Meet Traffic Warden Kadiyali Sahib

Sep 4, 2010

Very infrequently we come across people who can be termed true Samaritans today. Greed and selfish acts prevail all over and humble help and care has almost lost its meaning. However, still there are people like T S Aboobakker who stand as an exception.

The selfless service this man renders at Kadiyali, a place on the way to Udupi is highly commendable. During the peak hours one can find him at the Kadiyali junction directing traffic and helping the school children cross road.

One might wonder what’s so great about it? Every traffic police does it. But Aboobakker is no traffic police. Neither is he paid for the work he does so regularly without being told. Every morning he makes it a point to reach the junction at sharp 8.15 am when the children rush to schools and waits there till 10.00. His job doesn’t end there. Again during the lunch break and in the evening when the school leaves he is present at the spot to discharge the same task.

An incident which took place almost 30 years ago prompted Aboobakker to do the job. He owns a seat cushion shop for two-wheelers nearby. One fine day while he was at work he saw a young school boy being knocked down by a bus. In a fraction of a second he rushed to the spot and carried the boy to the hospital.  He didn’t even care when the lungi he was wearing slipped off on the way.  Timely help saved the boy’s life. Since that day he has taken up the task of ensuring the safety of children while crossing the road at Kadiyali junction. Most of the children belong to Kamala Bai School and other schools nearby.

The children fondly call him Sahib uncle and now there is hardly anyone in the area who is not familiar with Aboobaker. After all he has been manning the traffic for over 30 long years.

Now this service has become an integral part of his life. He doesn’t go on a holiday or any of his personal functions unless and until the school children are on leave. “I do it as it gives me immense satisfaction. The manner in which the little ones wish me and flash their smile is so touching and simply priceless”, expresses Aboobakkar.

Aboobakar hails from Honnale near Brahmavar. He has the experience of working in places such as Darjeeling, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Nasik. He has two daughters, both married and a son. My family members have always been very supportive. They don’t question me when I spend most of my time on the roads than in my shop”, says he.

Several NGOs and social service organizations have recognized his service and honoured him. Home minster V S Acharya has presented him a traffic warden’s uniform. He also possesses a traffic warden badge given to him by Udupi former superintendent of police Murugan. Recently, he was honoured by the district Independence Day Celebrations Committee in recognition of his social service.

He even gives the credit of prosperity in business to the prayers of children. “It is because of God’s grace and the prayers of little ones I am leading a contented life today. I wish to render my service as long as I have physical strength, says Aboobakar with a very amiable smile.

T S Aboobakkar can be contacted at - +91 99646 83140

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Comment on this article

  • K.B.Jagdish, Kinnigoli/Bahrain

    Thu, Sep 09 2010

    Because of such humane personalities like Aboobaker Saheb still around, we get timely rain and grain wherever they are. Hatsoff to you Saheb,for your selfless service for the mankind.Thanks to Veekshita Arasa n Daijiworld in particular.

  • BH Balakrishna Pai, Mangalore / NaviMumbai

    Wed, Sep 08 2010

    It is praiseworthy selfless service by Mr. T S Aboobakker to the society. There may be so many such persons in the undevided Dakshina Kannada who are rendering selfless service to society at large. Daijiworld should bringout to the fore and let the readers know such persons . Keep it up Mr.T S Aboobakker.

  • naian poojari mulki, dubai

    Wed, Sep 08 2010

    great man, great work. keep it up your spirit.

  • Eric D'souza, Perampalli / Dubai

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Dear Aboobakker,
    I know u r doing this social service since 30 years. but now b'coz of every one came to know about your extraordinary n unbeliveable socail service.
    Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!
    wishing you god luck !!!!!!!

  • Vijay D'Souza, Pernal

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Great job Abubakkar saab.May Allah give you more health and strength.


    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Great job by Mr.Abubakker........
    Hats off.
    Good Article.
    contine with recognising such great persons in our socity.

  • Ravindra Nayak, Kadiyali, Udupi

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Great Job Mr.Aboobaker Saheb. Lucky to see you everyday. Keep it up.

  • Wilson, Kinnigoli

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    really great work sahib.... really great.. hats off to u. thank u veekshita for this article.

  • Sudhir, Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Hey very nice article..I have been waiting since long time for your Article.

  • Jigar, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    If we can learn atleast 1% of traffic sense and care for fellow road users from what Mr. Aboobakar is doing, Mangalore roads will be accident free... but sorry to say... very few people have concern for the saftey of other road users.

  • Clement, Kelmbet, Dubai

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    Hats off to you - "Kadiyali Saiber". It is because of a few people like you in our society, that God has not sent "rain of fire" to this world, to get rid of the evil prevailing today.
    It is said, God can not be everywhere, so he created Mothers. I wish to add "God makes us all feel his presence in our midst, through few such people around us.
    Let us salute them and try to imitate their virtues, to build a society, filled with "Love, Peace, Joy and respect to humanity".
    Thus, let our first religion be "Religion of Humanity".
    Jai Ho India !
    Jai Ho Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Budhists ......

  • Clement, Kelmbet, Dubai

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    Hats off to you - "Kadiyali Saiber". It is because of a few people like you in our society, that God has not sent "rain of fire" to this world, to get rid of the evil prevailing today.
    It is said, God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers. I wish to add "God makes us all feel his presence in our midst, through few such people around us.
    Let us salute them and try to imitate their virtues, to build a society, filled with "Love, Peace, Joy and respect to humanity".
    Thus, let our first religion be "Religion of Humanity".
    Jai Ho India ! Jai ho Bharatmata
    Jai Ho Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Budhists ......

  • Uday Kulal, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    Thanks Veekshita for sharing such a wonderful news. It makes proud to be part of born in this part of the country.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    There are selfless people in every society but such works are ignored because they are not saleable news. We tend to honour those popular figures again and again but never figure these humble souls in our long list. The social organisation should hunt for those less know noble hearts within our society, recognize them through such articles and felicitate them during public occasions. Well written Ms Veekshitha Arasa.

  • faisal sheikh, mangalore / Yemen

    Mon, Sep 06 2010

    May almighty recognize you and your selfless deeds on the day of judgement...

  • Antony Herbert Crasta, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    We can find very few people like T.S.Aboobakker, who has been doing voluntary service, unpaid, for such a longer period. ! Great job and well done! Wish you good health and happiness so that you may continue with this important humanitarian service. Good job by Veekshita Arasa as well in bringing up this noble venture to light through Daijiworld.

  • sayed ashraf addoor, dammam

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    wonderful job ur doing Mr is a great social work...god bless you all the time......

  • Melroy, Udupi

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Yes its late than never this man deserves much more. I use to watch him every day while travelling from Udupi to Manipal. What a selfless service. Now the road is much wide and dangerous with extra lanes, as Manipal is emerging as an International City. May God Bless him.


    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Great Man and great work.His passion for social work is a role model to others.Hats off to ABOOBAKER BHAI.ALLHA BLESS YOU AND YOUR SERVICE TO MANKIND.

  • lovenith K, Managlore

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    loard krishna and loard Alha both bless him with health and prosperity
    we need people like him in this society

  • Mohammad, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Well done! It's a great social service!

  • Naveed, Moodbidri/Dubai

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Graet Job Abubakkar bhai.Thanks Veekshitha Arasa for recognizing this man.

  • Riyaz, Mulki

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Good job, its great. saheb like human we need more in the present world.

  • shalini salian, mangalore

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    Real human service Mr.Abubakkar is rendering to the society. He will be blessed always. Parents of nearby school can rest assured that their children are safe while crossing the road. God bless him always.

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Salam Saibere. Allah will reward you for your generocity and concern. May Allah take care of you and your family. Indeed you are agreat Samaritan. Salam Sir again.

  • Roshan Shetty, Mangalore/NJ

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Great. I can tell looking at him he is the most honest person on this earth. I wish him and his best of luck and good wishes..Ramzan Mubarak..

  • Mohd.Rafik, koteshwar,Kuwait.

    Sat, Sep 04 2010


  • Dion D'Souza, Udupi / Bahrain

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Indeed a great work than said. Even a one in ten thousand, people like dear Abubakar and Dutch lady Martje exist in our society, I am sure there won’t be any turmoil like religious disharmony in today’s world. Let us ponder closely on their meritorious works rendered without looking for a reward of material gain. I believe many people simply waste their time in morchas and dharnas behind corrupt politicians which will not bring any reward in their life term. Thanks to Veekshita for her true recognition.

  • madhava, Hejamady/dubai

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Hats off to you Sir, This is really heart touching and example for others.I truly appreciate Daiji specially Veekshitha for recognising this man and bringing out a sweet article on him.Mr.Aboobacker is role model for all of us. carry on saab we love you


    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Saibere u r a great traffic controller of our area, I Salute you.......thanks daiji

  • santosh , mangalore

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Good work by saab, hats off to u.Really u will b blessed by god when u do somethng better for society. Keep going sir, wish u a long life..


    Sat, Sep 04 2010


  • abubakkar, udupi

    Sat, Sep 04 2010


  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    I know this gentleman very personally. He is always smiling and very helpful. I saw him many times helping the school children cross the road. Once I asked him whether his service is paid, at which he just smiled and said, I need reward from GOD and not from any human beings. He owns a seat cushion shop on the junction and now I really dont know what happened to this shop when road was broadened. Long live Kadiyali cushion saiber.

  • Ashok Bhat, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Great work. I salute Mr.Aboobacker. My request to all at aleast everyone have a habit of spending an hour for others. In this respect Mr.Aboobacker is role model for all of us.

  • Gopal Sherigar, Udupi/Mumbai

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    I really appreciate the yeomen service being rendered by Shri Abookarbhai and its great! I am also a alumini of Kamalabai Highschool and the junction referred by is really dangerous after it became 4 lane road. But Abookarbhai was rendering his services for the last more than 20 years. God bless him in his efforts to give succour to the parents of students studying in Kadiyali and Kamalabai Highschools.


    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Great work.

  • Rj Avinash, 92.7Bigfm, Mangalore, Udupi/Kundapur/Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Well...I hail from the same place and this man is rendering something "extraordinary" to the society."Saaiber" is what i call him..As far as i know he has been doing this atleast from past 20 years without missing a single day!!!!Yessss!!!..Parents are pretty sure that this man is there at the spot to take care of their children and send them blindly to school without any worries and that is the trust people have on this man.I truly appreciate Daiji specially Veekshitha for recognising this man and bringing out a sweet article on him.
    Good Luck ..



  • Ismail, Moodbidri

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Great! Allah bless you, T S Aboobakker. Thank you Daijiworld for publishing and recognizing great job.


    Sat, Sep 04 2010


  • Abdul Khadar, Mulky

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Great work by Mr.Aboobakker. God bless u.

  • Donald Dias, M'lore/B'lore

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    May god bless you,

  • Keerthi, Mangalore

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Hats-Off to you Mr.Aboobaker...

  • Anand, Karkala/Dubai

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    As far as service goes, it can take the form of a million things. To do service you don't have to be a Doctor working in the slums for free, or become a social worker. Your position in life and what you do doesn't matter as much as how you do and what you do. This is the real social service without expecting anything in return. God bless you Mr. Aboobacker and hats off to you.

  • Raj, Udupi

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Mr.Abubakker........Hats off.

  • shankar, kundapur

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    Hats off to you Sir, This is really heart touching and example for others to live in this world. carry on saab - i love you

  • Nithesh, Udupi/Doha, qatar

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    hats off to u abubakkar baai..wonderful job ur doing specially for children..keep it up..

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