Let us be United - Today and Forever...

Sep 30, 2010

With the entire nation's focus on the Allahabad Court as it gets ready to deliver a historical verdict on Thursday September 30, 2010 at 3.30 pm, here is an opportunity for all of us to show the world that we Indians are indeed a peace loving people, that we are united despite our internal disputes. In all likelihood, we may not get a better opportunity than this to prove our integrity.

There are already forces outside the country trying their best to distrupt the peace within the nation, many soar eyes envious of India's strong economy which is strengthening by the day. With enough number of external threats, we certainly don't need enemies in our own midst.

Then there is the big question of the Commonwealth Games, which is in turmoil due to both external and internal causes. Our pride as nation, our unity as people of one country, our dignity as citizens of a great civilization, hang on these two vital events - the Ayodhya verdict and the Commonwealth Games. Now is the time to stand united. Now is the time to prove a point to the world. Let us not let ourselves down with petty quarrels.

Ours is a past replete with instances wherein our politicians with their greed for amassing wealth have time and again made the common man suffer. The age-old British policy of 'divide and rule' continues to this day. It may have its merits, but when our politicians use it, it takes a dangerous, and many a time, a communal turn. 

The common man neither wants trouble nor does he want to cause it. Problems arise when the power of politics 'instigates' him to come out on the streets and do things he himself is not fully aware of. A lot of brain-washing goes into it, and ultimately the sufferer is the man on the street, while the real culprits get away with not even a scratch.

If September 30, 2010 can be used for the cause of unification and forgiveness, there will be nothing like it. Our bond of brotherhood that we share as citizens of one nation will be further cemented, and such will be its strength that no vested interest nor any political hand could shake us off. It will be a good lesson to those who try to divide us in the name of religion.

The administration in the country, states and districts have taken enormous precautions to avoid unwanted, violent incidents. Still, one can never say when 'dirty' politics will play its tricks. Administration too is a part of the political structure, and therefore, it is better we take the onus of ensuring peace on our own shoulders. And the only way to do that is by welcoming the verdict with dignity and genuine acceptance.

If we look into the recent history of the coastal districts of Karnataka, we do not have much to boast about as far as communal harmony is concerned. We had a couple of unpleasant incidents in the last four years, and the whole nation watched us while our image shattered to pieces.

But today, things are different. We have full confidence in our district administration, as top braces have taken enough precautions. The city police commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh and deputy commissioner V Ponnuraj have left no stone unturned to make the district incident-free. This apart, religious leaders of all communities have also assured that they would accept the court's verdict and lend their support in the efforts to maintain peace. Truly, there is nothing to hinder an atmophere of peace and calm from prevailing.

And even if there is threat from a third party, all one has to do is simply ignore. Do not get instigated, do not let anyone or anything influence you. That's all. And peace will prevail.

So let's not panic, and let the verdict be what it may. Let the law takes its course and let us not create any nuisance and disturb normal life.

Let us all live happily...

Jai Ho United India...

by Walter Nandalike<br>editor-in-chief<br>Daijiworld.com
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Comment on this article

  • Alban D Souza, Udyavara Mumbai Doha Qatar

    Sat, Oct 02 2010

    India is an Independent Democratic Secular country. India's constitution is formulated by great India thinkers of Independence time. So let us keep in mind and go forward as one unity as Indian Ethos. Also one has to respect the humanity first then comes everything like unity and peace, love,harmony tolerance togetherness. So Mr. Walter's article helps for the right thinking. majority or minority. we are one. jai Hind.

  • Felix F.,, India/Ksa

    Sat, Oct 02 2010

    Walter, it is important to know who are the categories of the Indians who would like to be a part of the word " US " in Let US be united. Majority of the Indians be it Hindu`s, Muslims or Christians are always united for the development of India and for peaceful co existence, as could be seen in the comments. But some of the communal organisations who do not want to be a part of the "US" are the ones trying to break the unity of those who say let us be united

  • Roland,

    Fri, Oct 01 2010

    Nice article, but Indians are wise enough to know what is right and wrong.

  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Dear Walty,

    Beautiful, much matured thoughts flowing off your pen. Thats the need of the hour. We are united and shall be so until the end. But give a small piece of advise to our dirty politicians who just devide communities for their selfish goals. In India, hindus, muslims and chrsitians have been living like children of one mother for centuries. Why the devision now?? For us mandir/masjid is not important. Whats important is nationaly unity, oneness and love and care for each other. I fully endorse your view without any prejudice and sincerly wish that all we Indians must think in your line and thoughts. Jai Hind. United we stand and devided we fall.

  • hello indians, oman

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    hello all i want to say one important thing jus go through this n try to forget all
    if one borns in muslim family or in an hindu family what is his mistake to get birth
    all is a wish of god (allah) or as u call bt trust him try not to continue this misbehaviour like treating one other like rivals
    n b one n then c were will our country reach bt these politicians dont wnt to do so bt v must b one then nobody can defeat us in any sence
    so plz everybody take a outh by himself n start to the way of togetherness v will win the race
    if there is a will there is a way so start any one it should nt b too late

  • Mohammed Ali Uchil, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Thanks Mr.Walter for your concern for humanity-and "Let us be United-Today and forever...,a beautiful,heart warming appeal.

    I urge all people of India, and particularly people of undivided South Kanara,including political parties and religious organizations to ensure that today’s Ayodhya verdict not become a cause for harm to anyone’s life or property. Today’s judgment should not be taken by the people of India in the sense of victory or defeat of any party or community. This should be taken as the victory of the rule of law and independence of judiciary.

    We have to behave in a very responsible and disciplined manner .we should not express our sentiments or feelings in any such manner which may offend the feelings or sentiments of others. We should respect the democratic decency and protect our brotherhood in our pluralistic society. This is the time we as Hindus, Muslims and Christians transcend our differences and profess in practice the authentic religious values of brotherhood among us.

  • Nancy, Belman

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    As long as these currupted political leaders are ruling our Nation and State and enjoying on our Tax money, policy of "Devide and Rule" will continue and continue.

    If curruption comes to an end then there will be end for everything.

    So as a common man, stop paying bribes to any party leaders or for any work to be done.

  • Nicholas, Niddodi/Abu Dhabi

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Think before act, bolo jai barath mathaki!

  • KGSHENOY, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Very nice article by Mr. Walter.After reading the response from the readers of this article, I am convinced that people will accept court's verdict patiently and respectflully expressing full trust & confidence in our judiciary. If the verdict does not favour Hindus, they should not consider it as defeat or loss. On the contrary they
    should think that other side deserved it better from all respects and vice versa.After all more important thing is peace and harmony.

    Let us show rest of the world that we Indians care for peace.Truly we have a rare, Golden opportunity to clear all the negetive impressions from people's mind


    Jai Hind

  • Sunil Fernandes, Kota/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Very good article from Walty. We Indians are always united & that is the secret of our power & success. We are united in variety with multiple religions, multiple languages, multiple Cultures etc.

    Jai Hind

  • Clara Lewis, Kemmannu/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Very Good write up by Walter Nandalike, silence is prayer, many foreigners wonder how Indians apart from different cultures, religions, traditions, languages, live in peace and harmony, in recent years some or other reasons the peace and harmony was affected badly in the country, every indians must maintain silence for peace & harmony to prevail.

  • MDF, Bhatkal/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary the evil it does is permanent."
    Mohandas K. Gandhi

    Jai Hind

  • Fredrick Correa, Nairobi, Kenya

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    This is the right time for all Indians to rise and isolate the internal enemies of India. Let there be no losers. I am sure the judges will give a fair judgement and make themselves a name in the annuls of History. God Bless our land.

  • prescilla, mangalore

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Eeshwar Allah tere naam sabko sanmati de Bhagwan - let there be one God and one India

  • Dr. Zita Lobo, RAK/Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Well said Walter. A timely and relevant message to be balanced in provocative times. I hope this call on peace goes to all not only in mangalore but also throughout the country. This reminds me of harini's cartoon in daiji on 'ali' being present in dewali, 'ram' being present in ramzan and moharram. Mangalore needs to be in the limelight for the right reasons. We definitely need peaceful and harmonious living.

  • aseef iqbal, bangalore/ mangalore

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Mangalore United.... Always... Let Prevail the peace on the world... the hording published in front of Capman media makers about peace designed by me.

  • Peter Pereira, Pune

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    A truly beautiful, meaningful article from Walter sir. Wish great personality of India Advani, Mutalik, Tagodia etc. etc (list goes on) will read and understand this article. Undoubtedly, all Indians have lived in peace, but, the internal enemies have created the rift between us - Indians. Let us unite and build united India. Jai India, Jai Karnataka.

  • Jascinta, Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    It is now & forever....
    Let us be united inspite of diversity. Let us prove today that we are "Indian" First.
    Let us stand united together and make our motherland proud.
    Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  • Balakrishna Shetty, Yellur/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    You said it right Walter. We do not need enemies in our midst. We are and have been able to invite the loser and provide space for him too whatever the judgement be. On CWG I had the opportunity of seeing some of the photographs of the stadiums and facilities. They are marvelous and unseen anywhere in other parts of the world and these made me proud as an Indian. Beleive it we would come out very successful in CWG. Visitors are already crazy of our chicken curry. China had misereable time organizing Olympics. Beijing had to shut down all the industries for a long time and impose various kinds of restrictions. They were deeply in trouble but eventually the event was successful. This is not denying the corruption that is in our blood from Manthara in Ramayan and Shakuni in Mahabharat to the politicians of Kalyug.The Indian Unity despite the Diversity is too solid for any extenal forces to divide us.

  • Peter Sequeira, Udupi / Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    This is the golden opportunity to show the rest of the world, how we are Indians different communities are united and let rest of the world learn from us how to live in peace.
    Jai Hind!!! Mera Bharat (not only mahan) Sabse Mahan

  • Eulalia D'Souza, Bijai / Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Dear Walter, a lovely article. It only calls us all citizens to be united as Indians, irrespective of cast n creed, religion or sects.. It is so very true that these kind of communal disturbances weeken only a common man like us, because the big wigs who instigate these things go scot free. The money power & pilitical influence pays important role in safe guarding the actual culprits and innocent people agitating on streets, face the brunt of punishments.
    So let us be United as Indians, now and always, let us show the world that we are Indians & we live above these indifferences & we are dignified citizens of this Great Nation - India.


    Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Life is shortLet's make it sweet,pleasant,by being united @all times,not just the day of the sensitive,controvertial verdict which is bound to hurt sentiments of some & rejoice the other by the evening.But it's the time for we the Indians to prove to the world-come what may,we will live like members of one great family.Let's not forget,it's the country of great people like Kalam Sir,Mother Teresa,Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji,Dr Veerendra Hegde,Shiv kumar Swamiji,Milka singh,X-Air Chief I.H.Lateef Sir,Sunita Williams, & many more with a never ending list contributing every bit to make us all Indians very proud.It's time now for us to show to the world that we live like Brothers & Sisters allowing Law to take it's own course ethically,Morally & legally.Let's believe in this very strongly without being an easy prey to rumoures.May God Bless us all & shower Peace & prosparity to the whole world.

  • SARFARAZ, belapu

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Jai ho....v r indians..v love our country,dts it... "HUBBUL MULKI MINAL IMAAN"

  • Nitesh R.M., Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Hope we can show to the world today that we are indeed a secular & tolerant nation.

    Its now or never!!!


  • dasmond , mangalore

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Thank you Walter for this very thought provoking article of a committed patriot like you.Suprisingly all the politicians are silent waiting anxiously to fish in troubled waters after the verdict.To your readers is a grim reminder of the extracts of your message."Quote" Ours is a past replete with instances wherein our politicians with their greed for amassing wealth have time and again made the common man suffer. The age-old British policy of 'divide and rule' continues to this day. It may have its merits, but when our politicians use it, it takes a dangerous, and many a time, a communal turn."Unquote".This sums up the irony of our beloved nation

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    PAST TENSE ! PRESENT PROGRESSIVE ! FUTURE FANTASTIC for India. Today is a very special day.No one knows what will be the verdict except Judges.Even PM,President,Ministers and News Media have no clue at all.Greatest Suspense.Keep it up Judges for keeping this news as secret till the last second.They are going to give judgement on the basis of historical evidence produced by Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha and Sunni Wakhf board.We can expect 100% sincere judgement and Indians should accept it with respect.No more fight again.Jai Hind.

  • shalini salian, mangalore

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Gods divine force will prevail. we shall remain united. silence is the need of the hour.

  • Shoukath Hussain, surathkal/Dubai

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Indians of all faiths have lived together peacefully for centuries without any differences. All this nonsence created by our beloved Advani and the whole country is suffering.

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Let we show to world, how we are unity in diversity. we are not Hindu Muslim Christian or Sikh we are INDIANS and we respect all religions temple masjid churuch gurudwar and theirs cultures. Thats why our nation called sare jahan se acha Hindustan humara. jai hind...

  • Prashant Pujary, Dubai

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    We all don't know what the result from Allahabad Court or what the final verdict but for HINDU'S MUSLIMS Unity both should forget the difference what was standing in that place and whats has gone down just build a BIG EDUCATIONAL institution like Nalanda university which was recorded and still can be read as first great universities in recorded history of past.Specially for North side INDIA ( NORTH INDIANS )your children require education instead of TEMPLES / MOSQUE.......Think fast already we have wasted so many years & funds in this issue...... JAI HINDUSTAN

  • Majeed Moosa, Vittal, Hariyamoole

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Very good useful article from Mr. Walter. Hope that it touches all hearts of Indians. Let us all be united as a Wonderful Secular Democracy. Atleast we have many people like Walter to think postively in any situation. Instead of focusing on Verdict, let us think everyday how we can correct ourselves as well as mates/neighbours close to us and be brothers in this Univers.

    Let us respect Law and order of the Court. Jai Hind

  • Musthak Ahmed, Upudi/Banglore

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Thanks Daiji, its really nice topic to read out before we thing something.

    Dear Indians, we are all human beings, let's behave as it is. and also be rembered we you go out of India, you are called as Indian not as Hindu or Muslim, or Christain. So we try to behave as one country's man.

  • S.M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, udupi

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Let we show to world. how we are unity in diversity. we are not Hindu Muslim Christian or Sikh we are INDIANS and we respect all religions temple masjid churuch gurudwar and theirs cultures. Thats why our nation called sare jahan se acha Hinduatna humara. jai hind...

  • Alwyn, Mangalore - USA

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Unity is strength. This is a good article about unity, peace, community and nation. Let our POLITICIAN always must remember that, once election is over all are Indians and must serve the citizens. They should not behave like uncultured humans by acting or provoking religious, political group or geographical issue. Hope our Political leaders will understand and accept the wish of every citizen that we all need peace, harmony and development.

  • Roshan, Madanthyar / Dubai

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    God wants to live in human heart not at temple, church or mosque. Let us prepare for that instead of fighting on streets by driving him away.

  • Lancy Dias, Mangalore

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Timely article.
    Let us stand united and show to the world that we have unity despite our diversities. let Peace prevail
    Let us not be carried away by the selfish interests of fundamentalist forces.

  • Nithin Poojary, Mangalore/UK

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    I dont understand one thing is the Ayodha verdict necessary, let it prolong for a another sixty years, our country is not ready for this verdict because still religion is much important than our country and our political parties will be waiting to encash from this verdict especially desiplined party which could not make it last time.

  • bona marcel ofmcap, Vittal/Italy

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Thank you very much Mr. Walter for your beautiful Editorial. The need of the hour for us as Indians is to stand together and show to the world our credibility and ability to solve our disputes amicably.
    I have been keeping a vigil to hear news from fatherland.Back in 1992, on 6th December I had been travelling from Mumbai to Bangalore and had a harrowing experience to reach my destination Mysore after 6 days! United let us stand together and be proud of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious national identity. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat Mata!

  • George Olivera, Thirthahalli

    Wed, Sep 29 2010

    That we are united so far is the miracle of social harmony. Sanity of mind, serenity of the heart is the disposition of every right thinking Indian and it would keep us united - come what may. Right thinking Indian as the majority ought to influence the sectarian radical fundamentalist not to take the whole nation for a ride. Jai Hind.

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