Media Release

Ras Al Khaimah, Sep 14: The Konkani community of St Antony of Padua, Ras Al Khaimah, celebrated the Feast of Nativity of Mother Mary on September 8 with great religious fervour. Devotees from Mangalurean and Goan community joined the celebrations.

Team Konkan Yuva celebrated their 12th anniversary which coincided with Monthi Fest. KY, youth wing of St Mary’s Church, Dubai enthralled the Ras Al Khaimah audience with variety show including musical performance, traditional dance and skits. The highlight of the programme however was the folk show presented by Konkan Yuva and included senior citizens who joined the youth group to showcase the cultural significance of the community.

The event kicked off with the ceremony of flower strewing by children at the church campus followed by Holy Mass celebrated by Fr Maxim and Fr Peter Mendonca. The choir group sang some beautiful hymns to add splendour to the mass.

Josna Martis, president of Konkan Yuva said, “We were excited with the opportunity extended by St Antony of Padua parish to join them in their celebration. Proud of my team members who rose to the occasion and delivered such a delightful show. We, at Konkan Yuva will go any mile to spread our love towards Konkani culture. We are a young team and have consistently engaged in nurturing and providing platforms to young Konkan talents since the last 12 years, be it in Dubai, Mangaluru, Brazil in 2013, Poland in 2016 and now in Ras Al Khaimah in 2017 and will continue to do whenever the opportunity arrives.”

The entertainment show by Konkan Yuva was followed by traditional lunch served to the parishioners in the hall.