'Tell My Mom I Love Her...'

Sep 19, 2010

The worst had happened. The moment I heard that horrible sound of the accident a few minutes back and saw the disappearance of the Maruti in front of me, I had a strange feeling that something terrible had happened to Keith, my dear friend since the first day of my college three years ago. 

It probably took four-five minutes for me to reach the crash site. It was wee hours in the morning as we were returning from the 'teen - adult only party' at a not-so-famous joint. I could see flames emanating from the car which had hit a light pole and then the adjacent wall.

Keith has fallen out of the burning car and I could see slight movement. And I ran towards him. His hand just made a sign and I could hear a whisper, 'Tell my Mom, I love her very much.”

And that was it. Complete silence from him, as if he had given his soul in my hands. Only the irritating sound of the car being burnt is heard until I hear the emergency vehicles rushing towards the crash site.

It was three years ago that I had met Keith on the first day of college. Probably it was destiny that we were seated next to each other and we became instant friends. Keith is the only child of his parents, and since his dad's death, his mother took upon herself to take care of the only son and make him a model human being in this world.

Keith did not disappoint her. The high marks that he got in 10th standard as well as in pre-university had earned him a scholarship which would not only help him complete BSc but even study further, and it was his ambition to get into the field of medicine later on. Besides, he was also a good singer, a talented actor and a modest sportsman. You can say he was a complete all rounder.

He had no bad habits, which was enough for many to make a noise and feel jealous of him. You could hear remarks like 'Keith the Saint,' 'One and only - but very lonely' made whenever he passed by and being his best friend, I too would have felt such sentiments, even though I was not as pious as him.

Keith loved his mother very much. "I have to make this lady proud one day, for she has sacrificed her life for me," he used to say. As with all doting mothers, his mother too looked after him with great love and care, though being a single working mother she may not have been in a position to fulfil all his wishes. She often cautioned him, "Son  take care of yourself, I know you and trust you but it could be external factors, it could be unwanted company, or accidents…”  "Mother, I am not a child any more,” he used to shut her up with one sentence.

Life like this continued for almost three years, and external factors that his mother referred were evident even more openly, due to the simplistically humble but dashing approach that Keith practiced. With the zeal that he thrust in every single thing he did, it was no surprise when his hardwork paid off and he brought laurels to the university and earned even more jealousy from fellow students. This man needs to be thought a lesson, I heard someone murmuring.

It was in the third year that his mother could give him the gift he wanted - a modest Maruti. Keith and I had been always together, but this car created a distance between us as he now began to come to college on his own. However, our interaction in the college remained as before.

It was just a month before the final exam - time for all the students to come together and have some fun – 'all together for one final time.' Some considered it a 'wild party' while a few called it 'teen - adult only party.'

Normally these parties start at ten in the night and continue till early morning. And this was one party neither Keith nor I wanted to miss. The party began as usual on a sober note with games and singing but eventually as midnight struck it really became wild. Keith, though he initially refused to drink beer, what with students gathering and making a din, eventually gave in. After all, he too was human. Little did he know that someone, out of sheer jealousy, would mix a banned substance in his drink. As he drank, Keith could make out that something was strange and wrong about the beer.

"I am going home,” Keith told me a few minutes later. I was surprised but his face told the story. He would not change his mind. Even though I wanted to continue with the partying I told him, "Okay Keith, I will follow you.” He refused, but I insisted. And we were on our way back. I could see Keith suddenly accelerating which is so unlike him,  and I had to work really hard to keep up. The few drinks I had taken earlier didn't help matters either.

Next thing I knew I heard the terrible sound of the crash. The worst had happened. As I touched his hand he whispered, "Tell my Mom I love her...."

Subsequent medical tests did reveal the banned substance in his system. There was an investigation, but would the mother get her boy back?  Will the bright boy that Keith was be brought back?

Vivian Castelino - Archives:

By Vivian Castelino, Abu Dhabi
This article is based on a true life incident.
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Comment on this article

  • Hilda, Moodubelle / Bahrain

    Sun, Sep 11 2011

    I don't know if you have heard of Sandhi Sudha oil. This really helps for those who are having joint pain, back pain. Try this for your mother.


    Tue, Sep 28 2010

    this is very touching story

  • melwyn, Mangalore

    Fri, Sep 24 2010

    Recently i read one article on mother which says Human Body can bear only 45del (Units of pain) But at the time of giving birth to a Baby women feels up to 57del(units )of pain . This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at Time. So Love your mom till your last breath on this beautiful earth .anyway its and inspiring article

  • AHMED, Bangalore/saudi

    Tue, Sep 21 2010

    Hi friends,
    This story was really touching and i cried really from bottom of my heart.
    i love my mom very much and she also love me even thow i have done wrong thing in my past. my mother has an problem of always back pain and knee pain if some one can suggest for this please mail me.
    And iam really always i think that when my mom will say that she is fine and she has no any more pain.
    but when the time will come i dont no.
    so always iam praying that all pain to be transfer to me and my mom should be happy always.

    Please if any suggestion mail me.

  • Ronald, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 20 2010

    Very sad to hear that. After drinking the senses are lost. Atleast considering the situation that Keith drank for the first time the author who is best friend of Keith would have given him a lift in his own car. What is the point in driving behing him? does not make any sense to me. All you could do was carry his last mesage to his mom.

  • , Liz

    Mon, Sep 20 2010

    though we feel sad that a young man has gone thru a terrible time however, did anyone put a gun to his head and told him to have the beer??? Does he not know drinking and driving is against the law?? Even the author of the story had a drink and drove her car, so stupid and irresponsible.I hope both of them have learned a lesson and "wake up and smell the roses""!!!

  • Logical Thinker, Earth

    Mon, Sep 20 2010

    A Very heart touching story. But when your friend realized he was not in shape to manage a car. He must have backed off. Else the author must have not let him drive it no matter what when he was aware of the situation. This is how we mostly tend to do mistake hence not just being at the verge of killing our self but also jeopardizing the life of the innocent by-stander or pedestrian.

  • Jess, Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 20 2010

    "Tell My Mom I Love Her..." these words brought tears in my eyes, I am also a mother i can imagine the pain what Keith's Mom must be going through... whoever mixed that bad substance God knows .. and will be rewarded.. but really feel sad for Keith's mom. May God give her the courage to go ahead in life.

  • Cynthia Lobo, Mangalore / Bahrain

    Mon, Sep 20 2010

    Thank you for letting us know what happened to Keith and his beloved mother. After reading this I cannot stop crying......

  • ashok pai, bangalore

    Sun, Sep 19 2010

    this is VERY sad. the person who mixed the substance, even out of jest should be punished. its routine in colleges to harass friends who don't partake alcohol. alcohol should be taken in moderation, acohol abuse is rampant, and never gets any bad press.

  • D M D Souza, Bantwal

    Sun, Sep 19 2010

    Very touching incident, I think(the one)who spiked his drink might be feeling a life time of guilt for robbing a son to fulfill his mom's dream & a mom the pround moment her son achieve what he was dreaming to fulfill.
    This incident makes me feel it has happened in my family itself, as I too was a witness to similar incident few years ago.

  • Vincent Castelino, Pernal / I.C. Colony, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 19 2010

    Dear Vivian,
    A mother is always a best person on earth. She gives her selfless love to her child. In this article of a true life incident, She had cautioned her only son Kieth about the "External factors like bad companions".
    There is no end-solution for Jealousy and enmity in this world,especially when one is doing extremely outstanding.
    I hope and trust Mr. Vivian you are the better & close person who can console Kieth's Mom since you were very close with Kieth during your college days.
    I firmly beleive that Nothing like the college days in One's life.

  • Jennifer Stanley, Mumbai

    Sun, Sep 19 2010

    Dear Vivian,

    The message is so very touching, those last words to his mother “Tell mom that I love her”

    Its hard to hear each day around the globe such innocents are dying due to jealousy and enmity, and this has caused the life of innocent ones. I wish Jehovah provide Keith’s mother the needed strength to cope up with the greatest loss of her and her husband. Although being alone to live on for herself will be hard and depressing, but still I would like to convey a wonderful and a firm hope that the fulfillment of Revelation 21:4 and John 5:28,29 is getting very near. Yes these scriptures are true and very soon it will be fulfilled.

    The Bible is so true “Bad associations spoil useful habits” 2 Corinthians 15:33. We all suffer because we all are living in a world ruled by Satan the Devil, however we have our loving father who cares and deeply loves us therefore he has given us the bible as a guide book to direct us and learn how to live a meaningful rewarding life, but on our part we need to make the full use of it by studying his word, by coming to know who he is, what does God require from us and above all as we come to know him we become his close friends, Isn’t that a great privilege to become “A Friend of God”. Hardly we humans have time to examine ourselves and ask ourselves as to Am I living the way God wants? or Am I living the way I want?

    The message about Keith is really touching, although he was been raised by a single parent, how much he valued the pain and suffering his mother underwent to raise him as a exemplary Man …. We hardly find such children who really value the pain of their parents, however Keith was a Son who loved his mother and always remembered his mother’s love and care.

    We also have a wonderful hope of everlasting life, a life that Jehovah initially purposed, but due to disobedience of Adam and Eve, we lost the perfect condition of living forever, yet Jehovah our Almighty Creator and Jesus is not unjust to continue to see humans to suffer, he wants his purpose to be fulfilled (humans living forever). It may be hard to believe but just look around the world aren’t we witnessing the prophecies recorded in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 these prophecies were foretold over 2,000 years ago and these writings were preserved until our day that we may witness the fulfillment of prophecy and we can firmly trust on Jehovah’s word, so that we may gain everlasting life by learning and studying the bible. John 17:3.

    I hope Vivian, you convey Keith’s mother about the wonderful hope and encourage you all to please study the word of God. Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, and of joints and [their] marrow, and [is] able to discern thoughts and intentions of [the] heart.

    Requesting all readers please make yourselves available to read and study God’s word along with family together an

  • Chris, Kuwait

    Sun, Sep 19 2010

    very touching...

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