'Health Consciousness in Middle Age' – Treasure Trove of Health in Konkani

Nov 19, 2009

While introducing this to all our daijiworld readers, I must apologize for disappointing all those who are not able to read Konkani in Kannada script. "Madhyam Prayer Bolaike Zothan' (Health conscience in Middle Age) is a valuable book written by daijiworld health columnist, Konkani writer and ortho physcian at Fr Muller Hospital, Mangalore Dr Edward Nazareth. But I would like to assure our Non-konkani readers that, efforts are on to bring the English translation of the book soon.

The reason why I say 'must read book' is that there are no much literature available in Konkani on health consciousness. Dr Edward is one such rare doctor, who contributes on health tips in all Konkani periodicals and the website daijiworld.com for years now.

Dr Edward Nazareth

A 354-page book, printed in Mangalore, published by Nazareth Publications Mangalore though priced at Rs 250, it is priceless. Every individual who is over 28 years must posses this book as this contain health tips right from heart attack, diabetes, problems related to digestive system, knees, eyes, kidney stone, men and women’s sexual health and many such problems. The book not only highlights the problems, but Dr Edward has tried his best to provide with a solution. Though this book may not provide assurance as to one could entirely skip his visit to a physician, but certainly will help prevent lots of sickness before it take one for a ride. 
Dr Edward is an orthopaedician by profession, but he advises on every field of medicine. Though he may not suggest a cure for diseases which does not come under his specialization, he suggests suitable doctors. He considers his profession as a social responsibility. Dr Edward's service is not restricted to his patients alone, but extends to all the needy! Lloyd Rego, Konkani writer in his introduction speaking about Dr Edward says "There are plenty of doctors in our society, but doctors like Edward are rare, who posses qualities of social responsibility and commitment". The persons who have come in touch with Dr Edward will readily agree with this.

Fr Patrick Rodrigues, director of Fr Muller's Mangalore has written foreword for this book. "Human life is God's greatest gift, and hence for a good life taking care of health is very important. One can live happily only if he possesses good health. Today’s fast-changing world has brought revolution in medical field, but there are several sickness which cannot be controlled by human being or any doctor can cure them. In such a world, it is very important to be health conscious right from the young age and specially while nearing middle age" he expresses.

Fr Patrick highlights that, there are plenty of information available in English regarding health, but in Konkani very little. Dr Edward Nazareth has taken marathon effort in compiling this book, which could be one of the important possessions of Konkani community around. While admiring the information available on this book, Fr Patrick suggests everyone to possess a copy of his own.

Sneak Peek into Book
The book contains eight different sections beginning with 'Healthy Life' , where Dr Edward has narrated about topics 'Health is a culture' and ‘Health Consciousness in Women' Both sections explain how life could be dangerous if one does not take care of his life style, especially those who have family history. Further more for one who does not believe in healthy lifestyle and exercise. This also explains how minimum physical exercise can save one from big disasters.
'Heart Attack and Health' section explains that there was a time when heart attack affected only those who were above 45! But now the scenario has changed with persons in early 20s being killed due to heart attack. Book explains about how one can visit the doctor at young age and thereafter maintain his health. Apart from lifestyle, diet food, and exercise, meditation like prayer and devotion can also control diseases, he informs.

Can one Aspirin a day reduce heart attack? Reading the book will give you the exact answer.
Symptoms of heart attack, precaution to avoid heart attack, a pain in the heart called 'Angina', impact from smoking, suggestion to quit smoking, cholesterol and heart attack risk, suggestion to control cholesterol level, blood pressure and related diseases, terms such as angioplasty and bypass surgery are narrated with illustration.

In a similar manner, the book gives complete details on the diseases like acidity, peptic ulcer, kidney stone, gallbladder, loose-motion, piles problem, back pain, computer and bone related problems and computer and eye related problems.
Dr Edward's book gains special scores with problems related to women being narrated in detail with ranging from gynaecological problems such as of irregular periods, white dispatch and cervical cancer or carcinoma of the cervix, female sexual dysfunction, orgasm disorders and sexual pain disorders. Dr Edward has succeeded in providing either a suggestion or solution with medication.
On the whole the entire book could be a treasure trove of health one can have at his or her home. This book can be referred at any given time when you find symptoms, prior to visiting Doctors. The book will also give one a lot of confidence to explain to the doctor about the problem one faces. Since many of the medical terms are in English, it will be handy to a common man.
As the Konkani readers are not great in numbers it is a great effort by the publishers to have brought this book, the quality and cost of printing of which are much higher than the price.

We at daijiworld are proud that, Dr Edward Nazareth has been patiently answering health and sex related queries to the readers of the website since last six years. Many readers thanked daijiworld via e-mail, phone, or in person for helping them in providing the much needed health information through his columns. There are several other people from around the world who make it a point to visit Dr Edward to get higher knowledge on the problems they face whenever they visit Mangalore. 


Interested can buy this valuable book by sending an email to dredwardortho@yahoo.co.in or writing to the following address:

Dr Edward L Nazareth
401, Anvita Apartment
Kankanday, Mangalore - 575002
Price: Rs 250 (plus postal or courier charges, if one wishes to order within India)

Pages: 354

by Walter Nandalike
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Comment on this article

  • APL, kundapur, age 21

    Sun, Mar 27 2011

    first of all i congrats u for ur tremendous work on ths field,thnx for releasing such books, of-course " health is wealth", i would like to give u suggestion also,plz write book on adolescent - adult,(changes tht takes place in their physical and mental development )becoz many misunderstood many things wht happns to their body. thank you

  • adi, DUBAI

    Tue, Feb 08 2011

    health is very precious than any kind of wealth in this field Dr Nazreth submitting his full effort to awareness in between his casual duty,so we are proud of him we have a Mr south kenara putter thank him his good contribution in middle age treasure.

  • Belur Lolaksha, Udupi

    Mon, Sep 27 2010

    Congrats Dr Edward Nazareth, You have been doing a great job for educating the masses through your books.
    Jai Konkani Language!!!!!!!
    Jai Konkan Railway !!!!!!!

  • janet , Shirva

    Tue, Dec 01 2009

    Congratulations to you.Wish you good luck&all the best

  • L.J.Dsouza, Brahmavar

    Sat, Nov 21 2009

    Congratulations to Doctor, Your book is a great treausure to Mangaloreans. Wish you all the best,

  • Dr.Anand and Geeta N Pereira, Sakleshpur/Kadri

    Sat, Nov 21 2009

    Dr.Nazareth,your book on health consciousness, is a valuable guide for everyday living. In this modern age, we need to relearn to adapt to a healthy life style. You have filled this gap by bringing out a book which is not only affordable but where one can practice healthy living.Thanks to Walter Nandalike for the review.

  • Eddie Sequeira, Mangalore/Doha

    Sat, Nov 21 2009

    Congratulations Dr. Edward Nazareth for yet agin coming to the rescue of common 'middle aged' Konkani man. I hope a copy of this tresure will still be available by the time I reach Mangalore. Many a times you have come to my rescue 'for FREE' and I hope this book will put an end to it !!!. Wishing you many more books. Thank you and God Bless

  • Frederick Pinto, Shirva

    Fri, Nov 20 2009

    Dr. Edward Nazareth 'Congratulations for a wonderful gift.You have kept up the value of Konkani on your busy days in hospital. We are very glad to hear that you have published in Konkani a book called 'Madhyam Prayer Bolaike Zothen'. Yes everyone in middle age need a good health. This is a great book to keep every house to taking care of all middle age peoples. This is a quick handy guide with solution at a glance flow charts to help us diagnose and quick medical help till we go hospital. The authors goals are to help people recognize when they need to seek a doctor's help and when. I am a regular reader of hundreds of articles on various issues related to health. I remember Dr. Edward's beautiful book called 'Yuvazanak Laingik Shixon, Kazari Laingik Jivith, Bhurgyanchi Zathan, ect..ect... He also published stories in Konkani like Bhumi Vainkutanth, Advarlelem Phal,saimbachem Pathak, ect...ect... This is a God Gift. There is no doubht in my mind that this book will reach every houses. All the very best in your future books. God Bless you and your family.

  • Francis D'Souza, Mangalore

    Fri, Nov 20 2009

    I am a fan of Dr. Edward Nazareth for years now and have been reading all of his articles in various Konkani periodicals and his every column in daijiworld. I too read the book ‘Madhyam Prayer Bholyake Zothon’ in the very next week it was released. This book is one of the finest writings Dr. Edward has ever presented. Mr. Walter Nandalike has given a fantastic insight and perfect presentation of this in the review. I like Dr Edward’s writings and the present book for the way it is narrated. The language is lucid, the technical terms are made simple and at the end any reader understands the ideas and thoughts of the article. Normally these types of technical writings in media do not make an interesting reading, but Dr. Edward is an exception. As one of the reviewers of his current book wrote in Raknno, the narration is like a father explaining to his children. Dr. Edward has an exceptional talent to read the mind of common people and hence he can explain what the disease is, how it is presented, what the treatment options are and what precautions to be taken to people who have no medical knowledge. Take for example the extensive information on diabetes mellitus or heart ailments in his book. He tells in simple language but with stress on how to avoid the complications which can be fatal. Some of the tips given are so handy and practicable which normally the consultants do not tell to their patients. Dr. Edward Nazareth is a gift to our society, to many poor and needy patients and especially to Konkani speaking people. Thanks Daijiworld for this excellent presentation about Dr. Edward and his book.

  • Ruchir Agarwal, mangalore

    Fri, Nov 20 2009

    As Fr Patrick highlights says there are plenty of information available in English regarding health, but in Konkani very little true perhaps but books by Dr.Edward in English about good health in middle age i have yet to come across.If publishers come out with a English version it will reach a much wider audience and help the people.Ewen a CD version would suffice to bring down costs of printing .


    Fri, Nov 20 2009


  • Clara Lobo & D. F. Lobo, Vamanjoor-Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Hi Dr Edward, yes you have done a lot to our Society.CGS has said it already. You are 100% `Amcho Dokterab'. Hats off to you. God bless you.

  • Melwin Nancy D'souza, Milagres/Q8

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Congrtulation Mr, Dr,Edwar Nazreth on your good service. God bless you


    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Dear Dr Nazareth, Hearty congratulatins. This book will be a treasure and tonic to everyone who want to enjoy a good health. This book also gives preventive measures to maintain good health.May this book reach to all the readers. God bless

  • sillu, m'lore/ Dubai

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Congratulations Dr. I'm very glad to hear such a good news from u. Wish u good health & every success in your life. Next month i will be M'lore, definitely i want to buy this book. Can you pls advise me where I can get this book?

  • CGS, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Dr.Edward Lawrence Nazareth is more than a doctor.He is a friend,guide, counsellor and consoler of aam aadmi(common man)Through word and pen,he serves God and men!May God grant us all good health and happiness. All the Best Dr.Edward!

  • Sharon Rego, Dubai

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Thank you Dr, for your wonderful service. Mum's doing good by your kind reference to a good neuro surgeon years ago and also a physiotherapist. if we make it to mangalore during december hope we could get copies of the book. shall send you details.

  • vimith peter mathias, PILAR/ SHIRVA.

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    congrats Dr.EDWARD NAZ awaiting for your next project. best of luck. vimith/sharjha.

  • leena monteiro, kulshekar

    Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Congrats Dr. Nazreth.... i have been hearing a lot about you... inspite of being a professional Doctor, u have kept up the value of KONKANI... very very glad to hear that you have published in konkani a book called HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS IN MIDDLE AGE" ..I am very much interested to read this.. may god bless u and your family members. Thank you very much.

  • vijay hattangadi, udupi

    Wed, Nov 18 2009

    Can u please inform me about translated edition in English so as to place the order. I stay presently in Pune. Thanks VKH

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