Dr.SK Tiwari : There is more to Homoeopathy than Placebo Effect

Aug 25, 2010

Alternative system of medicine has a long tradition in our country and many other countries of the world.  Along with allopathic, both Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy have coexisted in our country giving people a choice to opt for their preferred branch of medicine.  In India alone millions of people swear by the virtues   and goodness of homoeopathy system of medicine which has been attracting more and more people towards it. 

However a systematic campaign is going on for the last few months spearheaded by the British Medical Association (BMA) about Homoeopathy as an alternative branch of medicine giving rise to doubts in the public mind about its efficacy and its scientific basis.  BMA has hit below the belt by using some of the harshest phrases to describe homoeopathy.  Just come to think of the phrases used by BMA to discredit homoeopathy.  Homoeopathy is “non-sense”, “witchcraft” and little more than “pernicious nonsense” and these harshest of the phrases used to systematically decimate homoeopathy has given doubts as to the efficacy of Homoeopathy as an alternative system of medicine.  


Despite their best efforts seeking a blanket ban on homoeopathy and homeopathic medicines to be taken off pharmacy shelves, the Home Ministry of the British Government has decided to continue homoeopathy being made available on National Health Service.

Dr  Shashi  Kanth Tiwari, DMS (Kolkotta) Dip in NIH (Govt of India) M D/Hom,  is a Senior Professor  and Guide  and former Principal of  Fr Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore.  He is an authority in homoeopathy so much so his name is synonymous with homoeopathy is Mangalore.  Having worked in Fr Muller full time for almost 25 years he has set up a homoeo clinic in Jyothi, in Mangalore a year and half back but continues his association with Fr Muller hospital.  In an interview with daijiworld.com Dr Tiwari answers some of the pertinent questions relating to homeopathy, its efficacy and also the compulsions behind the malicious campaign being carried out by BMA. 

Q.   Do you think the campaign to malign homoeopathy by BMA has any impact on Homeopathy in India?

A.  No.  In fact 18% of the population in India depends on homeopathy as an alternative health care system.  France, which boasts of one of the best health care in the world, has given option for its citizens to opt for homeopathy if they prefer.  In Germany where homeopathy originated. It is very popular.  But the highest number of people opting for homeopathy is in India.  In India it is recognized by law and has better government support than in other countries. 

Q.  How is the response of the people to homeopathy as an alternative medical system?

A.  Homeopathy has a long history in India and particularly in Mangalore.  Fr Muller who had reached the shores of Mangalore in 1878 had started to dispense homeopathic medicine to students.  In India it was first recognized in West Bengal in early 1940’s where it is still a popular.  There is an increase in the number of people opting for homeopathy as a treatment in India because of its efficacy in treating chronic diseases.  People in general are now afraid of the side effects of the drugs used in allopathic treatment and choose homoeopathy.  In some of the incurable diseases like Cancer homoeopathy can give quality life to patients without many side effects and with less cost.  Homoeopathy is cost effective.   It is the second most popular and widely used medicine in the world.

Q.  You mean to say in homoeopathic medicines drugs are not used….?

A.  The basic substances used in all the three systems of medicines are same i.e plants and animals.  But the preparation methods of the medicines are different.    We also use energy systems like sun rays, magnet and x-rays.  The difference is that we use only a few drops of the extracts in the diluted form and that is why the intake of the medicine by patients is very less and there are no side effects.  It is not necessary that quality of medicines is affected when quantity is reduced. 

Q.   Is it the reason why it is generally believed that homoeopathic medicine works very slowly?

A.  It is a myth and it has no basis.  Except in cases where patients are habituated to using drugs and steroids before switching over to homoeopathy, it may take more time for the medicine to work.  Homoeopathy works fast in acute illnesses and slower in chronic cases.  It works extremely well in epidemics such as cholera, diarrhea and is very effective in allergy related respiratory diseases, skin problems and digestive disorders.

Q.  There is a general feeling that Homoeopathy does not offer immediate relief?

A.  Homoeopathy offers very prompt and effective medicine.  But the homoeopathic doctor should be able to select the right kind of medicine to be effective.

Q.  The detractors are saying there is no evidence to show Homoeopathy worked beyond the placebo effect…

A. The placebo effect means a patient gets better only because he believes the treatment will work and in many instances patients gets better of the psychological boost and not because of the medicines they consume. However, homoeopathy offers relief beyond placebo effect.  There have been many clinical trials that prove homeopathy works. In the past 24 years there have been more than 180 controlled and 118 randomized trials into homeopathy. In each case, the researchers concluded that the benefits of homeopathy went far beyond that which could be explained purely by the placebo effect.  A draft report of WHO just a few years back has showed homoeopathy is beneficial and this has sent a panic wave among big pharmaceutical companies who feel threatened by the popularity of homoeopathy.   

Q.  There is a general feeling prevalent in public mind that  allopathic treatment may s not work in people, who are dependent on Homoeopathy for a long period.  Please clarify?

A.  Again it is a canard. In fact such patients respond much better to other forms of treatments.  This is mainly because their body has been made stronger and any medicine can work easily on such a body.

Q.  How is the efficacy of medicine or drug proving is conducted in homoeopathic medicines?   

A.  In homoeopathy drug proving is done on healthy human being and not on animals as is being done in Allopathic treatment.   It is done on volunteers who are capable of describing even the minutest changes in detail.  As such our drug proving is more scientific. The provers will be given only one drug at a time.  Each drug produces certain peculiar symptoms and these guiding symptoms form the totality of the drug.

Q.  Doubts are raised about homoeopathy as a science…..?

A.  Homoeopathy is a proven science.  It is the most logical and scientific system of medicine.  The doubts are raised because of the use of small quantity of substance.  As a method of treatment it has withstood the tests of time for more than two centuries.  Unlike the allopathic treatment our dose of prescription is individualized and not generalized.  Even if two people come with similar symptoms the medicine we prescribe varies depending on even slight variations in symptoms or the temperaments of people.  That is why we pay extra attention in knowing the symptoms of the diseases in detail. .  

Q.  How do symptoms help in pinpointing the disease? 

A.  Homoeopathy system is based on the law of Similia Similibus Curentur  which means ‘let likes be cured by likes’.  In other  words this s system of medicine is based on the theory that substances which cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure the problems in a sick person when vastly diluted proponents of the same are  administered,  giving a curative effect.  In homoeopathy a sick person with his given symptoms is treated as a single entity.  We don’t take into consideration just the diseased organs of the patient.  We believe that behind every expression there is a cause and that cause should be identified to provide effective treatment.  We tackle the root of the problem rather than its effect.  Totality of the symptoms is the basis for the prescription and not merely  the name of the disease.

Q.  Does Homoeopathy work in all kinds of sicknesses? 

A.  Homoeopaths are basically physicians and not surgeons.  So homoeopathy does not have much scope that requires surgeries such as where there is an extra growth, obstruction, malignant tumors etc.  Though homoeopathy has very good medicine for stones, it cannot offer a remedy if a bigger stone causes obstruction,   in which case surgery is the answer.

Q. Do you think Homoeopathy is at crossroads now?

A.  I don’t think so.  The campaign against homoeopathy started outside India. In Britain pharma companies are very strong and they are trying to say homoeopathic medicine is not effective. In fact more and more people in India are drawn towards homoeopathy rather than depend on mainstream health care. In America after the invention of antibiotics, there was a reduction in homoeopathic medicine users.  But again it is picking up in a big way.

Q.  What made you opt for a career in Homoeopathy when it was not yet popular in India?

A. I had suffered from Cholera as a child when I was 11 years old and was saved from certain death only by homoeopathy medicines.  It left a lasting impression in my young mind and took up Homoeopathy as a career.

Q.  What brought you to Mangalore all the way from Uttar Pradesh?

A. I hail from Balia in Uttar Pradesh. Soon after I finished my studies I saw an advertisement about a vacancy in Fr Muller.  I was selected and I joined as the first staff of Fr Muller Homoeopathy College in 1985.  I joined as a tutor initially and began sitting in the out patient department from August 1985.  For the last 26 years Manglaore is my home. In Mangalore, homoeopathy is popular mainly because of Fr Muller Hospital. 

Q.  What about your children.  Are they interested in taking homoeopathy as a career?

A. My elder son is doing his MBBS internship in Gulbarga and is showing keen interest in taking up homoeopathy.  Younger son is still studying in PUC.

Q. What is the advice to the public and future homoeopaths?

A. For the public I would say they should not fall prey to the rumour mongers.  They should decide for themselves whether homoeopathy has worked for them or not.  Homoeopathy students should realize they have a good career if they concentrate on their system and work sincerely.

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  • DR Sneha M Wagh , Aurangabad

    Tue, Jan 20 2015

    Its very nice to see your interview.
    We have studied your book of repertory and its very useful.All the best for your future sir.
    Today I am lecturer and following your text its a boon gift for Homeopathic Repertory. Thank u sir.(SBHMC- Aurangabad)

  • atulesh, atulesh tiwari

    Wed, Jun 18 2014

    i have never seen this type of miraculous person ever who is having a great doctor as well as great psychologist also.

  • karthik, kanhangad

    Thu, Oct 27 2011

    What is meaning homeopathy dr tiwari ? small white pills swallowing & chewing ? where going then ? It working wella ?

  • Sam, Udupi

    Mon, Sep 26 2011

    Than for what his son IS studying mbbs. He supposed to study bhms know?

  • dr.g.bharathy, madurai

    Mon, Feb 14 2011

    well i have observed many cases of him and his miraculous cure.homoeopathy always outstands when observation of the patient and the remedy go hand in hand.homoeopathy never fails to make wonders whatsoever the case may be.

  • Mns shetty, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 12 2010

    Whether there is treatment for motor neuron disease in homoeopathy if anybody knows please reply

  • malavika and avantika, mangalore

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Tiwari uncle ZINDABAD!is what we always say when ever we throw sugar pills in to mouth and get cured immediately.Though my mom is a allopath she too takes homeo for self.No bitter antibiotics nor injections .Life is cool as long as you say TIWARI UNCLE ZINDABAD.

  • ram pratap tiwari, reoti-ballia

    Tue, Sep 07 2010

    Thanks Dr Tiwari on comments of BMA. You have given all the answers raising in the mind of any person.

  • Dr.ALR, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 05 2010

    This is an informative article and I'am sure it clears many myths regarding Homoeopathy.
    Just a thought on Mr.Vinod's comments on Dr.Tiwari's efficacy..The cause of your problem to be blanket has to be detected by yourself.A doctor can't come to your home and check your blanket.
    your comment is irrational.

  • dr.valarmathy rachel fernandes, mangalore/abu dhabi

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    congrats sir!! this article is very important to clear the false belief spread by our allopathic brothers in spite of all our scientific proof and curing human race!! ALL THE BEST!! KEEP UPDATING US WITH YOUR NEW INSIGHTS!! PROUD TO BE YOUR STUDENT AND EX.COLLEAGUE!!

  • Dr.Christo A Attokaran, Thrissur

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Homoeopathy is the most advanced science of theraputics.
    my regards to my sir Dr.SK Tiwari

  • Dr. Jitendra Kumar Tripathi, Tel Aviv, Isreal

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    First of all, I am congratulating Dr. Tiwari for his successful achievements. I know him since last three years. He has published his research communications in several international journals and has also contributed /presented several papers at various workshops and national /International symposia/conferences during his research career. For me (perhaps for every one who will interact with him) he is very congenial person. He always enthusing other team members so that they too could contribute to their best! In my view his best assets are his exemplary motivation, creativeness, honesty and high level of commitment to anything and everything he is involved in.

  • Purushottam Tripathi, Kanpur, UP, India

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    I always prefer to Homeopathy simply because it is a scientific system of stimulating natural healing mechanism in order to restore wholeness. In fact, his interview stimulated my believes in Homeopathy. I know him since last three years. He is an excellent and virtuous with a lively curiosity and highly inquisitive mind that makes him to explore the very depths of subject. In last three years, I found he is really a highly diligent scientist who strives for perfection at all time.

    I wish him every success in his career.

  • Dr. Sabir Momin, Bijapur, karnataka

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    It’s very nice to read Dr. S.K.Tiwari sir's interview. It is evident that people who are afraid of increasing popularity of Homeopathy are trying their best malign and ridicule it. In recent years many researchers have undertaken the task of explaining the efficacy of homeopathy scientifically and many such research results are available which scientifically testify homeopathy being a effective medical science. Many more such efforts are still needed only keep advancing to the growing needs of the health through homeopathy.

  • Dr Roshan pinto, Niddodi/ mangalore

    Fri, Sep 03 2010

    Congratulations to daijiworld and special thanks to DR Tiwari who is great Homoeopath for educating public regarding Homoeopathy.

  • Hanik, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Homeopathy is poor-men's white-pills with limited cure thus hundreds of delegates to the British Medical Association's conference are expected to support seven motions all opposed to the use of public money to pay for remedies which they claim are, at best, scientifically unproven and, at worst, ineffective.


    Tue, Aug 31 2010


  • Dr.Salini, Kozhikode

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Your Intervew in Daijiworld is very nice. As there are so many people who are commending againt Our Great system the article is of great importance. Your article help all to know more about our system. All your sincere effort Helped Homoeopathy become Famous All Over India. Thank you sir. Your own PG Student Dr. Salini

  • Alban D' Souza, Udyavara\Mumbai\Doha Qatar

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Good to read and get knowledge about Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. Thanks Florine and Daiji World. In future surely this medicne will treat millions those who cannot afford or cannot get well by Allopatic medicine.

  • Savitri, Lucknow

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Very enriching conversation. Have gained a lot of knowledge about Homoeopathy. Very proud of you Tiwari ji.

  • Dr Kurian, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Well I've studied under Tiwari sir and I've also worked with him. He is a good prescriber and a teacher

  • Dr. V.K. Pandey, Varanasi, U.P.

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    First I would like to congratulate daijiworld team for offering due respect to most devine system of health by publishing a face to face talk on Homoeopathy with legend like Dr. S.K.Tiwari like a reality show.I know Dr.Tiwari very well & respect him, he is genious and Master of Masters in our system.From-Dr.V.K.Pandey(President-The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, U.P.State Branch)

  • wilma vaz, mangalore

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Wishes from dsouza family simon lane may almighty God shower all the blessing on your sucess.wish you a best of luck


    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Dr.Tiwari is an excellent scholar besides a great teacher ,academician and administrated. He has motivated many to pursue post graduation andmyself and my wife Dr.pushpalatha are among them.I wish him great success in profession both in practice and medical literary work.

  • Dr Pravas Pal, Mangalore

    Tue, Aug 31 2010

    Dr Tiwari's interview is timely and a good answer to the enemies of common people and Homeopathy. I thank Dr Tiwari for his good work and wish him best.

  • Dr.P.Ramakrishna rao , mangalore

    Mon, Aug 30 2010

    Great work Dr. Tiwari sir , if all the medical professionals at least for one time stop all their prejudices and see Homoeopathy without any prejudices, then they may understand Homoeopathy as a wonderful system of medical science. thank you sir for enlightening us.

  • Evonne, Bendore

    Sun, Aug 29 2010

    Dr Tiwari is a great doctor and a wonderful person. His treatment has healed many.
    His article along with Dr. Hansraj a deadly combination.
    Great work Dr Tiwari - wish you all the best !

  • geoffrey, hathill

    Thu, Aug 26 2010

    Homeo, Unani and to a large extent even Ayurved is like faith healing. If you have faith, it works, if not, there's always Allopath. Of course none of these man invented systems are perfect. But allopath has more answers to health related problems than any other system does.

  • A.R.Ibrahim, Mangalore

    Thu, Aug 26 2010

    Homeopathy is very effective medicine in healing piles. One of my friends was suffering from piles and bleeding. He could not solve this problem for more than 6 years, he was scared to take proper food. Later his relative sent him homeopathy medicine from India, within 2 months he is perfect. Allopathy advise surgery for such cases. Thanks to a homeopthy doctor he is relived of pressure now and can eat any food he likes. Dr. Tiwari's efforts will boost this alternative medicine to main stream Insha Allah.

  • Vinod Lobo, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Dr Tiwari is a great doctor. His treatment has freed me from my respiratory allergy. He is a nice person. Great work Dr Tiwari.

  • Dr. Lalit Verma, Delhi

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Kudos Dr. Tiwari.

  • Dr.Maria Lewis, Dubai

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Very nice article on Homeopathy.I happen to be the student of Dr. Tiwari , belonging to the first batch of students from Fr. Muller's.1985 batch.
    All the best to you Sir!

  • Ruchir Agarwal, mangalore

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Dr.Tiwari or i must say Tiwari uncle has been our family freind since several years.He is the one who has popularised Homeopathy in mangalore by his succesfull cures .

  • Nitesh R., Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Its nice read this interview with Dr. Tiwari. Infact, this article by Daijiworld just took me down memory lane. Dr. Tiwary had treated me for Jaundice around 20 years ago.

    Well i must admit that i will vouch for Homeopathy although the cure takes a wee bit longer time at the end it does a 'super effective' job of getting rid of your illness right down from root once and for all.

  • santhosh, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    The big problem is not anybody maligning homeopathy.It may have some medicinal effects.Recently there was bird flu and chicken fever epidemic spread in the district.Allopathy doctors were sincere enough to say that there have no medicines available.But Homeopathy system claimed remedy without any clinical trials.The problem with this system is that there is not a single drug that is studied scientifically.Dr.Tiwari must take lead in scientifically prove the medicinal value of these drugs

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Market situation is determined by the demand and supply, also by the number of competition in
    every field.

    If the medical system of Homeopathycan be earadicated from Engalnd, the allopathic system of drugs and surgeries can have a total monopoly on the citizens.

    The American Medical Association systematically undermined the  Homeopathic system, started by the formation of the AMA.

    The BMA is trying to do the same thing. The British Royal family has the greatest trust in the
    Homeopathic system.  Even President Clinton is a great believer in Homeopathic system, because his chronic throat irritation was cured by homepathic medicine.

    While I went to Mexico, I saw many homeopathic medical clinics, and many Americans cross the border to Mexico for medical treatments.

    As Homepathcy is the 2nd largest medical treatment in the world, the biggest allopathic
    system will try to undermine  Homeopathic sytem, if they can so they can have a monopoly on the
    health of the people, which will make their pocket fat. How many people are in the medical field for service, but mainly for money! The number of unnecessary sugeries, wrong medications and complications  through the dangerous drugs etc and the unnecessary deaths by the thousands is a staggering number.

    Whatever the BMA may do, but the alternative systems like Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines are getting very popular in the western countries.


    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Your report is nice to read, but practically this Bhaiyya Dr.Tiwari is not good in his treatment too. He cannot even convince his patients properly, then is asking his patients to to Alopathy which is not a good sign, that too after taking a treatment of one month with him for simple sinus.
    He could not detect, and we ourself detected the simple cause of Blanket.

  • John Pinto, Chickmagalur/ Doha

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Many of us has doubts on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines , it is not practiced as alopathy , In many countries it is not legal to practice , Is it the influence of Alopathy is overtaking Homepathy ?. But one thing is for sure Homeopathy Works, provided we approach a qualified , experinced Homeopath. .

  • Prahlad, Mangalore

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Dr.Tiwari...he is a great doctor. My mother was suffering from cancer. Allopathy doctors told my mother would survive for max. 6 months...It was then when we decided to meet Tiwari. Its now 11 years...my mother is perfect....No radiation therapy , chaemo etc.

  • Dr.Rizwan Ali, gulbarga,karnataka

    Wed, Aug 25 2010

    Its very nice to see interview of Dr.sk tiwari during our graduation we had studied his book on repertory subject & it was really very usefull.I hope in future also we get to see lot of good work from him,wishing him all the best.

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