Malini Bhandari - Girl Who Conquered Physical Disability

Jun 27, 2009

Human spirit and endeavour can conquer any physical disability and achieve greater heights provided the individual has determination to succeed and also get appropriate motivation, encouragement, support and guidance. This has been proved by a number of persons across the world where physically disabled persons have not only overcome their handicaps but achieved such goals which even able-bodied persons would find difficult.

This is the story of Malini Bhandari of Kaudur village (Kanajar) in Karkala taluka, who conquered her physical disability, pursued education, became a graduate and is presently employed in a co-operative bank. It was chiefly because of the determination and perseverance one person, William D’Sa (Popularly known as Willie Master) that Malini achieved the success which she or her family could never dream of. Realizing Malini’s extraordinary abilities, Willie Master motivated her to continue education up to graduation and became her mentor and guide whom Malini holds in high esteem and affection.

Malini with WIllie Master

It was a freak accident that cost Malini both her hands when she was just eighteen months old chubby playful little girl. As she was playing with her twin sister Shalini near the fireplace where paddy was being boiled, Malini lost her balance and collapsed in the fire. This unfortunate incident coupled with the negligence of the doctor who treated her initially resulted in the loss of both palms and fingers shattering the life of this young girl.

The parents of Malini, Dharmapala and Pushpawati Bhandari with six children, four girls and two boys and three elderly people to look after were finding it hard to maintain such a large family. In spite of grinding poverty, Malini’s parents enrolled her in the Lourdes’ Higher Primary School, Kanajar. Having lost all fingers, the biggest challenge for Malini was the ability to write on a slate or a notebook. After many painful attempts, she managed to write holding slate stick and later pencil and pen in between both the stems of her forearms. With the guidance of her teachers, Malini could perfect the art of writing and produce such graceful and beautiful hand writing that could put even normal students to shame.

With the passing years, Malini could understand that she was different from the other students in the class due to her physical disability and gradually began to develop inferiority complex. The feeling that she could not do things as other normal children plunged her into depression. Thus, physical disability coupled with inferiority complex and lack of motivation from the poverty-stricken family prompted Malini to give up education after the fourth standard.

Malini would have remained uneducated and lived a life of misery on the mercy of the family members and the society, but for a kind hearted teacher, Willie Master of Moodubelle who had been transferred from Belle to the Lourdes’ Higher Primary School, Kanajar in 1990. He had been observing Malini while she was in the fourth standard and was very much touched by her disability. He was concerned about her well being and further studies. Incidentally, Willie Master himself has been afflicted by polio in one of his legs and had tough time during his
student days and even later. He could empathize with Malini and understand her plight better than any other person.

As Willie Master was teaching fifth standard and above classes, he was looking forward to teach Malini during the next academic year. But to his surprise and disappointment, Malini did not join the school for the fifth standard. Not seeing Malini in school, Willie Master sent messages to her father to meet him thinking that he could convince him to send his daughter to school. Dharmapala gave various excuses for not sending his daughter to the school even telling him that she was not good in studies and a handicapped child would have no future in education.

Though disappointed with the excuses of Dharmapala, Willie Master did not give up his efforts to bring Malini back to school. Persuading Dharmapala to send Malini to school, Willie Master promised that he would take special care to teach her and would bear all her expenses related to education and clothing. Being convinced of the genuine
concern of Willie Master about his daughter’s future, Dharmapala agreed to send Malini once again to school and Willie Master became her guardian, motivator and mentor.

As the financial condition of Malini’s family was miserable, Willie Master posted an article in a periodical appealing for donations. The readers responded generously and sent an amount of nearly Rs.40,000/- to the aid of the family. Willie Master suggested that the amount should be kept in long term fixed deposits so that it could be of use to Malini in her future life. He advised Malini to express her gratitude to all those who had sent her financial help and pray for them.

The goodwill of the people and encouragement from Willie Master motivated Malini to continue her studies. However, after seventh standard Malini’s education once again came under cloud due to lack of financial support.

Meanwhile, Willie Master, who has been a member of the Lion’s Club of Moodubelle, narrated the story of Malini to the office bearers. Realizing that the girl needed financial support to continue her education, Commodore Jerome Castelino and his wife Mrs. Rose Castelino, through the Lion’s Club of Moodubelle, took up the responsibility of sponsoring her education up to the graduation level.

With this assurance, Willie Master got Malini admitted to the eight standard in the newly established Government High School at Kanajar. She passed the SSLC examination in first division and joined the Government Pre-University College at Bailoor. As if to derail her determination to get higher education, Malini was shocked when the PUC results were announced in which she was declared as failed, that too in the subject of English in which she was confident of securing good marks as she was tutored by her ‘guru’ Willie Master.

On applying for revaluation, it was found that the evaluator had overlooked four pages of her answer sheets and was eventually declared as having passed the PUC examination in first division. By that time, admissions to the colleges had completed and the academic year had already started. The carelessness on the part of one examiner had cost Malini one precious year of her education.

Instead of wasting time while waiting for the next academic year, Malini enrolled herself for the computer course. In the next academic year Malini got admission to the First Year BA in the Shri Venkataramana Women’s College, Karkala.

The struggle of Malini against all odds and her determination to complete graduation was appreciated by the Government of Karnataka. In 2004, while she was in the Second Year BA, Malini was invited to Bangalore along with other eight physically disabled persons on the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations and was honoured by the Governor, Shri T.N. Chaturvedi by a certificate and grant of Rs.10,000/- for her courage and extraordinary efforts in pursuing higher education against all odds.

Accolades began to pour in as Malini’s efforts in acquiring higher education in spite of her disabilities and poverty got wide publicity in various local and state news papers. She was felicitated by the Bhandari community to which she belonged and other social organizations. Malini was adjudged as the best student of the Shri Venkataramana Women’s College for the academic year 2004-05.

In the Final Year BA, Malini put in her best efforts and completed her graduation with English major passing Final BA with first class, securing 66% marks. Following her graduation, Malini did the Post Graduate Diploma Certificate Course in computer and taught computer classes for one year at the Lourdes’ Higher Primary School, Kanajar, before joining the Savitha Samaja Co-operative Bank started by the Bhandari community at Ambalpadi in Udupi where she has been working as a clerk for the last two years.

Malini’s journey from being the victim of a freak accident at the age of one and a half years that cost her fingers and palms till the acquisition of a respectable job in the co-operative bank is the story of despair, helplessness and struggle and finally the triumph of grit, determination, motivation and human spirit against the physical disability.

When i met her at the home of Willie Master, i noticed that, in spite of her physical disability, Malini exudes with confidence and full of life. She has a happy disposition and wears pleasant smile on her face.

She never ceases to praise Willie Master and considers him to be her second parent and saviour who gave her a new life by motivating, encouraging and supporting her in all ways in achieving her goal. Being a graduate, first in her community, has given her an identity, respect and livelihood. She is extremely grateful to all those who had helped her financially, especially Commodore Jerome Castelino and Mrs. Rose Castelino of the Lion’s Cub of Moodubelle for sponsoring her education till graduation. She also fondly remembers her friends who helped her in every respect.

Willie Master is very proud of Malini and her achievements. With humility he considers himself as a catalyst who tried to bring out the best in her. He says that for students with physical handicaps, self-image is extremely important. Teachers should ensure that the child’s self-image is positive. Physically handicapped children want to succeed and participate as much as they can and this needs to be encouraged and fostered by the teacher. The focus needs to be on what the child can do - not what it can't do. Further he says that disability is a state of
mind and one can rise above physical impairment and lead a successful life with a sense of commitment and dedication. Willie Master himself is an example of this.

The story of Malini and Willie Master is an eye opener to all of us to do something within our means to make this world a better place to live in.

by Dr Eugene D’Souza, Mumbai
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Comment on this article

  • Satwik, Anantapur india

    Fri, Aug 24 2018

    Iam very excited when iam reading this and iam very proud of you malini and willie master was very kind ful and heart ful person that he helped you very much Malini one day you will also come into limelight

  • yashwanth.tanneru, khammam

    Sun, Aug 03 2014

    Great determination.
    A truly inspiring story!
    Really Great.I know so many differently abled people.In India nobody's here to support these peoples.So almost all these people will stay within four walls inside the home. Willy Master he deserves all credit to bring Malini out of the walls.Thank God............

  • Afrin Shaikh, Mumbai

    Thu, Jul 24 2014

    Hi, I want contact detail of mailini bhandari, as we are planning to feature her in our show. please its urgent.

  • Arun, Kerala

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Really Great.I know so many differently abled people.In India nobody's here to support these peoples.So almost all these people will stay within four walls inside the home. Willy Master he deserves all credit to bring Malini out of the walls.Thank God............

  • Shobha A Amin, Sampige, Moodabidri

    Wed, Oct 17 2012

    Viewed in today's Suvarna News channel about u..Great!!! You are the inspiration to others...keep it up..

  • Sathish (Papu), Dinesh & Manjula, Nitte

    Fri, Sep 14 2012

    Congratulation Malini. Keep it up. all the best.

  • shruti singla, amritsar

    Tue, Apr 24 2012

    malini ...i really salute your confidence,dedication and i am really very much inspired from have done that which i cant ever think offf....your this story of inspiration is really to be saluted....keep inspiring all...and never give up.

  • pranav, bhopal

    Sun, Nov 06 2011

    i love you malini i want to marry u because u had touched my heart :0 i am admired by u

  • Jamshad Payyoli, PAYYOLI-QATAR

    Thu, Jul 22 2010

    Really it is a touching story of Malini, I extreamly appreciate her hard work and effort. Willi Master did very good task for Malini. I would like to extent my heartiest congradulation for Malini and Willie Master.

  • Kirtsimran, Amritsar

    Sun, Jun 27 2010

    three cheers to Ms Malini Bhandari who in spite of her disability achieved such a big platform and set a wonderful example of courage and will power in the front of the world.hats off to Willi have done a great job!i thank you Dr Eugene D 'Souza for bringing up this article in front of world and making us know about a wonder of the world

  • Ivy D'mello, Kallianpur/Dombivli

    Sat, Jun 12 2010

    Thank you for sharing this touching article. Nothing is impossible for God and through the help of Good Samaritans we can try to achieve success.

    I am going through the same phase of life. My daughter is 13 years and studies in VIII Std. She is a case of 'Spinabifida' and walks with calipers and crutches.

    ....Yes .....We are sure...we will rejoice one day.

  • Nagaraj, Bangalore

    Sat, Apr 10 2010

    Hello madam I Congragulations to you for your brilliant effort, My sister name is N.Champa She is Studying 10th Class in Bangalore, once i & My Sister want meet you ist okay, madam because my sister want become a like you madam, so please give me your address, and your masters Address, as soon as possible

  • Gideon Fadeyi, Ogun/Nigeria

    Mon, Jan 25 2010

    This story goes to confirm that when there is will, there is always a way.

  • Jovin Rodrigues, Shirva / dubai

    Tue, Dec 08 2009

    Willie Master, I salute you for the courage you did to help a hopeless child. You are a inspiration to others. really you proved that humanity has no religion. Im sure from you so many others also will get insipred.Here we should not forget the suport and a good will of Mr & Mrs. Castelino who join hand with Willie Master to help the needy. We need two hands to clap. God bless the both helping hands with good health and wealth.

  • Dr.sunita caeiro Dsa, Goa/Bahrain

    Fri, Nov 27 2009

    hi, A.Dmello as you wished karnataka Govt. just on the process of finalising on confirming the award publicly in day or two.There is always reward for hard work. This defintely will inspire many simple citizens of INDIA.

  • Bharat Asarpota, Mumbai , Sharjah

    Wed, Jul 15 2009

    Bravo , Mr. willie master. You are not any normal human being, I am definitely sure that you are no other than the Almighty. I salute to you with while hearted respect.

  • F Monis, Shirva/ Tuticorin

    Wed, Jul 15 2009

    I bow before Willie Master for his great perseverance. Truley a man of God. Wonderful Malini and keep going. God be with u.

  • plaman, israel

    Fri, Jul 03 2009

    hi malini.i don''t hv any words to say about u.i m speechless.i wish u all the best.keep smiling.god bless u.

  • Nelson Dsouza, Karkala\Riyadh

    Thu, Jul 02 2009

    God shows us that he is there within us and everywhere. The difference we have to open our eyes to see his his wonderful deeds. This is the live example which made me "cry and broght tears flowing without my knowledge". He gave her that special talent and blessings that normal people wont get.Commendable job by willie master and God bless the donors and Malini''s friends and motivators.

  • archie dmello, mumbai/doha

    Wed, Jul 01 2009

    Willie Master should be recognised and rewarded- Is the Karnataka Govt listening?

  • francis.fernandis, bangalore

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Really it is a touching story.If willie master and Mr&Mrs Castelino would have not come across in her life, her life would have been pathatic and she too responded him proper way. Hats off to both.Willie master could not help her financially due to his financial consraints but he has rich heart.There are many in this world just like Malini but chances comming across good samaritans like Willi masters are rare.Any way this story is eye opener to the society.

  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Please look at Willie Master photo again and again. You will find Mahatma Gandhi there.

  • Nolda, Udupi / Mumbai

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Willie Master is a right example of a good samaritan and three cheers to you Malinie Bhandari I am proud of You.

  • ahmed, Mangalore/Qatar

    Mon, Jun 29 2009


  • Michael, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Really awe inspiring to say the least!To overcome physical disability combined with financial struggles the family had to overcome is something mindboggling. Good samaritans are found in very simple people with limited access to financial resources at their behest. But we fail to recognise them.

    Willie Master has not only helped this child but he has woken a generation and kindled in their hearts a need to reach out to others in despair. We come across a lot of people who need our attention but due to our own self centredness we even fail to recognise their cries for help.At least we have our own hero.. Let''s all salute to Willie Master and pray that we too can be of some help to others.If we can bring some smile to a person''s life then we would have lived our life.

  • Della Rego, Mangalore,Qatar

    Mon, Jun 29 2009

    Very touching incident. Willie Teacher is a really kind hearted human being where he gave new life to Malini. Even with great support, financial help and encouragement from Mr.Commodore Jerome Castelino & his wife Mrs. Rose Castelino today Malini is leading a respectable and meaningful livelihood. How good if it would have been if all of us help each other who really needs helping hand then this world would have been really a heaven. May God bless Willie Teacher, Mrs & Mr. Castelino and all the best to Malini and her family. Thanks to daiji for the touching article.


    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    hi malini and willie master .nice to read ur doing good in ur life with the help of willie master ,i remember of reading in konkani weekly about u some 18 years back. god appeared in ur life as willie master,give thanks to lord,and all peoples came forward to help u on willie masters call.thanks daiji world ,and all the best.


    Tue, Jun 30 2009

    Inspiring True story. Malini wish you all the best in your future. Thanks to Willi Master,Commodore Jerome Castelino and Mrs. Rose Castelino of the Lion’s Cub of Moodubelle. "WIllie Master" being a Bellean we are really proud of you.

  • Stanley D''Souza, Manipal

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Dear Malini Bhandari You have Proved Every body in this world that Even a Physical handicapped Child can Come up to Such an Extend that Nobody in this world Can stop you , if any one have a Firm Determination to Become some one who can live his life Independently , You have shown Example & a Lesson to all the handicapped people in this world and Specially in India , And You have also opened this eyes of Common people who are very well in mind and body to take up your Example and Follow your foot steps and Live a better Life in this world , Congrats, you and Your Mentor I can Call As Dr. Willie Master , Because he is automatically Eligible for a DR. Grade for the work he as show to the rest of the world as an Example . Well Sir Dr. Willie Master, May God give you good Health through out our Life for your good work. Malini Keep it up you has made us Proud. Stanley, Sandra, Shirley, Pearl, jewel Manipal,Doha Qatar

  • shehnaz, surathkal/U.A.E

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Really inspiring.It brought tears to my eyes.Hats off to you girl.You are an example for all of us who have silly reasons to discontinue studies and cripple our future.

  • S. Ramesh Babu, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Determination and hardwork..No words to express..God bless her with every thing in her ife.

  • Louis DAlmeida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Where there is a will there''s a way! and Where there''s a Willi Master, it becomes easier to find the way! Congratulations Malini and Willi Master.

  • shahnawaz kukkikatte, dubai/udupi

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    This story sends out a clear and strong message - HUMANITY HAS NO RELIGION. THE ONLY RELIGION THAT SUSTAINS IS HUMANITY. Good luck to Malini and Good health of Willie Master. Both are products of humanity.

  • nelson , valencia/kuwait

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Very inspiring true story. Keep going girl. You are great and as for Willie master I have no words for admiring him.

  • Ratna, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    God appears to humans through disabled people, poor people. Very often we forget to help such people but we offer so many things to images of God to grant us the offers. Thanks to God Almighty because Willy Master like people still do exist in our society.

    Congratulations Malini and God bless both of you and Willy Master in your future. Thanks to Daiji for publishing such a touching inspirational story.

  • Joseph Fernaades, Mangalore/Qatar

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    This is a true example of true humanity. Great work by Willie Master. God bless you sir. Wish you all the best Malini for all your future endeavors.

  • Eddie Sequeira, Mangalore / Qatar

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    The article touched my heart. The picture ''Malini with Willi Master'' said it all and filled my eyes with tears. I could see the affection, love, joy of contentment on the compassionate, fatherly face of the ‘Teacher’ and on the charming, radiant face of the ‘Student’. Thank you both the ‘teacher and student’ for showing us that there is still hopes for the mankind.

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''Lore/Doha

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    What a unfortunate incident happened to Malini when she was young what sort of doctor''s we have. Man is able clone animal''s an this idiot doctor could not save her palms may be he is only a LIM. But due to Malinis hard effort''s and determination and the support from Mr.Willie and other people she achieved something,May God Bless her and give her more courage to do better.This is a eye opener for all the challenged people,may it be physically or Mentally.

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho, Goa, India

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    This is an inspiring story of how life is being remade and reshaped. Dynamic and creative Malini will motivate many through her success story. Mentor Willie Master’s noble approach touches our conscience to be sensitive to the needs and aspirations of our differently-abled brethren around us. Creating space and opportunities for our differently-abled fellow brethren is the way forward. Giving them space and opportunities and not making them victims of charity is what the late Baba Amte would tell us during our frequent sessions with him at Anandwan.

    Crippled, those in wheel chairs, on tri-cycles, on crutches, persons without fingers, feet, hands, noses, eyes or ears are all involved in a gigantic World-Making Prakalp spread across Anandwan, Somnath, Hemelkasa, Jhari, Nagepalli, Khambada, Salori and Ashokvan in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. They do everything to support themselves and their surplus time, talents and resources they use for projects that are aimed at nation-building. Like all others elsewhere, the citizens of Anandwan too believe that children and youth are the future of our country. They run graduate colleges for studies in agriculture, science, commerce and arts.

    They have their own schools for the blind, deaf and dumb. Workshops, waste recycling- reusing hubs, craft centres, agricultural experiments, animal welfare activities, artificial limb centres and hospitals and homes for senior citizens are keeping them busy and creative throughout the year. Their Weekly Market besides being a hub for buying and selling, is a meeting point for the differently-abled, disabled and the able-bodied of all backgrounds, cultures and languages. SwarAnandwan is their mobile platform to sing and praise the blessings they have received from nature, culture and the Giver of life. At Anandwan standards of sanitation and hygiene are second to none. T

    he project is fast growing into a Worker’s University where the differently-abled become the mentors, advisers, motivators and providers of jobs and livelihood. Life-defining doses of inspiration are being continually unleashed by such citizens in our country. I feel truly inspired by this success story of Malini. Fine gesture by Daiji for publishing this very well written account by the kind-hearted writer. Thanks.


    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Hi Malini,I am really proud of you,God bless you and good luck for your future, and million thanks for William D''sa [ Willie Master ].

  • Shalet&Theodore Castelino, Kanajar/Qatar

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Hatt''s off to you Ms.Malini & also Willie Master.God bless you both & all the best and very good future for Malini.

  • David Prakash D''souza, Niddodi/Abudhabi

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    True Humanity, this is called AGAPE LOVE, selfless love which Christ showed similarly Willie Master showed, if all of us rise to the occasion, and show such love to our neighbour surely we can create a very big impact in this world, and we will be remembered for long. David Prakash D''Souza. Abudhabi

  • philu, mangalor

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Whatever you do to the least of my sisters that you do unto him this is the example of willi master and malini. May God bless both.

  • John Pereira, Mumbai, Ghatkopar

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    I thank Dr. Eugene D''Souza has taken the trouble to write this article highlighting the handicapped girl''s courage, grit and determination in completing graduation and postgraduate computer course which enabled her to get a job in a co-operative Bank and although she is handicapped, she seems to have achieved success just like any other normal child. Kudos to Ms. Malini Bhandari. Also,I must congratulate Eugene Bab for highlighting this unusual success story of a handicapped girl,Ms. Malini Bhandari, putting even the normal girl of her age to shame.

    Also, this will be an example getting philanthropic people from society to contribute to help the handicapped children to go for higher studies and get a job just like a normal person which will be commendable. This is more touching, because the girl''s family being falling below the poverty line ie belonging to the lower strata of society, let the girl pursue her higher education with the help of Willie Master and Commodore Jerome Castelino along with his wife Ms. Rose Castelino of Moodubelle. Also, congrats to Willie Master and the Castelino couple. Keep it up!

  • joseph pinto, mangalore/ottawa

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Hats off to you wille master.Is there a way to implant artificial fingers into malini''s palms I am asking this question to respected wille master.

  • Deepa Shetty`, Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    What an inspiring story! I had tears in my eyes. That Malini overcame her disabilities and found a saviour in Willie master really touched my heart. She is such a charming girl too. God bless them!!

  • Sushil Amanna, mangalore/ Mumbai/Dubai

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Dear Willie sir, "Jesus said, and Mark recorded in his Gospel:9:37 "Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me" thanks to you sir & you have a great reward after you finish your race, when Jesus comes in Glory. Dear Malini, Let the Love of Jesus which came through Dear sir Willie,flow through in your life to touch many of the needy.God bless you with good health.with humble heart-sushil Amanna.


    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    When Almighty offers help in the form of Willi Master, nothing is impossible for physically challenged people like Malini.The society has to be more kind to the physically challenged.Thank God,We still have kind people likd Willi Master.Long live Willi master and Malini.

  • Simon Jacob, Mumbai

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    A truly inspiring story!

  • peter lewis, kalmady/k s a

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Heart touching article, God bless you Malini, Thanks Daiji.

  • vincy, shamboor/Bangkok

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Really inspiring true story of Malini and Willy Master. We have a similar true story of a beautiful young Girl in Vittal Parish. My cousin Sister Ms.Rodrigues, she must be of age 35 years now. She was born with deformities such as only one finger on each of her hands and only two fingers on each leg. She had lot of hurdles in her life to complete education.

    Her family has taken a lot of pain to get her education up to graduation. Unfortunately could not get a proper job though she can do typing and has computer education. I request all of you to publish her details in Daiji website which may help her to find a better future. Please contact me on my email for more information.

  • Dev Shetty, mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Very inspiring article. Willi Master, what you have done is very noble.

  • Sister Mary James, Balmatta/Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    An eye-opener ideed to most of us! Thank you Willie Master for your thoughtfulness and determination to give life and dignity to a person... we are really proud of Malini and Willie Master. May God bless you and all those who have helped you! God Bless!

  • Francis J. Saldanha , Moodubelle/Bahrain.

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Wonderful! Ms. Maline you proved yourself and others that, there is nothing impossible in this world just one has to believe in themselves to succeed in life even with disability you had the courage to overcome all this difficulties and achieve success! It self as an example for others.

    As I given to understand that, the support, encouragement & responsibilities undertaken by none other than our dear Willie master, is very commendable. Knowing Willie master for all these years am not at all surprised by his good deeds and helping nature especially to the poor. Well done Willie master. Congratulations ms. Malini.

  • Shanthi, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Great achievement of humanity. Kind nature of Willi Master really understood the difficulty of Malini. Here I really appreciate Willi Master''s efforts.

  • nayana ramraj, mangalore/K.S.A

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    Great determination. Really proud of you. where there is a will there is a way. All the best.


    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Undoubtedly this humanity at its noblest. Kudos to Willy Master and Malini. God bless.

  • Mike , KSA

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Great determination.

  • Stanley/Cecilia castalino, Mudarangadi/Dubai

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Hey Ms. Malini, We are so proud of you.Keep it up!!.Good Luck for your future...Also Thanks to Willi Master. May The Almighty God bless him and his family always.We are very proud of Mr.willi Master.Keep it up your good spirit!!!

  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Inspiring True story, Big Salute to Willie Master and Malini. Things which could have been expressed in million words has concluded with a exemplery Act. We are proud with these people. Daiji a wonderful article.

  • Ashok Thonse, Kallianpur, Udupi (DUBAI)

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Well done Ms Malini, Good Luck for your future. Thanks to Mr. Willi Master to give a new life to Ms. Malini. Thanks to D A I J I to publish such a wonderful news.

  • Fr. Victor D''Souza, Panir

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    This article is an eye opener to all the disabled persons who think that they are useless in society. By hard effort like Malini one can really come up in life. though may not be true in all cases but it is possible at least for some. For this they need determination that they can achieve this.

    I know Willy master very well. His encouragement to Malini is praiseworthy. I wish all the best to Malini and Willy master and all those who have helped Malini to come up in life. Thanks to Daijiworld

  • John Peter Fernandes, Moodubelle/Nottingham

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    There is nothing impossible in life, Malini is the best example. Poverty or disabilities don’t stop your achievements if you determined… well done Malini and good luck. WIllie Master you are good example to the community.

  • Naveen, Sastan / Dammam

    Sun, Jun 28 2009

    God Bless You Ms Malini & God Bless Willie master too. I thank God for this article

  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore/Ajman

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    I really feel proud of this Girl and admire her capabilities. Hats off to her. Through Proper Guidance, Encouragement and Support this Girl has achieved innumerable laurels. I wish her all the best. Many of those who play fool of their lives should learn from this article.

    I cannot forget an incident how a rich person about 16 years back had commented to me about a One Hand Person "What work can we achieve from him". The said One Hand completed his graduation with One Hand and was working much better and achieving better results than abled people. The said person Joined Campco. If a person has the will and wish he can achieve better things in life. Malini had that wish and she has achieved it. I salute her.

  • Anil Pinto, Puttur/Dubai

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Ms Malini Good Luck for your future also your achivements...also thanks to Willi Master who gives another life to malini.  I am really proud Mr.Willi Master.

  • Charles D''Mello, Pangala

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Both Willie Master and Malini Bhandari are great. Keep it up.

  • Olin Lasrado, PADIL/ DUBAI

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    Hey Maline.... I am so proud of you.... My little girl.... Uncle John would have brought tears in his eyes seeing you so high and flying.... We at JOI Villa, Your Amma Lidwin, Anna Jaison, Akka Olin, Akka Iolin and Thamma Joy.... wish you all the best... Please do come and see us.... at padil Love you always.....

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