Educated, Successful and Criminal...

Aug 22, 2010 

“I was born intelligent but education ruined me”.  This one-liner was uttered by none other than famous scientist Albert Einstein and people seem to have taken a fancy to this considering the present system of education in our country.  I saw this funky graffiti in bold attractive letters on the T’s worn by many carefree young guys and girls and they seem to be flaunting it with carefree gusto. In today’s changing world when educated people resort to all sorts of crimes including ghastly murders of their spouses and children, this statement calls for little more thought and action as it reflects the society we live in.  This is because social environment with weak or broken family bonds is said to be the catalyst to criminal behavior and what we are witnessing is an element of the same. 

Generally it is believed that education broadens a person’s perspective on a variety of issues including treating other people with respect and getting the same from others.   Not long ago crime was usually considered to be the domain of the uneducated, school drop outs or that of bad elements that did not have much education.   A spate of killings in Karnataka in the last few years, by well qualified men and women who held well-paid jobs, is a matter of grave concern to all and it calls for urgent attention.  Some of these murders are most gruesome, making us wonder how these well educated people could commit such gruesome acts. 

Just last week people of Karnataka were shell-shocked to read and hear about the ghastly murder of his own wife Priyanka, a Delhi Public School teacher, by a senior employee of Infosys Technologies Satish Kumar Gupta.  Her throat was slit and her hands and legs tied to the chair and Satish Kumar Gupta has confessed to the murder of his wife Priyanka.  In July this year a woman lawyer was stabbed to death by her male colleague in the High Court premises in broad day light.   

Who can forget the Bank Manager killing his own two little innocent children and his mother-in-law and sister-in-law in Putter just a couple of months back? Just in July people were reminded of the murder committed by a young and beautiful advocate Shubha when the fast track court sentenced her and her paramour for life for the murder of her fiancé Girish. Shubha, who was just 21 in December 2003 when the crime was committed had murdered Girish within four days of getting engaged to Girish.  Girish, an innocent,  paid a heavy price that too with his life for no fault of his. 

Though the incident had occurred in 2003 people got a glimpse of Shubha, whose  age, appearance and demeanor belied that she could plot such a heinous crime.  With Girish’s father dying an untimely death following the death of his son in such a gruesome manner,  Shubha is also guilty of  double murders.  

In March this year Ekanath Pai, an Airport Authority of India (AAI)  employee was arrested on charges of killing his wife Ajitha in Mumbai, also an AAI employee. The incident occurred in Mumbau.  But Eknath Pai hails from Bajpe and the couple had worked in Mangalore airport for many years before going on a transfer to Mumbai a few years back.  The couple had well paid jobs and their only daughter was studying in Manipal.  It is said that the strained relationship between the couple could have been the cause that resulted in Ajitha’s murder.  To go back a little, in 2008, another techie Budhiraj, also an employee of Infosys had killed his Chartered Accountant wife Rinku Sachdev, suspecting her of having an affair and he too had committed suicide.

Women were the victims in most of the incidents mentioned above except in Shubha’s case.  All the above cited incidents are  related to relationships in one way or the other indicating the weak fabric of  family bonds which are dwindling or disappearing at an alarming rate.  When law gives enough opportunities for couples to separate and lead their own lives one wonders why these educated people choose the wrong path and jeopardize others as well as their own lives!        

True, sometimes relationships don’t work  between couples for various reasons and the fault may lie in one of the partners or in both.  But that does not mean one has to physically eliminate the partner either in a momentary anger or through  meticulous planning as was done by Shubha. Even Sathish Gupta seems to have planned Priyanka’s murder over a period of time.  The fact that  these educated professionals could think and sustain such thoughts of murder shows the decadence of the social and family values in our country.  Nuclear families with lack of family support, Withering family ties, greed, selfishness and lack of respect for other’s lives,  has brought us to the present state.

Our parents and grandparents who were not much educated were better than us when it comes to human relationships.  They had respect for others and concern for their family members and led a peaceful and contented life, though they lacked the comforts and luxuries of modern day life. Education and well paid jobs might have brought us all those comforts we were aspiring for.  But they have taken away our sleep, peace of mind, the humaneness from our relationships, the concern and empathy  for fellow human beings.  It has brought nothing but misery, stress and a host of modern diseases. 

It is not enough if people are educated.  True education is one that broadens the thoughts, outlook, that which brings about behavioral changes in a person and when we come to accept and respect others, their religion and their way of life.  “Live and  let live” should be the policy.  Hatred and  criminal behavior stems  from  a wicked mind.  It is not enough if we are educated by reading what is being taught in schools curriculum.  We should be learned and broaden our horizon by reading and through the experience we gain from life.

by Florine Roche
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Comment on this article

  • S. S. de Souza, Udupi

    Sat, Sep 04 2010

    Sir,with all due repect to your opinion about Edison, I'm afraid I must unveil the dark side of him. If you knew what exactly he did against Nicolas Tesla you wouldn't have certainly reffered his name, not at least in reffernce with the context of this article. For the dark sides of the greats are seldomly unveiled just because they become legends within few years, and legends are considered sacred. But the dark side dose exist with every individual walking across the planet in flesh & blood. It is a born instinct which maintains the equilibrium with the bright side. Having said so I'm not accusing everyone as a criminal but infact everyone of us has a criminal within us. Education must be in such a way that it must prevent the criminal from crossing the threshold or else the world will be chaios.

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Thu, Aug 26 2010

    It is an interesting article to
    ponder about different issues of

    Our education by simply enriching
    the brain is good for making a
    living, but as we are educated,
    when getting behind in other educational aspects of life, we
    will end up as "out of balance
    human beings".

    A few years back, while my young
    daughter and her cousins were
    walking outside the Bombay airport
    with her cousins, I could notice
    some mysterious things about
    human nature. They were all the
    same age, and in the same grade.

    When a bunch of semi-naked beggar
    children showed up, my daughter
    started crying and gave all of her
    crakers (biscuit) to the poor
    children out of her compassion for them. But her cousins began
    to scold at them in Hindi language
    and showed signs of kicking them.

    Their parents didn't correct them,
    not to be rude to the poor begger

    If a person who is totally selfish,
    and when highly educated, he or
    she can be far dangerous than a
    totally illiterate person.

    When we fail to submit to the
    supreme authority with everything
    we have it may be our looks, education, wealth, strength, influence etc then all of them
    can be dangerous gifts of life.

    On the other hand, when we submit
    them all as God's gifts for us to
    handle, that person can be a
    great blessings to the whole society, family and friends.
    Education without humanity is
    the most dangerous thing, and they
    can be professional killers with
    high precision.

  • Alban D Souza, Udyavara Doha Qatar

    Tue, Aug 24 2010

    In the modern world to live education is must and require and education always better for the individual and society to develop and grow, but if we analyse olden time society was more spiritual and education value oriented hence there was respect for education. Now it has become materialistic and money dominated society. If one has money and richness considered famous and big.

    If one gives importance to money only then materialism exists. The crimes are mostly happen because of money, still it is the personal problems. One should follow certain principles values in life. True education is social principles & one’s values in life like love, sacrifice, respect for oneself, parents and others, patience, tolerance, culture , God’s love, religion .

    These aspects comes from parents early in childs upbringing. Pyschologists say within the first 5 years of a child already contained their entire future life it seems. The child pick up these values from his parents automatically if the parents behave properly . This life is god’s great gift once in million years may be.. Every man is born intelligent but some times circumstances makes one different from others. So everybody’s life is unique in this world. Education or no education that’s not the matter.

    The great Thomas Alva Edison and other scientist no formal education yet they became great inventor and scientists. The great intelligent man using the freedom for bad. Man must realize freedom to be used for good

  • adshenoy, mangloor

    Mon, Aug 23 2010

    Dear Florine,

    I always questioned the theme of education. There are three sides to education is the good , the bad and the ugly.
    The education makes one a down to earth person . At the same time the most educated becomes the biggest crook as well.
    In life education is not most important what is important is how we live with or without the education.
    Its a two way sword.

    Being formally educated to the highest in the field but born to parents without any formal education, today I feel my parents were far more "EDUCATED" than me in every respect to be in this world.
    Thats why I call education is a modern menace. People have become the victims of this menace. The BAD and UGLY outways the GOOD coming out of it.

  • Vivek Pais, KADRI

    Mon, Aug 23 2010

    Its SAD that being educated we are not interested in Value education. Institutions should make more provisions on value education rather than business. Value education is the only way to improve and save our society not education.

  • Flona, Mangalore

    Mon, Aug 23 2010

    Thank you Florine ma'am for a nice article. Keep writing. All the best and God bless!

  • T S Thomas, Colombo

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    A very good article by Florine Roche, which can open the eyes of many. Congratulations.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Texas

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Thanks, Florine, for sharing with us your viewpoints on the success and failure derived from the value of education. You have also pointed out some of the recent sad incidences that have occured in our society. All said and done, Education is a prime mover that allows the world to move forward with progress and prosperity. Without education the world would remain stagnant and ignorant. The charm of innovation is built upon the educational strength that the human race gains thru the benefit of Education. The more you educate yourself the more humble you become, because the world is moving so fast and changing so fast that there is room for much more education to cope with the challenging world. The sky is the limit for progress and our entire value systems are based on the knowledge that we gain from the gift of education. The freedom of mankind is acquired from the seed of Education, and the seed that we sow and the fruit that we reap comes from the gift of education that we have to carefully utilize for the good of mankind. The success and failure in life is part of Karma that we all have to share because we are all part of the world - the everchanging world - the beautiful world. By the year 2040 the world population will rise to ten billion, and the educational values and strengths will have to be uplifted accordingly in order to make the changing life into a reality. God bless

  • John Tauro, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Lack of spiritual knowledge and faith in God, lack of love and respect for one's fellow beings, growing greed for material wealth coupled with selfishness, competition, envy and suspicion are, I believe, some of the main causes for decadence in society.

  • Dr Urban Professor, Udyavara/Malaysia

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Educated, Successful & Criminal
    A good article from Ms Florine but it reflects mainly the analysis of educated male society. Education is always good and it is an eye opener for the society to think and reflect. I do agree that, though the present society is well educated, the crime rate for egocentric reasons are at a high. The very fact of family fabric is completely ruined may be because of the affluent and high financial perks recieved. There was a time where people did not have superiority or inferiority complex. Present day children do not want to stay or settle in their natives.

    Educated children those who are working abroad, invest in fancy flats and villas in cities and on their vacation they open the gates and spend their vacation again in flats leaving their old parents in the villages. Convenience and self comfort is the basic necessity! Once wealth earned, forget the hardship with which we reached a status in life. Old parents and family members are secondary as if having a contact with them is low status symbol? One must always remember his/her roots and must upbring their children based on their family ideology. Divorce, murder, criminal mind is common with the present day couples. When ego (I) clashes everything comes to an end. Our parents though were not educated to our level, they had God fear, community culture, tolerance, patience and sacrifice. Present generation has completely forgotten their God, culture and the family fabric. Relatives are kept live

  • Agnello, Mangalore/Muscat

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Crime according to me is generally guided by the deadly sins, wrath(anger),lust,envy,greed (materialism),pride(honour, ego),gluttony(caused by alcohol,drugs).How much educated you are does not count.Evoking Einstien the only thing that can be 'relative' to crime and education may be the sophistication.

  • Neil, Bangalore

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    A timely article, Florine.

    Your statement resonated with me: "Generally it is believed that education broadens a person’s perspective on a variety of issues including treating other people with respect and getting the same from others."

    What if our beliefs are completely wrong?

    Today, education is no different to any other organised industry. Trace the origins of modern education with its emphasis on rational subjects, & we find that it was an offshoot of the Industrial Revolution. The need of the hour then was a workforce that knew how to operate the machines being invented, & it did a great job of supplying what was required.

    Sadly, over a period of time, we have, sheep-like, continued to believe in the tradition, without ever taking the time to consider if it is indeed the requirement now.

    Growing up, we were told, study hard, get good grades & you will get a good job. Of course, we were never told, what a "good job" truly meant!

    Education, having become an industry & a game, is no longer serving the needs. If the product of our current "education" system are an increasing number of criminal minds, who know how the system works & how to work the system, isn't it time to reconsider what our beliefs are regarding education?

    Don't be surprised if there is an brouhaha from the "educationalists" - who will have a lot to lose financially- about tinkering or overhauling our education system.

  • grationdsouza, Mangalore/Muscat

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Heart touching article by florine, It is not enough if people are educated. True education is that broadens the thoughts, outlook, that which brings the behavioral changes in a person and makes the person accept and respect others, their religion, values and their way of living. “Live and let others live” should be the policy. parents should, inspire the yooungsters to read this type of articles,

  • leena pinto, nejar santhekatte udupi ireland

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    true indeed. very enlightening article.hope schools and colleges stress upon human relationship rather than teaching only study meterial. as a resposible citizens we should wake up and see where we failed in our education,in our society, in our relationship. also it is better we have to undergo councelling if it requers.

  • steve, sharjah

    Sun, Aug 22 2010

    Well written article by Florine Roche provoked inner thoughts, thanks ma'am. If law deal quick in divorce issues, and also proving one’s own spouse evidence really embarrassing. These nuclear families does not teach the Gospel to their children and what matter how good educated he/she must be, ends with unfavorable results..

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