Excise Superintendent George Pinto -Facing challenges with Panache

Mangalore, December 19, 2009

Holding a high profile job and maintaining a low profile is an attribute which very few people possess.  But there is no dearth of such people and George Pinto, Superintendent, in charge of Excise Intelligence Bureau of Mangalore Division. Soft spoken, mild mannered and extremely down to earth George belies the position of eminence he holds heading Mangalore division comprising 5 districts namely Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Shimoga, Madikeri and North Kanara.  

Intelligence gathering has assumed vital importance in the recent past considering the security threats facing our state especially the coastal region.  Naturally the burden or the challenge has increased manifold for George and his team.  Facing challenges is not anything new to this KPSC selected 1982 batch Sub Inspector of Excise.  Even in the initial stages of his career George had an inclination towards intelligence and hence he specialized in gathering intelligence and most of his 27 years of service has been in the intelligence wing of the department.  He had specialized training in Mysore and Channai in Narcotic drugs psychotic substances and has been part of the anti-drug unit of D K District.  

Career by Choice 

His journalistic experience of one year in Bangalore as Resident Correspondent in Times of India before joining the government cadre has been like a boon to him giving him adequate exposure. According to his own submission he would have made a good journalist.  Does it mean to say we lost a journalist when we gained a good government official holding position of importance?  “Not at all”, he says mincing no words.  “I would have risen to higher position like many of my contemporaries who have attained name and fame.  But I am happy I came to this department, which was by choice.  I always had a fascination for kaki and the joy derived for donning the uniform cannot be equated with anything else.  Though my parents were not happy with my career wanted me to go abroad I was steadfast in my career choice and have never regretted it even once”, he points out.  

Commitment to the work is what makes George a rare breed of government officials and discipline is hallmark. His work demands working after office hours or working at odd hours and during holidays.  And what he cherishes most in his job?  The reply comes instantaneously.  “I am happy in detecting cases and contended when I see that the culprits are brought to the book”, he says with a soft smile.  Despite the hackneyed instances of political interference which is an affront to any upright official George feels he has done justice to his position working within the confines of government rules and regulations and the political interference that dogs all the government departments.  

Born in Meramajal in Bantwal Taluk George imbibed discipline early in childhood as his father was in the Royal Air Force.  The family later came and settled in Kulshekar and George had his entire education in St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. A Post Graduate in Political Science from Mysore University he was greatly captivated by the journalism field where he worked for a year before joining the government service.  

His current responsibilities include detecting illegal transportation of non-duty paid liquor, detection of illegal sacheting and detection of drugs.  ‘In our district sizeable quantity of duplicate and non-duty paid liquor is sold in some of the non-veg hotels.  There is a unholy nexus between caterers and these hotels which sell these non-duty paid illegal spirits”, he reveals. 

It is said that this unholy nexus has been prospering in the district as the caterers supply this non-duty paid liquor which makes the job of the excise department challenging.  His department has to keep a watch on transportation of illegal liquor from neighboring state of Goa.  Despite stringent measures at check posts the liquor is smuggled through various conduits which are causing revenue loss to the government.  Presently the greater challenge is in the form of duplicate liquor which is nothing but raw rectified spirit and which is harmful to health.  

The challenge to his department also stems from the fact that this department is thrust with the responsibility of selling liquor to earn revenue to the government.  Excise department is the 3rd main major revenue earner to the government and the department has to ensure that each district sells the fixed quota of liquor.  As of now the target for D K District is 1,58,00 boxes of liquor per month and each box comprises 9 liters  of liquor. 

At present it is assumed that 2 to 5% non-duty paid liquor is sold in the district, which in itself is a huge drain to the government’s revenue earning capacity.  As per rule the confiscated liquor has to be destroyed and cannot be resold.  

His department has been working hard to prevent such illegal transportation of liquor.  Control room has been established in each taluk and 24-hours control room has been set have.  The department also holds grama sabhas in villages where the ill effects of duplicate liquor is made known to the people. 

Caution to parents

Apart from liquor detecting drugs is another major head ache to the excise department as the infiltration of drug peddlers has been causing havoc among the lives of youngsters in the city.  Malls are believed to be the major dens of the illegal drugs.  Prestigious college campuses especially junior colleges are also in the list of drug dealers.  His department has warned the colleges about such drug dealers and urged the colleges to take preventive measures.  

“Most of the children who fall prey to the drugs are from affluent families as parents give lot of money to them.  It is therefore necessary for parents to keep a watch on their wards every day.  One drug addict can ruin the life of 20 to 25 boys.  Parents should be aware of the side effects of using drugs and explain it to the children.  They should restrain their pocket money. Parents should also observe any behavioral change in the children. Colleges should hold counseling or meetings for students to explain the havoc caused by the use of drugs”, he advices.  

George graciously accepts that his department has been bestowed the responsibility of safeguarding the wellbeing of the future generation.  With the threat of terrorists looming large over the state the unholy nexus between terrorists and drug traffickers acts like a double-edged sword.  Terrorists frequent the places where there is liquor and information can be obtained easily under the influence of drugs.  Recently his department has seized drugs worth five lakhs from students and his department has traced the source to Manipal.  Most of the drugs are smuggled through Nepal border and with a sizeable chunk of North Eastern students in our colleges has added to the existing problem.  

Enhanced Responsibilities 

In a career spanning 3 decades there are many memorable incidents associated with his profession.  The most memorable has been the seizing of arms worth nearly one crore in 1993-94.  In the same year he also detected 100 odd cases of illegal and non-duty paid liquor when he was the inspector in Mangalore squad.  In 1994-95 he single handedly seized 3 vehicles and arrack worth Rs. 20 laks when the arrack sacheting was done within 100 metres of SP of SP office.  In the last 5 years his department has confiscated arrack worth more than 5 crores.  

Many a time the effort of the department to seize a major cache has come to a cropper due to leakage of information from within the department.  “Such incidents cannot be avoided totally as sometimes people get lured by money.  We have taken precautionary measures to avoid such goof ups as much as possible. We keep a track of people who we suspect and monitor their activities. At the same time I am proud to say our department has very honest and hard working people which is also our strength”, he emphasizes. 

His profession has given him complete satisfaction though working within the parameters of government rules and regulations has not always been easy.  “Being in government service has given me an opportunity to serve the public”, he declares.  How does he feel performing the contradictory roles of preventing unauthorized liquor and drug trafficking and meeting the target of selling fixed quota of liquor to the public? He says “it is part of my duty and I cannot shirk away from it.  If we our department does not sell others will take advantage leading to illegal and transportation of non-duty paid and spurious liquor leading to loss of revenue and health hazard”.  

With hardly a handful of Catholics holding responsible positions in government, George has always rendered a helping hand to his community people and other needy people wherever possible.  With 8 more years of service left to his credit George has opportunity to scale further in his career, though he harbors no further ambitions.  His wife Roseline works for BSNL and their two daughters are studying.  When it comes to children he is a disciplined father.  Though his elder daughter is doing her Engineering he has not given her a mobile.  “I have told my daughter in clear terms that she will not get one till she finishes her education as mobiles are a major source of distraction for students”.  

With increased responsibilities George and his department is all geared up to face the challenges that comes with the responsibilities.  With a man of his caliber at the helm of affairs there is hope of better future for all. 

by Florine Roche - Daijiworld Media Network
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Comment on this article

  • krishna rao, mangalore/Mysore

    Wed, Jul 18 2012

    So nice see my friend classmate geroge in high position. He brings dignity and honour to the position he holds. Best wishes to him.

  • matilda vaz, SantaCruz Wes,t Mumbai

    Sun, Jul 15 2012

    Congrats Dear George, We r truly proud of u & ur acievemnets,dear George,
    We admire & appreciate ur hard work, ur simplicity & ur discipline,
    May God be with u in all that u do & wish u very best in all ur endevour,
    Matilda & fly.

  • Antony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney, Australia

    Fri, Jan 15 2010

    Dear George: We are very happy to see you and your family on the Daijiworld, and to know about your recent promotion and the outstanding services that you render to the Government of Karnataka, as in-charge of Excise Intelligence Bureau of Mangalore Division. I and my wife Martina (your wife`s cousin) hereby congratulate you on this occasion and wish you further success in your future ventures. We also would like to compliment you on the fine way that you bring up your lovely two daughters - you both indeed are model parents! We are also taking this opportunity to say hello to Rozy - it has been quite a while that we met you in person! Taking this opportunity as well to wish you all a Happy New Year. Sadly George, I never met personally even though we are closely related, but surely would like to do so during one of my future visits to Mangalore.

  • Monthu Pinto, Hospet/moodbidri

    Sun, Dec 27 2009

    Congratulation .....ur great succsess ..Pinto fly

  • Nancy Menezes, NCC, Mangalore(CSD)

    Sun, Dec 27 2009

    Congratulations, wish you all the best, keep it up.

  • Reny Fernandes, Abu Dhabi / Kulshekar

    Sun, Dec 27 2009

    Congratulations.....!!!!Mr.George. We are very proud of your great achievements. I still remember our college days At St. Aloysius. God bless you & your family.

  • Dynelle Fernandes, Mumbai / Kuwait

    Sun, Dec 27 2009

    Dear George uncle, congratulations. May your hard work take you further ahead to many more joyful occasions. All the best in your future......

  • Fr Clifford Fernandes, Mangalore/Seminary

    Wed, Dec 23 2009

    Congratulation Mr/Sir George Pinto and Family. It is a great joy for me to greet you. May the Good Lord be with you always.

  • Oswald, Bendoor, Parish

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    Well a great person indeed. We Mangloreans are proud of Mr. Pinto & his dedication to his profession.Keep it up sir! may you have many more promotions before you retire.After your retirement i will definetley request you to join my Rotary Club & spend your time in Social work.Our best wishes for Christmas to you & Members of the family.May God bless you.Osey & family

  • Fr.Onil, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 22 2009

    It is rare to see people in high positions living a humble life.But that shows the greatness of the person. Congratulations Mr.George for the achievements and wish you all the best for the good work you are going to do in the days to come. May Almighty God bless you and your family at this Chrismas season and throughout the NEW YEAR 2010.

  • Jessy/Sunny, Cordel/Sydney

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Dear George, very glad to see you and your family on Daiji. Very well written article by Florine Roche. Congrats George and wishing you more success in your future endeavours. I take this opportunity to thank you for all your help specially to me and my family. I am really proud to have you as my brother-in-law. Wish you good luck Roseline, Nisha and Neona. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.

  • ronald, shakthinagar/kuwait

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    thanks to daiji world .who is searching real mangalorean diamond like sir,George pinto.God bless you for your good work.

  • Priya Das, Karkala / Mumbai

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Very nice article, very well written by Ms. Florine Roche. Once in a while we would like to see some honest articles of this nature. Hats off to you Mr. George, you have made us proud. Our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family. We wish you more success in your future. Cheers to to the Aloysian Alma Mater.

  • Cytric Sequeira, Mangalore/ AbuDhabi

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Dear George Bavoji, Congratulations on your well deserved promotion and achievements. Wish you all the best and pray that you rise much higher in your ranks and profession.

  • dr.k.h.pujary, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    dear george pinto congratulations and best wishes to you and your family. may God bless you abundently for greater achievements and success in your service and family life. you are so nice to all of us.keep it up

  • Rajesh Sequeira, Kulshekar, Dubai

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Congratulations George you have been a great man Iam extremely happy to see u in such a success. All the Best and god Bless

  • Meena, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Congratulations.We apprecaite your concern towards the society especially for the parents. We wish you success in all your future endeavors. Wish you and your family Merry Christmas & a happy New Year 2010.

  • Kiran Chacko & Fly. , Cascia/Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Dear George Bavoji, Congratulations on your promotion!! May God grant you all success! You have done us proud!


    Mon, Dec 21 2009



    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Dear George, it is really nice to read good words about you. Wish you all the best.


    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Great George. We are all proud of you. My best wishes to you and God Bless you and may you reach greater heights.

  • Crystal DSilva, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Congratulations and all the best. We are proud of you. Keep it up..

  • Verna Fernandes, Mumbai/ Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 21 2009

    Dear George Baovji, Hearty Congratualations on a well deserved promotion. We wish you all the very best in your challenges ahead. God bless!

  • Capt.Arul Aranha, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    It is heartening to see so much of success from Mr.George Pinto. We wish , him greater success & have more officers like him in our society.May God bless him & his family, specially , in this festive Christmas season & always.

  • lilychandran, Kulshekar/Kelarai

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Hearty congratulations George, Your hard work, sincerity and simplicity has made what you are today. Three cheers!!! Your message to the society is read and well taken. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. With special regards to your daughters. Lily Chandran & Fly

  • CGS, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Royal Salute to my great friend George,a simple,humble and unassuming personality.Mangalorean Catholic Community will always remember two George Sahebs,one is George Fernandes and the other George Pinto!

  • Fr.J.B.Crasta, mangalore

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Dear George, I am very happy to hear about you. Keep it up. you are my college mate.I am proud of you.May God Bless you.Praying for you.

  • Remy Fernandes, Kulshekar / Muscat

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Hi George, Great... It is a pleasant surprise to see you and your family on Daiji World. Keep up the good work. Wishing more success in your career

  • Ivan Mendonca, Kulshekar/Kuwait

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Dear George Bovji, Congratulations on your deserved promotion. Wish you all the best and may God grant you success in your position for all the remaining years of your career. Keep up the good work.

  • nelson, pinto

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    graet job Mr.pinto.May god bless you and also your familly.Keep it up.Marry christmas to you.

  • Gracy Fernandes, Bajpe/Doha-Qatar

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Hi Georgy.... its a pleasant surprise to see you with your lovely family at Daiji! Congratulations on your achievements. I know you were very smart and ambitious during your childhood and are successful in achieving your goals. Congratulations and keep up the excellent and challenging job you are doing to serve the society. I am very proud of my cousin brother! My the Lord bless you and the family. Love ... Gracy, Augustine & Melinda. Doha, Qatar.

  • Jaya & Joy, Mangalore

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work. We are really Proud of you.

  • Ali Haroon, Saudi Arabia

    Sun, Dec 20 2009

    Dear George, you have all the attributes to be a perfect man both at work and in the society. May God Bless you to carry on your duties for the sake of the country and the society. It is my advise to the senior officers, especially in Police department to follow George's way of life to prosper and earn a name and fame.

  • Vincent and Celine, Kuwait

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congratulations dear George, we are proud of your achievements and wish you all the success in your career.

  • Roshan & Meera, Mangalore / Jebel Ali

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear George Bavouji It is rare to find catholic officers in Govt Service holding positions of Such responsibility. Congrats on your promotion well deserved. Keep up the good work and your service to the community at large.

  • walter.d.souza, ammembal/abu dhabi

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congratulation Uncle George & Wish You All The Best

  • cyril mathias ., udupi

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Indeed we are proud of this silent,efficient worker with integrity.Daiji has done a good job in introducing him to all.

  • Martis Vikram, Durban/ South africa

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Very nice article, very well written, once in a while we would like to see some honest articles of this nature, Hats of to you Mr. George, you have made us proud, our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family, we wish you more success in you future.....

  • Naveen D'Souza, Kulshekar/Washington DC

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear Mr. George, Congratulations! You have set an example at the helm with your integrity and dedication. Its our pride to have you in our neighborhood. Best regards to your family and compliments of the season!

  • Laveena, Kulshekar - Bangalore

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear Uncle George, Very happy to read about your achievements and also glad to have you as a neighbor. Your simple life has always fascinated us. May God bless and protect you and your family and help you continue your good service in complete honesty.

  • Lancy Pinto Nayak, Kulshekar / Kuwait

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congraulations dear George, You are really Great. We are proud of you . May God bless you for your honest and sincere hard work. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best.

  • Freddy, Canada

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Proud to see your dedicated & honest service to the society. We wish you more success iin your career.

  • Benjamin, Omzoor-Oman

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear George, Seasons best greetings. Congratulations on your new appointment as excise superintendent.may the Lord shower his abundant blessings on you and your family. Best wishes:Benjamin D'Souza &Fly.Puttur-Muscat

  • Dr. Pinto Ivan, Karandady/ Italy

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congratulations Mr. Pinto. Wish you all the best and may God bless you- Fr. Dr. Pinto Kamath Ivan

  • PIUS DCRUZ., Belman/Dubai.

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congratulation to Mr Pinto. I am really proud of you.Please continue your good and tough work. May god bless you and your family.When I was studying in St. Aloyosius I was feeling pity for a nice boy who went astray because of drugs and bad girls.

  • Alwyn, Canada

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Very nice to see a good officer. Having these kind of officers in Govt position will clean the corrupt system.

  • Fr. Praveen Dsouza, Mangalore/Philippines

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Uncle George, Congratulations to you. May God reward you for your honest and sincere hard work.

  • Julian D'Cunha, Mangalore / Doha-Qatar

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congraulations Dear Mr. George Pinto. Keep up the good job. Wish you all the best.

  • MC santhu omzoor, Omzoor

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear Mr George Pinto, Congratulations.I wish you success in all your endeavors. Greetings of the season.

  • Molly Miranda, Kulshekar/Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    George You are really Great.God Bless you and your family.

  • V.Baretto, Bantwal-Bangalore

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Hats off to Mr.Pinto who is shining in the Excise Dept. We had other three Mangalorean Catholic Officers in the Excise Dept.who had earned name and fame viz.Mr.Lobo, Mr.Miranda and Mr.Almeida

  • ruchi, dubai

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Very nice article, very well written, once in a while we would like to see some honest articles of this nature, Hats of to you Mr. George, you have made us proud, our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family, we wish you more success in you future, cheers to to the Aloysian Alma Mater

  • Laxman, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Congratulations and hats off to Mr.Pinto for his dedicated,disciplined and honest service to the people of Karnataka. We are proud of you and appreciate your concern towards the society. Wish you and your family all he best. God bless you.


    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Thanks Daiji for this wonderful story. Amidst the corruption, we find genuinely honest officials who are totally committed to the social cause. A society without officers like Mr. Pinto is a poor society. God bless Mr. Pinto and his family.

  • shubha, mangalore

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    I think Mr. Joe Gonsalves has got confused with State Excise Dept (liqour)and Central Excise Dept.(mfg) Mr. D. Mehta was working for the Central Govt.

  • Head mistress and Staff of Sacred Hearts' High School, Kulshekar

    Sat, Dec 19 2009

    Dear Mr George, Congratulations.We apprecaite your concern towards the society especially for the parents. We wish you success in all your endeavors. Greetings of the season.

  • padmaraj, mangalore

    Fri, Dec 18 2009

    congrats daiji world for recognising a wonderfulman'who is always trying to guide the society againest anty social elements.he is really avery good example formaintaining low profile,when they were in a high profile job

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Fri, Dec 18 2009

    It is good to see a man of the soil doing so well and well spoken of. SIMPLICITY OF HEART AND MIND are rare qualities and obviously George is endowed with these traits. I have known Excise people in the past like Mr. D'Souza from Bangalore and also D. Mehta from Mangalore. It appears to me that George is all set on checking the menace which faces our younger generation. He has a formidable job ahead of him but with fund of knowledge and long experience including that of a journalist, he should go a long way. Kudos to you George - These greetings and good wishes come to you from a senior American Citizen of Mangalore Origin. We have acommon bond viz we are both Aloysians. May your breed increase. As an Aloysian I would invite to you to our common Alma Mater. For this purpose please do contact Father Denzil Lobo on 9343562599

  • John Vas, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Fri, Dec 18 2009

    Happy to read George profile in detailed. I salute your discipline towards children which we are not able to keep up. Pray to God to guide you and give wisdom to do your job satisfactory to the society. Best of luck in your career.

  • callen dsouza, bendur

    Fri, Dec 18 2009

    mr pinto is a very nice and a honest officer may god bless mr pinto and his family

  • Ivan Frank, Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 18 2009

    As a catholic I am extra proud of the success attained by Mr. George Pinto in Excise. I wish Him all the best and I am sure He will scale further in His career.

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