Eagle Eye Holidays : Life is More than a Party at this Natural Paradise

Oct 6, 2010

The malnad region of Karnataka offer awe-inspiring holiday destinations for discerning holiday seekers who are in the look out for that rejuvenating tonic in the lap of Mother Nature’s pristine environs. 

Chickmagalur, the land of coffee estates situated in the malnad region of Karnataka, is endowed with rich and veritable geographical and climatic diversity which can be truly termed as matchless. “Monis Eagle Eye Holidays” is one such exotic holiday destination that can infuse fresh breath of life into the body and soul of those who are looking for an all-in-one package of freshness, fun, adventure, leisure, recuperation, hospitality and exotic food topped with that unique tryst with nature.  It offers a distinct holiday experience which is sure to uplift, inspire and breathe fresh life into the otherwise mechanical and stressful lives of people.  The delightful memories of the days spent at these cottages are sure to linger on for years to come.    

Situated at about 2100 feet above sea level Eagle Eye Holiday Home is spread across a vast expanse of 130 acres land with lush green plantations of coffee, spices, medicinal plants and orchids overlooking the enchanting and endearing Western Ghats. It is located close to historical and religious places of importance namely Sringeri, Hornadu, Bhadra Wild Life, Rambapuri Peetha, Bababudangiri, Mullayanagiri, and Bhadra River etc.  It is a gateway to a complete holiday destination for the entire family that offers an array of activities with a mixture of adventure, splendor, tranquility and munificence of nature.  One can choose from fishing, boating, trekking, rock climbing, river rafting, target shooting, bird watching, outdoor sports or a leisurely walk in the splendid lush greenery of the estate for that intoxicating experience.   It also offers high-rope challenge courses and conducts plantation study tours, a very popular choice of activity of many who come to dwell here. “Many holiday seekers enjoy plantation tour because they get an opportunity to see how the spices, fruits and vegetables are grown”, Monis explains.



Simply irresistible

And for those who are in the look out for a sure fire way to rejuvenate, revive and enliven themselves in the serene and soothing milieu of nature at its virgin best, Eagle Eye Holidays is nothing short of a ‘Natural Paradise Beyond Compare”. There is also yoga, meditation, rejuvenating ayurvedic and beauty treatments, the best tonic to relax and unwind.  One has to come to this besotted paradise on earth to experience home, nature, water and adventure on a holiday destination, which is simply irresistible. 

Eagle Eye Holidays which has 31 cottages on offer for discerning travel freaks has many firsts to its credit.  It was the first home stay in Chickmagalur when it was started in 2001.  It is also the first holiday destination to have a tree house and also a glass house, an innovative concept in luxury, hospitality and holidaying. It is also the first one to come out with a water fall villa to get that natural feeling of being close to the nature and get intoxicated in such a closeted setting.  The man behind the natural paradise George Henry Monis says “I incorporate changes keeping in tune with people’s tastes and requirements. I ask people who come here for suggestions and if I feel they gel well with the concept I have developed I don’t hesitate to incorporate.  Now it is more of a hobby and a passion”.   

Monis always had passion for innovativeness and with encouraging words from his now late mother Martha Monis he started giving wings to his creativity by starting the Home Stay.  In the initial stages it was more of a business diversification but over the past nine years it has transformed into a boulevard of dreams fulfilled resulting in a stunning and fascinating holiday destination.  Monis says “plantation is a labour oriented industry and due to labour crisis, fluctuations in coffee prices and other problems faced by plantations I wanted to diversify the business by going for holiday home.  Now it has become a passion, a hobby and it gives me an opportunity to use my creativity and innovative ideas in proper perspective to provide an exotic holiday destination”.  

It is of course a one man show at Eagle Eye Holiday, under the dynamic and effervescent leadership of George Henry Monis, who is ably assisted by a thorough professional team that works with precision and graciousness the job calls for.  With a professional approach the team ensures that people holidaying here get true value for their money and an endearing experience that is truly exhilarating.  The innovativeness and creative impulse of George Henry Monis is reflected in every feature of the Eagle Eye Home Stay, be it the architecture, interiors, the novel ideas or the professional approach and that is what sets it apart from the rest.  

Unforgettable Experience

An interesting aspect of Eagle Eye Holidays is that it is not too heavy on the pockets of budget travelers.  One can choose from standard rooms, cottages, villas, tree house, and sky walk villas, water fall villas - at an affordable and reasonable rate without worrying too much about the financial burden.  It is an ideal retreat for budget travelers as well as the most luxury holiday seekers.  The tariff of all categories is inclusive of meals along with a complimentary package.

The standard rooms with sit outs offer a good view of the scenic beauty of the surrounding area.  The cottages with thatched roof and interior made up of bamboo with an attaché are also quite enticing.  The villas are meant for 2 to 4 people and are furnished with 4 cots.  The interiors of some of the villas are done with wooden panel while a few are built with eco-friendly interlocking wall bricks used without cement for cooling effect.

The tree house at Eagle Eye Holidays is a unique concept aimed at giving a feeling of being on cloud 9 literally for the holiday seekers. With a built-up area of 790 sq ft, the tree house has a portico, living bedroom with attached bath and toilet and other luxurious facilities.  It provides a 360 degree view of the fog filled surrounding giving a feeling as if the clouds move towards the tree house.  The flashing sun rays of the dawn chasing the misty fog is truly amazing and one cannot miss viewing the array of distant mountains spread up to Kudremukh peak.  Watching the panoramic view of the golden hues of the sunset from the tree house is sure to drive the holiday seekers almost into delirium.  The tree house with complete privacy is the right destination for honeymoon and unwinding. 

The sky wall villas are spacious with a sit out of glass flooring about 80 feet high and offer an opportunity to fully soak up in the scenic beauty of nature.  Another major attraction is the water fall villa wherein there is a waterfall just opposite the bed. 

Soak in the Luxury

The crowning glory at Eagle Eye Holidays is of course the glass house with an indoor individual swimming pool in each room.  The glass house is built with eco-friendly interlocking wall bricks with wall to wall glass from front view for enjoying the panoramic beauty of nature.  There are 4 cots in a room and can be taken on twin sharing and even sharing by 4 persons.   All the guest houses come with a complimentary package that comprises fishing, coracle ride, plantation walk, bird watching, forest trek, indoor and outdoor games, camp fire etc,.  On request activities include wild life safari, target practicing, adventure trek, river side picnic, site seeing adventure activities and white water rafting etc.  

Eagle Eye Holidays has become a sanctuary for some exotic birds as they find a safe haven.  Moniz says “this is the place where I have maintained highest degree of shade by planting a variety of trees and naturally birds flock here to set up their nests in the lush green surroundings.  The chirping of birds and the cool breeze is soothing to the body and the soul”. 

Man behind 'Eagle Eye Holidays' - George Henry Monis

Recognized and approved by the state government’s department of Tourism Eagle Eye Holidays is a potpourri of activities for every member of the family to provide leisure and comforts both for the body and the mind.   The in-house restaurant “All Spice” offers a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to satisfy the palates of connoisseurs of food. Every need of the guests is taken care with due diligence and hospitality. What more can one asks for on a holiday destination?

Monis Eagle Eye Holidays
Hoscodu Estate, Kadavanti, Sangameshwar Pet Post,
Chickmaglur - 577136
Tel: Direct 08262 252153, 217222, 324522
Mobile: 0091- 9341415588
Website: www.eagleeyeholidays.com

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by Florine Roche
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  • ashfak, mangalore/qatar

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    'Eagle Eye Holidays'- an awesome place to enjoy and have fun. just love this place.Recently had a visit to this resort, enjoyed to the core. Thanks to Mr.Monis and the staff for providing homely atmosphere. keep it up..
    All the Best for future.

  • Elsie Jane D'Souza, Bangalore

    Tue, Oct 12 2010

    Wonderful venture indeed,Joe. The article & the pics are very informative and bring out the nature's bounty in & around Chikmagalur Dt. Your enterprising skills are worth emulating. Kudos &
    warm wishes for a bright future ahead.

    Valerian & Elsie Jane D'Souza

  • Allan, Blore/Mlore

    Tue, Oct 12 2010

    One of the finest and best resort I have ever seen. Great ambiance, good food, great hospitality. One of the best place for family holiday.
    Thank you Mr Monis and your team for the memorable stay. Wish you all the best.

  • j dsouza, chikmagalore

    Sat, Oct 09 2010

    really good ......awesome.........

  • Anitha Pinto, Mangalore

    Fri, Oct 08 2010

    'Eagle Eye Holidays'- an awesome place to enjoy and have fun. just love this place.Recently had a visit to this resort, enjoyed to the core. Thanks to Mr.Monis and the staff for providing homely atmosphere. keep it up..
    All the Best for future.

  • Rohina Pinto, Kallianpur / Mumbai

    Fri, Oct 08 2010

    Amazing pics of blissful nature's beauty. Thanks for the information.

  • Delawn D'silva, Mangalore

    Fri, Oct 08 2010

    "Monis Eagle Eye Holiday Resort" is indeed a natural paradise. Amidst awesome coffee plantations this is a must see for any nature lover.The waterfall inside the glass house and the sunset-points within the plantation is amazing.The ever changing marvellous views are breathtakingly awesome.Everything is top notch and i loved every bit of it. Its perfectly organised and hundreds of reasons to come back!!
    In all honesty it is the finest resort i've had the pleasure of staying at. Way to go Uncle Joe!!Wish you all the best in your future endeavor!!Cheers!!!

  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 07 2010

    Wonderful place to enjoy nature, Memorable holiday place. Hats off to you Mr. Monis for your entreprenure and creative skills. Great hospitality service by Jothi and her team. Thanks to all the staff for their valuable service during my stay. All the best.

  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 07 2010

    A wonderful place to see and enjoy the nature. Thank you Mr. Monis for your efforts, because it is through you we can relax and enjoy the blissful nature. All the best to Jothi and the team for entusiatic support and service.

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Thu, Oct 07 2010

    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever " was stated by John Keats, the famous English poet. Indeed the exotic scenery of Chikmagalur in pictures brought joy to my eyes. I earnestly appeal to the authorities and environmentalists in particular to make every effort to preserve and conserve such scenic landscapes and spots all over the country.

  • Aaron Monis, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 07 2010

    A natural paradise on earth and a perfect place for a holiday.Thank you u.Joe and wish you all the best for the future.

  • Joti,

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    This place is stunning. Excellent job Mr. Monis.


    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    Indeed the "BEST PLACE ON EARTH" to dwell in.
    Thank you uncle joe for making mama's place hevean on earth!!!
    Do visit www.eagleeyeholidays.com

  • Navin, Manipal / Bahrain

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    Wow this place looks awesome. Never heard or thought about such a nice place in our neighborhood, We were planing to go to Kerala or Ooti to get the touch of nature. Thanks Daiji for the great info and George Henry Monis for creating a beautiful paradise. I wont miss this.

  • Dionne Rebello, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    To holiday with a difference, “Monis Eagle Eye Holidays” is one such unique destination. Each time I visit, this place has elegant innovation made which commends the artistic ideas and intelligence of Uncle Joe. Weeks back I had been to the resort and the stay in the glass house with the indoor swimming pool, just amazing…Misty Fog rolling over the sunrise rays was just a treat to my eyes...the serene nature around made me feel heavenly…I always want to visit this place again. Cheers!!! To Uncle Joe and his enthusiastic team, service is indeed incredible. Wish you all the best in your future endeavor!!!

  • Vijay, Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    Superb article. Thanks for letting us know about this beautiful place.

  • John Pinto, Chickmagalur/ Doha

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    It is Just Amazing . Our Malnad is noting but Paradise on Earth.

  • sunaina, dubai

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    Its simply amazing......its like a paradise...

  • Nagesh Rao, Mangalore

    Wed, Oct 06 2010

    Yes ! indeed the Eagle Eye Holiday Resort is simply awesome. I went there with my family 3 months ago and it is just superb.... superb... place to spend really nice time with mother nature. Mr. Monis and his team are so excellent in treating the guest that while coming back my family comments that they went on a holiday tour to their relative's house. Such a wonderful serene atmosphere, homely food, friendly staff (Specially Jyothi), Adventurous games to children... all makes everyone to feel coming back again and again. All the best Mr. Monis. Keep it up.
    Special thanks to Daiji world to explore this place and sharing it with their viewers.

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