid D'souza., mangalore/bondel/Doha-Qatar.

    Mon, Oct 25 2010

    Thank you Drs. Furtados,
    1987 My son was born at M'lore nursing home,1989 my 2 nd son was born at M 'lore nursing home,for my 2 nd son I was in the labour room I still remember that she was in the meeting she lift the meeting came to assist .thanks Mrs Hazel Furtado your concern towards me.God Bless both of you. Enid Doha-Qatar.

  • Raneem Ashraf, Moodbidri/Abudhabi

    Sat, Oct 23 2010

    Really appreciate
    your tremendous service and humbleness as doctors.May you live long doctors...

  • Fr.Vincent D'Souza, Karkala / Bela

    Thu, Oct 21 2010

    I take this opportunity to Thank Dr. Furtado’s for being our Family Doctors ever since 1979.My aged mother still comes all the way from Karkal for the treatment. one of my niece is christened by the name Hazel as a remembrence of Dr.Hazel for the successful surgery of my mother.God Bless the kind hearted couple .

    Florine Roche, you are an expert in the 'Meet doctor’s column.

  • Albert Lobo, Mangalore/Oman

    Thu, Oct 21 2010

    Dr.Herold Furtado is our family doctor. My mother was saying that she gets cured only visiting him rather than taking his medicines. His approach to his patients is humble and unique. God bless the couple. Our prayers and good wishes are with you always.

  • Helen Monteiro, Mangalore/Canada

    Wed, Oct 20 2010

    Congrates to Dr. Furtado
    It was very nice to see you through this article.and remember my old good days, When I was practising my Nursing in operation theatre, I learned lots and lots from you. May God bless you.

  • Maria Goretti Mendonca, Kanajar/USA

    Wed, Oct 20 2010

    Congratulations Dr. H.W. Furtado & Hazel Furtado!!!!
    It is very good to see Dr,s Furtado. I always liked to take care of Dr. Furtado's patient's in FMCI. He had a great success with his patient's surgeries. Great and wonderful surgeon. God bless him and his entire family.

  • Safa Sadiq,Krishnapura, Krishnapura

    Wed, Oct 20 2010

    Apart from being a well known doctor,she is indeed a wonderful person.God bless this couple.

  • Allan Rodrigues, Mangalore/ Mysore

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    Congratulations, Harry Uncle& Hazel Aunty for a lifetime of dedicated service to society

  • Maya Unger, Mangalore/Canada

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    It's nice to read about Dr. Hazel and Dr. Harry Furtado. Dr. Hazel was my doctor and she was the best.
    She delivered my two children and I have nothing but gratitude for the safe deliveries, and for the healthy children she helped bring to my life.
    Good Luck Drs. Nice to read about both of you.


    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    Nice to read about Doctor couple.Dr Hazel Furtados for being our family doctor even since 1979.GOD bless both of them.

  • Anil Quadros, Belman/Al Ain

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    When we are honoring so many other people who have served the people selflessly in Mangalore , why dont we honor this DR couple who has lent much more service to Dakshina Kannada

  • wilma vaz, mangalore/uk

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    DR hazel my 14 years old son was delighted to see the doctor who helped his mum to deliver him safely.thanks daijiworld

  • mridula rajesh, mangalore/tanzania

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    1982 my daughter karishma was born
    at mangalore nursing husband told me later that Dr.hazel furtado asked him what child you want and my husband told her- a female doctor,we got a female child. but we remember her for her simplicity and quick diagnosisanda great gynaecologist. god bless the couple

  • Antony T D Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    I take this opportunity to Thank Dr. Furtado’s for being our Family Doctors ever since 1979. Secondly, for your regular prescriptions while I was meeting you as a Medical Sales Rep. I used to refer then with my parents as “Handsome and Sweet” looking doctor couples. Yet now you remain same in our hearts. Thank you Florine Roche, you are an expert in the 'Meet doctor’s column.

  • Fr.J.B.Crasta, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    It is nice reading and knowing about our rennouned Doctors of our community, Mr. Furtado and Professor, Mrs Furtado. Their contributions to the soceity are great. May God bless their good works. Fr.J.B.Crasta

  • Fr Colaco, Bajpe/Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    A nice article on the doctor couple. They gave treatment to me and my parents when I was in Mangalore. I wish their children could continue their tradition in their hometown Mangalore

  • Shanthi, Dubai

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    Dr. Herold Furtado cannot be forgotten. My Gall Bladder surgery was done by him...thank you once again.

  • Jacob n Jessy Fernandes, Shankerpura/Doha-Qatar

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    It is nice reading and knowing this rare insight into doctor couple Drs Furtado. Through Daiji we take this opportunity to wish you a long, happy healthy life. We thank God for His Blessings of this iconic medical couple and their exemplary long fruitful service. We also thank God Almighty for the gift of Arul and Jonita their union makes us a part of this wonderful family.
    On a lighter note we look forward in anticipation in sharing more of your exciting culinary experiments in the years to come.
    To Florine Roche, nice article. Keep it up.

  • Francis Dcunha, Bangalore/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    I've been to Dr. Furtado a few times for treatment. I found him to be very humble, simple and friendly with his patients. I like the way he takes care and treats his patient. Nice to read about their lifestory. God bless both of them and give them good health.

  • Nelson Furtado, Mulky

    Tue, Oct 19 2010

    All the best and goodluck, good healh, May God beless you and your Family.
    Greetings from Furtado Island, Kokrani- Mulki.

  • Jude Rego, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Drs. Furtado are house hold names in and around Mangalore. The service rendered to the community is exempalary. i am lucky to have them as my neighbours first and clients later. May god give them a long and happy life and may they carry their noble work forward.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Great Doctor couples with the real vision and mission of the medical profession. They could have stayed overseas and made millions of dollars, but they had a divine calling to serve the people of their own community.

    Hearty congratulations: and may I bow my head in front of you both for your great ministry of healing.
    God may give you both long and  healthy life.

  • Irene D'Souza, Kirem/USA

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    It is very nice to see Dr. H.W.Furtado after many years.May God Bless you both with good health for a long long time.
    Irene D'Souza.

  • Letitia D Souza, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Congratulations Drs. Furtado. I've been to Mrs. Furtado a couple of times years back and I found you very simple and honest. I'm very proud of your dedication to serve the Mangalore Community. May God bless you all the days of your life.


    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Dear Dr Harry n Hazel....congrats. May u live long. Dr.Harry, i really apreciate your down to earth personality.

  • Dr Prakash Hegde, Puttur/Bangalore

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Thank you madam for the wonderful classes you took for us and for your principles during your work in Mangalore and in KMC.I was in batch of 1984

  • diana, mangalore

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    hello doctor, may god bless you and you live for many more years, as we need your service .

  • Austin Prabhu, Nantur/Chicago

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Nice to read about 'Doctor Couple.' It reminded me meeting them every month as a Medical Sales Representative. God bless you both for your humanitarian mission.

  • joegonsalves, Mangalore/U.S.A.

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    I am indeed happy to read glowing accounts of this wonderful couple. I have known both of them for several decades and particularly Harry who has strong ties with Father Muller's where I was associated as a Governing Board for two decades. Both are dedicated people with great sense of responsibility. Even though they claim that they have curtailed their professional activities patients from different segments continue to go to them for advice, guidance and treatment.

    Congrats to you Harry and Hazel. May you live long to serve the suffering humanity.

    Joe Gonsalves

  • Valerian Furtado, Mulki/Canada

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    It was nice to read about Drs Furtado...growing up in a small village we only heard of Dr. Furtado...never realy saw was nice to read about him in daijiworld.

  • P Dsouza, Karkal, Dubai

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Thank you Drs Furtados. For us it is not possible to thank you couple enough. After 8 yrs of our marriage without children we were Blessed to have our first child and she is 16 years of age with her younger sister being 14 and you were our doctors. God Almighty Bless you and your family abundantly.

  • Rajesh Kumar, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Hats off to Drs Furtado for exemplary and ethical service to society. They are truly an example to all of us.

  • James Peter DSouza, Mulki/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    It's nice to know so much about Dr Furtado's. Hat's off to your commitments and service to the mankind. You are the living legends and icons to the youngsters.

    To Florine Roche - nice article. keep it up.

  • Meet Drs Furtado : A ‘Couple‘ of Medical Profession, Ina D'Souza

    Mon, Oct 18 2010

    It is nice reading and knowing about our rennouned Doctors, Mr. Furtado and Professor, Mrs Furtado. Both of them are pioneers in the service to DK and especially to Mangalore community. We thank God for His blessings of this wonderful couple and their long fruitful service. May the blessings of the God Almighty be upon them always we pray. Ina D'Souza Kingdom of Bahrain/Thottam

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