The Mangalorean Touch at Sparsh and its Vachana

Oct 27, 2009

Bangalore: A little known factor and a matter of pride for all Mangaloreans is the presence of a highly qualified specialist paediatric orthopedic surgen Dr James Alfred Fernandes, who is presently working in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK, as the leader of the 15-member team of UK-based doctors.

“He is one of the well-known names in paediatric orthopedic surgery and is highly regarded among his peers in UK and elsewhere,’’ remarked Dr Patil while warmly appreciating the unstinted cooperation and wholehearted support extended by Dr Fernandes.

Dr Patil disclosed that eminent heart surgeon Dr Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya, who is also a Mangalorean, and many others, had spoken very highly of Dr Fernandes, who just turned 48.

“I met Dr Fernandes at a conference last year. When we were discussing about the hospital and told him about my dream of conducting the Vachana project to help the young children, Dr Fernandes volunteered to support. After frequent telephone calls and email messages, we were able to finalise the entire programme,’’ he said.

Dr Fernandes and his team of specialist doctors as well as three experienced nurses have come down to Bangalore on their own without charging anything for their services. “We did not have to pay even for the to and fro airfare. All that we did is line up the patients and ensured the availability of operation theatre and other facilities, including the equipment and materials, besides arranging for local accommodation and food,’’ Dr Patil said explaining that the UK team of doctors would start their day at dawn with necessary planning and continuous surgery and visit the patients for review and follow-up till late in the evening and start planning for next days surgery.

“Thus, the UK team of doctors led by Dr Fernandes would begin their day between 4.30 and 5.30 in the morning and go on till 9 to 10 in the night along with the hospital’s doctors and staff,’’ he said pointing out that a conservative estimate of the total cost of the Sparsh Vachana programme would be Rs 1 crore, which would have been manifold in the normal course. Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and PLRS lead, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Barnsley District General Hospital.

In fact, Bangalore Archbishop Bernard Moras, who visited the hospital to meet the patients and the team of doctors, expressed his pleasant surprise and joy that an alumni of St John’s Hospital, Bangalore, where he had served as a Director, had risen to such an eminent position in the medical profession in his chosen field in a highly competitive country like UK.

"When I heard that a Dr Fernandes is leading the team of expert doctors from UK, I wondered to myself whether he was from Goa or Maharashtra. I am really glad to learn that Dr Fernandes hails from Mangalore and had studied and practiced in St John’s Hospital when I was its Director,’’ he said hoping that Dr Fernandes will become the guiding spirit and role model from many more budding doctors and help the less fortunate sections of society.

The Archbishop congratulated Dr Fernandes and his professional colleagues as also the management of Sparsh hospital, especially Dr Patil.

Taking time off to speak to Daijiworld from his busy schedule of round-the-clock surgeries, Dr Fernandes said he was proud to be associated with Sparsh and its Vachana programme made possible because of the pro-active role of Dr Patil. ``This is our contribution to society. I and my colleagues, who have come all the way from UK, do not consider our work as charity even though we have spent from our own pockets and do not charge anything for our services,’’ he said.

To a specific question on whether he would consider his involvement in a similar programme in his alma mater St John’s Hospital or even his native place of Mangalore at hospitals like Fr Muller’s or Kasturba Medical College, he said: ``If such an opportunity arises, we will be too glad to help. But it needs enormous expenditure and commitment in selecting deserving patients, ensuring necessary equipment and material besides follow-up action. It is a long-term commitment and nothing is impossible if there is a will, zeal and determination.’’

Currently, Dr Fernandes is serving as the Examiner for FRCS (Tr & Ortho) in UK and specialist adviser for NICE, UK, besides being the Deputy Head of Training for Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery, South Yorkshire and Humberside Deanery. He is also the Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Sheffield, and Secretary, British Limb Reconstruction Society, UK.

Dr Fernandes is a key member of the British Orthopaedic Association, British Society for Children’s Orthopaedic Surgery, British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, British Limb Reconstruction Society, Skeletal Dysplasia Group and British Medical Association.

Born on April 13, 1961, at Kulshekar, in Mangalore, Dr Fernandes, who is affectionately called as Jemma by his family members and close friends, is the son of late Natalia and R D Fernandes. Ninth among a large family of ten children, he did his early schooling at St Joseph’s Primary School, Kulshekar, and secondary education at Padua High School, Mangalore, and pre-university education at St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Dr Fernandes did his MBBS from St John’s Medical College, Bangalore in 1983 and practiced there. In 1986, he obtained his Diploma in Orthopedics at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Mangalore and did his Master of Surgery in Orthopedics from MR Medical College, Gulbarga in 1990 and passed his Diploma in National Board Examination for Orthopedics (DNB Ortho) in 1991. He completed his Master of Orthopaedic Surgery (Mch. Orth) from University of Liverpool, UK in 1995. He passed the Inter-Collegiate Board Examination in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery, London, UK in 1998 and became a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, FRCS, Glasgow, UK in 2001.

A brilliant student, Dr Fernandes had won the most coveted prize for Best Outgoing Performance at the Master of Orthopaedic Surgery Examination at the Liverpool University, UK, in 1995, the Best Outgoing Student Dr K P Nayak Endowment Award in his D’Ortho Examination at Manipal as also the first prize in the D’ Ortho  Examination held by the Mangalore University in 1986 besides First Class in General Surgery, Pathology, Ophthalmology,  Microbiology distinction  for Preventive and Social Medicine in his MBBS Examination in 1984.

Dr Fernandes is credited with a large number of publications and medical papers on a wide range of subjects in paediatric orthopaedics, limb reconstructive surgery, paralytic conditions in childhood surgery, limb lengthening and correction of deformity in the lower limbs of children with osteogenesis imperfecta, implantation of a soft tissue expander before operation for clubfoot in children etc.

He has the rare distinction of contributing several chapters in medical textbooks on advanced examination techniques in orthopaedics pertaining to orthopaedic examination techniquies in children, genetic disorders of Indian subcontinent and unusual indications regarding elastic stable intramedullary nailing. He ia also associated with several research projects as lead investigator.

by Gabriel Vaz - Daijiworld Media Network , Bangalore
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Comment on this article

  • Roque Dcunha, Bangalore

    Sat, Mar 15 2014

    Dear Dr James, I cannot express my joy for changing my Life. I can walk, can dance, can run, can jog on speed -9 on treadmill, and am overwhelmed.

  • Roque Dcunha, Bangalore

    Mon, Oct 17 2011

    We wish you Dr. James, Lester, and its entire team, all the best in all future endeavours.

    May God Be kind and Merciful for your dedication and support.

  • alice dsouza, nagori, mangalore

    Wed, Oct 20 2010

    We're proud of you, dear Jemma. We wish you all the best and may God bless you as you continue to serve.alice, cecilia akai mangalore

  • Patrick Fernandes, Bondel/Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Feb 27 2010

    Great Acheivements Jemma.Congratulations .Being a Examiner for FRCS is GREAT.Also keep up the GOOD WORK in helping the Needy.You Make all Mangaloreans Proud.Convey My Regards to all family Members particularly Rony.

  • James Fernandes, Kulshekar,Mangalore/Sheffield, UK

    Sat, Nov 07 2009

    Dear all Thank you very much for all your best wishes. It is time for most of us who are better off to return some of our time to those who are underprivileged. I am sure that all of you already do the needful. Long live the Spirit of Mangalore beyond religion,creed,caste,class and gender. Regards to all of you Jamma Proud to be a Mangalorean!

  • parveez, mangalore

    Sun, Nov 01 2009

    hi charity works well done and special thanks for doctors

  • ajit maheshwar, BANGALORE

    Sun, Nov 01 2009

    hi Jemma, i am indeed very proud that a dear friend of mine is involved in such noble work. hope this will inspire other doctors to follow in your foot steps.keep up the good work eh . All the best


    Sun, Nov 01 2009

    hi Jemma,good work and a great way to serve the community.It has been my privilage to have known you.

  • Sr. M.Naomi ocd, Kulshakar. Hassan

    Sat, Oct 31 2009

    Dear Jemma, What a wonderful work you have done to the needy and helpless ones - The “Little ones“ of God. May God bless and reward you and your team. May many more experience the healing touch of God through you and all others who uplift the cause of the poor.. We are happy to hear from the Camp organized by Dr. Patil – Director of Sparsh Foundation that there are noble and dedicated people at the service of the needy. We keep all of you in our prayers. From Sr. M.Naomi & community. Carmel Matha Ashram. Hassan


    Fri, Oct 30 2009


  • jesintha lobo, siddakatte,KSA

    Fri, Oct 30 2009

    Congratulations Dr.james i know you from St.Johns hospital when i was a student there.keep up the good work.we are proud of you.

  • Ida D'Souza, Kateel/Kolhapur

    Fri, Oct 30 2009

    Hi Jamma, Congrats we are proud of you. It is a great achievment keep it up. God Bless you and your family & give you strenth & good health.

  • Leslie Meena dubai, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Dear Dr. Jemma & team , Thank you very much for the Service. We are proud of you . Dear Gabbu , very nice article . Keep the Good work . Regards Leslie

  • James Dcunha, Mangalore/Boston

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Dear Uncle James, It was great to read this article and always grateful for being with us in our times of need. May God bless you and your family. Congratulations once again. Regards Roy

  • smita, bangalore

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    may god bless you for your good work.

  • Nerry D Silva, Bijai/Bangalore

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Noble work for the needy,well done and we are proud of you.KONCAB fraternity BANGALORE


    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    congratulations for your social & charitable actions.

  • R W Fernandes, Bangalore/Nottingham

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Dear Jemma Uncle this is a great service to humanity.Hope more doctors follow your footsteps.We are all proud of you uncle.

  • Vinod Fernandes, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    Dr.Jemma,Great Job . We are proud of you. May Almighty God bless you abundaently for your good work.


    Wed, Oct 28 2009


  • umesh, udupi

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    keep it up Porbulu. God bless you

  • Rolphy Almeida, Kalmady/Bangalore

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    May God bless you abundantly for your good work. You are a chosen angel of God.

  • M.BHOJA ANCHAN, Udupi,Kallianapura.

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    God Bless you Dr.Fernandes.We are Proud of you it is a great news for All Mangaloreans.We wish you all the best in such future.

  • Jaison Sequeira, Mumbai

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    Dr.James, We all are happy to see you in daijiworld & also about your performance.God bless ur hand always & strengthen you in times of troubles.... Regards Jaison

  • John Vas, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    Best wishes and God's blessings shower on you dear Dr. Jemma. Only other day I was discussing with Mloreans, why in medical field our community people are not shining. I am really happy to know Dr. Jemma's achievement that too you are from Kulshekar. Let more medical Doctors come to serve the needy patients. God Bless You and keep you shining in your medical field.

  • Roy D' Silva, Cordel / Sharjah

    Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Dear Jemma, Delighted to note on your endavours and achievments. Congratulations and climb the ladder further. Recollect You being our Senior in Sacred Hearts and Your Brother okkie our Junior..

  • kalandar mahammad, harekala m'lore now in jeddha

    Wed, Oct 28 2009

    it's really great.  May God bless them

  • Irene / Donald Lewis, Bejai / Vakola-Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jamma, I and baoji are proud of you to have such a good-hearted, caring brother, You have done a wonderful job in uplifting the poor and disabled in our society. May this be a stepping stone for all the doctors who can help the needy in our society. Keep it Up!!! Congrats on this endeavour and good luck on your future endeavours. GOD BLESS YOU. Irene bai and Donald baoji

  • Pradeep, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, It is great to see you and read about you. You look just like High School days. What a noble job you are doing. Proud of you my friend. Keep up the great job.

  • Chris Anny Misquith, Kirem/Toronto/Canada

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    This is one of the example that anybody can rise up even with hard ships and dream of better future for the service of of our own people. Dear Mangaloreans, I wish there would be many more with no matter of caste and creed would rise to serve the needy. Good luck to Dr. Fernandes and Fly, you are truly an example and a role model for every Mangalorean.

  • Reny Fernandes, Kulshekar, Mangalore / Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    What a surprise & Joy to know your great achivement in medical feild & speciality in paediatric orthopedic surgery. We are happy & feel proud to see that you and your team is shining.....DR. Jemma ki jai ho.....!!! Special thanx 'Gabbu' for writing complete detailed informative article. Best wishes from Reny, Benny, Fallon, Jessica & Rayner

  • Nelisha and Darene, Mangalore/USA

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    We're proud of you, Uncle Jemma. We wish you all the best and may God bless you as you continue to serve.

  • Tony-Ancilla Monteiro, Mangalore / Doha

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Dr. Jemma, Your wonderful service towards the society is highly commendable. May God bless all your future endeavours. Tony & Ancilla Monteiro.

  • Hilda/Ronald Pereira, Kulshekar, Mangalore/Ghatkopar, Mumbai

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Mogall Jamma, Hardik Ullas tuka! Tujea borea kamak. Dev tukam most besanv dium!! Hearty Congrats! to you dear Jamma for taking up the noble cause of spastics children by arranging to conduct the pediatric Orthopedic surgeries at Bangalore's Sparsh Hospital to rescue nearly 100 children from their disability to help them live a normal life like most of us. It was indeed a great service to the society at large and the hapless children with birth defects in particular.

    We are happy that you could lead a team of UK Doctors & nurses and conduct the surgeries to correct the defects of limbs of the little children free of cost as otherwise most of these children would have to continue to live their life as spastics. It is very commendable of Mr. Gabriel Vaz, our Cordel buddy to publish this report. Congrats dear Gabbu! We congratulate Dr. Patil and his team of Indian Doctors/Nurses at Sparsh Hospital for organising this charitable and noble work.

    We feel this is a good beginning for the upliftment of our downtrodden society irrespective of caste & creed and it will inspire other hospitals such as Jamma's alma mater, St. John's Hospital at Bangalore, Fr. Muller's Hospital at Mangalore etc. We hope many sponsors will come forward to take up similar projects in future to help the poor spastics to correct their disabilities and join the mainstream of our society. We would also like to congratulate Daijiworld for highlighting social causes such as these in your esteemed website/newspap

  • Ivy D'Souza, Ottawa, Canada

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, Get ready to reed all the messages which you are getting from Fernandes families. I believe, today is the happiest day in your life and entire Fernandes families as well. What a cool pictures!!!!! . Do not worry you are still handsome. please do visit to Canada some times. Cheers, Ivy D'Souza.

  • Celine Fernandes, Capitanio, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, God bless you for your chairty work. You have made all Fernandes proud. We wish you and your family all the best. From, Fernandes family Capitanio, Mangalore.

  • ROQUE DCUNHA, Mt. Wellington, NZ.

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    I ROQUE DCUNHA, hereby state, that Dr. JAMES FERNANDES (JEMMA), who saved both my life, and permanent disability. He has put years of sacrifice and hard work. It takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a demanding course of human service. Myself & wife Leena, alongwith my own children, james from boston, chris, and Lynn from NZ, steven from Dubai, wishes whole heartedily & congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to us all. MAY GOD BLESS U ALWAYS.

  • belinda/Praveen, Mangalore/USA

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Uncle We are so proud of you.God bless you and let you do more work.

  • Hareesh n Joyce, Herndon,VA

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jamma Uncle, Congrats on this great endeavor.Wishing you success in your future.


    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, you have really shown in deed that a Mangalorean heart always beats for the poor and the needy. God bless you.Congratulations to you Vally and Bertha for the high regard you have in your brother.

  • Sunil D' Silva, Cordel-Doha/ Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, It's a matter of pride for all Mangaloreans. You have risen to great hights. I still recollect my association with you and your brother my close friend Oscar Fernandes (okkie)

  • William D'souza, Canada, Ottawa

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear James,I had the pleasure of reading your latest article and enjoyed it tremendously. You have a great talent for capturing the humor in everyday life. I am really proud of you to have such a talented college mate. I am confident that you will continue to be a success in the years to come. Good luck and God bless you.

  • Sally D'souza & Stefi D'souza, Canada, Ottawa

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Uncle James, It is a great achievement. Keep up the good work!!! Definitely, we will visit you during our next trip to UK. Good Luck!!! Sally D’Souza –Stefi D’Souza.

  • William D'souza, Canada, Ottawa

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear James,I had the pleasure of reading your latest article and enjoyed it tremendously. You have a great talent for capturing the humor in everyday life. I am really proud of you to have such a talented college mate. I am confident that, you will continue to be a success in the years to come. Good luck and God bless you.

  • Sohan,

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Hey Uncle Jemma we're all proud of you. this indeed is something to be proud of. Cheers!

  • Laveena pinto, Mangalore/kottara cross

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma We are proud of you and all the works you have undertaken over the years not only in India but abroad too. Keep the Fernandes feather flying high. from Lavi (lewis dattu daughter), Lesley and kids

  • Francis Moras, Cascia/Sharjah

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Congratulations dear Jemma ! Being your second cousin and an ex-parishioner of Cordel Church, Kulshekar, it gives me an immense pleasure to hear the news of you being a qualified specialist paediatric orthopedic surgeon in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, U.K., as the leader of 15-member team of UK-based doctors. I am very happy and proud of your achievements. Your efforts in personal success will surely be an example to the younger generation. I read your achievement through ‘Daijidubai’ and would like to take this particular opportunity to wish you all the best and good luck in your future endeavours. May the good Lord shower his choicest blessings on you abundantly for your ‘Sparsh Vachana’ programme. Also special thanks to my old friend, Gabriel Vaz (Gabbu) for publishing this distinguished article through Daijiworld. Dear Gabbu, please keep up writing similar articles. Kulshekar is shining !!!!! With best wishes from: Francis Moras (Cascia/Sharjah)

  • Edward Machado, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Hi Jemma, It's a great Job you are doing. Best wishes to You and Team.

  • Ivy D'souza, Canada Ottawa

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma, It was nice to see your pictures such a long time. Congtatulations!!! It takes a great deal of talent, goal and determination to achive such a challenging goal, and it's very inspiring to me to see you realize it. Goood luck!!!

  • Shareen Rodrigues, Kulshekar/Kalina

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jamma Uncle, We are proud to have you as our uncle, May God bless you for all the good work that you have been doing. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Shareen-Rudolf-Alistair-Alison

  • Rashmi Fernandes, Kulshekara/Bangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Uncle Jemma May God bless you in all the good work that you are doing

  • Cresilla/Maxim Lobo, Bangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    It's indeed a matter of pride for the Mangalorean community. Hope to see more and more doctors follow in your footsteps. All the best!!!

  • Remy Fernandes, Kulshekar / Muscat

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Hey Jemma.....pleasant surprise !!! great job. May the Lord Bless you abdundantly for your service to humanity. Wishing you all the best in future endeavors We are very proud of you. - Remy, Noreen, Reaven & Adina

  • uday bhat, tirthally

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    wonderful service to humanity,great people of kudla.all the best

  • Lancy Pinto Nayak, Kulshekar , Kuwait

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma , What a great charity job you are doing?? I am really proud of you. We wish you all the best in future endeavours. God Bless You. Our old days in "Kalpane" and Cordel church ground we can not forget. Special thanks to my friend "Gabbu,kulshekar" for your beauitiful article...pls keep on writing.I read and like your articless very much in daiji world.

  • Baskar.N, Kottarachowki, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    I am proud of your charity works in India & other countries.

  • Rony fernandes , Kulshekar, Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    We wish you all the best in such future endeavours.

  • Prabhakar, kottarachowki, mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    I am very much proud of your charity works done in India & other countries.

  • Molly Miranda, Kulshekar/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Keep it up Dr.Jemma .I am really proud of you.'Nathal baicho pooth ne '..GOD BLESS YOU Special thanks to 'Gabbu'for your informative article. Hey 'ami kulshekarchi'

  • Ali Haroon, Saudi Arabia

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    You have made all Mangaloreans Proud Dr. Fernandes. May Almighty Bless you to serve the community and the nation.

  • Vally/Bertha Fernandes, Kulshekar/Bangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    We wish you all the best in such future endeavours.

  • Claudius (Raja) Fernandes, Kulshekar/Mangalore

    Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Dear Jemma We are proud of you and all the charity works you have undertaken over the years not only in India but in several African countries as well.

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