Mangalore: Centenary of Milagres Church - Call for all 'Milagreans' Worldwide

Dec 6, 2009

Milagres Church, the pride of Mangalore Diocese, is on the verge of completing 100 glorious years after its re-construction in the year 1911.

The parish is under the dynamic leadership of the popular Fr Walter D’Mello and has planned several events throughout 2010-2011 to celebrate the centenary with the theme, ‘Come, let us build families’.

The official beginning of the celebration will be blessed by Dr Aloysius P D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore, on Sunday January 10 at 9.15 am with a Holy Mass. 

This will be followed by blood donation by 100 people to mark the beginning of the year-long celebration.

As part of the celebration, on January 24, 2010, the Mangalore Diocese-level inter-parish sports day will be organized at Mangala Stadium in the city. 

At 8.30 am, Frank Fernandes of Mosaco Shipping, Dubai, will be the chief guest and will declare the event open. 

The concluding ceremony will be held at 4.30 pm with Bishop D’Souza as the chief guest. 

The centenary committee comprising Marcel Monteiro, Ronald Pinto, Dionysius D’Sa, Alwyn Rosario, Gerald Pinto, and parish priest Fr D’Mello have assured that the event will be a spectacular one.

Other programmes for the centenary year will be announced in the coming days.

Fr D’Mello has asked all ‘Milagreans’ of Mangalore, wherever they are, to get in touch through e-mail and confer with him when in the city.


History of Milagres Church, Mangalore

The church of our Lady of Miracles, better known as Milagres Church, was built by Bishop Thomas de Crasto, a Theatine Priest of Salsette, in 1680. It is thus 300 years old in 1980.

In the seventeenth century Christianity was in a sorry state on account of a dearth of priests and the rival claims of the territory by the Sees of Verapoly and Goa. In fact, the See of the Archbishop of Goa was vacant for over twenty two years. Msgr. Antony Brandao was appointed Archbishop later. The Holy See seeing this state of affairs appointed Bishop Thomas de Castro Vicar Apostolic of Canara and Malabar. He took up his residence at Calicut but later moved to Mangalore where he abode at Milagres near the site of the present Church.  He obtained this site from Queen Chennamal and Bednore Kings as "Inam". He built the first Church at the site of the present Cemetery in 1680. He died on  16th July 1684 and lies buried at the south - eastern corner of the cemetery. His grave with the bronze slab can still be identified.

Some time later, Queen Chennamal and King Basappa resumed the land. In about 1715 a Mangalorean, Fr. Pinto, secured the land again from King Somashekar II (1714-1739). His nephew Fr. A.Pinto, who succeeded him, built a new church on the site of the present one, in 1756. After his death his brother Xavier's wife, Maryanne Monteiro, took possession of the land.

In 1763 Kanara fell under the suzerainty of Hyder Ali and in 1782, his son, Tippu Sultan. He suspected the loyalty of the Christians on Ash Wednesday, 24th February 1784 about 1,80,000 Catholics were seized by the soldiers and herded to his capital, Seringapatnam. They also destroyed 27 of their Churches including Milagres Church. Some of the stones of this Church were utilized by Tippu to erect the Idgah on Lighthouse Hill. The Idgah still exists.

Amongst those who returned to Mangalore from Seringapatam after the death of Tippu was Lawrence Bello, a Baker to the Europeans who built a chapel to replace the church demolished by Tippu, on the site of the present Church at a cost of about Rs. 400/-. Father Mendez, the Vicar, secured the necessary furniture, etc.raised funds and got a contribution of Rs. 600/- from the Government wtih the help of Salvadore Pinto (brother -n-law of Maryanne Monteiro and former Munshi under Tippu) and laid the foundation for a new spacious Church in 1811. Amongst the more distinguished families who contributed towards the building were the two Coelho families, the Gonsalveses, the Mascarenhas and Vazes. Sir Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras on a petition from the Christians of Kanara exempted the land of the church fromm assessment.

As stated , Fr. Mendes biult a new Church in 1811. Exactly 100 years later in 1911, the facade of this Church collapsed. Fr. (later Mgsr.) Frank Pereira was the Parish Priest at the time. The same year he erected the present magnificient Church with Fr. Diamanti S.J. (of Jeppoo Seminary fame) as architect. This is a present Church except for the portico, which was put up later.

The Church is probably one of the most artistic houses of prayer in the District. It measures 49.5 by 27.5 meters with potico 17.5 by 7 meters. Mounted on pedestals are six statues of apostles and hte facade with the statues reminds one of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome. The main alter with the life - like statue of Our Lady contains the superscription "Altare Privilegiatum". It is a magnificent Monolithic marble altar, the gift of late Mr. Nicholas Britto, the illustrious Tahsildar considered the best of their kind in the south and smaller bells, which has since been given to a Church in the mofussil. The Souvenir (1973) of the Holy Cross Church Kulshekar, however suggests that the Altar and the statues were imported from France by Abbe Dubious (Farad Sahib) to be installed in that  Church which he had started  to build but later was left  unfinished as being too florid for a village and that hence the altar and statues  were transferred to Milagres.

The Church contains the miraculous shrine of St. Antony of Padua, the great Wonder Worker. It was founded by Fr. (late Msgr.) M.P.Colaco in 1898. The Altar was conferred the privileged status on 22-1-1902 by Pope Leo XIII. The shrine has attained all-India fame and attracts on enormous congregation every Tuesday at the weekly devotions and the two feasts of the Saint on 4 February and 13 June and the Tridumms preceding them. It is known for its record of votive offerings as also for its model Charity Institutes sprawling over an area of 50 acres in Jeppu and catering to the needs of all kinds of humanity, suffering or otherwise, children, youth, the halt, the infirm and sick, numbering in all about 500.

Attached to the Church is the Chapel of St. Monica, the Patroness of the Catholic Mothers Sodality, the first  of its kind in the Diocese when it was started  in 1887 by Fr. Torri . S.J. He built the Chapel probably the same year. It contains magnificent alter with a French painting of St. Monica and her son St. Augustine which is a rare piece of art.

Thanks to its central location in the heart of Mangalore the Parish clams some of the leading Catholic Institutions in the District. To name a few we have the Bishop's House, St. Aloysius College, the Great Carmel, M.C.C. Bank Ltd, the Catholic Club, the Catholic Educational Co-operative Society, Catholic Association of the South Kanara, the Konkani Natak Sabha with its Don Bosco Hall the venue of periodical dramatic entertainments , meetings and weddings.

Sodalities, Confraternities, etc: The Parish contains an unique institution namely the Confraternity of our Lady of Seven Dolours, there are other sodalities like "Christian Mothers" , "Franciscan III Order", Altar Boys, etc.

Convents, Colleges and Schools

Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration: They stay a few yards away from the Church on the other side of the Falnir Road, known as Adoration Monastery.  This house located at the Heart of the city, is a powerhouse
of prayer for Mangalore.

St. Aloysius College: The premier College in the District.  Started in 1880 at the instance of Kanara Catholic, it has just completed it centenary.  It has a strength of over 6000 including the primary and evening college sections.

The Franciscan Servants of Mary, Nazareth Convent, Balmatta: Started in 1947.  It runs a kindergarten and Home Science School and a Hostel for working girls.

The Marjil Convent: St.Mary's High School, Falnir.  This is run by the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel.  It was started in about 1928 and occupies the bungalow, 'Marjil House'  the benefaction of the late M.S.Mascarenhas a former Collector of Chinglepet.  The school has also a boarding house.

Missionary Sisters of Charity:  Their convent is Mother Theresa's Home for the dying destitute situated at the 2nd cross of Vas Lane at Falnir.  They came to this place in 1997.  Since then so many dying destitute have experienced the caring and loving touch of Jesus through them.

Milagres Pre-University College:  Its origin goes back to 1849 with its humble beginning as an English School, then as High School (1944) and later as the P.U.College (1982).  At present it is one of the largest educational institutions in the district with a strength of 2,600.

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Comment on this article

  • Michael Noronha, Ajekar/Bangalore

    Fri, Jan 15 2010

    Congratulations & I wish the very best for the parish & its growth on this great occasion,Good luck.

  • Peter D'Silva, Mangalore/USA

    Tue, Jan 12 2010

    Congratulations, Fr.Walter D'Mello.A lovely place of worship and a great landmark in the centre of Mangalore. God bless.

  • Riana Pinto, Milagres/Qatar

    Wed, Dec 16 2009

    Congratulation Fr. Walter and your whole team and the proud parishioners on the occasion of 'Our Lady of Miracles' Church Centenary celebrations. Feel proud to be a parishioner of this church and read the success stories. Though we are miles away, yet we feel very close to this beloved church. We will miss this celebrations very much as this reminds us the great tricentenary celebrations we had in the year 1980. May Milar Saibeen shower her abundant blessings on each one of us and on all the celebrations.

  • Francis, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Dec 13 2009

    Probably Only chruch in mangalore Attracts maximum no of Non manalorean Christians who visit Mangalore for different works . This holy church For Sure Provides a very peaceful & freedom like feeling to the people who visit it.As far as me I ensure i visit 1 or more times to this church when i visit Mangalore .This church is a home to every christian who visits Mangalore. I wish This wonderful Milagres church a indefinite Life & thank the priest who built it !.

  • maxim lobo, mubaiis/isreal

    Fri, Dec 11 2009

    Congratulation Dear Fr. Walter D'mello and all parishioners on this day. blessed to you our Milar Mai,God give one more celebration to our Milagres family Its God's anothr bl. o give thanks to the Lord given this Golrias 100 year

  • maxim lobo, mubai

    Fri, Dec 11 2009

    Congratulation Dear Fr. Walter D'mello and all parishioners on this day. blessed to you our Milar Mai,God give one more celebration to our Milagres family Its God's anothr bl. o give thanks to the Lord given this Golrias 100 year

  • praveen veigas, mangalore/isreal

    Fri, Dec 11 2009

    Dear Fr Walter All Miagreans with you & your team, We all know this will be a grand celbrations on your leadership. Our mother mary will sent you blessing to make this day a remarable one.

  • evans alex, falnir mangalore

    Fri, Dec 11 2009

    Kudos.Milagrians r fortunate to celebrate the Centanary of the Church under your charismatic leadership.God bless us all.

  • Jennifer Crasta, Balmatta, Mlore

    Thu, Dec 10 2009

    Congratulations & I wish the very best for the parish & its growth. Will miss being a part of the celebrations.

  • Gretta Pinto, Bombay

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    Dear Fr. Walter, I was extremely glad to read the article which says "Come let us build families". Father, what a nice theme you have ed. I am sure a person like you who is so dynamic, kind and patient would certainly be able to build and unite many broken families into one under your leadership. I pray to God and our blessed Mother to give you all the strength to celebrate this great event. Congratulations and all tbe best wishes to make it grand success.

  • Neema, Milagres/Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    Dear Fr.Walter, wishing a successful Centenary celebration of our Lady of Miracles church.We are really proud of you dear Fr.Walter that under your dynamic leadership, you have got this wonderful opportunity of celebrating the Centenary celebration. May our Lady give you all the strength to carry out your mission as a good shepherd of the church. We were born and brought up in this great parish, and now even though we are thousands of miles away, still we feel the warmthness and closeness of this beautiful church. May God bless this parish abundantly!!

  • Melwin Nancy D'souza, Milagres/Q8

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    Congratulation Dear Fr. Walter D'mello and all parishioners on this day. blessed to you our Milar Mai,God give one more celebration to our Milagres family Its God's anothr bl. o give thanks to the Lord given this Golrias 100 year.

  • Alban D' Souza, Udyavara/Doha Qatar

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    Congratulations good article about the church history in Mangalore. Congratulations to all the faithful for their faith, unity, sacrifice, prayer, dedication & service. This great church in the center of Mangalore city is a place of attraction for all the faiths in general and particularly for Christians to experience in day’s busy schedule God's supreme love and sacrifice for His people. Indeed I make it a point to attend mass on Sunday in Milagris whenever I visit the city. I also cherish fond memories of college days in St. Aloysius & used to visit this church so often. Good luck to Fr. D' Mello & TEAM, for the centenary celebrations of the church of Our Lady of miracle.

  • Shammi Dsouza, Mangalore / U.K

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    CONGRATULATIONS REV. Fr. Walter D'Mello. My prayers are with you and all the team members to make it grand success. Really It is a bleesing to have you as a Parish Priest. You are a True leader, preacher and follower. You are the inspiration to many people. I Pray that you live long and God may grant you Many years to serve Him and His pepole with good health and Peace of mind.

  • Roland Noronha, Falnir/Mumbai

    Wed, Dec 09 2009

    I left Mangalore in the year 1973. Eventhough I have settled down in Mumbai, I feel so happy to hear news pertaining to Milagrees. I completed my SSLC in Milagrees High School. I will be visiting Mangalore this month on a short visit and shall make it a point to visit the church.

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Tue, Dec 08 2009

    I see with greatest delight the past and present history of my Parish Church. I have been a parishioner of this Church for over eighty years of course with broken periods in between when I was away in other major Cities in India and other parts of the world. The very first Priest who I knew was Father Vaz and in between I have seen and worked with several Pastors and assistants. Priests like Father C.T. Sequeira, Monsignor Alexander D'Souza, Monsignor Denis Moras, Father Serrao have always been dear to me. I have stood by The Parish in good days and bad. It was my pleasure to work on the finance committee as a Parish Council Member. I was baptized at Milagris - confirmed and got married at this Church of Sacred Memory. My wife and I celebrated our Golden wedding with a Mass said at this Church and look forward to celebrate another important event too at my parish church viz our sixty years of marriage and finally the last event also in my life I hope will also be at his Church which I love very much. For the present it is a pleasure to have Father Walter D'Mello who at a recent reception was termed as THE BEST PARISH PRIEST by none other than Justice Michale Saldanha

  • nelson, mangalore/kuwait

    Tue, Dec 08 2009

    No doubt this church is a landmark in Mangalore. Moreover the importance and significance of this church is enhanced by the attached St. Anthony of padua shrine. Thousands of devotees throng here on every tuesday and the feast days of St. Anthony, the miracle worker, twice a year to earn the blessings of the great saint from all over and even the outskirts of mangalore. This has enhanced the reputation of this church over the ages.

  • Joseph Pereira, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    Congratulations to all Milagres Church Parishioners and Fr. Walter D’Mello on the centenary celebrations of the re-constructed church. Good luck and best wishes to Fr. Walter D’Mello for dynamic and spiritual leadership he has shown to the parishioners. It is a well written article about the history of the Church which is situated at a prominent place and makes it a land mark of Mangalore. The writeup by Dony Lobo brought back the nostalgic memories of yester years. Though I belong to Bendur Parish, my association with Milagres goes back to decades when my grand father & father owned shop R. J. Pereira & Sons or Marble Works Co. right in front of the church. This piece of land was also taken away for the expansion of Wenlock Hospital. I studied in Milagres School for two years before joining St Aloysius Primary School. During this time I was a regular in Milagres Church and the school and was familiar with all surroundings. Sometime back, after about 30 years, I had visited the Adoration Monastry on Falnir Road and a few months later, got the terrible news from Daijidubai this was one of the first places of worship which was vandalised by the bajrang people. Once again, wishing Fr. Walter D'Mello. and all the team members to make it grand success. Joseph Pereira, Bendur

  • Abraham Coutinho, Mundkur/Bombay

    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    This is Grate History of Milagres Church and the Christanity. Many grate men and holy people were involved with it. One of the references came here is that of Sir. Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras who exempted the Milagres Church land from assesssment. He should be further remembered and thanked by all the Christians of Kanara for his other grate good deed done for us. When Christians were captured, taken to Srirangapatna, kept in jail for 15 years and were freed by British only when Tippu was finished. All those who survived and freed did/could not reach Mangalore/Kanara (some settled in Kodagu). When rest reached Kanara by then already their land was captured by others. It was also sold. Returnese were landless & shelterless. Kanara then had come under British Control, it is at that time Sir. Thomas Munro,Governor restored to Christians their respective land from the other Occupiers. For the land sold & purchsed by others, he compensated them and for all that he spent from the Treasury a very huge amount comparing to then standard - you know how much? It is about Rs.4,00,000/-. He should be fondly remenbered by all of us now.


    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    Delighted to hear that our beloved Milagres Parish Church, where I was born, baptised & in whose shadows I was brought up is celebrating its Re-construction Centenary. Congratulations & Good Luck to Fr Walter D'Mello, Parish Priests and patrons & organisers of this Great Event. With a bit of luck I might be able to partake in the Holy Mass on 10 January & meet my ex-parishers & neighbours like Mr Dony Lobo. My only regret is that my Papa, the late Sebastian Rodrigues, who was Sacristan Bostyanv Mirnyam of this church for 55 years from 1915-1970 is not around to see this function.

  • Felix Castelino,

    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    Fr. Walter Demello, the current Parish Priest, is no doubt a dynamic Parish Priest, who has already done ventures and his plans are very worthy ones, and wondeful. May God bless him, his projects and his ebntire plans. Happy centebnary to all the Milagreans and Gods blessings on them.

  • Nancy Cardoza, Belman

    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    CONGRATULATIONS REV. Fr. Walter D'Mello. My prayers are with you and all the team members to make it grand success. Really It is a bleesing to have you as a Parish Priest. You are a True leader, preacher and follower. You are the inspiration to many people. I Pray that you live long and God may grant you Many years to serve Him and His pepole with good health and Peace of mind.

  • Frederick Pinto, Shirva

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Dear Fr. Walter D'Mello and all the parishoners'Congratulations' to Milagres Church completing 100 glorieous. Today we give thanks to God for his many blessings on the last hundred years and as we remember with much affection all those people wheather Prists, Religious or lay people each and everyone of whom have made this church what it is today. May God bless the Priests and people of Milagres community always.

  • Bro Walter Lobo,cmsf, Uppinangady/Canada

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Congrtulations Milagreans & Fr D'mello...during my studies,later home holidays, when ever possible I visited the Milagres and celebrated Mass or a prayer of Tak Collector.When I was still a youth, Fr Walter had month long Mission Experience in Nainadu, with Franciscan Brothers. Happy memory. May God bless Pastor and faithful.

  • Daya Kirodian, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    It is so delighted to read this article. Being the student of Milagres for 12 years, I believe to be one of the milagreans without caste bar. My regards to Fr VAS and hope he will be one of the key person in this centenary celebration. Good Luck.

  • Rev Dr H M Duke, Mangalore/USA

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Congratulations! Also thanks for your inspiring story [which unfortunately is hidden in the eyes of the public]! You are not 100 years old but proved ever ancient ever new! You proved as a great monolith with colourful and blessed background, a mother church for many churches with more than 300 years rich history and legacy! So, please project and make known this truth and fact so that all those who persecute the church will know this history and realize that we were part of the antiquity of our land for so many years! They also should remember that many stalwarts who were part of our history and supported the church in the past were our own people not outsiders! [Though I am a Protestant Christian] I used to attend this church's many importnt church services [ like Good Friday] and funeral of bishops and other events as a student of Milgres High School. My assoication also inspired me with ecumenical vision and I am glad I could contribute something towards it. This church also produced many great bishops and church leaders and also public figures, and hope it will continue to render this mission and ministry. I also hope that it will be elvated to the status of Pro-Cathedral or some great position in recognition at this importnt milestone in your life. May God continue to use your mission and ministry as you continue to demonstarate and to share the light and life He brings to us all in Jesus Christ our Lord. With prayers best wishes and blessings Rev Dr H M Duke


    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    I am so delighted to hear that my parish is celebrating it centenary after re-construction under the able guidance of Fr.Walter. I also regret that I wouldn't be able to make it for this occasion. Wishing all Milagres Parishoners a Happy Celebration.

  • Valrian Furtado, Mulki/Canada

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Fr. Walter D’Mello is one of the finest priest I have come across. I never heard any other priest sermon as intensely as I used to listen to his.While it was nice to read about the history of Milagres church, Fr. D'mello's leadership will take it to the new heights. I wish you all the best Father and assure of our support always. Valerian Furtado Mulki/Canada

  • Vitus Saldanha, Falnir/ Dubai

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Dear Fr Walter All Miagreans with you & your team, We all know this will be a grand celbrations on your leadership. Our mother mary will sent you blessing to make this day a remarable one.

  • Austin Prabhu, Nanthur/Chicago

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    It is nice to read such a wonderful story of Milagres Church, Mangalore. Good article which I really enjoyed to read and to grasp some knowledge. All the best to Milagres Church Centenary Celebratons.

  • nelson, mangalore/kuwait

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Amazing history of the best known church of Mangalore. Thanks Daiji on the write up.


    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    I am glad that the Milagres Church celebrates its 100th year and our family take this opportunity to Congratulate the Parish Priest and all Parishioners on this great occasion.. I am proud to have been born, baptized and brought up in this great Parish, born to a great person of the parish…the late Vokil Kaithan Lobo and Mrs.Mildred Lobo – daughter of Dr.P.C.Menzes and Mrs.Mary Lobo of the Attavar Lobo family. All the members of the Menezes family were known as the “Pongo Menez Choir” graced the Parish for many a years in the 1940s with their unique choir. I myself had been a choir member right from my 9th age and started playing on the Church organ in 1961 at the age of ten (thanks to the then great Parish Priest Fr.Piad Saldanha and Fr.Fred.V.Pereira who were instrumental in helping and standing by our family just after the passing away of my father in 1959. My only sadness is that the current government has chosen to take away a large chunk of the Milagres Church Maidan for broadening the roads on either sides. In 1958, a similar government order was revised following my Father’s legal battle whereby he gave up our house and compound (where the Konkan traders etc.building was subsequently put up) instead of the government touching the Church compound. All said and done, I am proud all my life that I was born, baptized and brought up in this great Parish…..and wish and pray that the majestic and glorious MilagresChurch now100, turns into 1000 or even 10000 years or more years as gracefully as ever.


    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Dear Rev. Fr Walter D'Mello, You have shown by your life and preaching that you are the true Pastor, good Shephered, service minded and a 'Priest of the People'.As your parish is celebrating the centenary under your able leadership, with the strong support of your coleague Priests, Parish Council and the entire congegation you have planned so many practical projects. All the best. They all will come true. Thanks for the beautiful history published in Daijiworld. May Mary the mother of Miracles bless you all.

  • Kurt Waschnig, Oldenburg/Germany

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    A well written article. It informs readers of the history of The Milagres Church. It is a place to go to church, to pray, to worship and to find a meaning of life. I hope I can visit one day this blessed place of worship. I wish all parishioners of Milagres Church to enjoy and feel happy! Best Kurt

  • Della Rego, Falnir, Mangalore, Qatar

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Congratulations and wishing all the best to Fr. Walter D'Mello, other residing preists at Milagres, staffs, students, all the parishoners and all the devotees who are visiting this church, on the ocassion of celebrating the Centenary. Yes..Milagres Church is the pride of Mangalore Diocese. I am proud and happy to read the history about (my parish ) the church . Even there was the Shorthand and typing institute for many years in the same building of Primary school and now it got closed down. Thanks to Daiji for publishing.

  • Nita Rebello, Falnir/Dubai

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Dear Rev Fr. Walter, We would like to congratulate you and the entire congregation on the occasion of the completion of 100 glorious years of our Milagris Diocese. God Bless all of you and we wish you success for this day and always.

  • Joel D'Souza, Highlands, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    We, the Milagres parishioners are blessed to have Fr. Walter D’Mello as the head of our parish. He is a simple and devoted person who staunchly believes in the power of prayers. A silent and selfless worker of fewer words and more dynamic actions, he believes in delegation of authority and most of all, has a soft corner (and an open purse) for the poor and the needy. We are really proud of what has been achieved in the parish under his stewardship over the past several years. Doubtlessly, he has succeeded in further uniting and bonding his flock. Though I am a non-resident parishioner, I assure you my prayers and support dear Fr. Walter and I wish you and all the selfless, devoted and united parishioners toiling hard to make the commemorative event gloriously meaningful, all success. -Joel D’Souza

  • simplia, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    Dear Fr Walter iam very much impressed with your thoughts...will surely try to be there and be a part of it

  • Lancelot N Tauro, Mangalore/Doha Qatar

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    It's not only a Worship place. It's a beautiful land mark of Heart of Mangalore City. All the best Fr. Walter and Adminstration committee members.

  • melwin, qatar

    Sun, Dec 06 2009

    all your prayers will be answered in the 'Church of Our Lady of Miracles. Try it.


    Sat, Dec 05 2009

    Dear FR.WALTER and all the team - keep up the spirit with the Blessings of Mother Mary. Hope to be a part of the celebrations in January 2010.

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