'I have Voted, I have Spoken, I have Conveyed Strong Messages'

May 19, 2009

The people of India have spoken through the deft handling of their fingers over the electronic voting machines over a 5-phase mammoth election with results announced on 16th May 2009. There were many pre-poll and post-poll predictions, most of them pronouncing that it will be a close race with the UPA holding a slight edge. The prediction about the Congress being the single largest party and that the Congress-led UPA will form the Government has come true but none expected that the Congress alone would cross the 200 mark and that the UPA will almost edge the magic figure of 272.

The people have spoken decisively in favor of progress, development and a truly secular agenda, endorsed the efficiency and integrity of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the mature leadership of Sonia Gandhi. They have also spoken in favor of the youth aspirations and pro-poor needs projected by Rahul Gandhi and his youth brigade in the Congress. WELL DONE !

Before proceeding further, we the people wish to place our deep appreciation and thanks to the Election Commission of India for efficiently and successfully conducting the world’s largest democratic process in a free, fair and generally peaceful manner. The month long 5-phase election was tortuous and the wait for the results agonizing but given the largeness of the country and the enormity of voters, this was required. We are relieved that deficiencies like “booth capturing” and “bogus voting” are a thing of the past.        

We the voters have also conveyed several messages and some reprimands. Let us look at some of the reprimands :

Message-1 – To the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) – The people have said “We are interested only in development, jobs, water, irrigation, electricity, roads, remunerative prices for our agricultural products etc. We do not support any communal agenda or divisive policies. One of the great assets of our beloved country is the beautiful mosaic of “Unity in Diversity”. We want to sustain and preserve that asset. We also see through duplicity; For example, you criticize other parties for promoting dynastic politics but you do the same; you accuse other parties of purchasing politicians but you do the same; You initiated the Nuclear deal with the USA when you were in power but opposed the deal when you were in opposition”. 

“If you subject yourself for unbiased introspection, you should be regretting the adventure or misadventure of your affiliates in Orissa. The attacks on Christians in Orissa has resulted in your party being almost wiped out in that state and in the process, you lost an important ally along with some 8-10 Lok Sabha seats. Your subtle projection of Narendra Mody as a future Prime Minister and the tacit support to the hate speech of Varun Gandhi, resulted in some of your allies getting jittery and wanting to leave NDA. Instead of your pre-occupation with people being converted, we hope you will really convert yourself as a party “with a difference” in the next 5 years and function as a constructive opposition. We may then consider you favorably in 2014 ”

Message-2 – To Sri LK Advani – The people seem to have said “ You have our sympathies that you lost your chance to be Prime Minister. However, a Prime Ministerial candidate should project and highlight one’s own capabilities, experience, talents and achievements and not harp upon the real or perceived weakness of the opponent. Dr Manmohan Singh is an internationally renowned and respected personality, an honest and upright leader guided by the best interests of our country, a financial wizard credited with the financial stability of India and an embodiment of integrity, gentleness and gentlemanliness. He has impeccable credentials and a Curriculum vitae that is the pride of every Indian. You seem to have missed all this and repeatedly called him as the “weakest Prime Minister of India”. Well, we thought you are weak and do not have the strength to be our Prime Minister”.

Message-3 – To Chief Minister Yeddyurappa of Karnataka – You might wonder why we are reprimanding you when we should be congratulating you on the creditable performance of BJP in Karnataka in contrast to the rest of the country. Well, perhaps ‘reprimand’ is not the right word but we wish give you a little warning. First of all, the credit for the BJP success in Karnataka should largely go to a faction-ridden and disorganized Congress Party and its lackluster campaign, added by the JDS factor in many constituencies. We hope the good performance of BJP does not result in the conclusion that the assaults on Churches in Karnataka and the attack on innocent girls in a pub in Mangalore had no impact. These attacks have weaned away thousands of urban educated voters, specially the youth from the BJP. Please note that the party which prided itself as being strong in Urban areas has scored a ZERO in all the four metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai and in several major cities – Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kanpur, Nagpur, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Madurai, Mysore, Trivandrum, Ernaculum. Bangalore and Mangalore have been the only exceptions but sometimes the impact of wrong actions occurs more in far away places! Therefore, please control the fundamentalist and fanatic elements that attacked churches or pubs and ensure that they never occur on the soil of Karnataka again. Otherwise, in the next elections, Karnataka will do to Congress what Andhra, Rajastan, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Delhi did during these elections”.       

Message-4 – To the UPA Allies like RJD, LJP, PMK and SP – The people seemed to have said “We are a little tired of too many Regional parties trying to hijack national interests. One of the important ingredients of leadership is to closely monitor the pulse of the people and conduct an independent unbiased assessment of your strength and popularity. If you had done that, you would have made a realistic seat adjustment with the Congress in Bihar and UP and PMK with DMK-Congress in Tamilnadu. Instead each of you projected exaggerated claims, tried to humble a national party like Congress and in the case of PMK, a strong Regional party like DMK and in the process caused yourself great damage. We hope the lesson is clear”. 

Message-5 -  To the Congress Party in Karnataka – The people wish to say “You should be ashamed of your performance in Karnataka. You can justifiably take credit for the BJP victory in the state, which you facilitated through the internal fights and animosities within your party. This caused an enormous delay in the selection and announcement of candidates leaving no time for planning, strategizing or systematic campaigning. We did not know who the Congress candidates were even a month before the elections whereas the BJP candidates or their representatives were able to meet us personally and received our votes. All that we can say is – Better luck next time”

A word of appreciation – To Nalin Kumar Kateel, the winner in Mangalore. “Congratulations Nalin Kumar – your youth, clean image and grass-root level identity was certainly a factor that propelled your victory but we think your admirable gesture in touching the feet of your opponent as a mark of respect fetched you 40,000 extra votes – the margin of your victory. We hope you will not conduct the exercise of who voted for and against you but work for everybody and for the progress and welfare of the people of DK district. Good luck to you”   

By Dr Derek Lobo, Mangalore
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Comment on this article


    Sat, May 23 2009

    Hi all what I feel is Mangalorians have already accepted BJP for last 18 years and it''s difficult for them to change their mind towards congress.

  • Joe Gonsalves, U.S.A. Mangalore

    Fri, May 22 2009

    Here is a sincere and bold account by Dr. Derek Lobo. He has not minced words but has been bluntly outspoken. No one can gain any edge by criticizing and trying to find fault with others. If one were to point a finger at himself rather condemn others, it would go a long way in getting the help and support of people. Congrats to you Derek. Well said.

  • Krishna M K, India

    Fri, May 22 2009

    I want to add one comment to good analysis of sudarshan shetty. In Rajasthan BJP''s defeat was mainly due to support extended to Pub Culture by Ms. Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Gehlot''s strong stand against pub culture is helping him.

  • devendra, kuwait

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Dr. Derek lobo you rather sound like a congress spokesperson and not as an independent.when congress lose u call it as an infighting within.please wake up,majority of people voted for NDA in gujrat,karnatka,bihar.....try to respect the verdict of people. when 100% of the christians vote only for congress,because they feel that christianity is safe.and when the hindus do the same for BJP they are communal.please do write some of your more biased article on kandhmal and manglore attack as to how it all started....so that we can know your mindset on it too.

  • clifford Fernandes, UK/Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Well said Dr. Derek.I think all old and greedy Karnataka politicians should be asked to retire and strict action should be taken on who cross the party line

  • sudarshan shetty, ganjmut/dubai

    Thu, May 21 2009

    MR. Lobo, you are totally mistaken. the main reason for bjp loss is not because of advani and bjp commenting weak pm. Mr. Manmohan singh is even weakest pm. they lost only because left/right communist done bad at kerala/calcutta. Also the Shiv Sena split in maharastra because of congress made MNS.

    As your comment to retain andhra/rajasthan it was only this time and I doubt next time they can keep it. Karnataka will remain with bjp as all hindus will support them and only bjp does the development work.

  • heerachand, mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Well said & well done. Why we people are not thinking about "COMPULSORY RETIREMENT AGE FOR POLITICIANS" at 60 years of age? If this rule is Implemented,we will have better leaders ruling our nation.

  • Arun, Dubai Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Ha Ha HA.. What a joke... May be some words for Obama Sir on how to rule USA. To Zardaari or even respected Prathiba Patil ?. As if Yediyurappa has to listen to all these things. Anyways good for all the loosers to couldnt help out in frustation after BJP''s show in karnataka.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Udupi/Bangalore

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Well said, Instead of highlighting what he can do for the country, he repeatedly called the most honest and workaholic Dr. Manmohan Singh the weakest prime minister. This is one of the main reasons for Mr. Advani’s debacle in most of the cities. Voters are more knowledgeable than these outdated politicians. Voters have seen the work and ability of this man. Well educated Indians cannot be fooled by this kind of speeches, which is unfortunate and lowered Mr. Advani’s respect as opposition leader. Who killed our beloved Ghandiji? Killing, burning, raping is being promoted by these people only for the sake of political gain.

    This very communal party brainwashed the people of north India to demolish the mosque and today the people of north rejected this party. Now our educated people of Karnataka are being subjected to similar kind brainwash to intimidate other faiths. Hope sense prevails and people of Karnataka understand the real truth sooner rather than later.

  • Alec/Claudette Fernandes, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Dr. Derek, you have voiced the sentiments of a majority of the polity in Karnataka, us included, & we applaud you. We hope the Congress Party in Karnataka wake up from their slumber & pay heed to your valuable advice.

  • Chris Anny Misquith, Kirem\Etobicoke\Canada

    Thu, May 21 2009

    Very good article, beautifully put together. Hope the rest of the voters who are proud of BJP, who still dream of RAM RAJ..would learn the reality. A Message to Sanjay one of the commentator,Why do you need TEN COMMANDMENTS when all Christions follow "Love One Another". And that`s how you survive to trouble us for the second time. Please keep in mind about the slogan which is "Love One Another"

  • A.S.Mathew, U.S.A.

    Thu, May 21 2009

    It is an excellent article. Something happend to the electorate at the nick of the moment: they like to live in peace and prosperity, and saw the danger of religious fanaticism which will lead to more bloodshed and discord in the society. Also, voting for the leftist parties was simply the way of retreating to a lifestyle of misery.

    Most of the small parties will be either merging with a bigger party, or will be oblivious and disappear. The UPA, under the leadership of Congress has great opportunity to steer India into prosperity and to be a model secular country in the family of nations.

  • Pramod, yellur

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Let''s look at one of your comments-"First of all, the credit for the BJP success in Karnataka should largely go to a faction-ridden and disorganized Congress Party and its lackluster campaign, added by the JDS factor in many constituencies." per your analysis BJP won by default due to lack of strong opposition party.Well then the same holds true for congress in states where it won...

  • george borromeo, angelore, mangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Simply marvelous article,I do agree with your thinking Dr.Derek Lobo. To add on Mangalore North, South and Mangalore constituancy did give 17,557 lead to Congress,and I relate it to the Urban people's mind set shifting towards Congress Party.

  • Rolphy Almeida, Kalmady/Bangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Well said, Instead of highlighting what he can do for the country, he repeatedly called the most honest and workaholic Dr. Manmohan Singh the weakest prime minister. This is one of the main reasons for Mr. Advani’s debacle in most of the cities. Voters are more knowledgeable than these old outdated politicians. Voters have seen the work and knowledge of this man. Well educated Indians cannot be fooled by this kind of speeches which is unfortunate and lowered Mr. Advani’s respect as opposition leader. Indians are respected all over the world not only because of Gandhiji’s simplicity and non-violence movement but also for their intelligence and knowledge. Who killed our beloved Ghandiji? Killing, burning, raping is being promoted by these people only for the sake of political gain. This very communal party brainwashed the people of north India to demolish the mosque and today the people of north rejected this party. Now our educated people of Karnataka are being subjected to similar kind brainwash to intimidate other faiths. Hope sense prevails and people of Karnataka understand the real truth sooner rather than later.

  • harish, vittal

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Mr.lobo and your opinion is completely wrong.

  • malakishor, mangalore/saudiarabia

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Dr.Lobo,I agree with the comments.But I strongly object about attack in Kandhamal and Mangalore,that all problems is started from your newlife. First try to know complete story of the incidents and dont talk one side.

  • Donfrank, Managalore, UAE

    Wed, May 20 2009

    An excellent article from Dr. Derek Lobo. Cheers! Congress lost Karnataka because of infighting and JDS spliting the votes. But elsewhere, Congress has done very well. One important development of this election is that the small and regional parties were marginalised to a certain extent. In India, there should be only three parties, Right(BJP), Centre(Congress) and Left(Communists). This will enable India to become a successful democratic country. We do not want regional and castiest parties. Congress has won because of its progressive and secular policies. BJP lost because of its wrong policies. However, Congress has to perform well and bring peace and progress to our motherland. Jai Ho India.

  • K.Shenoy, Sooda/Dubai

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Dr.Lobo''s Analysis is Good Enough However our freinds from Mangalore are very much worried about Nalin Kumar. in actual they are not worried about big gaints like Lalu & other elected Criminal MPs

  • Prakas, Kundapur/Saudi Arabia

    Wed, May 20 2009

    A very good analytical message from DR. Lobo to all countrymen. There is no doubt that, it''s the over confidence of Mr. Poojary which cost him too bitter. As stated in the comments it''s not Nalin''s "Clean Image" but his hard work & luck must have favoured him.

    Yes now he has an oppurtunity that, stopping all bad happenings in M''lore, by bringing back the peace & harmony among the Manglorean community will get him a most required "Clean Image". For Congressmen in Karnataka, it''s their old Horses who lost the race. A clear overhaul is required.

  • krish, kuda/UK

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Mr.Austin Lobo, you are from kudla you can speak in Tulu or kannada.

  • Ronald Rodrigues, Mangalore Doha,

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Nice Article Dr. Lobo, Your article is an eye opener to all the politicians,BJP has lost in Mangalore assemble segment too, this is the direct effect of justifying the attacks on churches and attack on innocent girls in the pub and elsewere.

    People have not accepted Advani as a leader,instead of projecting himself as a strong leader he started canvasing on a negative note, In Karnatake Congress has lost by its infighting,Modi magic could not sustain Sonia Mania,Why people have voted for Congress is they so a young leader like Rahul Gandhi, and started comparing him with Varun Ghandhi,most of the youth on whom BJP was relying voted for Congress. BJP lost in UP because of Varun Gandhi,Now the verdict 2009 is very clear people wants developement, not empty promises, I hope BJP will learn a lesson from this election.

  • Austin Lobo, Mangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Nalin kumar has said he will take six months to learn english and hindi. till then please translate these messages for him.

  • Rosemarie Saldanha, Kadri mangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    good analysis Echo your sentiments of Message 2 and 3

  • Vincent, Bangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Anil has told rightly in his comment. This is what the voters of D.K. failed to recognize while electing their representative and we boast of ourselves to be the smart and educated districts in Karnataka. Nalin you have the challenge to keep your promises you made after your victory. It is not just a victory for Hindutva as you also told but the development in the region should explain you as a true people''s representative.

  • H M Pernal, Mangalore

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Very good analysis Dr. Lobo.Yes ! the messages are very clear. But I wonder how you gave clean chit to Mr. Nalin Kumar Kateel ? What Stan Rodrigues said is correct.

  • Stan Rodrigues, Bantwal/Italy

    Wed, May 20 2009

    Dr Lobo I don’t want to disagree with what you have agreed upon. But I am surprised to read you giving Nalin, “Mr clean”(clean image) certificate. Are you speaking here about his clean shaven image? Nalin Kumar is one among the nine poll winners with criminal records in Karnataka (news, May 18), so can we not disagree with the fact that Mr. Nalin is ‘Mr. clean’?

  • Prashanth Shetty, Udupi/UAE

    Tue, May 19 2009

    I found this article interested to read and gave some highlight of the election. However, it seems to be more of a BJP bashing. It is true they lost in metro but it doesn''t mean they lost urban support. In mumbai, they lost because of division of marathi vote by MNS. Secondly, BJP never had presence in Kolkata and Chenai. Finally, being a citizen of free independant India, you dont need to afraid of any political leader irrespective of your political inclination. If Nalin Kumar doesnt perform, then he will be dislodged by somebody in the next election like Janardhan Poojary.

  • caroline, kuwait

    Tue, May 19 2009

    well said Dr very good strong msg thanks daijiworld to bring these information to our notice, i am sure all the major parties were wondering what''s the reason for the defeat''s now Dr has given the spot on answers.

  • Praveen, Mangalore

    Tue, May 19 2009

    you have spoken our words..good one...everyone have learnt a lesson..

  • Deepak Machado, Belman/Dubai

    Tue, May 19 2009

    I agree to all the points of the author. Mr. Nalin, please project Mangalore as the best place for investment to the outsiders and work towards a constructive agenda and well-being of all.

  • Ronald D.F.D''Souza, Bondel/Mangalore/Bahrain

    Tue, May 19 2009

    What phrase given by Dr.Derek Lobo. A very good article all Indians must read very patiently. Dr. Lobo has covered all facts about UPA''s five year rule and gave a touching advise to NDA partners espacially to BJP. I do agree with Dr. Lobo, no man has a right to say our Prime Minister is a weak prime minister, with His initative and Late Rajiv Gandhi''s vision of I T sector and car industry, today India is a one of the Strong country in the world, and i am sure in next 5 years our Prime Minister will take India to a high level, and our young generation need do not feel like to migrate to Europen or America countries.Jai Ho.

  • K S Zahoor Ahmed, karkal/KSA

    Tue, May 19 2009

    good article by Dr. lobo

  • wilfred, mangalore, Goa.

    Tue, May 19 2009

    Hello Yediuruppa!!! are you listening. Read this article over and over. As for Nalinna, he has already stated that he will work for those who have voted for him. Are the rest Pakistanis and anti national elements????. " Young blood, Good Beginning".

  • Mohammed Imran, Udupi / Dubai

    Tue, May 19 2009

    "Nalin Kumar Kateel" is not with clean image... he has criminal record...please check http://www.daijiworld.com/news/news_disp.asp?n_id=60045

  • Anil , Mangalore

    Tue, May 19 2009

    Dr Lobo, good job but I guess you need to translate the last para in local language!

  • Sanjay, Mangalore/Goa

    Tue, May 19 2009

    Dr Derek Lobo, We do not support any communal agenda...let your church come out of this statement instead of 10 commandments to vote against BJP. Main cause of troubles in Kandhamal and in Mangalore is your Pastor''s slogan of Newlife. Hope you understand this.

  • Cyril DCunha, Mangalore/UAE

    Tue, May 19 2009

    I respect and agree with the comments.

  • John Vas, Kulshekar/Dubai

    Tue, May 19 2009

    Well said about all parties. I personally agree what is written. Voters are now more matured the affect is felt whether good or bad across the country even though action must have happen in U.P, DELHI PARLIAMENT, ORISSA, MLORE, GUJARAT or any other remote area. Do not forget present world is closer thru internet and satellite beaming news, no party can escape the outcome if they have done wrong correct it otherwise you will have people say during voting. Best of luck to the voters, exercise your vote with maturity then we will see the BETTER INDIA and enjoy the fruits. GOOD LUCK.

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