Mangalore: Meet Natya Vidushi Shaila Saldanha Kamat

Jun 19, 2009

Natya Vidushi Shaila Saldanha Kamat has been working to bring out the latent talents of the poor and middle class children from rural places. Kamat is a multi-faceted talent who has been imparting skills in Bharatnatyam, music, key board, musical instruments, computer etc., to the needy students from the city and surrounding villages, since the last nine years.

Besides getting high marks in Bharatnatyam Junior, Bharatnatyam Senior, Bharatnatyam Vidwat and MA examinations in first class, she has also excelled in academics, having passed SSLC, second PUC etc., in first class and securing the seventh rank from Mangalore University in the final year BA examination.

Francis Saldanha Kamat, father of Shaila saw his daughter gyrating to the music played on television when she was very small and recognized her interest at an early age. He extended courage, support and confidence to his daughter and helped her to emerge as a model for the entire Christian society of Mangalore.

Shaila is the first Christian girl to have got the Vidwat degree from Karnataka University in Bharatnatyam. In the 73 years of existence of Kadri Nritya Vidyanilaya, Shaila is the first Christian student to have pursued Bharatnatyam for 12 years and getting this degree. In the year 2002, Shaila presented a three-hour non-stop dance performance at the city's Town Hall and introduced to the Christians of the city about her abundant talent.  She is also the first Bharatnatyam dancer to have attracted over 1,500 Christians to her performance.

In spite of being from a Christian family, Shaila has performed in scores of temples several of which, even many of the Hindu brethren would not have visited. Through Kadri Nritya Vidyanilaya, she has performed at Mumbai, Poona, Sringeri, Mysore, Udupi, Kerala, Nasik, Belgaum and many other places. She not only won the hearts of the people at these places but also won recognition, shields, awards and felicitations. She opened a dance school named 'Nrityangana' near her residence in the year 2,000, in which about  70 students are undergoing training. In Shaktinagar too she has opened dance classes.

Although she is working as a teacher in Cambridge Central School, Neermarga, she continues to take time off her busy schedule, to visit various schools in the city where over 300 children are being given training in dance. At her house, she also conducts key board and computer training classes. Shaila was guided in her illustrious dancing and music  education, by the late U S Krishna Rao, Natya Rani Shantala awardee, Vidwan U K Pravin and Usha Pravin. She learnt the key board from Adolph Lobo of Geetanjali.

Shaila gratefully recollects, that Konkani singer Wilfy Rebimbus and sister Marialita of Bethany Convent extended their wholehearted support to her, when she faced financial crunch that threatened to create hurdles for her education. With the financial assistance rendered by these great souls, Shaila could complete her dance examination in first class.

Shaila is a much sought-after teacher for the children who are desirous of learning dancing skills. She has functioned as a judge in various dance competitions. Shaila possibly, is the only girl to have earned the 'Vidwat' degree in Bharatnatyam out of the approximately 4.5 lac  people belonging to Christian community who are settled in the region.

Father of Shaila, Francis Saldanha Kamat rues, that the Christian Community is yet to identify the talents of his daughter. While writers, poets, novelists and other talented persons from various fields are being offered felicitations, awards, rewards, financial assistance etc., the Konkani organizations working in the regional, state and international level have not noticed the contributions made by Shaila, he feels. 


Shaila, who has erected a stage, an open air theatre and open class room for dance besides key board class room near her house by raising loan from the bank, has been repaying the loan in installments. She and her father want to develop her home into an educational centre, but shortage of funds has been a major hurdle that has been blocking their dreams from becoming a reality. She therefore, has decided to earnestly request the organizations and institutions, both Christian and otherwise, to extend help to her to realize her dreams. She is confident, that these organizations, after realizing the services being rendered by her, will come forward with their helping hands.  If the organizations make up their minds to help her, she is confident that her educational institution will earn fame and name in the coming days.

In the present circumstances, so many youngsters have risen to fame by publicizing their talents through various means of communication. Shaila has mastered Bharatnatyam dance form, after engaging in it for the last 16 years.  Those who want to contact Shaila may do so at the following address.

Shaila Saldanha
Shaila Shiny Home
Near Kelarai Cross Junction
Keliye, Pedamale Post
Mangalore - 575 029
Pho: 2272881 (R), 9481444104 (mob)

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Comment on this article

  • vidwat grade, bangalore

    Wed, Jun 18 2014

    Hai Shaila,good, keep it up and learn more. i am brasil Leons, I am in roman catholic family, and I achieved vidwat grade in bharathanatyam dance in 1998, and master degree in bharathanatyam also did.

  • neha monis, VB, Cambridge school, Mangalore

    Fri, Aug 21 2009

    Congratulations mam. I am really proud to be your student. Luv u mam

  • jacintha, mangalore

    Sat, Jun 27 2009

    So pleased to read on you Shaila. You making time for so many activities and for others is something todays youth has to learn. Recognition/no recognition, the light that you have lit, will keep spreading the goodness in human kind. Today, we want only one community, and that is Human community. Congratulations to you, the pride of Mangalore.

  • Siddharth (cambridge school VI A), M''lore B

    Thu, Jun 25 2009

    Shaila Mam, Congratulations! on your achievements. Iam proud to be your student mam I want learn more from you!!

  • Tanmai Cambridge school, mangalore

    Fri, Jun 26 2009

    Congractulations shaila mam I am proud to be student and learn many more from u

  • vincent rodrigues, bajal/m''lore

    Thu, Jun 25 2009

    Hi saldanha, great job congratulations,god belss u. keep it up...

  • Prakash Pinto, Derebail, Dubai

    Tue, Jun 23 2009

    Cngratulations, Dear Shaila Saldanha Kamat. I know your dad and mum personally.Hats off to you. Best wishes, Prakash linet craig and calvin pinto.

  • Jyothi Castelino, Pernal/Muscat

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Congratulations Shaila...Im very happy for u and proud of you..Great to hear Natya Vidushi Shaila Saldhana Kamat...Really you are hardworking girl..All the best for ur future...God Bless u...thanks to daijiworld.

  • Aditya.A., Udipi

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Congrats Natya Vidushi Shaila Saldanha Kamat. You have proved you are a ''Hum Hindustani". People living within India should learn Indian Culture. i.e. itself is called ''Hindutva''.

  • Jyothi Sequeira, mangalore, dubai

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Hi Shaila....congratulations and wish you all the best. I am very happy to see you in Daijiwold. Iwas your classmate in St Agnes college for 3 years. congrats once again and may god bless you always.


    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Hi Shaila, Congratulations for all that great acheivements and determination.No doubt your self belief and courage must have guided you so far in your career, else who in our christain comunity dared to take this feild? You are the role model for many a aspiring classical dancers.

    I have noticed one thing in the comments..everyone congratulated you and no one enquired about whether they can help you in financially.Why cant you publish your account details so that some good hearted people and Orgainisations come forward to help you?

  • Richard Mendonca, Vamanjoor Padav/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Congratulations Shaila. We are proud of you for making use of your talents to help other children to learn your art of dancing.Also more happy that you are from Kelarai, the place where we did of primary schooling.All the best.

  • hamita, moodbidri

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    ur desreve it. keep it up

  • Charles D''Mello, Pangala

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Great Achievement. Keep it up Miss Shaila.

  • Shian Fernandes (VI A) Cambridge School, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Dear Shaila Mam, Congratulations! on your achievements.

  • Rajesh, Bantwal

    Mon, Jun 22 2009

    Great Talent in you. All the very best..

  • Preetham Noronha, Fajir _ Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hipip shaila... Also Rgds to ur Dad Mr. Saldanha..


    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congratulations Madam..

  • Della Rego, mangalore,Qatar

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congratulations to you Shaila and for your proud parents too. May God Bless you and wishing you all the best in future.

  • Savitha D''souza, M''lore/Abu Dhabi

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Shaila! Hope u rememeber me! We were college mates in St Agnes...It really feels awesome to read abt u...keep up the great work! Ur a great gal wid great talent and have made the whole christian community proud with ur achievements...keep up the great work...God bless!

  • Reshma Pereira, Moodbudri

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Dear shaila, Congratulations and all the best! I am very proud to say that i was your classmate for 5yrs.. God Bless you

  • Nichol Andrea Dsouza, Mangalore

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hi Shaila Mam,Congratulations..I am lucky to have you as my teacher.Good luck in future! Nichol Dsouza 9th A (Cambridge School)

  • ANIL ROSHAN LOBO, manglore/kuwait

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congragulation ''SHAILA''


    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hi Sheila, Congratulation and best of luck for your future work, God bless you.

  • Jawar D''Souza, M''Lore/Doha

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Cogratulation''s to you, you have got a talent keep it up. God bless you.

  • stephen dsouza, manoor,neermarga

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congratulations Shaila.Its nice to see u on daiji.I met u several times in cambridge,I didnt konow that ur such a talented girl.I must admit this that not only talented,u r good hearted also.u r way of talking, ur thoughts really admired me.I am sure you will be a shining star. God Bless u and allthe best

  • clement viegas kuwait, manglore thokur ullya

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hi saldanha great job congratulations,god belssu keep it up.jai Barath Matha''

  • L N Rego, Bendur

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congats Daiji for bringing a rare talent to the limelight. She indeed deserves all recognition for the hardwork and dedication put in. I Also feel our comunity should recognise such talents in much more rewarding ways. Wish you all success shaila, Keep going.

  • Jacquline, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hey Shaila...Congrats on your acheivement...I was your classmate at Agnes while doing my B.A...U were a recognized girl during that time in studies & now u''ve proved u''self even in the field of Bharatanatyam...Feels proud to be ur classmate...U''ve given a great name to our college...Keep it up...& All the best.......

  • Joel Saldanha, Mangalore/ Dubai

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    I am very proud to be your cousin, Sheila and wish you all the very best in the days to come. May God ocntinue to shower his blessings on you and Uncle at all times. Good job!!!

  • Richard, Bahrain

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Hi. Our heartiest Congrats to you.. even I think my kids too like you.. God blessyou

  • Natasha Fernandes, Udyavar / Dubai

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Very happy to know about you. Congratulations.

  • viraj r rai, puttur, abu dhabi

    Sun, Jun 21 2009

    Congratulations Shaila, you have done the entire Kannadiga community proud, God bless.

  • Clarissa Fernandis, Mangaore- Abu Dhabi

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Hi Shaila I feel very happy when I see anyone from our mangalorean Catholic Community doing Bharatanatyam. I am 9 years old and I live in Abu Dhabi. I am learning Bharatanatyam since I was 5 years. I am the only mangalorean Catholic Girl in my dance class and I feel very happy. Thank you for sharing your experience. Good Luck

  • D M D'' Souza, Bantwal

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    I wish I too had a daughter like U Congrats, keep it up, wish u all the best.

  • Max & Jessie Rasquinha, Mangalore/Houston, Tx

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Our sincere congratulations and best wishes to Natya Vidushi Shaila for her magnificient achievements in the field of Bharat Natyam and many other talents. The Christian community should be proud of Shaila. This is the first time we heard of her accomplishments. We are pleased to learn that Adolphus Lobo as well as Wilfy Rebimbus have also contributed in a little way to her success story of life, and wish Shaila continued success in all her future endeavours. "Natya Vidushi" title are also the new words that we have learnt for the first time. We look forward to witnessing Shaila''s performance on the stage in one of our future visits to Mangalore. God bless.

  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Dear Shaila ! you have ventured in to the main Indian culture where hardly any youth of our community would have dared to think of. Congratulaltions and all Best wishes. She is a shining star of our community and the same has to be duly recognised and encouraged in all possible ways. Well! Daijiworld has taken the lead.

  • B.H.Tanvi.Rao., Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Condratulations Shaila didi. I take this occasion as an opportunity to seek your blessings

  • Jovin, Pangla, Dubai

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Congratulations on your achievements. Nice to hear about it. Wish you all the best.

  • Prabha, Kulshekar/Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Hi Shaila Can u tell me what is the age limit to join u r dance class? bcz my daughter is in U.K.G now and she is studying in Sacred, Heart Kulshekar. Also i want to know where and all u r dance classes are there? and timings of the classes. pls mail me

  • Antony T. D'' Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    At the very height, shining star can not be hidden. It is seen to all and no community can ignore its luminosity/ radiance but to follow suite. Amazing achivements. Well done Shaila.

  • Jasmitha, Mangalore/Dubai

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hi Shaila, Very glad to know about your achievements.When I had the glance of your photo,I could recollect my college days.I''m not sure if you remember me by my name,but we have danced together at St.Agnes college.I wish you success in every field.

    I thank Daiji world for supporting my friend by an exclusive news about Shaila''s achievements. With regards, Jasmitha Vivek

  • Anisha Wilsy Pereira, Neermarga / Dublin, Ireland.

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations dear Shaila Miss. I performed here whatever you taught in your school.Everyone liked it. Nice to see your picture here. Love you always... Anisha

  • moinu,, kanjarkatte/buraidah ,KSA

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations Shaila! This is an outstanding achivement and keep it up. In manglore and udupi one bad thinks is people see the community belongs to, not the talent. but u proved that u r shining star from mangalore . God bless u ,thanks to daiji

  • Laila, Mangalore / KSA

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    All the best to you Shaila. I would like to visit your Institute during my vacation. Your are a really talented person. Thanks Daijiworld for the useful information you give of the talented people in and around Mangalore. Keep up the good work.

  • Tina Pereira, Kelarai / Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hey Shaila, Its really good to see your work getting recognition......Congratulations dear....All the best...we are proud of you...

  • premila pereira, udupi

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hai Shaila, very nice and very happy to see you in Daiji. Hope U remember me (trimurthy from Kelrai)Sacred Hearts!All the best, Hope U email me?!

  • Chelsea Dsilva, Bejai, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hi Shaila Mam, Iam proud to be u r student in Cambridge school , U r really a great teacher. congrats, keep it up mam.


    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    "KUDOS" Ms SHAILA."Efforts has given fruit".Personally i don''t know u but feel 2 help a little for various good reasons when i return after few months but pl remind without fail.U must come up.

  • fiona, kaikamba

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    mis.Shaila, you are really talented . i think im lucky because 1 year you were oue bharathanatyam teacher at rosa mystica school

  • Deepalaxmi, Neermarga

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    hi shaila.... u r indeed very talented..since childhood i have been seeing you..i wish you good luck n hope to see u taking more rewards and awards..good luck n wish you many more credentials and prosperity in your life.. May God be always with you...:-) - Deepalaxmi

  • Roopalaxmi, Neermarga, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hi Shaila, Nice to see you here. My heartiest congratulations on all your achievements and also wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure of developing our village. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.

  • george borromeo, angelore, mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Great to know you Natya Vidhushi Shaila, thanks to Daiji, they have brought out your outstanding profile. Bharathanatyam is performed by Fr. Jerry and Fr. Barboza, even Sandesha Institute of Fine Arts run by Christian Diocess is imparting this art to interested students. It shows that we christians are definitely not allergic to this Indian Classical Dance. Then why majority of 4.5 lac christian community haven''t heard of Natya Vidwan Shaila. Because she has been not show cased in our major cultural programms. Who should have done it is debatable. However Director of Sandesh and Gurkar of Kalangan should accomodate her talent. Shaila, God will bless you abudantly, you have not only learned the art but professed it. that is admirable.

  • Ruth and Simona, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Miss. Shaila, we are so very to see you on the net. you were a really good teacher and we all miss you a lot. We have got a new dance teacher, but she is not as good as you. YOU ARE THE BEST! i hope you come back to our school, St. Theresa''s.

  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Honourable Ms Natya Vidushi Shaila Saldanha Kamat, we the Mangalorean salute you. At this tender age you foresaw what our politicians & administrators could not. I pray that every parent have daughters like you. Congrat & Good Luck. May God Bless You!!!!


    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Really good news to hear we are encourge to classical events like barathanatya..singing yakshagana.. Best of luck to Shaila in Future...

  • nayana sanil, mangalore/K.S.A

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations Shaila.Its nice to see u on daiji.I met u several times in cambridge,I didnt konow that ur such a talented girl.I must admit this that not only talented,u r good hearted also.u r way of talking, ur thoughts really admired i was always talking about u with my friends and colleagues. So nice to see u again.God Bless You.

  • Vijay, Bangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Nice to know a talented girl from our region. Congrats Shaila, all the best.

  • Mike, KSA

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Endowed with so many talents, is really praiseworthy. I wish her all the best.

  • Meera D''Souza, Mangalore

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Congratulations Shaila!!!!!! Feels great to read about you. All the best in all your future endeavors

  • capitanio T.T.I, mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Dear Shaila , We are happy to know about your great performence in the field of dance, music, computer and extra curricular activities. Congratulations ! we are proud of you ! Imploring Gods Blessing and success in your future carrier God Bless You Superintendent, Staff, Students Capitanio T.T.I Mangalore

  • Jenifer Coutinho, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations Shaila!God bless u,keep it up. All the best.

  • M.Bhat, Mumbai

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Great acvievement Ms.Shaila Saldhana. Your father is right when he said that - the Christian Community is yet to identify the talents of his daughter, while writers, poets, novelists and other talented persons from various fields are being offered felicitations, awards, rewards, financial assistance etc., the Konkani organizations working in the regional, state and international level have not noticed the contributions made by you. I request all Hindu and christain orgainsations involved in promoting fine arts and classical dance to recognise your talent.

  • rohithkumar, PUTTUR\DARBE\KUWAIT

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations Shaila...proud of you, keep it up.

  • Eugene D''Souza, Mooddubelle/Dombivli

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Dear Francis and Shaila, congratulations on your great achievement and best of luck for your future endeavours. Eugene and Benny

  • Melisa Miranda, Kulshekar/Mlore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Great going Shaila!God bless you for your hard work and dedication! Keep shining!!

  • Yvonne,

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Great Talent in you. All the very best..

  • Leena , Mangalore/Sharjah

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations! proud of you, keep up the good work. All the best.

  • Linet Lobo, Shirva / Udupi

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    God Bless You , Keep it up. We are proud to see You.

  • Shammy, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Hai Shaila, I was so happy to see U on Daiji.Though i Knw U,I didnt thought that U r such a talented girl.A BIG CONGRAGULATION to U Shaila.I used to C U sometimes in Bus /Shakthinagar Cross(Kulashekar)etc.Happy to say someone from my Parish is Shining through daiji..I think U can do Something.Our Children should Shine somewhere... Heartiest Congragulation To You Dear.......Keep It up....& Continue the same spirit. Luv & Prayers From, Shammy! God Bless You!

  • George Cruz, Mangalore/USA

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Congratulations Shaila!!!. This is an outstanding achivement and keep it up.

  • Rajesh Sequeira, kulshekar, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Good to hear your talents. I am sure you will be a shining star. God Bless u

  • WILFRED.MAXIM.D''SOUZA, kulshekar/saudi-arabia

    Sat, Jun 20 2009

    Dear shaila, congratulations and wish you all the best in the steps you have chosen to bring into light the hidden talents in the poor children.always my helping hand will be with you in case of need

  • Jerome, Mangalore

    Fri, Jun 19 2009

    Yes,indeed she is a true Indian girl by birth and by practice.Jai ho Indian culture !

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