Setting Up of Aloysian Partners International (API)

December 21, 2009

One of the interesting personalities I met recently, is Joe Gonsalves (‘Joe’ to his friends), who spends one half of the year in the US and the other with his better half –in ‘Amchen Mangaluru’.

My association with Joe began a month ago, when Father Denzil Lobo, Director of Aloysius Institute of Management & Information Technology (AIMIT), invited me over to showcase his beautiful campus in the outskirts of Mangalore.  Despite his age, (which I shall shortly reveal to you as you read further), Joe displays the enthusiasm and energy of a 20-year-old. He invited me to a dinner meeting, and although it was raining heavily, he drove me in his INDICA (manual gears), navigating through the narrow by-lanes, until we reached our destination. Much later, and after a sumptuous meal, Joe was considerate and bold to drop me  home, despite the inclement weather in the late hours of the night, in a nondescript location in Mangalore.

It was Joe who provided me the necessary inspiration to write this article. His gregarious personality, indefatigable energy, sharp memory together with a youthful and humble heart, had made me ponder. Joe will shortly be celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary and it was very obvious that he is still head over heals in love with his wife, Irene.

Fr. Oswald Mascarenhas SJ & Joe Gonsalves

Joe is passionate about any issue he takes up and in so far as what I have seen him do, he has done a perfect job. I believe his alma mater had a lot to do with shaping his personality. Joe is proud of his roots and heritage and owes his success to St Aloysius College (SAC), which trained him to take up senior executive positions in multinational corporations all over India, before he retired with his children in the US. Although I would consider it a privilege to write more about him, I will reserve it for another day. Joe is an active member of the Aloysian alumni and together with other fellow Aloysians, is helping shape the Aloysian Partners International (API), a conglomerate of Aloysian alumni chapters all over the world.

There is a bit of Joe in all of us, deep passion and loyalty to our alma mater, but many of us might not have had the opportunity to express, connect or contribute. St. Aloysius College has produced many stalwarts like Joe, and I believe now is the time and the chance for all of us to give back to this wonderful institution that has groomed us to what we are today. Let us all join our hands together and help take this illustrious institution to even greater heights by seizing the opportunity and uniting under the common umbrella of the API.

What is Aloysian Partners International?

The idea of the Aloysian Partners International (API) though initially conceived in the US, found a lot of favor from the various Aloysian groups in Mangalore, Middle East & North America who felt that there was a need to have a common thread binding all the Aloysian alumni around the world. It is an umbrella organization and is not intended to replace the current alumni units, but to unite them within the guidelines set off in the API charter. The individual chapters will continue to operate independently and will continue to have their own office bearers. There are at present three formal alumni chapters - SAACA in Mangalore, APNA in North America, and the Aloysian Alumni in Kuwait, which will be incorporated within the API fold. Other alumni chapters that are planned to be part of this API framework within the next six months are in Bangalore, Mumbai, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. All these locations have substantial Aloysians who need to be brought into the Alumni network through this API initiative.  More chapters will be created as and when we identify sizeable alumni population in other locations.

Where will the API office be located?

Although it is yet to be decided, the registered office will be located, preferably in India with office bearers amongst representatives of the various alumni associations from around the world. (Please note we are looking at various legal aspects and hopefully we will come up with an appropriate conclusion in the next few months). Each association will be invited to nominate their representatives for a fixed duration. API will be a virtual organization, which means that office bearers may not necessarily meet in person, but will use the power of internet and technology to run the affairs. For example, meetings can be convened whilst some are at breakfast, others lunch and dinner.

As mentioned before, API will have its own charter and office bearers, who will see to its objectives, bylaws, etc. There will be job descriptions, accountabilities and annual performance targets. It would resemble a corporation, albeit a non-profit one and guided by principles of professional management.

API will provide guidelines for the various alumni chapters in terms of managing their own constitution. The intention is not to impose its views, but to collaborate to form a mutually beneficial relationship. All chapters will regularly update API on the meetings, activities and initiatives in their region. API will send periodic news updates for the benefit of all the members. There will be regular meetings, exchange of notes, teleconferencing and newsletters. Plans are also afloat to launch an API website.

What are the Goals of API?

Like any other organization with a purpose, the goals of the API are manifold. Some of these, though not exhaustive, are as follows:

  • To organize and energize a vibrant Aloysian alumni association at a Global level;
  • To create new alumni chapters around the world; 
  • To assist members to network within and across various chapters;
  • To generate a broad based passion and support for St Aloysius College (SAC);
  • To ensure an ongoing effort to raise resources in order to sustain SAC’s current and future growth plans;
  • To provide advice and guidance to the SAC management and alumni as needed;

In order to support these initiatives, API will shortly formulate its own charter and create a memorandum of understanding with each of the associate alumni associations. Only one alumni association from a region/city will be officially recognized by API.

What are the API’s plans of action in the near future?

The tasks ahead of API are very demanding. Given the current economic conditions, the challenge would be to motivate key alumni to take up active interest in the formation of API and formal alumni chapters. This is a voluntary assignment and we would welcome help from all quarters to make it happen.

Here are the tasks that have been set out in the near future:

  • Formally register the association including interim office bearers;
  • Formalize the incorporation of the formal alumni associations within the API framework;
  • Identify various informal alumni associations and guide them to setup formal associations and incorporate them within the API framework;
  • Identify alumni in areas that do not have alumni associations and provide the necessary guidance to set up one;
  • Create an alumni database and drive for enrollment of primary and associate membership;
  • Establish a vibrant and dynamic API website and web-marketing team;

New AIMIT Admin Block

How can you participate in the formation of API?

Our first goal is to register as many alumni as possible. Definition of alumni includes

a) Ex Students of St. Aloysius Institutions
• Primary School
• Secondary  or High School
• Pre-University College
• Graduate & Post Graduate College
• School of Business Management & Information Technology
• Computer Center
• Technical Training Institute
• Boy’s Home

b) Ex Teachers and Non Teaching staff of these institutes

As a first step, as an alumnus we would like you to register online (courtesy SACAA). Our target is registering 5000 alumni over the next six months. You are also free to register your classmates/batchmates, with those you are in touch (email id) and know about current location. Once we upgrade the website, we will send them an automatic mail acknowledging their records in the database. At a later date, we will also welcome our donors and well wishers into our alumni world even though they may not have had the opportunity to study in our great institute.

API will compile the lists and forward to concerned chapters to incorporate you within their fold.

Edmund Frank, Vice President SACAA

KV Kamath, Dr Devi Shetty and Aravind Adiga


We Aloysians must be proud of our contribution to the society. Great leaders such as K.V. Kamath, Devi Shetty, Arvind Adiga and many others studied and grew up with us.  In the past one year a lot of work and discussions have taken place. We have a Herculean task ahead of us and cannot achieve without the active cooperation and participation of all the alumni; however, once we get our act together and organize ourselves the end result will be all-exciting. Getting a good database is the first step towards achieving the API goals. So please register yourselves.

If my good friend Joe, who will be 87 years, who drives a manual car, and available for the service to the people and yet so excited about this whole setup, why not you? Come and join us, together we will make this association worthwhile.

Aloysius Alumni Registration :

Charles D'Souza - Archives:

By Charles D’Souza (Dubai)
The author is a special advisor to Fr. Denzil Lobo SJ, Director AIMIT. He is working with various alumni chapters in streamlining them within the API framework.

The author acknowledges the contributions made by SACAA, APNA and other chapters and the ideas mentioned above are a compilation of various discussions that have so far taken place.
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Comment on this article

  • Shridhara Achar, Puttur/ Bangalore

    Fri, Dec 25 2009

    Aloysians joining together to form API is wonderful idea. I know St Aloysius College is privileged to have great alumnis like K.V.Kamath of ICICI Bank. Dr.Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya and Aravind Adiga the writer. Mangalore is having another equally prestigious higher educational institution in Govt College, which is also more than hundred year old, if I am not wrong.Veerappa Moily former Chief Minister and present Union Minister for law and quite a lot of politicians, administrators, writers, journalists and artistes are indebted to Govt College for the enlightenment they received. Will someone come forward to take initiative to start GCM alumni association on the line of API ?

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Wed, Dec 23 2009

    Dr. Ram Rao in his comments has indeed put forward his considered views. He is one of those ardent and loyal Aloysians and has all along put forward his views frankly and without reservations. In his recent communications with SAC he has made his recommendations. Perhaps the whole issue can be tabled for a short discussion during Father Ozzie's and Father Frankie's visits to Mangalore which will coincide next month.The whole objective is to see what best that can be done. The second phase would be to approach corporate bodies and this can only be done by persons with the right contacts in North America. This of course should be followed with the concepts outlined by Ivan and Charles in their recent communications. It is my sincere hope that The light emanating from The Crib of Bethlehem will inspire us to do the right thing. A Very Happy Christmas and may The New Year be filled with New Hope for Our Alma Mater. Joe

  • Donald Tauro, Michigan

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Well written Charles. Definitely agree with you that Uncle Joe is an amazing person. All the best in your efforts with setting up API.

  • Tony, Mangalore / USA

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Congratulations to Charles for the article on API - Aloysian Partners International, a much awaited idea that needs to be grounded with support of Aloysian alumni groups all over the world. It will, like the IITians alumni association, not only bring much recognition to SAC, but also will help young and old Aloysians in this interdependent world. I hope Aloysians in various countries will team up with SACAA and APNA and take this idea to the next level.

  • oliver, mangalore/mumbai

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    great effort by all aloysians. im sure my dad who is not net savvy will be proud of his roots and stint at SAC

  • Ramachandra Rao, Mangalore/Montreal

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    The idea of API has been in the air for many years. As Arthur has explained, a tentative constitution has been drawn and Arthur has circulated it to several leading Aloysians in different parts of the globe. Unfortunately, so far at least, the idea has just stayed that "an idea". Many who have commented on Charles' article have spoken with almost one voice "good idea...excellent idea...." The reality is that ideas do not come to fruition by such kudos. For that to happen requires commitment on the part of the people who make such comments that are pleasing to read. If they are truly interested in bringing the idea to fruition, they must make a beginning by enlisting Aloysians and friends of St. Aloysius in their respective regions and establish contact with the College, and other active alumni groups - there are only a few of them as of now, but they can form the nucleus for growth. By thus connecting they should keep in touch with the current programs and activities at St. Aloysius and satellite institutions and projects which they want to sponsor or support for furthering the mission of the great institution. If people start working seriously, make commitment of a fraction of their time and resources, many accomplishments will follow. The key however is willingness and seriousness. As Charles has mentioned, we have a herculean task, but it will be interesting enjoyable when many join hands as partners with a purposeful objective and vision to reach greater heights.

  • Fr Denzil Lobo SJ, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Thank you Charles for your wonderful article. You have rightly pointed out at the enthusiasm and interest Uncle Joe takes to promote the ideals of St Aloysius College. I have great admiration for him—because at his age he is doing so much and is very active. I wish him long life. On 1 Jan he will be celebrating his 87 B’Day and on 6th Jan 60th wedding anniversary !!! The idea of setting up API- Aloysian partners Intl is a great idea. We have so many aloysian Associations throughout the world and we need to bring all of them together so that we feel that we are one and also work towards some specific goals and objectives. APNA has taken a prominent leadership to support the College in various projects and we are indeed very much indebted to them. I wish many of our alumni register in the alumni site. It will help us to create a very good database. I also take this opportunity to inform all of you of the ALOYSIAN CONCLAVE—Awards Function, which will be held on Sunday, 3 Jan 2010 at our NEW CMAPUS at beeri, Kotekar. I am extending a warm welcome to each and every one of our alumni and friends. We will be honoring five eminent alumni. They are Shri Amruth Someshwar, Lt Gen Nanda from Coorg, Dr Stan D’Souza BARC, Mumbai, Capt J P Menezes and Mr Lawrence D’Souza from Kuwait. Please do come.

  • Charles D'Souza, Dubai

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Dear Arthur (California) I am in receipt of your document that you have prepared and circulated. It was well written and we will be using that as a basis and obtain consensus from the major stakeholders. Thank you very much for the initiative and we certainly will be  in touch with each other to complete the process


    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Just one word to express my feeling on the article, idea/concept and Joe 'AMAZING'. My best wishes!

  • API, Mangalore/ California

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    1.Definition of Federation: It is a union comprising of a number of partially self-governing bodies united by a Central (or Federal) Office.

    2.It is trasonable to establish APIF in Mangalore and register it.

    3.I have already prepared the "Constitution and the By-Laws" of APIF in September 2009.

    4.A copy was sent to SAC and some Jesuits for their approval on Sept. 26, 2009.Unless the SAC management approves it first, how can any alumni approve it?

    5 I wish every success in the formation of APIF. ^. If any one needs a copy of the "Constitution and the By-Laws" I would be pleased to send it.


  • joseph, mangalore/israel

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    good idea, i completed CBZ IN ST, ALOYSIUS IN THE YEAR 86. THANX TO THIS COLLEGE

  • Peter D'Mello, Udyavara/Australia

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Excellent idea...on the lines of IITians.......sure to exceed.

  • Oneal D'Cunha, Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Excellent idea and professional vision, i am sure this will yield good results. Excellent piece of news on Joe. THanks for sharing.


    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Really it's a good idea to unite ex students, from different part of the world ,My batch of graduation completed in 1981 , B.a. my name is Abdul Aziz muscat , oman

  • maitreya, dubai

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    well written and inspiring. I have a huge amount of respect for the SJ brother hood and what they have achieved, having passed out of XLRI myself. Hats off to them and to Charles for his level of involvement inspite of his busy schedule in dubai.

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