Mangalore: The New Aloysius Campus at Beeri Set to be Inaugurated by Prime Minister

Nov 23, 2009

Administrative Block of AIMIT, Phase 1 of campus is almost ready and will be inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh very soon.

At the invitation of Fr. Denzil Lobo, SJ, Director  AIMIT,  Ivan Fernandes (MD, Ducont Dubai ) & Charles D’Souza (HR Consultant Emirates NBD, Dubai) , (herein refered to as the ‘Team’ ) met to discuss various issues regarding the new campus at Beeri, Mangalore for St. Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT).  The various issues discussed during the meeting are highlighted for the benefit of our alumni and well wishers.

Classes at the new campus have started. View of one of the new (huge) computer centre.

The Institute

While St. Aloysius College is located prominently in the heart of Mangalore for over a century, the Jesuit Society in Mangalore scouted for new land and finalized a new location in Beeri a few years back to setup their Management and IT campus named St. Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT).  All the management and IT courses undr AIMIT have recently shifted to this new state-of-the-art campus at Beeri (close to Ullal) on the outskirts of Mangalore. The Team toured the campus and received first hand information on the progress of the construction works. When fully complete, it would accomodate over a thousand students and faculty members,  pursuing courses such MBA, MSc (BioInformatics) and MCA. In the future this institute will also offer consultancy and management development programs.

The Team felt  that with excellent infrastructure and quality of education, AIMIT would, in few years time, compete with the best of the academic institutions in India.  Discussions with various foreign business and technology institutes especially those based in the United States for a possible tie-up are ongoing.

It is gratifying to note that new campus is likely to be inaugurated next month by none other than the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh. This itself speaks for the quality and contribution of St Aloysius College to society and to the development of education in the South Kanara region. Readers would recall that in the year 2004, the Information Technology wing at St Aloysius college was also inaugurated by the then President of India Abdul P. J. Kalam.

The Alumni

While the college has been in existence for well over a century, it basically met the education needs until graduation and hence it was perceived that the college must provide post graduation courses to our students to help them excel in the careers in line with the current needs of industry.  The college has produced tens of thousands of Alumni but unfortunately has not built a strong Alumni network.  The contacts between the Alumni and College has currently been restricted to those few interested Alumni. 

However, a few years back initiatives were started to galvanise all the Alumni around the world and soon there will be formal chapters in every location where our Alumni has a significant presence under the proposed parent organization Aloysian Partners International (API). So far Aloysian Partners North America (APNA) and St. Aloysius College Alumni Assocation in Mangalore (SACAA), are the only formal chapters until these will be formally inducted under API.   The Team discussed strategies to setup of new and formalise existing Alumni chapters under API in various countries and transform them into a vibrant community for a mutually beneficial relationship. In order to support this initiative a dedicated group would be appointed in Mangalore that will liaise with various chapters.  The Team has set a target of  a dozen chapters with a database of 5000 members within the next six months. API over a period of time will build a website to provide information on the progress of the college and its students, profile successful Alumni, release periodic newsletters, assist in networking of Alumni across various geographies, help in finding employment opportunities etc.

Public Relations

The Team felt that it is important for the college to be in the media by highlighting its regular activities. Accordingly, the Team decided to appoint an agency to look into the PR activities of the institute. A series of events will be agreed for the next 12 months starting with the inaugration by the Honorable Prime Minister, and the selected agency will ensure that these would be carried out in right earnest. Activities will include articles on the print and online media, television and radio. Such initiatives will not only help in branding AIMIT but also bring our beautiful city of Mangalore into national and international prominence.

Father Denzil Lobo SJ, Ivan Fernandes & Charles D’Souza discussing strategies at AIMIT premises

Business Plan

Professional management is core to the Insitute’s ethos. The Team discussed the necessity and importance of a business plan and a feasibility study done by an independent  authority of international repute. The study would help in reaffirming the goals and plans of the institute and come up with various strategies for its success such as curriculum, branding, governance and financial models for fees and funding.

In order to setup a world class Institute, one needs to take up a ‘big bang’ approach. The construction of the campus has been broken into 2 phases with a overall budget of around INR 60 crores. The Team discussed the current financial situation to achieve this objective In order to complete the 1st Phase of this campus, the total cost is estimated at around INR 27 crores, the contributions received until now only amount to around INR 3 crores.  INR 7 crores has been ploughed into this project through internal accruals by the Jesuits.  The Insititute has been compelled to borrow over INR 17 crores for completion of the 1st Phase on which it incurs Bank interest of around INR 2 crores per annum. On account of this high Bank interest, the total working capital of the Institute increases 100%. There have been a few pledges which have not translated into revenue as of now.  The Team hopes with the updated business plan, it would bring out additional strategies for donations from Alumni as well as well-wishers in addition to grants from individuals and corporate houses including interest free loans to complete this project

Advisory Board

The success of every institution is dependent on successful indivuduals providing support and direction by being part of the Advisory Board.  AIMIT with its objective of being one of the top 10 Institutes in the country also needs to have a strong Advisory Board considering that it has several prominent Alumni who deserve to be on this board.  Several names of successful Alumni were discussed and the management will contact them to get their nod to be on the Advisory Board which will direct the management in achieving it objectives. 


Father Denzil Lobo SL, who is the Director of this Institue has been tirelessly working to create a world class Institute to benefit our younger generation in and around Mangalore. Although the goals are to build a world class Institute, it cannot be realised without the support of our Alumni, well-wishers and corporate with social responsibilities.. With a distinguished advisory board, an engaged faculty, bright students together external well wishers, this dream will come true. After all this is OUR Project and most significant for our beautifical city in recent times.

by Charles D’Souza
Charles D’Souza, although not at alumnus of St Aloysius College, strongly believes the potential impact the AIMIT can play towards the economic development of the city and Mangalorean society in general.
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Comment on this article

  • Premika, Delhi

    Sun, Feb 07 2010

    Hi Julian If you recognise the name, please connect with me. thanks Cheers Premika

  • Anita Fernandes, Mangalore/Canada

    Tue, Dec 08 2009

    I wish you all the best, is all that I can say. Your efforts regarding the building of a postgraduate campus is much appreciated. Hope all your efforts and aspirations are fulfilled and by Gods grace everything goes on well as planned.I take pride in being an ex-Aloysian(Teaching Faculty). I miss the campus. Regards Anita

  • Shijo, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 07 2009

    Congratulations for the entire team who worked behind AIMIT..

  • Leslie Noronha, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Sat, Dec 05 2009

    Dear Fr. Denzil You are a star , well done , i think it is lot of hard work & dedication of you that reflects todays success . Keep the good work and wish you all the best Leslie Noronha

  • Vishanth, Mangalore

    Sat, Dec 05 2009

    Feel proud to be an aloysian... Excellent job Fr. Denzil..... You have done it.....

  • Clevan Gomes, Puttur

    Fri, Dec 04 2009

    As I am an ex-aloysian, I am proud to see the development in the institution for the students. congratulations to you father and your team.

  • DayanandP, Jeppu,Mangalore/Chennai

    Thu, Dec 03 2009

    Proud to be alumnus of St Aloysius College during 1959-1963. Great feeling.

  • Vineeth Alex, Houston,USA

    Thu, Dec 03 2009

    Congratulations to each & everyone behind this project.

  • sheikhfaizal, mangalore ,abudhabi

    Thu, Dec 03 2009

    congratulations fr denzil great job

  • sudhir, mangalorea/muscat

    Wed, Dec 02 2009

    congratulations to all those involved in this huge project, from a guitar strumming conductor of the Aloysian choir to the mastermind of this beautiful AIMIT Fr.Denzil, (not to forget the M.B.A classes)uve done the S.j n all the Aloysians proud, God bless u with gud health n long life n help u take up many more projects like these.... Thanx a million for sticking to the same design of the chappel /college.

  • John Lobo, Surathkal

    Tue, Dec 01 2009

    The Jesuits are taking education and Mangalore to greater heights for the future generations of Indians. Congratulations and GOD be with you all in your efforts.-John Lobo

  • Sakaram Shetty, Mangalore/USA

    Mon, Nov 30 2009

    Congratulations to Fr.Denzil and all his associates who have made this possible. All the best to AIMIT. God Bless

  • Juaita Fernandes, Mangalore/Singapore

    Mon, Nov 30 2009

    Hearty congratulations to you Fr. Denzil and the whole team behind the AIMIT project. I have heard you speak of this dream many times and now this dream is becoming a reality. Our future generation of students will be a lucky lot to have the opportunity to study at AIMIT – all thanks to the Jesuit vision. We pray for the Almighty’s blessings on your vision and your hard work and for the successful completion of the project. May God grant you all the help that you require. Can’t wait to see the campus.

  • Neethan Cutinha, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Mon, Nov 30 2009

    Congratulations to Fr.Denzil and the entire Jesuit community on this outstanding achievement. Keep up the good work and may god bless you always.

  • Austin Prabhu, Nanthur/Chicago

    Sun, Nov 29 2009

    You are a great visionary Fr. Denzil, your institution will be placing a diamond on the crown of Mangalore with this Beeri Campus of St. Aloysius. Hope this mission through your vision bring more successes in the history of St. Aloysius in Mangalore. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

  • Charles Rodrigues, Bantval / New York

    Sun, Nov 29 2009

    Charles, great job with the informative article on the AIMIT project of St. Aloysius. Rehana my wife and I visited the campus in August 2009 and we were overwhelmed. AIMIT is shaping up to be a world class management and technology campus. The lecture halls, libraries, computer labs, the administrative and accounting blocks, the hostels, the chapel, the auditoria - each and every facility is state-of-the-art. AIMIT is going to be another great jewel in the crown of Mangalore, a matter of great pride for us Aloysians and all Mangaloreans. In the true Jesuit tradition of quality, value-based, secular education, AIMIT is going to be a world-class institution, producing world class leaders. I am so happy to be contributing my mite to the project as part of APNA. I call upon all Aloysians and partners to be part of this project - through your contribution in terms of finanacial support as well as in your effort to invite others to partner with this great venture.

  • Fr. Ozzie Mascarenhas SJ, Mumbai/Mangalore - Detroit, USA

    Sun, Nov 29 2009

    The Beeri Project with its focus on AIMIT is putting SAC on the world map. Congratulations to all that translated a great dream to an awesome reality - my kudos to Fr. Francis Serrao SJ, ex-Rector of SAC and present Provincial of the Karnataka Province who pioneered this project with Fr. Denzil SJ. and his crew. Great work. But we need to marshal our support to this project both in terms of financial and human resources. Great works need to be nurtured with great contributions from one and all - my prayer is that SAC alumni-ae and friends from all over the globe may step up to the plate and lend their generous hand to clearing the gaping Rs 17-crore debt at our earliest opportunity. God bless this effort. It is something all of us will remember for many years and leave our posterity something to be proud of. God bless all those who made this project a reality.

  • Situs Charles D'souza, Knakanday, Mangalore/ Toronto Canada

    Sun, Nov 29 2009

    Congradulations Fr.Denzil Lobo. Your dream may come true. The Beeri Aloysian campus is the proof of your dedication and relentless hard work. You are one of my class mates who reached the top acchivments in life. Once again Congrdulations and GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU HEALTHY to continue the good work for the benefit of Manglorians.

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Fri, Nov 27 2009

    I am constrained to admit that there is a mistake in the comments that I forwarded to Daijiworld on 26.11.2009 with regard to St. Aloysius' Project at Beeri. Father Denzil is being assisted by Father Jeevan Prabhu. He has joined to help in the area of management of finance and administration. Besides scholastic Cedric Mascarenhas is also inducted to help Father Denzil. Joe Gonsalves

  • Clement Pereira, Mangalore/UK

    Fri, Nov 27 2009

    Congrats, Excellent initiative and a welcome addition. I do believe Aloysius (with Fr. Denzil's passion, drive & leadership) has a pivotal role to play in equipping young men and women of our community, region, state and country in building a strong & inclusive knowledge society. Proud Aloysian.

  • Satish Lobo, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Fri, Nov 27 2009

    Congratulations Fr Denzil and to all those involved in this project. You have made all of us Aloysians and Mangaloreans proud. My Best wishes to all of you and i pray that the almighty bless you all with more strength and good health to keep this good work going.

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Fri, Nov 27 2009

    Father Denzil.... Why should you be embaresed? Credit is given where credit is due. You have taken upon yourself the gigantic task and shouldered the responsibility. Beeri project is your baby and it would be a mighty task to nurture this child. Assurances are coming forth from different directions and let us hope that we would be able to overcome the financial burden by repaying the loans. You have the good will and support of several aloysians as well as non-aloysians. Joe Gonsalves

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Congrats to Charles for the well worded, well deliberated document. The mustard seed that was sown by the nine Jesuits of sacred memory on The Idgah Hill has now grown into a mighty tree. One Hundred and thirty years of hard work and sacrifices thereafter by several Jesuits have borne much fruit. The Beeri project is a step in the right direction. It is estimated that this venture would cost the exchequer over sixty crores.

    During the first phase alone The Project owes the banks over seventeen crores and unless funding at the optimum level is generated AIMIT will be in deep trouble. Both Charles and Ivan are indeed dedicated people with a fund of knowledge. I had occasions of meeting them at my residence individually. However in the context of the present situation it is extremely important that through various contacts, funding agencies including corporate bodies are identified in areas like North America. Middle East is been a fertile ground where several people go to for funds with success. Would it possible for some one to identify some sheik who can come forward and reach out to AIMIT?.

    On the Beeri front it is observed that Father Denzil handles all aspects of management and it is practically impossible for a single person to handle such a huge project. It is therefore expedient that he has a couple of scholastics to attend to routine matters leaving Father Denzil free to attend to major aspects of management and planning the future of all the projects. Joe Gonsalves

  • Vinod Tellis, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Some had given their finances, Some had lent their voices of support, some had admired, some had inspired, but many of us are at awe that a single minded Beeri project now stands as a monument for pursuit of excellence.

  • John, Bangalore

    Thu, Nov 26 2009


  • Lawrence D'Souza, Shirva - Kuwait

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Congratulations Fr. Denzil. Your motivation made this project a reality. This institute has created a multitude of geniuses,leaders, business people,priests and religious people.Fr. Jacques, Joe Sequiera,Albert Saldanha and many more were the architects of St. Aloysius College. When this project finishes it will be a WONDER. All the best to all fathers who are involved with this project.

  • James Fernandes, Barkur/USA

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Dear Fr. Denzil: Congratulations. Where next? Maravanthe? "Yes, you can." When I met you in Marquette, Milwaukee, just a few years ago, you had plenty more hair! Take care.

  • Toswyn Menezes, Bangalore / Q8

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Kudos to the team of the new Aloysius Campus at Beeri and for the tireless work done by Fr. Denzil. All the very best for the inaugural day.

  • Linda, Bangalore

    Thu, Nov 26 2009


  • Sr.Severine Menezes, Belur, Hassan

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Congratulations dear Fr.Denzil. You have made the Society of Jesus proud. Your dreams have come true and God be with you and your mission.

  • Joy Rodrigues, Hospet/Pune

    Thu, Nov 26 2009

    Nice to see the new project of Jesuits in educating young future entrepreneurs.May God Bless this project through many generous benefactors.Congratulations to all the core committe members who work tirelessly to achieve this project.

  • clarence, mangalore

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    always been proud of the place i grew up and was educated. always have fond memories to remember. what sets aloysius apart is tis campus and facilities. congratulations and a big thank you to all concerned for their unrelenting efforts.

  • Prakash Benis, Belthangady/United Kingdom

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    Congratulations Fr Denzil. I was the first President of Konkan Associaciation when Konkan Sangh Started in Aloysis college in 1994. I really recall and admired source of inspiration and encouragement from Fr Denzil for the Konkan association together with John D'silva and Lawrence D'souza. Their encouraging words still resound in my heart and feel great for being the first pioneers of konkani Sangh utive committee. Congrats St Aloysis team.

  • Preeth, USA

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    Great to hear the progress made by St. Aloysius, and congratulations to all!!!

  • Yvonne D'sa, Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    Congratulations Fr Denzil - and best wishes for continued success!It just goes to prove that hard work and dedication can always make a difference.

  • Julian D'Souza, USA/India

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    Thank you to the Jesuit for providing world class education to the residents of Mangalore and its surrounds. World class not just in academics, but more so in values. I am sure the Beeri campus of St Aloysius will be a world leader in producing educated individuals of the highest caliber and values. As someone who has had the benefit of receiving this finest education from the Jesuits I can vouch for it. Thank you Fr. Denzil and thank you Jesuit Priests.

  • Santhosh Sequiera, Bantwal/USA

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    I was a student of Fr. Denzil in 1995. He is the one who always motivated us to progress in computer field and take up something different. I like his ability to convey the material in a way that not only makes sense but is easy to remember. He is man with great ideas and practical wisdom. Fr. Denzil, Congratulations for the great work. A great project like this deserves a very high appreciation.

  • Fr Denzil Lobo SJ, St Aloysius College, mangalore

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    I feel very embarrassed to see so many encomiums heaped on me. I would like to bring to your attention that it is not only me, but so many people who have been responsible in setting up this NEW CAMPUS for Management & IT programmes. Hence the credit also should go to so many. To mention just a few, it is Fr Francis Serrao SJ, present Provincial and former Rector of St Aloysius College who was the one who supported the project, and even when we did not have financial resources, he took a bold step to start the project two years back.

    Fr Leo Perera Sj has been looking into the ution of the project since the inception. He has been visiting the spot almost every day, right from the day the foundation stone was laid back in March 2008. Our Alumni in US have formed the association know as APNA ( Aloysian Partners from North America) under the leadership of Fr Ozzie Mascarenhas, the Chairman and Dr Dinker Rai, the President along with Mr Tony D’Silva, Dr. Ram Rao from Canada, Dr Marian Kamath, Mr Max Rasquinha, Mr Sanjay Currie, Mr Vinod Menezes, Mr Victor Pais, Mr Arthur Shenoi, Mr. Praveen Menezes, Mr Jayaram Bhat, Mr Charles Rodrigues, Mr Joe Gonsalves, Mr Ashok Mathias and a host of other Aloysians from US and Canada. They are taking keen interest in the project.

    From UAE we have Mr Ivan Fernandes and Mr Charles D”Souza who have taken upon the responsibility to organize and get support form our alumni and friends. This is really a gigantic task. You may not know, but we are having huge debt which will amount to Rs 17 crores within next two months. Let us work together to build this world class Institution, here in Mangalore.

  • Fr.J.B.Crasta, mangalore

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    Dear Fr.Denzil, Congratulations for the great work.

  • Laxmidas M, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    It is a matter of great delight that Father Denzil's dream is coming true. Father Denzil is a friendly guide & his dedication & diligent working to create world class Institite to the younger generation of M'lore is a big advantage for Mangaloreans. When we were studing in SAC, father Denzil was an adorable & favourite educator in our college & I am sure he still has that charisma. I wish all the best to Father Denzil & his team for this wonderful project & hope SAC will be recongnised all over the world.

  • George Pais, Urwa Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 25 2009

    What a gift From Jesuits, to our next generation,Thanks for all involved in this gigantic Task.

  • Deep Aranha, Mangalore / Dubai

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations Fr. Denzil, Your presentation to us on your visit to Dubai was very impressive and it is great to see this vision taking shape on ground. My best wishes to you and your team in taking this campus to great heights.

  • Ajith, Manipal

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congrats Fr.Denzil.Its a superb project. The computer center looks really fabulous.

  • Shakir Hussain, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Dear Fr. Denzil Fantastic job and a great vision. Wish you the project every success

  • Arun Lukose, Athens Georgia

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations to Fr.Denzil and all for this great endevour. May the new institution be a light of knowledge for many people.

  • Noel Pereira, Mangalore/Toronto Canada

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations for translating a vision into reality by Fr Denzil Lobo and wellwishers. The new campus block reminds me of the old St.Aloysisus building.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Beeri complex of the Jesuits under the leadership of Fr. Denzil will shine in the years to come. The scenic drive from Mangalore to Beeri via the Netravati bridge is indeed worth the time and effort. Thousands of young men and women will enjoy the intellectual benefits amidst all the modern facilities of the state of the art project, and will help Mangalore to gain all the name and fame that it richly deserves. Projects such as these need everyone to come forward and render whatever hand of help possible.

    We have visited the site more than once and are truly impressed with the efforts of Fr. Denzil and the team. The help and support for Beeri concept will come from all parts of the world - slowly but steadily, and we shall do our humble part in whichever way we can in order to make Beeri as a frequent tourist spot of attraction during our retirement life in Mangalore. Educational contributions from the Catholic Institutions in India deserve our wholehearted support because it strenthens the value of secularism and will stimulate the Christian values throughout India.

  • Luca Dsilva, Mudarangadi, now Jeddah

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations ! Fr Denzil,Charles & Ivan. It is really a great work in our M'lore City. We could not acquire MCA/MBA, but with your great pain and restless days our younger generation can get the education. Thanks once more for your exceptional work.

  • Dr S. Sridhar, Beeri/ Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Thanks Mr Charles for writing about the new Campus. I joined AIMIT this September and feel proud to be part of the AIMIT team under the leadership of Fr Denzil. We have a small but committed team of faculty who want to make a difference for our students through various measures - right from induction in the I semester to placements in the IV semester. We are planning to launch research activities, MDPs and Short Term Training Programmes. Syllabus revision is on the agenda, with choice-based credit systems. We invite you to visit the new Campus and have a look at the academic block, administrative block, auditorium etc., You can see a marvel of structure with abundance of space and natural elements such as air and light percolating through. We invite you to visit the campus Thanks for the nice post

  • Edgar D'Souza, Montreal

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Charles has done a great job in explaining the project. Congratulations to Fr Denzil on his accomplishment to date. Having studied at St Aloysius, I am very proud of the achievment

  • Ashik(MCA Student 2006 BATCH), Bangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations.Another feather in Fr Denzils Cap.Congrats to entire team.Hope AIMIT gets global recognition

  • Royston Prabhu, Bejai, KSA

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Being an ex Aloysian, I am proud that the institution is growing and serving the community in a very great manner. I am sure that one day it will be a institute of international repute. Congrats Fr. Denzil and your Team.

  • Shivaraya Kamath, Bantval

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    My hearty congratulation to Rev.Fr.Denzil.The transformation of computer Institute into world class management & IT Institute is only possble for his sincere efforts.Though he was a Professor in Chemistry he has acheived tremendous progress in the feild of IT.

  • Ajith Lobo, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations Fr Denzil for dreaming to ahve such a big institution . I like to congratulate Fr Leo Pereira also for his help in building such a great institution. All the best for others who stay there

  • Anthony Gomes, Sirsi/Dubai

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Dear Fr.Denzil, Congratulations for the great work. A great project like this deserves a very high appreciation. i wish all the luck and great sucess for AIMIT in the coming years. This definately should be another great landmark for the mangalore city.

  • Horace Coelho, Bombay/Waterloo,Ontario, Canada

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Heartiest congratulations Father Denzil on this outstanding achievement! Although I was educated at St. Xavier's College, Bombay my father, Patrick Coelho, studied at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore,which continues to be in the forefront of quality education in India and the world! We regret our inability to attend the inauguration, but send our best wishes for this historic occasion. Warmest regards, Horace and Rita Coelho Waterloo, Ontario Canada

  • Victor Lewis, Boston, USA

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Excellent article. Wonderful to know about Ivan and Charles giving back to the community in Mangalore. They are setting a tremendous example for the rest of us.

  • Abdul Hameed, krishnapura / dubai

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Fr Denzil, Great job, heartly congratulations,we would like to see the College No.1,definately by the Grace of Almighty.

  • William Rodrigues, Bajpe, AbuDhabi

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Congratulations to Fr.Denzil SJ and to all Jesuits who were responsible to get this task fulfilled. Congrates to Fr. Provicial too for his support.

  • Naveen Cardoza, Mangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Great work Fr. Denzil. If not all,i know at least a bit of the enormous amount of hardwork that you have put into this project.I really appreciate.I have seen the campus.Its a great opportunity for Mangalore to develop its entrepreneurs.Ivan and KEL are also doing a commendable job for aspiring entrepreneurs.God bless you people.

  • Fr Francis Serrao, SJ, Bangalore

    Tue, Nov 24 2009

    As one who was very much invoved from the very beginning of the dream for a second campus for St Aloysius College which has now come to realization in the verdant surroundings of Beeri I was very happy to read your wonderful write up on this campus which has begun to hum with activity and pulsate with young, energetic and enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Fr Denzil Lobo deserves all the credit for the great achievement. So too many of our close collaborators, fellow Jesuits and generous friends who dipped deep into their pockets in order to help us realize this dream. From this point of view, St Aloysius Colege, which began more than 125 years ago as a Jesuit response to the persistent pleas of the citizens of Mangalore continues to be "Namma College" or "Amchi Colege". We are indeed proud to be the "Peoples' College". It is the people of Managalore, our Past students, the parents of our students, our friends, well wishers and in a particular Mangalorean Catholics wherever they may be who have been pillars of support to us in this worthy venture. Listing them here would take pages. But their names are carved in gold in memory screnes. The words of one of th Jesuit Alumni says it all: "For us the word "Jesuit" is not an identity, but a "value". What more can an Alma Mater wish for?

  • Lawrence Misquith, Mangalore/dubai

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congratulations! Jesuit priests at st Aloysius college are doing a excellant job by providing quality education to our society.Keep it up the Good work and God bless you always.

  • Jude Rego, Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congratulations Fr. Denzil, Been to visit the campus and really it is a stupendous effortfrom your side. Let this new campus educate students without any bar of cate or creed like the Aloysian institutes have always done. Congrats once again.

  • ArchieMenezes, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Thank you Charles for the well written and informative article. A dream called Beeri project has been made possible mainly because of the tireless efforts and strong leadership of Fr. Denzil against many odds. We salute Fr. Denzil and the team of Jesuits and others who are spending sleepless nights for the betterment of the society and for Mangalore in particular. Archie Menezes - Kuwait

  • rolland monteiro, falnir/dubai

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congrats,Fr.denzil and your team.i had done my earlier studies in st.aloysisus,and i am very proud of this instituion.We also are haveing a great reuinion of our 10th std 1975 batch, meeting after 34years,on 27th december,and will be meeting our old mates on this great reunion day.looking forward to see you all in mangalore soon.

  • Sohan Albuquerque, Bejai - Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congratulations and all the very best to the new campus of AIMIT / SABS. Well done Mr. Charles for the inputs given here. Congrats Fr. Denzil on the new baby in your cap. Even though the email above was not sent directly to me or copied to me purposely by the management above, still my comments are on for my Great Alma Mater. Proud to be an Aloysian. All the very best.... May the hard work and talent here reach new hieghts. Best Wishes Always. Sohan Albuquerque.

  • Fr. Leslie Shenoy, USA/Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congratulations, great job and wish you, the staff and students all the best. A good and balanced education will make our young people great leaders. Jesuits have worked hard in the field of education, and keep up the good work. You have touched many lives and I pray that the good Lord continue bless you, guide you and help you to fulfill all that you desire and I believe you can do it. God bless - Fr. Shenoy

  • Tony, Mangalore / USA

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Charles, thank you for writing on St. Aloysius. You, as a non-Aloysian, seem to have found a new love and motivation in taking up the cause of St. Aloysius. No doubt, Beeri New Campus, housing IT and MBA programs is a great and bold step taken up by St. Aloysius College, my alma mater.

    I congratulate Fr. Denzil, a visionary and an innovative leader. This is an ambitious project - to be one of the top most institutes in India. We should not forget that the top most institutes in India, such as IIMs and IITs are heavily subsidized by the Govt. of India. St. Aloysius will find this a great challenge to be the best among the best with meagre resources.

    This is a time and opportunity for the alumni and also the people of Mangalore, now spread all over the universe (on the moon too, I hear!) to recognize the contribution the college has made in its history of over 130 years and support this project.

    Charles and the Team are on the right path in creating a global network of the alumni and rally them behind this project and further growth of St. Aloysius as an autonomous college. Beeri campus, under Fr. Denzil's leadership, will put Mangalore on an international map along with other IT companies (Infosys, Wipro, etc.) coming up in its vicinity. Long live my alma mater in the service of Mangalore and Karnataka and long live amchi Mangala Uru!

  • Walter Pais, Mumbai

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    It is very encouraging, that the place where I was born, had my early education, and grounding in life, under the able guidance of the Fathers of St. Aloysius, and all the teachers who taught us there, I must say that new ventures and expansion in education will greatly benefit all the young people of Mangalore and the adjoining areas.

    This institution has always been open to all creeds and faiths, and I have had some of my best friends among these, and am sure the Institution will continue this tradition, and open its doors to all, regardless of their status. May God bless you all and help you carry out this mission. Walter Pais

  • Oneal D'Cunha, Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Dear Fr. Denzil Fantastic job and a great vision. Wishing the project every success

  • Kevin Mascarenhas, Managalore/Sydney

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Fr Denzil I am sure the Jesuit Dream will bear fruit for the youngsters not only around Mangalore, but the country and abroad. With a diaspora of 25 Million Indians I am sure you will be able to attract more students who are looking for quality and affordable education in a residential school.

    All the best. I am sure with this new beggining there will be more to come and more support from the Alumini's where ever possible. A well written article Charles keep it up.

  • Leonard J. D'Souza, Dubai

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congrats Fr.Denzil. There has been a tremendous growth in the profile and outlook of the institute over the past couple of decades. I have no doubt that the current plans will lead SAC to a much higher level of excellence, recognition and service quality. I am sure the TEAM needs all the help they can get and its time for all the Alumni to stand up and be counted.

  • Claude Pinto, Mangalore/Sharjah

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Well Done Charles, Thanks for your Article on AIMIT. Great Job of Jesuits. Hats off to Fr Denzil for his vision towards education of future generation. Wish him all the best.

  • Loy Lobo, Mangalore, Oman

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Hats off to you Fr. Denzil and your team. Education for our future generation is a great priority, thank you for making this possible and available to many more.

  • Verona Pinto, Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Its a superb project. The computer center looks really fabulous.

  • Melwyn SJ , Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Quality education makes responsible citizens! I feel proud of the new campus of St. Aloysius College at Beeri with its state of the art facilities. May God bless AIMIT ! May it become an oasis of higher learning in this modern era. All the best Fr. Denzil and Team!

  • S Sudhir, Bangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    hello Fr.. The pic of admn block structure looks like a piece of marvel....i am sure lot of your ideas may have gone into the architecute......another landmark in the making after Aloysius Chappel....your dream & determination to set up a world class Management & IT institution is fast becoming a realty...all the best....

  • Maxim, Mangalore/Tripoli,Africa

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    I was a student of Fr.Denzil (he was a Chemistry Lecturer fresh from Loyala college then)in 1986-87.He was a different teacher altogether ,innovative and the one who could motivate us to study AND TAKE UP SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT.We students then had this impression about him that he is a a jesuit missionary and visionarry par excellence. He is Man with ideas and practical wisdom.We see a great future and proud almamater with his accomplishments. May God bless him

  • Narayan, Gadag/Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Its indeed great to see the mission is set to reach the vision..I loved it. Would be very proud to be alumni of St.Aloysius, I do my part of service if i get an opportunity..

  • Arthur Shenoi, Mangalore/California

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    I liked the article by Ivan and Charles on Aimit. More such articles should be published in more web sites for publicity and to attractmore Amlumi. Currently I am busy in th on-going progress of preparing letters to 30 USA and Canada Charitable Foundations. Next plan is to prepare letters to USA Jesuit Universities and Colleges for a donation and/or An Inerest Free Loan.All letters would be signed FR. Rector. Request your prayers for success.-Arthur

  • Vinod Katti, Mangalore/Switzerland

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    To see St.Aloysius, my alma mater, grow with every passing year makes me and thousands of us fill our hearts with pride. With addition of one new department every year St.Aloysius Mangalore is not only getting attention nationally but also internationally. AIMIT is just the beginning of another era. Great job by Mr Charles, Father Denzil and his team.

  • Ramprasad Ashok, mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Iam proud to to say that iam alumini of this Prestigious college. God Bless Father Denzil.He always been source of support and inspiration to me...Happy to see Aloysius Grow and reach new level.

  • sheldon, mangalore/muscat

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    great initiative from mr.charles. great job Fr Denzil for building one of the best educational institutes in mangalore.heard that the institute has good infrastructure.... from my cousin studying there

  • Ravikiran P, Mngalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Hello Fr Denzil. Good article and a good decision to highlight the various activities through meida. It will definetly do a word of good for publicity. Good work. Please continue.

  • Canet Roydon Vas, Asha Kiran, Pumpwell

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    i, in person, have visited the is really fantastic. Good place for good infrastructure facilities etc. i am proud to say that at present i am doing my in the same institution in mangalore .

  • cyril, ashakiran

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    hello fr. Denzil... congrats looks really great!!! it really makes us proud!!!

  • FLAVIAN DSOUZA, banaglore/chikmagalur

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Great initiative. Mangalore was lacking a dedicated WORLD CLASS IT INSTITUTE. Good luck

  • David Pinto, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Dear Fr. Denzil, Congratulations and wish you all the best..I'm sure your guidance coupled with the Jesuit's motto will take the institute to greater heights..Proud to be an Aloysian..David

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Congrats to Charles for the well worded, well deliberated document. The mustard seed that was sown by the nine Jesuits of sacred memory on The Idgah Hill has now grown into a mighty tree. One Hundred and thirty years of hard work and sacrifices thereafter by several Jesuits have borne much fruit. The Beeri project is a step in the right direction. It is estimated that this venture would cost the exchequer over sixty crores. During the first phase alone The Project owes the banks over seventeen crores and unless funding at the optimum level is generated AIMIT will be in deep trouble. Both Charles and Ivan are indeed dedicated people with a fund of knowledge. I had occasions of meeting them at my residence individually. However in the context of the present situation it is extremely important that through various contacts, funding agencies including corporate bodies are identified in areas like North America. Middle East is been a fertile ground where several people go to for funds with success. Would it possible for some one to identify some sheik who can come forward and reach out to AIMIT?. On the Beeri front it is observed that Father Denzil handles all aspects of management and it is practically impossible for a single person to handle such a huge project. It is therefore expedient that he has a couple of scholastics to attend to routine matters leaving Father Denzil free to attend to major aspects of management and planning the future of all the projects. Joe Gonsalves

  • Rajendra S Kudwa, Manipal

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    I'm an alumni of St. Aloysius College. Feels great when the institute is doing yeomen service to the society.

  • Abdul Kareem Kalmata, Riyadh /Bandiyodu

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    informative article.. congratulations to Fr. Denzil. hope the institue will start some distant eduactaion/ open university program for working people /people are in abroad/ one who cannot do higher studies due to various reasons

  • parvez, Mangalore/ Riyadh

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Aloysius is the 'Eyes of Mangalore' More than hundred years of service in the feild of education. Wonderful achievements by the dedicated people. Regardless of cast and community lacs of students got the education in this institution. Congratulations for the great achievements.

  • Colin D'souza, Bendur/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Great work Charles, Fr. Denzil and Ivan!! It is indeed a great development for Mangalore. St. Aloysius College has been the back bone of quality education in Mangalore and has continuously nutured talent across the district and made them shine in their respective fields for over 125 years. I feel we should whole heartedly support this venture of SAC by giving back to the institute that has given so much to each one of us. Once again great job.. 'Team'

  • Peter Rasquinha, Abbotsford, Canada

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    It is very nice to know the exceptional growth at St. Aloysius College. I an an alumni of the college and very proud to be so. Thank you fr. Denzil for your exceptional commitment to the growth and success of the college Peter

  • fr denzil, Mangalore

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Charles thank you very much for this article on our NEW CAMPUS. We have a great task ahead..and I am sure our friends and alumni will be there to support us. I want as many to come and visit this campus and see for themselves the work being done. Our aim is to set up a WORLD CLASS Management & IT Institute in Mangalore to impart quality education and form leaders for the industry and business. I am also happy to inform you that already, from the second batch of our MBA students we have entrepreneurs...I wish more of them take up the challenge....

  • Mark Denis D'souza, Niddodi/Sharjah,U.A.E.

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Well informed article,best wishes to the team,Fr.Denzil Lobo,Mr.Charles D'souza and Ivan Fernandes.We need to be educate younger generation to build up better socity.

  • Jennifer Noronha, Dubai

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Thank you, Charles, for sharing this well-written and well-informed article. Congratulations to you and the entire team who have contributed in every possible way to make this happen. It really makes us all feel proud of the team's achievement in this field and the fact that many students will benefit from this facility. Indeed, this is a milestone to celebrate. We wish the Institute all the success that it so deserves. Congratulations and All the Best !

  • charles furtado, puttur d.k., india

    Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Dear Father Denzil, congratulations and wish you all the best. I am proud of you being classmate at St Philomenas Puttur

  • Dhiraj Sequeira, Kelarai

    Sun, Nov 22 2009

    Fr Denzil wonderful look for the new ccampus. Feel like doing MCA or MBA. We missed the chance. All the best and looking forward for the new s.

  • Simon, Mangalore Dhahran

    Sun, Nov 22 2009

    Charles, thank you for well expalined article and narration. The "Team" has done a wonderful job and wish all the success. I am an alumini and certified Computer Security Professional and provide guidance in several areas. We are proud of our historical institution and available for guest lectures in your school during our regular trips to Mangalore. my contact email is Please let me know how we can help and participate in your activities.

  • raymond dcunha,Editor Pingara news paper, taccode,valencia mangalore

    Sun, Nov 22 2009

    A good developmant in the field of education by dedicated people

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