We will Take Underworld Head - on : IGP Gopal Hosur

Jun 28, 2009

With the role of police coming under severe flak after the church attack and the much publicized pub attack there was a revamp in the top police force in the district.  Gopal B Hosur, who was the Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) in Bangalore, known to be a hard taskmaster took over as Dy Inspector General of Police (Western Range) in February 2009 and on May 26, 2009 he became the Inspector General of Police (WR).  He has wide ranging experience including his stint as Superinendent of Police Intelligence and Special Task Force (Anti-Veerappan Operations) .  He has taken part in very important and risky operations and even sustained bullet injury on the neck in 1993 in one of the operations. His impeccable service has earned him many awards including Chief Ministers’s gold medals twice, Gallentry medal from the President of India in 2004 and President’s Police Medal for distinguished Service in 2007.

His wide ranging experiences in diverse fields of police departments hold him in good stead to accomplish the task of bringing peace and harmony in the troubled coastal districts.  Having taken over the reigns at a turbulent time Gopal Hosur has been facing the challenging task of instilling the much needed confidence among the people and also roughening up of the lumpen elements that have been creating trouble in the coastal area and has succeeded to win the trust and confidence of the people in a short span.  In an exclusive interview with Daijiworld Gopal Hosur spoke about the confidence building measures undertaken by the police force in the troubled coastal districts and other issues concerning coastal security.  .  

What has been the biggest challenge you faced in Mangalore?

The biggest challenge has been to build communal harmony through very fair, firm and intrinsic policing.  The communal situation in this region is very fragile and we need to win over the confidence of the people through impartial measures.   

Are you suggesting that the police force acted partially in the past?

I am not saying that police officers had not made any effort to promote harmony. It is an ongoing process and there is always scope for improve everything and anything. 

What role do you envisage for the police force in a communally sensitive region like Udupi and Dakshina Kannada?

There are so many factors that lead to communal disharmony.  Police along with other stakeholders namely the civil society plays an important role in maintaining peace and harmony in the region. Government agencies like police are supposed to aid and help the civil society in shaping the social order in general.  In our desire to maintain communal harmony we should not be agents to create more rifts among various communities.  Through credible and sincere work we want to win over the trust of the common man. 

How will you ensure that?

We cannot build a society but we can ensure that void is filled by bringing culprits to book without fear or favour and without any communal alignment.  We have to ensure that police are not influenced by  external elements in making decisions. It is important to ensure that we build a police force which is skilled, free from biases, firm, honest and the one that reaches out to people in distress. 

How serious is the underworld problem in the coastal area?

Underworld elements are like rats.  They sneak in through small holes and if not killed in time they will multiply in numbers.  They will destabilize the system from within and we are aware about their influence here.

What is going to be your strategy to deal with these underworld elements who are involved in creating disturbance and destabilizing the system?

We have decided to take them head-on.  In terms of man power, equipment and muscle power the strength of underworld is just 0.1 percent of that of the police force.  So we are going to face the challenge and in the process we have succeeded in identifying about 62 people in this regard.  We know we cannot reach them directly but we are sure of reaching out to them through their agents.  Now we have built up a good network system and lot of information has started to trickle down.  We analyze this information and then act based on that. 

The Underworld elements are threatening businessmen and professionals with gay abandon as is evident from the recent threat to a city based lawyer….

These threats are symbolic and they are aimed at creating panic among the people. In situations like this we expect people to come forward and report such incidents to the police taking us into confidence. Without winning the credibility of the people we cannot get information that we require.  Once we get the information we are expected to act.  Action needs to be taken in a systematic way.  It just cannot happen.  We need to prepare for that.  

What preparations have you been making in this direction?

We have chosen about 100 young policemen for both Udupi and Dakshina Kannada and we are putting them through a programme to develop expertise and skills to handle this type of challenges.  These young officers can work day and night and they will not hesitate to shoot from their hips.  The 1st phase of the training is over and the second phase is going on now.  They will be ready to take on the challenge within the next week.   We will also be conducting workshop on dealing with rowdism, anti-social elements and goondagiri that will help the police to handle the challenge in a better way.  Within week we are holding this workshop ad we are planning to open some old files which are pending and also will reopen some other cases where we feel the acquittal has not been fair.  We will revive these cases, examine them and if we feel there was any acquittal which we feel can go for appeal we would like to go ahead.

Are there any instances where such acquittals have been done?

There are a few instances where a few members of a gang were caught whereas members of the rival gang have gone scot-free.

What steps have been taken to safeguard coastal security post 26/11?

Coastal security has undergone tremendous qualitative change post 26/11.  But Karnataka state has taken lot of initiative much before this event by setting up 5 coastal police stations all along the Karnataka coast.  After 26/11 we have got 2 speed boats for surveillance. We are going to set up 4 more police stations and at the rate of 2 boats per station there will be 18 speed boats for patrolling along sea coastline.  

How serious is the Naxal menace in this part according to you?

Over a period of time public support to naxal cause had dwindled.  In the recent meeting held in the affected villages, villagers have come forward saying they will not support naxals cause, which is a positive sign considering the threat they faced from naxals.  At the same time the government also has plans to provide basic facilities like educational institutions, roads, hospital, bridges and other facilities from the government such as old age pension etc., to improve their living conditions.  Naxalism is an aberration of our system which should not have happened.  

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in Mangalore?

It is the arrest of Rashid Malabari.  It was a challenge to nab him and we did it  successfully and this required tremendous team work. The murder of Malbari’s advocate Nushad Kasim was also another challenge as some elements tried to weaken the police   force by making baseless allegations.  We are waiting for the investigations to complete and would take appropriate steps against those who made such baseless accusations. 

Any other measures to build confidence among people?

Recently we have opened a special counter in SP’s office to file FIR if any police Station refuses to file complaint.  This would go a long way in winning the confidence and trust of the people.

Any steps to curb the rampant corruption in the police force?

We are waiting for orders of the government as we have mooted the transfer of those police who have been serving for more than five years in one place.  A system cannot be corrupt unless the society is corrupt.  Naturally such a society will make the police also corrupt.  It is a circle.

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Comment on this article

  • Lancy D''Souza, Mangalore

    Tue, Jul 07 2009

    Well said and well done Mr.Hosur. May god bless you in your work. But how long you will be in Mangalore. Your political bosses will not tolerate you if you are imaprtial and straigt forward. That is the tragedy of our system. MCC commissioner was transferred within a year. D.C. was removed from D.K,. in the name of imparting him training.

  • steevan pinto, sacheripate

    Fri, Jul 03 2009

    very well work has been done by the dakshinna kannada police.keep it up and do the same work so that crime in our city come in control

  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore - U.S.A.

    Thu, Jul 02 2009

    Mr. Gopal Hasur has a very challenging job ahead of him. Apart from the prevailing local problems, he has to successfully eradicate the underworld threat. Mr. Hasur comes with rich experience as an efficient officer and with assistance from The S.P. - Dr. As. Rao it is only a matter of time before he keeps the situation completely under control. Mr. Hasur you have my good wishes. May peace previal during your regime Joe Gonsalves

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 01 2009

    Some of the comments highlight the lack of knowledge about Indian constitution and rights and duties. Any police action according to the constitution of India is certainly acceptable to all Indians. Anyone from any religion/any party/any group or police taking law into his/her/their own hands must be prosecuted.

    Some people think that they are above law and attack poor and innocent to show their muscle, money and political power, this hooliganism must be controlled and stopped in the best interest of the country. We all must accept the fact that nobody is above the law of the land and extend our help in nabbing all goons, who destroy the public and private property and attack people in the name of protest. Police can open a website through which they can receive all confidential informations and photographs which will certainly make their job easy.

  • Dr. Haneef Shabab, Bhatkal

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Thank you Mr. Gerald Salian for your piece of ADVICE. But you must not forget that getting justice is something different from just giving advice. The divers only know the depth of the sea. Onlookers can only comment. 

    Yes surely one can appeal and get justice in higher courts, but first it has to go from the trial procedure and period to prove guilty or non guilty which itself takes years together. And in murder cases if the eyewitness (true or false) sticks to his statement then you know the fate of the accused!

  • Gerry Salian, Mangalore

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Dear Sir, After reading your interview I have rejoysed and have a great feeling of living in pride and fearless in our own home land now we all can sleep well and be sure our children and other family members will come home safely. Thank you Sir (Mr.Gopal Hosur) Please Sir, if ever you have spare time to look into the horriable and dangerous bus and truck driving in Mangalore and enforce the law to elemenate the loud horns in these vheciles. Thank you Sir may God you always and protect you and your complete team for good thinking and work.

  • Gerald Salian, Mumbai.

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    My kind advice to one of the commentors Dr. Haneef Shabab. is if your so sure of innocent boys put in jail please appel with your evidence in the higher courts this is India and every body gets a fair justices (Including M. Kashab). At the same time I hope you will have courage and suport from your own communities to report all the ilgeal activies happen in your own backyard and neigbour wood. This will gain you respect in the eyes of law !!!

  • K.M.Shekabba, Bangalore

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    All the best Mr.Hosur for your efforts to weed out unwanted elements of our society. I fully agree with the statements of Dr.Haneef Shabab and Bulsam regarding recent happenings in coastal districts. Let your efforts end in peaceful leaving of our society.

  • Godwin, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Wish you all the best in your honest approach and may God bless you IGP Gopal Hosur,

  • Aziz muloor(chitrapu), S s road muloor

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Keep it up sir

  • jagdish salian, kaup/saudi arabia

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Great job sir,we hope you will make manglore/udupi city free with criminal''s and such people who purposely spoil communal peace..punish ruthlesly..whoever it may.manglore&udupi is facing big problem for communal disputes...sir we want peace..in school we learnt all the indians are my brother''s & sister..but now the situation is quitly bad...hope you will do some good things for all of us..wish you good luck.Thanks

  • Pius D Cruz., Belman/ Dubai

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Thank you Mr Hossur. We want person like you. I wish you sucess in your mission. Please remember the candle lits and gives Roshni ( Light) to everyone but it vanishes gradually. Even the supercop Mr Rebeirios case also same. I was admiering him very much. I wish you sucess. I prey for you.

  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Why people need to go to out-dated Goondaism of Moghul & Porchugese era! I agree they are moving backwards contrary to the developments. However, after Loksabha election, these regular goondas have gone cold! These goondas are busy searching for a job and hiding place.


    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    All the best for your future work sir....

  • Edmunds, Dubai

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Thank You Sir! looking at your performances one can say you got the ability to give impartial treatment to all and necessary measures will be taken for that. Wish U gud Luck.

  • M.Bhat, Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Mr. Hosur knows every thing about why & who started and who are active in carrying this "Political and Religious"Goondaism".  It was started by moghuls and portuguese during their oppresive and regressive regimes and the art was perfected by their vicitms to victimise innocents further.

  • Dr. Haneef Shabab, Bhatkal

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    First of all best of luck to Mr. Gopal Hosur who intends to create a peaceful and non rowdy, non communal atmosphere Particularly in Mangalore. And I hope he will extend it to whole of his Western Range. But as a common man my concern is about the system where such determined and Mr. Clean type of officers have very short life. Within few days he may be transfered or he will be retiring.

    I wish along with is operation against the Under world, Rowdies anti social elements he should take up the primary task of breaking the nexus between the under world and the police officers. Secondly he will see that his officers in the name of investigation in certain crime, do not harrass and implicate innocent people.

    If the IGP permit me I can subtantiate a my allegation with solid proof where in the investigating officer has implicated some innocent youths in a Murder Case just to take revenge of some petty matter. And those who were involved in the crime they were not even introgated although the officers were aware of it. Now these innocent people are facing the murder charge and fearing the worse for their life as the IO has submitted the Charge Sheet with a dozen of "Hired Eyewitnesses".

  • Abdulrub, Gangolli,Saudi Jubail

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Congratulations to IGP Mr.Gopal Hosur,You are rightly told..to bring back coastal area to normalcy. All the Best!!!

  • Robin, Kundapura

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Congrats and all the best to Gopal Hosur and his team for nabbing the culprits IN TIME. The second question asked to him here is a No.7 type of question. "Past" means to what extent she should explain. I think she had not got the required answer (expected answer) from Hosur. But Gopal is right on his terms.

  • Deepak.kotian, Hejamady (Abudhabi)

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    I THINK,Charles D"Mello,as written a right comment.But MR,Hosur do your job perfect.Take care of politicians.ALL THE BEST TO YOUR CAREER........

  • Nelson Dsouza, Karkala\Riyadh

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Dear Mr. Hosur, Thank you for taking all the positive steps to Bring back the olden days of Peaceful Mangalore.If you are able to read why & who started and who are still active in carrying this "Political and Religious"Goondaism" I am sure you will solve 75% of the problem. All the best and God bless you..

  • Jeevadas Pai, Mumbai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Thank you IGP Gopal Hosur, If you diminish the corruption everything vanish the underworld, crime and violence. There is a saying if principles are followed society will change and generation will adapt logical consequence for better future.


    Sun, Jun 28 2009


  • Hilary Tellis, kuntalpadi, karkala

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    I like the words of IG Gopal Hosur said in last para of his interview- "A system cannot be corrupt unless the society is corrupt. Naturally such a society will make the police also corrupt. It is a circle". It is easy to give interview, we need in action.

  • Harold D''cunha, Mangalore, India

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Dear Sampat, pls do not comment on the basis of newspaper or statement given by ruling party politicians. I was there at the site near the Milagres church at Hampankatta on 14th Sept.09 Sunday and it was police who has enticed the crowd to react. From morning from 9.30 am till 6.30 pm the protests was peaceful. So do not blame the community. Fortunately no casualty has taken place.

  • Sampath kumar, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Dear Mr.Godwin read my comment properly & than react(its all about good things). Please note:Most of the majorities condemned church attack'' every body know that its wrong b''dal has to be punished but soon after church attack how some christians reacted, to stop that police also reacted.there is no point in blaming Mr.J.Shetty

    If you throw stone on police will they keep quite? for your kind information i was verry much present on the spot with my crist friend on that day who were verry much nutral.Smiple right is right wrong is wrong.

  • Godwin, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Dear Sampath kumar, Mangalore/Dubai How will we forget police officer Mr.Jayanth shetty who led a gang of saffron gondas to attack peaceful Christians in the guise of controlling law and order, surely he deserves A PROMOTION AND MUCH MUCH MORE

  • Santosh, Udupi / Bahrain

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    All the best Sir Gopal Hosur. God is always with sincere people like you. In a corrupt world of today it is very rare to find such sincere officers and Mangalore is lucky to have one.


    Sun, Jun 28 2009




  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Sir, we are happy & secure with you as IGP & Mr. Rao as SP but there are many hurdles the citizens are facing. The police Stn. should be revamped & make it look more presentable. The Head constable & officers should be friendlier even to the accused till they are proved. Sometime we find them busy eating snacks on their service table but have no time for the visitors. Worst they shut the main door of the police Stn. & do some quick side job. In this communally sensitive district, B/Dal & R/Sena are taking law into their hand and harassing the minorities.

    Except cow other cattle meat is not banned but these rowdy groups assault the cattle transporting vehicles & threaten the restaurants serving beef dishes. They organise religious function in the public places like play ground, roads etc. During the temple festivals they burst bomb-like loud noise making crackers in the middle of the night between 12 & 4. During police combing operation the minorities are the worst defenseless victims. In developed countries even the worst criminals are treated with dignity but our police make a sorry figure of the ordinary citizen if happened to land up in a police Stn.

    It is very, very sad that in a place like Mangalore the majority of the population are educated & well behaved still some police officials & constables in few of the police stations in our district don''t show them respect which they deserve. Sir, look into these dark side of our policing & we are sure you will this district a better place to live.

  • Thilak Shetty, Dubai, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Fredrick Dsouza..for some extent you are right. You people only made some baseless allegations against police when Lawyer Naushad Kasim murdered. Now what a turnaround from Daiji commentators ! Best of luck Gopal Hosur. Don''t give a damn to such baseless allegations.

  • Mohammed Althaf, Bunder,Mangalore,Al Khobar

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    "Hats Off"" to you sir,and all the best

  • siddarth, mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    We really see a hope, moral gundas ,conversion groups, terror agents should not find a place in mangalore

  • Aditya.A., Udipi

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Thank you Sir Mr.Gopal Hosur.. You are rightly told..to bring back coastal area to normalcey..keep eye on minority community.. especially on conversation and terrorism. If your police force focus mostly on this issue than that means eighty five percent problem will be solved..Nowadays internal issue is more dangerous than external underworld people..for the security of our country..Jai Ho.Karnataka Police Force..

  • Jude, Mangalore Dubai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    This is exactly the kind of no nonsense and professional approach which is required in the police dept and Mr Hosur has ushered in that kind of professionalism. The road ahead is hard and difficult with political intervention at every step, but i hope with the support of the public and the media Mr Hosur and SP Rao will be able to surmount all hurdles and give us a police force which we all will be proud of.

  • kulamarva balakrishna, vienna,austria-padubidri-india

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Vienna,28-06-2009 Policing involves keeping an eye on filth unobtrusively.It is there underworld takes cover besides health hazard.That apart over head wire, cables. In New Delhi I saw in front of a huge office a deep slit gutter over head at the same time a cable route at neck level.Police will co-ordinate with all agencies of administration, use of force involved is less than ten percent. cleanliness inside and outside ninety percent.Make note. Kulamarva Balakrishna

  • Ashoka, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    I hats off you sir Gopal Hosur for your tremdous efforts in combacting terrorism. Also i request to finalize the matter pertaining to Padmapriya case which is not yet resolved

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''lore/doha

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    It''s a very good move by Mr.Hosur,I think he is a able officer.If he acts the way he talk''s then certainly there will be no evil in the society. First he must find out the corrupt official''s in all the govt dept.Public should report all the incident''s through mail or phone on people who openly ask bribes to get the work done even if he paid the bribe so police will know whom to watch.If the public are all working together for a better society it will happen. All try to cooperate and get all bad thing''s out from the society.

  • jemiyar, kuwait

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Sir, we mangaloreans are frustratd from church attacks,pub attacks by the miscreants .We welcome your hard ,strong view on the underworld and urge you to do it 100 % .Then only your duty , and our dreams are fulfilled.


    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    We wish all the best and be strict and straight forward in your responsibilities.Don''t look anybodies face just look at only their crimes. God bess you.

  • fredrick dsouza, bijai,mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Looking at the comments you know that,most of it has come from christians. They find a ray of hope from the interview given by this honest officer. Hope god will guide him in his honest endevour.

  • Sheikh Roshan Ali, udupi/ Dammam K.S.A

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Congratulations to IGP Mr.Gopal Hosur, please to be strict on political interference in performing police duties. I Wish all our police Department to follow you as their inspiration to work sincerely with out caste basis.

  • Charles D''Mello, Pangala

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Thank you sir. You have genuine intentions and will do it. We could see something is moving in this direction. I am worried about one thing, you will have a immediate transfer to some unknown place...hope that will not happen..!!

  • Lavina S. Pinto, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Congratulations and best of luck to Mr. Gopal Hosur as Inspector General of Police (WR). Under your able guidance let the people enjoy the true freedom and harmony. Be a model to all communities. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • joseph, mangalore/ottawa

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Yes I like Mr.Hosur''s Approach ,It is not theoritical but Practical.He will have to undergo a lot of Hardships .Can I be of any help to you Respected Sir.!

  • Sampath kumar, Mangalore/Dubai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Its one of the best interview & information.I heard about Mr.Gopal hosur,he is verry determind white collar police officer.We people of India remember politicians for a long time even after thier death but will not remember the best IAS IPS officers.

    Dear mangaloriens please rememmber Mr.Bharath lal meena(DC) IAS,Mr. Pankaj kumar thakoor IPS.One more police officer Mr.Jayanth shetty who is serving as Dysp now he is a person who stopped street rowdism & controlled local gang fights with his team at that time. Sincere thanks to all of these officers.

  • shankaran, kundapur

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Sir, i respect your order, but in the name of underworld, rowdism and other ism, there are 100''s of cases, where police has been killed in fake encounter, and again you have to see that this your 100 young brigade will not use such fake crooked encounters again.

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    I never expected that Daiji would interview IGP Gopal Hosur so soon. Couple of days back I mentioned about IGP and asked Daiji to interview him to give Daji readers article about his memorable experience as a police officer.Thank you.

  • vraj, Udupi/Abudhabi

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    We wish you you and your team a bright succes on your operation.

  • Vishu, Mulki

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Good Luck !God will always bless you and take you in a right direction.

  • wilfred e.pinto, mangalore/now u s a.

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Very good IGP Mr.Gopal Hosur.Let there be "NO Political thorn" on your way.Congratulation what u have done and please do continue.May God guard you on your way.

  • John Anthony, Mangalore / Doha Qatar

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Finally we have a man who talks sense and discipline, both of which were missing for a long time. I am sure we should see some changes now. Mangalore should be able to regain its old charm of a small town. All the best Mr. Hosur. John Anthony

  • Thanzeel , Kallapu, Kuwait

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    All the Best!!!

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