Bengaluru: Hospital shocks corona suspect by quoting Rs 9.09 lac for treatment

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Bengaluru, Jul 15: It is learnt that the staff of a private hospital in the city scared away a patient suffering from acute respiratory problem and suspected coronavirus infection, by quoting a whopping Rs 9.09 lac for providing treatment for ten days.

The patient concerned is from Koramangala. As he suffered from breathing complications, his relatives rushed him to Columbia Asia Hospital at Whitefield here for treatment. The doctors who checked the patient reportedly told the relatives that the patient requires treatment for ten days and that the cost of treatment will be Rs 9.09 lac.

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Taken aback at this figure, the relatives of the patient did not admit the patient into that hospital. The hospital quoted ventilator charges of Rs 1.4 lac, Rs 3 lac for the medicines, Rs 2 lac for lab tests, Rs 75,000 towards bed and room charges, Rs 58,500 nursing charges, Rs 35,000 towards radiology and physiotherapy and Rs 25,000 for surgical equipment.

The person had undergone corona test on Sunday. His relatives said that they were waiting to receive laboratory report. "On Monday, the person began to suffer from severe breathing complications. Therefore we brought him to Columbia Asia Hospital. We had directly visited the emergency section. The doctors of the hospital gave us details of treatment. We were shocked to learn about the charges," they explained.

"We then spoke to the family members of the patient and decided against admitting the patient there. Later, we contacted Mercy Mission, an NGO, who gave us information about HBS Hospital. We admitted the patient there by paying Rs 25,000. The situation is very difficult for the patients. Hospitals should not try to cash in on the critical situation faced by the people," they added.

Reacting to the incident, minister Dr K Sudhakar, stated that sterns steps would be taken against the hospital. Commissioner in the health department Pankaj Kumar Pandey, said that an investigation would be conducted into the incident.

Manager of the hospital said that the person who was brought to the hospital was aged, was suffering from acute fever and lung infection. He also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. He needed to be provided with treatment immediately. His coronavirus infection had not yet been confirmed. None of the government hospitals had recommended to treat him. Therefore we informed the patient the estimated expenses of his treatment. That was not the final bill. If the coronavirus infection was confirmed, we would have provided treatment as per government rules," he added.




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  • Dinesh, Dubai

    Thu, Jul 16 2020

    Commission Sarkar itself ruling State and Centre what more can we expect
    If I raise voice I will be called Anti-National by our NATIONAL AUNTY Shobakka. Where is she now?
    Raise voice for right cause Aunty.....!!! No use protesting with only dead bodies.....!!! Care people when they are alive...Protect common man from these Nexus.

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  • Harsha, Mangaluru

    Thu, Jul 16 2020

    Our Health care system in the country has been hijacked by the govt. Indan Govt does not even spend 2% of GDP on national health care. Where does our tax go? Horsetrading & flipping the state govts.
    We do not have a national Health insurance plan.Almost all western countries have a national health ins plan.

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  • Nash, Manama

    Thu, Jul 16 2020

    Should take severe action against such hospital , if they are real Culprit cancel there hospital Licence
    and arrest them and let them pay huge fines


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  • k b r, Mangala Uru

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    there are some dacoits in doctors' clothing...

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  • Praveen, surathkall

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    tit for tat. Now Govt. should give shock to hospital by canceling licence. Also find the kingpin in this BILLING DEAL! Be it a Doctor or Clerk, no mercy!

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  • Shekar Moily Padebettu, Udupi/India

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    @S. John, Mangalore,it is ridiculous to single out you but however after going through your lengthy accurate statement of private hospital's expenses,it seems you might have invested huge amount while starting the hospital as a partner or may be holding key post in the hospital. You have given such a beautiful explanation with regard to hospital expenses and you will have a too much of concern towards private hospital.Sorry sir,I am coming and hope disturbing you on your way vide your comments in this page.At least you should have shown some kind of softness,kindness towards middle class and poor patients.Everybody is yelling and worried and under terrible tension about how to save themselves from this deadly corona virus pandemic.But your comments may not fit into the pockets of already suffering corona patients.
    Perhaps you may be aware that general public are being made sacrifice goat in the name of Covid-19 tests by the so called private hospitals.I believe most of the doctors,hospitals forgotten the names of the diseases such as cold,fever,cough-seasonal diseases normally occurring during monsoon.Now you go to any hospital for treatment for the above diseases,doctors will advise only covid test,which is very lucrative and profitable test,which is mandatory nowadays.Tests result will be positive for everybody and damage the entire mechanism of patient's health.This has become a trend now and it is of the general opinion that well planned,organized racket,fraud is being taking place in the private hospital fraternities.Thorough investigation will only reveal the truth and facts.
    In case,as announced by our district development in-charge minister Sri Kota Shrinivas Poojry (Ustuvari Sachivaru) treatment is started giving to BPL,APL card holders by showing Aadhar Card,positive results will be reduced and abundant beds are available.In that case if anybody goes to private hospitals for corona treatment,hospitals will say,we have not received intimation.

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  • Paul, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 16 2020

    I 100% support your comment .
    Well said

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  • S. John, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    We have a strange mentality. When one goes to a five star hotel for a room he can not get a room for Rs. 500/= a night. He has to pay more, may be Rs 15000/=. It is fine. No complaints.
    But when goes to a similar health facility and demands treatment of a government hospital and when the expenses are informed, then complaints...we have so many to support him. These private hospitals have huge expenses, their electricity bills are on commercial rate, they have to pay to doctors, nurses, PPEs, ventilators....they are not charitable institutes. They are corporate star facility to those who want it.
    Why one can not go to government hospital and demand treatment? You pay taxes to government, then demand treatment from them.
    If there are no beds in government hospitals, the government hospital is referring to private hospitals and government is taking care of the expenses. This message has to reach to people. They should not go to private hospitals directly for admission

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  • Pinto, MANGALORE

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    John uncle...

    Private hospitals charge 2000 plus per day per patient in the ICU as nurses charges... And as per INC the nurse patient ratio should be 1:1 .. ( 1 nurse per patient in the ICU).
    But hospitals make them overwork by keeping a nurse for 4 to 5 patients... 2000 per patient per day * 4 nurses =8000 is paid by the patient per day .. but the nurse is paid maximum 25000... Same with doctors where there r paid less too .. n they don't use and throw ventillators, the pstient pays for the ventilator tubings and the same ventilator is reused. PPE, Gloves, masks , oxygen tubings or anything the patient uses is included in the bill ..... So hospitals loot patients and earn millions .... Don't support private hospitals and government hospital administrative personnel gobble up the government fund and substandard equipments are purchased and most of the time there r only bills but nothing is purchased. .. it's all a scam...

    Common man is the final victim .. during this pandemic BPL card holders are provided benefits but the middle class people are struggling ...

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  • Paul, mangalore

    Thu, Jul 16 2020

    I 100% disagree with your comment.
    Dont compare a 5 star hotel to a hospital .
    There is s vast diffrence .
    At this most private hospitals are trying to loot .
    Do you have any idea how many people have died actually by COVID ik n DK it's only not more then 10.
    Rest all deaths are with poor treatment & other health complications .
    Now anyone dies they say it is because of corona .
    Now every death is counted before anyone dies in hospital nobody was bothered .
    Anyone gets admitted in hospital with fever he is been straight said he is positive even if he is not positive .
    Now evry hospital has to do money & also cut has to go
    Ministers are fillingnthier pockets.
    Poor people they can survive ( because they know how poverty is)
    Rich people they are enjoying
    Suffers are middle class people

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  • James, Bendur

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    All the state leaders should learn from Delhi government how to bring changes in health and education sector. To do this they should learn honesty and get rid of corruption.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    No action will be taken against the hospital, because they have the blessings of these politicians for sure.

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  • Mohammed, India

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Now govt should give shock to hospital by cancelling the license..

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  • Sahil, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Top model busy with horse trading hospital busy with following same.

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Close down that hospital.

    I don't think government will go face to face with giants like Columbia Asia!!

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  • KRPrabhu, Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Still man has not learnt lesson from corona virus...

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Recently many cases of severe skin problems have been reported by dermatologists due to overuse of alcohol & other chemical based hand sanitizers!
    Gullible people have become so paranoid that every 2 minutes they use sanitizers, which actually kill the normal microbiome of the skin & cause various problems!
    Sanitizer mfg cos have minted money in this business at the cost of gullible people!
    God save the common man!!

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  • Eustace, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    @Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai. The sanitizers are a necessity where soap and water is not available and to be used prudently. The price of sanitizers is controlled by the Govt of India at the very outset. The effect of the sanitizers is not tested against COVID-19 but very effective against bacterium. So d'on't discourage the use of sanitizers.

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  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    As the last paragraph states:
    the patient is aged, suffers from acute fever, lung infection, diabetes and high blood pressure.

    So, it is not very easy for the hospital too. Perhaps the hospital just wanted to chase away the patient?

    Regardless, when people have several ailments, it is not easy at all.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Then what for these docs are meant for? To treat cold & cough kya? These chaps charge minimum 600₹ for touching the patient once!!

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  • Santosh, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    IPL pays chores for the likes of Kohli to play. They wouldn't give a chance to you or me to play even for free. Same with doctors. They charge what they are worth.

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  • Khansab, Mlore/Jed

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    If money was invested in hospitals instead of statues, at least this situation could be avoided. Many may feel offended but this the reality.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Everywhere the same reports are coming, pvt hospitals giving package deals even before diagnosing & treating the patients! How can they quote a package deal even before diagnosing & treating the patients, how do they assume patient will require ventilator care! These crooks are worst than extortionits!

    No doubt, many a times they get beaten up by desperate public who are cheated & later handed over a dead body! It is high time, such crooks be treated with an iron hand and their licence suspended, but we have not seen any excepting loud hollow warnings!
    God save the common man!

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    I saw an expose by a military trained nurse why patients died in Elms Hospital in New York is very chilling & heart wrenching. She was in Iraq with trauma patients during war & she never witnessed the careless or experimental behavior of resident doctors(students) headed by a dentist! inside ICU.
    They didn't gave them oxygen through masks but directly put them on ventilators nobody survived as the pressure was increased beyond the limit. Non covid patients with just respiratory symptoms got admitted in the covid ICU & wards which will infect them too. NRD coded patients who didn't want to be revived if they had cardiac arrest was applied to even non-NRD patients. All procedures violated the normal procedures, too many medications were pumped in when asked they said higher up authority asked them to, who they are call them was ignored or they were scared of them. Some had fear they might terminate them if they complain.
    A good news was only 1 patient who had been intubated survived- the reason was he had used drugs in the past & his tolerance limit was higher than medicinal induced paralysis which receded sooner than the doctors estimate, he woke up & pulled the tubes out all by himself & he survived.

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  • Sp, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Dev, that nurse is Erin Marie Olszewski. She is an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist. You can google her. She has posted videos saying children should not be vaccinated for polio as it is a conspiracy. And as for the elmhurst hospital, yes the hospital was overwhelmed with serious patients in the corridors that caused several deaths in 24hrs. Seems like a cheap way to earn publicity through the expose.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Instead of finding everything in google, try to find how much google has invested in vaccines first.
    Secondly she had recorded all she has said on the show, even negative covid patients were admitted into covid wards falsely telling the patients as positive. Can this be a conspiracy by her or the hospital?
    Yes vaccinations are the biggest fake claims in the whole world, Autism is the result of MMR vaccines was found out by Judy Zimmerman PhD scholar working in US, CDC, she was given whistle blower status & still she was dismissed & she won court case against Utah CDC. Is this conspiracy by her or the vaccine Industry?
    Yes there were conspiracy theories about this pandemic 5 years back & all the scenarios we are experiencing they had warned us then, but they are becoming truth. There is no fine line in between fiction & facts or truth these days.
    Science is not settled science yet. Questioning the data fudging is called conspiracy too, just like in our country if anybody raises any questions one section calls others as anti nationals too.

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  • Ajay Rebello, Kallianpur

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    That is why bill collection is left to lowely paid junior interns.

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  • H. Almeida., Bendur/Andheri

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Indians consider " Hard Cash " as the goddess of wealth !!! The unscrupulous will go to any possible extent, to covet wealth. We recently saw this sickening trait by netas, who compromised the security n integrity of our nation, by signing a deed, with an enemy nation, just to fill up the family trust coffers !!! Therefore why should we get agitated by viewing private hospitals players , for suckling patients, bone dry of their hard earned resources !!! They are just making hay, while the sun shines !!! It is just "Survival of the fittest "

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  • Dexter, Abu Dhabi

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Dr. K Sudhakar's joke "sterns steps would be taken against the hospital". We dare you to take a step against this hospital Mr. Minister. It will never happen. Hope some day the family members of the hospital management dont end up in this way and not get treated. Everyone seems to be on the look out on how to make money from the situation. A lot has been exposed by this virus on humanity.

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  • KV Kamath, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    A Noble profession completely turning as BUSINESS.

    These type of billing started after entry of Private Insurance Companies in our Nation. Everything must not be private . There is no humanity in beheading a diseased person like this. Government must check it and not allow these hospitals to survive.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    WHO created this Pandemic scare, they created the protocol & guidelines & all govts. without questioning them started to implement causing chaos, panic & loss of life.
    Time to scale down these anti people measures & to treat this epidemic just like any other flu infections requiring no lock down, no sealing, no requirement to wear any PPE kits but to help them with traditional respiratory illnesses according to the protocol of normal medical procedure.
    Stop this harakiri & save the nation along with its People First initiative
    Immunity First will save our economy too.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Without PPEs?
    If all the doctors and nurses gets infection and goes on leave then who will take care of patients?
    Please think before you ink😅

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  • Monty Dotor, Mangalore37

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    There is no need of PPE.Even after using it many doctors got infected.All this drama of testing,tracing,sanitizers ,masks hospitalization for asymptomatic and patients without comorbidities,lockdowns so called medicines that kill viruses,are nothing but money minting ideas.Put a full stop at least now.Viral infections only require symptomatic treatment that too only if there are symptoms.It is the comorbitities that require treatment which is not available now.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Many countries succeeded by following guidelines.
    Because it is a deadly virus, airborne.. prevention is better than cure..
    And social distance, masks, sanitizers definitely help..
    Regarding treatments and quarantine process, government officials are definitely corrupt.. so infections are spreading fast.. and some officials responsible in India.. political parties do not care.

    DisAgree [10] Agree [8] Report Abuse

  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    sri_elder, Karkala
    Bro please understand social distancing, lockdown, etc etc is not practically possible in a densely populated, ignorant, & poor country like India, it's a myth!!

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  • Vijay, Udupi

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    I agree.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    India has become a land of Gangsters & Robbers ...

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  • abdul munim, UDUPI

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    where is the third rate pettha govt?

    Just barking nonsense whole day and giving importance to beef than human beings.

    Now enjoy the acche dins.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mann, Bangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    It was long before speculated that corona is a business tool for Indian elite and rich . It started from PM CARES fund . Most of the countries whom we call developed are looking for different treatments, related research and vaccines but India is looking to make money through coronil and other quackery methods . Centuries away from developed and educated tag .

    DisAgree [4] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh, Udupi

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    From central Government to hospitals all are minting money in the name of corona. enjoy achedin..

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  • Mohammed Azaruddin Moodbidri, Doha- Qatar

    Wed, Jul 15 2020


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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Ayurvededic medicines are best, affordable...
    They do not have medicine to stop lung infections then why give high quotation

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  • Rolf, Dubai

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Why don't you recommend Gomuther and Gobar.
    did you lost hope in your beliving.

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  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Because of your support and similar mentality by ministers and officials real useful ayurvedic medicines were sidelined and big corona scams are in progress throughout world

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  • Dylan, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    As I had mentioned earlier that hospital managements have got this once in a life time opportunity to fleece patients with charging them with fancy bills after
    the treatment. But here in this case they quoted before admission. Thank God the patient was not admitted, but what is the State Govt. doing with the pricing of treatment. I think here in this hospital the patient can take the ventilator home after treatment .

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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    Robbing poor people who are ill. These hospitals should be closed for exploiting people. No medical ethings

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  • William, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 15 2020

    After some years every nook and corner there is Fekugiri.

    Humanity and ethics are totally missing.

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Title : Bengaluru: Hospital shocks corona suspect by quoting Rs 9.09 lac for treatment


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